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  • The Trader's Dilemma

  • Spanner 29/11/2008

    Great article, and it really highlights the way game companies feel about the consumer. They have some strange notion that we owe them a living - most other industries accept that they have to provide a great product at an affordable price to make their money, yet the games industry seems content to release a great deal of inferior products then whine when we grow too suspicious of the quality of their games and choose the cheaper option. The consumer is broke, too, and can't afford the kind of principles that game companies seem to think we're obliged to have.

    A pretty close comparison can be drawn to the housing market. If builders demanded that we always buy new - directly from them - the housing industry would be too impractical to work. Estate agents don't pass profits back to the original builder of the house when it's sold and resold over and over again, and why should they? Does everyone who works in game development buy a brand new house or car every time, just to help support those failing industries? Should we close down libraries so everyone supports the original authors properly and buys a new brand new book every time?

    It's alright the games industry passing the blame to retailers and consumers for their losses, but the solution is a simple one - make great and affordable products and people will buy them. But that would take effort and integrity on their part, and they'd rather cry the poor tale and demand the consumer carries on buying fuel for their gravy train instead. If they took a look at the music industry, game companies might catch a glimpse of their future so long as they maintain the listless attitude they have right now.
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  • The Tao of Beat-'em-ups

  • Spanner 12/02/2008

    @macmurphy: The Ninja Warriors was a great game - the arcade machine (for no real reason) used three high-res monitors. Ultra widescreen! It looked sweet, and it was another of the reinventions of the Kung Fu Master premise as mentioned in the article. it was kinda slow, but it was a great game. The cyborg hunchbacks were wicked.

    @Nylkran, Ranger101 & macmurphy: Yes. Bad Dudes was a man's game. For the manliest of men. It totally ruled. Especially the level on the back of the moving lorry. Well 'ard, dudes. Well 'ard.

    @Everyone & their sister: Dynamite SUX!Get off my elevator!
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  • Spanner 12/02/2008

    @FabricatedLunatic: You HAVE to play it! It's so awesome it makes me want to... I dunno. Go out onto the streets and rampage, or something. Also, there's an Xbox port of SORR in the works, which will be even more super-mega-awesome!
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  • Art of Fighting Anthology

  • Spanner 07/02/2008

    @DDevil: I certainly am doing. In fact, I had a few beers and then went back to beat her up. I lost the fight repeatedly, but I think I proved my point.

    @ HyperShadow: That's a really good point. Considering how much it would have cost to buy these three games when they were new makes it an extra special hyper-bargain. For the money it would have cost to get these for the Neo Geo, you could have bought a PS3 WITH a game, and still have enough cash left over to buy a packet of Rolos.
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  • Spanner 07/02/2008

    @DDevil: Really?! Thank Christ. That's kind of relief, if you know what I mean. I can be all man again :-D Reply 0
  • Metal Slug 3

  • Spanner 06/01/2008

    Tidus: " hoping this will be the free arcade game they offer for their recent diabolical Xbox Live service"

    Now that would be a VERY tasty little sausage in XBL's distincly vegetarian Christmas show. I hadn't thought of that!
    I've already got it, but that would indeed be a top gesture and would earn forgivness for sure. Good point well made.
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  • The Eurogamer Xmas game!

  • Spanner 20/12/2007

    It's a great feeling knowing you can die and your legacy will live on in a Speccy game. I'm gonna stop wearing seat belts, start taking cocaine and learn to break dance now I'm a Speccy character!
    Sweet work, Jonathon!

    @ Blerk: Can the Speccy handle big enough sprites for a nude patch?
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  • Asteroids & Asteroids Deluxe

  • Spanner 29/11/2007

    BBIAJ: I was still at the off-license then, buying a few cans of... breakfast ;-) Reply 0
  • Spanner 28/11/2007

    My mistake - it's been corrected. Apologies to Atari. Reply 0
  • Spanner 28/11/2007

    Spanner's my real name, yeah. It's pretty unusual (I was told there's a well-known rugby player with the same name, but I don't know anything about sport (other than Speedball)), but at least no one ever forgets it.
    I've already heard that joke you just thought of, by the way ;-)
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  • Spanner 28/11/2007

    Cheers :-)
    Yeah - played it until about half ten, then scribbled out my abusive nonsense. Never want to see another asteroid as long as I live ;-) Unless I'm killed by a falling metiorite - that'd be a cool epitaph.
    A Blasteroid, on the other hand...
    Maybe we should start a petition for a Blasteroid port to XBLA? WHO'S WITH ME!!
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  • Spanner 28/11/2007

    I was sat waiting on XBLA at 9AM like a sad little fan boy geek-o-matic :-) Reply 0
  • Fantasy World Dizzy

  • Spanner 20/11/2007

    @FerrisBueller: It most definately would. Yahtzee rules (I frikkin' LOVE Zero Punctuation), but the lame wad said it was best on the C64?! Eh?! As we all know, the Speccy was best, especially when it came to Dizzy games (back me up sabreman, SirClive and Paz - Krudster, get back in your corner).
    That's why he was shackled and sent to Australia...
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  • Spanner 19/11/2007

    @Smelly: No, as Philip mentioned toward the end of the interview, there's no Dizzy in the works at the moment, although the idea certainly seems to be a possibility when the timing's right.
    However, this kind of article is (all being well) going to become commonplace on Eurogamer: Retro. Sabreman and his horde of writers have tonnes of contacts reaching into the distant gaming past, so there should be some great stuff appearing soon.
    If there's any games you particularly want to learn about the history of, and perhaps hear a few words from the guys who made them, why not go over to the Retro section of EG's forum and let us know? We'd love to hear what you guys like.
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  • Broadening the Spectrum

  • Spanner 06/11/2007

    The Interface II was a well exciting piece of kit that went down the pan due to bad marketing and no third party support (a tale as old as time). Imagine what the Speccy could have done if the Interface II'd been given the proper push (and proper memory access - with that it could've had massive games)?
    It could have taken on the consoles, with the added benefit of also being a computer.
    I guess it's easy to see this stuff in retrospect, but Clive could have ruled the world, with Bill Gates as his short skirted secretary if this had been done right. Almost, anyway.
    Things could have been very different, and they almost were.
    So many almosts......
    Nice work, Mart! :D
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  • The Coin-Op Generation

  • Spanner 02/11/2007

    Thanks for the positive comments. In truth, it was easy to write - I'm very passionate about the arcades, and 58-84% of any depression I feel (depending on the time of year) is directly related to the loss of the arcades.

    I like the idea about folk posting up any top arcade finds they come across - particularly old machines. Double Dragon, for instance. That was so great, I think I'm gonna go for a quiet cry somewhere...
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  • The Top 50 Retro Arcade Games

  • Spanner 29/10/2007

    I think it also shows how the arcades have moved backwards, too. Although it goes against the established cliché, arcades might have "quality" these days (though I guess that's kinda debatable), but they're really lacking in "quantity".
    Just remember what it was like when the arcades were bustling, and there was enough raster light to blind you and so many flickering screens that seizures and strokes were an acceptable hazard.
    Ah, I miss the arcades. So badly. It breaks my heart every time I go to Coral Island these days - it's empty to me...
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  • The Top 50 Spectrum Games Of All Time.

  • Spanner 29/10/2007

    It's the clicky-blipy-chirpy sound effects that tug my heart strings more than the music. That and the colour cycling effect that used to crop up at some occasion in most every game.
    It's funny, too, how the attribute clash - that used to be such a freakin' annoyance and embarrassment to the Speccy owner - is now so kitsch and actually looks great. I miss seeing it!
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  • ZX Spectrum Classics

  • Spanner 26/10/2007

    I'd like to be the first person to mention that the Speccy was better than the C64.
    I suspect it's a topic that'll crop up from time to time.
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  • Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

  • Spanner 17/10/2007

    Did you know the original "Ice cream! Ice cream!" sample from Speedball 2 was the voice of the late great Richard Joseph?
    Haven't played the XBLA version yet. Is it still in there?
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