SmorgMan Groups

  • Heavy Rain

    group for discussion aboutHeavy Rain maybe the best game
    2009/2010! 9 Members

  • Adult Swim

    For fans of any cartoon in the adult swim show. 38 Members

  • End the console war

    If you think every console is as good as eachother. Join. 4 Members

  • Great British Gamers (GBR:G)

    Rule Britiania!, Cod 'n' Chips and all that good stuff. 24 Members

  • MAG (Massive Action Game)

    I just got a new metalgear solid4 bluetooth for my ps3 and i can
    hear people talking through it but i can't talk to them what can
    i do to fix this 1857 Members

  • Mario Kart Wii

    60 Members

  • Modern Warfare 2

    11.10.09! 45 Members

  • Monster Hunters

    "This game contains scenes of graphic violence and
    gore." There's also cooking cats and a pig in a leotard. 70 Members

  • PS3 Lodge

    Keep the console war crap out and we'll all get along just fine
    ^_______^ 97 Members