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  • The next game by That Dragon, Cancer's dev is not what you'd expect

  • SnoppleMonster 23/12/2016

    Might I suggest : "You won't believe this one neat game from That Dragon Cancer creators. Doctors hate them"


    "8 pictures from That Dragon Cancer's next game. No 5 will make you cry"


    "The next game from That Dragon Cancer's creators is the PERFECT response to Trump"


    "That Dragon Cancer's creators SHOCK their fans by creating a new game you won't believe"


    "New game from That Dragon Cancer's creator PROVES that angry trolls were WRONG!"

    ...or, you know, a decent none clickbait headline which takes you more than 3 seconds to think up.
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  • Dead Rising 4 outsold The Last Guardian

  • SnoppleMonster 12/12/2016

    @budgietheii This 'drama over nothing' trend is becoming all too familiar here. :( Reply +19
  • Gone Home is free this weekend on PC, Mac and Linux

  • SnoppleMonster 12/11/2016

    I like this game, but that's a massive ruddy spoiler in the byline!!! Reply +3
  • Zoe Quinn's next game is a far cry from Depression Quest

  • SnoppleMonster 27/10/2016


    "How can we get more clicks today????"

    "Hmmmm, not sure"


    "Gasp! I've got an idea, my chums.........."
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  • Mafia 3 review

  • SnoppleMonster 12/10/2016

    @LittleBigDave "but your guilt is actually making things worse and creating more division."

    Agreed. I honestly believe that kind of thinking is the catalyst for the derpy alt-right movement.
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  • Report: Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey secretly funded pro-Trump meme website

  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @PlugMonkey Yeah, I agreed it was semantics, but it was grassy that mentioned that he 'hated' the term free speech, and I wasn't comfortable with someone policing a term which I felt represented a noble ideal.

    Agreed. No more semantics chat. It's also shockingly dull.
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  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @grassyknoll No. That would be silly.

    Dare I say it, I even believe that the President of the US would personally understand that 'free speech' (in a modern society) of course involves consequences.

    Meanings ebb and flow as time goes on.

    I'm just not using your lexicon here.
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  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @grassyknoll Yes, that's the thrust of it, but to cut the subject in to a mere 10 word definition (when scholars have devoted their lives to writing huge volumes of text on the subject) could be seen as a tad glib.

    Anyway, arguing semantics is a cul de sac conversation. I'll agree to disagree and leave it at that.
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  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @grassyknoll I don't agree with your definition of free speech. You've attached a lot of baggage to it. Reply +10
  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @milomikic1 Yeah, my mother is a conservative supporter... I even have a couple of conservative friends ;)

    But you're all wrong :)

    (Said in jest, just in case the tone is lost)
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  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @grassyknoll You 'despise' the term free speech?

    Good lord.

    Yes, folk should be responsible and they will sometimes have to deal with the outcomes of things they say.
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  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    @Widge "Balls to this faux both sides shit".

    No mate, it's called democracy and it's not shit. What you see as 'both sides' is essentially that. Thinking about things rationally is not something we should ever permit to be 'shouted down' by an angry person on either side of the political spectrum.

    I'd define it as the ability to see that I disagree with *everything* this guy has done, but defend his right to believe it in every way. His methods are crass and stupid, but it's not exactly a set hate crimes to draw silly, or offensive (within the laws of hate crime etc) pictures of Clinton. From there you go from a skip to a jump to mildly suggest hes formed persecution and hate groups.... didn't quite read that... he's funded some stupid memes.

    Shouting won't demolish the right.
    Shaming won't demolish the right.

    Have you ever tried engaging in civil discourse with them and trying to get someone to change their minds? Honestly, it's much more likely to succeed.

    I'm not on 'both sides', I'm on the left. I just disagree with these 'methods' of dealing with the right.
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  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2016

    Yeah, the shitposting is indeed bad, but then again, as a left wing person I see lots of shitposts about Trump (much that I dislike him and, 'feel', that he deserves it) but it's relatively the same thing on both sides. This guy, much as he'd like to keep it underwraps, likes Trump more than Clinton and engages in childish memes (I love memes too, but they are a bit childish).

    I keep witnessing a disturbing trend online, that sensible-minded left wing folk are utterly abhorred by right wing folk and.... do things like vaguely suggest that they shouldn't be allowed to be a part in things (such as starting a VR tech firm).

    One of the cornerstones of democracy is free speech and the right to hold whatever view you like, despite how much I (or others) may disagree with it. I always prefer my method of talking to those who have different points of view, rather than drawing lines in the sand and trying to shut them down.
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  • Blizzard story overlord Chris Metzen retires aged 42

  • SnoppleMonster 13/09/2016

    I expect he'll "unretire" once his kids are all grown up, or at least do something different.

    Young children don't last forever....

    Unless you live in that Peter Pan place thingy.
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  • Sonic boom: Ellie Gibson on nostalgia, novelty, and that 9/10

  • SnoppleMonster 06/08/2016

    This is a great article, genuinely created with humour, warmth and with exceptional industry knowledge...

    I miss articles like this.
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  • Watch: Six reasons to be excited about For Honor

  • SnoppleMonster 26/07/2016

    Number 3 will shock you. Reply +12
  • A trio of classic Street Fighter games are coming to the 3DS Virtual Console this week

  • SnoppleMonster 25/07/2016

    @RawShark Just regular Super SF2 on the SNES and Megadrive back in the day. Didn't have a 3D0, had to wait until Capcom Classics Vol 2 on XBOX original before I could play it!!! Reply +3
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis' cancelled sequel detailed

  • SnoppleMonster 22/07/2016

    @smelly But you didn't have to walk back to the time travel device to trade items, pretty much just the first 2 or so. As far as I remember you just click the item, and then the face. It shortened it to a cut scene, and later it became instant. In fact, you could 'flush' an item from all the way in the attic on one character and it would just appear in the others pocket.

    I'm not sure why others haven't told you this though. If that's your biggest criticism (i.e. a misunderstanding of the interface) then might be worth another look!
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  • Gay-themed games Hurt Me Plenty, Succulent, and Stick Shift are now on Steam

  • SnoppleMonster 17/06/2016

    Also a gay man and this seems pretty much to be pointless smut and not for me (the men are sexy but it's kind of meh, like Caswell's Ice Cream Truck video). Besides, isn't it pretty much DOA Beach Volleyball with men?

    Games like Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim (there's a pun in there somewhere) made much more a point (for me) as they were inclusive, and they were great games (ME3 ending aside). There's a little bit more to being gay than anonymous sex encounters and I generally sigh when this is trollied out as a shining example of what I'd (apparently) like.

    By the way, I'm not against smut at all.... I'm all for it. Just musing that this 'wanking over hairy virtual men' game is seen as right on and awesome and that other 'wanking over breasty virtual ladies' game is seen as evil. It's the same ruddy thing, a porn game.

    (Sorry, yes, my points were all over the place, won't be buying it though).
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  • Paradox, this is why we need to talk about your mods

  • SnoppleMonster 01/06/2016

    This is nonsense.

    So Paradox have to police the entire community and give them a 'safe space'?!!

    Racism should, quite rightfully, be challenged whenever it occurs. To make the game's developer/publisher responsible for the entire mod/fanbase for Stellaris is first an impossible feat, and second, speaks of a culture which can't stand alternate (however uninformed) viewpoints.

    Challenge racism. Sticking fingers in your ears and behaving like kids pretending it doesn't exist (avoiding it, making safe places), FUELS racism. Talk to the uneducated, challenge them, tell them how they are wrong. You may even redeem a few people in the process. I don't like this safe space nonsense, it fuels radical thinking on all sides.
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  • Blizzard to remove Overwatch pose accused of reducing Tracer to “another bland female sex symbol”

  • SnoppleMonster 29/03/2016

    Like most things, this seems to me to be a little more of a subtle discussion point than the binary thinking of "OMG Censorship" or "OMG Sexism".

    It's definitely up to Blizzard what they do with their game. The internet sort of forces you to interpret their choice here as a binary, maybe they had a good discussion about it internally and it wasn't so black and white?

    The pose looked kind of goofy... Seriously. That's not a great shot of a butt anyway.

    I suppose you could say it sexualises her too much and it's pretty much exclusively women who get portrayed like this... however I don't have a problem with sex and not a big fan of puritan thinking, I'd rather just the men be treated in exactly the same way (hairy butts in leather chaps ahoy!) If there was fair sexiness on all sides, what the hell could be wrong with that? I'm not into boobs/lady-butts but I won't vilify people who want to look at them, it's human sexuality.

    I really would just rather people discussed the issue than the usual mud flinging calls of 'SJW extremist!' and 'Sexist GG monster!'. I seriously rate people as unenlightened if they fail to consider all sides and demonise the other. But, as some might say "Welcome to the internet!" :(

    Ho hum.
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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture nominated for 10 BAFTA Game Awards

  • SnoppleMonster 10/03/2016

    Life is Strange deserves a ton of awards.

    Her Story deserves as much credit as Night Trap did however. In fact I prefer Night Trap, at least that song that they all mime to has campy values.

    Sorry, I know some people love it, but it's over in about 45 minutes and it's a random collection of videos with the most dull plot twist ever and gameplay inspired by Google searches.
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  • The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD review

  • SnoppleMonster 02/03/2016

    Terrible Eurogamer reviews:

    Resident Evil 4 Wii
    Mortal Kombat X
    Zelda Twilight Princess HD
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  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveal leaked, due in June

  • SnoppleMonster 02/02/2016

    After they cancelled LEGO Hobbit Battle of The Five Armies, I've felt compelled to not buy any more LEGO games.

    Ho hum.
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  • Gone Home console review

  • SnoppleMonster 18/01/2016

    I think part of the fun in Gone Home is how your expectations stack up to what the actual game is. This review is accurate but if I'd have read this before I played Gone Home, then the experience would have been spoiled for me.

    You're best going into it blind, too much spelled out here.

    Also, speaking as a gay man who was 16 in 1993 I think this is a brilliant story, your criticism at the end speaks of a false notion that every story must be incredibly true to life. Ever heard of the film Beautiful Thing? Well it's not incredibly true to life and it's all the better for it, it's a modern day fairy tale (no pun intended), no work of art owes the reader/viewer anything, not even realism.
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  • Splatoon originally designed with toilet travel

  • SnoppleMonster 04/11/2015

    Too bad they got stage fright! Reply +7
  • Watch a Destiny fireteam take apart the game's hardest challenge

  • SnoppleMonster 05/10/2015

    Might I suggest "8 Reasons why you NEED to see this team take apart Destiny's hardest raid; What you see at 1:32 will FLOOR you!" :)

    Seriously though, that raid is hard.... and we've only seen normal thus far.
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  • Mortal Kombat X to get four new DLC characters in 2016

  • SnoppleMonster 03/09/2015

    I liked MK X on release, but the Eurogamer "review" should have focused more on the shortness of the campaign, silly DLC and OTT microtransactions of the game. I'm holding off on all DLC for it at the moment, then I'll trade it in next year for the GOTY edition. Fair few notes saved :) Reply 0
  • The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 boosts console performance

  • SnoppleMonster 12/08/2015

    So, judging by the tone of this update, if I have both consoles (and I do) I'd have a smoother experience on the Xbone, as long as I understand it's sub 1080p?? Interesting.

    Sounds like I can live with that.

    Dodgy framerate annoys me more than sub-optimal resolution. I'm really just after the best version, I don't care for 'console A is better than console B' fan jazz.

    I also have a PC but I'm after couch gaming here.
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  • Mortal Kombat X review

  • SnoppleMonster 22/04/2015

    @siluro8x8 I'm a 38 year old gay man. I don't think I subscribe to the glib stereotype you describe here.

    I made my comments about the review without even looking at the reviewer's name, I couldn't care less about any personal detail of the reviewer. If Eurogamer publish this, they stand by it, so my issue was with Eurogamer themselves. I'm genuinely concerned that the site cares more about getting shock-clicks than being a video gaming fan site.

    The review simply fails to appropriately critque the game, essential details needed in a fighting game review are missing, it's overly concerned with politics (note, I'm not saying a review doesn't have to mention them!) and, I'll say it again, misses the point of a review. I know nothing about the game from this review (from what I could have otherwise guessed) other than some blog-style opinions about progressive politics. It's a poor review.

    Sure, it's an opinion, and you don't agree, but trashing other people's opinions and calling them names is perhaps the more appropriate definition of pathethic.

    Stop boxing people as good/evil and have a nuanced opinion. I'm making a point, not trashing a person.
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  • SnoppleMonster 20/04/2015

    I wait a week for this review (I completed the story mode on Saturday), then it comes with no recommended (or anything) badge.... when it (really) more than deserves one. I don't have to like every review you do, but I think you missed the point somewhere.

    The review spends a third of its time talking about how progressive it is, politically (sexism being toned down, married surnames, gay characters, better race balance, etc). It's good, no it IS a good thing, inclusivity is fun, we ruddy get it, (I'm a gay man and I like the nod), but I can't believe it took a week to write, and almost like it was easier to write about politics than it was to write about a video game.

    The fighting system is essentially glazed over (squibbed with Smash Bros - as if that's a bad thing), the story mode is given a nod, but everything reads as rushed, like it was a chore to review.

    Where is the passion, Eurogamer? What happened to your love of games? This reads like a review from a Daily Mirror Sunday magazine.
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  • You can now buy access to Heroes of the Storm via 29.99 Founder's Pack

  • SnoppleMonster 21/01/2015

    Free to play models are fine when done ok (League of Legends, Hearthstone etc) but Blizzard's pricing model for this pack, and the Heroes generally is too high in HotS.

    So high that I'd never purchase them, only ever grind for the gold.

    Compared to the fact that Riot's IP is more reasonably priced, and I've indeed bought champions with my IP in LoL.
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  • Destiny launch day live report

  • SnoppleMonster 09/09/2014

    I've got the XBone version with a new console. But mates are playing it on the PS4. Argh.... should I swap? Reply +1
  • Over half an hour of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay

  • SnoppleMonster 12/06/2014

    The first game was AMAZING. First JRPG I've properly played in years. Really stunning game with fantastic plot, characters, battles and music.

    Can't wait for this. Hope it's as good. I like the giant dinos whilst wandering the plains.
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  • Minecraft: PS3 Edition getting disc-based launch next month

  • SnoppleMonster 17/04/2014

    Wait.... I don't understand.

    PS3 Minecraft is aready 4 player splitscreen (local). I played it with my niece and nephew a month ago in their living room.

    Or do they mean that the 4 on one console can now go online?
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  • Long-awaited Diablo 3 patch 2.0.1 goes live

  • SnoppleMonster 26/02/2014

    @wyp100 Sorry. It wasn't a comment specifically targeted to make you feel bad, it's more a general observation about a cynical tone (which I inferred from the "...and it's already causing players a problem." bit) that I see a lot in current journalism. What's wrong with a little optimism? :)

    If nothing else, that tagline suggests (to me) that large scale problems were expected, and perhaps are similar to the error 37 release debacle.

    Anyway, I really didn't mean to debunk your article, apologies.

    The article WAS quite informative about the bug in question though...

    Not that I'd touch that nasty auction house. I'm interested in the patch and expansion in general though. :)
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  • SnoppleMonster 26/02/2014

    I'm pretty sure that can be patched out pretty quickly.

    The tone of this article is very sensationalist and tabloidy. Why does everything have to be a scandal?
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  • Win a 400 Sony Entertainment Network voucher

  • SnoppleMonster 21/02/2014

    Mass Effect 3, Citadel. Gave me a last chance at pairing up on a mission with Urdnot Wrex, and that itself was a wonderful thing.

    I went on a mission with him, and the meat head Vega, two opposite ends of my Mass Effect life span together in a rather fun mission.

    It's fan service, but it gave it a 'send off' quality. Still makes me smile! :)
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  • Next-Gen Face-Off: Tomb Raider Definitive Edition

  • SnoppleMonster 29/01/2014

    I haven't bought any of the 'next gen' consoles yet as I'm still waiting for a semi-decent library of games before I take the plunge.

    In the previous generation, I always preferred the 360 in multiformat releases, as, (generally) they had the lion's share of Eurogamer face-offs, and I have a larger amount of Xbox LIVE friends than I do PSN friends.

    Having said all this, it's face-offs like this, ones which show that the PS4 edges ahead in its current releases which seriously dictate which of the two next gen machines I get first, and also which machine will see my multiformat versions being purchased for.

    So yeah, to clarify I'm pretty anal about having the 'best' version and no brand loyalty. :)

    (I have a gaming PC by the way, but I'm keeping this comment to consoles to save writing War & Peace)
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  • Wii U hardware back-compat penalises PAL gamers

  • SnoppleMonster 05/12/2012

    Interesting editorial slant here Eurogamer.

    I can't ever say I've wanted to boot up ANY console in 50hz since the days that the Dreamcast showed us all the speed and screen retail we'd been shafted on from the days of the Megadrive.

    I shall not shed a single tear for the loss of 50hz, it's massive borders, it's Final Fantasty VII ruining ways and it making a mockery of speed sensitive beat em ups.

    Having said that. My Wii U upscaling on Wii titles is quite poor. Made me look into the Dolphin emulator.

    In summary: Jog on 50hz. Don't come back. That is all. :)
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  • Assassin's Creed exec: Japan devs' stories criticised less because of journalists' "subtle racism"

  • SnoppleMonster 17/08/2012

    I think he has a certain point. But accusing journos of racism is a bit much. Reply +20
  • YouTube app hits PS Vita late June

  • SnoppleMonster 01/06/2012

    Will it run in higher than 240p? Because YT on the PS3 is beyond awful. It's like the internet from 2005. Reply +12
  • SSF4 AE Ver. 2012 patch release date announced

  • SnoppleMonster 03/02/2012

    Isn't this a patch on top of the existing 2012 patch? Reply +2
  • Big changes to Diablo 3 detailed, more to come

  • SnoppleMonster 20/01/2012


    I'll have expired by the time they release this! :(
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  • Mario Party 9 release date announced

  • SnoppleMonster 18/01/2012

    I hope it's better than Mario Party 8. For all the low reviews they received, MP 4, 5, 6 and 7 all had decent mini games, and decent 'bonus stars'. I had a lot of fun.


    4:3 presentation on a Widescreen console.
    Poor use of the Wiimote.
    Mini games surprisingly poor.
    All bonus stars based on random chance.
    'Boards' simplified to a 'snakes and ladders' level. Giving the macro-game a pointless feel.
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  • Blizzard DOTA "completely rebooted"

  • SnoppleMonster 22/08/2011

    I never played DOTA during the Warcraft III days, completely passed me by, but League of Legends and it's "free to play" model grabbed me, it's awesome. Heroes of Newerth was ok, however the pricing model was all wrong (until they changed it), and now I'm already settled into LoL.

    DOTA2 is interesting to see what a big publisher does with it.

    Blizzard seems a bit late to its own game. Not sure they're firing on all cylinders here.
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  • Sonic Colours

  • SnoppleMonster 11/11/2010


    Have to admit I wasn't that keen on Sonic 4 (he's just too damn big and takes FOREVER to get moving), however I'm as excited as a little kid in a toy shop about this. :)

    If this is as good as Sonic Rush, I'm going to love it!
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  • Game Dev Story

  • SnoppleMonster 02/11/2010

    I love this game. I've played it for 3 weeks thus far and I'm loving every minute.

    Never outsource music tracks to Milk Puddingsky though. She doesn't half strike out a lot! :)
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  • How Castlevania Nearly Didn't Happen

  • SnoppleMonster 27/10/2010

    Save patch? Out today.
    I downloaded it this morning.
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  • "Gay space marines" man apologises

  • SnoppleMonster 23/09/2010


    I like muscles :(

    Mind you, I'm no stereotype.
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