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  • Sony adds mobile phone billing for PlayStation Store

  • Stegofreak 03/07/2013

    @DreadedWalrus In that case I think the mother deserves it. Probably the same mum who'd think GTA is a suitable game for a 12 year old. Reply +10
  • The big interview: Sony's Shuhei Yoshida on PS4

  • Stegofreak 22/02/2013

    Nice interview. When I got to the [At this point I'm hassled to wrap things up, so I asked for one more question.] bit though I found myself reading faster for some crazy reason. Reply 0
  • Father blames Microsoft as son spends Ł1150 on Xbox Live

  • Stegofreak 19/07/2012

    I tried so hard not to roll my eyes when I got to the "told the Daily Mail" bit. Definitely not the first time they've published an article decrying games while at the same time highlighting the ignorance of their source - usually in relation to the age rating system. Reply -1
  • Xbox Live Arcade "past tipping point"

  • Stegofreak 18/10/2010

    @Badassbab - the PlayStation Store does have a section where the latest games etc. are displayed in order of release and depending on quantity there can be 2-3 weeks of releases there. That any you can always use the PS3's internet browser to bring up the PlayStation Blog which always announces the week's releases. Reply +4
  • Lara Croft download game to be Ł10

  • Stegofreak 17/05/2010

    He means that for the price you rarely get a good or full game. Reply +1
  • Modern Warfare 2: Resurgence Pack

  • Stegofreak 14/05/2010

    For me it'll come down to Love of Vacant vs. Stupid Price. Guess I'll wait for reaction from 360 players before making my mind up. I guess that's one advantage of a delayed PS3 release. Reply 0
  • Sony: PSP "a disappointment" last year

  • Stegofreak 13/05/2010

    One other issue I had with the PSPGo was the amount of storage space it had. I filled a 60GB PS3 with saves and game data. Imagine how fast 16GB would full when it has to store the game itself. And don't get me started on trying to download them without using Media Go. Reply -2
  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • Stegofreak 23/04/2010

    Got Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess and I love it. Probably because I identify with the main character :-) Reply 0
  • The FarmVille Diaries

  • Stegofreak 05/04/2010


    I'm the same. Funny thing is that I can't remember why I stopped playing. One day I just decided to leave it all. Maybe it's because my mom started playing.
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  • Why Sony passed on Natal tech

  • Stegofreak 01/04/2010


    I wasn't suggesting that Move was entirely new as a concept I was saying that it's not something Sony have done before.
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  • Stegofreak 30/03/2010

    I don't really see the interview as badmouthing Natal in any way. It's just saying is that PS3 has something similar but he expects the 360 version to be better. It's just a simple choice between upgrading the existing software of trying something different and Sony have decided to try something different just as Microsoft have with Natal itself. Reply +5
  • Final Fantasy IX to get download release?

  • Stegofreak 29/03/2010

    Really hope they do release it as it's my favourite game of the series. Reply 0
  • Stargate MMO developer goes bankrupt

  • Stegofreak 29/03/2010

    Isn't that the third or fourth time this has happened to a studio developing a Stargate game? Cursed IP? Reply +4
  • European God of War Collection dated

  • Stegofreak 23/03/2010

    Very much like this. I lend my GOW1&2 (PS2 versions) to a friend a few years ago and haven't seen them since. Been waiting to play them again before trying three.

    Was talking to one of the lads in the local GameStop and he said they had it exclusive, is that still the case?
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  • PlayStation Move unveiled

  • Stegofreak 11/03/2010


    I noticed a few of the home studios were missing myself. Notably Media Molecule, I thought they'd be a shoe in.
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  • Xbox Live welcomes gay gamertags

  • Stegofreak 08/03/2010

    @BobsUncle - I'm putting it down to laziness. Reply +1
  • Stegofreak 08/03/2010

    Good play on Micro$ofts part. Think about it. It'll cost 800 points to add your sexual identity to your gamertag five years after M$ dictated that you couldn't. Reply -8
  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • Stegofreak 02/03/2010

    On the one hand I know I'm going to be buying this on Friday but on the other I know that I won't be able to give up on MAG so easily. It's my fave series vs. the FPS that ticks all the right boxes for me. Had no doubt that DICE were going to produce the goods again. Reply +2
  • MS never meant XBL Points to "mislead"

  • Stegofreak 20/01/2010

    I seem to have the opposite problem to everyone else. In my head I think 800 - big number. I'm more reluctant to spend MS points then real money on the PSN. Reply +4
  • Microsoft man has dig at GT5 delay

  • Stegofreak 20/01/2010

    Forza 2 killed racing games for me. It was enough to get me to buy an Xbox 360 but I haven't even bothered to dust the thing off to play Forza 3. As for GT5, I'll probably pick it up anyway. Forza 3 might "define the racing genre" but Gran Turismo was the first game I wanted on the PSX. Nostalgia FTW! Reply -9
  • Vancouver 2010

  • Stegofreak 19/01/2010

    I agree with cherryuk. I even went out an picked up a second hand copy of Nagano a few years back. Curling FTW! Reply 0
  • PS Home announces 10 million users

  • Stegofreak 19/12/2009

    I tend to pop back to home every once and a while and really emerse myself in the experience. I even bought a Christmas hat yesterday but now my avatar looks like an old grampa with his santa hat, christmas jumper and pants.

    Also, it brings out the interior decorator in me. :-D
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  • New PortaPlay game simulates blindness

  • Stegofreak 16/12/2009

    I'm oddly excited by the prospect of a graphicless game. Will have to look into this in the future. Hope it gets a release. Reply +3
  • Heavy Rain to delay Trophy alerts

  • Stegofreak 16/12/2009

    Definately a good idea. I remeber playing Forza 2 once, 5 minutes into the last of the arcade time-trials and on a blistering lap. Then coming up to a tight corner my 360 decided to tell me a friend had come online resulting in me missing the breaking point and spinning off.

    Actually, with that in mind I hope Polyphonic Digital bring this idea into Gran Turismo 5.
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  • Deadliest Warrior game announced

  • Stegofreak 14/12/2009

    The show was all right up until the end when they had the fight sequence with was absolutely stupid and didn't realisticly portray what would have happened if the warriors met. Given that the game will most likely focus on this area of the show I can't see it being all that great. Reply 0
  • Getting It Wrong

  • Stegofreak 14/12/2009

    I remember pre-ordering one of the original DSs within days of first reading about it. Don't think I've ever anticipated a console so much. Still got the old girl and I wouldn't trade her for the world. :-) Reply 0
  • PlayStation is 15 years old today

  • Stegofreak 03/12/2009

    My girlfriend though the the PS2 was "not a big deal" and doesn't know what it looks like. Looking forward to another 15 years of Sony fueled gaming.

    EDIT: Time to start picking a favourite game from the past 15 years?
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  • Gran Turismo 5 demo dated

  • Stegofreak 03/12/2009


    It's not a's a Real-Driving-Simulator. ;-)
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  • Stegofreak 03/12/2009

    Never really been all that good at Time Trials but can't wait to get another go at a bit of Gran turismo action. Just wondering whether the new track is a "new" new track or just a new GT5 realisation of a classic track. Actually either would be cool. Reply 0
  • MGS Peace Walker dated for UK

  • Stegofreak 03/12/2009

    Haha, finally. Shaping up to be a good game. Not sure about co-op though... Reply 0
  • Mod War games too samey, says EA

  • Stegofreak 03/12/2009

    I think the big challange that EA face when they challange the Call of Duty series doesn't come from multiplayer as suggested by some people. Call of Duty is great for a quick, small bouts; that's where it excels and that's what it's fanbase want. Tell DICE to give you muliplayer and you get a completely different animal. I literally spent hours combing massive maps on Battlefield, often tracking back to retake lost points; rounds just seem to go on forever. The two series off completely different experiences but given the choice I'd back battlefield all the way.

    As for the single player, both studios really need to improve in my opinion. The Bad Company story was crazy and fun but ultimately not as good as that of FarCry 2 (the best comparison in my opinion) while the stories of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare two just don't interest me as much as the stories of the first two call of Duty games.

    Here's hoping that EA do something special with what they've got coming out. I've had fun with both Modern Warfares but I'm looking forward to more DICE driven action...(and s**ting it when a wall I've been taking cover behind becomes rubble.)
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  • Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned

  • Stegofreak 25/11/2009

    Looks like I'll be adding this DLC to the long list of things I must play before the new year. Loved the game itself even if I just randomly picked it up 'cause the local HMV were out of Uncharted 2. Best random purchase I've ever made. Reply +1
  • New study analyses war crimes in games

  • Stegofreak 23/11/2009


    Thank's for clarifying that. I remember very little of the WaW campaign if I'm honest.
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  • Stegofreak 23/11/2009

    While on the whole I see the point of their arguement I see some of it as being harder to impliment that they seem to think, especially the don't kill civilians bit. From playing through the Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops missions (more specifically the favella one where you have to take down enemies without killing civilians) I've found that on ocassions the AI civilians run right into your gunfire. Imagine what it would be like if the game instantly gave you a game over for all your accidental kills. That would be completely unrealistic. Every war brings its civilian casualties.

    As for shooting injured enemies in CoD, when have they ever "laid down his arms, or having no longer means of defence, has surrendered at discretion," I've been killed a few times by these guys. I'm taking no chances.
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  • Stark Contrasts

  • Stegofreak 14/11/2009

    First of all, excellent article. Really informative and puts economic facts behind what could be seen from a gamers perspective for years and I must second DFawkes statement that "I certainly respect the conpany a whole lot more now than I did only a few years ago."

    EA have some great development studios and teams under their umberella at the moment (DICE are one of my favourite teams) and a lot of future success relies on the company as a whole keeping their grubby hands off what their working on. While I agree that studios could benifit from sharing technology and information wouldn't there be the possiblity of certain studios being relied on to make advancements while others will just port it to their games at a cheaper cost. That's something that seems to have happened with Infinity Ward/Teyarch in the Call of Duty series. When a new CoD game hits the shelves I tend to expect more of an advancement from an IW game.
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  • Borderlands bug strips players of skills

  • Stegofreak 27/10/2009

    There also seems to be a bug that stops the second player from recieving quest reward upgrades. One of my characters missed out on unlocking their third weapon slot because they were being controlled by a mate of mine in splitscreen. Really annoying. Reply 0
  • Not so High Definition

  • Stegofreak 03/10/2009

    @Lave_from_PA - This is digitalfoundry. ;-) Reply +6
  • Stegofreak 03/10/2009

    Very interesting article and something I've wanted some explanation about for some time. I know a few 360 gamers as well as PS3 gamers who'll reluctantly admit that some games look better on the 360 than the PS3. Always struck me as weird that PS3 exclusives looked so much better ("Giant Enemy Crab" type games aside) than 3rd party games.

    Always thought that Microsoft were masters of smoke and mirrors (not saying Sony are 100% honest.) My issue with the whole thing is that I'd rather developers be honest about their specs rather than hyping it up. Do I still play Final Fantasy VII or the original Halo knowing I have Halo 3 and Killzone 2 lying around? Yes. For some people graphics make a game but it is possible to make a great game with a bit of sacrafice. Indeed, I point your attention to the eurogamer review rating guide

    "Does 10/10 represent perfection?

    No. However, a 10/10 score does mean that we recommend a game to everyone."
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  • F1 2009 positioned on November grid

  • Stegofreak 03/10/2009

    An interesting prospect. Odds of Codmasters slipping in their 'rewind' feature into the new F1 games? Could ruin it but there were manys a time in previous F1 games that I wished I could retry a corner after an overly ambitions overtaking manouver.

    Also, hope they do something to level the playing field in 'wet' races. I've always found myself lapping much faster than the AI in them.

    Oh! And some good damage moddling would be nice.
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  • SuperCar Challenge

  • Stegofreak 23/09/2009

    Haven't played this but still have Ferrari Challenge which I do enjoy dusting off from time to time. The thing that would most put me off about SuperCar Challenge is the suggestion that the repeditive tracks and slow loading times are still there. They were the only faults I had with the first game and I don't know if I could go through all that again.

    This series is really crying out to be treated well.
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  • Uncharted 2 dated for Europe

  • Stegofreak 22/09/2009

    Excellent. Can't wait to get my hands on this. Loved the first (still one of the most talked about games amongst my mates.) Reply -1
  • Ad Nauseum

  • Stegofreak 12/09/2009

    Personally I'm not really bothered by the advertisements. I think SONY have implamented them well enough. What bugged me about the new update was putting a store icon between Game and Trophy List. Reply 0
  • APB

  • Stegofreak 09/09/2009

    Oddly the more I read about this the less I want it. :-S Reply -5
  • No Euro GOW Collection this year

  • Stegofreak 05/09/2009

    I guess I'm one of the few people happy about this? I'm a fan of GOW 1&2 but I've already got a bit of a shopping list of games coming up to the end of the year. I was probably only going to give them a spin in the run-up to the release of the next installment anyway. Reply 0
  • Definition Transition

  • Stegofreak 05/09/2009

    "Firstly, Nintendo - as so often in recent years - is the company left laughing all the way to the bank. Sony and Microsoft bet heavily on HDTV adoption to drive their console sales, and many commentators confidently predicted that Nintendo would suffer for its decision to stick with SD technology in the Wii."

    I find that an unusual sentiment to be honest. Surely the additional HD ability of the PS3 and 360 allows them to ply both the SD and HD markets while the pure SD of the Wii would remove them from the HD market. Sure the additional content goes to waste on sales to people without HD but the "growing" HD market should surely cover it...
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