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  • reveals Vita launch game prices

  • SlightlyMagic 19/12/2011

    Got the 16GB card on pre-order from Amazon when they originally priced it at £18 last week. It's not been cancelled yet so hopefully it will come through, since the actual prices are rip offs! I don't think I'll buy the console right on launch, but when the wifi version gets to £200 or if there is a decent bundle at £230 I'll probably go for it. As on other consoles, the games will probably be cheap a month or two after release anyway so no point in worrying too much about the prices for those. Reply +1
  • PSN hysteria "a lot of wind and p**s"

  • SlightlyMagic 29/04/2011

    I don't even recall the 1.4 Million Play accounts being stolen, so that would be the 2nd major data loss where my details would have been nicked and nothing came of it. PSN will be the third, we'll see what happens with that over time I guess. Reply +9
  • PSN ID theft aftermath a "trust" issue

  • SlightlyMagic 28/04/2011

    Jesus, if people are so worried about their personal details being stored unencrypted, then best close all your bank accounts and hide your money under your mattress where it can be stolen in the traditional manner. Having worked in the financial industry for 12 years it is not uncommon there so I doubt it's the norm in less regulated industries. The important thing is to have multiple layers of security so only those authorised can access what they should be able to, and of course make sure it is transmitted in encrypted form when it does need to be sent externally. Sony have obviously made a massive screw up somewhere, but storing personal details unencrypted is not exactly a cardinal sin (though perhaps the means by which the hackers gained access may be), and if you don't like it then you are probably best to delete all your information off the internet and burn your router. Just to be safe you see.

    Edit: Having said the above, storing the account passwords unencrypted is pretty stupid, since that is something even Sony's employees don't have a right to know. All the other data is fairly understandable based on my experience.
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  • MS: XBL security "our highest priority"

  • SlightlyMagic 28/04/2011

    I don't think the yearly sub means anything, there's nothing to stop them just pocketing the money as profit and leaving it at that. It not like both Sony and MS stick the details of their network and equipment used out in the open so people can compare. Both companies are all about making money and will spend as much on their security as required by regulations and auditors, regardless of what they charge the public.

    Having seen their biggest competitor get hacked, MS will probably be massively grateful it wasn't them, and may even pay for some extra security behind the scenes that previously was seen as unnecessary (management amazingly loosen the purse strings when something like this happens to a competitor!), but it doesn't matter how much money they throw at it, it only takes one mistake in setting up the security or someone dodgy on the inside of a company to leak something, and you can be comprised as well. Personally I'd stick with pre-pay cards for anything like this (ITunes, Steam etc), and minimise the information you supply. PSN was the biggest so far, but I'm sure there will be something just as bad in years to come.
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  • UK shops: Order today or miss Christmas

  • SlightlyMagic 17/12/2010

    The last first class item I ordered from Amazon at the end of November was 5 days late (missing the birthday it was for), and was actually delivered by Home Delivery Network rather than Royal Mail (and it was only a book, not something large). Since HDN in my area make Royal Mail look incredibly efficient, and their depo is nearly a 2 hour round trip away so I can't collect if I miss it, I might have to blacklist Amazon for anything that I need urgently or isn't small enough to fit through my letter box, which is a bit of a pain. Subsequently ordered something from Amazon and from Firebox in the middle of the snow a couple of weeks back, the Firebox parcel arrived the next day via Royal Mail, the Amazon one still isn't here :( Reply +2