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  • Brink is free to play on Steam all weekend

  • SteveOssy 01/12/2011

    Ł15 normally but Ł3.74 for the weekend
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  • Football Manager 2012 footage

  • SteveOssy 16/08/2011

    @lin No, the Skyrim advert before hand Reply 0
  • BF3 dev responds to fan frame-rate fury

  • SteveOssy 27/07/2011

    If you really can't tell the difference between 30 & 60 frames per second you need to go get your eyes tested, idiots the lot of you. Reply -4
  • Performance Analysis: Modern Warfare 3

  • SteveOssy 10/06/2011

    I don't see how you can criticize the engine and how the graphics are poor, the engine (when done by IW) runs brilliant on all platforms and the visuals are one of the best in the fps genre. Only because Dice have made a brand new engine to make the graphics better doesn't mean it looks awful, the two Bad Company's look like dog next to MW1 & 2. Also Battlefield on console I believe is locked at 30fps and despite the video showing the frames to drop to as low as 40 it's still incredibly superior to most other games. Most people like CoD because it is incredibly smooth gameplay at mostly 60fps and is accessible to all players and a fun game. I like both games but think this bandwagon of CoD haters just because it's not changed much since 2007 is pathetic. It's more embarrassing for other fps developers because they still have not created an fps to compete with CoD in 4 years. I will be buying MW3 & Battlefield this Winter and will enjoy them both I am sure. Reply -5