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  • Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker review

  • SpaceMonkey77 24/12/2014


    Glad you are having fun. While I see that this game is cool enough (perhaps a little short as some have said), I think most of the games industry has moved on without Nintendo for the better. Had everyone waited we'd be years behind in every way.

    The games industry would still exist without them. However, it doesn't need them as much as it once did, even with all they might bring to games.

    Enjoy Cpt Toad, anyway.
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  • Editor's blog: Merry Christmas!

  • SpaceMonkey77 24/12/2014

    Merry xmas everyone and happier new year.

    Like any year, it had highs and lows, but nothing is ever a perfect ride. GotY stuff I'm not so much about, as its hard to pick one game from the many that come out in a year. Better to just say what you played and liked most.

    Anyway, peace people.
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  • Final Fantasy 15 reveals first female version of mechanic Cid

  • SpaceMonkey77 23/12/2014


    I find that for a decent performance, gestures/mannerisms should match voice to round a good model capture acting. The Uncharted series is great at it, but some other games not so much, jrpgs especially. Maybe that's why you find the voice grating.

    There's a break in that scene that guys wouldn't act like that, when running into a well endowed girl. But enough of my being picky at a Square meal, still being cooked. Tis a game after all.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 23/12/2014

    Oh dear, this is getting on that slippy slope. The game has equality chestage, so that's an improvement for a jrpg.

    FFX-2 was a world away and nice for its time. Overall, IMO, FF doesn't need fan service to sell it, but some might differ on that.

    Haven't seen the full game anyway so will hold horses. Still looks cool and hope it brings me back to the series.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 22/12/2014


    Yeah, its clear that practicality goes out the window when designing FF characters. they just go nuts with next to no editor to reign them in and because of potential cosplay.

    Its probably based in the future where there's no more oil left, and the chances of fem Cid being smeared in car oil are few, so mechanics all wear bikinis and heels. If the BFFBs stay long enough with mouth aghast at breasts, she'll do the complimentary bikini car wash of their convertible....for coin of course.

    Raiden will soon be making a guest appearance in his mankini, while fixing a car.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 22/12/2014

    Its pretty game full of pretty things, besides the j-pop bishi-boys and the chesty girls. Lets hope Cid has some personality along with the cleavage order, and hopefully not a squeaky voice.

    I guess Japan is a little breast overkill (and yet no more than the Sun/Mirror), because ample female breasts are a rare thing in their culture, hence the exaggerated examples in some games. I do find that most of the times, japanese games don't get breasts right anyway as a larger chest can mean more back trouble.

    Anyway, something for everyone and that's rare for a japanese game. Now we need some average/ugly characters.

    Stay tuned for more on Backstreet FF Boys.
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  • Castlevania's Vampire Killer beats

  • SpaceMonkey77 22/12/2014

    Can agree on SCIV being great. Think it was around the SNES/MD era I realized how good games could be, not only in terms of challenging game play and fun, but also for the art and music that helped mold them. SCIV OST was near impossible to find in print, but for some reason the rock versions were always plentiful.

    Playing through SCIV was (and still is) a joy and shows a time when Konami were really strong in tapping that SNES tech. Sound wise, I think that post SCIV, only PS1/Saturn Symphony of the Night, and the GB, GBA and DS versions of the series are the ones that really excelled via their awesome soundtracks and overall fun game play.

    Next to SNES stable mate, Actraiser (great for sound from Y Koshiro), SCIV is awesome still. Love the soothing ending theme for SCIV, that makes the horde fighting battles all worth it.

    Special mentions for Aria of Sorrow, Harmony of Dissonance, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Eclessia, which I found were on par with/topped what SNES had done with SCIV and SotN on PS1. Check them out.
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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • SpaceMonkey77 22/12/2014

    Glad its worth our time. Not played Elite before, so this will be a zero-g treat, and not the type that escapes from your ships fridge, because you forgot about it. Reply 0
  • CVG to close

  • SpaceMonkey77 22/12/2014

    A pity. RIP.

    Began really reading games mags with Mean Machines via friend and was amazed at all the cool stuff out in the world that we were missing. When Mean Machines folded, CVG became a go to mag for me, next to Edge and Super Play. Had some good times with CVG over the years, but everything must end I guess.

    Hopefully, the website will remain and survive its lack of print copy. And if not, they've had a good 24 year run.

    Now, sleep.

    Future don't seem to be handling the slow demise of print well, but I guess its the sign of the times. At least we still have Edge, anyway.
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  • Student-made Ukip parody game upsets Nigel Farage

  • SpaceMonkey77 22/12/2014

    I guess Nth Korea have someone else to chuckle at.

    Well done, game devs.
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  • Patrice Désilets is making a "third-person historical-action-survival game"

  • SpaceMonkey77 21/12/2014

    Good for him after all his Ubi-grief. Will look forward to what he has planned in 2015. Reply +1
  • Xbox One vs PlayStation 4: Year One

  • SpaceMonkey77 21/12/2014

    Guess we'll have to wait for the end of year two. Lack of games still plagues this gen, that its still too early to tell. I do find that many gamers are reluctant to jump for either console and it'll take some good games to sway them, myself included.

    The SFV coup has me wanting a PS4, but now I'm not so sure, as its only so different from SFIV. Xbone is high on my list, though. Still liking PC more as an all rounder, where I miss less games, or so I tell myself. I still think its best to get both consoles if you can manage it, mind.

    Ah, exclusives, how I love and dislike you equally.
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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • SpaceMonkey77 17/12/2014


    Very unlikely that day will ever come, especially since the game is a PC one, and developed in Poland, not the U.S.

    That's why the PC will always be king for games. Make what you want to make and share it with others to enjoy. This mentality is beating much traditional stuff into the dirt.

    With games now bigger than films and younger, restrictions would be artificial at best and virtually unenforceable at worst.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 17/12/2014


    Hey, I heard about that ridiculous porn stuff too. It makes no sense at all, but some busy bodies, who probably don't even indulge in UK porn, thought otherwise. Signs of the madness of kings returning, no doubt.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 17/12/2014

    Well, thanks for seeing sense, Valve and Gabe. Its very human to make mistakes sometimes, but I'm sure those people who voted for it, can now buy it through your awesome service.

    Now we can all calm down, continue buying and playing games and having fun.

    Merry xmas to you all.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 16/12/2014


    Well said. CoD gets a pass because its from the largest games publisher (kerching), even after No Russian. While a military shooter, it still has loads of killing and death in various ways, while having a cliched story that might as well not be there (IMO. Nowhere in CoD does it allow for negotiating, just run and gunning.

    Do a shooter as a small dev and its somehow a problem, even though in isometric 3D (a viewpoint very few games use these days). The trailer doesn't tell all about the game, so everyone should hold their prejudgment until its out and playable from start to finish.

    Then and only then should you judge it fairly.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 16/12/2014


    We'll leave some of those other weirder games to other nations alone. Less of the simulator, sir, as that's just weird non gamer speak/label.

    Games covering those more sensitive issues would be another thing entirely, though. Leave that stuff to future games.

    Censorship ain't good, though. Neither are bans, but each to their own, shops included I guess.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 16/12/2014

    Those stats from the games stint on Steam. Interesting stuff for an isometric action game

    Its possible that without Steam it might yet sell.

    As for the stuff currently in the news, games have nothing to do with any of that. That stuff is all down to religion and differing points of view. This is why I stay away from religious stuff, as its now down to extreme nutters with guns blazing at those who aren't members of their chosen club, to push their nuts agenda. Not going too deep there anyway, as its so damn awful and depressing.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 15/12/2014


    Not every game need be compelling, friend. There are plenty of shallow games out there that we enjoy. Serious Sam I find kinda lame, but some people eat it up, as fps games aren't made like that anymore.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 15/12/2014


    You give good perspective to us. Got no time for religious ideological nut bars, thanks, while I can agree that much of what's going on in the world today has its roots in bad geo-politics and other stuff of greater nations sticky hands. No sticky hands and fingers, and there'd be no ISIS. Go do your history, but enough about that.

    Virtual violence nurturing anything is debatable. Many of us know we are playing games and switch that fact off with our systems and walk away fine (regardless of what so called experts, many who don't even play games say). What is fact is that we are a violent, destructive species by nature, and not acknowledging that and not giving us an outlet for it is a dangerous thing.

    Some like hunting, fishing and sports, some of us choose games and other stuff.

    Always remember, even if art or not, whatever you play and not in a belittling way, its still just a game.

    Steam, love your service but double standards isn't your thing, doesn't suit you.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 15/12/2014


    Can you prove that? Anyone know for sure?


    Yeah, I heard you but tuned out when you said that the games 'appears' to be this and that.

    Admit that you haven't played it and don't know 100% for sure whats in the game, and we can finish up here.

    Meanwhile, many will just continue playing CoD (one of the most popular games), ignoring their killing of ones and zeroes. And recently Nazi alt history killing.

    Is Valve going to remove Wolfenstein and CoD? I think not and there the hypocrisy is laid bare.

    Again, its all (to a point) or nothing for games, via Steam or not. I don't agree with Steam on this one, but they will make their own decisions, for good or ill.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 15/12/2014


    Hypervetilating, lol. You are funny. Take a chill pill, sir.

    Where's the problem with Hatred? Go on, do tell as you've obviously played it start to finish, right?

    No, from the games industry that has links with the gun lobby etc, for games like BF and CoD, and to those who purchased Shadow Complex, but looked the other way regarding Orson Scott Cards views.

    Forget about those easily, did you? Saints and sinners all of them, no?

    Whether you consider games a form of art or not (I'd say they are to a degree), they do not have to please everyone on the planet (just like GTA.

    Yeah, nicer job, bro. Never mind, plenty of other shooter games on Steam, that Valve have taken money from.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 15/12/2014

    I'm a big Steam fan and was glad this game was chosen by Greenlight (as all games deserve a chance to do their thing), but now we get a steaming pile of crappy double standard hypocrisy stuff. I was here to defend GTA previously, and stand by their right to make and sell what they want to.

    If the gamers voted for this game for Greenlight, and Steam remove it because 'controversy', they've just totally undermined gamers and their very Steam voting system. It now serves no purpose if gamers votes mean naught and can be side stepped. And on top of that, this game is an indie effort.

    Perhaps games like this need their own space to sell, and failing that just hit up Kickstarter or Patreon. Like many games I've played over 30 years, I'd give this a go, without jumping to assumptions and conclusions etc, when NONE OF US, have played the finished copy of Hatred.

    Just like Target and Kmart, Steam's loss is someone else's gain.
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  • Grand Theft Auto Online Heists in early 2015

  • SpaceMonkey77 16/12/2014

    Time taken, but hopefully will be worth it. Reply +2
  • Rich Stanton on: GTA's growing pains

  • SpaceMonkey77 13/12/2014


    Okay, that's cool. There's always room for improvement with any piece of work.


    I can certainly agree that South Park does its satire better (remember when parents were warning their kids off of it and now they don't care as much), but that clearly shows the strength of a passive medium like film/tv, and also the better writing of the South Park team. They are very lucky to not have the multiple things that form into a game (and work properly) to worry about, as a game like GTA might have.

    Most writers are too busy doing their own works, to bother with games, unless playing them, perhaps.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 13/12/2014


    I don't think that's really true. Games are still a young medium, so its asking a lot to expect the writing in them to be Oscar winning stuff, when compared to aged mediums of film and books, that have had plenty of time too grow, bend and mature.

    Go to your game collection and ask yourself if you've ever enjoyed a game's story. I do feel that they should look at getting some other writing talents in, mind. Rihanna Pratchett writes and may have some understanding of games, but not every writer is.

    Overall, i'm glad that GTA exists. I feel that society striving to live in a utopia of perfection is very jaded. Some want to rub out or hide the human imperfections of life, while giving others a pass and that's not right.

    Priesting and prostitution are the oldest professions in the world, and to have neither in games, because it makes some feel uncomfortable, would certainly make them lesser. So, the day they decide to ban/burn GTA, makes sure all those copies of From Hell (about Jack the Ripper and his heinous acts against prostitutes) go on the fire too.

    Do we want games to be all they can and want to be, or not? I'm afraid that graphics tech drives computers to do more. I'd rather have games be more (cartoony to realism and back)than less, but Rome wasn't built in a day.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 13/12/2014

    Seems that while Saints Row went with a more bat shit approach to open world, GTA is stuck between wanting to be satire while also telling a good compelling tale for players. GTAIV marked a change for the series, and its been tipping that way since. The Liberty City stories also added more.

    At the end of the day, GTA is what it is. Some of us can wave hands in the air forever, but its still ultimately Rockstars game.

    With regards to the sex in the game, while i'm sure it might seem awkward, I expect the Hot Coffee fiasco last time might have pushed Rockstar to not make it playable, while it could probably be technically. I do agree that more could be done with the world and its characters, to raise the series higher, but that's up to them to decide.

    High sales they are enjoying, but I hope that GTA ruffling feathers can make them think of how to make things better.
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  • Video: Why you might not want to pre-order The Order

  • SpaceMonkey77 13/12/2014

    I'm just gonna say that its best to wait until its actually out. Playing it then is the true test.

    Carry on.
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  • Apple required Papers, Please to censor its nudity

  • SpaceMonkey77 12/12/2014

    Applebot, thank you for your co-operation.

    Will check out on Steam or iOS.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 12/12/2014


    Yeah, true, but I guess that's only a matter of time. Papers Please is still an indie game, so they'll try to sell it across as many formats as possible. Perfectly understandable.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 12/12/2014


    Tis a pity that Apple won't push the lose rating system. Anything that might raise ire of the sensitive mark with a mature or an explicit label and be done with it. All others without such are open to everyone.

    Don't think its right for Apple to do this, and its exactly why more devs will eventually flock to PC or Android. Let people make what they want to make and don't get in the way, thanks.
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  • Final Fantasy Type-0 is your only way of getting the Final Fantasy 15 demo

  • SpaceMonkey77 12/12/2014

    It seems that Square have forgotten or misplaced the concept of how a demo should work, to help make sales of a new game.

    Bundling it with FF:T Zero might seem like nice idea to them, but that's a dumb idea to us gamers. This isn't the 90's where a demo disc needed to be cut and sent out, tis the 21 century, where you do your demo and put it online for gamers to check out. Do not make it more difficult for gamers, because some devs tend to overvalue their work. Their 'precious' is just a created thing without gamers to buy and love it.

    I just don't get them and their mindset, and yet in 2015, they'll be moaning about their poor sales numbers, I bet.

    I've so fallen out of love with this series. If you want me back, please don't be dumb about it.
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  • Syndicate spiritual successor Satellite Reign launches on Steam Early Access

  • SpaceMonkey77 12/12/2014

    I didn't play the last Syndicate fps or the original, but I might check this out. It has a nice sci-fi vibe to it. Reply +2
  • Take-Two president criticises Target and Kmart over removing GTA5 in Australia

  • SpaceMonkey77 09/12/2014

    Good of him to come out against this Target stuff. Their loss is other sellers gain, so forget those who complained.


    The Dragon Age ban was covered here actually. We didn't agree with that either, but that's some other nations for you. Can't win them all.
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  • Square Enix confirms Microsoft will publish Rise of the Tomb Raider

  • SpaceMonkey77 09/12/2014


    Having all consoles is the best way to be as a gamer, for the best scope of games. Harsh reality is not everyone can do that, when other more important things beckon in life.

    This again feed much fanboyism.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 09/12/2014


    You could be onto something. I recall Square were upset by TR sales being 3.6 million after their Eidos buyout. I think that Square are having trouble adjusting to the market forces, where big games aren't making as much money as they once did. Their financial mindset is perhaps still set in the past, and that's why they expected mega sales. The truth of TR is that there have been a few games in that series, and like FF series, its an old IP that needed that reboot to gain interest again. Maybe Square are still trying to recover all that money they lost, when they decided to make The Spirits Within. Go figure.

    Overall, like I said on the SF post, I'm not liking where this is going, if this happens to more games. Sure, it might be a good deal for those shaking hands and huge sums of money. Gamers need to experience as many different games as possible, and its hard enough to do that, let alone have exclusive games gain more ground and divide us.

    However, I will still try to check out both SFV and RoTR, where possible.
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  • Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

  • SpaceMonkey77 09/12/2014

    There's no need to be angry etc. Just remember, everyone, the next time Namco want to know what you want in a Tekken game, don't reply. Your view doesn't count so yeah...ok.

    Guess there'll be no reviews of Tekken 7, either, just in case they might not be nice.

    Anyway, as you were. And like I said, it's their game, so whatever. I wouldn't dream of censoring them, we just wanted to know the decision to make and include Chloe. If that's too much to ask, then don't answer and let the game do the talking.

    On top of that, some might spin the entitled bit, but fail to ask 'why is such a person asking about this character? Could be from a gamer angle or a creative one, so don't be too quick to judge others, when you don't know why they are asking about Chloe.

    T7, its surely still coming to Xbone, anyway. ^ ^
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  • SpaceMonkey77 09/12/2014

    Everyone has their view and even he is entitled to his (nice of him to reply. Would one character stop me from getting Tekken 7? No, as there's plenty of others to select.

    What I think some might find an issue, is the overselling of cute pandering characters in some japanese games and other media. Yeah, cute japan and all that but it get tired and sometimes needs a break, as its not for everyone. Its his work, so him and his team will do what they see fits it.

    Anyway, moving on, any news of Tekken vs Street Fighter or is it cancelled yet?
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  • Xbox boss points to Killer Instinct in response to Sony's Street Fighter 5 deal

  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014


    Where did I say 'cross platform play is going to be bad on PS4?' Sorry, never said that, because I know that's not likely to be true. (not sure if you were trying to quote me)

    Cross platform gaming was always gonna happen at some point, but the powers that be (MS in this case) fear it, rather than embrace it and deal with it. MS have giant fear of Xbox being compromised again and having a connection to PC might aid that, in their paranoid eyes. That's sad, as cross platform play could be a big boon for games, and could (IMO) ensure that many gamers don't sell their games as much, if done right.

    I think that your fear of cheating on PC is blown out of proportion. Most gamers get their PC games through Steam these days. As a result of Steam, any cheaters etc get feedback reports and are quickly dealt with. On top of that SF is such a quick skill based game, that few will bother cheating on it. You'll find that because of tournies and the arcade, each SF players skills will speak for themselves, online or not, home or away. Cheaters can't pull that crap at tournies, so its best if you learn the SF game like everyone else. Pick a character, train, train and train again.

    PS4 is a PC in a Sony box, so it should work okay, if the servers do their thing well and PSN doesn't crash.


    Thanks for reminding me of Blu Rays origins. Forgot it wasn't all completely Sony.

    Getting weary of chatting about this, now. If the SFV exclusive is timed and Capcom can't say, then that's fine (in this case they should wave that to set minds at ease. If its permanent as they claim, that's not good, IMO. Still, while I'm a big SF fan, tis their game I guess, so they can do with it...whatever.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014


    Agree. MS and Sony have no problems working on letting Xbone have Blu Ray as its media this time around, so why on earth is it so impossible for them to work on cross format gaming?

    Rivalry is a fine thing, but when it hurts the customer its not good, and it bothers gamers that they don't seem to care, when Capcom did good out of previous Xbox versions. No one benefits from it except those who like to spit the school boy bragging rights.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014


    That's true and historically, gamers can usually afford one, maybe two consoles, if they are lucky. (Tis good to have an income for such things)

    Another question, do you think its better for gamers to buy and play more games or less games? Deals like this SFV one of permanent exclusivity, shows some perhaps prefer the latter and less money.

    A few exclusive games turns into more games, then 90% of games and before long, there's a market crash, as console sales decline and no one knows what to buy anymore.

    KI gets a pass, because it was a Rare IP that came with their MS purchase. SF is Capcom's baby and has suckled well off gamers for many years. It should stay on all formats not less.

    Timed exclusives, I had issue with before (likw many, but everyone could still get a game later on other formats, even with the ease of digital sales. Exclusives that are permanent is something entirely different, for consoles, unless say Sony/MS had paid funds to help get a game made, IMO. MS have State of Decay, KI and RotT. Nintendo have Bayonetta, Sony havs TLoU, Uncharted, Infamous etc. Most of these games are adventure type games and that's fine.

    Fighting games are a niche genre and need to expand, not decrease.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014

    That's nice for you, but this still begs the big question.

    Why should we all invest in consoles anymore, if some of you are going to fragment the gaming audience, into camps of haves and have nots?

    This kind of stuff is no different than pay to win crap, which again divides gamers into camps. Business is fine and dandy, but without customers you have no business. Try not to bite the hand that feeds.

    Killer Instinct is a fine Xbone game, but its still not a patch on SF, which birthed many gamers in the arcades and on computers and consoles.

    Granted, we don't know enough, but it could be the cross platform play that might have sprung this decision, which MS might not have liked. Still not good, though.

    And if you guys at MS and Sony want to keep pushing this angle, then perhaps, no matter how much I like the games and services on them, game consoles should just fold and die. What's the point anymore? I'll stick with PC that gets most games.
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  • Paul McCartney is a hologram in the music video for Destiny's Hope for the Future

  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014

    Er wait! Is it april fools already? That was quick.

    Really, just who asked for this exactly?

    I'm not even going to watch that, sorry.

    Just when I thought Tekken and its pandering robot and cat girl characters was bad, we get this.
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  • Tekken 7's latest new character is a breakdancing catgirl

  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014


    Well, the fighting game is about punching and kicking other opponents into the dearth. There's only ever so much you can do with that.

    Tekken and SF always been arcade dwellers alongside a computer/console one. However, SF has gone through much more change than Tekken ever has. SF2 to Alpha 1, 2 and 3. The EX series to 3rd Strike and onto SFIV and soon SFV (though it feels too soon for it. All of those games play differently and introduce new fighting, techniques rules etc.

    Tekken has had an increase of characters, graphics and sound, but not that much in its actual gameplay and moves sets. Its biggest thing is going online, IMO.

    I know SF is overall still the better game, anyway.
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  • SpaceMonkey77 08/12/2014

    I think that while SF is progressing, the Tekken team are getting stale on the ideas front. This is another case of trope ticking, like previous versions. Tekken 6's robot girl was another terribly fan servicey character, so I'm not surprised.

    And notice that there's still no mention of Tekken vs Street Fighter, that we were promised ages ago. I guess no one has asked about it in a while.

    Breakdancing yes, but a cat girl character isn't needed. Now move along, nothing to see here.
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  • Street Fighter 5 exclusive to PC and PS4

  • SpaceMonkey77 07/12/2014

    Well, now I've seen the rise of a new kind of madness. Exclusive games that don't appear on other systems, ever. What is this, the bloody 80's?

    WTF, Capcom? This kind of bs stuff is insane and frankly, its gradually tipping me in the mind of just giving up on home consoles, and just sticking with PC.

    Game fan 1:Hey, have you played SFV.

    Game fan 2:No, its only sold in Royston Vasey and only runs on their consoles, for their towns people. Sorry other gamers, you aren't welcome.

    Temp exclusivity is one thing, but this is just worse bs. Very bad move, but a boon for Steam and PC (and me.


    Sorry fella, exclusives are a cancer on consoles. They are an artifact from past gens, that try to make more money while sticking fingers up at gamers. I have always thought its best to buy all consoles for this reason (greater scope of games out there and all), but the reality is not all gamers can afford all consoles, each generation.

    So the big question to Sony, MS (and maybe not so much Nintendo), is why should we all bother buying consoles again at all? We are stung buy over priced games and dlc, games that aren't finished and buggy, and now this exclusive crap.

    And as for the difference with TR and SFV, TR is an adventure game (like DR3), heavily story based, play it one to three times and it goes on your shelf. SF is a fighting game that has a big following (from arcades to consoles) and is widely used in tournaments and has endless play potential )online or not). PS4 owners will still get to play RoTR on their system eventually. For Xbone gamers to not get SFV is frankly disgusting. I've been a big Capcom fan for years and this disappoints greatly. After us all buying their games, its a kick in the teeth.

    If you want more money Capcom, make more product we want. Gamers request a new Dark Stalkers game and you just look at them strangely, saying that based on the selling of it recently on Live/PSN, that we don't want it. This kind of flawed logic is why we haven't had an F-Zero from Nintendo in ages.

    Its also tough to claim you are doing badly this year, Capcom, then restrict your games from all gamers like SFV.

    As for fanboyism, this kind of stuff can be fuel for it.
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  • Zelda Wii U detailed with new developer walkthrough video

  • SpaceMonkey77 07/12/2014

    I can agree with Detox on this one. What you see in Zelda is what should have been possible ages ago on a Nintendo system, had they made a better one. While it does look good, it's nothing that we didn't see like years ago on PC or others consoles.

    Its almost as if Nintendo is caught in some kind of time bubble, where they want to be behind. On top of that, Zelda won't sell in Japan, which is also odd and says something when Dark/Demons Souls does sell there.
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  • PlayStation Experience conference live report

  • SpaceMonkey77 06/12/2014

    I feel his game design mind is stuck in the past. He needs to do something different. His car combat game didn't do so great either. Reply 0
  • SpaceMonkey77 06/12/2014

    Awesome. NMS just awesome. Reply 0
  • SpaceMonkey77 06/12/2014

    MM are okay, but I'd like to see something else from them, than these quirky kiddy games. Reply -1