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  • John Carmack's vision for the next Quake

  • Splush 17/06/2011

    He's right (in the best way possible) about Quake being a random thing from when they didn't have their act together. It's hard to imagine how something so accidentally brilliant could come from a major developer in today's industry. It would probably turn out best as a low-budget downloadable game, but given how Quake Live turned out that might be unlikely. Reply +2
  • Real Madrid game planned

  • Splush 04/01/2008

    Syndicateworks sound alarmingly like Syndicate Wars. Reply 0
  • Assassin's Creed

  • Splush 13/11/2007

    I did always wonder where all the rabid excitement was coming from with this game, the mechanics have always looked kind of dodgy in gameplay videos. I really hoped they would pull it together at the last minute because an intelligent assassination game in that world and game engine could be so great.

    Ugh, I want to play this but I dunno if I can put up with the flaws mentioned in the review. I'm torn.
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  • MS talks Halo 3 telly advert

  • Splush 13/09/2007

    I'm looking forward to the game but that 'museum' ad is cheesy as hell. How can anybody not crack up when the old man mentions master chief? Reply 0
  • Japanese sales surge

  • Splush 24/08/2007

    If I was writing articles about Japanese DS games I suppose I'd try to sneak a few fake ones in there. That's the only logical explanation for Housekeeping Diary. Reply 0
  • E3 2007 Conference Schedule

  • Splush 09/07/2007

    I really hope Sony announce a new controller with rumble because watching whichever executive gives the announcement trying to put an exciting spin on it will be hilarious.

    Fantastic innovation.
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  • Details emerge for Nanostray 2

  • Splush 09/07/2007

    I think the original Nanostray was pretty underrated, I remember a lot of reviews complaining about having to take their figner off the fire button to change weapons, which just wasn't true. When you realised that you could use the left trigger to fire it was a really solid little shoot em up, nothing groundbreaking but still worthy of a sequel. Reply 0
  • Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition

  • Splush 07/07/2007

    I have to agree with the majority of the comments here, the controls were initially incredibly awkward but after the first hour of the game I was totally at home with them and feeling much more in control of the action than I ever was with the gamecube controller. Shooting feels so natural that every shootout is a real pleasure.

    Still, I can't fault the reviewer if he genuinely played through the game and found the controls to be debilitating, all he can do is tell us what he experienced. I wonder if this raises problems for the future of reviewing wii games though, could it be that for every great wii game in the future there'll be a minority of players that just won't be able to grasp the controls?

    I'm just glad I'm not one of those people. A week ago I was just about ready to sell my Wii, but RE4 has convinced me that it might just be worth sticking with.
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  • Ninja Gaiden Sigma

  • Splush 16/06/2007

    I played the hell out of this on Xbox, but this still makes me want a PS3. It might just be the best game ever, and the best version of the best game ever is obviously the new best game ever. Reply 0
  • Team Ninja to do more PS3 titles

  • Splush 14/06/2007

    The more people that can play Ninja Gaiden games the better, I just hope NG2 comes sooner rather than later. Reply 0
  • X360 'Folding@home' possible

  • Splush 09/05/2007

    Using this subject as an excuse to tout your console's power/popularity is really tacky.

    I doubt I'd run F@H on my 360 anyway, the noise it makes is so annoying if you haven't got game noise to drown it out. Also, I treat every minute that my launch 360 runs without breaking down as a gift from god.
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  • Gamers want shorter, better games - Dyack

  • Splush 03/05/2007

    I hate to agree with a known lunatic but I've been saying the same thing as Dyack for a while now. When I was a kid getting a couple of games a year I wanted them to last as long as possible, but now that I'm a bit older time is the thing I'm lacking, rather than money, I'm happy to pay for 8 hour games if they're 8 hours of quality.

    In the run up to the Wii launch when people were getting excited about how Twilight Princess was going to be 80 hours (or whatever), that really dulled by excitement for the game because I knew the chances of me finishing it were so slim.
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