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  • Pinball FX2 Xbox One release date set

  • Spectral 16/07/2014

    @vast Thats the publishers choice not Sony's. The difference is that MS wont allow it even when the developer/publisher want to do it. Reply +19
  • 999 is coming to iOS without puzzles

  • Spectral 11/03/2014

    I'm glad they're doing this. I want to see what happens in this before playing VLR that I got through PS+. But don't want to have to buy the DS version or have to spend too long on it. Reply -2
  • Saints Row 4 PC and Company of Heroes 2 are free to play this weekend

  • Spectral 17/01/2014

    @Jmog Its free to play this weekend and cheap if you want to buy it to play forever. Both the headline and article are not worded well imo. Reply +7
  • GOG launches money-back guarantee for technical issues

  • Spectral 09/12/2013

    @todohogar Most modern games are not significantly more fiddly thn the current consoles. however most games GoG sells are significantly older than 4-5 years old. Their speciality is getting old games not designed for modern versions of windows running on them. Reply +11
  • PlayStation 4 doesn't support 3D Blu-rays

  • Spectral 13/11/2013

    Is there anything these new console DO support at launch? Reply +3
  • Stunning Star Citizen in-engine 4K resolution gameplay released

  • Spectral 23/10/2013

    @techtech Its current ETA is Dec 2014. I imagine it will be a lot like the original crysis where nobody can run it maxed out on release. Reply +9
  • Xbox One's headset adapter delayed until 2014

  • Spectral 19/10/2013

    @cloudskipa It may not have had a publicly announced date but a company like turtle beach who is buying them in bulk for a retail product would have been given one. Reply +4
  • Nintendo 2DS hands-on

  • Spectral 28/08/2013

    @7M7 iirc hairline fractures on the hinge was a DS lite was a common problem and often occured with normal use. Reply +1
  • Microsoft kills game ownership and expects us to smile

  • Spectral 07/06/2013

    @zootle No idea but I tested it out around a minute before I posted. I disconnected the PC from the net, then put steam into offline mode and every game currently installed ran fine. Steam did used to need to be online to switch to offline mode but that was years ago. Reply +16
  • Spectral 07/06/2013

    @zootle Actually yes you can switch to offline mode without a net connection on steam. So long as the game has been run at least once online it will work offline. Reply +16
  • Lionhead teases Fable 1 HD remake for Xbox 360

  • Spectral 04/06/2013

    @Negotiator1 dont you mean his cube? Reply +1
  • Mojang's Scrolls goes into open beta 3rd June, costs 13

  • Spectral 28/05/2013

    @midnight_walker You get the full game when its finished too. you just get the play the beta versions in the mean time. It's exactly what he did with minecraft. Reply +6
  • Parents refused refund by Apple after son spends 1700 on free iPad game

  • Spectral 28/02/2013

    @null disabling parentel control without supervising the child does. They knew enought to set it up in the first place so they weren't completely ignorant of the risk. Reply +5
  • Spectral 28/02/2013

    @Gaiduku true but why should apple pay for that mistake? It was the parents mistake they should live with the consequences. If mistakes don't carry consequences nobody ever learns anything. You can bet they wont do it again now. Reply +2
  • Spectral 28/02/2013

    Not apples fault at all. They had the parental controls enabled and disabled them because the kid said it was safe to do so without checking what they were actually enabling. While it's shit they lost so much money, they don't deserve a refund. Although with such high priced items it would be better if 2 were bought close together the system recognised it as uncommon behavior and locked it down until more verification can be given. Reply 0
  • DirectX 11.1 exclusive to Windows 8, Microsoft confirms

  • Spectral 12/11/2012


    The comments here dont particularly seem to be slagging off W8. more pointing out that DX11.1 is a pretty pathetic way to try and get people to use it.
    Reply +23
  • Diablo 3 has sold over 10 million copies

  • Spectral 07/11/2012

    Surely that's sales, not subscribers. Diablo 3 has no subscription, yet. Reply +17
  • Buy Rocksmith at HMV, support teenage cancer charity

  • Spectral 25/09/2012

    Is there any version of this that doesn't come with the adapter to connect a guitar? I have a friend after the PC version but none of them mention if the adapter is included in the product description. Reply 0
  • Mass Effect 3 update 1.03 patch notes

  • Spectral 29/05/2012

    did they ever fix not being able to properly import characters who originated in ME1? Reply +10
  • Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock - the first level

  • Spectral 28/05/2012

    @jonbwfc wizards did it. Reply +2
  • GAME suspends use of Reward Cards and gift cards, cancels refunds and exchanges

  • Spectral 26/03/2012

    @Elathron ahh, Makes sense, thanks. Seems incredibly one sided though, surely customers should be better protected than what it seems. Even if they're within their rights, who is going to shop there after they've pulled this. Even if its owned by somebody completely different. Reply +1
  • Spectral 26/03/2012

    @jim_uk What about returns,etc. Thats not money owed but is a legal obligation. As someone else mentioned, the sale of goods act,etc. Not pretending to know anything about the law. Just curious as to where people stand. Reply 0
  • Spectral 26/03/2012

    @abigsmurf Fair enough although I was thinking more of not honouring warranties as the major isue. Given how in general the law is usually pro consumer when it comes to warranties. Reply +1
  • Spectral 26/03/2012

    Isn't not honouring warranties and refusing to give back deposits illegal? Reply +50
  • XBL Summer of Arcade release schedule

  • Spectral 27/06/2011

    The problem is their perceived value versus slightly older retail releases. For example 10 can get you Enslaved or Modnation Racers,etc with a couple of quid change. Not everyone buys every game they're interested in at launch. Reply +1
  • PlayStation Network online in the UK

  • Spectral 16/05/2011

    @toneriko: It let me remove my card details an hour or so ago. I think the random errors/site maintainence messages are because the site is getting hammered by people trying to changed their passwords. Took me about an hour of retrying to get the password change link in the email to work properly. Reply 0
  • PSN: Sony outlines "Welcome Back" gifts

  • Spectral 01/05/2011

    @Daddy-Doom-Bar: It really depends on the outcome of the various investigations. If it is found Sony have not complied with the various laws such as the data protection act they deserve to be prosecuted and people effected absolutely deserve compensation as their private data has been handled illegally. This is potentially far more than a mere PR screw up. However if they are found to have complied with the law and held the data as securely as expected but just fell foul to a particularly talented/determind hacker then at the very least these gestures will help with some of the bad PR they've had. You seem to have already decided that Sony weren't in the wrong and it is far too early to know that one way or the other. Reply +8
  • Spectral 01/05/2011

    @plastickitty: Almost no service allows you to change a password without email verification. What do you expect them to do? The whole world is watching Sony and criticising their security and you want them to bypass the most basic of security features so you don't have to spend 30 seconds opening an email? Reply +27
  • Morrisons' 187 3DS offer ends on Sunday

  • Spectral 18/03/2011

    @Scopeh: The deposit is part of the total price not on top of it. Reply 0
  • EA reveals first Dragon Age 2 DLC

  • Spectral 07/01/2011

    The one's that particularly annoy me are when they sell cheats as DLC. They could and have in the past had item/level unlocks as simple button codes. Now they're all but gone and the things they offered charged for. Reply +3
  • Spectral 07/01/2011

    "The sense of entitlement gamers have gotten lately has been hilarious and pathetic."

    you mean as opposed to games publishers who think they should be uniquely entitled to revenue from 2nd hand sales? Part of the problem is that while most DLC is genuine a lot of publishers do take the piss. Costumes in fighting games,etc. In previous generations they have been in game unlocks. Now suddenly they are paid for extras
    Reply +6
  • Spectral 07/01/2011

    If the original DA taught me anything, it was to wait for the inevitable GOTY or ultimate edition a year or so later. Reply +23
  • SCII single-player bans explained

  • Spectral 14/10/2010


    You mean the EULA that they don't even let you read till you've voided the warranty? Like to see them legally enforce that. Half the best mods made for games would never have existed if these draconican measures were in place in the past. Simple fact is whats running locally as oppsed to online should be none of their god damn business. I'm not saying they should pick specific hacks. Hacks online = bad. hacks offline=fine. I have no intention of hacking nor even playing SC2, doubly so now on principle. It just bugs me that they seem to think its fine they can dictate what can and cant be done with software that you've paid for. Obviously online is another matter as they have a right to enforce whatever rules they like on their network. They just shouldn't have that same right over a privately owned PC.


    I said why not how. Why should people assume cheating in SP is wrong? People have been doing it since the dawn of gaming. Pokes on the spectrum, game genie on the nes and action replay in more recent years. Why should it suddenly now be seen as bad and bannable.
    Reply +8
  • Spectral 14/10/2010

    Why should they have known it was wrong? Its their game running on their PC. They should be able to run any app they choose on their own hardware. So long as they've not cheated online they're not breaking any service agreement. This is out of order IMO. Reply +17
  • DeathSpank for PC/Mac this month

  • Spectral 07/10/2010

    @Boomerang: It's already available to preorder on steam.

    I wish I'd known about this before getting the 360 verion. Not that the 360 verion is bad but it'd be even better played with a mouse.
    Reply +1
  • New PSP has touch-sensitive controls

  • Spectral 20/08/2010

    If they want to have a monopoly on sales and rip people off, screw 'em. Very few handheld games are worth the RRP. Almost every PSP game I own I wait until places like Amazon have them for under 20. If they try to rip off gamers I don't have a problem with returning in kind. Reply +1
  • Spectral 20/08/2010

    Download only makes it a no sale from me. IMO very few games are worth the RRP. If thats all games are going for in the futureI'll simply not game or resort to piracy. Reply +1
  • EA will test waters with paid-for demos

  • Spectral 22/03/2010

    Releasing it to see if the market wants the product is the very definition of market research. Episodic content is the equivalent of a single, then selling the compilation is the album. They should be trying to do everything they can to make sure the full game is worth our time and money. Not charging us to justify it. Even if the game was decent why would anyone pay 10-15 for a demo. You can get plenty of full games for that. Reply +9
  • Spectral 22/03/2010

    So they basically want us to fund their market research. No thanks Reply +68
  • BioWare: EA helped us "see everything"

  • Spectral 19/03/2010

    True but then the disc version isn't really DLC anymore since you dont download it. Being sold in stores/online retailers the price is driven down the same way normal games are. If they were releasing a disc version I wouldn't mind. Buy DA now, play through it and buy the exp pack when the price drops to sub 20. But being that it is PSN exclusive on the PS3 it is likely to be 32 for a very long time, if it even ever drops at all. Reply +1
  • Spectral 19/03/2010

    By pricing the DLC expansion pack so high they've not only put me off buying that, but DA entirely. I was planning to pick up the PS3 version as soon as I had finished with FF13. But given that DLC hardly ever drops in price on consoles, I'll now be waiting until I upgrade my PC then pick both up on the cheap. Reply +5
  • WOW Battle.net deadline set

  • Spectral 15/10/2009

    I had no problem using firefox Reply 0
  • Microsoft not selling 250GB HDD alone

  • Spectral 16/09/2009

    @Linkified : They are standard 2.5" SATA HDD's in a cheap custom caddy. Reply +4
  • Definition Transition

  • Spectral 07/09/2009


    Thats the single stupidest idea that has been posted on here. Its already been shown that most people don't have an HDTV, why the hell would they make a console over half the target audience can't use? It'd be financial suicide.
    Reply 0
  • Spectral 05/09/2009

    "I didn't realise there was anything wrong with composite cables up until reading this article :S Aren't they better then a scart lead? (non HDTV type person) "

    Composite is the worst connection available today, one step up from RF cables that you needed to tune the TV to use. A RGB scart cable offers a far better picture. It has to be a proper RGB one though, not just one of those adapters that comes in the box, that just does composite through the scart socket. Another common mistake is people often say they using composite when actually they are using component and vice versa(not saying you are). Component is better than scart and is the best connection available for SD sources, it is also capable of HD although VGA or HDMI are better for that in most cases.

    As for them taking the cables out of the box, its stupid. Had they never included them then fair enough, buying an HDMI cable from ebay is easy and cheap. However it is more the perception that now you're getting less than they previously offered that could hurt them. The same applies to the arcade model, raising the price yet removing the arcade games means you're paying more and getting less than people who bought the same thing a month ago. That wont sit well with most people.
    Reply +13
  • Sony wants you for reality PSN series

  • Spectral 05/09/2009

    People aren't saying it's not important, they're saying it's a crap job, doubly so as a "prize". Reply +3
  • PEGI becomes UK standard for games

  • Spectral 16/06/2009

    I'm all for this. People will just have to learn what the new symbols mean, it's hardly rocket science. Putting an end to the blatant bias the BBFC had when rating games can only be a good thing too. Reply 0
  • Free Realms

  • Spectral 27/05/2009

    The reason is its a nice relaxing diversion from the more serious games. I just got out of the tutorial, seems really nice so far. I have to admit it was the card game that got me interested, looking forward to trying that out. Reply +1
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. free on GameTap

  • Spectral 19/05/2009

    Does anyone know once you've signed up and downloaded how long they remain playable for free for? Kind of tempted by Deus Ex since I've never played it( I know, I know). But not sure when I'll get round to it. If this can expire I may just pick it up on steam for 5.99. Reply 0
  • Zeno Clash

  • Spectral 23/04/2009

    Looks good although I think I'll be waiting for the inevitable 75% off weekend. Reply 0