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  • World of Warcraft expansion talk

  • Stachey 01/09/2005

    2006 is bad news, so it all depends on how quickly we keep getting the new uber raid instances. If they can keep up new interesting encounters for a year (well tested in future too:/) then an expansion in late 2006 is ok.

    And 'abigsmurf' its complete rubbish to believe blizz think balance=nerf, how can you possibly say that? Look at patch 1.7 for starters....hunter changes are a HUGE buff to hunter class, so much infact that I'm hoping certain new beastmastery changes get a nerf before release its that overpowered. We get Pallies with new ranged attack.. warlock have had talent tree overhaul (they still need a bit more love with an escape spell of some kind) and the only nerfs introduced are ones that were needed.

    You may have a point with endgame being instance grinding but it depends to what level you play the game. If you're still running ubrs then yeah thats all you're gonna do but that isn't the endgame. The 40 man instances are the true endgame and they are alot more then just armour collecting. Of course it only works if we keep getting new 40man instances to learn as opposed to being stuck with molten core for months like we were, where any high-end guild had it on farm status and everything got a bit dull.

    Worst comes to the worst... roll a new char:P
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  • Bungie rejigs Halo 2 matchmaking options

  • Stachey 02/12/2004

    Great news, sorts out alot of the problems I was having with Halo eg banshee in head to head \o/
    Now Ill have to hope i can get use of the big TV sometime today to rank up in team slayer \o/
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  • Blizzard dates World Of Warcraft in US and Down Under

  • Stachey 05/11/2004

    So by the sounds of it, the normal version of World of Warcraft DOESN'T come with a months subscription? - If thats true, a bit cheeky:/ Reply 0
  • EA unveils Ultima Online: Samurai Empire

  • Stachey 16/07/2004

    New content = good
    Another AOS = bad

    tbh rauper I think you'll find most the uo community doesnt really want a UO2 - they just want some aspects of UO fixed in the first place:/ We just got Publish 25 this week, which has fixed a huge amount of balancing issue's with pvp (soo many old faces back on the shards because of it).
    If UO can get a new client which is graphically more impressive then the aging 7 year old one we are using now (uo:3d doesnt count - it sucks so hard;() it might be able to attract new accounts and last a few more years.

    At the end of the day, however much the direction EA has taken uo pisses me off, it still has a much bigger variety of things to do and places to go then any level treadmill that the other mmorpgs currently offer.
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  • Ultima X: Odyssey canned

  • Stachey 01/07/2004

    Not surprising really. I can just hope that UO gets the much needed new developers to help sort out the mess they made with the game when Age of Shadows came out:/.
    As for the yet to be announced future project on UO - about time it got a new decent client with graphics that aren't 7 years old!
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  • Hidden & Dangerous II

  • Stachey 24/09/2003

    I really hope this game turns out well. Hidden and dangerous, to this day, is still one of my favourite single player pc games. in fact I might go install it again (along with its slightly dodgy mission pack) Reply 0
  • NVIDIA bites back

  • Stachey 15/09/2003

    Even less reason to upgrade ot the latest gen cards then considering the ti4600 didnt too badly with the dx8 path in anands tests
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  • Stachey 12/09/2003

    Heh It'll take alot more than this to knock nvidia off their spot. Don't put them down yet though - this is just one game and not even engine specific.
    Though I'm guessing ATi are making huge gains - a good thing
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  • Stachey 12/09/2003

    Well thats what they have been accused of doing with 3dmark03. Really not that important since A) tuning drivers for specific software or games is standard practise B) who really uses 3dmark as a benchmark utility?

    Nvidia just chose to do some 'interesting' things with their drivers which caused quite an uproar. just look at archives on tech sites and you will find a whole tonne of the subject. It got old fast
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  • Stachey 12/09/2003

    Yeah should edit my comment after reading up on anandtech
    Still gabe says to not get too excited with nvidias new dets either:/
    Also the 5900 ultra special hybrid code IS noticeably different.
    Its all a moot point really since fps is king so im guessing unless someone has the very top of the range hardware atm people will be sacrificing visual quality for fps
    I would like to see just how different the 3 possible codepaths really look in game.
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  • Stachey 12/09/2003

    I don't have any sympathy for nvidia after all thats happened. Though I still think valve could have gone to at least some effort to get nvidia cards at an acceptable performance with dx9 features enabled. If nvidias .50 drivers really do improve performance substantially than huzzah.
    I doubt carmack will sit back and program for one optimal code path:/
    At the end of the day the game will still run though, just nvidia owners wont have it soo 'pretty' by the looks of it:/
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  • No TimeSplitters 3 for Eidos

  • Stachey 04/09/2003

    I thought timesplitters 2 was ok but pretty over-rated.
    I am though really looking forward to sequels to deus ex, hitman and soul reaver. So no real bad news for me:/
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  • Homeworld 2 demo

  • Stachey 04/09/2003


    GO MR 56K GO!!!!1111!!!
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  • Three versions of Half-Life 2 planned

  • Stachey 04/09/2003

    Hmm personally I don't understand why they feel the need to fix something that isnt broken.

    Wow to all the people who will actually buy a subscription - your basing your monthly fee on the fact that theyll keep a steady supply of quality mods and exp packs. IMHO the expansion packs released for the original half life were hardly worth their 20 quid (blue shift should have been a free download ffs),

    I can't see them releasing 120 quids worth of decent content a year - oh of course unless the new versions of cs become pay to buy and not free for download, than of course everyday mod content will now have a monetary value.

    I was more worried about a multiplayer pay-to-play scheme. If thats implemented I won't even consider buying the game.
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  • Call Of Duty

  • Stachey 03/09/2003

    It does feel like a more polished version of allied assault.

    Btw you can get more then just the guns you start out with - you can pick up the germans guns too, mp40 etc
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  • No more Metal Gear from Kojima after MGS3

  • Stachey 01/09/2003


    Not once did the large amount of speech or cutscenes annoy me in mgs2:/ From what most people say about the game, I seem to be in the minority there.

    The only things that annoyed me about mgs2 were: bit too similar to mgs1 (nikita through vents etc), and the story just got a bit too weird at the end:/. Still I thought it was well worth a purchase.
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  • XenoSaga Episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht

  • Stachey 11/07/2003

    'However, the complex and multi-layered plot (which ran foul of easily outraged Christians in the USA),' - so if they continue the Nietzsche theme in continuing games - it's a safe bet they wont be liking Xenosaga 3: The Antichrist :/ Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy will require GBA

  • Stachey 10/07/2003

    Midnight Raven: 'Shinji, innovation is a good thing, but not if it keeps a lot of people from enjoying, let alone PLAYING a game in it´s full aspect without upgrading their hardware first.'

    Paying for innovation doesnt seem soo bad when you compare it to pc gaming where 'upgrading their hardware' is a constant event just to play the latest games:/
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