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  • Mass Effect 3 ending controversy saddens BioShock creator

  • Spiral 21/03/2012

    @dudefella Remember that these are the people who reviewed the game. It's a defence mechanism. They told everyone it was great and therefore it is great, reality be damned. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3 delayed until Q1 2012

  • Spiral 04/05/2011

    Good. They rushed DA2 and fucked that up royally. Reply +4
  • Dragon Age: Origins - DLC Roundup

  • Spiral 09/09/2010

    They keep messing up the Dragon Age DLC. The Bioware forum is filled with people having trouble with this, and if they've not wrapped up the plotline as well then it's an incredible failure. Especially since that's what it says it'll do on the front of marketing gumpf. If you want to keep selling DLC, it might be an idea not to lie about what's in it. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker

  • Spiral 08/09/2010

    Just bought this, and I've got enough Bioware Points left over for either Stolen Memories or Witch Hunt. Is there going to be a review of Witch Hunt to make my decision any easier? ;) Reply 0
  • The EGTV Show: The Videogames Election - Episode 2

  • Spiral 02/06/2010

    Good job. Reply 0
  • World of Goo experiment a "huge success"

  • Spiral 20/10/2009

    optimusprym8, go to C:\Program Files\WorldOfGoo\properties\config.txt and change the resoulution to that of your primary monitor. That should make it work. Reply +3
  • NinjaBee cloning Cloning Clyde

  • Spiral 13/08/2009

    "Dolly good."

    Reply +1
  • The Edge of Reason?

  • Spiral 04/08/2009

    [link=http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=68SOsjTK_2f9qJvOQ_2b2Zw7_2fA_3d_3d">Survey. Reply +2
  • PS3 to dominate in 3-5 years, says Reeves

  • Spiral 30/04/2009

    The problem with using the tortoise and hare fable is that the tortoise won because the hare was complacent, not because of any natural ability. Sony were the hare at the start of this generation, and relying on your opponent screwing up is rarely a good strategy. Hopefully they recognise this. Reply 0
  • GTAIV DLC features male nudity

  • Spiral 17/02/2009

    As it's for an 18 rated game I don't think seeing some virtual tackle, especially in a non-sexual manner, would have them too worried.

    The BBFC probably won't care, but I can see the ESRB getting a bit annoyed about it. They were annoyed at Rockstar when San Andreas was modded, and this time they've done it on purpose.
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  • Spiral 17/02/2009

    Does DLC get covered by the rating boards? Seems like a bit of a loophole if it doesn't. Reply 0
  • Coming Attractions: Action & Adventure

  • Spiral 16/01/2009

    The first game was beautiful, elegant and charming beyond its means, and deserved the success the first Prince of Persia reboot, launching at the same time, found instead.

    Ooof, harsh. I thought Sands of Time was great myself. Could see why people liked BG&E but never got on with it myself. Didn't even bother to finish it in the end.
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  • Home is outdated, says Microsoft exec

  • Spiral 11/12/2008

    Your telephone costs less than nothing? You sure about that? Reply 0
  • Halo has "a lot to learn" from COD4

  • Spiral 06/08/2008

    He's an AI programmer. Simulation in that context means that the AI's are designed to only be aware of things that a real person would be aware of in that situation, and make decisions accordingly, as opposed to an omniscient AI that knows your position even if nothing could have spotted you. Reply 0
  • Xbox 360 sales hit 19 million worldwide

  • Spiral 15/05/2008

    Widge, I'd be more inclined to pass it on myself. Money I can always earn more of, but there's nothing quite as much fun as buying peoples affection with things you don't want any more. :) Reply 0
  • Spiral 15/05/2008

    Wouldn't really matter would it? If someone buys an upgrade then the older one is probably going to get passed on somehow, either as a second hand sale or a present, so it doesn't really affect the size of the install base. The biggest thing that will fudge MS figures are the RROD cases before the warranty was increased where people just tossed the broken ones. Reply 0
  • Spielberg revealed as Crysis fan

  • Spiral 11/04/2008


    I genuinely chortled.
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  • Street Fighter film blog resurrected

  • Spiral 11/04/2008

    (as Cantana)

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  • Nintendo promises "big game" for Xmas

  • Spiral 17/03/2008

    Wii TV. Like Buzz except, you know, for the Wii. Reply 0
  • Saints Row 2

  • Spiral 05/03/2008

    And it's a game that is, apparently, "a lot darker, a little bit more sinister."

    Once, just once, I want to see a game that is a little bit brighter, a little bit happier, because a whole raft of problems got sorted out in the first one and now the worlds a better place.
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  • Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2007

  • Spiral 25/01/2008

    Assassin's Creed is number 13. Utterly, utterly ridiculous. Barely deserves to be in the 50.

    Wouldn't agree with that. Fine game, even if I didn't vote for it myself. Probably not top 10 by any means but does the free running thing very well and the assassinations felt well structured. The sequel should add a bit more variety the recon missions and not make it mandatory to perform a few of them before the main kill, basically be a bit more free form. I reckon it could turn into a fairly good series.
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  • Spiral 25/01/2008

    Dammit, I'm sure I proof read my comment. Doh! Reply 0
  • Vote for your Top 5 of 2007

  • Spiral 23/01/2008

    I'm taken part in a bit of tactical voting by leaving Final Fantasy VI Advance off my list. It's my third 10/10 game this year (it's been a very good year) but it would feel out of place on a best of 2007 list and I didn't think anyone else would vote for it, so I moved Final Fantasy XII up to third in it's place. It does mean Portal got on my list though. Reply 0
  • Virtua Fighter 360 gets patch

  • Spiral 16/01/2008

    Here's a question. I've got the Hori Stick for the 360, and since it's USB is there any way I can use it on the PS3? Because if there is I'd be tempted to get another one. For Ł20 you can't really go wrong. Reply 0
  • Ninja Gaiden 2 - Gameplay

  • Spiral 06/12/2007

    That's a bloody appalling camera. Reply 0
  • Gears of War PC: Guide to COG tag locations

  • Spiral 08/11/2007

    Probably 11 and 12. Everyone I know got those two last. Reply 0
  • Xbox div posts USD 1.9bn loss

  • Spiral 20/07/2007

    Maybe Microsoft could become a software only company and release its Fable, Halo and PGR franchises on Nintendo's and Sony's future consoles? It certainly helped Sega? Imagine being able to play Microsoft's great games on *reliable* hardware, how cool would that be? ;)

    If Sony and/or Nintendo agreed to use Live for digital distribution I suspect there wouldn't be another XBox and Microsoft would be happy to release their software on another format. I really doubt they want to be in the hardware market at all to be honest. Especially after the Red Ring fiasco.
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  • Eidos quiet on Tomb Raider Anniversary for Xbox 360

  • Spiral 07/06/2007

    At 400 points that's what, Ł17 for the four areas and Croft Manor? That's not too bad. Reply 0
  • God of War II

  • Spiral 27/04/2007

    Jaggy mess is a pretty good description of all my PS2 games on my 32" screen. The console looks far less blocky on my 21" non-widescreen CRT. If the PS3 solves that problem then I recommend it. Reply 0
  • Spiral 27/04/2007

    That is kind of the point of Kratos. He's a nasty bastard, but (as you'll understand if you completed the first game) with a damn good reason for it!

    I finished it but at the end I just thought he was a prick who refused to accept responsibility for his actions and would rather blame everyone else. It's just a foible of mine I guess, I can't seem to like something if I actively dislike the protagonist.
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  • Spiral 27/04/2007

    Two questions for the people who have played it: Is Kratos still an unlikeable cunt and does it have anything as stupidly unfair as the bit set in his head at the end of the first one?

    If the answer to either of those questions is no then I might pick it up at some point. I thought the first one was massively overrated but aside from those two points it was quite a good game.
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  • Farewell, Father

  • Spiral 27/04/2007

    Really interesting. He's clearly done a lot for gaming, and the sheer size of the grapefruits needed to do what he's done with the PS2 and 3 are hard not to respect, even if you don't agree with him, but you can't say and do the sort of stuff he has and expect to get away with it. It's a pity he won't get to be responsible for how his strategy pans out, whatever way it goes. Reply 0
  • PS3's Cell in arcade machines

  • Spiral 27/03/2007

    The Cell was developed by who again? i forgot :(

    The Weyland Yutani Corporation. It's they reason they took the Emotion Engine out of the PS3, they didn't want them going all Ash and trying to kill folks by shoving magazines down their throat.
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  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

  • Spiral 26/03/2007

    Well there is that Playboy shoot from a while ago...shows way more than what they do on the TV show...you know I bet if Sci Fi Channel was not a basic cable network in the US and was a premium cable channel (like HBO is), they get her naked within the first 10 seconds of an episode
    Preferably every episode.
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  • Capcom responds to PS3 fanboys

  • Spiral 26/03/2007

    I love the quote from the Capcom Exec when he locks the thread:

    "I'm trying to decide if it's worth keeping this thread open... it seems to have run its course, gone off course, rolled down a cliff, hit a cow and then exploded. "
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  • PS3 compatibility site live

  • Spiral 21/03/2007

    I guess we need some context here. Here is my personal take. Since I've been playing 360 games (not that long after launch) I have probably seen around 10 crashes.

    Just out of curiosity like, how many of those were Oblivion?
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  • Harrison demos PS3 background downloading

  • Spiral 09/02/2007

    I actually prefer NOT to have voice communication in most games especially with some of the loud, noisy idiots you often get on Xbox Live whenever I've used it. I'm liking the sound of online gaming on the PS3 far more than the Xbox 360 which is somewhat spoilt by nauseating American teenagers. Blissful silence for the win! :)

    Guide Button > Players > Pick Tard > Mute. Or something like that. Not very well known but very very useful.
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  • Eye on '07: PSP and PS2

  • Spiral 11/01/2007

    Uhm.. I forgot: Boycott Sony for letting us Europeans wait!

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  • NATAS disputes Sony's Sixaxis Emmy claims

  • Spiral 10/01/2007

    That explains a few things...
    Although the only new technology the dual shock implemented was...pressure sensitive buttons...
    Anyone care to correct me?

    It was the DualShock2 that had the pressure sensitive buttons, I think the awards for the original Dual Shock. Sony and Nintendo won the awards because of the effect they had on all subsequent controllers. Nintendo's D-Pad is still used on controllers today and I imagine Sony won because it was the first with the Dual Analogue setup which pretty much everyone copied afterwards.
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  • European gamers 'don't mind' launch delays - Sony VP

  • Spiral 06/10/2006

    Seems to me that perhaps Sony should stop revealing business mechanics in these sort of statements. To people with a degree of knowhow regarding these things its all just by-the-by, but it seems that a lot of gamers (going by postings on here at any rate) just can't handle the fact that their personal happiness is their own responsibility and that businesses have more of a duty to make money than friends.

    That's not business mechanics, it's stupidity. Calculating who you can most afford to drop as a customer is good business. To follow that up by telling them that they don't really mind is just patronising. Of course a business will care more about money than friends, but it's easier to get money from people who don't consider your brand synonymous with 'arrogant bastards'.
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  • New DOAX2 details

  • Spiral 04/10/2006

    Gee, the DVD9 is already full, even for a crappy game like DOAX2? Guess XNA, high-compression and procedural synthesizing can't save them all.

    Filled with pre-rendered content. DVD's not supposed to be a HD movie format.
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  • More DOA from Itagaki?

  • Spiral 25/07/2006

    She wasn't alone in that. In Story Mode any character after the fourth round could suddenly turn into a stupidly overpowered evil bundle of fleshy destruction. And yet the problem never arose in the survival or sparring modes. So it must have been intentional.

    Still. The online mode was fun, and made my HiDef telly and surround sound investment worth it. Until Oblivion came out and I played that all the time instead.
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  • Challenging everything

  • Spiral 17/07/2006

    A couple of things are driving original IP at EA, and as always at EA, simple economics are at the root of this. If you start with the consideration that when new platforms launch, the first five million 360s, the first five million PS3s, for that matter even the first five million Wiis are going to be purchased by the hardest of the hardcore fans. They don't like James Bond, and most of them don't like Harry Potter and things like that. There are huge audiences for those games, but typically not within the universe of people who buy the first five million units of a new piece of technology.

    Interesting statement. Is it true? I think that depends on whether he's talking about the games or the source material. Lots of people who like Bond or Potter may not like or even want to like the games that EA make based on those franchises. Games based on other things have a reputation for being shit, and that obviously doesn't go down well with the hardcore. What I like is the way EA seem to have already known this and that leads to
    New IP is really easy to measure at EA, because a year ago, a little over 30 per cent of all of our games, all of our revenues, were based on wholly-owned intellectual property - things like The Sims, which we own and don't pay licensing fees for. Today it's a little over 40 per cent. The goal at EA is within the next year, maybe year and a half, the percentage of revenue and the percentage of games which are based on EA-owned, non-licensed properties goes over 50 per cent. So come back in a year and I'll tell you exactly where we are...
    Nice dodge of the question there. EA are focusing on game IP for the next year at least. Does anyone know the same figures for the last hardware transition? I'm curious as to whether that percentage will drop again in two or three years.

    Excellent interview. Really interesting from a business perspective.
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  • Xbox 360 BC: 10 Most Wanted

  • Spiral 15/06/2006

    All I want is Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. I have SFII on that and I don't want to have to pay for it again on the marketplace, especially since it isn't as good as SFIII anyway. Reply 0
  • New Halo 3 trailer, details

  • Spiral 10/05/2006

    If the Master Chief dies, what we will be controlling? His ghost?

    Arbiter, Cortana, Cortana interacting with the chiefs armour and controlling it directly, take your pick.
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  • Giz crash: the plot thickens

  • Spiral 01/03/2006

    Hey I may own it was well! Can I have it back?

    O_o What on earth do you want with 120 sq feet of debris?
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  • Blizzard says sorry to WOW fan

  • Spiral 13/02/2006

    I also (before reporting them) publically explain to homophobic people that usually their homophobia is caused by a repressed fear that they might be gay themselves and so is part of an attempt to put a barrier between themselves and their 'inner gay'.

    Do you do the same thing to racists?
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  • PAL Shadow extras confirmed

  • Spiral 01/02/2006

    Why cannot I block that bloody Flash ad in Firefox (with AdBlock enabled) on this page?

    Really? Ouch. The effect those ads had on my PC was the reason I installed it in the first place. Try adding* manually.
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  • Dead or Alive 4

  • Spiral 31/01/2006

    The counter system is the thing makes the DOA series different from all the other fighters out there. It's used to force the mix ups and delays that are the very core of the DOA mechanic, which makes it much more accessable than the traditional reliance on memorising movesets. Unfortunately as the graphics improved they decided that the counters had to look more and more flashy, and since they now look so cool they obviously take off around a third of your life in one go. Since then to fix that balance they've been making the counters harder to guess with, thus moving back towards the Soul Calibur situation where you have to memorise lots of character movesets to effectively defend, and which removes the original mechanics huge advantage of being easy to pick up. And lets be honest, if DOA starts to move even closer to Soul Calibur then there's only going to be one loser. Providing the Soul Calibur girls are willing to get thier tits out of course. ;) Reply 0