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  • Watch this parkour team go Assassin's Creed over Paris rooftops

  • Skirlasvoud 23/07/2014

    Bet none of them is female though. :P Reply -1
  • Video: World's Fastest Pizza is a stuffed crust Hotline Miami

  • Skirlasvoud 22/07/2014

    You need cleverness and subtlety to make bizarre work like Hotline Miami did. This game is nothing like it.

    I would have alt-F4'd it three seconds into those annoying loading screen telephone calls.
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  • Yogventures dev to "dissolve" following Yogscast-backed project failure

  • Skirlasvoud 22/07/2014



    So the announcement was literally about misspending your budget and looking to other people's money as the solution to everything.

    Captain Hindsight would be proud.

    So how did this managed to get funded again?
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  • What the FAQ?

  • Skirlasvoud 20/07/2014


    Good point. I think that's what the article was getting at with the last paragraphs too.

    Wonder if Damir Kolar still writes FAQS, or if he moved on to wikias.
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  • Skirlasvoud 20/07/2014

    Used to use Gamefaqs a lot. They were still relevant to me when this article came out in fact. However, I've completely supplanted their knowledge with those of wikis when I can since the rise of the latter in the last couple of years.

    I usually only need a deeper understanding of game mechanics that the manual failed to provide. A neat, one page summary with pictures does a lot better at that, than skimming a long list of text that sorta spoilers the main game by telling me exactly what to do.

    I'm playing Civilization 5 right now and googling up or Carl's guides with "Civ5 iron" for looking up the resource value of iron, is just so much easier than pinpointing it in gamefaqs.
    I can also be more confident that a wikia's information is up to snuff, with the pages administered by the thousands, rather than just a single fallible person.

    I'd still like to shake the hand of guys like Damir Kolar. Good times back when I needed a walkthrough for Monkey Island's difficult parts and I might still when I boot up Grim Fandango for the first time.
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  • You've got male

  • Skirlasvoud 19/07/2014

    I was about to object to this:

    So there's no real reason why pretty much any game character couldn't swap gender, or race, without impacting whatever passes for a story.
    I don't belief greater strides in gender equality comes from simply swapping genders. That Femshep was hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread irked me a lot.

    Fortunatly for me, the article seems to match my opinion more closely with this:

    It's not just about taking a male character and making them female.
    Though I'm confused by this:

    using her gender to inform that story, but never letting her be defined by it.

    I belief that females should be characterized as female by doing and thinking characteristically female things. Mothers don't act the same as fathers, female leaders act different from their male counterparts and most women have a different perspective on violence, relationships, suffering, aesthetics, ego and so on. The difference are subtle enough not to elaborate on, but all of them together is what makes a female character recognizable by her gender and not just have her be the step-in to the male with oogly bits as a bonus.

    I feel that not having that affect their behavior is a large oversight that diminishes them in their own way. However, yes, the moment they do create a character nuanced enough to actually *be* a female, immediately make that fact unimportant and let her lead the story in her own right.

    If that's what's meant, than I think this is the best gender equality article on here yet.
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  • Finally there's Areal prototype game footage

  • Skirlasvoud 18/07/2014


    "peacock bear" :D
    It's what happens when the cockatrice and manbearpig get together over a bowl of pea soup.

    I also would have accepted the pigatrice and mancock soup as outcomes, but only if the father was decidedly more manpigbearish than bearmanpigish.
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  • Kickstarter-funded Yogventures canned, backers given Steam key for another game instead

  • Skirlasvoud 17/07/2014


    No, I don't know what all the words mean, or else I wouldn't have asked. :P Notice the question mark at the end.

    It's the reason I stay away from stuff like this. Too much uncertainty and toying around with the definition of words. I'd rather wait until a reviewer can simply break it down to me in terms of a 10 point scale.

    Thanks for elaborating though...
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  • Skirlasvoud 17/07/2014


    Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.
    I don't get it. They haven't been able to fulfill the most basic reward in backing the product: an actual game. Doesn't that mean that everyone should get refunded by those terms?

    What a mess. I'm glad I stay away from betas, alphas and early-access titles, let alone kickstarter projects.
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  • First footage of Wii U-exclusive survival horror Project Zero 5

  • Skirlasvoud 17/07/2014


    Played two of them... I think it is the gimmick with the camera that makes it so scary. Finding a good gun to shoot with already does a lot to empower you in 90% of all horror games, as you can begin to repel most things coming in gunshot range.

    In fatal frame, the camera is a bit of an odd one at that. Most ghosts are invisible to the naked eye, they teleport all over the place and the only way to track them down is to use a camera, which not only decreases your vision and zooms it in on the horror, but works best close up. After a while, you begin to resent using the thing that can save your life since it forces you to interact with the horror, instead of keep it away.

    Also really liked the unique atmosphere. Fatal Frame enemies and the setting don't rely on physical abhorrence because they're ghosts. There's just constant tension hidden in the pulsing, creeping silence that just occasionally floats in on you like a sharp, luminescent pinprick in the dark and through the unforgiving static and foreboding background.

    That said, after playing the first and second installment, I found that the series does become repetitive.

    I've seen hands poking through a grated hallway before. The bit with the dolls has been in two installments now. I've fought blind girls in Kimonos already. Ritualistic murder victims coming back as ghosts with pieces missing? Check
    Yes, its still eery and after playing the last game almost 6 years ago it might become scary again, but I think the Japanese version of the camera obscura is more prone to becoming stale.
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  • EA ends support for The Sims 2

  • Skirlasvoud 16/07/2014

    No thanks, still playing the Sims 1. At least I can be absolutely sure you've stopped milking that one. Reply 0
  • The Long Dark is coming to Steam Early Access in September

  • Skirlasvoud 15/07/2014

    So... this is a story driven wilderness-survival game? Reply +3
  • There's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Xbox 360 Kinect

  • Skirlasvoud 15/07/2014

    This might be too thinly related to be suitable here and I might get negged to hell for it... but....

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  • Spelunky speed run sets new world record

  • Skirlasvoud 14/07/2014

    Germans are seem to be winning everything right now. Reply +29
  • It's early days, but Sunless Sea is already fascinating

  • Skirlasvoud 14/07/2014

    Damn. I already started noticing it on steam and thought it looked very tasty, but forbade myself from buying the early access option since I don't want the ruin the experience with a beta.

    Eurogamer just made that extra hard...
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  • What's behind Japan's Gundam game obsession?

  • Skirlasvoud 13/07/2014

    Never played any of the games, but I was really impressed with the TV series back when I was a kid and it forced itself a way into the Dragonball Z timeslot. I think it was Gundam Wing series.

    That most of that series plays out with these mechanical monsters trudging through Europe was a big plus to keep my interest - aristocratic families and powerplays and all - but I especially loved how the characters sometimes just took the time to stand still and wonder about why they fight, how they justify violence and to declare their motivation. On top of that; there were no clear good or bad sides and the entire TV show was just a chaotic political spiral with pretty clever philosophical exploration of warfare and conflict at its heart.
    Really, really impressed me as a teenager in between all the mindless Western action movies.

    Still, while I'm happy to have been raised by that little bit of Japanese influence, I think the games are decidedly more pew-pew, huge robots! and s'plosions. ^^ Whenever I see a Gundam game I get excited, but I don't think they have what made the TV-series so special to me.
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  • Blizzard challenges itself to create more diverse heroes and content

  • Skirlasvoud 11/07/2014

    Blizzard challenges itself to create more diverse heroes and content

    Wait a minute, is this article by...?

    By Wesley Yin-Poole
    Not Oli? You mean it's real?

    Good for Blizzard!

    The article reads like they're more about gender and race inclusiveness, but this makes me hopeful that they'll take time to also examine the incredibly asinine moral dichotomy found in most Blizzard products. Hell, maybe diversity will even mean they manage the originality of their products will increase.

    Just think about it... No more fantasy evil that manages to irradiate people to become irredeemably corrupt betrayers. More tragic grey villains and questionable/accidental heroes. No more pantomime bad guys. No more unquestionable bastions of good or evil, only broken up by cutesy goblin explosions, colorful worlds and talking animals.
    Above all, no more feeling that I'm simply playing different settings instead of different stories between Blizzard products.

    They can only improve from here on out! Fingers crossed for more maturity. I expect it from a developer who is so often praised.
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  • MouseCraft review

  • Skirlasvoud 10/07/2014

    I could actually go for a good Lemmings-clone by now. Its been too long and the old series were a lot of fun.

    Too bad I'm not keen of Tetris...
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  • Heavenly Sword movie has a release date

  • Skirlasvoud 10/07/2014


    Never played the game, but I did went through all the cutscenes a while ago. As bizarre as the one you linked above is, I got used to the style rather quickly and I have to say that I absolutely loved the female protagonist's story.

    If I could pick one woman in my known library of games to present us with a strong anti-sexism story, It'd be Nariko.

    Prophesied to be the male hero to save them all and reviled for being female, (because a girl surely means the world is doomed. How dare you have the wrong gender!) she goes through the game caring deeply for her family and bonding with them, despite the weight of their disappointment on her shoulders, only to dig deeper than any male hero ever did and sacrificing herself in the end to save them all.

    Better story than Lara Croft and FemsShep, because she manages to fight through the prejudice. Most of the are feisty coming of age action girls or a duplicate to their male counterpart. Nariko was always a strong cookie despite/because of all the extra burden she carried and only manages to get respect near the end.

    I pray the movie manages to capture that.
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  • Rob Pardo's legacy of steel

  • Skirlasvoud 04/07/2014

    He was - still is - synonymous with the developer's justly celebrated game design ethos, which eschews dramatic innovations but favours a no less demanding mixture of depth and poise with ready accessibility and strong thematic flavours.
    The... what? Depth and poise? Thematic flavours?

    Since when? Blizzard's products have no more depth than the intellectual properties it copies its thematic flavours from, after applying a tin veneer of its own innovation eschewing personality.
    The more they try to add their own sense of self, the progressively worse the thematic flavour gets. I can still hear them saying: "Those original developers of diablo who now left us? Blizzard north? Yeah, those guys didn't really do story. Diablo 3 will be better!" after which they added a story that was even worse than having none at all.

    Blizzard makes great polished games, not themes, depth, nor poise.


    By Oli Welsh
    Aawwww, good one Oli! I've been coming to Eurogamer for 5 years now, but you still manage to catch me off-guard and get me to taking Blizzard articles seriously whenever one pops up on this site.
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  • Oculus suspends Rift sales in China after "extreme" reselling

  • Skirlasvoud 04/07/2014


    Ah, got it. Thanks!
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  • Skirlasvoud 04/07/2014

    ... I'm not seeing any problem with reselling a piece of hardware, other than this must have meant that the product wasn't very good. Why sell it if you like it? Reply -16
  • Video: Why Superman will never have a good game

  • Skirlasvoud 03/07/2014

    Wasn't there a superman game for the IoS that was pretty decent? Same old OP superman, but the gimmick was to save the city below from the dangers coming up from above.

    That's pretty much Superman's weakness and the way he can be put into a workable game: the failstate is the things he's trying to save, not the man of steel himself.

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  • Divinity: Original Sin Larian Studios' fastest-selling game ever

  • Skirlasvoud 03/07/2014

    Still wish they had spend slightly more time on Dragon Commander. That was another awesome title, but the ending fell flat on its face due to time constraint with this...

    Oh well. At least they made a fan with it. I'll be picking up this latest outing.
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  • Survival sim Gods Will Be Watching release date set this month

  • Skirlasvoud 02/07/2014

    Well, unlike GTA5 they actually advertise their torture scenes...

    Gonna pick it up if they're going to be clever about it, even if it has blood-curdling snuff and gore. I see a strong propensity for multiple endings and challenging me to ponder upon my own moral codes by pushing through and weighing cause and effect. Now THAT'd be the way to get me to really respect and admire flat-out blood and violence in a videogame. Might even get people thinking in a way that reflects on society in a thoughtful, artistic way.

    Don't let me down Gods Will Be Watching.
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  • Video: 11 minutes of exclusive Kingdom Under Fire 2 gameplay

  • Skirlasvoud 01/07/2014


    Some of the story in KUF was downright memorable as well. I can still remember Walter's campaign and the way he was portrayed as an iron-faced soldier of god was downright chilling. You can tell he's a weary, yet noble character capable of self-sacrifice, but one vision of god later and he's colluding with dark elves and slaughtering the human town of greyhampton to get rid of the witnesses.

    Walter: "... for we are doing the work of God. Blessed be the martyrs..."

    Town Defender: "You're slaughtering women and children you monster!"

    And as for the elf boobies:

    Witness the amazing lolno physics. Seeing dark elf infantry top down in the first game was pretty stylish, but you can see how that particular trailer made me cringe a bit.
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  • Skirlasvoud 30/06/2014

    I think back fondly of the first of the games "Kingdoms under Fire: Heroes" from when I had it for the original Xbox. It was a very fun, unique mix of RPG, Total War and Dynasty Warriors. You had several types of squads (Infantry, archers, pikemen, cavalry, artillery, colossus and flying). You actually had to be pretty clever about it and not only make sure the types in your army covered each other, but you could position them across the map like in an RTS, making use of terrain, flanking, height and even the direction of the sun.

    Besides that, each squad could be led by skilled officers that function like mini-bosses, or even a personal hero. Should your hero led squad close to melee with an enemy squad, the game transforms into a hack-and-slash where you can personally rip the enemy squads a new one and make sure the battle ends quickly, as long as the squad following doesn't die. Especially in the later levels, this was all but required, alongside keen tactical manouvring. If you're cutting down stuff with yourr hero and suddenly a shower of arows pins down your bodyguards, then zooming out and ordering your cavalry to chase down the responsible archers was mandatory.

    Doing well en making sure your cavalry continues to trample the enemy and your archers fire with their backs to the sun, ensures you get points to spend on magics like healing, using hero skills or calling down a meteor to smash enemy armies.
    Winning battles even allows you to upgrade squads, officers and your hero with better equipment and abilities, or hire even more squads. It was very detailed for such an old game and you could actually see the gear change. Infantry went from knights to paladins in no time.

    Other than that, the heroes had a lot of character and although the voice acting was mediocre, at least they put heart into it. The music was pretty awesome as well!

    What I've seen from prior trailers of KUF2 wasn't encouraging ( primary focus on elf boobies), but if they actually manage to infuse the RTS part into the standard MMO formula, they'll have something special. We'll be fighting enemy armies capable of structure and strategy, instead of just trash mobs.
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  • The Witcher: Battle Arena is a F2P MOBA for mobile

  • Skirlasvoud 01/07/2014

    CD Projekt Red... mobile F2P MOBA
    I think part of me just died a little.

    No, no... didn't happen. Focussing on Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk again.

    Aaaand repressed. Now where's that Cyberpunk update?
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  • Fans remake Grand Theft Auto 5's trailer in real life

  • Skirlasvoud 01/07/2014

    Haven't read the article, but I have to say that the HD update looks really good! Reply +3
  • Cow Simulator 2014 built for Divinity: Original Sin

  • Skirlasvoud 27/06/2014

    Cow simulator?

    Utter madness!
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  • Huge Witcher 3 leak reveals ending details, monsters, plot

  • Skirlasvoud 23/06/2014


    While I agree that the way women are portrayed in the Witcher can border on the immature, I don't always find that unrealistic and I can easily forgive the game for it over the creation of female role models that are stronger than in any other game.

    This isn't high fantasy. Places like flotsam are pig sties inhabited by what can barely called people: Men walk around without pants, the drunk cheer on bare-knuckle fighters, elves are cruel guerrilla fighters and somewhere there's a guy making a giant chicken suits. To top it off, everyone's a bastard dabbling in Machiavellian games of politics.
    Summing it up, I'm not at all expecting political correctness or any beauty from a realistically ugly world like that. What I expect is a whorehouse in every town and women making use of their gender to secure safety or power. This is ironically and in fact, the most accurate representation of a medieval world I've ever seen in a fantasy game and this is what makes the game great despite the role given to women. In fact, the game is great because of giving this role to women. Let me explain:

    What makes the Witcher fantastical, is the few exceptions given and the amazing contrast with the realism. I loved Saskia for not only rejecting Gerald by the end of Witcher 2, but also having had such a potent amount of control over the situation as a powerful queen. And if not her, I'd like to remind you that by the end of Witcher 2, all of the most important events were put in motion by, and indeed we were fighting against the machination of, powerful women who managed to use their intelligence to play the world's most powerful men against each other. I mean, that's pretty god damn rare.
    Blizzard and its Warcraft lore often pride itself on gender equality, but honestly I got bored with all their females real quick, since all of them were fair and none of them were an exception to the rule.
    Types like Saskia however, are women who manage to stand upright in a world that is slanted against their gender and in return, they use their gender and a distinctly female way of thinking to turn the tables.
    Femshep from Mass Effect and her skills at pulling a trigger was a bad example of a heroin in my opinion. In the end, what is there to distinguish her from her male counterpart? In fact, Femshep is the female who is unrealistically represented, as women simply can't match the physical prowess of men. The Witcher instead, gives us several female leads who are in control and do so in ways that clearly present a feminine way of leadership, intellect, social cunning and ideals. They're the best heroines I've seen so far.

    Maybe its immature, but I think the Witcher is at times, one of the best IPs out there at presenting strong female role models. Maybe even because of it.
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  • Skirlasvoud 23/06/2014


    Men are appealing through their achievements and skill. So yes, I agree with you. The idealization of men is poison in the same vein as sexualizing women.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't really have 40 endings

  • Skirlasvoud 17/06/2014

    "There are only a few completely unique endings,"
    Still cautious. "Just" a few endings - even two - is still doubling or even tripling the amount of work they're putting in compared to ME3. I sincerely hope Bioware won't over-exert itself. They're still recovering and barely on the road back to matching the current competition when it comes to creating serious story-driven RPGs.

    Regardless, this admission makes me slightly more hopeful and I honestly applaud them for rectifying themselves BEFORE releasing the game. Not getting stoned on your own overinflated PR fart-gasses and actually realizing that the word "ending" involves actual effort to meet the expectations of gamers, is a serious step in the right direction.
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  • BioWare: Mass Effect 4 will reference original trilogy but remain separate

  • Skirlasvoud 11/06/2014


    You start most humble opinions on something with:
    [Quote]@latin You are wrong there? That said, yeah I might have dialed it up to eleven on the sarc-dometer. Apologies. Most of that bile should be directed towards Bioware. I'm a teensie bit bitter about me3. :(
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/06/2014


    See my other comment above.

    How low exactly are your standards? Since when is retconning the hell out of an established storyline acceptable? Doesn't that tell you just how flimsy the whole deck of cards is?
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/06/2014


    yeah they looked to have exploded. The EC clears this up

    Yeah that's much better. That's like the new Star Wars movies coming out and we discover Darth Vader "isn't dead after all" because "George Lucas told us so in the extended edition commentary." because "it didn't look that bad. You could see the mask moving on the funeral pyre.".

    Yeah, uh-huh, pretty much.

    And "reapers help rebuild the relays." is like "the Death Star was rebuild as a rainbow spitting tourist attraction, orbiting the rubble of former alderaan. Emperor Palpetine serves a mean chili dog at the exit."
    Not to mention that this completely invalidates two out of three endings in a game where off course, our choices matter.

    No, I can see the series is in great health. Bioware has all their bases covered and why not? There's no glaring plothole a good retcon can't fix. Can't wait to see what they come up with next. I see you have things under control here exopolitics. Can't argue with your grasp and respect for proper storytelling. Excuse me as I'm about to drive a 9 inch nail through my skull.
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  • 10-minute Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay demo

  • Skirlasvoud 11/06/2014

    Romances: "This is the most romances we've done in a BioWare game," said Mark Darrah. They're all optional and come in "a wide variety of flavours", added Laidlaw. "Really what we're hoping is everyone finds somebody to love."
    *Looks up old article*

    "Romances are a nice extra, and naturally we're always going to struggle with how to do them right, but they're well down the list on things I need to concern myself with," added Gaider.

    "I could, in fact, happily have a game without any romances at all... or spend an equal amount of time developing relationships with followers that are non-romantic."

    Point two: "I dislike the idea of every character being sexually available to the player."

    He believes it promotes objectification, and said that in the The Witcher 1, collecting the naked women playing cards "rendered every female character in the game into a puzzle to be solved".

    "As soon as the player is aware, it's possible you are in fact encouraging them towards a certain type of behaviour," he noted.


    Dear Bioware, this is painful for the both of us, so let me put this as succulently as I can:

    Bioware... just shut up and go away. Just... go away. You're being a whore and are emberassing yourself.
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/06/2014

    "40 major endings with additional variations".

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  • Daunted by Planetary Annihilation? The Galactic War campaign is an ideal introduction

  • Skirlasvoud 09/06/2014


    ah, fair enough.

    Still, it was hard for me to take the product serious for a very long time because of it. Only with this Eurogamer article did I stop thinking of it as a scam.

    ... Odd that they'd put it on Steam's front page if the goal was NOT to really sell it during that period.
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  • Skirlasvoud 09/06/2014

    I was scared away by the entry price, back when it was more than a 100 euro just to get into alpha. Sounded like a joke for that amount.

    "Moon to the face" sounds worth it though for half that though!
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  • GoG announces Steam-like client GoG Galaxy

  • Skirlasvoud 05/06/2014

    I love how the announcer has a slightly east-European accent, in line with CDProject's nationality.

    If I could transfer my Steam library to Gog's galaxy, I'd be set.
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  • Watch CD Projekt's Witcher 3 and GOG press conference here at 7pm

  • Skirlasvoud 05/06/2014

    I can remember buying the Witcher 2 standard edition and opening the jewel case.

    It had a map, a cursed coin, soundtrack, funny art referencing to an in-game pamphlet and bonus content.

    I swore the shop owners had accidentally given me the deluxe version. I cluttered the stuff around my room the entire 2 weeks I had Witcher 2 on the mind. I read the map on the buss trip home from the store, played with the coin by flipping it through the knuckles absent mindlessly when contemplating, listened to the quieter tracks of the soundtrack as I was preparing for bed and chuckled as I understood the pamphlet reference.

    Wasn't so much a game I bought as a state of mind. Now that I think back, its little wonder why they managed to turn me into a raging fan.
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  • Total War: Rome 2 Pirates and Raiders DLC announced

  • Skirlasvoud 31/05/2014


    Well at least you've given me an admirable reason for why you're so invested in TW:R2. From what I can tell from your description, you're a passionate and skilled individual who has seriously invested into the game in a way that is rare or even unique compared to the rest of us.

    However, that still ignores the fact that frankly, I don't care about the complexity of the engine or the hard work behind it. The majority of consumer doesn't. Do I respect your and CA's skills when I TRY to understand? Definitely, but I really don't care the same way you do and I don't want to put in the effort to understand. I just want to have my digital entertainment and emotional satisfaction at maximum convenience and minimum effort. That's what gaming and being a consumer is about after WE PAY creative assembly! Either get me that, or I'll walk no matter how brilliant or complex your flawed, slowly improving, troublesome creation that requires addition instructions is. If I want to load my savegame, I will. If not, I'll load the savegame on another game that doesn't have any trouble with that and bitch about yours. I don't want to put the extra effort into you or your work when more convenience is around the corner. And the moment I'm around the corner, I'm not coming back to change my opinion over the improvements, as I frown at how it was and decide my first experiences with the game are part of my satisfaction with it, simply because I can. I don't even need to walk to another publisher as Shogun2 is even now, the superior experience. Deal with the real world.

    I have now stopped releasing mods, not because of the direction CA took with Rome II, but due to the constant whining from its community, because, frankly, you lot are not worth the effort. All you do is whine and complain without the first clue of what is involved in producing software nor the technical achievements and the complexity of this version of their engine compared with previous versions.
    Then just stop! Maybe CA should just throw in the towel too and stop producing Total War if future games are just as badly handicapped, because we'll bitch and complain like the money-paying sloths that we are until someone else does relatively better than you and we'll simply forget about it while remembering the past.

    Now don't get me wrong: I really do enjoy true and genuine effort and am the kind of person who will describe certain games as works of art. However, that's only when the base mechanics are slick enough to slide me down into a startling presentation based on what is shown to me in terms of story, artwork, atmosphere, gameplay and concept, but not on the underlying complexity of the engine.

    Instead of looking what others do right however, you're acting like CA was god's gift to the world, if only we were willing to look past the heap of flaws, have more patience than many other games ask of us and marvel at just how much effort was involved in the invisible core of what is practically a deeply gimped product to the rest of us.

    How much do you feel comfortable with, asking of us Hexcaliber? Its simply not good business sense and CA is indeed, a business.
    You however, are a different matter if your previous description is to be believed. I applaud you for doing so much work for free, though I feel sorry you've married a game like Rome 2.
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  • Skirlasvoud 30/05/2014


    Anyone who hands out broken products like it's the accepted norm deserves a little flak.

    Folks who buy into something faulty are are justified in being jaded, its the producer's responsibility to deliver a good enough product to draw people's attention rather than the consumer's responsibility to keep investigating something that doesn't, and its nothing but healthy to be audibly biased towards something you've had bad experiences with in effort to protect others.

    If nothings else: If you develop leniency towards broken games because "they've gotten better in time!", then that's exactly what you're going to get more of in the future: games crippled on release that improve ever slower or not at all.
    The longer this haunts and hurts Creative assembly, the more likely their next TW game is going to be awesome from the very start and they'll get better.

    I can't figure out for the life of me why you're defending this practice Hexcalibur. Don't you like bug-free games? Do you want the total war series to decrease in quality? Do you want Creative Assembly to keep making mistakes and ruin them eventually?

    You must hate the game more than any of us to accept such low standards. :( I for one love Total-War.
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  • The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep's Clothing review

  • Skirlasvoud 29/05/2014

    Four episodes in, and while it's not entirely clear how your choices have impacted the story,
    Just don't set yourself up for disappointment Dan.
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  • Watch Dogs review

  • Skirlasvoud 27/05/2014

    Reads like an 2-D indie platformer I know has already done the hacking better than this.

    Gunpoint anyone?
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  • Coming home? The return to SimCity

  • Skirlasvoud 23/05/2014


    Already fixed, but poignant jab. ;-)
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  • Skirlasvoud 23/05/2014

    Funny how this re-review comes on the same day the Tropico 5 is out.

    Who wants to join me in a sunny Caribbean conga line and forget all about Simcity?

    El Presidente declares it's Carnival!
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  • Tropico 5 review

  • Skirlasvoud 23/05/2014


    Its fun to struggle against the obstacles you face in the beginning and solve them as a tiny village.
    Seeing your city grow and be ever more capable of dealing with challenges is rewarding.
    However, after that, nearer to completing most later levels in the campaign, the city usually gets large enough that traffic jams WILL show and are impossible to solve because of the terrain and the age of your city.

    I never really felt good going through the campaign because of that. Every city I build would meet the challenge, but only to get abandoned as a gridlocked nightmare shortly afterwards that I was glad to trade in for a new island that would eventually suffer the same fate.
    Did I do well in the game and succeed? Yes.
    Was it rewarding to do so? Meh.

    Types like me and a lot of others who are fan of citybuilders do like to go for perfection and having the tools to tackle any problem that shows up with enough dedication in a city of any shape, especially when we load up sandbox. I don't always like to go for optimal either. I don't want to always build a circle. However, when trying to do really well in Tropico 4 the traffic jams are always the main problem and Tropico simply didn't give us the means to solve them (like a game like simcity 3000 would) without building in a circle.
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  • Skirlasvoud 23/05/2014


    I'll take a slightly remodernized, bug-free "same old, same old." version of Startopia, Dungeon Keeper, XCom and Alpha Centauri any day of the week.

    At least Firaxis didn't and won't disappoint with the latter two.
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