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  • Dying Light's year of free DLC continues with the Gun Silencer

  • SteveV 19/12/2017

    I've noticed today there's some new DLC on the MS Store and PSN Store. 2 packs, forget what they're called. I've also noticed they're charging money for both packs. What's with this? Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport 7 review

  • SteveV 05/10/2017

    I like the prize crates myself. Shrug. Reply 0
  • SteamWorld Dig 2 review

  • SteveV 21/09/2017

    Loved the first Steamworld Dig on PS4. Steamworld Heist as well. I demand Steamworld Dig 2 for PS4. Reply -6
  • Project Cars 2 runs best on PlayStation 4 Pro

  • SteveV 21/09/2017

    @davepowell1 Personally I want locked 30fps replays. They just look more TV like. I actually dislike 60fps replays in racing games. Reply -1
  • SteveV 21/09/2017

    Went for PS4 version here like last time, but obviously have a Pro now. I am however looking forward to seeing how it is on the Xbox One X. Although I'll probably be usiing that for Forza 7. I sure as hell hope they use the extra power for Forza 7 on the One X. I'm sick of the low LOD on car interiors in Forza now when there are other cars on track. Not to mention the fact they've struggled to get decent running night & wet weather racing in Forza with the ageing game engine and standard Xbox One hardware. I really do hope they use the Xbox One X hardware to push Forza 7 further and hopefully Simply Mad will for PC2 as well.

    Until the One X arrives though then clearly PS4 Pro is the best way to play this game.
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  • Everybody's Golf review

  • SteveV 01/09/2017

    @Essexboyee golfing terminology? Etc etc. You do realise this is EBG, right? Not a golfing sim. Or did you forget we used to be able to put ridiculous back spin on the ball that created a trail of fire behind it before it went in the hole. As for a "do over", who cares. A birdie is still called a birdie, a bogey is a bogey. It still plays like EBG. Reply 0
  • SteveV 31/08/2017

    It's a good game but come on, two courses as DLC right at launch. It's a complete piss take. They're only nine hole courses to start with. Yes the game might be a budget price but there's only five courses. If you shell out the extra £10+ for the DLC then it becomes a full price game and you've still only got two extra 9 hole courses. It's a disgrace. What is it with Japanese devs/publishers that like to screw people over with launch DLC more than anybody else.

    It's not like the courses are actual DLC anyway. They're already in the game. You're just paying for a 1MB unlock. Wankers...
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  • Get Even review

  • SteveV 22/06/2017


    "I would love to play this. Sadly I won't though as single player games, however much fun they might be are simply not worth it (unless they came at the price of watching a movie (on TV!)). A single player experience is never worth the price of a typical game."

    What? A typical game is a single player game with a typical price. Maybe some with co-op, maybe some with multiplayer.

    If you wont pay for a game because you feel it costs too much the way it forces you to be comfortable in your own company for the time it lasts then it's your loss. And problem tbh.
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  • Gears of War 4 is smarter than it is sensational

  • SteveV 07/10/2016

    Lol @ the downvotes for my post. There's really no need to be butthurt folks. Deal with it. Reply -3
  • SteveV 07/10/2016

    I can't even be bothered with it. Haven't completed GoW 3, didn't bother with Judgement, can't be arsed with the remastered original, and found the multiplayer beta oh so meh. I might grab the game in a sale if it's dirt cheap. Reply -2
  • Recore review

  • SteveV 14/09/2016

    On a completely different note, what's with all the bullshit click-bait ads here on this site at the end of the article. There's enough bullshit click-bait stuff on Youtube vids on channels run by WANKERS. We gotta see it here as well? Reply +1
  • SteveV 14/09/2016

    I'll buy it but not at £30. £20 tops. Also why does the review not mention the framerate issues in the Xbox One version? That along with the other technical issues are the reasons I am in no way prepared to spend £30 on it. Especially as I've just dropped £80 on Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate Edition.

    No wonder they wouldn't give us a Recore demo.
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  • There's a problem with Trackmania Turbo PSN pre-orders

  • SteveV 25/03/2016

    Working now, finally. Absolute balls up. Why is it always Sony Europe that manages to fuck things up. Do they actually have a team of monkeys running the EU store? Reply +2
  • Far Cry Primal review

  • SteveV 22/02/2016

    So just how big is the map? I know there are no vehicles now but that's no reason to skimp on map size. Can we not drive a fucking woolly mammoth? Or fly on a, erm, giant bird? Reply +4
  • Unravel review

  • SteveV 10/02/2016

    @mega-gazz its £15. I'll give it a go when it's under a tenner, maybe. Reply -1
  • SteveV 10/02/2016

    I'd be surprised if anyone wasn't actually expecting this from this game. Now if only EA could unravel at the seams. Reply 0
  • Performance Analysis: Just Cause 3

  • SteveV 01/12/2015

    The trouble with trying to play it offline is that unless you completely turn you internet connection off on your console or sign out of PSN then the game keeps trying to connect to the servers. Also, rusty, when a car you're driving just vanishes it's bothersome...

    As is the game just crashing closed and taking you back to the console frontend.
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  • SteveV 01/12/2015

    @duerer that's not really true though. You're unlikely to be fine on either console with these current issues, especially the crazy loading time issues. Which have been clocked at nearly 15 minutes on one occasion on Xbox one. Ive had cassette games on my Amstrad CPC464 load fucking faster than some of the odd loading times I've encountered in this... Reply +2
  • SteveV 01/12/2015

    I've had it since Saturday for PS4. I'm convinced there's some sort of bigger issue regarding performance. There's no reason it should run as poorly as it does in a lot of situations. There are quite a few bugs too. Twice I've been driving a vehicle on the road and it has just completely vanished just dumping me on the floor. And I've lost count of the amount of times I've had npc vehicles around me just vanish.

    Then there's the bizarre loading issues. I can fast travel to challenge on a different part of the map and it'll load up normally and quickly. I'll do the challenge then immediately retry it to do better and it might take 4 minutes to reload the exact same thing. Next retry it might take 50 seconds. Next retry 2 minutes.

    And then there's the bizarre time it takes to reload and respawn you if you die. Sometimes takes 2 minutes+, others 30-50 seconds. After which when you respawn it does so in mid air as if you're just landing from jumping in the air. Even happens to npcs around you.

    There's definitely something awry.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider review

  • SteveV 12/11/2015

    Complaining about the ability to make your own missions in Expeditions and card packs to enhance gameplay. All optional extras. Whatever next...

    Also, lol @ the "she's a tomb raider not a corpse bomber" comment. The reviewer refuses to unlock the ability because of that. Has no qualms raiding tombs though and shooting people to death.
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  • The Swindle review

  • SteveV 29/07/2015

    How long is this "100 Days" in actual time??? Reply 0
  • Face-Off: F1 2015

  • SteveV 16/07/2015

    And yet Project Cars with 44 other cars on track at Le Mans still runs smoother and looks better. Reply -2
  • Batman: Arkham Knight's first major DLC falls short

  • SteveV 16/07/2015

    I wouldn't mind but they're charging this ridiculous amount for the season pass and the DLC isn't even by Rocksteady. It's no wonder it's bullshit filler that only lasts an hour. Reply 0
  • Surprise! Prototype game bundle released for Xbox One today

  • SteveV 15/07/2015

    Wtf. They've released these out of the blue. Why? Because they haven't done shit to improve them is why. 1080p and an improved framerate is all. Improved framerate? It couldn't really have been much worse. And it's still full of vsync tearing. And they want £40 for the bundle? Not either or, you have to have them both!! Ha, what a joke. Now as much as I loved the games on my 360, if they think I'm going to buy them again on Xbox One for £40 when they've practically done nothing but port them over in 1080p with an "improved" framerate, well, they can go #@$% themselves. But then it's Activision, the purveyors of "improve as little as possible, change as little as possible, add as little as possible to it, charge as much over the odds as possible" software. This shouldn't be a surprise really. Reply +1
  • F1 2015 review

  • SteveV 10/07/2015

    I'm not even going to bother with it. Codies have screwed up on this one. Dropped all the content just to give us too much focus on presentation. No career, total lack of options, not even a graphical showcase.

    Considering codies stopped making other genres of games to concentrate on racing games, well, they're not even getting this right.
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  • This week's free Witcher 3 DLC is...

  • SteveV 09/07/2015

    I downloaded this Ciri alternative look when it was up by mistake for PS4 on PSN. Look at what happened when I played the game with it installed...
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Batman Arkham Knight

  • SteveV 19/06/2015

    @Antropie Erm, yeah, because Project Cars runs at a solid 60fps with no vsync tearing when the dynamic weather and day/night cycle is in effect... Reply +4
  • SteveV 19/06/2015

    @diddler1979 lol, yeah, and what will it have cost you to run it at that... Reply +1
  • SteveV 19/06/2015

    What about the Xbox One version? I'm not bothered if it's 900p as long as it runs smoothly. I've opted for the Xbox One version since I'm sick of using my PS4 for EVERYTHING lately. Reply +2
  • Don't forget to download Bloodborne's 2.69GB day one patch

  • SteveV 26/03/2015

    2.69GB is nothing. That aside, what's this Chalice Dungeons feature? Reply 0
  • Grim Fandango Remastered review

  • SteveV 27/01/2015

    How much is it gonna cost us here in the UK? Reply 0
  • Digital Foundry vs Saints Row 4: Re-Elected on PS4

  • SteveV 20/01/2015

    I don't care for inconsistent frame rates. I'd rather have a constant 30fps than an inconsistent 60fps. Why can't they just give us that instead of trying to hit 60fps but rarely doing so.

    And anyway, I'm not really convinced the games performance was all down to to last gen hardware. The game has never run that well lets face it. All they've done is tweaked the less than brilliant engine over the years. I am not surprised in the slightest that they haven't managed 60fps. You can only do so much with certain things.

    But anyway, I'll get my copy in the post tomorrow regardless. Although I opted for the Xbox One version because I've played all the SR games on Xbox. No point swapping now. And shouting obscenities at the screen via the Kinect feature should be amusing.
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  • Digital Foundry vs DriveClub

  • SteveV 08/10/2014

    So wait, there's not even a photo mode in the game at launch? Reply +2
  • Destiny ditches balance with PVP mode Iron Banner

  • SteveV 07/10/2014

    A game mode that ditches balance? Surely they would be better off adding some balance. Reply 0
  • DriveClub review

  • SteveV 07/10/2014

    At least I'll save myself some money. I'll have a look at the "free" PS+ version and then maybe get the full game used for cheap later down the line, when they've bothered to finish it through updates.

    And in the meantime I'll continue with Forza Horizon 2, which, ironically, is more competent at the social side and more socially connected.
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  • Watch Dogs: Bad Blood shows off its new tricks

  • SteveV 23/09/2014

    @TheBusterMan Just wait for next gen GTA V then in November. Reply 0
  • SteveV 23/09/2014

    Can you use it in the game's open world though? No you can't - you can only select it during story missions, and even then only in specific areas. It leaves the moments that Eugene pops up as something to look forward to but also with as something that feels like a bit of a missed opportunity.

    Ahhh yes, typical Ubisoft. We'll add some new neat stuff via DLC but only let you use it in specific places.
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  • Hohokum review

  • SteveV 20/08/2014

    I already have The Swapper. What I want to know is should I get this or the stupidly named The Last Tinker: City of Colours which came out today? Both seem to have had very mixed receptions. Reply 0
  • Diablo 3 on console: when is 60fps not really 60fps?

  • SteveV 17/08/2014

    When is the launch day patch out? Do we have to actually wait until launch day or will it go live before that? I only ask because I've already got the Xbox One version. It came early in the post yesterday. Reply 0
  • Hotline Miami hits PS4 next week

  • SteveV 16/08/2014

    I love the tramp. Reply 0
  • Sniper Elite 3 review

  • SteveV 26/06/2014

    @chrisno21 lol, just read that review. Well, I say read it but I stopped reading it when the guy said the Call of Duty mission "All Ghillied Up" was a better sniper GAME than the whole of Sniper Elite 3. And then I noticed he went on to rant about things he liked better in other games such as Medal of Honour Rising Sun and the new Wolfenstein.

    I mean really....? He really expects me to take anything he says seriously when he comes out with things like that. Just..... lol.
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  • SteveV 26/06/2014

    @PearOfAnguish They did it in V2 so I would assume you can still incapacitate them and watch them call for their buddy then shoot their buddy as well. I'd be miffed if it isn't in this. Reply +2
  • SteveV 26/06/2014

    @Retro_ For the sake of saving a few quid you coulda pre-ordered it from Simply Games for £37.85 and you may have even had it today ya know. Plus you'd be able to trade it in unlike the US version. Reply +1
  • SteveV 26/06/2014

    @DanWhitehead Ah ok, cool. Cheers. That's good to hear. Roll on tomorrow. Although no doubt I'll get sidetracked taking screenshots of nut shots anyway. Reply +2
  • SteveV 26/06/2014

    Eight missions or not, how long does it take to play through first time is what I'd like to know?

    Obviously I'll play through it multiple times to tackle different strategies but that doesn't mean I want the initial playthrough to be over in 5 or 6 hours. Especially considering I'll be playing it on the hardest difficulty with no wind assistance, reticle assistance etc whatsoever from the get go...
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  • Sniper Elite 3 has a 10GB day one patch on Xbox One

  • SteveV 23/06/2014

    Looks like I'll be getting the PS4 version then. Reply -3
  • Video: Sniper Elite 3 live stream

  • SteveV 20/06/2014

    Ahhhh yes, good to see the negative votes on my previous post asking about a Digital Foundry Head to Head so I can decide which version to get. Can always rely on members of this place for utterly pointless negs... Reply 0
  • SteveV 20/06/2014

    Any ETA on a Digital Foundry Head to Head? I really need to decide whether to get the Xbox One or PS4 version. And time is running out. Reply -1
  • Transistor review

  • SteveV 21/05/2014

    Roll on the PSN Store update later on today. Reply +3
  • Transistor dev lifts the lid on its new game plus mode

  • SteveV 16/05/2014

    Bastion was great. I really can't wait for this next week. As for the trailer, I STILL want to know what the music is on it.... Reply +1