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  • Microsoft shows interest in eye-tracking visor FOVE

  • SpaceMidget75 25/07/2014

    But its most obvious application is for gaming
    Similar to Kinect (although actually even worse) this is another niche control mechanism with limited gaming use.

    I don't want to shoot with my eyes.

    The fact that you have to wear a headset for it makes it even more pointless.

    However, coupled with VR to fine tune what the screen displays would me a more practical use of this technology.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Nvidia Shield Tablet

  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    @toy_brain Thanks for that. I'll take a look.
    I find the amount of games on the store that fall into the categories I mentioned really disheartening.

    It makes it really difficult to find the good stuff. The ratings don't help and sites like EG don't take the platform seriously either.

    I find the fact that EG review more Android HARDWARE than they do software quite laughable to be honest...
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  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    Anything that doesn't have micro-transactions, that isn't a pseudo-city builder like Simpsons Tapped out, that doesn't have poorly thought out controls due to only having a touchscreen and finally, anything that barely justifies the term 'game' like flappy bird or paper toss.

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  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    I still struggle to find decent games on Android that match up to the likes of the home and handheld consoles. Anyone know where to look? Reply 0
  • Yogventures dev to "dissolve" following Yogscast-backed project failure

  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    If you pay someone to do something and they don't do it, you can sue them. What's all this bullshit about a contract letting him do it. Reply +6
  • SpaceMidget75 22/07/2014

    @Roddles Now I know why my parents hated Timmy Mallet when I was a kid.

    What a pair of annoying tits.
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  • Google Play removing "free" label for F2P games with in-app purchases

  • SpaceMidget75 21/07/2014

    The decision makers at Google only had to do 2 things:

    1) Replace "Free" with "In App Purchases" or "IAP".
    2) Leave games that are truly free as "Free".

    How did they manage to fuck that up?
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  • You've got male

  • SpaceMidget75 20/07/2014

    @Discalceaterabbit @manic_mouse Well when confronted with lists like these you often find they shift the argument to just the AAA titles, as the lack of diversity in games overall is clearly bollocks. ;)

    If it is just AAA titles (clue - it is) then it's really not the massive issue they'd like to make out, and given the larger proportion of male gamers in the home console/PC market that makes it even LESS of a concern.
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  • SpaceMidget75 20/07/2014

    @Vorlan Think you've got a bit of a cheek calling Discalceaterabbit a liar just because his list doesn't suit your case...

    Here's mine:

    Ni No Kuni - Mixed Team.
    Last of Us - Male and Female.
    FTL - Mixed Team.
    Monaco - ?
    Thomas was alone - A fucking Square.
    Bioshock Infinite - Tough guy with major female NPC.
    HearthStone - lol.
    TF2 - Yep, but how old is it now? And I wouldn't be averse to there being female versions of all the classes.

    Does that look like a list I've made up to prove a point? I'm sure my steam library is available to view or I could screenshot my desktop?

    Bringing up the stereotyped male tough guy in a white t-shirt as these articles often do is just bullshit and not even close to being the majority of games out there. You could give us you honest list of games you've played recently if you think we're wrong...

    I suspect it will also be full of diversity.
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  • SpaceMidget75 19/07/2014

    @VibratingDonkey Just explaining away these articles with numbers hides certain things...

    I could use the same excuse when people complained about the amount of Peter Molyneux articles at one point...

    SURE, the PM articles were such a small part of all the articles etc etc...trouble was when you compared the amount of PM articles to ones from other developers.
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  • SpaceMidget75 19/07/2014

    Are there really not enough female characters in gaming?

    List your last 10 games and we'll see...
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  • Finally there's Areal prototype game footage

  • SpaceMidget75 18/07/2014

    There was a time when people worked on indie projects for free in their spare time. Now they expect payment up front.

    It's a shame.

    EDIT: To clarify, I don't mean that they gave the game away for free too.
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  • Remember PS3 hacker Geohot? Now he works for Google

  • SpaceMidget75 17/07/2014

    Things have been a little quiet on the Geohot front since then.
    Not that quiet. He also found a way to root almost any android device with a simple APK...

    I have to say - begrudgingly - that the guy has got some serious skills.
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  • No PS3 to PS4 upgrade discount for The Last of Us Remastered

  • SpaceMidget75 17/07/2014

    It's a shame Tomb Raider didn't get the same sensible defense from gamers that this is... Reply +1
  • If Star Citizen hits $50m its developers will create alien languages

  • SpaceMidget75 16/07/2014

    Before I jump into these comments like a dog that's just had a bath, can someone tell me whether they're completing the work on these stretch goals in order?
    i.e. Are they finishing the main game, then moving on to the next goal etc?

    It's seems to me that the answer to this really dictates whether Roberts is doing the right thing or not.
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  • SpaceMidget75 16/07/2014

    "I'm excited about this one," Roberts added, "and looking forward to meeting the first fan who learns to speak one of our languages."
    It's unlikely this person will be very good with meetings...
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  • Former Valve contributor and VR specialist warns against the tech's future

  • SpaceMidget75 15/07/2014

    What a load of old nonsense. Reply 0
  • PGR4 remains arcade racing at its very best

  • SpaceMidget75 14/07/2014

    I'm not sure how you couldn't mention MSR to be honest.
    In terms of what came before, MSR was the best of the lot..graphically for the time, the city concept, Kudos and THAT soundtrack - M S R!
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  • The Evo fighting game tournament has a new champion

  • SpaceMidget75 14/07/2014

    Maybe I'm being a div, but how did he connect a PSOne controller or do they use the PC version? Reply +1
  • Blizzard challenges itself to create more diverse heroes and content

  • SpaceMidget75 11/07/2014

    @Eisenstein I never said that they DON'T get changed, nor that they SHOULDN'T....I asked "How far..."? And if you think that's not a discussion then you're more closed minded than I'm supposed to be...

    The extent to which you change your original creative vision to either make money or appease critics is what I'm interested in.

    Clearly I'm in a minority.
    (Makes a change)
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  • SpaceMidget75 11/07/2014

    I think we should have discussion about whether creative works should be pressured to reflect the constituent parts of their audience OR just whatever the creator wanted to create...

    14% of the UK are non-white and 51% of the UK are female so should J.K. Rowling have reflected this in the Harry Potter novels?*

    How far should the incredibly progressive Rowling gone to meet this ratio or is she entitled, as the author, to decide herself?

    *There are 1555 males in HP and only 877 for example.
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  • David Braben explains Elite: Dangerous 100 premium beta

  • SpaceMidget75 11/07/2014

    Being free to decide whether to buy a video game written by someone who is free to charge whatever he wants for it....

    Those First World Problems eh?
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  • Cliff Bleszinski talks Bluestreak, F2P, Nexon and Boss Key

  • SpaceMidget75 10/07/2014

    The number of articles related to CliffyB are only a small amount of the total that EG put out every week.

    You commenters are just Cliffist...
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  • EA responds to fan outcry over The Sims 4 missing features

  • SpaceMidget75 08/07/2014

    @OmegaNemesis28 Yep. I was being facetious. :) Reply 0
  • SpaceMidget75 08/07/2014

    "..and a standing Sim can now talk with a sitting Sim."

    I'm not sure how your code stopped that in the first place...
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  • "It's not historically accurate!"

  • SpaceMidget75 07/07/2014

    @spamdangled Well that is true, he doesn't normally get involved. The fact he felt he needed to in this case SHOULD have told him something though. Either:

    a) More people than usual didn't like what he wrote.

    b) He'd mishandled the subject (in tone and a few choice phrases) and upset some readers.

    c) He saw a 'vocal minority' of sexist pigs and wanted to set them straight.

    I get the feeling he picked c) which is a shame. His responses didn't really indicate that he felt it was a) or b).
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  • SpaceMidget75 07/07/2014

    @spamdangled I think you'll be surprised how much me, you, jabberwoky and dirtysteve agree. I explained in a earlier post that it was his condescension plus other things like dismissiveness and lack of proper response that caused the criticism. Not the actual subject of sexism. (Although I do feel that most of the examples have been poor in the last few weeks and thus seem to stick out, which then causes the 'agenda' comments)

    I believe a lot of people here think the same and the flaming comments aren't quite as prevalent as you say. Besides, for each "fuck feminism" comment there's some toss-pot doing a "sexist dicks" comment. Both are, fortunately, a minority.

    Unfortunately, Tom did nothing to help matters by coming here and mostly replying to either the "sexist dicks" - which is like shooting fish in a barrel - or he commented on stuff that no one really had issue with. Surely it would have been better to address maybe the top 5 rated comments which may have aired more on the reasoned argument side of things?

    EDIT: I don't mean literally the top 5 comments, but I think you get my gist. :)
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  • SpaceMidget75 06/07/2014

    @MDL199 Agreed. Rather than leave completely I just wont read anything he writes and I'm certainly not going to comment on them as it's clearly counter it's a waste of my time. :) Reply +18
  • SpaceMidget75 06/07/2014

    @spamdangled If that's the case then you should STILL look at the amount of 'complaints' you're getting compared to other things you do. Just the same as complaints about TV Shows or Ross & Brand on the radio...

    Besides Tom is not suggesting this, he suggesting that he DOES get positive feedback, just from elsewhere. That's not the same as people simply not complaining.

    (I didn't neg you by the way :) - I prefer to respond direct.)
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  • SpaceMidget75 06/07/2014

    @redcrayon It's not bad stats at all...

    If you put out a poll which came out 90% vs 10% you could use that to determine the percentage of a larger group. That's just how polls and stats work! The numbers for and against in a comments thread are the same.

    Your point that some people may be put off commenting seems to have some merit on face value but it wouldn't be a large amount. Also, even if they did fear commenting that would assume they read/knew what was in the comments. Well in that case that could silently downvote all the sexists couldn't they? They don't though.

    Also, you said the forums have the same opinion as the comments. So that's forums and comments that for some reason we can't extrapolate out figures for because you think that's not how statistics work?

    Lastly, I never said gamers on Twitter. I was specifically talking about the Tweeters and Bloggers that DON'T game. I saw plenty of these validate Toms articles and I don't think they should carry as much weight.
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  • SpaceMidget75 06/07/2014

    "The truth is that is proving extremely fun to witness the tantrums of the 'heterosexual white male' as they lose the privileges that historically have had. It's pathetic, but hypnotic. Something like "Sunset Boulevard: The Sexist Version".

    It's nice to know that the thread is full of this sort of equally unhelpful shit too. But we'll just ignore it shall we, because it's for the 'other side'. Let's just point out the rage comments when it's AGAINST the articles instead... FFS.
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  • SpaceMidget75 06/07/2014

    @jabberwoky @dirtysteve

    I get the feeling you're just wasting your breath to be honest. Tom isn't getting the point you're making and never will.


    You see most of the comments as rage when in fact the number of comments agreeing with you are roughly equal to the number of rage comments. That leaves a large majority that don't agree with you with valid arguments. You're just not seeing that.

    You also seems to think that people who write in the comments section are different in their views than the people who don't. This is just ridiculous. What would make commenters any different in their views!? This is the point jabborwoky is making - if 90% of the commenter's (1% readership) disagree with you then you can (roughly) extrapolate that out to the 99% of readers who don't comment. The views will be broadly the same.

    Twitter (and other mediums outside such as non-gaming blogs) don't count as much. I'm sorry but it doesn't. As I said before, you're then tapping into people outside of EG (and gaming) who may never have played a game yet are a feminist (nothing wrong with that by the way - before you go and read something into that that doesn't exist).
    They're hardly going to say what you've written is wrong are they? You're backing their cause. Yet they don't have enough knowledge about gaming to really count in your little tally of validation.

    You've decided to comment in here, which is great, but you've cherry picked all the 'ragers' with you silly little bingo comments which tells me a lot to be honest.

    I'll tell you why some of us are annoyed... You did post that called us all a bit sexist. Just because you called yourself sexist doesn't mean you didn't include us as well. I didn't like that, nor agree. Clearly I was not alone. You then made it worse by dismissing the comments as rage, validation of sexism OR really representative of anyone outside of the comments.

    It's THIS that seems to be the thing that really is making some of us annoyed. Your lack of direct reply, your comment at the top of this article and some of your twitter remarks are what caused this to be a shitstorm. Being put all put into one box of 'hateful commentors' and then seeing you circlejerk about us on Twitter AND taking the piss in subsequent articles is exactly the reason people would want to leave EG. Not simply because they disagree with your point.

    You just don't want to see this point of view though do you?

    Finally, I'll summarise just the articles I had read in the last month to do with sexism:

    We're all sexist - No sorry, don't agree. Certainly not with your RDR example.

    AC:Unity - Nope. They're not even MP models, just the protagonist duplicated. And the protagonist is male.

    Tom Clancy Hostage - Nope. There are male and female hostages and their comments on a female hostage is scientifically accurate.

    Male only game tournaments - I agree this is bad - AS DID MOST OF THE COMMENTERS THAT YOU SEEM TO NOT THINK ARE REPRESENTATIVE.

    Historical accuracy - Don't know enough about history to have a view but it's a shame you brought it BACK to feminism AND criticised some of your readers right at the start. A shitty thing to do. You should be ashamed.

    Now, given ALL the above in the last month, do you not think that's quite a lot for a specific political issue? I think it's perfectly understandable that some may think you taken feminism as an agenda above all others and decided to comment as such.
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  • SpaceMidget75 05/07/2014

    The fact that Tom and a small minority of commenters assume that someone must be sexist if they don't agree with your subjective examples of sexism shows a real lack of insight. No, really. You are either stupid or wilfully ignorant.

    Which is ironic.

    I lose all respect for someone when they become so blinkered and unwilling to listen that even when a large majority of people say they are wrong, they dismiss them with one sweeping assumption.

    That point has been reached...

    "OK, a few people were so upset that I want to respect other people's humanity that they threatened to leave the site forever"

    Having your articles gleefully re-tweeted by a section of twitter that happen to agree with the just cause of equality, yet know nothing about the specific subject - video games - really isn't the best way of proving you're right either....Your confirmation bias seems to show no bounds.

    Just answer this:

    Are you really that ARROGANT that when you see any dissent you assume that the writer is a knuckle dragging misogynist? Really? What about me personally? An intelligent (modest with it :)) man with a liberal view of the world who wants his two daughters and son to have an equal chance at everything they choose to do in life?

    It's quite possible that the majority of YOUR readers are more like me, than they are knuckle dragging misogynists.

    Can I not disagree with your specific points yet still be the person described above? Can I not even offer the broader point that more than one sexism article in a month is a bit much in my opinion without it being suggested that we're simply sexist? It really is the lowest form of debate Tom, and it's the reason you get responses like this rather than one's discussing the issue in any more detail.
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  • Kids react to Game Boy

  • SpaceMidget75 07/07/2014

    The most upsetting thing about this is that I wasn't even a kid when the GameBoy came out. :( Reply +18
  • Ori and the Blind Forest looks great, but plays even better

  • SpaceMidget75 07/07/2014


    If this is coming out on PC, please update the sidebar info? After reading the preview I almost resigned myself to not looking out for it as I don't have an Xbone.
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  • Transformers Universe open beta begins tomorrow

  • SpaceMidget75 03/07/2014

    "We can't hold out forever Kup, but we can give them one humongous micro-transaction bill." Reply +4
  • BioWare's first "fully gay" male party member in DAI

  • SpaceMidget75 01/07/2014

    Please don't use Twitter as basis for a story on offence.

    Some people on there could be offended on their own, in a phone box... with no money.
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  • Underworld RPG series returning with new game

  • SpaceMidget75 01/07/2014

    The level of ground breaking awesomeness in UW & UW2 should never be underestimated.

    It wasn't just the graphics but the whole design. Emergent concepts such as the characters living lives (and could be killed), items with durability, food going stale, torches burning out - all things we're currently enjoying as a rather popular modern concept.

    All magicked together inside a little window to another world that for the first time had depth and texture...
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  • Rainbow Six Siege has male and female hostages

  • SpaceMidget75 25/06/2014

    What about C&VG?

    Did a search for the word 'sexist' and it only came up 47 times so that's something I suppose....
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  • SpaceMidget75 25/06/2014

    As a long time visitor here, I think I'm done with EG.

    Not only did your previous article insult most of your readership by calling them sexist, but you then went on to dismiss all opposing views in the comments section as validation of your point - instead of what they were: opposing views.

    Fucking - out - of - order.

    I have two daughters, a wife and of course a mother. I'm well versed in the life of a female and I RESPECTFULLY disagree that this OR the achievement in RDR are sexist.

    I don't come to EG to be accused of being sexist, have my responses to your articles dismissed off-hand, or to be constantly made to feel guilty for being born a fucking male who likes video games!
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  • Team Fortress 2 Love and War update kicks off

  • SpaceMidget75 18/06/2014

    I give it two days before Miss. Pauling 'Fanart' appears on the Internet...

    EDIT: Thanks cw- for the name correction.
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  • Diablo 3 runs at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One

  • SpaceMidget75 12/06/2014

    @Bertie OK, to put it another way...

    1986 News Headline:

    Green Beret on Spectrum has colour clash, C64 version doesn't!!

    It's clear the consoles have differences just like all previous generations have, and pointing it out each time - especially for such a minor difference - isn't news in my opinion.

    At this stage, its pretty obvious that the XBox One will often run at a lower resolution, just as the Speccy had colour clash.

    ...but at the same time, no one is FORCING me to read it so ho hum...
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  • SpaceMidget75 12/06/2014

    [Insert game here] runs at 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One.

    When does this stop being News EG?
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity is a backward step for progressive games

  • SpaceMidget75 12/06/2014

    I had the choice of either posting about how this faux outrage in gaming is driving me mad OR bashing my head repeatedly on my desk because I'm so sick of people having to explain themselves for shit like this.

    Honestly, it was close run thing, but I chose to post...
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  • "I understand the issue, but it's not relevant in Assassin's Creed Unity"

  • SpaceMidget75 12/06/2014

    Isn't playing the same character 4 times in co-op a bit shit? Reply +6
  • PlayStation TV due for launch in Europe this autumn

  • SpaceMidget75 11/06/2014

    The more I think about it, the more this could be a killer device for Sony.

    It compares VERY well against things like Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

    It's cheaper, has a better controller, and actually has a proven library of decent games via PSV, PS3/4 Streaming & PSNow. All they have to do is get the media side right and make sure the masses know about it.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain E3 trailer releases early

  • SpaceMidget75 09/06/2014

    Rubbing a dead man's ashes over your face and leaving a piece of shrapnel sticking out of your head......

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  • Hyperkin Retron 5 review

  • SpaceMidget75 07/06/2014

    @Dave_Money Have to say, I agree. If you're just dumping the Rom to be run through the emulator then it seems to be missing the point somewhat. Either have it run on proper hardware for 100% authenticity or run with emulators and scrap the need to use your old collectable cartridges...

    A multi-console usb controller adapter would be quite a good thing though.
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  • As delayed Star Citizen dogfighting goes live, Chris Roberts responds to critics

  • SpaceMidget75 05/06/2014

    I don't understand the module thing?

    Could someone explain it?
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  • Valve issues warning about Steam Early Access games

  • SpaceMidget75 05/06/2014


    Pay 5 for the Alpha of a 20 game.
    If it fails, I only paid 5 and got to play an Alpha.
    If it succeeds I get 'rewarded' a 20 game for being an early adopter.
    The developer gets a decent stream of cash which will go some way to avoiding failure.

    Pay 100 for the Alpha of a 20 game.
    If it fails, I paid 100 for a canned game!
    If it succeeds, I paid 100 instead of the 20 everyone else gets to pay.
    The developer only gets money from true fans (not likely to be many for a new IP) which makes it harder to finance through to completion.

    I know which one I'd prefer to put my money towards...
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