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  • Rewriting the Rules

  • Spindle 11/12/2010

    WoW subscribers according to Blizzard are:

    "World of Warcraft subscribers include individuals who have paid a subscription fee or have an active prepaid card to play World of Warcraft, as well as those who have purchased the game and are within their free month of access. Internet Game Room players who have accessed the game over the last thirty days are also counted as subscribers. The above definition excludes all players under free promotional subscriptions, expired or cancelled subscriptions, and expired prepaid cards. Subscribers in licensees’ territories are defined along the same rules. "

    So clearly nowhere near everyone is paying Ł8 a month. But the 12 million all paid something in the month.

    As for future MMO models I'd like to see someone try getting rid of levels so everyone can play with everyone and not have players segragated by level. Then have expansions / new content refreshing and changing the existing world rather than dragging players off to brand new areas leaving the old ones like ghost towns.
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  • The Remaking of World of Warcraft

  • Spindle 07/12/2010

    Is there a part two of this interview to come? Just asking as it doesn't seem to get wrapped up, it just kinda stops? Reply +1
  • Setting Sun?

  • Spindle 18/09/2010

    I've always felt publishers focused on IP as that is easier to 'own' than the creative talent is. A good thing for publishers but not so good for the general games buying public. Reply 0
  • Every old WOW zone to be revamped

  • Spindle 22/08/2009

    Levels do not equal content. Whats important is how much there is to do. Personally I think fewer levels is better. All levels really do is make it harder to play with your friends. When I was 72 I couldn't quest with someone who was 76. If I'm 81 and they are 83 then hopefully I can. Reply +2
  • The Making of World of Warcraft

  • Spindle 17/08/2009

    Eraysor - I've always been a little confused as to what I did to unlock the Artha's quest chain. I think it is something like (Horde side that is - Alliance is similar I believe)…
    1. Do all the Argent Vanguard quests in SE Icecrown
    2. That should open up Koltira Deathweaver on the flying ship quest hub - do those until 'Opportunity' appears. That’s the start of it.
    3. I think you need to at least open up the Ebon Blade quests from the Shadow Vault first even if you don't do them.

    Opportunity on Wowhead - http://www.wowhead.com/?quest=13258
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  • LucasArts announcement later today

  • Spindle 06/07/2009

    I'd love a new Tie Fighter or Dark Forces 3, but reckon it'll be a DotT remake. Reply +1
  • Retrospective: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  • Spindle 05/07/2009

    Anyone getting this for the first time now you really really really should get the unofficial fan patch. It makes a massive difference.
    First time I played this I didn't get the twist with the 'twins' at all. In the final scene with them I still thought there was two of them and that there was just a bug with the characer models
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  • The collectors

  • Spindle 27/06/2009

    Price is the issue for me. I really resent being charged more for a download than I am charged for physical media. I read somewhere else its because if physical retail is undercut by digital then they stock your game at the back of the store and that really hurts sales. I have no idea if thats true but it sounds plausible. Reply +1
  • Romero initially outraged by id acquisition

  • Spindle 25/06/2009

    The rumour goes that Eidos was going to buy and therefore 'save' Looking Glass but because they poured so much money into the black hole that was Ion Storm they couldn't afford to.
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  • Retrospective: Thief The Dark Project

  • Spindle 17/05/2009

    No mention of Garrett's one liners? "So this is the lost city.... it ain't lost no more" Not many of them but they really fleshed out Garrett as a character. Reply 0
  • EA Sports Active

  • Spindle 29/04/2009

    "A personal trainer in a box."
    /hopes they remember to put air holes in the box
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  • The Lord of the Rings Online

  • Spindle 24/04/2009

    Have a read of this... http://community.codemasters.com/forum/s...It tells you what you need to do and has some links to a list of all the places you can download the client and the patches. Reply 0
  • Blizzard has rights to Redneck Rampage

  • Spindle 06/04/2009

    I'd pay $1 for a WoW cuss pack Reply +1
  • A million gold farmers in China

  • Spindle 25/03/2009

    Blizzard will probably, in time, embrace gold mining and seek a way to make a profit off the gold miner's efforts. I mean... buyers could pay for gold through Blizzard's arena net, with sellers (miners) selling gold to in-game Battle.net reperesentatives (NPC's pf course), and with battle.net actually paying the miners too. After Blizzard takes a cut of course. Five pounds for 1000 gold sounds OK. Everyone is empowered, protected and enriched by it. Except the ones who regard gold buing as cheating, of course. Didn't Sony do something like this? Dont know if that was a success... but I think it is important to allow the gold miners to still make a profit here, and not undercut their market. Gold miners are viable customers too.

    mmo economies are delecate things. There is a limit to how much gold can be economically farmed, so there is a limit to how much extra gold rmt can put into the system. If Blizzard sold 1000 gold for Ł5 then the amount of 'new' gold is limitless. This is massively inflationary. Which in turn meens it devalues the gold of everyone. Which in turn upsets your non gold buying players.

    I believe Final Fantasy XI is an example of this.
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  • Gold Trading Exposed: Introduction

  • Spindle 20/03/2009

    Another way to approach this: are you saying there is no grind in MMORPGs?
    God no. What I'm saying is I wish there was no grind in MMMORPGs. I wish MMORPGs were good enough to keep people playing simply because its fun to play, not because you dangle a carrot in front of them. I played Team Fortress for two years, pretty much on a rotation of four maps. No character, no gear and no story line. The game retained me because its core gameplay mechanic was great. My perfect game would be all the great parts of MMMORPGs - the exploration, the team work, the world, the story... but just with an underlying game play mechanic that was fun and engaging. Oh, and no damn grind.

    iok - I guess we have different definitions of "win". I don't see how I won anything? If I had bought gold to go buy a mount or shiny gear then yeah. All I got from buying gold was to avoid dull part of the game and still be able to pay the part I find interesting.
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  • Spindle 20/03/2009

    Surely the "poor game design" is deliberate. If you can't keep players in the grind, raiding and so on, they'll leave?
    Surely if your game is not entertaining enough to keep players by simply being fun then there is something wrong with your game. Timesinks are just plasters on the wounds that are the crap core gameplay mechanics that most mmos are based on.

    Iok - I never bought gold to "win" (although I'll not argue that a lot do). I did it just to allow me to explore, have fun encounters/fights, make friends, for the storyline and to generally enjoy the "now" of it. Just without having to kill hundreds of elementals every nights by pressing 1,2,3,3,3,3 over and over.

    mmos need to get out of the shadow of Everquest. They need to make the core gameplay mechanic a lot more fun and give us dynamic worlds that really change with players actions. Do that and you wont need timesinks to keep players and player wont feel obliged to "cheat" the timesinks.
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  • Spindle 20/03/2009

    iok - If I don't "qualify" for the content, I don't try to get it. Qualify? I bought the game, I paid a monthly sub and yet you think I should still have to "qualify" to see the content? Now present me with a genuine and stimulating challenge that I have overcome to see fresh content - great! I'm there. Tell me I have to do something mindless, dull and repetitive then... no, no, no. Gold buying is a symptom of bad and lazy game design.

    As for the moral issue? Chinese sweatshops etc... how about you go check the labels of all your clothes and check where all your fancy consumer electronics come from. If none of them are "made in China" feel free to lecture me.

    Yes I'll accept that if people didn't buy gold other players wouldn't be getting hacked and having their characters cleared out. But, you know its only a game. I can still sleep despite the cause and the effect.

    The main point I'd come back to is that the real villain here is not gold buyers it is poor game design. As long as you lock quality content away behind timesinks because your fundamental gameplay isn't good enough to keep players playing your game then people will buy their way around the timesink.
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  • Spindle 20/03/2009

    There's clearly a demand issue (i.e. in some MMOs there is a demand for outside access to 'cash' in-game). And I would hazard a guess, a certain amount of hypocrisy, a bit like the "pr0n" argument: far more people do it than they admit. Why? I mean, those spammers presumably wouldn't be there unless there was some chance someone was (regularly) buying their product.

    My personal answer to this (early WoW TBC raiding for reference) was I wanted to play through the games 25 man raid instances. To do so required a regular supply of gold. Getting that gold legitimately required either repeatedly flying a circuit around various herb / ore spawn points or repeatedly killing mobs with good drops for hours. Nothing I'd consider fun. Alternatively I could buy the gold and spend the time I saved with my kids. I just don’t understand the whole "you need to put the time in to get to the good stuff" mentality. These things are meant to be games not life substitutes.
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  • Spindle 19/03/2009

    +1 to most of the above. When I played WoW I bought gold. I wanted to raid. I enjoyed raiding. I didn't enjoy having to mindlessly grind for hours a day to be able to raid.

    If I had not been able to buy gold I would proably have quit rather than grind. Ironic really as the grind is meant to be there to retain players. Talk about flawed design.
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  • World of Warcraft - Ulduar raid

  • Spindle 27/02/2009

    Bastards. Here I am trying to quit this game and they go a release something as beautiful as that. Reply 0
  • WoW subs at 9.3 million

  • Spindle 15/11/2007

    Xerx3s - They're not banking anywhere near that amount of money. A large part of those 'active subscribers' are in the asian market with a number of different payment models, hardly any of which are a monthly fee. Lots are by the minute I believe. A large proportion of the subscribers are Chinese, and Blizz actually makes very little money per subscriber compared to the US and Europe. I'm not saying they're not making a fortune from it, just not the huge figure you came up with. Reply 0
  • Boulder Dash PSP, DS dated

  • Spindle 06/09/2007

    Bah! Where's Repton! Reply 0
  • Blizz quiet on WoW expansion

  • Spindle 01/08/2007

    "At which point, it might as well just be 15 decent players, no?"
    Exactly. But the point I was trying to make is that if you want to make end game raiding truly inclusive which was after all the intent of 25 mana raiding then you have to accept that if its easy enough for everyone to do so then the best will blitz through it. Hence the sugestion that you should have two tiers of dificulty / reward - normal / heroic.
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  • Spindle 01/08/2007

    "Overall the reduced player cap works, however the problem with a 25 man cap is the standard of play it requires from all 25 players."

    Thats not strictly the the fault of the 25 man cap, its the fault of the designers. Its perfectly feasible to design instances that you could run with 15 decent players and 10 muppets. that would make end game raiding truly casual.

    I'd love to see them extend the heroic concept to raid instances. You could have the Tier sets drop only in the heroic raid instances so the hardcore could continue to feel all smug and elitest in their sets, whilst the rest of us cold still get to see all the content without having to raid 5 nights a week and drop some of your mates along the way cos they aren't good enough :(
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  • And We're Back!

  • Spindle 02/01/2007

    You guys ever thought about doing a predictions article, you know something to start the year off with a good heated discusions thread, and something you can then look back on and laugh at this time next year> Reply 0