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  • What went wrong with Quantum Break on PC?

  • SonyXp82 08/04/2016

    Played (or should I say didn't play) the pc version at Rezzed y'day, the cut-scene audio was out of sync & then once it came to playing, it was going 5fps. However the nice man said "sorry, this is the pc version" & gave me a metal Quantum Break for my trouble. I then went round to the xb1 version & sat playing that for over 30mins, did same before I left as well, I sat there till they were closing up for the day.

    Sad to find out the PC version is such a mess, that's the version I'd rather have although I didn't know it was Windows Store only so I guess this is one I'll have to wait a while to play. Don't see myself having the money for an Xb1 any time soon.
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  • Windows 8 to finally return Start Menu in August update

  • SonyXp82 23/04/2014

    About time! Just give us a choice to customize it how we want it to be.

    Until then it's only being installed on my old laptop.
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  • Persona 3 Portable PSN date, price

  • SonyXp82 27/08/2011

    As it say on that ad it's Ł22.85 for the retail version & that one is the collectors edition their selling so other then being able to play the digital version on the vita which I'm sure isn't going to make it look any better then it does on my psp 3000 is there any other reason to pay extra for the digital version if you have a working psp?

    I don't plan on getting rid of my psp 3000 when I get the vita & the only reason I can up with for me to get the digital version is the vita looks like it's more comfortable to hold plus the analog sticks.

    I'm currently renting this & I want to buy it now but I'm not sure what version I should buy, also I need to know if I can use my saves from the hard copy on the digital version so I know whether there is any point playing any more of it before I send this rental back or I should wait in case I got the digital version & have to start a new game.
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  • EG Expo to host world record attempt

  • SonyXp82 24/08/2011

    Sounds great! I've read about this eye controller, I hope I'm able to get involved. Reply 0
  • 'Splosion Man

  • SonyXp82 03/08/2009

    I got this a couple of days ago, I'm only got upto level 1-12 so far.
    I really like it even though it make me shout at my tv loads,
    it's just so satisfying bouncing off walls & blowing things up.
    This was my first xbox arcade game that I got & I think
    it's worth the points.
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  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  • SonyXp82 03/08/2009

    I've watched people playing this on, the music drive me crazy
    & it didn't look as good as I thought it would. As for the 1200 points,
    I think it should be 800 points. I'm not sure why this wasn't rethought
    about like Turtles In Time was, 800 points is more reasonable.
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  • Fat Princess

  • SonyXp82 03/08/2009

    My main problem with this game is it's price, no way is it worth Ł12.
    How do they come up with these prices?

    When you can get new & sealed retail games for less, it just seems not worth it.
    I was planning on getting it before saw how much it was going to cost me
    then I decided I'd rather buy some xbox points & get splosion man instead along
    with turtles in time when it comes out which will cost less then the price of this
    game on it's own, 2 for the price of 1. Hopefully they put it on sell one day & then
    maybe I'll buy it.
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  • Turtles in Time remake price dropped

  • SonyXp82 31/07/2009

    I haven't bought any xbox 360 arcade games yet but this & splosion man seem like a great buy so I'll been getting them. Reply 0