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  • Veteran BioWare writer David Gaider seems to have a new job

  • Skirlasvoud 09/02/2016

    He talked about pranks and about a disorganised but passionate BioWare - one quite different to the company we know today.
    Which is one tightly organised by EA and having lost all passion.
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  • Someone made a working calculator in Super Mario Maker

  • Skirlasvoud 08/02/2016


    Doing that can often lead to new insight or even invention, so I'm fine with a handful of odd birds doing mental things.
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  • "It was tempting to retire…"

  • Skirlasvoud 03/02/2016

    Peter Molyneux has changed. He's a new man with a new plan


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  • XCOM 2 review

  • Skirlasvoud 01/02/2016

    or completely miss its target. If it's the latter, it's a punchline that's been more than three years in the making.
    Well, as long as I'm going to get bald and suffer heart attacks eventually, it might as well be because of X-Com.

    On another note: Despite this game being tougher, I can't help but feel it has gotten somewhat easier judging by all the let's plays. It feels like the teams have gotten more accurate and lethal. If that's true, it's a fair trade-off.
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  • Remembering Dragon Age: Origins

  • Skirlasvoud 31/01/2016

    I strongly disliked the whole induction into the Grey Wardens. Bastards like Duncan don't tell you you'll need to swallow tainted blood and turn into a monster until you have literally no other choice, or he'll slit your throat. And then afterwards the entire thing is presented as heroic, with Allistair constantly whining about how wonderful Duncan and the Grey warden are and were, like a 16 year old girl having been slipped a roofie and thinking the rapists who gangbanged her were the first loves of her life. Stockholm Syndrome anyone?

    Then afterwards, when Duncan is gone and I don't have anyone holding me at gunpoint anymore, I have no choice but to say I'm part of the organization and stick to the role. Fuck that.

    I would have rather died than join the Grey Wardens. I'd have paid good money for an expansion where I can disembowel Duncan in the epilogue and strangle Alistair with the entrails, then run off and actually have the choice of being a hero. The entire reincarnating Arch Demon is hamfisted and there's alternatives to slaying one anyway.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 has shipped 6m units

  • Skirlasvoud 30/01/2016


    They never be allowed to get back to glory. That would imply success.

    Some of the things they've done are simply unforgivable. Any self respecting gamer, developer or game designer should file for a restraining order against these guys.

    There's only so much fesces you can throw around as a publisher before you're tarnished forever.
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  • Skirlasvoud 30/01/2016

    Thing is Eurogamer: I know you're playing me with articles like these...

    But I'm loving it. More articles about Konami suffering please.
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  • Watch: Anxiety and video games - Low Batteries episode 4

  • Skirlasvoud 29/01/2016


    Indeed. You're doing real good work here Johnny. Work that isn't all about traffic, clicks and hype, like most regular gaming sites.

    You're delving into stuff that makes better people out of us and makes us think about both ourselves and our hobbies. Always knew you had things like that in you ever I saw you on Gamespot's feedbackula, though I think you were just trying to dam the flow of human refuge with that one.

    Hope you enjoy the chance to do more with us here on Eurogamer. I at least, greatly appreciate your addition.
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  • Skirlasvoud 29/01/2016


    Social Anxiety is much the same as your own brush with panic attacks Tom, only the trigger is different. Yours is mortality and death, mine's social dynamics and loneliness.

    For me the social anxiety came, whenever I dressed the social event up as far more than it was. Going to a party, I put so much pressure on myself to perform, that I completely psyched myself out. I'm not very good socially, so I wanted to do everything I could to compensate. My friends usually get things like funny anecdotes, a girl's number or a memorable night, so I absolutely forced myself to have these things. If not, I would come across as boring, miss out on the love of my life or come across as strange. Everything would depend on it.

    So of course I never approached these things relaxed, everything seemed like a loss opportunity and before I knew it, the music, darkness, loud noises and atmosphere would just weight on me like a brick and would feel like suffocating, running away from these events and never having any fun.

    I'm older now and I've learned that not that much depends on it and I'm more relaxed by the idea these places simply aren't my thing. Like johnny wisely said: Acknowledging its not much of a struggle at all.
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  • Skirlasvoud 29/01/2016

    Wait what? Episode four? I can remember episode 1. Did I miss episode 2 and 3?


    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3
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  • Sony is trying - and failing - to trademark "Let's Play"

  • Skirlasvoud 28/01/2016

    So this is where Sony tries to wash away its goodwill huh? Reply +54
  • Darkest Dungeon review

  • Skirlasvoud 25/01/2016


    Your description sums up a great many resource games where you slowly need to collect enough critical mass to win and those games are praised as being really good. I don't see DD doing worse than them and maybe even better. Add to that the artstyle, setting and production values and I can see why DD scores highly.

    Got any examples of equivalent games that do better in your opinion?
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  • Skirlasvoud 25/01/2016


    That's the thing. Lovecraftian horror does not equate "game over". Lovecraft is about struggling with coming to grips with your own mortality, insignificance and things you cannot define in the face of your own crumbling reality. Lovecraft is about cruelly subverting humanity's illusionary divinity.

    A "game over" would imply a failstate and a failstate would imply a winstate. A winstate implies that your actions matter and that the heroes can win.
    Instead we have a game where the the things that are represented as human, die, suffer and go insane... and the game doesn't even care. Despite your crusader being broken and smeared across the floor in a bloody heap, life goes on. This subverts human heroism and this my friends, is Lovecraft.

    What would be anti-Lovecraft is the heroes being able to beat the Darkness... but somehow I doubt that this game is going to end on a happy note.
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  • Skirlasvoud 25/01/2016

    Here you can collect new heroes from the stagecoach
    Read heroes as cannonfodder. The most brilliant part about this game, no matter how tough, unforgiving and dark it gets, is that there is no true failstate, other than the one you set yourself. You can get your entire roster of heroes slaughtered or broken down to the very last man or woman, but upon returning to the town after disaster, the trusty stagecoach always have new arrivals and the darkest dungeon will always be there with wide open maw, asking for more fresh meat. After a while, it can get quite macabre.

    The winning strategy for me it seems, is to keep a pool of true heroes that you actually invest in to become better, and a pool of "heroes" that are merely kindling. This is because my real heroes aren't really self-sufficient and can't actually provide for themselves. A successful run won't give you the income necessary to keep them sane, trained and provided. So, I regularly send in weaker stock to retrieve me what baubles and pennies they can to invest in supporting the real deal. These lesser heroes, I simply let die, or send away broken shadows of their former selves after they've outlived their usefulness to me.

    The darkest dungeon isn't so much an enemy, as it is a business acquaintance, as I barter human souls for a handful of coppers. Even things that I imagine to be great victories of the light, are paved by the corpses of innumerable broken things once human.

    Really brings home the themes of loss of heroism and human futility found in Lovecraft.
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  • Oxenfree review

  • Skirlasvoud 22/01/2016

    With Until Dawn locked away in the PS4 camp, I'll settle for this as the closest PC equivalent. ;) Reply 0
  • Fire Emblem: Fates controversial scene changed for Western launch

  • Skirlasvoud 22/01/2016


    You're quite right. I forgot about DOA and how publisher PR isn't always what it seems.

    That said, presented as it is by Eurogamer, it sounds like the original scene was a bad idea.
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  • Skirlasvoud 21/01/2016


    So, how many have actually played the game and understand this scene and character in context?
    The storyline was quickly flagged among players when the game originally launched in Japan last June.
    And that's coming from a less conservative Japanese audience.
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  • Aviary Attorney review

  • Skirlasvoud 21/01/2016


    I want at least one of the witnesses or lawyers to be a badger.
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  • Skirlasvoud 21/01/2016

    I suppose I can sparrow a few quid for this, foot the bill, take a gander and put an interesting idea under my wing. Not sure when I get to play it though. I'd have to establish a pecking order with the other releases. I'm at the point where I need a crane to pile up my steam titles and be able to stork them all, though I guess my first world problems are nothing to crow about. Reply +5
  • I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream is now on mobile

  • Skirlasvoud 16/01/2016


    That was awesome in a horrifying, macabre way. Thanks for the link.

    Not easy reading for the first three paragraphs as the sentences are dense and the story does little to explain anything, but it really comes into itself later on and you get used to the style. Brilliant.
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  • Is your PC really VR-ready?

  • Skirlasvoud 15/01/2016

    I've always wondered if this is on top of the specs required for the software. If, theoretically let's say I wanted to run Witcher 3 in 3D? Would I require two cards? One for the VR and one for the software?

    I guess for now it's a moot point. All VR compatible software doesn't have the looks or the interactivity to be stressful yet.
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  • Disney invests in new YouTube channel network starring PewDiePie

  • Skirlasvoud 14/01/2016


    Hate to play Devil's advocate, but I actually think that PewDiePie isn't directly one of them (divas with a large self-esteem)

    He seems to recognize that he's gotten lucky in an unfair world and wrings from it what he can, because he can. He's gotten fortunate, is what he's willing to admit, instead of being a hot shot.

    PewDiePie is a few notches above rock bottom after I saw that video.

    That said, I hope Disney gathers them all in one place. Like Antartica, the bottom of the ocean, or deep space.
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  • David Bowie dies aged 69

  • Skirlasvoud 11/01/2016


    No worries mate and no need to apologize. Bowie died. I understand.
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/01/2016

    Meanwhile, my local museum currently has this exhibition:

    Seems like a fine time to visit.

    To the art depository!
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/01/2016


    Arguably, going onto comments section to mourn a legend and then worrying enough about the upvotes and negs to turn to naming and shaming... In equal bad taste guys. You're here because Bowie died right?

    I have an admission to make: I'm not much into music. I stumble blindly upon things I likes - which are far and few between - and only make an effort when it truly appeals to me. When music doesn't appeal, at best I ignore it, at worst it annoys me because it is counter to my mood.
    Bowie wasn't one of the artists that truly appealed to me, but even I recognise the impact he's had, just on the world of style, art and sound. And to his credit, I've never heard a Bowie song that didn't sit well with me. They were always smooth enough that I could appreciate them, which says a lot.
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  • Intel Skylake: Core i5 6500 review

  • Skirlasvoud 10/01/2016

    Meanwhile, my cheap & tasty AMD FX-8350 eight core is playing all the new releases without a hitch. Even managed a baby smooth ride of the notorious Arkham City.

    I think I've already found my CPU for this console generation. Why upgrade then?
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  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • Skirlasvoud 09/01/2016

    Town where I was born didn't have any games in the stores, plus my parents only allowed me to play games in the weekends. To me buying a game was double the adventure. First came the trip to the big city. I would inhale the manual on the trip back home. Then there was the sweet anticipation as I waited for the weekend.

    Always felt it added something. I can still remember the first dungeon keeper, command & conquer or simcity 2000. Me reading the manual and trying to imagine how the game would play, would always make it bigger and better than it always was. Yet actually playing the thing was never a dissapointment. Maybe the quality of the olden games was good enough, or I was less of a cynical consumer as a kid.
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  • Skirlasvoud 09/01/2016


    Thing is, Ellie is best in smaller dosages. For the occasional article, she rocks. Put her on the Eurogamer team with her own regular content and something goes horribly wrong.
    I can still remember the meltdown when she went overboard on her weekly videos and her humour got too random, irreverent, unfocused and blatantly unfunny. Like giving a 15 year old girl a failing comedy show. Ellie can come back when someone on the team restrains her a bit, IMO.

    EDIT: Take the last photo for example. It means very little to the article itself. Right now it can kinda stand on itself as a sudden, irrelevant attempt at humour and yes, I'd say the rest of the article is highly enjoyable. However, this is Ellie at about a 4. Give her free reign and scale the Ellie humour up to 11 and you don't know what the fuck is going on anymore.

    Abominations like these, must never happen again:
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  • Square Enix closes cloud gaming company Shinra Technologies

  • Skirlasvoud 06/01/2016

    This idea started and stopped at the pun.

    Must've been too few FF7 fans among the investors.
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  • Shenmue 3 PayPal backers denied Kickstarter-exclusive reward options "as originally promised"

  • Skirlasvoud 05/01/2016

    Sounds to me they were hoping to cover their own asses and expenses by letting the community decide against additional work. Naked cynicism, relying on gamers to deny other gamers exclusive goodies and modern publisher thinking at its finest. Just look at the Deus Ex pre-order shenanigans.

    Only that community was more benevolent than expected... Hah!
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  • 20,000 video game cars flow like water in TrackMania

  • Skirlasvoud 05/01/2016

    Why do the cars flow both ways in the beginning?

    Other than that... spectacular.
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  • Final Fantasy 9 is "coming soon" to PC, iOS and Android

  • Skirlasvoud 05/01/2016

    This is the one I was waiting for. I would have traded Lightning in for it a long time ago. Thanks Squenix. Reply +2
  • PlayStation Network is currently down

  • Skirlasvoud 04/01/2016


    Oh Snap! ;-)
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  • Uncovering the heart of Undertale

  • Skirlasvoud 29/12/2015


    "Rather than being real people, I seem to see mainly vapid caricatures..."

    While its true that the game is embedded firmly in the modern Zeitgeist, having a cast with clearly recognizable modern caricatures (The guy who tries too hard to be cool, the angsty teen with no social life other than the game's equivalent of facebook and a Michael Jackson analogue), I can assure you it's all perfectly sweet and harmless.

    "peddle the shallowest of online themes while followers swarm around to congratulate in echo and detractors flock to the gaslights."

    Only they're not so vapid. You might be right that this is the reason that that so many flock around it, but it isn't the game's intent. The game isn't that cynical.

    Imagine a classical fairytale. It's quite likely that you're now imagining something set in the 18th-19th century. Life didn't have the culture you abhore back then. Back then it still had woodsmen and wolves in the woods too. Well, those fairytales are actually spoofs of 18-19th century life. Most fairy-esque things about them are actually analogs of things of that time. Well meaning spoofs that took things seriously and didn't pander. The big bad wolf and red riding hood was actually a meme about virginity and rapists.

    Undertale is also a fairytale, but it spoofs modern life. So instead of woodsmen and wolves, we get angsty teens and dates with skeletons. So yes it has recognizable modern traits. However, it also doesn't try to pander. It's far too busy being genuinly clever, but uses modern ingredients.
    The problem is that in these modern times, that tends to attract packs of idiots with internet access who sorta gravitate towards each other and find something in the game they recognized in search of desperate self-validation.

    If you don't think the Brothers Grimm were players who wrote their stories motivated by "who can be the most cunty" mixed in with a highscore mechanic of "most memeable viral posts" for the children of ye olde Prussia, then there's a good chance you and Undertale can get along quite well.

    That said, I'm with you. I hate the darker side of modern internet culture as well. I didn't exactly like then, that Undertale uses modern means to convey its story. Sometimes I needed to clench my teeth to look past it, but that's only because I associated Undertale's style of presentation with bad things, not because the game actually attempts to pander to it. And that's a bloody shame since it really is a good fairytale. Can't let internet culture ruin a good thing for you Widge.
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  • Skirlasvoud 27/12/2015


    I can wholeheartedly agree with that. Than again, all these mass voting things, from Gamefaqs to American elections, smack of wild inaccuracy and the frenzied fanaticism of few. I'm more than happy to let a small panel of so-called experts decide and let the rest of the world rage afterwards.

    In any case, I don't think Undertale deserved to win and I quite liked it.
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  • Skirlasvoud 27/12/2015


    Bah, spoiler failure on my part there, but yeah. Wish I had known that in advance.

    Does show you that this game isn't so linear and that your choices matter.
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  • Skirlasvoud 27/12/2015


    "Mountain being made out of molehills with this game"

    Now, that's the sort of criticism that I have less respect for. While I hate to ever say "you just don't get it", the game does have a lot more subtle intelligence than at first appears.

    I respect people who can't get over what the game presents them with in the first 4 hours. I don't expect them to bear through it. But to dismiss Undertale as a molehill? More like tip of the iceberg.

    Unless you can explain why some of the game's deeper themes were such a dissapointment to you ( how about that commentary on player agency? Do you think save games as an analogy of time travel works?), you haven't dug deep enough to disregard the mountain as a molehill. I'm fine with people not wanting to drag themselves up that mountain if they think it sucks. It might not be their Mountain to take. But dismissing it as a molehill?
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  • Skirlasvoud 27/12/2015


    Same here. Some of the rather awkward attempts at parodying the internet were cringeworthy even and I didn't find the characters all that endearing. As one pundit called it: The endings are your reward for putting up with annoying people.

    For those reasons I will never call it a classic, but gosh darn it, if you invest in the concept and stay with it, it really is a very clever game. Linearity is okay since even though your choices have little actual impact on story progress, the game does recognise your choices in a brilliant way. I mean, letting the villain win will kick you out of the world by crashing Undertale, wipes your save and irreparably changes all further endings. After that Undertale becomes that one haunted icon and possessed piece of software on your desktop that has gone rogue - and it's all your fault.

    Brilliance like that does only come 10 hours in though and I can see why people can't be arsed to endure, making me wish Undertale would spill the beans quicker and not be such an odd duck because of it. I wish a company like SquareSoft had handled Undertale into an old fashioned Final Fantasy-esque product instead of Toby fox.

    It's okay though. I recognise Undertale shooting itself in the foot and even though I know it can do better than that, the more people praise it as the best thing ever, the more I empathise people who just don't get it or didn't like what they saw.
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  • That Dragon, Cancer release date set for January

  • Skirlasvoud 23/12/2015


    Fine, I'm not up to date on where this game has been. Guilty as charged. Your answer has enlightened me. Lessons learned.

    I'm not being deliberately insensitive though. People can call off the firing squad.
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  • Skirlasvoud 22/12/2015


    Uhm, excuse?

    So just because this product has a painful subject, it's automatic gold and immune to all negative observation and criticism? An I'm not even criticizing it for god's sake. I'm just commenting on how the development cycle on this has been long.

    I'm IN cancer research. Cry me a river you two.
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  • Skirlasvoud 22/12/2015

    This STILL getting press? I remember first hearing about it some five years ago. Then it was an exclusive for the Ouya something. NOW it's getting released? Must have been in production for ages.

    EDIT: I'm not being deliberately insensitive, just observing how this game has had a long development time for crying out loud.
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  • System Shock 2 still stands as Irrational's finest work

  • Skirlasvoud 21/12/2015

    I'm in love with SHODAN, which is all sorts of wrong by itself. She's just such an incredible villainess.

    She's more menacing then HALL.
    HALL cannot allow us to work against him, which still betrays him as a computer with faulty code. SHODAN on the other hand, WILL not allow us to work against her.

    Meanwhile, SHODAN's all hardware and with no classical gender, meaning no opportunity to hypersexualize her in the normal way if she were a biological female. And yet, female she most definitely is with all the right female themes, simply by her behaviour. She's off to create life, feeling scorned if it rebels against her, she's obsessed with beauty and would like the entire world to worship and fear her. She's the worst of all feared feminine cliche's.

    Nasty girl too:

    "L…l…look at you, hacker: a p-pa-pathetic creature of meat and bone, panting and sweating as you r-run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect, immortal machine?”

    Hhhhmmm yeah. If I didn't know already that I wouldn't survive the encounter, I'd let SHODAN put a leash on me and let her have her way with me for an evening.
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  • Hacker group Phantom Squad launches DDOS attack against Xbox Live

  • Skirlasvoud 18/12/2015

    See. This is what happens when you don't believe us.
    Maybe if you guys didn't talk shit about us, we would not hit Xbox Live this early.
    Struggling to come up with a justification.

    Why do they even bother?
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2015 voting

  • Skirlasvoud 16/12/2015


    Hope my submissions still count. I didn't bother without Renowned Explorers before.


    Renowned Explorers

    On exactly 2pm British time.

    Resubmitted Renowned Explorers a second time because I wanted to say more at 8 minutes past.

    Make em count porkface and thanks you for adding it! :)
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  • Skirlasvoud 16/12/2015


    Yay! It's still not closing time, right? It's already 2pm here, but 20 minutes to go in England?

    Watch me work my magic!
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  • Skirlasvoud 15/12/2015


    Again, Renowned Explorers? I'd like to nominate it.
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  • Skirlasvoud 13/12/2015

    As a PC player:

    1. Witcher 3
    2. Undertale
    3. Metal Gear Solid 5
    4. Renowned Explorers
    5. SOMA

    EDIT: Oh, and jealous of all the people who could play Bloodborne. That would have taken the 4th spot and pushed Renowned Explorers down to 5.
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  • Skirlasvoud 13/12/2015

    Could we please add "Renowned Explorers: International Society" to the list? Best damn rogue-lite this year. Reply 0
  • The evolution of Final Fantasy 7

  • Skirlasvoud 15/12/2015


    That has never been the case in the Original FF7, where it was a soul substance that effected the mind more than the body. Not only that, but that's not how actual mutagens and poisons work. I can tell you that much as a certified Toxicologist. Tifa and Cloud, and especially Zack, Sephiroth for far longer, have all been exposed and it didn't physically sicken them. It would have been counteractive to infuse them otherwise.
    That it is poisonous, mutagenic substance was what Crisis Core added when Squeenix was going haywire with the material.

    If Cloud had truly been exposed to a mutagenic toxicant and looked like THAT because of it, then he's a dead man or set to never recover. That's how mutagens work. He looks like he has liver cancer. It also doesn't explain why Seph, Zack and Tifa aren't suffering. At best, Cloud has been experimented on the same way actual SOLDIERS were.

    That Mako is a poison, doesn't make sense with the original and is a plothole waiting to happen if they're dumb enough to go through with it.

    But hell, Crisis Core and Advent Children were already blowing raspberries with the original material. Anyone nodding along with it... hasn't done a good job of going through FF7 the first time around.
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  • Skirlasvoud 15/12/2015


    "Er, yes. If you played FFVII you would know why he's gaunt and sickly."

    Erm, I'm intimately acquainted with FF7 and you tell me seaside. Why is he looking so gaunt and sickly?

    the guy has amnesia, not anorexia. Being locked in a tube didn't slow Zack down either. And even if, just because he might have a good reason, doesn't mean it should be the style they go for. If they were going to be realistic: Cloud managed to look dangerous in Undermarket, swings around friggin' buster sword and he manages high risk missions just fine. What? Did he manage to perk up within mere days of Tifa finding him? Is he going to look better later in the game? Bullcrap.

    This has less to do with actual good reasons and more to do with the art directors obsession with skinny characters and huge weapons.
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