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  • In Metal Gear Solid 5, stealth doesn't always mean silent

  • Skirlasvoud 23/09/2015

    @Ginryu I'm a witcher fan. I don't see why I should get worked up about that sentence. Flamefan / Troll much Ginryu?

    "Metal Gear Solid 5 might have its problems, but it's still quite easily one of the games of the year"

    The sentence implies that it is one of several of the best games we've had this year. Well deserved I'd say. I'm enjoying it greatly for its own distinct qualities.
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  • Skirlasvoud 23/09/2015

    This still gets you an S rating?

    I always thought that the moment enemies started radiocontact with their CP/HQ, that an S-rating was impossible. Guess I was wrong.
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  • League of Legends team owner embroiled in drug price hike controversy

  • Skirlasvoud 23/09/2015

    This is a weird article.

    I heard president Obama's daughter plays Candy Crush. Eurogamer, you think you can bootstrap Mr. Obama's opions on the Syrian Crisis in with that?
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight to get Catwoman's Revenge add-on

  • Skirlasvoud 23/09/2015


    Maybe Arkham City spoiled me by being a bit too easy, but in that game if you double press the avoid button between attacks or during neutral stance, Batman/Catwoman evades by leaping over enemies. They simply do, no matter what manner of attack is incoming: they evade. Doesn't matter if your a few frames away from the hit connecting with your character, these superheroes can evade it. Makes sense too. I don't think a punch on batman's chisseled chin would be as powerful on his left butcheek as he's already soaring through the air.
    The only exception is that when you execute another move you first need to finish that before you can evade, but that basically means you'll only ever likely to get hit if enemy was already doing an attack of their own BEFORE you made the move. You could have evaded, instead you missed something, goofed and getting hit is your own damn fault.

    Also, during Arkham City freeflow, Batman/Catwoman are capable of travelling tens of meters across the battleground to make their hits connect with a distant enemy. All you need to do is attack in the proper direction.

    This ability in Arkham Knight to deftly evade hits and attack enemies who are at a distance, made the combat very fluid and enjoyable. Things could get hectic and chaotic, but you could always rely on evading and that the game did its best to make your punches hit something as long as you had a plan and targeted. Granted, constantly evading basically gave you immunity and an indefinite break from the combat, but dammit it was hard enough as is. Being good took skill.

    In Arkham Knight, both these things are gone. Batman/Catwoman won't always jump-evade certain incoming enemy attacks, even in neutral stance with more than enough time left and will just stand there and get whacked while I hammer the jump button. In Arkham City, SOMETHING would happen if I pressed a button. I might jump into another fist, but that was my mistake. In Arkham Knight, the game seems so obsessed with the mechanics of the fight, that it will purposely freeze me in place and make the controls unresponsive to get punished, even if in my mind I could easily have avoided it.
    Freeflow in Arkham Knight also no longer means that batman/catwoman will close a distance with an enemy. If you target a henchman at 5 meters distance, batman will punch the air and your entire combat bonus is lost. Wrapping up a fight against 99 enemies and just need to land one more punch on an enemy fleeing for his gun? Sorry, distance too great. Bye bye perfect bonus.

    True, after a while I learned how to cope with it. A fleeing enemy would get a backclaw in the back, but man was it infuriating and clumsy. "Target the medics first!" Sure, great idea, but what do I do when the damn medics keep running away? In Arkham City I could carefully turn batman in their direction from 10 meters away and rest easy knowing that Bats would burst towards the medic, or that I could bounce-attack or evade my way around from enemy to enemy with good speed towards them. In Arkham Knight no such thing happens and if I use the Batclaw, I'm stationary and get hit in the back. I can no longer bounce towards a target from foe to foe, because in between there's always something that demands specific actions, or else the game will rob me of character control and break up the flow of combat to punish me manually. I Fights would drag on and on until I finally lucked my way towards the medic.
    To add insult to injury, you can STILL constantly evade your way into invulnerability in Arkham Knight, but the only difference with Arkham City, is that Arkham City allows you to pick your battles carefully and stay mobile on the fly, while Arkham Knight pretty much ties you down and punishes you for committing.

    Arkham City: "Here's a really big, dangerous brute."
    Me: "Pass. Gonna focus on that gunwielding enemy first. Jumping over him, tapping the enemy behind him, jumping again to get out of the way and near-instantly closing the distance with the gun wielder."
    City: "Oh okay. Well, he'll still be there, just as dangerous."
    Me: "That's fine. I'll deal with him later."
    City: "He's going to chase after you and make life more difficult in general though."
    Me: "Sounds fun! I'm up for that!"
    City: "Almost got you there."
    Me: "Close one! Avoided that on a single frame. Nice try. Boy this game is entertaining."

    Arkham Knight: "Here's a really big dangerous brute."
    Me: "Pass. Gonna focus on that gun wielding enemy first. Jumping over him, tapping the enemy behind him, jumping to get out of the way and near-instantly closing the distance with the gun wielder."
    Knight: "AHEM! Here's a really big dangerous brute!"
    Me: "Yeah, but gun wielder. Look, I just jumped over your brute. I'll just tap the enemy and jump..."
    Knight: "No, you see, you can't make that jump. The brute already started his attack. You need to counter."
    Me: "But there's time! The hit hasn't even landed yet and the jump is away from him! The brute only just now pulled back his arm."
    Knight: "Not if we forbid you from making the next jump *Freezes jump button*."
    Me: "That's not really..."
    Knight: "And now the gun-wielding enemy mowed you down. The medic also just ressed ten of his buddies. You should have gone after him."
    Me: "Fuck you game!"

    Maybe it's not that black and white and I really enjoyed some of the added fighting mechanics in Arkham Knight, like electrified armor, brutes or blade enemies. Arkham City's fluidity with some of Knight's added mechanics would have been my wet dream. Rocksteady went too far though and removed the fluidity of combat.

    Thing is, I can kinda see the more powerful batman being pressed into this ultra-technical, mechanically forced combat, but catwoman?
    I loved that chick for her speed and fluidity. Arkham Knight will be the death of her.

    I understand that this is a matter of opinion and that it just takes some getting used to the new way of fighting, but to me it was just far less fun an acrobatically thrilling as Arkham City.
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  • Skirlasvoud 23/09/2015

    I wasn't looking to buy DLC for Arkham Knight as I didn't think too highly of it, but if combat with Catwoman is even half as satisfying as in Arkham City...

    Egh, who am I kidding. Combat with Batman felt sluggish in Arkham Knight. Can't see Catwoman escaping that.
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  • Sinister clown adventure Dropsy is out now

  • Skirlasvoud 11/09/2015

    I feared this game when it was first announced. It's made by Devolver Digital, creators of Hotline Miami - nightmare fuelled psycho soup - about a retarded clown. The game had all my nope back then.

    Since then I've seen the direction this game has taken and I have to agree with Red_Seeds_Profile, as messed up as this looks, it's actually rather sweet. It's about a reviled freak in every sense of the word who just wants to be nice towards the world. Could be worth a look!
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  • Grow Home and the pleasures of a world you can touch

  • Skirlasvoud 05/09/2015

    The very tactile, yet clumsy way you struggle to traverse what feels like huge and complex terrain in the beginning with your robo-toddler, contrasts beautifully with the simple and elegant amount of freedom that the leaf and jetpack give, to eventually make you feel that the world has scaled down enough through the increase of your mobility for you to own it.

    Grow Home rewards you with a sense of changing scale, freedom and simplicity.

    I did eventually grow bored of it sadly enough. When I finished the game, searching for all the collectibles was a satisfying coming of age as I zipped around the map like never before, but the the moment I was awarded by that adventure by the infinite jetpack, I flew straight from bottom to top. I marvelled at how a journey that once took me 8 hours of gently growing the beanstalk, struggling to climb it and feel the constant tug of gravity trying to pull me down all that dizzying height and hard won progress, now only took me 10 minutes by jetpack with no risks at all.

    I started project Far Horizon and Upper Limit in the late game to try and see how much further the beanstalk was willing to grow in height and width, but once I started hitting the game's invisible walls - realizing that there was indeed a limit to how much of that scale and freedom the game could give me - the magic was gone. Tried restarting Grow Home, but I had become the wiser and I never found the magic again.

    The first 6-10 hours though? It's a gaming experience that I haven't had in a long while and I can easily recommend it to anyone.

    There were people who were using the bumpers and really going quick, hand over hand. Then there were other people - myself included - I tend to put both hands on, pull my weight back and almost catapult myself up, that Tom Cruise-style thing from Mission Impossible.
    Thanks for the article Mr.Donlan

    I almost hadn't realized that yes, there was indeed so much more to climbing than I had realized in Grow Home, but that I had picked up and implemented in my traversals almost instinctively. Must have been my monkey brain.
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  • Halo, Football Manager and Total War devs to make games for War Child

  • Skirlasvoud 04/09/2015

    Kinda feels like "This War of Mine" has already done this, but it's an awesome goal, I'm enthusiastic that the Total War and Halo developers are in on it and I'll be very much looking forward to how much production value they are capable of pouring into this.

    Done right, stuff like this really allows society to empathize.
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  • "Slave Tetris" pulled from Steam game after social media backlash

  • Skirlasvoud 04/09/2015


    Okay, you've got a point. Know that I believe certain subjects should not be represented in kid's media directly and that includes the holocaust, slavery and outright porn, but I agree there should exist more finesse between the two extremes. (My way of thinking is always in extremes until I get into a debate on how to narrow it down)

    What this grey zone is bsolar, I have no idea and the eurogamer comment section is no place for me to draw up a Thesis on it.

    I guess it's personal taste. However, I er on the side of the spectrum leaning towards caution, abolishment of lacking media and the desire to use critique to try and get people to tackle the subject harder and better. I'm against creative expression that doesn't put enough thought into it (Slave Tetris), or sensationalists who don't put enough context into it. (GTA5's torture scenes.)

    This is why I think this is important: Let's say GTA5 puts a fun interactive torture scene in just a small segment of its game. We don't critisize it enough and doing so torture - without it being carried with more weight - becomes pretty mainstream. Sure Rockstar says its a sattire of modern society, but I think the effects are the same. The next time news leaks that American Goverment tortures prisoners of war in real life, it doesn't seem like such a big deal when torture is everywhere. It makes worse humans out of all of us.

    I think it is indeed healthy, to use criticism towards these forms of creative expression, to weed out the bad from the good and not to oversaturate the theme and give it more importance. Criticism isn't censorship in my book, it is a way to bring out the best out of the theme.

    You know what, as horrible as the slave trade is, I think that period of history is fascinating and beautifully dramatic. To come back to your original question: I can in fact think of a way that it might actually be featured well in kid's media, but I think we can expect a lot more than slave Tetris.

    How exactly, can't put my finger on it, but a Cartoon Mouse isn't it. Call me a snob (which I am), but I'm going with my gut feeling here.

    Conversely, the movement in America trying to Ban the Adventures of Huckleberry Fin because it's too coarse and contains the N-word, should sod off. Mark Twain put in an adequate amount of work and I find myself protesting popular opinion.

    Though yes, that's terribly subjective of me, I just want to strive for the best. Criticism does that.
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  • Skirlasvoud 04/09/2015


    Then you and I define criticism in a different way.

    Social Media outrage follows closely on the heel of actual constructive criticism.

    There was no mass outrage against Maus, Paper's please, Shindler's list, Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator and so many others, because these works of art could stand up to the scrutiny of actual criticism.

    Just a few people being offended, don't draw any media attention. At best, it remains a storm in a glass water, opinions bud heads and the product goes ahead. Whenever someone has a well-thought out and valid critism to level against a work of art, THEN the media follows en masse, then people join in on the dogpile. What we see here isn't social media shutting down an attempt at art/education. It's social media following in the wake or being a symptom of valid criticism having done its work and there being a giant "me too" effect with laymans joining in. This entire discussion where people actually think Social Media is big enough to stifle real creative works, is rubbish.
    I'm not even sure what people think they're doing when they rush to defend it? Are they pro-slave tetris, or are the anti-social media? I bet a lot them are only playing devil's advocate and defending slave-tetris because they have a thing against social media, which is sad because they're misguided in their defence and disillusioned in their goals. I bet I could have them jump to defend Hitler and the Holocaust as a stand-up bloke and a wonderful idea, if I start enough of a social media campaign against Nazis.

    Well thought out games like Papers please and their ilk will survive. Slave Tetris, which is not well-though out, will not.
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  • Skirlasvoud 04/09/2015


    Yes, I'd be OK with the game if it were realistic enough not to ever be a kid's game. Everything else is simply too far removed from the true horror of it, that it starts to trivialize and casualize it.
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  • Skirlasvoud 03/09/2015


    Frankly, the Tetris analogy is a pretty damn accurate one. Not one square "block" of wasted space.
    I've already seen these diagrams WAY in advance of this game. That this happened, still shocks me, but it's nothing new to me.

    However, I still feel that representing it through Tetris is abhorable. Not because Tetris shines light on some truth that is too difficult to comprehend, but because it DOESN'T. It casualizes the experience and AVOIDS an accurate representation of the slave trade.

    Let's play Devil's advocate for a moment here and you and me come up with ways how we can improve this game to be accurate.

    - The Slave Tetris blocks should wriggle and squirm while being moved into the ship, changing shape. Liberal application of the whip will fix it. Wailing will hint the player when a block will change shape.

    - The player should have the option to remove lines of slave tetris blocks from the field to make the game a little easier. This is done via chains and a heavy ball at the end of the line as it drags slaves off the playing field and into the ocean like human clothespins on a washing line, limbs snapping like twigs as they are torn across the sharp edge of the deck.

    - Food and rationing should play into the above mechanic too. Not enough wind in your sails, get rid of a few tetris blocks.

    - We can fit more stuff in there. Certain Tetris blocks should be a depiction of mother and child. Wiggling the controller allows the player to seperate the blocks. If the player manages, it should be rewarded by mother's lament and a babe's crying.

    - More visuals should accurately represent the shit and urine soaked atmosphere. Maybe we could work that into a funny dynamic. Maybe use it as lubricant to get blocks into otherwise inaccessible places.

    - Let the game run longer! As lines are completed, they should dispensary from the game to make more room. This disappearance should be simulated by how slaves on the lower decks used to drown in heavy storm. So whenever a player completes a line, sounds of anguished screams as the salty water licks the deep wounds left by the bullwhip, should slowly be drowned out by the water.

    Yes, it's twisted. Yes, it's disgusting. Yes, it's almost impossible to wrap our privileged 21st Century heads around the sheer inhumanity of it. Which is kind of the whole point.
    No. YOU might have trouble dealing with the reality of it if you think slave trade is represented accurately enough by this game that we're upset over THAT. This isn't simply social media hype. Slave Tetris, does NOT accuratly represent the horrors in something as cheerful and colourful as a children's game. We're not complaining out of shock, we're complaining because of the lack of shock. Children cannot begin to even comprehend how horrible it is, so it shouldn't even be made of a children's game.

    If I gave this to my kid, he would end up thinking it's not so bad, when in fact, it was much, much worse. I don't want him/her to associate cartoon mouses, a friendly dragon and funny Twister style body angles of almost stereotypical representations of African black folk with slave trade.
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  • Video: You sure do pass out a lot in video games

  • Skirlasvoud 04/09/2015


    I'm a tall fella with long arteries, so I'm pretty susceptible to changes in blood pressure.

    I'm up to five times and counting. 2 times Anaesthesia for surgery, twice in my life after jumping out of bed from a horizontal position to a very active vertical one (blood hadn't quite flown back to my brain yet... pretty stars everywhere), once during a very high fever at which point I hadn't hydrated enough.

    Have yet to experience black-out from drunkenness. I have the feeling modern young people go through that at least once.
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  • Unpacking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's convoluted "augment your pre-order" program

  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015


    You are of course, right L_A_G and I wish I had your fortitude to break it down so soberly.

    I guess what's so consternation and rage inducing for me, is how people seem ignorant of it.

    If the entire community was like "Squeenix is trying to pull over our eyes... but hey, Deus Ex is a great game, so we don't care about encouraging this sort of behaviour." I would have been sorta okay with it.
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  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015


    I don't want to belief that CDProject does that, but sure, I can get behind your line of thinking Syrette. The whole weekly goody bag sometimes felt a bit too staged for it to be anything more than that.

    But even if both are cynical attempts at manipulating the crowd, then please let it be in the style of CDP instead of Squeenix.

    CDP gets applause for that because it's such a positive departure from what we're expecting. Free DLC? Free? If everyone was forced to do the same to get attention, then in the best case scenario we'd be getting more value for our money or at least equal. CDProject and other publishers would need to show use even more "love" to get the same effect, feigned or not.

    When Squeenix gets applause? What in heaven's sakes for? Because unless you're a good little trained pet and pre-order your game, you won't be getting the content they're withholding from you?
    We should all apply just as much cynics to Squeenix's plot, but instead we have a comments section full of people wagging their tail like retarded Stockholm puppies. "You're allowing us the generous gesture of the full game? Oh thank you Mr. Square Enix. Where would we be without you?"

    I mean, who are these people? I refuse to belief these are fellow customers. They have to be Squeenix's media ninjas. Anything else is making me feel sick and in need of a long shower. If we as a community are that gullible and easy to manipulate, than may god have pity on us all. We're going to need it if the grand majority of us keep acting like spayed circus animals, this scheme is a success and publishers take it to the next step.
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  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015


    Here's another crazy idea! They're already showing that they already have all this content and they could - and stop me if this is just my line of thinking - put all of this content into the game for everybody to enjoy!

    I know! It's completely crazy! Instead of forcing a fake sense of scarcity and leaving you with the sense they've been generous enough to give you anything at all, there exists this alternate reality besides ours where developers value your patronage enough to give you everything they can. CDProject lives in that reality, I try to live in that reality. Maybe you should try out that reality too by you know... not pre-ordering.

    Or was tat sarcasm? Yeah, probably sarcasm.
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  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015


    I want this.
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  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015


    As I see this if I preorder then I get free stuff. That free stuff grows with the more preorders

    I can't believe this is working on you. You're not pre-ordering free stuff for yourself, you're pre-ordering the segregation of content for everyone else, including you. The "stuff" is already there. You're not enabling a poor little indie developer to eek out a few more stretch goals.

    They're blackmailing everyone, keeping content hostage that might have already been in the game, and in return they want artificial loyalty from you. I'm happy that your previous experiences have been so good that you're willing to pre-order, but I'm shocked that you can't see how insidious and manipulative this is, because they're playing everyone else.

    A company like CDproject gives us our porridge, sugar milk and raisins included with the base experience. Squeenix leaves out the sugar and raisins, even though they have bags of the stuff by their side and is only willing to sprinkle it on if you show enough loyalty and zeal to get any. They're playing you and you're enabling them!

    At what point does this become upsetting to you? Sugar and raisins only for people who Got their friends to buy in? No more milk? Because this practice is only going to get more crazy as they can get away with it.

    Are you seriously going to be the lone voice in the room as this goes on saying: "well that was no porridge, but that was a delishous bowl of water and we should be grateful for it. Mine wasnt even stale because I pre-ordered, bless them!"

    Please don't let this be a thing.

    Squeenix can augment my dick.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review

  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015


    Ah, video is appreciated. I'll be new to the series...

    So you'll be playing as the villain in MSG 5? Neat!
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  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015



    Well, there is still Witcher 3 to content with. :D With my purchase of MSG, I'll now own both though.

    It'll be fun alternating a brilliant and realistic fantasy world with a brilliant and realistic pulp modern military slock. I'll keep an open mind and declare my favourite afterwards.

    I have a soft spot for Witcher 3, but if this review is anything to go by, it's going to be one hell of a difficult decision.
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  • Skirlasvoud 01/09/2015

    This is going to be the first Metal Gear Solid I'll ever buy. I might not know what the hell is going on, but fuck it, purchase for me! I need my fix after burning through the last essential Open-World game. Reply +7
  • Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser DLC looks like the expansion fans have been waiting for

  • Skirlasvoud 30/08/2015

    After the new benchmarks set by Witcher 3, it's hard for me to still get excited by this. Reply +1
  • Video: Introducing Low Batteries, a series about mental health and gaming

  • Skirlasvoud 26/08/2015

    That's some deep stuff you're delving into Johnny. Applause. This is the kind of thing why I visit Eurogamer. Glad to see you being such a great addition.

    I'm not feeling too chipper at the moment, but I see myself gravitating towards clicker games or small, not too involving indies. I actually want to get rid of that. I see it as symptomatic of getting stuck in a rut and not doing anything worthwhile. When I feel down, I should be playing Witcher, Final Fantasy, Valkyria Chronicles or something else more cheerful. Some of those games have shaped my ideals and perspectives, given me hopes and dreams. They made me feel and feel alive. It'll probably do me more good than the... idle mindfillers that I'm currently occupied with.
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  • Angry Birds developer Rovio to lay off 260 staff

  • Skirlasvoud 26/08/2015

    I'll say it again:

    Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a lesson that Rovio should have learned from its own product.
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  • Watch 15 minutes of Dying Light's The Following expansion

  • Skirlasvoud 26/08/2015


    He probably wants it in bold, so he can justify his spending habits.

    Season Pass... hah!
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  • The Phantom Pain is unlike other Metal Gear games

  • Skirlasvoud 24/08/2015

    I approve of early impressions ahead of review.

    It allows Eurogamer to get some early traffic in, without rushing the review and lowering quality.
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  • Into the wild: inside The Witcher 3 launch

  • Skirlasvoud 20/08/2015


    +1 , not because I agree, but because I respect your opinion. Many a times a massive open world game was just too out of focus and big for me to handle. Only reason I persist with the Witcher is because of the love of the setting.
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  • A great explanation for how oldschool graphics worked

  • Skirlasvoud 20/08/2015


    I felt so smart after I watched the video and somewhat barely comprehended what they were saying.

    Then I scroll down the comments section and see a whole legion of people like you discussing it like basics. :P

    The comment section sure is humbling today.
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  • Video: Can Sublevel Zero bring back Descent's greatness?

  • Skirlasvoud 19/08/2015

    Can Sublevel Zero bring back Descent's greatness?
    I'm not sure, but DOSBOX and can!

    Whenever it's the goal of any product to "bring back" something that can still be accessed, then I'm not sure if it'll ever be better.
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  • Promo: 300,000 free Steam games up for grabs!

  • Skirlasvoud 17/08/2015

    Turned to the comments section after it demanded Facebook access, expecting that I was the only one who found that intrusive.

    You guys are really restoring my faith in humanity. Thank you. It gives me the courage to one day delete my facebook profile all together.
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  • Why I will never call video games a hobby

  • Skirlasvoud 15/08/2015

    Zombie games tell us we live in a society that is worried about disease, war and immigration.
    Really? Zombie games tell me that we have an an unoriginal, cookie cutting gaming industry, where people make due with zombies as game enemies, because scripting and walking in a straight line towards the player is the easiest AI to program for, although I'm not sure that counts as the sort of cultural expression you were thinking of.

    Nice piece and I agree that to a point that games are a reflection of us as a society - I'm certainly more attracted to the high-brow stuff - but you lost me there and you might be looking into this too much.

    If video games are that much of a reflection of society to you by the way, then don't go on steam green light or early access. :p It'll rip your soul out through your anus and rob you of all hope and faith in humanity.
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  • Witcher 3 mod tools released

  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015


    Hahahaha. True that. ;-)

    Wait till you try Batman Arkham Knight.
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  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015


    I'll immediately agree that they need to stop with false advertising as an industry. For that reason alone, I was happy guys like you and Ironsoldier were loudly protesting what happened, even though I sometimes made fun of it.

    I still personally think however, that CDProject was the wrong target.
    What they did, showed either pure necessity (to keep up with the industry), or laziness (not putting in the effort to discontinue previous higher end footage), but not malice or deception in my book.

    We're getting a polished product in an age of hasty releases, they're continuously trying to upgrade their product for our enjoyment way beyond which any publisher would have, free DLC where everyone else is trying to squeeze every cent out of us, mod support where others would have greedily held onto their IP...
    Meanwhile, you're heckling them for something that everyone else is doing.

    It's like mother Theresa coming on stage and people calling her a selfish bitch for not being vegetarian. :P

    You are right though, but I still think there's better targets out there. Taking a shot at CDP is rather cheap, especially where other publishers would have shrugged it off and CDP actually cares. Not sure the added vinegar is necessary. ;-)

    Either way, good to know you're enjoying the game.
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  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015


    Well, at least it's some small consolation that the downgrade means your rig won't need to be as high end. ;-)
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  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015


    You enjoying Witcher IronSoldier ;-) ?

    Wondering if you're the sort to let the downgrading/advertisement debacle sour an entire game for you. I was one of the first to admit you had a point, but how's forgiveness coming along now that the game is truly wonderful?
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  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015


    That's your opinion. I'd agree with it since nothing can match the amount of quality and integration into the world of the stuff that the developers did themselves.

    Absolutely no reason why others shouldn't get the opportunity for more enjoyment if they're into that stuff tough.
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  • Our first look at Batman: Arkham Knight's 1989 Batmobile in action

  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015

    Dax Ginn
    Brand Marketing Producer

    uuhhhmmm.... bias?

    "You guys have done a fantastic job.... yet again a fantastic job."


    "Joining me on the couch now, are some of the best looking guys from rocksteady studio."


    "Harry is renowned as something of a master..."


    *Excited Squeels during the fight scenes* "This is so intense!"


    "This is some seriously sinister design work..."

    BI..... oh forget it.

    People actually fall for this enough to get them excited?
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  • Guillermo del Toro doesn't want to make another game

  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015

    Poor del Toro... loved his movies. Now we'll never know what he might have contributed to gaming. If P.T. is anything to go by, that's a shame. Reply +16
  • Video: How does base building work in XCOM 2?

  • Skirlasvoud 14/08/2015

    Awesome. Love the increase focus on your little antfarm base with specific ants with skill/personality. I've got Fallout Shelter and even better and more related - Cosmonautica - to hold me over until then.

    It's true that the worlmap thing was kind of boring in XCOM. It wasn't exactly Total War where I was always glad to back to the global map for some macro strategy after every tactical victory in the field. Sounds like they're on the ball this time!
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  • Spelunky true ending speedrun sets a new world record

  • Skirlasvoud 13/08/2015

    D Tea makes the teleporter look like cheating, but it's all too easy to misjudge its distance and teleport into a wall resulting in an instant death. It's rather amazing that this never happens given how many close calls D Tea has.
    When someone miraculously gets lucky a hundred times or cheats death a million, it's not luck or cheating anymore. It's skill. :P

    Never played it or really into Spelunky myself, but hell, the video is just 6:45 long. I'll enjoy giving it a quick watch.
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  • The 7th Guest's fan-made sequel reaches $40k Kickstarter goal

  • Skirlasvoud 13/08/2015


    You're him/them/Attic Door?


    I'm sure that as designers you have a better idea of what you do and I can't really explain it either since it's just a feeling, but if there's one more thing I can leave you with:

    Despite me bringing up the fact that 7th's story progression was all over the place, it definitely had its charm too. Although Stauf was the big bad, you never really could pin down what gave 7th it's vibe. Everything just had oodles of atmosphere.
    Why was there a clown in the game room? What was up with the mysterious floating lady in the hallways? Who are you exactly? The kid? A spectator? How did Stauf kill his guests? Was it magic? Is there magic? Are they even dead? Were they ever real, or just phantasms living the same thing all over again? Maybe they were always dead and Stauf invited other ghosts. How do the short cuts work?

    In the end, I don't care. The game even now, continues to boggle my mind in so many ways that I didn't even bother to apply logic to it and just accepted that everything was just presented with so much artful charm and atmosphere that I'm willing to accept and love it. The environment suddenly turning into a puzzle? Sure, roll with it.

    Anno 2015 the acting, animation and effects wear thin, but otherwise...

    You can afford to be vague chrisweitzel. Very vague. I claim that I want to know how it ended... but not really. If the final puzzle is looking at the mansion and folding it into nothingness like a puzzle, after which the game simply ends and Tad never really existed? You can get away with that. Just make sure the rest stands the test.

    Also, the quiet, puzzle atmosphere is great to introduce people to something other than first-person-jumpscares. Things can be subtle. I always remember coming back to 7th's library and saying: "This is my safe room", with the music and puzzle solving book and all, away from the creepiness of everything else. You can leave people to wander what's out there. Not scare them, but leaving them on edge.

    Enough of a rant though. :D You can tell I was a fan.
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  • Skirlasvoud 13/08/2015

    @RSX901 Nopra. :) Reply 0
  • Skirlasvoud 13/08/2015

    That video hits me right in the childhood Nostalgia so it's cleverly done. Everything he says, right down to being one of the first games I've played and and it creating an emotional impact because of the atmosphere and (at the time) latest in interactive technology are spot on.

    Attic door needs to be careful though, much like many nostalgic kickstarters. I've recently replayed the game through GOG and even with the original I got off feeling disappointed. Is THAT what made such an impression on me? The acting is cheesy, the scary moments no more horrifying than cheap ghosthouse trills and the effects look cheap and even the rather simple plot manages to get confusing because the storyline is all over the place. I'm not really sure what is happening to half the characters. It was all very impressive to me as a kid, but doesn't stand up to adult scrutiny.

    I expect better of the 13th doll, not the same.

    They're also pushing into a crowded market. I mean, I'm not into greenlight, but Jim Sterling is and the poor guy is drowning in sloppily made horror games set in old abandoned mansions and mental asylums.

    The 13th Doll will also be set in an abandoned toy store and a mental asylum.


    I'm so hoping it's good though. Like I said, the original was all over the place and I'm desperate to know how it ended.

    And whatever Attic Door does, it can't get worse than the 11th hour, which suddenly infused Aliens and a sub-par soap drama outside starring a whole lot of characters outside of the mansion I couldn't care less for. This is why I lost faith in the original creators.

    Please be good! It seems Attic Door has the right idea.
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/08/2015


    The last and final, most important door in the 7th guests was the attic door. This is why they're named as such: an Homage. Plausibility or other developers have nothing to do with it.
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  • ESL to test pro Counter-Strike players for cannabis use during Cologne tournament

  • Skirlasvoud 12/08/2015

    Yes, of all the hardcore stimulants and drugs that these kids could use, let's emphasize on something relatively harmless like Weed.

    This sounds like an Americanism to me, where people are more passionately concerned about legalizing medicinal weed and ivy-league students getting their hands on a joint, then the literal metric fuckton of harddrugs passing through the poorer neighbourhoods and the widespread use of performance enhancers in big sports.

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  • Everybody's Gone to the Rapture review

  • Skirlasvoud 11/08/2015

    That first paragraph just made my day. Before I go on to the rest of the review, let me just turn to the comments section and say: Bravo Mr. Donlan. Bravo. That was the most enjoyable clutter of sentences I've had the pleasure of reading in quite a while.

    ...a nimbus of impedimenta...
    Please do go and rant about random words more often. Things.
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  • Skulls of the Shogun is getting an animated series

  • Skirlasvoud 08/08/2015

    That video does... not represent the atmosphere and vibe that made the game so enjoyable for me... at all.

    It's like putting Batman in a sitcom or turning Journey into a war documentary. Something here does not compute.
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  • Crusader Kings dev goes boldly into space with Stellaris

  • Skirlasvoud 07/08/2015

    I'm suffering from oversaturation of the theme. Beyond Earth, Starships, Galactic Civilization, No Man's Sky, Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, X-Rebirth, Eve, Limit theory.

    The pretty pictures of spacecraft zipping through nebulous star systems don't quite do it for me any more. Even the mechanics have started to blend. I'll wait for let's plays.
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  • Intel Skylake: Core i5 6600K review

  • Skirlasvoud 06/08/2015

    "The CPU upgrade you've been waiting for?"

    AMD for life y'all!

    I can't resist the plucky underdog.
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  • The Taken King makes huge and important changes to Destiny

  • Skirlasvoud 05/08/2015


    Standard practice that there are different for different regional markets.

    The United Kingdom isn't quite the same country as less economically developed places like Tanzania, Poland, the United States or Greece. Hell, I'd argue that the entire Eurozone is a step behind the UK. When I moved to London, I payed 1.27 Euros for my pound. That's now up to 1.44 Euros.

    I'm thinking of sending my relatives back in the Netherlands money. I'll live like a king when I get back. Norway and the UK are the places to be right now.
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