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  • Fallout Shelter adds its first Fallout 4 character

  • Skirlasvoud 30/06/2015

    These articles make me sad. I have an Iphone and I'd LOVE to play it, but my aging 4s keeps choking and crashing on it.

    Damn near spend an entire afternoon yesterday for an Iphone emulator so I could start playing on PC (Avoid Ipadian), but I finally learned that there are no Iphone emulators available. There are only a handful that emulate android (Bluestacks).

    So yeah, I'll add to the growing amount of voices clamouring for an Android version, but sadly they've already stated that will take months rather than weeks.
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  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • Skirlasvoud 25/06/2015

    This pleases me and tells me they *are* taking it seriously. The day Warner brothers passes up on a quick buck on the expense of the customer is a momentous one. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight review

  • Skirlasvoud 23/06/2015

    Not essential? Well that's a surprise...

    Regardless, happy to see another open world game where storyline and sidequests are done right. This Witcher-Batman bundle that came with my GTX970 is a real zinger and money well spent.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is real

  • Skirlasvoud 16/06/2015

    Noooooo! Why? This is a black day for any true fan of the series. Do enough people hate the original so much that the dream needs a remake to remain loved?

    Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children. Utter garbage and these are now the type of people who will handle the remains of a timeless classic put to rest.

    I hope the defiling idiots that clamoured for a remake choke on it. You never really appreciated or deserved the original. You all turned it into a lukewarm rethread.
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  • Mass Effect: Andromeda announced, debut trailer

  • Skirlasvoud 16/06/2015

    Red, Blue or Green? I need to know dammit! Reply +2
  • Fallout 4 out November 2015

  • Skirlasvoud 15/06/2015

    But... XCOM2 is out in November too! Where will my life go? Reply +2
  • Sir Christopher Lee dies aged 93

  • Skirlasvoud 11/06/2015

    He would instantly bring some class, dignity and authority to any film he'd star in with his voice and demeanour.

    I'll miss him, but through his timeless appearances, he has gained a sort immortality.
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  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • Skirlasvoud 06/06/2015

    This article isn't about getting old. It's about having kids.

    Does Will Porter know the difference?
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  • Desura and Indie Royale's parent company has filed for bankruptcy

  • Skirlasvoud 05/06/2015

    Que the token glut of consolation post mentioning bereaved employers. Reply -16
  • Valve's 2015 Dota 2 tournament has the biggest eSports prize pool ever

  • Skirlasvoud 05/06/2015

    And people wonder why there's so much corruption in (e-)sports. The more money you throw at it, the more articles we'll see about fixed fights, drug abuse, overinflated egos and addiction. Reply 0
  • Video: Eurogamer plays Agario

  • Skirlasvoud 26/05/2015

    I've been the third largest once. It's not quite the exalted position you'd like it to be. Being big is actually quite stressful. If you shoot the virusses, smaller opponents can propel them towards your hulking frame and cause you to split up and be taken apart piecemeal by the little bastards.

    Otherwise, brilliant. If you're small you go by unnoticed, if you're big you're a threat to everyone but they're all gunning for you.

    My favorite strategy is splitting, waiting until the two parts can join again and postponing to fool people into thinking you're less of a threat. I've gobbled up several players by splitting, driving people into corners and had a smile on my face from going to the biggest blob on the block to being tiny and insignificant again in an instance. It's remarkably well balanced for such a simple game.

    Only thing ruining it right now are teamplayers who gang up with their blobs and unbalance everything.
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  • Blizzard explains decision to stub out Tychus' cigar

  • Skirlasvoud 22/05/2015


    Are you viewing this on a sub-1080p tiny monitor because the cigarette is clearly visible on my screen?
    You watching on a 4K display? I'm beginning to realize how important graphics are to you. ;-)
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  • Skirlasvoud 22/05/2015

    This is a thing? Someone paused the video at that exact moment, somehow recognized that specific character without his usual kit on, squinted hard enough not to notice a cigaret and managed to create a... *Checks dictionary* vociferous debate? Really? Took me about a dozen tries to realize what the video was on about.

    Whow! I clearly underestimated the Blizzard community. Now I see why Oli loses all professional objectivity and turns into a raging fanboy whenever a Blizzard products needs to pass the reviews.
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  • CD Projekt tackles The Witcher 3 downgrade issue head on

  • Skirlasvoud 22/05/2015


    And put in a separate amount of effort and make a separate game for each platform?

    How does that work out budget wise?
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review

  • Skirlasvoud 18/05/2015


    Glad you finally came to join our way of thinking IronSoldier, with your picture of an elephant in a room. I can see you stopped nagging about graphical downgrades and recognize the game for what it is:

    A giant - some would say Elephant - amongst men. An accomplishment that dwarves everything else before it like mice. The product of love from caring developers that towers above what the stuffy boardroom suits of other companies could come up with.
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  • Oculus Rift recommended specs confirmed

  • Skirlasvoud 16/05/2015

    So is this... on top of the software we use it with? Reply +1
  • New Witcher 3 CGI trailer tops the lot

  • Skirlasvoud 14/05/2015


    (as) WHAT you'll be playing, not how the game WILL be playing.

    You got a point man, you argued well in your previous replies to me and I'm actually happy that we've got people like you to remind us to expect better.

    But still, let up. The opinion that all the old pictures were outdated promotional/concept materials is perfectly feasible.
    Take the video for example. Not a single experienced gamer will expect the game to look exactly like that. We all know it's just a trailer. Eurogamer itself certainly isn't about to act like it, as they're just as happy to go along with the hype to create traffic. Why shouldn't they? Yet you're slagging it for not being a perfect representation. Well, you're right. But boy will all of use be snickering when you carry this line of thinking through and start complaining that those exact video events aren't in the game. CDProject is simply playing the PR game like all publishers should without crossing the line.

    Now is supposed to be a happy time. What could be the best adventure RPG ever created (fingers crossed), could be coming out on the 19th of May. Nearly all of us are excited. Just realize you're spitting into the wind.

    And no, graphics isn't important for atmosphere. To this day the older Final Fantasy series with their MIDI are the most atmospheric games I ever played. Don't be a David Cage.
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  • The Witcher 3 is a masterpiece of world-building

  • Skirlasvoud 13/05/2015


    Atmosphere and storyline ARE the most important thing to me. Don't care too much about the graphics. If it's a downgrade from very gorgeous to plain old gorgeous, I'm hanging in there.

    That said, you do have a fair point IronSoldier. I'm defending CDPR to the death, also in the distribution Kerfuffle, but when Eurogamer itself uses old screenshots, you're right to speak up. If graphics matter to you, than it's your right.

    That said, are you sure you want to shove CDPR in the same box as all the other publishers? The older screenshots were prettier, granted, but CDPR could have had good reason to downgrade as they found out that it wasn't feasible. (Console parity not being a good reason in my book mind.) They themselves certainly don't advertise with the old screenshots anymore.

    Pretty confident they're not pulling a Colonial marines on us. Their previous screenshots were concept/prototypes and over development they've went with what is more feasible, their advertisement doesn't lie and they sent their review copies earlier. Nothing to see here.
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  • Skirlasvoud 13/05/2015



    Interesting. I've still wanted to play through the first game, if only to complete the series. I played through the part where your castle is under siege in the beginning, but I couldn't get over the fact how badly designed it was with all those spaces in between enemies, how sterile the combat, how lifeless everything looked and how slowly the story picked up.

    It was like a single-player mode of an MMO.

    I'll look into those mods. You two convinced me that maybe I just need to grit my teeth and bit through to get to the good parts. I do love me some story and atmosphere.
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/05/2015


    I would advice against maybe playing the Witcher 1. It was one of CDPR's first and - bless their hearts - in nowhere the league of Witcher 2 & 3 even if it were up to the modern standards. Game design leaves plenty to ask for and it might just end up ruining your opinion of the Witcher series before you have the chance to enjoy it.

    Ask yourself how much tolerance you have towards old, unpolished games first.
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/05/2015

    Damn it Eurogamer. I was already about 99.9% hyped and then you bandy about articles like this! Where am I supposed to leave the rest of the hype? I'm already wearing extra baggy pants and a shoesize too big today to cram it in there. Do you want me to wear a hat? Is that what you want me to do? Want me to wear a nice stovepipe hat to fit the rest of the hype Eurogamer? A bowler cap? A fez maybe? What colour should the tassel be?

    I'm a human being with limits dammit!
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  • Invisible, Inc review

  • Skirlasvoud 13/05/2015

    The game looks like like SuperGiantGame's Transistor and Harebrained Schemes' Shadowrun Returns had sex with each other...

    I approve of this coupling.
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  • Yoshimitsu sure looks different in Tekken 7

  • Skirlasvoud 10/05/2015


    *claps* And the winning pun goes to...
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  • The Witcher 3 PC is 32.49 at Green Man Gaming

  • Skirlasvoud 08/05/2015


    Yeah, sorry if my ramblings were a bit fierce. CDP is one of my last remaining heroes in gaming.

    And thanks for the clarification. GMG IS considered legitimate. I kinda did forget that CDP screws up its reasoning here and does a nasty bit of unsubstantiated mudslinging. Good point.
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  • Skirlasvoud 07/05/2015


    The problem with GMG buying huge amounts of cheap polish pre-orders of course and shipping them to more expensive markets, is that markets that could have afforded a more expensive price (and rightly so because Poland IS a poorer region and they're not) are already saturated and less profitable for CDP, while they're being forced to restock Poland which is an inherently less profitable market.

    Nobody else seeing how this is kinda scewed and that GMG are trying to get away with devaluing CDP's hard work for their own profits?

    What do you expect CDP to do? Run out of Witcher stock in their own country? Restrict Keys by region? Close the market? No, all they do, is ask for help.

    CDP won't do anything more than that because they have morals and all they can do is kindly request of fans NOT to do this. Meanwhile GMG is the snickering troll playing the good guy, and managing to pull it off because all you want is the cheaper price and ragging on CDP.

    Good job fellow gaming enthousiasts. One of the only caring developers/distributors in this industry finds itself painted into a corner, asks for help and you're throwing rocks at it. Ever thought that CDP might needs to be more like EA/Activision BECAUSE of this? That you might be helping that along?
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  • Skirlasvoud 07/05/2015

    "Though this title met its commercial objective very quickly, and the promotion has now ended, we will be looking to reinvigorate the offer in the run up to launch, and will continue to deliver the best price we can alongside the service that our customers expect from us."
    Whow. Are GMG trolling CDP?

    "After being told not to, let us just state that we'll keep doing it."
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  • Skirlasvoud 07/05/2015

    makes developer CD Projekt Red unhappy
    Right, that's all I need to know. CDProject has been treating me kindly and fairly as a consumer and their products with love and care, in an industry going to hell. I don't care who dun what now to get whose panties in a knot through which manner of distribution wizardry; all I know is when CD Project is unhappy, they've enough respect with me that I get unhappy.

    I would kindly ask our fans
    That's me.

    not to buy via GMG at this time

    and revolt against your local government.
    Already on it CDProject! Oh, no, woops, wrong website on that last one. Disregard.

    Seriously though, buy from somewhere other than GMG, likely to support GOG. Got it. Easy enough.
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  • New Witcher 3 dev diary and live gameplay Q&A

  • Skirlasvoud 05/05/2015


    How do you know it will be a game of the year candidate before having played it?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm hyped to the max, but through no fault of CDProject, the game industry has made me cynical enough to apply some reason and caution.
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  • The Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight free with Nvidia GTX 980 and GTX 970

  • Skirlasvoud 05/05/2015


    I've realized for a few months now that I needed to upgrade my Graphics Card (Radeon HD 7800) to go with my AMD-8350 if I wanted to play Witcher 3 in comfort, but I've been dragging my heels. Now, here it is bundled with one.

    To be fair though, I would have gone for the cheaper GTX 770 normally, but the added games make up for the price difference nicely. Very nicely indeed.
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  • I am Bread adds free space combat with Starch Wars

  • Skirlasvoud 04/05/2015

    So many puns... Reply +5
  • Video: Video game horses and times they have been acceptable

  • Skirlasvoud 04/05/2015

    Not gonna lie, it's hard sometimes to like you Johnny. Never heard of someone out to kill horses.

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  • Steam to receive its first AO-rated game in June

  • Skirlasvoud 01/05/2015


    Huh, what a pleasant response. Thanks for taking the time to elaborate on your opinion X-Alucard.

    I freely admit to being a dictator in this instance AND indeed to wanting to take your toys away. Only thing to doubt is the reason for me wanting to take the toys away, so woe betide us all if I ever fall into the kind of power that would allow me to do that. ;) I'm assuming the mantle for the sake of argument.

    I don't think that any of the games you mentioned made me stand up and say: "THIS particular game is what is going to break the camel's back and plunge established society into utter chaos. Rabble rabble rabble!". None of that scaremongering. My view on society is that it is more of a slow evolution than anything else and a game is just an unimportant increment.

    However, unlike you I don't think highly of society's ability to get steered by individual opinions. It's more its own entity that we are merely subject to. We are all products of of the world around us in some way or another, doomed to perpetuate it and with individuals having very little opportunity to change that, at least until there's a major historical event (World wars etc.), or a higher organizing body (Religion etc.) that etches the desire for that change into our collective conscience. (Pedophilia and homosexuality was okay in ancient times, homosexuality is not okay now, fascism and Hitler actually used to be hip, war was just an ordinary occurrence until we grew to dislike it, etc.). Whenever someone asks me where the proof is that games are directly related to societal violence RIGHT NOW, my opinion is that this person might not be patient enough. Society can handle a few violent games, no worry, but that isn't to say that they don't have an effect.

    A game like Hatred, perpetuates society in a certain direction incrementally, without individuals being able to change that. I myself, don't feel too optimistic that the strength of individual opinion will win out against mass media's influence on society as a whole. Whether or not I'm right on that, is so mired in personal opinion and philosophy that it's not really worth discussing it.
    The best comparison is me looking out the window and seeing a 12-year old running around with a gun. I will try and take that gun away from it if I can, because I see society as a child. To assume that much power is awful of me, but I'm doing it for the right reasons. In fact, I'd rather not and let something like the OFLC in Australia take care of it for me, but sadly whenever an organization like that pops up, it's (rightly) viewed as incredibly petty with its rules and regulations. I'd rather just drive a game like Hatred underground by barring from mainstream distribution and be done with it.

    Now, it is clear to me that I'm replying to an intelligent individual who is able to defend his opinion and this shows me that someone like you'd be able to handle it responsibly. Maybe it should be out there for the stronger individuals to enjoy. However it's so darn hard to distinguish people and I'd feel much happier simply banning it altogether before it manages to apply its increment to society by releasing it, merely as a matter of assumed individual equality.

    Not being able to actually be a dictator however, all I can do for now is to apply some self-admittedly negligible contribution to society, by simply voicing my opinion and letting my distaste be known, even if just to remind everybody who picks up on that, that a game like Hatred isn't ordinary and that some strong individual opinion might be required to disseminate it properly.

    And this is where the two sides of the blade come together. To simply call me out for being a dictator, wanting to take your toys away simply because I'm petty and that I'm a big overreacting silly-billy (none of which you really did), is to deny that maybe society really isn't as sturdy a historical construct and that individuals aren't as insusceptible to outside influence as that we think. To bat away any criticism, actually proofs the point simply by showing a total disregard for caution. Inside that same freedom of speech, we do need unpopular opinion to keep everything in check (Even though I really could have been more eloquent than: "Urgh, Hatred").
    For "pro-hatred" people to test the bounds of acceptability and decry injury to their personal freedoms wantonly, is just as asinine as it is for me to try and set rules and flippantly decry the death of good morals.

    Just hoping that everyone buying this game, consumes it responsibly...

    Again, thanks for replying Alucard.
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  • Skirlasvoud 29/04/2015


    To me, this isn't about other people playing a game that I don't like. I don't like COD or Mobile gaming, but I wouldn't ever want to ban them.

    This is about creating a stink whenever someone comes up with a form of expression that I feel is counter to where society should be heading.
    I don't want trenchcoat wearing losers out in the street gunning people down in this world. This game is a celebration of that exact thing happening however.

    There are quite a few arguments for creating things that confront us with the things we don't like as a society. Giger's work, movies drawing allegories to Nazism, provocative paintings, Bioshock Infinite's racism. However all these things do that in a thoughtful, humorous, subtle or intelligent way. They are designed to turn us AGAINST these things.

    What does Hatred do, with so little irony or thought? Hatred degrades us all as a society.

    So no, this is not just about disliking another person's like. This is about seeing the world in a specific direction and having elements as Hatred and GTAV's torture scenes and doing so little that they might as well be weighing us down by peddling to the lowest common denominator.

    "I just want to fuck around in an already shitty world, have fun and you're just trying to take my toys away."

    Come on. People can do better.
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  • Skirlasvoud 29/04/2015


    *sigh* fair point, I do indeed not like it.

    I'm all for freedoms 90% of the time. Hatred speaks to that 10% of me that does that feels like being a dictator for the sake of good tastes.

    Though I admit this game is debatable, there *is* a limit to freedom of speech and anyone saying otherwise is more of an extremist than I am.
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  • Skirlasvoud 28/04/2015

    We already know this. Why do you insist on giving it publicity Eurogamer? Reply -5
  • Video: The doors in Bloodborne are horrible and brilliant

  • Skirlasvoud 29/04/2015

    @Johnny Chiodine

    "All to open a door, something we all do several times a day without even thinking about it."

    I locked myself out yesterday in real-life. Made me see doors in a whole different light as I raged against one for an hour.

    I actually appreciated this article a lot. Makes me think about the little things I've taken for granted in game design. Doors are interesting. I like doors. Doors are pretty cool.
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  • More Star Wars titles are available on GOG

  • Skirlasvoud 29/04/2015


    I will defend to the death, my cheesy FMV cutscene in Command & Conquer. Those are works of classical videogame art.

    Didn't the latest C&C also use FMV? Or was it a different format in C&C 4?
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  • Bethesda removes paid mods in Skyrim

  • Skirlasvoud 28/04/2015

    Whow... Respect to Bethesda.

    Though in truth, I wanted them to fine-tune the system, not yank it.

    Feel free to try again when you feel you've provided a fairer and more adequate system Bethesda. You've just shown you're willing to listen to criticism and improve.

    UPDATE EDIT: And some respect to Steam too. After turning Greenlight and Early Access into chaotic cesspits with your hands-off, lack of responsibility approach, you finally managed to curb the trend and realize that the modding community was a bridge too far.

    Can't help but wonder which of the two pushed the panic button first though...
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  • Silent Hills is dead, actor Norman Reedus confirms

  • Skirlasvoud 27/04/2015


    I tried shouting that out. My monitor short circuited in the shower of spittle.
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  • Skirlasvoud 27/04/2015

    Of course Konami is going to deny that Silent Hill(s) has been cancelled. Same as any other big publishers saying that they value their IP and will continue to develop it, clutching their property greedily and putting it in the deepest, darkest reaches of cryo, never to see the light of day again.

    I'm going to go with del Toro and Reedus. Shame. I don't own a playstation, but I was looking forward to (more) big publishers reviving survival horror.

    EDIT: Colour me suprised. They admitted...
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  • Gabe Newell responds to paid mods controversy

  • Skirlasvoud 27/04/2015


    First I have to admit that I'm not that mod-savvy. When I do, I use Nexus. Second, I'm not argueing GoG. It doesn't even try to be in the business of modding (steam made it its business), other than doing its best to keep old games up to date and offering refunds if it can't. Comparing it to an apple, doesn't make Steam the better pear.

    However I still feel that responsibility is more important than convenience. When I download a free mod, my expectations of it are low and if it doesn't work, it ends there. The moment I start paying for my mod, I care vastly more for it working than for it to be easy to obtain. Jumping hoops to get a working mod that I paid for is barely tolerable. Easily obtaining a mod that I paid for that doesn't work, is simply not acceptable.

    From that standpoint, the convenience of workshop simply isn't enough to account for so much of Valve's take. Even in Workshop, mods can clash, steal of other mods, be in the wrong load order, lose support midway in development, outright break after the wrong update from the modder himself. Fastfood is quick and easy too, but there'll be hell to pay if I get food poisoning.

    So where do I go when I pay for a mod that doesn't work after paying for it? Mind you, paying a price that is artificially inflated because of Valve/Bethesda's 75%?
    I'll darn well go to wherever my money went, but all Steam does is throw its hands in the air. Even should the modder want to give me a refund, Steam has already proven not to want to.

    Responsibility first. Then we talk about convenience. Steam is a dealer in convenience. It has only worked the way it did up till now, because there were other people taking responsibility for what it sold.
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  • Skirlasvoud 27/04/2015

    Valve and Bethesda did wrong the moment they started taking a lion's share slice of the pie without actually doing anything, in an arena desperate for proper oversight. Taking money - let alone the biggest cut - means having a certain amount of responsibility that they refuse to take.

    Sure, develop, publish and distribute your games. So far I've had the experience that all the big (non-greenlight) games I bought on steam worked. If they don't, I can take it to the producer or steam. That's still there (barely).

    The moment a mod breaks or there's any controversy regarding originality or rights however, Bethesda and Steam still take their combined 75% and have the gall to refer back to the modder. Even worse, if the modder throws in the towel, Steam and Valve take all of the ownership, while offering neither refund nor accountability. That someone put in additional work is forgotten and supermanded by the fact they're your assets. You won't even take down the fishing mod.

    You can't keep this up Valve/Bethesda/Any other Publisher. Either it's all about the modder and you take a FAR smaller share, or you man up, wade into the chaos of the modding community and sort things out by regulating properly. Only then do you deserve to be the main benificiary.

    Problem is, you know damn well the latter option isn't worth the headache or the money you would have made. Right now you're just a vulture feeding off the chaos.

    "With the Steam workshop, we've already reached the point where the community is paying their favourite contributors more than they would make if they worked at a traditional game developer.

    "We see this as a really good step. The option of mod developers getting paid seemed like a good extension of that."
    You took something that was done as a passionate hobby and turned it into a business where you profit most. Now that there is money involved, it won't be long until there are no more free mods because a company like Bethesda will smell the opportunity to systematically monotize assets further. You're just helping out the process by buddying up out of greed.

    This really good step only follows after you turned free labour into indentured servitude for your own gain, and it's one from slavery to sweatshop, where at least "they're being payed something".

    The "we're just doing it for the community / it's a burden really to take care of you really" reaks of hubris. If the e-mails cost you more than you're making, I dare you to pull out.
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  • War for the Overworld review

  • Skirlasvoud 21/04/2015


    I can't be sure since I haven't gotten my paws on Dungeons 2 yet, but so far I'd say that Dungeons 2 is the game with more atmosphere, depth and innovation.
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  • Skirlasvoud 21/04/2015

    I've felt the same from what I've seen a friend do during his playthrough and I have to say: I'm actually warming up towards Dungeons 2 more. I feel like it simply manages to capture more of a dungeon atmosphere and innovate (with an actual overworld to wage war upon), where War of the Overworld is too much of a copy - like a vampire being ressurected from so much imp corpses - to have a personality or guide our genre into the future. Take Eurogamer's Dungeons 2 review with a pinch of salt, since I suspect they didn't play it through enough to even stumble across the fact that you have entire different minion factions to choose from.

    Then again, I could be wrong. Dungeons 2 is due for release on the 24th and I haven't sat down with it myself.

    For now it seems like all we have is the desire to see the triumphant return of Dungeon Keeper, instead of an actual game that is up to it.
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  • Dungeons 2 review

  • Skirlasvoud 20/04/2015


    Apart from the Little Snots, who play no part in combat and exist solely to dig and ferry items around, there are only four creature types to summon: goblins, orcs, trolls and serpent-like ranged fighters called Naga.

    Uhm, from what I understood from the website, there's an entirely different faction for you to play with another four creatures, with succubus, demons, firetoad etc. Probably they're multually exclusive, but that would raise the amount of creatures up to eight.

    You sure you've played the game enough to make the statement there's only four creatures to summon? I mean, the existence of factions could do lots to mix up the playstyle of each dungeon, especially in multiplayer.
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  • The best PC games

  • Skirlasvoud 19/04/2015

    There's no reason for this article, other than plain old advertisement. Please note the "Buy X from Amazon/Steam/Battlenet" below every fracking picture. Any game journalist worth his/her weight knows that all of this is terribly subjective and mere clickbait. This isn't news, journalism or even proper opinion the way you people manage to cram in a single paragraph to justify each and the damn thing reads like advertisement. You're like a drunk clown leaving half-inflated balloons all over the backyard of a house with the actual birthday party two blocks over.

    I'm not even going to bother reading this list, let alone argue it. This is a shallow attempt at add revenue Eurogamer. I mean I respect you for trying to find ways to branch out, but don't disguise it and put in an "add" catagorie instead of categorizing it as "guide". Do the same thing for the XBOX and PS4 over the next weeks and consider your reputation with me, tarnished. You've grown desperate man.
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  • Star Wars: Battlefront release date leaked

  • Skirlasvoud 16/04/2015


    Bet it was pre-rendered using in game assets. Same tomfoolery as with Colonial Marines.

    I've got a bad feeling about this.
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  • Songbringer aims to be a procedurally-generated Zelda-like

  • Skirlasvoud 14/04/2015


    soundtrack sounds like was written and mixed on small laptop speakers by a deaf person.
    I know! It's impressive how they managed to involve Skrillex.
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  • PewDiePie is starring in his own game

  • Skirlasvoud 14/04/2015

    It's unclear if Legend of the Brofist will be free-to-play or not, but you can purchase moves with in-game currency, so it seems likely.
    Pewdiepie is getting the game deserving of him.
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  • Video: When will eSports grow up?

  • Skirlasvoud 09/04/2015


    You might be a Basic Bro. Go get checked out before it gets worse.
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