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  • Editor's blog: I'm leaving Eurogamer later this year

  • SpaceMidget75 09/09/2014

    You know, my mother always used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."


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  • Editor's blog: A brief note about "GamerGate"

  • SpaceMidget75 03/09/2014

    @Crea That is a great quote. I found this one on a feminist blog which I thought was good:

    While one misogynist shouts “cunt”, a critic shouts “You’re ruining this industry”; and if you tell them both they are misogynists, you’re telling the misogynist that his anger is as valuable as the critic’s opinions. Likewise, you’re telling the critic that his intellect is no better than rage. In the end, you discourage critics from speaking, and encourage misogynists to keep up the good work. Stop it.
    Link here
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  • SpaceMidget75 03/09/2014

    @Demeisen Thank you, that's very kind. Reply +2
  • SpaceMidget75 02/09/2014

    @Avaloner It's possible. Given Jennifer Hepler's comments regarding skipping gameplay and just watching cutscenes. Also, ZQ and Christine Love have written games with predominantly more story than gameplay. I certainly won't be making any sweeping statements though as you know how the other mob hate that... ;)

    (In fact if EG's article the other day was "We need more developers like Christine Love" I would have agreed! ...which is strange what with me being a sexist and all.)
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  • SpaceMidget75 02/09/2014

    @repeater Who's disagreeing with the sentiment? Reply +18
  • SpaceMidget75 02/09/2014

    This is my final comment on the whole thing and I appreciate it's not going to go down too well but...

    You don't need a petition with a statement like that because 99% of all people would agree with it.

    You keep making out that THIS is the issue when the real problem has been discussed time and again, in detail, on various blogs and vlogs - nepotism, censorship and the potentially risky practice of given some people more exposure/sales/money/PR because they got threatened by a fucking arsehole somewhere.

    You want to make it an issue of inclusiveness to deflect attention away from any legitimate wrong doing.

    Honestly, not only has the harassment/feminist angle been blown SO out of proportion in this whole thing but it can be shown that harassment and prejudice is actually coming from both sides and by continuing to suggest it's just the gamers (even a minority of them) is PISSING people off.

    Despicable comments and generalisations have been made by both sides INCLUDING THE PEOPLE YOU'VE JUST LINKED TO.

    People want to be able say that they think a game is shit, or why they don't like someone, that people in relationships should be aware of conflicts or interest or even that they think sexism in games is a non-issue (I don't) without the WHOLE argument being boiled down to sexism and some harassment.

    Do some investigative journalism and address issues such as:

    * DMCAs, takedowns and mass deletions of discussion.
    * The 11 "end of gamers" articles that all appeared within 48 hours of each other from separate sites (?)
    * The number of serious threats made, what they were and where they came from.
    * The 'real' TFYC story - the twitter feeds, the audio recordings.
    * The Wizardchan abuse from apparently such nice social liberals because all this harassment is apparently one sided.
    * Phil Fish for losing his shit - because it's funny and may lighten the mood.
    * Supposed professionals calling gamers losers, shitstains, worse than ISIS and the abuse of people like Totalbiscuit, Stephen Williams, Jon Tron for having MY view instead of YOUR view.
    * And ultimately the crux of all this - the relationships (Patreon funding, friendships, job positions, living arrangements, advisory roles and YES, romantic too) between journalists, indies, PR companies, IGF and it's finalists.

    It might, shock horror, actually take 2 or 3 days work.

    ...or you and some commenters here could just accuse us of being sexist and let the whole thing go on for longer than it needs to.
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  • PewDiePie no longer allows comments on his videos

  • SpaceMidget75 03/09/2014

    @BeardedGamerUK 'Gamers' are RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Watch the STEM Pack motion-controller and Oculus recreate Jedi training

  • SpaceMidget75 01/09/2014

    The biggest single problem for Rift isn't Rift itself but all the different control methods - or more specifically - the individual SDKs that each controller has.

    We may end up with a de-facto controller such as the Stem but even then, how many does a game developer have to support in their game? Two hands, two hands and head, two hands and two legs?

    Unless Oculus decide to incorporate controller functions into it's own SDK you're going to end up with a massive problem with game A supporting 1, 2 & 3 and game B supporting 2, 3 & 4.
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  • Why we need more developers like Zoe Quinn

  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @Jonnyoctane Wow. 11 separate articles in 2 days all decrying the end of 'Gamers'. That's a coincidence isn't it?

    There is definitely something fishy going on in mainstream games journalism and for anyone who knows me I'm about as big a cynic as you can get.

    Quite frankly I'm sick of having to read this shit on all these sites and having to decide if what they're saying applies to me or not, when all I really want to do it read about games.

    Is that site you linked any good, because I'm not sure how much more I can stomach?

    Blogs and Vlogs like TotalBicuit seem to be were it's at.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @stryker1121 Hi, I absolutely do think Molyneux would get the same sort of shit (including from me!) as I discussed in a previous comment.

    The difference is he wouldn't have as many defenders of the ilk we see in these cases and loads of journos making articles like this one...therefore keeping the whole thing on a smaller scale.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @stryker1121 Sorry, but I personally don't see it that way. I feel that if all the things that I dislike about ZQ apply to me, then they're likely to apply to others and whilst I appreciate you excluding me from the misogyny it still seems that almost everyone else is included without any evidence to back up the assertion and despite their claims otherwise.

    I see it as follows:

    Someone does thing people don't like.

    A few people troll that person using typical attacks - gender, weight, sexuality etc

    A majority of people criticise the person for valid reasons.

    A whole shitload of people jump to their defense by calling everyone and ism or an ist.

    The genuine critics get frustrated with that way of shutting down debate and some lash out with more angry comments or are more vocal.

    The defenders say, "see, told you you're all --ist"

    The trolls fucking love it and watch the drama.

    The person being criticised never has to answer for any legitimate complaints as they are now a victim of hate from 'everyone'.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    If the article was "We need more people like Peter Molyneux", would you post furious comments about how we certainly don't need more male baldness?
    Haha, good example! There certainly WOULD be loads of comments that the man is full of shit, that by Kickstarting AND putting micro-transactions in Godus that he's a greedy bastard, that he hasn't made a decent game in yonks and we absolutely don't need more people like him. The only difference is that PM has also made some great games in the past rather than one shitty "create you're own adventure".

    And that's all without him doing any of the other crap that ZQ has been accused of.

    Imagine if he'd done all that stuff too?

    There's no doubt he would be getting untold shit in an article saying we need more developers like him shortly after it's revealed he been having an affair with Ellie Gibson, using DMCAs to shut down Youtube vids, pocketing the money for Molyjam and not actually doing it, shitting on depressed virgins and only ever made one game - Curiosity. :)

    One things for sure, those comments wouldn't be because of his gender or sexism.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @Roflcakesale i've removed those 3 letters from my post because you seem to have focused on them so much that you ignored everything else I was saying.

    I've been saying over and over the exact same as you! All sorts of people can get abuse, including Fish - as you said.

    ...the difference is when Fish gets it, its just that some people don't like him. When Quinn get's it, its because of sexism. Now if Quinn was a non-controversial person and still got abuse then, yeah, sexism. But she IS controversial and therefore will get abuse the same as all the others.

    You call it bigotry, I call it abuse.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @TurkishBreakfast I think the evidence people are referring to are screen grabs of chats, tweets, Facebook etc etc. Not just regarding her ex but the male virgins message board, the young capitalists etc. That stuff isn't (very likely) to be faked.

    Now, you're more than entitled to form your own opinion of her as a person based on these. Others HAVE done and consider it to show her as not being that great a person. Does it have anything to do with her game? No, of course not, but as I said, people seem perfectly fine to have opinions on Notch that aren't to do with Minecraft...

    It seems the gaming media want to ignore all of it and assume she is just a victim, and because she is a victim she needs lots of exposure.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @Deepo You mean like when they reviewed DQ - that was released over a year ago?

    Oh wai..

    If it didn't warrant a review then, it certainly doesn't warrant it now the internet has gone into meltdown over the author.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    @Malek86 You're right. And if they hadn't used such a (IMHO) rubbish game and inflammatory figure as the starting point, we WOULD be talking about the content of the article. I guess that's what's peeving some of us. Reply +18
  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    See, it's happening here already. Apparently criticism of her or her game is due to bigotry and sexism. End of. No discussion.

    We form opinions of everyone by what they say & do, and of everyone's work by the quality of it. Whether it be Notch and Minecraft, David Cage and Heavy Rain, Fish and Fez, Blow and Braid, Quinn and DQ etc

    Someone thinking one of them is a wanker (or a hero) based on what that say has NOTHING to do with their sex. You might not share the same opinion, but don't be an arsehole and insult the other person by saying their opinion is because of an ism!

    ...and it's exactly the same if you think one of their games is rubbish or brilliant.
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    ".. we do feel a responsibility to support creators affected by bigotry by shining the spotlight back on their actual work"

    There are so many things wrong with that statement, I think I may have to just close my laptop and walk away...
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  • SpaceMidget75 30/08/2014

    Some thoughts

    1) I've played depression quest and think it's pretty shit.

    2) I also think Godus is pretty shit.

    3) One of those get's me labelled a misogynist.

    4) I think Phil Fish is a dick, Jonathan Blow comes across as a bit of a knob and Peter Molyneux is annoying.

    5) I think Zoe Quinn is also a (insert not sexiualised insult here).

    6) One of those get's me labelled a misogynist.

    7) Given what I think about the game I think it's had far more exposure than it deserves.

    8) This headline affirms that belief.

    9) I don't say any of this because she's a women.

    10) There are some dicks on the internet who give death threats to anyone who's name is known. I'm sure Phil has had his fair share. He's not a woman.

    11) Accusing anyone who doesn't like ZQ or DQ as one of those dicks, shuts down all debate. This makes people REALLY frustrated/angry which causes more abuse...

    12) The circle is complete.

    13) I really don't like Zoe Quinn and it STILL isn't because she's a woman.

    14) I wonder how much research is done before using her for a headline.

    15) There IS a question of journalist integrity at the moment. None of it will be discussed.

    16) I don't believe any of the above to be an unreasonable stance whether you agree or not.

    17) Implying I typed all this because I hate her as a women or because I hate women, will make me mad/upset/frustrated.
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  • Blizzard hires Hearthstone pro to help design the game

  • SpaceMidget75 29/08/2014

    I wonder if him keeping the job will be based on RNG....

    (Great game btw)
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  • Is there more to Quantum Break than run-of-the-mill third-person shooting?

  • SpaceMidget75 20/08/2014

    I think the preview is overly harsh of the combat.

    I don't see this doing combat any worse than Uncharted, TLOU or TombRaider*. In fact, at least this has a time mechanic to mix things up a bit, which if it's anything like Max Payne or indeed the torches in Alan Wake will help a lot in separating it from the pack. What are you comparing it against?

    The whole TV thing - THAT I'm not sure about.

    * TLOU is one of my fav games ever and TR one of my fav games from last gen...
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  • Star Citizen races past $50m mark after selling new space ships

  • SpaceMidget75 18/08/2014

    No wonder the world's economy collapsed when there are people out there willing to spend $150 on a spaceship, for a game they've already bought, that isn't even out yet.... Reply +54
  • New full-size Lego Minecraft range revealed

  • SpaceMidget75 18/08/2014

    If they can't even put a Minecraft texture on the brown and grey bricks then they've failed massively. Reply +8
  • It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again

  • SpaceMidget75 13/08/2014

    I'm pretty sure this is a case of the catweagle AI not reaching the level required by the game concept and what Ueda wanted from the level design.

    We could see from the early trailers what they are trying to achieve and it's frankly fucking difficult. Whistling for a horse or dragging a character by the hand are simple in comparison.

    Games like Papo & Yo used hotspots & fruit as controls and even the likes of The Last of Us couldn't get it 100%.

    Catweagle needs to know when to help and what to do to help.
    And the sheer size of him complicates things further!

    I'm still looking forward to this and hope they've got it sorted. Just wish they'd show us something.
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  • Hyrule Warriors had designs for a female Link

  • SpaceMidget75 13/08/2014

    No one gave two shits about Link being male and Zelda not having a female option.

    Now that Nintendo thought about, and subsequently canned the idea though...
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  • Microsoft confirms Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox exclusivity deal "has a duration"

  • SpaceMidget75 13/08/2014

    I still wouldn't bank on this coming 6 or even 12 months later. As he says, they didn't buy the TR brand so there has to be a time limit somewhere in the contract even if it's 10 years.

    Still don't agree with it though.
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  • Microsoft's Gamescom 2014 briefing

  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    Rollercoaster Terrorist Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    Exclusive? Timed surely? Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    Who the fuck cheers a bundle. Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    Somehow I get the feeling that drones and homing nades would render 'people with guns' a bit pointless in the future... Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    COD - Where even you crashing a car is scripted. Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    "OK guys, people don't like the term 'timed exclusive' anymore. We need to think of another term....." Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    He looks like David Cross Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    Jesus, I might actually switch off... Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    I couldn't think of anything more boring than talking about a FIFA game in a games conference. Reply 0
  • FMV cult classic Night Trap launches Kickstarter for HD remaster

  • SpaceMidget75 12/08/2014

    No mention of it staring Dana Plato from Different Strokes or the fact she's dead? Reply +1
  • UK game publisher Mastertronic suffers layoffs

  • SpaceMidget75 31/07/2014

    @Some_Goats Ha. Looking at the post rating it seems you're not the only one. ;) Reply +2
  • SpaceMidget75 31/07/2014

    You're not gonna make a profit selling games at £1.99.... Reply +6
  • The Last of Us director reveals secret deleted epilogue scene

  • SpaceMidget75 29/07/2014

    "Neil said that this will never ever be released, and asked that no one film it,"
    It might be one of the best games I've ever played but it is still just a game. No need to be a dick about it. Let fans see it.
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  • Rust dev angers fans by announcing new prototype Riftlight

  • SpaceMidget75 28/07/2014

    To purchasers or Early Access and Kickstarter:

    If you're the sort of person who get's angry about things like this, can I respectfully suggest that you don't buy Early Access or Kickstarter games?

    I criticise certain aspects of Early Access and Kickstarter a lot, and for that reason I don't use them. Plenty of other games to play. I loved Day Z mod, but refused to buy the Early Access because I had a bad feeling about the development timeline.

    As for Garry having other developers working on other prototypes, I'd back him up on this. You can't simply just chuck more developers at project and hope to speed it up. It just doesn't work that way.

    The time it takes them to familiarise with the project, find something to work on that doesn't conflict with others, and have someone manage those first two things can potentially negate the extra man-hours you've got.
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  • Microsoft shows interest in eye-tracking visor FOVE

  • SpaceMidget75 25/07/2014

    But its most obvious application is for gaming
    Similar to Kinect (although actually even worse) this is another niche control mechanism with limited gaming use.

    I don't want to shoot with my eyes.

    The fact that you have to wear a headset for it makes it even more pointless.

    However, coupled with VR to fine tune what the screen displays would me a more practical use of this technology.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Nvidia Shield Tablet

  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    @toy_brain Thanks for that. I'll take a look.
    I find the amount of games on the store that fall into the categories I mentioned really disheartening.

    It makes it really difficult to find the good stuff. The ratings don't help and sites like EG don't take the platform seriously either.

    I find the fact that EG review more Android HARDWARE than they do software quite laughable to be honest...
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  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    Anything that doesn't have micro-transactions, that isn't a pseudo-city builder like Simpsons Tapped out, that doesn't have poorly thought out controls due to only having a touchscreen and finally, anything that barely justifies the term 'game' like flappy bird or paper toss.

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  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    I still struggle to find decent games on Android that match up to the likes of the home and handheld consoles. Anyone know where to look? Reply 0
  • Yogventures dev to "dissolve" following Yogscast-backed project failure

  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    If you pay someone to do something and they don't do it, you can sue them. What's all this bullshit about a contract letting him do it. Reply +6
  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    @Roddles Now I know why my parents hated Timmy Mallet when I was a kid.

    What a pair of annoying tits.
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  • Google Play removing "free" label for F2P games with in-app purchases

  • SpaceMidget75 21/07/2014

    The decision makers at Google only had to do 2 things:

    1) Replace "Free" with "In App Purchases" or "IAP".
    2) Leave games that are truly free as "Free".

    How did they manage to fuck that up?
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  • You've got male

  • SpaceMidget75 20/07/2014

    @Discalceaterabbit @manic_mouse Well when confronted with lists like these you often find they shift the argument to just the AAA titles, as the lack of diversity in games overall is clearly bollocks. ;)

    If it is just AAA titles (clue - it is) then it's really not the massive issue they'd like to make out, and given the larger proportion of male gamers in the home console/PC market that makes it even LESS of a concern.
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  • SpaceMidget75 20/07/2014

    @Vorlan Think you've got a bit of a cheek calling Discalceaterabbit a liar just because his list doesn't suit your case...

    Here's mine:

    Ni No Kuni - Mixed Team.
    Last of Us - Male and Female.
    FTL - Mixed Team.
    Monaco - ?
    Thomas was alone - A fucking Square.
    Bioshock Infinite - Tough guy with major female NPC.
    HearthStone - lol.
    TF2 - Yep, but how old is it now? And I wouldn't be averse to there being female versions of all the classes.

    Does that look like a list I've made up to prove a point? I'm sure my steam library is available to view or I could screenshot my desktop?

    Bringing up the stereotyped male tough guy in a white t-shirt as these articles often do is just bullshit and not even close to being the majority of games out there. You could give us you honest list of games you've played recently if you think we're wrong...

    I suspect it will also be full of diversity.
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  • SpaceMidget75 19/07/2014

    @VibratingDonkey Just explaining away these articles with numbers hides certain things...

    I could use the same excuse when people complained about the amount of Peter Molyneux articles at one point...

    SURE, the PM articles were such a small part of all the articles etc etc...trouble was when you compared the amount of PM articles to ones from other developers.
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