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  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • SpinkyMinky 07/06/2013

    Already posted to NeoGaf, but I'll try here to in hopes that Tom gets a reality check:

    He made some salient points about gaming and ownership, but the fact that his article was singularly targeted at Microsoft undermined his entire post. Microsoft aren't initiating these measures in solitude - these are industry problems.

    I can't stand or understand this thoughtless Microsoft-bashing bile from people who are either unable or unwilling to see the bigger picture - this is gaming's future, gaming's problems. Furthermore, these kind of protectionism measures are practiced by all entertainment industry titans like Apple and Google, who are bigger competitors to the future of Microsoft and Sony than a 2-company console war. If it this was a Microsoft problem, there would be no issue, as they could simply be avoided.

    The writer has either completely missed the point, or there is an insidious agenda at work. Shit article.
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  • Borderlands 2 title update will allow larger inventory

  • SpinkyMinky 26/03/2013

    The one thing that would improve this game is the ability to buy legendaries without having to rely on random droppage. I've still never seen an Infinity, and I've killed Doc Mercy 200+ times, easy.

    I'm glad there's a backpack update though. That's gonna be needed if I try UVHM.
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  • "Why should we ask how long a game is?"

  • SpinkyMinky 13/03/2013


    And that might have been the best summary of LA Noire I've read too. I've given up on that game as a source of entertainment, if I play that game anymore it will be because of my stupid OCD that compels me to finish games, even the shit ones.
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  • SpinkyMinky 13/03/2013

    Also, a game is a piece of art, money shouldn't come into it. Besides, if you can't get minimum 80% of what you paid by selling it on ebay, you're buying it from the wrong shop in the first place.

    I hate bloated games, and Max Payne is a perfect example. Short games are absolutely fine, as long as they deliver. Dishonored is a great example - short campaign, but filled with variety, innovation and evolving gameplay. Massive replay value, because it was so well designed.
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  • SpinkyMinky 13/03/2013

    That's the best summary of Max Payne I've read yet. Reply +12
  • Borderlands 2 writer responds to allegations of racism

  • SpinkyMinky 04/02/2013

    People really do fear multiculturalism. I hope Burch doesn't cave to these idiots and their pointless posturing. Reply +5
  • Razer Sabertooth review

  • SpinkyMinky 18/01/2013

    @CFacto Amen. I had the Onza for three months before the controls just gave up. The left stick just stopped mapping to screen. I know others who had a similar problem. One friend had the right trigger snap and fall into the device. NO way would I give Razer a penny from now on. Reply +3