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  • In Theory: is AMD's Ryzen CPU the game-changer for next-gen consoles?

  • Skirlasvoud 09/07/2017

    In the PC space AMD hardware is second best for performance for gaming.
    True, but AMD has shown itself capable of undercutting Intel when it comes to "just" decent, mid-level gear.

    It's exactly what you want as Sony/Microsoft if you need to produce millions of console units at an acceptable price for console gamers. This might change as Sony/Micro/Ninti are slowly raising the price ceiling on their consoles and emphasizing performance.

    All of this means AMD is going to raise the stakes and I can't wait to see them manage. We need someone to compete with intel in the gaming space, in the name of competitive pricing and innovation.
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  • Skirlasvoud 09/07/2017


    I LIKE supporting AMD (I've got an FX-8350 in my current rig) but there's only so much disparity I'm willing to accept before I'll go with the obvious better choice.
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  • TopWare responds to Two Worlds 2's sudden microtransactions update seven years after launch

  • Skirlasvoud 19/06/2017

    "We're just giving the customer options!"

    And players will have to look out that they don't patch in any reasons to do so...
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  • This War of Mine dev shows Frostpunk gameplay in screenshots

  • Skirlasvoud 19/06/2017

    Yep, this is the kind of bleak management simulator I can get into. War of Mine was too finicky, but I do well when governing from up high.

    The artwork reminds me somewhat of the winters in Endless Legend, which were times of equal meagre gloom.

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  • PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a zombies vs humans PvP mode

  • Skirlasvoud 14/06/2017

    Zombies... In a videogame? why didn't anyone else think of that? Reply +11
  • Klei announces new role-playing game Griftlands

  • Skirlasvoud 12/06/2017

    Awesome! Love the new artstyle they appeared to have mastered.
    I was expecting them to stick to their typical little cardboard cut-outs.
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  • Cyberpunk 2077 assets stolen by actual cyberpunks

  • Skirlasvoud 09/06/2017

    CD Projekt Red has reported the theft as a crime in Poland, suggesting this is not, as some have claimed, a marketing ploy.
    That just convinces me that Poland is in on it. The nation giving Obama a copy of Witcher 3 as a token of national pride, and invests several million dollar into CDProject to "investigate" MMO development, would back CDProject up on its ARG.
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  • Eurogamer's picks from the GOG Summer Sale

  • Skirlasvoud 06/06/2017

    More than happy to make a few purchases when - arguably - my favourite gaming site, recommends me sales from my - undisputed - favourite gaming storefront. Reply +4
  • Skirlasvoud 06/06/2017


    Nothing wrong with Skulls of the Shogun either. Neat little tactics title.
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  • Watch: Furious heroes who have less chill than a busted refrigerator

  • Skirlasvoud 04/06/2017


    If someone's angry, what do you usually tell them to do, or have?

    It's a pretty bad pun, I know.
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  • Next Tropico game teased for 2018

  • Skirlasvoud 02/06/2017

    Really hope they renovate the traffic mechanics. Consistently throughout 3,4 and 5, it's traffic jams that grind down the late game.

    If they give me enough of an indication that they'll fix that, I'm in.
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  • Watch: Ian hunts unsuspecting teens in Friday the 13th: The Game

  • Skirlasvoud 30/05/2017


    There's photoshopped flesh between the articles and the comments sections that would haunt Freddy Krueger and make Leatherface queasy.
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  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole finally has a new release date

  • Skirlasvoud 17/05/2017

    Delays be damned, I feel confident about this one. Trey and Matt won't allow this to release without their stamp of quality, just like with Stick of Truth.

    I'd rather they take as long as they need. This is one product that can only get better for it.
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  • Promising PvP MMO Crowfall reveals new look

  • Skirlasvoud 16/05/2017

    I don't care how it looks. MMOs come and go and fancy graphics aren't going to save it from the market crunch.

    In Crowfall, you see, there are two main components. There are campaign worlds where players fight for months for domination and the resources that come with it. Then those worlds are destroyed and people take their spoils back to their Eternal Kingdoms - their own literal kingdoms. It's here the politicking and throne war aspect of the game comes into play as people position for power.
    This reads moderately interesting and impressive however!
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  • Russian YouTuber slapped with three-and-a-half year suspended sentence for playing Pokémon Go in a church

  • Skirlasvoud 11/05/2017


    I'm going to respect and defend your right to chase a group of imaginary beings anywhere in public, as much as the right of a group of people wishing to worship their imaginary being in unified ceremony on their own grounds.
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/05/2017

    Dunno, I'll probably be the only person in this comment sections with the opinion that if someone is warned not to do something, and he does it anyway to see if he can get away with it, he probably shouldn't be surprised if there's consequences. And yes, I think it's a fair request not to take your gaming device with you into a place of worship.

    Wouldn't want the kid to get a prison sentence, but getting forced to make an apology is no less than fair IMO.

    The whole trumped up charges list and 3 year prison sentence... yeah, no. Let's not be serious about that other than spooking him.
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  • Vanquish confirmed for PC

  • Skirlasvoud 10/05/2017


    Cheers! That's very useful info! :D
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  • Skirlasvoud 10/05/2017

    Never really heard of Vanquish. What's so great about it? Reply +9
  • How to save Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Skirlasvoud 10/05/2017


    I won't insist there's obviously no fun to be had in Andromeda. There definitely is in some of its mechanics and I'm happy for you.

    If you look back on the series as a whole however, and pair up ME1, to ME2, ME3 and ME:A, with the goal of figuring out where its artistic consistency and cohesion lie in tone and presentation, the series is more akin to a swerving car, than it is games like Witcher and Elder Scrolls that stay a solid course.

    It's great the swerving car has moved over to your lane to enjoy. Hell, maybe you're the type of gamer capable of finding something enjoyable in all the 4 lanes it has barreled into with tipping wheels by now, but it does jeapordize the identity and creative merits it has.

    Even Witcher has gone through several iterations, from the unbearably clunky first game (which I outright did not enjoy), over to the slick third, but you could tell from the start where it always intended to be and how the series was an evolution towards it.
    Mass Effect is somewhat more confused.

    A fan of the series like me, or like I would have liked to be, would've been better served by more consistency in the ME series. For me, that consistency would've been a very important part towards enjoying the greater whole of it. Right now, I've gotten off. Andromeda is enjoyable, but I don't know what to think of the series any more and I want to know what's happening before I invest.
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  • Skirlasvoud 10/05/2017

    Good article. Channels my current feelings on the series well. There's things to love and I won't deprive proponents of Andromeda their enjoyment of them, but as a series, Mass Effect has become such an anwieldly behemoth that it's body of work swerves wildly at times and I think most of us have to admit; swerves out of bounds frequently. There's some glaring flaws that make it not quite the flagship RPG that most of its more focussed competitors are in feel and execution. Put it like that and I can start forgiving the series somewhat for the peeves I had with it and start looking forward to what's next.

    Article needs to de-guff its first few paragraphs as well and fetch a thesaurus. :-p
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  • Fan gets free trip to BlizzCon after finding long-lost StarCraft gold master

  • Skirlasvoud 04/05/2017

    As Reddit user Hedgehogius_The_God put it, "You are selfish for keeping this out of the hands of programmers - who can bring joy to hundreds of thousands of people - and instead put it in the hands of a crummy company that relies on rehashing other ideas, never to use that code again. Shame on you."
    Oh for fuck sake.

    Yeah, keep it out of the hands of the crummy company whose hard work allowed those hundreds of thousands of people their genre and joy in the first place.

    These people do realize that the disc is only valuable, because of Blizzard in the first place, right? Credits and rights where its bloody due.

    Anarchist edge lords.

    EDIT: basically what user "Number1Laing" said.
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  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • Skirlasvoud 28/04/2017

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  • Dark Souls the Board Game is smarter than it is hard

  • Skirlasvoud 22/04/2017

    Dark Souls the Board Game is smarter than it is hard
    I'd say that this applies to the game too. The hardness of the series has been overstated as a matter of hype. As long as you're smart and patient, Dark Souls is fine.
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  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Fire Keese has an interesting reaction to rain

  • Skirlasvoud 22/04/2017

    Everyone else seems to shower praise upon the game, but I just prefer to save the game for a rainy day.

    Hope I won't get burned over this comment.
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  • The Sexy Brutale's first retail run has an amusing misstep in its manual

  • Skirlasvoud 21/04/2017

    It has a manual? What is this? The noughties?

    Other than that, I cannot recommend the Sexy Brutale enough. It's not quite a murder mystery and has a twist ending that changes the genre, but anyone into Bastion or Silent Hill will be pleasantly surprised.
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  • The Sexy Brutale review

  • Skirlasvoud 14/04/2017


    Sexy as in: A really glamorous and luxurious car.

    Unless you're into leather upholstry as soft like gently molten butter, I'd say not very fappable.
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  • Skirlasvoud 14/04/2017


    To be fair, I think the game is justified in its title when you consider the ending. The Sexy Brutale is set up as a place that is too interesting and appealing to ever quit, no matter how brutal it is.

    It had a similar murder-averting Groundhog Day theme, but was about saving your own ass rather than other people's, IIRC.

    Not as different as you might think then, but at the same time, still completely different. Sexy Brutale really does a shoddy job of explaining its actual genre and theme to unsuspecting players.
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  • British terror hoaxer charged after US gamer shot by cops

  • Skirlasvoud 12/04/2017


    Beautiful. Seems like I've gotten to you enough to affect your reading comprehension, grammar and wit to the level of a "no you!" reply. My work needling the retard troll is done. It was never a fair fight to begin with.

    My opinion might be unpopular, but at least I put thought behind it. You just shitpost. Next time, bring your twat-fu "A" game.
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/04/2017


    To be dragged down cruelly to the level of a simpleton? Yeah, fair enough. It is just the internet after all.
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/04/2017


    Yeah, Holliwoodised by fictional events like Sandy Hooks, the Paris Attacks and the London Shoot-outs more recently.

    If it's not a dangerous hostage situation, like 99% of the time, you send in the police to quell the situation with tea and biscuits. THEN they can surround the house and get eyes on the situation at a leisurely pace.

    For the other 1%, we need Police Special Tactics. They're a thing. The problem here is that these prankers make it seem like it's the other 1% of the time. That's not SWAT's fault, it's that of the prankers.

    Next time there's breaking news on, with pillars of smoke rising out of London, you'll thank your lucky stars there's an organization out there who'll act with supreme efficiency, rather than feel it out. There'll be an equal amount of outrage that not more people were safed, because SWAT played it cool.

    You can't expect government agencies to be less responsible, simply because private individuals have no responsibility. It'll turn into a crap sack world if you allow that to happen.
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/04/2017


    What a load of crap.
    Why gheez, with eloquent and insightful commentary like that, I guess I stand corrected.
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/04/2017


    If the police knock on the door wearing silk gloves, what's to prevent real terrorists from abusing that gentleness?

    What if a terrorist has a family trying to convince the SWAT that the culprit is just laying in bed and innocent, while the fucker is climbing out the window, fetching a knife to hold to his actual hostage's throat, or arming a grenade? Parents do a LOT to shield their criminally insane son from the fallout.
    What if there's a dangerous hostage situation without a second to lose, but the police now take a minute longer to figure out if it's actually prank? American High School Massacre X2?
    And you can route a mobile number to appear American you know?

    SWAT did EXACTLY what they're supposed to do. No need to disassemble their organization, just because society is full of sick fucks thinking they can do whatever they want.

    I feel bad for the victim, but it's the person making the call who's at fault.

    Surely some of those in the police should be facing charges too?
    Absolutely not. You don't hold the guns police officers are carrying responsible, or take them away, just because things could go wrong. Same as you don't hold SWAT responsible, or take it away as an effective tool.
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  • Bayonetta now available on Steam

  • Skirlasvoud 11/04/2017


    If there's ANY game that I felt console-jealous for as a PC player, Bayonetta was it. Tried emulating the bugger, results were crap, I can now finally purchase it for realsies. Thank you Platinum!
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  • PewDiePie launches weekly Twitch show, as advertisers back away from YouTube

  • Skirlasvoud 10/04/2017

    Congratulations Pewds. You are now literally a cancer, or a virus.

    You spout your garbage until the platform dies for lack of sponsor interest, then you leap over into your new host body until you go too far there.
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  • CD Projekt explains Cyberpunk trademark

  • Skirlasvoud 07/04/2017


    I think Trademark is a greyer area than that.

    I'm following this guy:

    He's a copyright and trademark attorney. That video of his, makes an EXCELLENT example of how Trademark works.

    Basically, if you want to weaponize trademark law, you need to show that your product is unique and that the other party is trying to emulate the spirit and feel of your trademark. You need to show an intent to confuse.

    "Cyberpunk" is a trademark that is ALMOST indefensible by it's very nature. Anything with a dystopian future is already Cyberpunk. CDProject Red isn't doing anything new, or unique. Anyone else using the name "Cyberpunk", actually writing about the actual genre, would be safe, as long as they're not copying what IS unique about CDPR's own game, which should be very little since the genre is so derivative.

    The only thing gained by CDPR, is that they've shielded themselves from copyright trolls doing the same. The attacks of these copyright trolls against CDPR would be just as rubbish, but more harmful than vise versa since the copyright trolls can actually hamper the development and release of Cyberpunk 2077, with nothing but spite and oodles of free time lost on their side.
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  • Skirlasvoud 07/04/2017

    I trust CD Project Red. For anyone else this would have raised alarms, but not for a company known not balk at DRM, practically give update and game content away to customers and treats its playerbase well.

    I struggle to imagine a circumstance where it's in CDP's nature to abuse it.

    This really does look like CDPR is simply protecting the name from OTHERS abusing the system. Besides, I think it's nearly impossible to weaponize the trademark with ill-intent, should CDPR ever lose it's mind. Anyone making a dystopian future city, can claim it's a play on the genre, not CDPR's work. It's too derivative.
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  • The naked bum cheeks that almost cost Overcooked its age rating

  • Skirlasvoud 03/04/2017


    Sergeant Butts' father was an army man too. They offered to make him a general, but he declined. General Butts didn't sound nowhere near as dashing as MAJOR butts.
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  • Yooka-Laylee includes its own DK Rap

  • Skirlasvoud 02/04/2017

    This is even better than that time I saw Darth Vader and Palpetine throw down on the dance floor.

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  • Skirlasvoud 01/04/2017

    Huh. Always thought the Lizard was female.

    The entire rap is such a gloriously unabashed stupid that it's actually kinda adorable.
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  • Peripherals maker Mad Catz files for bankruptcy

  • Skirlasvoud 31/03/2017

    Should have cornered the market on people speedrunning Dark Souls on hilariously inappropriate peripherals. Reply +2
  • Watch: Johnny makes the Sandvich from Team Fortress 2

  • Skirlasvoud 29/03/2017

    Wrong recipe Johnny!

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  • Fake news! Did Final Fantasy 15's reworked Chapter 13 just get political?

  • Skirlasvoud 27/03/2017

    Oh my god! That Sephiroth/Trump hybrid monster as the front picture!

    Burn it! Burn it with fire!

    *Curls up into a little ball and starts crying* The day Final Fantasy lost all innocence.
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  • Meeting Andrzej Sapkowski, the writer who created The Witcher

  • Skirlasvoud 24/03/2017


    I wouldn't. I'm too fond of my arms.
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  • Skirlasvoud 24/03/2017

    So that's where the term "Crotchety" came from. :P Reply +16
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda review

  • Skirlasvoud 20/03/2017


    I don't understand this, Mass Effect 3: Citadel was excellent, humorous, emotional and oozed Mass Effectness
    It was also incredibly camp, chock-full of fan-service and had none of the character or story progression, or depth of the main games.
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  • Skirlasvoud 20/03/2017

    @AgentDaleCooper The last hour does NOTHING to respect itself and the two preceeding games in a frenzy to wrap things up.

    For instance, Geth suddenly decide that having Reaper AI is neccesary for plot reasons, completely negating ME2. Without the DLC, none of the choices or effects you've had on the universe matter and with DLC, you get a slideshow that feels separate from the rest of the games.
    The reapers and plot force you into an uncomfortable choice that hasn't been set up by anything before, and has far reaching consequences.
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  • Skirlasvoud 20/03/2017

    Where the original Mass Effect games kept you moving through the story, Andromeda relegates its critical path to second place, offering up a spread of loosely associated scenarios that just happens to include a fairly uninspired tussle with a genocidal tyrant. It's a game that is more interested in keeping you busy than keeping you in suspense about what happens next, or making you feel the consequences of your actions.
    Pretty much exactly what I was expecting from a game confessing to take inspiration from Dragon Age:Inquisition. Add on top of that the weird dialogue and animation, and even the fun combat can't make up for a deserved verdict.

    Can't shrug the feeling that this review was especially harsh though.

    Along for the ride are the original trilogy's salarians (frog scientists), krogans (fatter Klingons), turians (military crabs) and asari (pansexual elves)
    Harsh, but not inaccurate. :-P Don't fat shame Wrex! He was perfectly cuddly dammit!
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  • Wii emulator so accurate you can buy games from the Wii Shop Channel

  • Skirlasvoud 18/03/2017

    Only question is: Will I lose my games should Nintendo ever put the boot in? Reply +2
  • Mass Effect's best mission

  • Skirlasvoud 17/03/2017

    As much as I deride and slag off Mass Effect 3 for EVERYTHING else, ranging from its ending, new characters, the geth resolution and Cerberus...

    Yeah. The Genophage mission was a slice of heaven that went halfway making up for everything else, which is an amazing feat.

    EDIT: Just watching the videos makes me mad. The whole genophage thing is such a wonderful, amazing plotline. How on Earth Bioware thought tying it all up with a choice between red, green, or blue and a few throw-away still-slides in the DLC was fitting, is beyond me. After all the effort they put in, the conclusion deserved more dammit!
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  • New Reservoir Dogs game doesn't have much in common with Reservoir Dogs

  • Skirlasvoud 14/03/2017

    Look, as long as it has either a dog, or a reservoir in it, consider my requirements fulfilled. Reply +9