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  • Pathologic teaser demo released for free

  • SteveHolt 14/03/2017

    @duerer Don't forget the time limit that makes dead rising 1 look super forgiving.
    You have to keep multiple saves to keep you from putting yourself into a dead end you won't have the time to escape from.
    Eventually you have to fail/reload/restart so many times that the superlative world building and narrative lose all momentum.
    On the other hand, it's just a couple player-friendly design decisions away from being a masterpiece. It's a fantastic experience IMO. But so hostile indeed!
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  • Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

  • SteveHolt 24/03/2015

    just wish you could stop with this "best game ever" bullshit. It just doesn't make sense, just like saying that (insert name here) is the best movie ever or (insert name there) the best album ever. Reply +8
  • New real-money Xbox dash raises game prices

  • SteveHolt 11/07/2013

    God I'm fed up with this bullshit. Inaccurate news and "reports", get debunked the very next day, fucking comments, overanalyzing everything until all trace of joy is gone. Bleh. Reply +2
  • Capcom delays Monster Hunter 4, says Resident Evil 6 sales "certain to fall short of the plan"

  • SteveHolt 19/12/2012

    Pfff, bottom line is RE6 sold a shitload of copies, but less than hoped because capcom chose to ship it against all the big fall releases. AC3+halo4+COD = the sales would have tanked anyway. The minor internet shitstorm it caused has nothing to do with it IMO.
    It's a good game, just give it a shot - if it gives you nerdrage, what the hell, at least the rush of anger will make you feel alive for a little while.
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  • Hitman: Blood Money retrospective

  • SteveHolt 18/11/2012

    My first 1000/1000 on x360. A masterpiece in level design, sound design and atmosphere.

    I'm not a big fan of sequels in general, but having played all hitman games (but the first one) you can really see the franchise improving with each entry, and blood money is really the game where IO nailed basically everything. It didn't get stellar reviews all across the board back in 2006, so it certainly wouldn't be wise to dismiss Absolution because of its metacritic score alone...
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  • Capcom: Resident Evil 6 has been successful "to some degree"

  • SteveHolt 06/11/2012

    Played through the first 4 chapters of all 3 campaigns, played a lot of mercenaries solo+co-op, I love this game, I just think it's a great experience and I'm looking forward to playing it tonight. If that makes me a noob, a fake RE fan or whatever, I really don't give a shit. Reply -1
  • Capcom to issue Resident Evil 6 patch in response to player feedback

  • SteveHolt 24/10/2012

    You don't get knocked down when you lose a block of health, it works like in street fighter, press A as you hit the ground for instant recovery...

    Anyway, nothing wrong with the camera IMO, and I enjoy the game a lot (like I enjoyed all the previous entries), but hey, hating is fun, and you guys are really good at it.
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  • Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut out exclusively on PS3 Q1 2013

  • SteveHolt 16/10/2012

    Played this to death on X360, my favourite game of this gen. And no, the gameplay wasn't bad, it's just that it has tank controls, like in classic survival horrors. Reply +2
  • Microsoft reward scheme gives you 17p on your birthday

  • SteveHolt 05/10/2012

    I don't know, 2% on every purchase + 280MSp a year (12 surveys + birthday gift) + 200MSp every time you renew your gold subscription + the eventual monthly offer + at least 1 decent DOTW per month = nothing flashy, but you make some decent savings in the long run it you're a legit gold suscriber, while MS can still protect itself against hackers who would like to make a quick buck by creating fake gamertags with huge gamerscores or whatever triggers a discount.

    Had they given you 800MSP on your birthday for each eligible XBLG account you opened on your X360, it would have been extremely tempting and ridiculously easy to completely exploit the system.
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  • Resident Evil 6 review

  • SteveHolt 01/10/2012

    This was always going to be a divisive game, so not surprised that the reviews are all over the place. It's probably a good game if you keep your expectations in check, but it's clearly reboot-time (again) for this franchise. Reply -1
  • Hitman Absolution's clever Contracts mode is a "reverse murder mystery"

  • SteveHolt 27/09/2012

    It's a great idea - it won't be a game changer for me because I always go for Professional rank in hitman games anyway, but score attack is a nice way to gently introduce newcomers to what hitman is really about IMO. Reply +1
  • Joe Danger 2 coming to PS3, has 10 hours of extra content

  • SteveHolt 26/09/2012

    "Our plan was that we would just never talk platforms for Joe Danger 2, and everyone would just assume it was coming to both"

    Yeah, next time don't forget that you're dealing with morons.
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  • Assassin's Creed 3: ready for the series' revolution

  • SteveHolt 24/09/2012

    EG, all your previews for this fall's blockbusters read like glorified ads and I don't like this trend one bit. Reply +10
  • Mark of the Ninja sneaks onto Steam in October

  • SteveHolt 24/09/2012

    Good news for everyone, this is a fantastic stealth game. Reply +1
  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 2 coming early 2013 for Vita

  • SteveHolt 19/09/2012

    @GamesConnoisseur There's no superior version, it's down to personal preference. Same thing with black versus sigma1.

    Sigma games feature so many tweaks, additions and removals, smart and/or stupid, big and/or insignificant, that calling it even is probably the wisest thing to do.

    The only thing everyone should agree on is that NG3 is an awful game.
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  • Borderlands 2 review

  • SteveHolt 18/09/2012

    According to other reviews, gearbox didn't implement "individual level scaling" in co-op, which means that you still have to play with people who are approx the same level as you if you want to have any fun.

    This was very problematic for me in borderlands1, as I wanted to play this with friends but their characters' levels were all over the place and we never managed to find a sweet spot where the challenge would have been consistent and enjoyable for all 4 of us in co-op.

    This really hurt the whole experience, and I won't buy the sequel for that reason alone. I don't want to spend one more minute of my gaming time dealing with the boring complications this system generates.

    Very disappointing, especially since dead island's level scaling was flawless, meaning that implementing that feature shouldn't be too complicated for a team as talented as gearbox.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Can Nintendo court the casuals again?

  • SteveHolt 15/09/2012

    IMO, the plan is:

    1 - get the most of the hardcore crowd in 2013, because they're gonna lose them to the X720 / PS4 in 2014 anyway.
    2 - spend most of 2013 making sure that the mainstream becomes aware of the WiiU's existence and understands how it works.
    3 - aggressive price drop fall 2013 and then go all in with the casual audience.
    4 - profit.
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  • Vagrant Story Retrospective

  • SteveHolt 09/09/2012

    My favourite game ever. The gameplay is insanely deep and tactical, lots of rewarding exploration, the soundtrack and cutscenes are amazingly brilliant, the melancholic / creepy atmosphere sucks me in everytime I boot the game, and the "medieval MGS graphic novel" story is just great, with some very charismatic characters.

    It's also a very challenging game but it's not as unfair as some people seem to think. You can see through everything as long as you master the "chain combo" system and don't forget to save every often.
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  • Microsoft's Summer of Arcade 2012 posts uninspiring sales

  • SteveHolt 07/09/2012

    I find it a bit sad that this article gets more attention than mark of the ninja's review but hey, whatever. Reply +1
  • Mark of the Ninja Review

  • SteveHolt 07/09/2012

    The demo is great, will buy ASAP. It looks like a great stealth game, with lots of gameplay options, very good level design and replayability, might be the badass ninja stealth simulator Tenchu never quite managed to become. Reply +2
  • You've seen the cut-scenes, but how does The Last of Us actually play?

  • SteveHolt 06/09/2012

    The problem with this "cinematic action gaming" genre is that it's getting harder and harder for me to suspend my disbelief.

    This trailer is full of happy accidents and little coincidences, and I can't help but thinking the whole thing is all smoke and mirrors, just like uncharted / COD campaigns felt to me.
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  • A slightly different Kickstarter for coffee table Sensible Software book

  • SteveHolt 06/09/2012

    You know what would be great? A coffee table book about coffee tables! Reply +9
  • Dark Souls director considering adding optional easy mode

  • SteveHolt 04/09/2012

    Dark Soul's "easy mode" already exists, it's called co-op. Reply +5
  • Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes shown off at PAX

  • SteveHolt 02/09/2012

    fairly typical MGS stuff for me: it looks badass, it's 80% cutscenes / 20% gameplay, and most of the time I absolutely don't understand what the characters are talkin about.

    If the X360 can run an open world MGS on less than 5 DVDS, and achieve parity with the PS3 version, well let's just say that would be food for thought...
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  • Gears of War: Judgment reveals new Free For All multiplayer mode

  • SteveHolt 29/08/2012

    Nothing wrong with giving people what they want, I guess, and a lot of gears fans wanted more Baird+Cole, horde vs beast and FFA deathmatch. FFA should be fun in private games with friends (wingman certainly is), but that's about it. Still very curious about overrun, it could become something big IF they manage to balance things properly. Reply 0
  • Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Review

  • SteveHolt 29/08/2012

    I love this game, got all the achievements, gonna wrap my NG++ and tackle the new content on NG+++, but this is clearly the most flawed masterpiece I have ever played.

    And it's not just the MP (even tough the matchmaking is broken beyond salvation, and the BB glitchers are running the show on consoles), and the frame rate issues on consoles, even though the awful controller lag caused many deaths, especially vs the final boss.
    I rarely have experienced in any game something as cheap as the anor londo snipers duo, a more annoying checkpoint-to-boss trip than crystal cave's, something as inexplicably awful as lost izalith's lava section, or a boss as frustratingly lame as 4 kings. In terms of level design, the 2nd half of the game is just all over the place.

    It's a fantastic survival horror action RPG with great atmosphere and a lot of personality, but I just wish they could have spent a couple extra years developing and testing it.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: The Feelbad Factor

  • SteveHolt 26/08/2012

    Fallout 3 did this very well in the Tenpenny Tower quest IMO, but the really good stuff happens after the achievement unlocked so I guess a lot of people didn't experience that. I did my very best so the ghouls and the humans residents would accept to live together in the tower, and it ended up with me basically executing everyone. Reply 0
  • A conversation with EA's Peter Moore on the thorny issues of DLC, Online Passes and all the rest of it

  • SteveHolt 23/08/2012

    Is that really what you think, Peter? Let's assume you're sincere.

    I think you miss the bigger picture, then - back when the games industry was just a subdivision of the toys industry, people like you were treating us and our parents as consumers. That's why consoles and controllers wouldn't break unless you smashed them with a hammer, and why high profile games were polished to the nth degree; or else it was back to the toy shop and get a box of legos instead. Now you're just treating us and our children as if we were some sort of addicted degenerates, and you spend most of your time perfecting your baits and your fishing hooks instead.

    You're just part of a bigger machine that used to talk to our rational minds because it wanted us to part with our money, and that now goes after our souls because it wants us addicted. And we all know that, because we're adults and we work for companies who do the same, meaning that we're in the loop, believe it or not, your marketing schemes sound a bit familiar to us.

    That's why some of us hate you with a passion, because, bottom line is, you really make us hate ourselves. It has nothing to do with how old we are, the kids despise your kind much more than we do, that's why they illegally download your games, your music and your movies every chance they get. And you know it, hence the online pass, DLC, DRM and all that stuff. They're not designed with the 30 years old grumpy EG reader in mind. They're meant to prevent the 12 year old ADD creatures you and your kind created from bringing your business to the ground.
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  • Dust: An Elysian Tail Review

  • SteveHolt 17/08/2012

    This reads like a jaded review, which is the worst kind of review in my book. Reply +18
  • Assassin's Creed exec: Japan devs' stories criticised less because of journalists' "subtle racism"

  • SteveHolt 17/08/2012

    FFS, this is getting ridiculous, are you celebrating the Week Of The Idiot Developper at EG or something? Reply 0
  • EA pulls Medal of Honor tomahawk promotion

  • SteveHolt 16/08/2012

    "That was an effort to raise a lot of money for charity, and we were well on our way to raising a lot of money with that tomahawk, but I don't know what will happen with that now,"

    Shut the fuck up, you spineless bimbo.
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  • "It's about the fun, not the business model," says DICE

  • SteveHolt 13/08/2012

    Just for the laughs, an article about the partnerships EA has in the weapons industry:
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  • Sony trademarks "Rain" and "Until Dawn" ahead of Gamescom press conference

  • SteveHolt 07/08/2012

    At last, Vampire Rain 2! Reply -1
  • Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC now on Steam

  • SteveHolt 03/08/2012

    @panathatube You can, the vampire lord/werewolf perks are unlocked by killing while in vampire/werewolf form, not by leveling up. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 6 Preview: The Grisly Details

  • SteveHolt 01/08/2012

    Agent hunt mode sounds good, like a smart mix between L4D and mindjack, much more balanced and less convulated than dark souls' pvp.

    When you can't have advanced AI, just make an invasion mode, it's less expensive and dark souls proved that you never run out of people who enjoy being a nuisance to their fellow gamers.

    This looks like a very brave and interesting sequel, I really hope that capcom manages to nail the execution.
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  • Deadlight Review

  • SteveHolt 31/07/2012

    Since the game is inspired by the original PoP, flashback or another world, it should come as no surprise that it's a trial and error game that only lasts a couple hours. It's like blaming a bullet hell schmup for lasting 30 minutes and being only about chasing high scores. Reply +7
  • Dead or Alive 5 Preview: Team Ninja Hits Back

  • SteveHolt 30/07/2012

    Ninja gaiden 3 was so awful, I really can't believe that these guys have what it takes to craft a decent sequel to DOA4. Is that Hayashi clown involved in DOA5, or did he deservedly got fired? Reply -3
  • Orcs Must Die! 2 Review

  • SteveHolt 27/07/2012

    XBLA / PSN versions, please? Really enjoyed the original on X360. Reply 0
  • Dead Space 3 Preview: Alone in the Dark

  • SteveHolt 25/07/2012

    The most fearsome new enemy in dead space 3 is the Sequelitis. It's so powerful, EA thinks you won't be able to defeat him without the help of a 2nd player. Reply +11
  • Walking Dead Episode 2 out now on EU PS Store

  • SteveHolt 04/07/2012

    Out of curiosity, has the PS3 version really been translated in french/german/spanish/whatever? Because in France the game hasn't been localized at all on X360, it's all in english, including the subtitles. Reply 0
  • Exclusive Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Wii U gameplay

  • SteveHolt 14/06/2012

    After completing the campaign, I can safely say that the lack of dismemberment was by far the least of NG3's problems. Awful, awful game.

    I'm kinda glad that they brought dismemberment back though, because it proves once and for all that all that Hayashi said before the game's release about what he wanted to do with this franchise was complete BS.
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  • Was E3 2012 the grisliest games show ever?

  • SteveHolt 08/06/2012

    Gaming is an industry, what did you expect? Since this gen was defined sales-wise by COD, gears, uncharted and assassin's creed, it shouldn't be a surprise that the industry tries to please us with new games that are a mix of all of those.

    I'm just a bit sad because the industry doesn't seem interested in me this year... I find ALL those new games they shown totally unappealing, they're just soulless, completely dead inside IMO. But hey, like I said, this is an industry.
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  • Watch Dogs Preview: Placing Power in Your Palm

  • SteveHolt 08/06/2012

    Smoke and mirrors IMO, just like everything ubisoft delivered this gen (AC, prince of persia 2008, SC conviction, endwar...), absolutely great concepts that ended up as 7/10 games, at best. Reply +3
  • Sony prepping PlayStation Plus revamp with top tier free games, expansion to Vita

  • SteveHolt 30/05/2012

    "Sony says Plus offers content worth around 200 a year."

    So do XBL gold deals of the week. Probably more than that, actually, since they're often worth much more than 4 a week.

    I fail to see how PS+ can be considered a game-changer when you compare PSN to XBL, TBH. Sony seems to think the same, and I'm looking forward to see what they're going to announce at E3.
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  • Dead Island Game of the Year Edition release date announced

  • SteveHolt 22/05/2012

    FYI, it was 's game of the year. Reply +3
  • Global Xbox 360 sales down nearly 50% year-on-year

  • SteveHolt 20/04/2012

    @kikankara : agreed, IMO MS will announce their new console as soon as they figure out what to do with XBL.

    Making XBL completely cross platform between X360 and X720, including friends lists, MP, achievements, marketplace, apps and XBLA purchases would make for a much smoother transition, but that would force them to make the 720 completely BC, and might not please publishers.
    The other possiblity, aka killing everything 360 as they did with the first Xbox, probably wouldn't work this time around for obvious reasons.

    Really not an easy decision, and it will make or break their next console IMO.
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  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Ninja Pack 2 DLC trailer

  • SteveHolt 17/04/2012

    Weird DLC packs: why would anyone want to pay to fight NG1/2 bosses using NG3's questionable battle engine and lesser choice of weapons while NGB and NG2 are available for 10 something bucks each on the same console? Reply +1
  • Halo 4 release date 6th November

  • SteveHolt 17/04/2012

    @CaptainQuint I didn't neg you, but I disagree nonetheless. Gears versus MP is about shotgun battles (the rifles work pretty well as long as you nail the active reloads BTW), it's part of the game's DNA, nothing wrong with that IMO.

    I guess shooter fans who want unlockable perks, sniper battles and vehicles won't find what they need in gears3, but it's not a flaw IMO, this is just how gears works, and this is a nice change of pace from BF and COD, and it gives an option for people like me who are more into close range battles in small maps.

    Maybe that play style is less popular than XP driven camp-fests, but that doesn't make it a lesser game.

    And gears players are also here for horde, co-op campaign and beast, versus is just a part of the package.
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  • Face-Off: Ninja Gaiden 3

  • SteveHolt 07/04/2012

    "To put things into perspective though, most of the frame-rate drops are rather subtle in nature, and we get the a real sense that gameplay isn't significantly impacted in any meaningful way"

    This is absolutely wrong. Play NG3 on master ninja difficulty, frame rate drops are frequent, atrocious and start right at the beginning of chapt 1. The issue is so severe that the game basically eats around 30% of your inputs. This game IS "particularly terrible", it's a completely incompetent action game.
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