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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • SonicUk 23/12/2014

    I'd love a console version, but it would have to be a physical release with the always online drm (dressed up as "Its an mmo!") removed for me to purchase. Developers must realise by now that drm reduces sales surely? Reply 0
  • Bandai Namco blocks access to Durante's Dark Souls PC mod

  • SonicUk 23/12/2014

    It doesnt make sense to block this. Surely the existance of a mod such as this would increase sales from Pc customers who want to play the game at a higher resolution, with some gamers even double dipping? Reply +1
  • Don't call it DRM: what's Denuvo Anti-Tamper?

  • SonicUk 19/12/2014

    All drm does, all its ever done in fact is to give paying customers an inferior version of a game while the pirates get a superior version, free of charge and a good laugh at everyone elses expense. It never has and never will prevent piracy. Look how long it took them to crack Dragon Age, 90 days??? Even though thats unprecedented the end result is still the same. You cannot prevent piracy so while penalise legitimate customers? Pirates will always pirate and customers will always buy. Its the same with music and movies. In fact, I'd go as far to say if a game has drm it actually loses sales from people like me who wont support such practices. Make the game drm free and I will happily buy and support the devs. Put drm in it and you lose a sale. Reply +1
  • CVG to close

  • SonicUk 19/12/2014

    @SuperShinobi Thanks man. Just to be clear I would never judge a user on their username alone, I mean other than that I would not presume to know anything about them. Its not their name that has any relevance, it what they post and the tone of their comments. This is not a bad site by any means, but I have seen the level of fanboyism creep up these past couple of years. There are the usual suspects that seem to post the same nonsense in every single thread/comments section whether its related to their agenda or not. These people go unchecked, day after day, week after week and this is why I rarely post because I cant be bothered with all the petty squablling. If they sorted that out and the voting system which I remain adamant is rife with abuse (people seemingly being downvoted for no reason whatsoever - even people trying to help other users being downvoted ffs) I'd certainly post more often as Im sure others would as well. Reply +1
  • SonicUk 19/12/2014

    Cvg is my regular site which I post on almost daily. Been going there for over a decade. The community is (mostly) great and what has kept me going back for years. Such a shame it has come to this. For a big site like that to go under it really reinforces that no job is safe in these times. I wish the staff well in the future, and thank them for the many years of enjoyable reading I have had out of the site and the paper magazine.

    I must admit I don't comment as often on Eurogamer that much now, as over the past few years I've seen the site slowly getting more and more infected with fanboy drivel and I don't wish to get dragged into their shit, so most of the time I visit the site but don't post. If Eurogamer scrapped the pointless comments voting system which is non-sensically abused out of all proportion on almost every single article, and dealt with the idiotic fanboys ruining the site and making the coments on most articles painful to read the site would be a much more encouraging place to visit, and I'd certainly welcome that and would happily post more often and discuss gaming related topics with like minded folk.
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  • Video: Eurogamer's Christmas live stream spectacular

  • SonicUk 18/12/2014

    Will these be archived anywhere so I can watch them later? Reply 0
  • Destiny will upgrade your exotics - but there's a heavy price to pay

  • SonicUk 04/12/2014

    For fucks sake publishers, what part of I dont want to have to use a stupid, pointless mobile app in any way to play a game on my HOME CONSOLE dont you understand??!!!?! Reply +12
  • Tomb Raider 2 is out now on iOS

  • SonicUk 04/12/2014

    Awesome game that brings back some great memories, but I just cannot imagine playing a game like this that needs absolute prescision when lining up jumps and movement etc on a touchscreen. Reply 0
  • The Crew is broken - but packed with potential

  • SonicUk 03/12/2014

    I see absolutely nothing in this game while playing solo that justifies the always online requirement. Its drm, pure and simple, dressed up in the guise of "its an mmo". No it isnt. Not when you can play the entire game solo. There is no need to force players online. As such, no sale. I like to keep my games, cant do that if they come with an expiry date. Reply +19
  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • SonicUk 03/12/2014

    Queue hundreds of comments from people who have no interest in the game whatsoever but cant resist taking the time to log in, post a comment and let everyone else know they have no interest in the game or franchise, wasting their time and everyone elses in the process.

    Seeing as its now cool to bash things that other people like, I hate football with a passion, so as its the done thing nowadays...wheres that Fifa thread?...
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  • Destiny update makes sweeping changes to its most powerful weapons

  • SonicUk 02/12/2014

    For fucks sake Bungie, can you stop nerfing auto rifles please? If you didnt want people to use them (and its obvious you dont) then I'd question why you put them in the game to begin with? Reply 0
  • WWE 2K15 review

  • SonicUk 27/11/2014

    The review states "we havent had any decent wrestling games in a decade", but I thought Smackdown Vs Raw 2007 was good? The game had pretty authentically ridiculous storylines, and the create a character mode was pretty decent. The arenas were interesting with lots of props lying nearby to attack your opponent with. It also featured some classic wwf wrestlers.

    Other than that Royal Rumble on the Snes and Megadrive and Wwf Superstars on the gameboy were both fab imo.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity's Dead Kings DLC will now be free

  • SonicUk 27/11/2014

    Its a start, but the game is still infested with in game transactions and certain aspects are still locked behind "UPlay" - something Ubi said they wouldnt do after Black Flag. Reply 0
  • David Braben responds to outcry over Elite: Dangerous' ditched offline mode

  • SonicUk 19/11/2014

    Not buying this poor excuse for drm, once again making out a game that has a single player campaign mode is an mmo so they can thrust always online drm bullshit in your face. Theres no technical reason why this game couldnt be played offline. All they had to do was release a patch every now and then that updates the game, or better yet put enough content in there from the start, like Elite 2 did, oh I dont know, twenty years ago? If its a case of an evolving galaxy I'm sure people who want to play single player do not want it to evolve and want to discover and change things themselves, isn't that the point of single player? All this bollocks about "always online is the way things are" is just that, bollocks. I like to buy games and keep them forever so that at any point I can revisit them. I cant do that on a devs word that they might, possibly, if they feel like it release a server "archive" one day when the game inevitably goes offline, if they can bothered. They decieved customers and frankly do not deserve a penny. No sale.

    I also wonder how long it will be before a community offline mod appears? My guess, not long, which if it appears will once again show that bedroom coders can do what a professional studio cant.
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  • Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode

  • SonicUk 18/11/2014

    This is really pissing me off now. First Destiny, then the Crew and now this. Making out games that are perfectly playable Single Player are now mmo's to justify an always online requirement. Its the new drm, except this time making out its a gameplay mechanic to avoid uproar. The sad part is it seems to be working with many gamers buying into this bullshit. I dont rent games, I buy them to keep and play forever - something which is impossible with always online drm. As such, you've just lost a sale. Reply +1
  • Half-Life 2: 10 years on

  • SonicUk 16/11/2014

    Such a great game that sadly outside of fan made mods will never have an ending (gave up hope of HL3 a long time ago).

    I must admit though I never got the fascination with the gravity gun and only used it to solve puzzles or move something out of my way. I always preferred conventional weapons. I loved the combine pulse rifle and the shotgun remains to this day the most satisfying shotgun I have user used in a game.

    Also, unless I missed it I find it curious how the mention of health packs and power for your suit (which acts like shields/armour) was missing from the article. This was one of the major things that made the game so tense at times, scurrying around desperately trying to find health and power capsules for your suit so find it strange how it wasn't mentioned.

    The hoverboat sections were undoubtedly my favourite part of the game. The atmosphere as you went from the inner city to the countryside was fantastic and I loved the way the sun gradually set. Even when you stopped and got off the hoverboat you could hear the late Autumn wind gently whistle in the background and the area seemed so still and calm, you truly felt alone. For me Half Life 2 is one of those rare games that have something about it atmosphere wise you cant put your finger on. it just has it.

    For anyone that hasn't played it I'd wholly recommend the Orange box if you're on console (360 or Ps3) containing Half Life 2, Ep1 and Ep2. It has updated textures and added Hdr in HL2 (the original Pc version of HL2 didn't have this). Meanwhile for Pc owners I'd recommend the light version 9 of the cinematic mod for HL2. It completely updates the game with better textures, lighting etc but unlike other versions it does not affect the gameplay so its the exact same game, just with better graphics. The original Xbox also has a pretty much perfect port of the original HL2 Pc game if you're a retro gamer. Whatever platform you game on though its a superb game that deserved a sequel a long time ago.
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  • Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year

  • SonicUk 15/11/2014

    One correction. At E3 2014 there was no " stunning footage" of Uncharted 4 whatsoever. There was a cgi trailer which may or may not have been using the in game engine - no one knows. I'm still waiting for some actual gameplay footage.

    Right, over to the fanboys who can start another flame war with this huge clickbait article (and the one next week)...
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  • DriveClub's premium November DLC will be free for full game owners

  • SonicUk 15/11/2014

    So wheres the weather, you know, the feature the game shouldve launched with, indeed the feature in the very screenshot in the article?

    Also, the Ps+ version delayed indefinitely...what has that got to do with servers???!?! Just disable server access for that version and release it. Its not rocket science, unless of course you dont want people to try your game before they buy. That wouldnt be the real motive surely? No of course not, what am I thinking? The games industry is very honest and should always be taken at face value...
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  • How Assassin's Creed: Unity's micro-transactions work

  • SonicUk 15/11/2014

    Assassins Greed Parity.

    Transactions (nothing micro about them) should not exist in a paid for game whatsoever, the end, full fucking stop, especially when you consider the base game costs 55 quid for the standard edition in most places, let alone more for the collectors edition. If they have to put SHIT like that in games put it in Pay-To-Win crap, which you can then shove in the bin where it belongs. Its telling that the very first patch Ubi released for this broken mess was to sort out a bug with the transactions. That says it all really, and ubi deserve every single bit of shit they get for this. Dont even get me started on them locking in game stuff behind "UPlay", or that you need a paid for phone app to access other stuff in game. WHATS WRONG WITH THESE PUBLISHERS??!!?? This is coming from one of the biggest Ac fans as well, and its sad to see a series I love devolve into this.
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  • Uncharted film gets help from The Hurt Locker scribe

  • SonicUk 13/11/2014

    To be fair I dont really see the point in an Uncharted movie. The games felt like movies to me anyway, not in terms of gameplay like a Cdi game which basically had no gameplay, but in terms of the excellent storytelling and the way it was told. If they do make a movie out of it I would want it rendered using the character models and graphic style from the games rather than real actors, but as I said the games had a very cinematic feel and excellent storytelling so I dont see the point in a movie.

    maybe a bit too similar to Starlord?
    Who??? Just joking! Great movie.
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  • Ubisoft launches Assassin's Creed: Unity live blog as devs battle bugs

  • SonicUk 13/11/2014

    By the time I get my paws on this at xmas hopefully the bugs and poor performance will be fixed. Terrible state to release a game in - on any platform.

    Also really pissed that certain aspects are ONCE AGAIN locked behind "UPlay" (the publishers said after Ac4 they wouldnt do this - a flat out lie) and that certain aspects of the game need a fucking mobile app to access which Im told YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR. What the shit?!! Why cant I just play the god dam game on the machine I own it on? Whats wrong with these publishers?!!

    Sorry for ranting, but that really needed to be said.
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  • Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers

  • SonicUk 13/11/2014

    Again, shipped not sold. I wonder when Ms will actually release some proper sales figures? Im sure the bone is doing better now, I know several people who've got one and Ms seem to be slowly turning things around, but I really wish when they talk about sales they'd use actual figures for once. Reply +3
  • Leaked Halo 5 videos reveal new scope and sprint mechanics

  • SonicUk 11/11/2014

    Sprinting I have no issue with as long as its kept as a skill/perk although I found descoping tbe most annoying thing about Halos gameplay mechanics and was really pleased when they finally ditched it in Halo 4 (infact I wouldnt even consider it a gameplay mechanic, just a pure annoying oversight). I was also grateful they implemented the option for a squeeze the trigger to aim mechanic rather than clicking the right thumbstick. Sure, those things were revolutionary back when the first Halo was released, but gameplay has moved on and by the time Halo Odst had come out those aspects were starting to feel their age. I'm a big Halo fan and have every game (except the download top down games as I dont do digital downloads), but its time to move the games into modern times or risk getting left behind. I was hoping they'd continue moving the gameplay forward from Halo 4 but it seems they've actually taken two steps backward here (one for the descoping, one for the click to zoom). Of course this is just my opinion but as a fan of the series who has taken the day off work on release day of every new Halo game since Halo 1 its just how I feel about these reverses. Sure, dont change everything about the whole game because it stops being Halo if you do that and becomes something else, but little control improvements like that would really go a long way. Hell, give players an option in the menus to satisfy both fans of the old mechanics and fans of the new - everyone wins.

    @mega-gazz Funny you should mention regenerating health. You do realise that Halo practically gave the gaming world regenerating health? Your shields went down and your health bar underneath took hits. The trick was to hide and recharge your shields. The idea was adapted into full on regenerating health by other games that followed, but as far as Im aware Halo had the initial idea.
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  • Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK

  • SonicUk 11/11/2014

    Funny the article should mention Tmnt Danger Of The Ooze, its the first time I've seen this brand new game (released last tuesday) mentioned in any article on any website. If I hadnt accidentally seen some gameplay on a youtube search result for a completely different unrelated product I wouldnt even know it existed, as it isnt in any shops I've seen, isnt advertised anywhere and I cant find a single review or mention of it anywhere on any big game site whatsoever. What gives?

    As for Cod copy is waiting for me for xmas (already purchased but cant have it til xmas day). I like the look of the sci fi elements (liked this in Blops2 also). The modern day thing has kinda been done to death so glad they've gone for a more sci fi approach this time. Not a fan of jetpacks/super high jumping in a game like this but overal I am pleased with the direction this game has gone in. As for its sales figures, as the article says they are skewed somewhat by those other factors but this is the first proper next gen developed cod wheas Ghosts was built for last gen and ported to next gen. I think thats prompted a few more sales.

    Interestingly, I recently bought Ghosts again on Ps4 (having already completed it on the 360 some time ago) and have been playing it all day yesterday. Its a lot better than I remember it being.
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  • Face-Off: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • SonicUk 08/11/2014

    As much as I enjoy reading these tech articles as Im interested in how games are made and optimised, one thing thats been increasingly bugging me recently is theres no mention of the Ps3 and 360 versions, and if there ever is its always in a seperate article. Why??? People on the fence about upgrading may like to know if its worth it, while others who have no plans to upgrade would like to know what their version is like. Others like me are simply interested how the old gen version stacks up against the new gen version, and finding out how the devs got it running on the older hardware. Alien Isolation is a classic recent example where the new gen versions were compared but there is no mention whatsoever of the Ps3 and 360 versions. A quick youtube search reveals some comparisons of a stunning old gen version that on first glace looks identical. Without a detailed analysis however its difficult to see where the compromises have been made, which is where digital foundry should be stepping in and providing us with a proper MULTIFORMAT face off, not just Bone, Ps4 and Pc. It makes for good reading. Reply +3
  • Codemasters making a Micro Machines-style racer called Toybox Turbos

  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Illgameonanything Yeah it was a clever idea where two people could play on one portable system. Ive never seen anything like it since. The game was so simple but very addictive. It had great atmosphere as well and was the sort of thing I'd sit indoors and play on a rainy sunday afternoon.

    Reading this has made me want to buy a copy of Micro Machines V3 for Ps1. Does anyone know if it'll run on a Ps3 (most Ps1 games are backwards compatible but a few dont boot up like Tomb Raider 2)?

    Also speaking of the actual toys does anyone remember the ones with the little lens on the roof of the car? You could look through it and see the interior. I loved my Micro Machines. Wish I still had them as collectors items. I swapped the lot of them with all the accessorys, garages etc with a friend for Jurrassic Park on the Snes back in the day. Still a sweet deal, Jurrassic Park was/is awesome, I just wish I had my Mirco Machines as well!
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  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @TeaFiend I got Horizon on 360 as I don't intend to buy a bone at the moment. The way its been marketed though you would think its a bone exclusive. Not a single official gameplay screenshot, video or review of the 360 version. Even the adverts only show the box for the bone version, perhaps thats the point? Obviously the bone version is better and I can understand ms wanting to show it off, but there are plenty of 360 owners like myself who wont buy a bone. There will be a lot of 360 owners who dont read gaming sites and as such dont even realise there is a 360 version. Reply +1
  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Illgameonanything - If you think sharing a pad was ackward try the Gamegear version! One player uses the pad and the other uses the buttons to turn left and right while sharing the screen! The weird thing is though it kinda works! Reply +1
  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    Blast, this looks really good, very reminiscent of Micro Machines which I still have on my Megadrive and on my Gamegear as well (great game) but I dont do digital downloads so I guess I'm out and they lose a sale. Put it on a disc and I will buy!

    @Whizzo - I agree. I too was unaware there was an age limit to enjoying any game/film or other media either. I watched Transformers the movie the other night. It was a cartoon I first saw in the 80's and I recently purchased it on Dvd to relive those memories. I really enjoyed it, but I see its U rated. Maybe I should return it, along with my Thundercats boxset?
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  • PS4 firmware update will bring Share Play next week

  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Mr-Writer Ah I see, I stand corrected. I must have missed that campaign working in Woolies! We only got what the companies gave us. They were pushing the hd gaming thing hard as they could then sell extra hdtv's (a new thing at the time) through our ordering system. Reply 0
  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Mr-Writer Nope, just living. One small jpg picture does not constitute the entire advertising campaign of a brand. True, I cant deny the message that jpg conveys but I'm talking tv adverts, magazine articles and retail branding as a whole ad campaign. I worked for Woolworths at the time and strongly remember the messages about 360 and Ps3 being sold to customers as "Hd next gen gaming consoles" from both Ms and Sony. Reply +2
  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Mr-Writer I love how anyone who is dissapointed in anything gamer related and expresses their opinion gets called a "crybaby" or "self entitled gamer" or some other bullshit.

    Of course I knew what my console did and didnt do when I bought it. It did pretty much the same thing the competitions console did at the time. Yes, I was dissapointed in the lack of features on both consoles and was hoping that would be retified with future updates (it has on the competition). As I have said THREE times now I was and still am happy with it as a gaming machine but whats wrong with asking it to have the same functions as its predecessor? Is there some law I dont know about that says I'm not allowed to express my opinion and ask my product be improved?
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  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Mr-Writer you just dont get it. Basic functionality is not just to play games, thats its primary function yes but its basic funtionality also includes audio and video support, pretty much like every console since 1994. Things changed from the cd rom era onwards and things like being able to play music and watch videos is what I would expect as a basic feature from a console nowadays. I would agree that those are additional features had the previous consoles not had them, however they did. Surely the whole point of a new console or indeed device is to be better than the one that went before no? Also I dont ever remember the Ps3 or 360 being marketed as multimedia devices. If I recall they were both sold as "next gen gaming consoles" at the time. Reply -3
  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    @Mr-Writer that didnt take long. At the risk of repeating myself the Ps4 is great as a games console and yes thats what it is first and foremost, but it should at least have the same basic functionality of its 8 year old predecessor. Even my 20 year old Mega Cd can play audio and video cd's as well as games. Since that time consoles have evolved so that they can be used for basic music and film purposes. Surely the Ps4 should have the same functionality as the 8 year old Ps3 to begin with, and then add additional features later on?

    Also, I am in agreement with the other posters that whilst shareplay is a cool idea there are far more important things that should take priority. A status offline feature would be helpful, as would folders. I appreciate the improved library, but we really do need a better way to organise things. I am pleased themes are being introduced back, although as others have said I hope you also have the option to create your own rather than relying soley on premium themes you have to purchase, although I did like the animated themes on the Ps3 and would be happy to purchase a few as well as make some of my own for variety.
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  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    Its a start but still miles off where it needs to be. Usb media support is better than nothing but I dont want to have to constantly transfer my new media files to usb all the time and whats worse, having a usb stick permanently sticking out from the front of my console. Add full network dlna please Sony, and please do it quickly as the competition now has it and your efforts are starting to look a little lackluster. As a gaming console I have no issues with my Ps4, but it should at least have the same basic functionality as its 8 year old predecessor. Reply +1
  • Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter

  • SonicUk 24/10/2014

    So now they're counting both the sales of the 360 and bone together??!!? And I see as usual have relesed no actual sales figures. For all we know they've SHIPPED (not sold) 2.399 million 360's and 1 bone. Reply -1
  • Microsoft to end free Xbox Music streaming

  • SonicUk 23/10/2014

    I just use dlna and stream my own music to my devices. Not interested in renting music or movies. Prefer to buy and have it all local. Reply 0
  • Far Cry 4 Season Pass brings PvP and yetis

  • SonicUk 22/10/2014

    @adornedatom Ah the usual "entitled baby" bullshit. People like you who actually and unbelievably defend this crap make it bad for the rest of us.

    Expansion packs (proper expansion packs anyway) have always launched a year to a year and a half after a game. That is to make sure users actually enjoy and get value from their original purchase in the first place before getting some additional life out of it by way of expansions. Not being ripped off on THE FIRST DAY OF RELEASE by content that was pulled from the game pre-launch.

    "Dlc" is certainly not the only way devs can make money back. Put out a quality product and people will buy. On the other hand announcing in great detail exactly what your "Dlc" or "season pass" content will consist of before the game's even out will loose you sales and customers as most sensible people are put off by such tactics.

    Also if people cant afford to keep games and like you say trade them in how can they afford to keep buying "Dlc"??? Your argument makes no sense.

    And I dont have Sky, and never will.
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  • SonicUk 21/10/2014

    That sounds like a really good deal Ubisoft, but I think I got a better one...

    How about I give you the finger

    And you give me my content ON THE DISC?


    As usual the "season pass" and its content announced by the publisher in great detail before the games even out. Is it not possible to buy a FULL game at retail anymore? Physical expansion packs a year to a year and a half after the game has launched fine, I have no issue with. However, this gouging of games before they're even released has to stop. I know the industry is pushing hard to make this the new accepted standard, but this is one old school gamer that will NEVER accept that, just like my missing instruction booklets in my brand new games, drm, rip off dlc, retai...I mean GAME exclusive "content" and all the other crap this and only this industry has tried to pull over the years.

    God, I hate modern gaming (like 75% of the time). Whats worrying is the new generation of gamers that are just getting into gaming think this is the way things are and literally don't know any different - this is what the greedy publishers are counting on to usher in their new way of doing things. The more people that buy into it, the worse it gets for everyone.
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  • WipEout co-creator's Table Top Racing: World Tour a timed PS4 exclusive

  • SonicUk 21/10/2014

    Why does it have to be paid for and have "premium dlc"? As usual the game isnt even out yet and already they're cooking up the "dlc". Cant anyone just make a full game nowadays and release it? If the game is of good quality it will sell itself. Reply +2
  • Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade

  • SonicUk 21/10/2014

    I'm not sure why she has had so much coverage over the years (except that shes hot, obviously - think I've just answered my own question) but I wish her well in her future projects/career and thank her for helping bring one of my favourite game series to light (AC). Its nice to read about someone getting a new job rather than the usual doom and gloom with studios shutting down etc. Reply +1
  • Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection

  • SonicUk 20/10/2014

    I call bs. There is no reason whatsoever the online portion of the game couldnt fit on a second disc which is installed but requires the first disc in the console to use as a disc check. Maybe ms are trying to save 50p on the cost of disks these days?

    What worries me is the new "disguised" drm tactic where games seeminly require an internet connection for no apparent reason. Destiny and the Crew spring to mind and while these games are mostly online they can be played by one person so there is no reason they should require an internet connection. Halo is a bit different where it can be played Single player totally offline and if you're playing online vs of course you would need an internet connection. However, as I said there is no reason the multiplayer content could not have been put on a second disc. None at all.
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  • UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling

  • SonicUk 20/10/2014

    I think they are getting trolling and cyber-bullying mixed up, although I agree with the sentiment in principal. They do need to be very careful how they go about this though. Some fanboy trolling on a website while annoying and childish is completely different to someone harrassing and threatening someone online. Reply +5
  • "Majority" of DriveClub owners can now connect online

  • SonicUk 20/10/2014

    Subheading should read "STILL no news on the Ps Plus version".

    This is taking the piss. If server problems were causing the issue then the Plus version should have been released with the online parts of the game disabled (as well as the servers being tested properly pre launch in the first place). This reeks of an underhand sales tactic, something which erodes peoples confidence in a brand very quickly. Eurogamer should be asking these guys some serious questions regarding the complete absence of the Plus version and any information regarding it. Hopefully by the time I get my full copy at Xmas the issues are sorted out and the weather (which shouldve been on the disc to start with) will be patched in.
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  • Performance Analysis: Alien: Isolation

  • SonicUk 07/10/2014

    Can you please make sure the upcoming face off consists of ALL platforms Eurogamer (that goes for all upcoming face offs)? I was watching some footage of the 360 version last night and was amazed at how good it looked compared to the new gen versions. It would be really interesting to read a detailed anaylasis on just how well the Ps3/360 versions stack up againt the new consoles. Reply +13
  • EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September

  • SonicUk 02/10/2014

    @mega-gazz Ah right, I completely misunderstood what you were trying to say in your post. Sorry for the confusion, my apologies.

    I don't mind the event being moved if it means different people get to attend that otherwise couldn't because of the location. It just means sadly I doubt I'll be able to attend. If it was an event you could spend more than half a day at I wouldn't mind, I'd book a hotel/b&b room and happily spend a couple of days there (did that at Alton Towers once, spent the first day at the theme park and two more days in the local area sightseeing, wonderful place). As you say though it isn't worth coming all that way just to play a few games (at least in my circumstances anyway).

    I hope everyone who can now attend next year has a good time though, and there's always Rezzed to try out in London I guess. I haven't been to that before so as long as it's still on in London next year I might go and see what its all about.
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  • SonicUk 02/10/2014

    @mega-gazz Selfish? Because it takes hours to travel somewhere 140+ miles further away, which will also cost more than triple for travel costs, not even factoring in the price of a ticket? Not saying it shouldnt or cant be moved elsewhere, just stating the facts above that apply to my personal circumstances and regrettably because of that I wont be attending next year. Yet because of that Im selfish? Your logic is astounding. Reply 0
  • SonicUk 02/10/2014

    I've been going to the london expo for the past five years and enjoyed every minute of it. Such a shame then its moving to birmingham only. A trip there on my day off just for a few hours is just out of the question sadly, not to mention the travel expenses. Reply -2
  • Zelda fans re-making Ocarina of Time in 2D

  • SonicUk 30/09/2014

    Zelda to me has always been a 2d top down franchise. Oot didnt do it for me, directly due to it being 3d. This looks awesome, although its a given Nintendo will put a stop to it as soon as physically possible. Reply +1
  • Gauntlet review

  • SonicUk 30/09/2014

    Used to love playing Gauntlet on a mates Amstrad Cpc464 back in the day. Tried this new version at the Expo but it just didnt have the same atmosphere for me. I dont think thats the fault of the game though, its something I get a lot with remakes - the new graphics are so different, the game loses something in the translation for me. Problem with nostalgia is there's never any way to beat it. Still, the new game was fun, just not as much fun as the original imo. Reply +2