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  • The Crew 2 is finally out in June

  • SonicUk 16/03/2018

    Can you play the single player offline yet? If not, another lost sale. Reply -2
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered is more than just a PC port

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    Seems incredibly short sighted not to compare the "remaster" to the 360 version running on bc seeing as thats the only version a lot of Xbone users would have played previously/are currently playing and wondering if the "remaster" is worth it? Reply +4
  • Toys R Us falls into administration

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    And yet GAME keeps going. How grossly unfair.

    Feel for the Toys R Us staff. Sounds like the administrators didn't even bother to find a buyer and as usual stepped in, raked as much money as they possibly could out of the business and then shut it down without even bothering to try to salvage anything (I speak from experience here).
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  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider is "climatic finale of Lara Croft's origin story"

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    Sweet. Can't wait. Reply +5
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered review - driving perfection

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    Easily the worst game in the series and I'll never understand why they chose to remaster that one over 2, 3 or Revenge. The worst part (apart from the generic and bland open world that is plaguing so many previously linear series these days) is that when racing none of the roads are gated off and you ALWAYS end up getting lost (through no fault of your own) and losing because of that rather than because you lacked the skill for the race. Incredibly frustrating. Why not bring back the much more focused and fun original burnout games? Reply +8
  • Fallout 3 remade in Fallout 4 mod had to cease development

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    Wow. No one saw that coming, ever /sarcasm.

    A shame but what do you expect from publishers? The mod team would be better off either making their own game or their own mod that basically is a brand new game with new objectives, story, quests, locations etc.
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  • V-Rally returns later this year

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    Cool, I always enjoyed the series. It will be nice to get some gameplay screenshots. Reply 0
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is now backward compatible on Xbox One

  • SonicUk 14/03/2018

    I didn't know Peace Walker was available separately, I thought it was only available on the Mgs Hd Remaster disc. Awesome game. I played it for the first time two years ago when I did a Mgs marathon in chronological order. Highly recommended the game.

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier is the best in the series imo and Wildlands should've stuck to the same formula instead of a generic open world blandfest that takes 50,0000000 hours to complete.
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  • Bluepoint's next game is another remake

  • SonicUk 12/03/2018

    Ico? Reply -2
  • PS4 zombies and motorbikes game Days Gone has been pushed to 2019

  • SonicUk 12/03/2018

    Not sure how it's been "pushed back" as it never had a release date to begin with? However, it does look very good from what has been shown so far. Looking forward to it's eventual release, maybe sometime next year. Reply -2
  • "No freakin' way!!!" will God of War have microtransactions in it

  • SonicUk 08/03/2018

    @Syrette - Are you serious? Hysteria? Try pulling your head out of the sand and look around at the state of our once beloved hobby.

    Pretty much every big publisher has attempted to rip off gamers in so called AAA games for years. I could write a laundry list of the bleeding obvious, but quite frankly if you don't know what I'm talking about by now then there isn't any point. It's refreshing to see a dev actually come out and speak out against rip off tactics in these times, but as I said before, it's sad that it's gotten to the point where this kind of thing is actually a selling point.
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  • SonicUk 07/03/2018

    Sad that this is even being discussed, although good to see a dev push back against this kind of bullshit. It says something about the state of the industry today when instead of getting excited about a new game coming out, you have to constantly research every game to see if/how the publishers intend to rip you off. Reply +21
  • Bravo Team review - an astonishingly bad VR shooter from a team that should know better

  • SonicUk 07/03/2018

    Not quite sure what the issue is with Rogue Warrior? Sure it's pretty short and lacks polish but it is a budget game so what do you expect? I enjoyed my time with it anyway and is yet another example of why I never listen to reviews.

    That being said, reading this one cracked me up, especially seeing the gif of the guy literally running through the elevator wall!

    I think vr is going to be another kinect where the technology isn't quite there/a bit shit and even in it's current state is never fully realised. Classic example is in this game where the camera goes into third person during transitions. Why? It's supposed to be VR ie first person, you know, like you're actually there? Then there's the whole on rails situation - again, completely defeating the point of vr which is supposed to be a fully interactive experience. I see nothing in this game that couldn't be played on a normal tv with a joypad. Infact, I'd argue that it would be better to play it that way (not that I'd want to!).
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  • After the Apocalypse, a new beginning beckons for Battlefield

  • SonicUk 02/03/2018

    Bf3 was the best in the series and 4 the second best so I fail to see how 4 "fell on its face" or why the author thinks 3 was "too much like cod". They both had great campaigns with 3 being the best of the bunch. I'm disapointed (but not in the least bit surprised) to see the next game is going to be ww2 and have started to wonder if we'll ever see a modern military fps on current hardware again this gen (cod 4 remastered I don't count) as the only military fps on the current consoles is bf4 as far as I'm aware and that was a launch game. We've had ww1 and ww2 and now we're having ww2 again. Lets have something different ffs. Reply 0
  • Controversial Crytek boss Cevat Yerli steps down

  • SonicUk 02/03/2018

    All I want out of Crytek is a physical remaster of Crysis 1, 2, 3 and Warhead for consoles. That alone would make them a ton of money which would help fund the development of Crysis 4. Instead they seem content to just sit on the licence, do absolutely nothing with it and just keep churning out always online Pay To Win garbage. Reply 0
  • UK electronics chain Maplin in administration, too

  • SonicUk 28/02/2018

    Maplin treat their staff with utter comtempt, only give a 1 hour unpiad break for 8 1/2 hour shifts and massively overprice everything (especially leads). They also hate issuing refunds (the staff are actually tracked on this and told by senior management to get out of refunding as much as possible). It's not surprising they are folding. I feel for the front line staff as always but as usual the senior management will walk away with their bonues intact and hundreds of thousands in the bank.

    As someone else said why the fuck haven't Game - the vultures of the high street, gone the same way by now? Seriously, how the hell are they still afloat with their (borderline illegal) scumbag business practices?
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  • Horizon Zero Dawn shifts a whopping 7.6m copies

  • SonicUk 28/02/2018

    No gambling mechanics. No always online drm bullshit. No shoehorned in multiplayer. No rip off anti-consumer tactics. Just a great single player game made by passionate people. It fills me with a little hope seeing something like this do so well and the devs should be congratulated on a job well done (and a terrific game to boot).

    See publishers, take note: THIS is how you do it and make money, while creating goodwill that ensures continuous sales and support for a sequel.
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  • The Witcher 2, Crackdown and Fable are being enhanced for Xbox One X

  • SonicUk 27/02/2018

    @mostro - I have zero interest in an xbox one X. Reply -38
  • SonicUk 27/02/2018

    @jabberwocky - I'm not seeing/have never seen that option? When I go to my updates section and select "xbox x enchanced" it shows me the games that have updates for xbox x, but if I deselect that and just pick "games" they are all still showing (the exact same games that are under the xbox x section). I'd love a way to stop these space hogging updates for an X, but I can't see one, which is why I get so cross as they're adding up and wasting huge amounts of space on my hdd. A mate of mine who also has an original xbox is having the same issue. Reply -37
  • SonicUk 27/02/2018

    @Dizzy - As an xbox one owner I think I'm pretty qualified on the subject matter. Reply -48
  • SonicUk 27/02/2018

    Another hdd space wasting patch incoming to my original xbox one then - FOR A CONSOLE I DON'T OWN. Where's this "intelligent delivery system" microsoft? The one you announced almost SIX MONTHS ago? Seriously, just either give me the option to omit any patches for a system I DON'T OWN or simply roll out patches for the consoles they're actually for. Reply -68
  • Yes, you really do have to pay for an extra character slot in Metal Gear Survive

  • SonicUk 26/02/2018

    "Metal Gear Survive contains a second currency powered by 'SV Coins' - coins that can only be purchased with real money"

    Of course it does. Fucking disgusting. The game is an always online (even for single player) clusterfuck of epic proportions that has a frankly RIDICULOUS story (even by metal gear standards), and has NOTHING to do with Metal Gear whatsoever other than name (a marketing exercise - nothing more) that's stuffed to the brim with Pay To Win transaction publisher bullshit.

    Fuck off Konami.
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  • Can Kingdom Come Deliverance's tech deliver its ambitious vision?

  • SonicUk 20/02/2018

    Also "The" Pc version is mentioned. Ok, so what Pc? Most will be running it at equivalent console settings or below according to steam hardware surveys. Depends ENTIRELY on your individual rig and really irks me whenever I see "The" Pc version banded about as if everyones got a Nasa supercomputer in their bedroom/front room/basement/shed/underground bunker etc. Not having a go at DF specifically here, more just in general so please don't take this to heart. Reply +2
  • SonicUk 20/02/2018

    For gods sake DF can you please stop using bitmaps and go back to jpegs! Most phones don't open bitmaps! The only images I can open are the very top ones of the title screen because they are JPEGS (which as fully expected looks identical on all formats, pretty much the same result as every other comparison on any game I've seen so far - disclaimer...I don't sit an inch away from my screen with a magnifying glass). Reply -1
  • The video game industry's loot box problem isn't going away

  • SonicUk 16/02/2018

    It's not just about protecting children though is it? It's about stopping these predatory gambling mechanics that are designed to target the mentally vulnerable (whales and people with addictive personalities). Then there's the whole anti-consumer argument to boot when you've just PAID upfront for a FULL PRICED game only to discover it then not only has the cheek to immediately ask you for even more money but theres no gurantee you'll get the item you actually want - infact the chances of getting the item you want are extremely low, on purpose, to get you to GAMBLE even more money.

    As for the uk gambling comission - bunch of useless pandering incompetents. If it smells like shit and looks like shit, and also meets the dictionary definition of gambling then guess what?
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  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a hefty day-one update

  • SonicUk 15/02/2018

    My copy arrived yesterday and I can't wait to play it but seeing this has made me a little peeved that ONCE AGAIN publishers have released an unfinished game. I'd rather they delay it til it's actually complete and I can't see the problem in doing so. What's a collector like myself going to do in 20 years time when physical games are full of bugs (some of them game breaking) without huge day one patches and I have to buy a secondhand replacement console or a replacement hdd and xbox live (at least in it's current state) is long gone? Reply 0
  • It's 2018 and people are still blaming Grand Theft Auto for speeding

  • SonicUk 15/02/2018

    I thought they couldn't send you to jail unless you were doing double the limit minimum in a built up area (30mph zone)? Regardless, the guy's an idiot anyway and should start taking some responsibility for his own actions. Good to see videogames (and as usual not films, books etc) are still society's no.1 scapegoat. Reply 0
  • Splinter Cell: Conviction is now backward compatible on Xbox One

  • SonicUk 09/02/2018

    Where's my next gen (now current gen) Splinter Cell Ubisoft???

    Well, it's a start. Blacklist next please, followed by the others and then maybe, just maybe you'll announce a new entry in the series (and get Michael Ironside back too).
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  • Far Cry 5 season pass will take you to Vietnam and Mars

  • SonicUk 02/02/2018

    Sigh. YET AGAIN a publisher not only annoucing "dlc" (yeah right, more like ripped out the "full" game pre-launch to be flogged back to you at an over-inflated price) before the games even out, but ONCE AGAIN going into great detail on exactly what that dlc contains. Modern gaming blows and publishers are the reason why. Reply -5
  • Raging Justice is a nostalgia-fuelled trip down the Streets of Rage

  • SonicUk 01/02/2018

    @FilthyAnimal - Not sure if you're referring to SOR Remake, Fighting Force or Scott Pilgrim! Sor remake cannot be obtained from the devs official website but is freely available and easy to find if you know where to look! Fighting force you can pick up a cheap Ps1 or Pc copy secondhand.

    Scott Pilgrim I've never tried. Must look into some gameplay of that one!
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  • SonicUk 01/02/2018

    For anyone who's into these kind of games I can't recommend Streets Of Rage Remake highly enough. Its a love letter to the series and combines all three games with multiple routes and endings, loads of characters and unlockables (no transaction or gambling publisher bullshit in sight), remade music with modern instruments, new weapons, levels and so much more.

    Also check out Fighting Force.
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  • What EA is and isn't saying about microtransactions returning to Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • SonicUk 31/01/2018

    Fuck off EA.

    "Loot boxes" Absolutely ARE gambling in every sense. They are designed to target the mentally vulnerable and get them addicted to gambling and paying obscene amounts of money ontop of the price of a FULL PRICED game. Just fuck off with this "player choice" bullshit you desperately cling to. If it really was about "player choice" you would just put cheat codes in the game like developers used to. Keep your transactions and gambling mechanics out of my FULL PRICED retail games. I have no time for your bullshit and zero tolerance for anti-consumer crap like this.

    God, I hope Disney revokes the Star Wars licence from EA, they should've done it long before now when this whole mess started.

    Shit like this and seeing how suits constantly try and justify their disgusting actions and pull the wool over our eyes are exactly the reason why I've grown increasingly weary of modern gaming which has grown more and more toxic these past few years. Very soon there will come a point where all games are nothing more than glorified slot machines (we're well past halfway there already) and when that time comes I will simply hang up my modern joypad for good, as I have zero interest and zero tolerance for this kind of bullshit in my full priced retail games.
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  • Shadow of the Colossus is one of the best remakes of all time

  • SonicUk 30/01/2018

    Resolution and framerates are the least important aspect of gaming to me and I go by what I can actually see on the screen instead of arbitrary numbers so by that standard, what I can actually see in these screenshots is simply stunning. What a breathtaking masterpiece of a remaster. As someone who owns every version of SOC but has yet to get round to playing any of them, I can now say I'm glad I (unintentionally) waited and can't wait to play this remake. Reply -1
  • You'll soon have to spend twice as much for the same number of reward points at GAME

  • SonicUk 30/01/2018

    ...and yet people STILL shop in there. You can go literally anywhere else and buy games far cheaper and not have to put up with rubbish service, clueless staff, thugs and the stink of BO so WHY THE FUCK would you give Game the time of day? Absolute vultures. Hopefully when (not if) they go out of business the publishers can give other retailers the chance of buying special editions instead of holding them to ransom behind Game and taking all choice of where to buy a product away from the customer (which is entrapment and is illegal). Reply -1
  • Newcomer Shadow offers GTX 1080 gaming power via the cloud

  • SonicUk 26/01/2018

    No thank you. Not interested in renting and at some point in the future that thing you've ended up paying thousands for in monthly fees WILL go offline and disappear forever, leaving you with zero to show for it. I really dislike the way the industry has been heading for a while now and the push to online this and cloud that not only does away with any ownership rights (a publishers wet dream) but makes collecting impossible. Screw that. If I can't own it (hardware and software) and use it whenever I want (years down the line if I so desire) I'm simply not interested. Reply 0
  • Xbox Game Pass revives Xbox One's digital vision - without the evil

  • SonicUk 25/01/2018

    "Works for everyone"? No eurogamer, I see nothing positive about this at all. It's just renting. Why pay money to rent a game when you can buy it, play it as long as you want and if you're so inclined sell it afterwards and get your money back (I don't as I'm a collector but plenty of people do)? I don't do netflix either or any other digital renting service for that matter as I want to own the things I pay money for with the ability to use them forever and I see absolutely no value in stuff like this whatsoever. If gaming eventually goes like this (lets be honest, its a publishers wet dream and they've been slowly trying to push this agenda for years) I'll gladly hang up my joypad. Reply -1
  • Ghost Recon Wildlands is getting loot crates

  • SonicUk 25/01/2018

    Well, I wont download the update and will be playing the game offline then. I don't want the FULL PRICED game I'VE PAID FOR infested with despicable, bullshit GAMBLING mechanics designed to fleece the mentally vulnerable and get them addicted to fucking gambling. FUCK YOU UBISOFT. Reply -1
  • Big new Call of Duty: WW2 update is just what the game needed

  • SonicUk 24/01/2018

    If it's "just what the game needed" then I assume the gambling mechanics have been ripped out? Reply 0
  • The new God of War hits PS4 in April

  • SonicUk 24/01/2018

    As someone who's never played the other games in the series I'm very much looking forward to this. I know the gameplay of this one is quite different from the older titles but I have started to collect the other games in the series anyway as they look like good fun.

    Edit - Downvoted for liking a game? Seriously?
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  • Bungie apologises again after another bad week for Destiny 2

  • SonicUk 23/01/2018

    "Recommended", "7th best game of 2017"... Reply 0
  • PlayStation announces official shoe

  • SonicUk 23/01/2018

    I thought I'd seen it all. I was wrong.

    If only Sony offered the "off" option for that stupid flashlight, I mean "lightbar" they insist on making me point at my tv everytime I play my Ps4.
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  • Where do downloadable games go when they die?

  • SonicUk 23/01/2018

    This is exactly why, as a collector, I don't do digital and especially always online. You own nothing and at some point the game WILL be taken offline and disappear from existance. If you ever need to re-download the game (for example you have a new console or have to replace the hdd) you can't. It's effectively renting and I have no interest in it.

    Physical or no-sale.
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  • Driver San Francisco, Far Cry 2 now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility

  • SonicUk 18/01/2018

    Sweet. All we need is FarCry Instincts Predator (my personal favourite) and we'll be able to play the entire FarCry series on xbox. Really like what they've been doing with the backwards compatibility feature and long may it continue. Reply +2
  • Our latest look at Shenmue 3 shows it's on the right track

  • SonicUk 17/01/2018

    I can't see this being released this year at all (but I'm happy to be proved wrong). It looks as though the assets are being made and put into place but there still seems a ton of work to do putting in the actual gameplay and when that's done there will be bug testing to complete. Reply +17
  • Gorgeous nature-themed platform adventure Fe is launching in February

  • SonicUk 12/01/2018

    I know the article mentions digital releases but does anyone know if we will also be seeing a physical release? Reply -1
  • Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered sets sail in March

  • SonicUk 12/01/2018

    I loved AC Rogue and have been thinking about diving back in for a second playthrough for a while. Unlike most other AC games it wasn't filled with bloat and was about half the length instead of requiring several months worth of playtime to complete. Also the northern lights, oh the northern lights. Beautiful, and something I've been trying to see for a couple of years in the uk now (very difficult, but not impossible). Perhaps now is the time to dive back into Rogue. Just waiting for preorders to go up and I'll be placing mine.☺ Reply +2
  • Nintendo fans spent all of last night waiting on a Direct announcement

  • SonicUk 11/01/2018

    @Caimbeul - Fully agree. Reply 0
  • Deep sea survival adventure Subnautica launches this month after three years in Early Access

  • SonicUk 11/01/2018

    So does this include the physical console release?

    Edit - Sorry my bad. Got this mixed up with Aquanox: Deep Descent!
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  • Microsoft planning Xbox career system with avatar loot crate rewards - report

  • SonicUk 10/01/2018

    Loots crates for your avatar?!!? I didn't think it could possibly get any worse. Then it did.

    Just a blatant attempt to normalise gambling so when kids/adults see loot crates in full priced retail games they don't think anything of it and just accept it as normal and quite possibly get themselves addicted (the end goal of the publishers). Fucking disgusting. If these "rewards" are just that, why aren't they being given out in a normal fashion without all this loot crate bollocks? See above for the answer. Whether money is being exchanged or not this IS simulated GAMBLING and NOT something I ever want to see on my gaming system, ever (which I go to to get away from real life issues like shitty gambling - which I fucking despize, not be reminded of them).

    *Shakes head in disbelief at the cesspit this once great industry has become.
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  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed

  • SonicUk 10/01/2018

    Vapourware (that doesn't mind charging you obscene amounts of money for "virtual land" that you have no gurantee of actually getting or being able to do anything with and "virtual ships" that don't do anything and don't physically exist, for a game that isn't even out yet or even have any remote semblance of a release date - and most likely never will).

    It's a shame there seems to be no decent space exploration game like this this gen. No Mans Lie was just a load of broken promises, Elite went back on the promise of offline play TWO WEEKS before launch (resulting in going from a day one purchase to an instant no-sale) and Mass Effect Andromeda while I enjoyed it for what it was suffered from generic open world bloat and wasn't a patch on earlier games. Surely someone somewhere can make a decent space exploration game thats playable offline and give it a physical release?
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