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  • Satellite Reign promises a return to the mean streets of Syndicate

  • Skirlasvoud 17/12/2014

    Satellite Reign isn't the future, of course. It's so much better than that. It's the future of the past
    So we've gone back to a future that went ahead of the past? The future really isn't what it used to be.

    Can't wait. I have fond memories of Syndicate Wars. Can't wait for the future of the past to be right now.
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  • Controversial mass murdering game Hatred appears on Steam Greenlight

  • Skirlasvoud 17/12/2014

    It's coming, it's going, it's coming, it's gone, it's not coming, it has come back again.

    All I know is that the people at Creative Destruction must be loving all this free media exposure. On eurogamer alone, Hatred has been headline news for 4 days in a row now.
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  • The Witcher 3 will have a second playable character

  • Skirlasvoud 15/12/2014


    I can hardly blame you for the comment. Hell, even my copy of Witcher 2 came with a "Tris Playboy Session". I'm not even kidding.

    Here's hoping she'll have an Ciri have an effect on the world. So far I've found the portrayal of the Elven race in the Witcher universe fascinating.
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  • Ghost cars may soon become a reality

  • Skirlasvoud 15/12/2014

    I just want to know more about the music in that video. It is awesome. Who is the artist? Reply 0
  • Building Better Worlds - an MMO Tale

  • Skirlasvoud 14/12/2014


    Yeah, I'm slowly getting into TOR at the moment, but it feels like a game made up of specially designed quest areas, whereas WoW has always seemed like a world that quests occur in; very few people have managed to recreate that.
    Ironically, specially designed quest areas is exactly what WoW started doing after comment.
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  • The serene, interconnected world of the brilliant The Settlers 2

  • Skirlasvoud 14/12/2014

    Is it wrong to like Settlers 3?

    I mean it's pretty darn similar to what this article describes.
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  • Papers, Please headed to iPad on 12th December

  • Skirlasvoud 11/12/2014

    I can imagine this working extremely well on a touch pad. Sifting through all the documents in this simulator, will be an even more hands-on experience now. Reply +2
  • Microsoft now allows you to buy Xbox games with Bitcoin

  • Skirlasvoud 11/12/2014


    Can be held accountable, in theory. Otherwise you're right.

    Still, modern economics are complicated enough. It makes me feel a little bit better to know that I have some place to go or that I have someone to blame if my euros/pounds are worthless tomorrow. No such thing with the bitcoin and our real currency isn't that bad.
    Even in the last crisis, I was neither rich enough, nor indebted enough, to really get badly affected. I'd like to think of it as having been a case of all of us imagining ourselves richer than we were supposed to be, rather than just the banks knowingly robbing us of those riches.
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  • Skirlasvoud 11/12/2014


    Still absolutely no idea what it is.

    Which is why I really appreciate the video below the article.

    Still not sure about bitcoin though. I would still rather trust governments and banks of all things, who can be held accountable and who are a physical presence, rather than "the people" or "all the users" like the video explained. Still sounds vague, dodgy and something Anonymous would use.
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  • Video: Enjoy a slice of rage on toast with I am Bread

  • Skirlasvoud 10/12/2014

    Sounds like a Ian got a real slice a'live.

    I scolded my bread this morning for not being done yet when I came into the kitchen. I specifically said toast and cheese, not peanut butter and jelly.

    Edit: Ian was playing a game about a living slice of bread? Slice of life? slice a'live? Nobody?..... tough crowd.
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  • Witcher 3 dev: "Market is afraid of badly polished games on next-gen"

  • Skirlasvoud 10/12/2014


    That's summarizing the situation perfectly clear. Now you get it zme-ul!

    Publishers are more important than the consumer, because publishers fund the game upfront and publisher ire is far more consequential, focused and lasting than consumer outrage. Amongst consumers, there will always be apologists and idiots willing to defend bad quality and always suckers to be found willing to buy into sequels. Consumers aren't as principled as they are hype malleable. In the case of publishers however, money is money and that's a set of ironcast laws.

    Publishers will force Developers to get away with just enough consumer abuse, to still make a healthy profit.

    We're fortunate enough that CDPR manage to be self-published.
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  • Skirlasvoud 10/12/2014


    Publishers. It was never to do with the fear of client reaction. It was to do with fear for the publisher's greed over their bottom lines.
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  • Skirlasvoud 10/12/2014


    Think of applause for CDPR as an indirect way of protesting against everyone else.

    Land of the blind and one-eyed king sort of thing. Gotta mix in some positive reinforcement for the ones who put in the effort.
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  • Skirlasvoud 10/12/2014

    Geralt kinda looks like the white-haired version of Ozzy Osbourne in that pic...

    I can easily wait an additional 12 weeks for my Witcher 3 experience. It's not like 3 months is that long. And I have faith that CDProject's free DLC is the kind where they put in the work after the release date because otherwise the game would have been postponed, instead of ordinary DLC were it has been build into the content and scheduled for along with the release, but locked behind a paywall.
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  • Today, Sony is selling PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles for just £19.94 each

  • Skirlasvoud 10/12/2014


    The amount of time and effort these people place in following Sony carefully enough year round to actually know about this stuff, is well in excess of 380 pounds. I don't even own a piece of PS1 memorabilia.

    I can't say I don't feel jealous, but sometimes it pays off being a raving fan and I know I just don't have that in me. Congrats on the dedicated 94 I'd say.
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  • Paul McCartney is a hologram in the music video for Destiny's Hope for the Future

  • Skirlasvoud 08/12/2014


    Yeah, but Bowie pulled it off like a boss in Nomad's Soul though.
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  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now due May 2015

  • Skirlasvoud 08/12/2014


    Still not quite sure it's a PR stunt.

    "Free DLC" from the other big publisher is stuff that's already programmed into the complete game ahead of a release that accounted for that, removed the stuff and then released it again for a price/free.

    I'm convinced CDP releases a finished game on release with nothing left out, then goes back to the drawing board to come up with a few more tidbits on top that would otherwise have postponed release for free at a later date.

    ... And maybe their PR is simply that good that they made me belief that. Still honestly think its true though.
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  • Skirlasvoud 08/12/2014

    Take your time. I have yet to finish Witcher 1 and all three of my Witcher 2 playthroughs. Reply 0
  • Here's over four minutes of No Man's Sky gameplay

  • Skirlasvoud 08/12/2014


    Nice of you to declare me having a potent wit. I myself think I'm barely above average, but I'll take a compliment where I can get one.

    I was just elaborating on fictional universes versus this one to set the record straight. An exercise meant more for my own benefit to exemplify why I find journeys important, rather than that I wittingly misinterpreted your intent. Just like you have done now by making perfectly clear that you are not actively looking for a goal in your digital relaxation after my prodding, like I would be in mine.

    But yes, you are being perfectly clear. Thank you for taking the additional amount of time to draw your own thought on the matter in such perfect contrast next to mine. I feel like I understand your perspective on things a little better now.

    And I will enjoy my weekend good sir! Or at least what remains of it... Hope yours was as lovely as mine.
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  • Skirlasvoud 07/12/2014


    In real life? You betcha I would like to travel to the center of the Universe. Well equipped mind you, to answer question back on earth on return. Because we don't know what's there yes, it would give us answers about a whole load of other things in our reality.

    In a purely fictional universe though? Why, the marvel of what is there is gone. We don't know what's in there and the creators don't either, so there could be anything there that they would have liked. Maybe it has a painting of the Mona Lisa. Maybe Elvis live there. Maybe it has all these pretty colours. Doesn't matter.



    I just saved you a journey if you had gone on the journey for science. If you wanted to go for the creativity and marvel of it, then there's a lot of good sci-fi books and hobble snapshots out there.

    If you're still obsessed with finding out what's at the center of fictional worlds, then I have a carboard box with a hole in it I'll allow you to look into for 50 pounds.
    And you're a bit late, but I heard Peter Molyneux was looking for people like you to buy into his Curiosity experiment. Heard it wasn't a very good game though.
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  • Skirlasvoud 06/12/2014


    the goal for all players is to get to the centre of the Universe
    Problem is that imaginative vastness means nothing if you can't apply influence or problem solving to it. Just reaching the center of the universe is not enough if its as simple as constantly heading in the same direction.

    Even real-world explorers were motivated to go on their journeys because of a specific thing, be it economic (Columbus), scientific (Darwin), or even finding better potato soil. Things that would tangibly change the world through interaction. In Jules Verne's comparable journey to the center of the Earth, the characters did so because they wanted to prove/disprove things. Exploration and discovery needs to have challenges to be exciting or worthwhile, or even to motivate people.

    Right now I don't have the feeling that this game offers me anything that visiting Nasa's website to stare at pictures, reading Wikipedia for tidbits on Spacetravel theory, or going on deviantArt to browse alien landscapes would. It's all very pretty and imaginative, but not a journey.

    So what does this game... do? Why should I go on this journey?
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  • Final Fantasy 7 announced for PlayStation 4

  • Skirlasvoud 06/12/2014


    Yes, this. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    I really wish that people would stop having this strange necrophilic obsession with resurrecting FF7 through a remake.

    It's done, in the past, lost to the mists of time. The company and people who once made it don't exist anymore and it will never be the same. You need to let go of your loved one, instead of trying desperately create a simulacrum to rape.
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  • Skirlasvoud 06/12/2014


    Why would anyone ask for a remake? Please don't give us a remake. It'll never be as good as the original and SE will just rape our dreams.

    I just have to point at the spin-off movies and sequels to make a point.
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  • Final Fantasy 13 PC will get 1080p support next week

  • Skirlasvoud 05/12/2014

    Where's our FF9 Squeenix? My OCD prevents me from looking past gaps in your PC line-up. Reply +4
  • The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London

  • Skirlasvoud 03/12/2014

    has a grappling hook
    Lovely. And here I was replaying the batman series and thinking what a great tool the grappling hook is.
    Throw in a better flowing combat system and Ubisoft is sure to get me excited for Arkham Creed: Victory
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  • Skirlasvoud 03/12/2014


    They didn't bother to get the French Accents for Unity's Paris right either. Everyone was talking with a thick British slur, because "that's the background of the Animus user".

    For this AC, I dare ubi to give us a non-British Animus user.

    I want to hear queen Vic speak Jive and everyone else in London with a Jamaican accent.
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  • Game Of Thrones: Iron from Ice review

  • Skirlasvoud 02/12/2014


    Probably a wise decision to forestall.

    I absolutely adored the Wolf Among Us for the first few episodes. Then a six month delay towards the newer ones set in and that just melted away much of my excitement. I tried to get into it when they started releasing episodes again, but couldn't remember what my previous choices had and when I restarted, much of the magic was just gone on repeat.

    I still think WAU is awesome, but I haven't even finished yet.

    I'm interested in their Game of Thrones series, but I for one will definitely wait until the episodes are bundled together. I don't want to give Telltale another chance to ruin my excitement with disastrously suspension breaking waiting periods in between episodes.
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  • Cards Against Humanity developer trolls Black Friday with bulls***

  • Skirlasvoud 02/12/2014

    Just in time for the season. All you need to do is plop a hat on it and you have the ultimate South Park conversation piece.

    I would've made one myself, but couldn't be arsed.

    Giving the money to charity would be the ultimate Coup de grāce for Cards for Humanity.
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  • Video: 5 people Batman has definitely killed in the Arkham games

  • Skirlasvoud 29/11/2014

    First video:

    "Batclawing them off high ledges so that they fall hundreds of feet to the floor below." "It's actually gravity that killed them"

    That's right! Don't blame Batman. Sir Isaac Newton is the most prolific serial killer ever.

    Besides, Collegehumor explained it:

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  • This War of Mine review

  • Skirlasvoud 25/11/2014


    That's some good insight you have. You must be a student of gaming. Only wish I could read German well enough to visit your blog.
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  • Face-Off: Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Skirlasvoud 22/11/2014


    I love how the Xbone review article explains exactly your comment:

    Small wonder that we are reduced to arguing over display resolutions and frame-rates when both new consoles offer so little in the way of fresh game experiences to justify their existence.
    You and it are very right mind you.
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gets free DLC today

  • Skirlasvoud 21/11/2014


    where's the boobs.

    Safely tucked away beneath 5 layers of hardened leather like they should be.

    For anything else:

    Really is the forgotten fifth food groop of a sexual apatite. I find female bad-asses far more attractive like this. Girl's got spunk.
    And just because they don't go into battle in their undies, doesn't mean I don't realize they'll have have to take it off eventually. I just don't make it a visual requirement inside my game.
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  • Skirlasvoud 20/11/2014

    Tried it out for 10 minutes just now and realized how brilliantly this works.

    The male character never speaks a word anyway outside of Main mission cutscenes. All spoken action text is voiced by your ghost boddy buddy Celimbor anyway, who pops just as easily out of Lithariel as Talion. It's as if they designed him to be replaceable. She doesn't appear to have any totally unique moves like cat-woman had in Arkham, but just when I got bored creating my perfect orc-army with the nemesis system, this fresh lick of paint turned up and I'm having a blast again.

    Stroke of Genius. This game could barely be compared with the AC series anyway and now it's even going one step beyond by giving me the Avatars Unity couldn't.
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  • Never Alone review

  • Skirlasvoud 20/11/2014

    Passionate review!

    Who is this Daniel Starkey chap who wrote it? Is he Eurogamer's on-board native Alaskan? I'm actually quite curious about the author now.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity's French Revolution blasted by ex-presidential candidate

  • Skirlasvoud 20/11/2014


    Reportedly, Marie Antoinette said that, but it's a historical falsification. The quote was used as propaganda by the revolutionaries.
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  • Nintendo isn't working on any paid DLC for Super Smash Bros.

  • Skirlasvoud 19/11/2014

    Lots of people usually criticize Nintendo for living in the conservative past...

    but any games company living so far in the past to still be able to apply good old fashioned common sense to paid DLC has one up in my booklet.
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  • Assassin's Creed Unity walkthrough and game guide

  • Skirlasvoud 16/11/2014


    Who will finish the game first, EG or Ubisoft?
    Brilliant. My hat's off to you sir.
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  • Dev who threatened Gabe Newell has returned to Code Avarice

  • Skirlasvoud 14/11/2014

    Good job Maulbeck. Just when I thought there wasn't anything else you could do to look like even more of an irresponsible asshole, you found a way. Reply +16
  • SingStar Ultimate Party review

  • Skirlasvoud 13/11/2014

    Meanwhile, the beardy hipster is so happy he is only partially distracted by the artisanal baba ghanoush stall he's just spotted behind the photographer. The only person not having a great time is the guy in the middle, who has in fact opened his mouth to insert the gun they've had to crop out of the shot.

    *Scrolls down*

    Ellie! Welcome back to doing the thing you're good at! That was genuinely funny again.
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  • Get Witcher 2 free in the GOG autumn sale

  • Skirlasvoud 12/11/2014



    But miss a chance to buy the game yet again and promote purchases on the system? I think not! ;-)
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  • Skirlasvoud 12/11/2014

    Had Witcher 2 for Steam and in a jewel case... will now be buying it from as well.

    Just in time. I was just about to do a rerun of the Enhanced Edition.

    If only I could gift things to friends through GoG... I've wanted to turn my mates into converts for some time now.

    EDIT: Nevermind! Found the e-mail option.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • Skirlasvoud 11/11/2014

    When asked if a situation calls for diplomacy, spies or military strength, any of them will work and few require any more effort on your part than actively not declaring "Zhu Li, do the thing!" at an unlistening monitor. There's enough of it to compensate for that though, and more than enough wrapping to sell the illusion, while still justifying why you're always in the field instead of consigned to a desk.

    Sounds like the choice-consequence we had in Lionhead's RPG series. Don't get me wrong, I thought Fable was charming, but for Bioware to point at Bethesda as a major source of inspiration and then for me to be able to compare it to Fable but with Oblivion gates feels like a step down.

    Do like how we're finally able to change the political landscape. Always grated me somewhat that my heir to the throne dwarven prince couldn't get back to that.

    I'm actually optimistic about this one! If Bioware manages to climb off its king of hyped storytelling horse and fully embraces its role of creating charmingly shallow and endearingly ham-fisted RPG-lite games - leaving the heavy stuff up to Take-Two, CDProject and maybe Bethesda - they should be able to wriggle back into my heart. Will check it out another time.
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  • Blizzard reveals Overwatch, a team-based competitive first-person shooter

  • Skirlasvoud 07/11/2014


    Yeah, that would instantly crush any expectations I had of it.
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  • Skirlasvoud 07/11/2014

    I like to harp on Blizzard... like a lot. Unimaginative, stale, that sort of thing.

    Gotta admit though, that trailer got me giddy and excited. Kinda feeling like they're jumping on the Destiny/Borderlands/TF2 bandwagon, but at least they're trying something new. Destiny didn't draw my fancy, but this just might and I'm eager to see this evolve. Gonna approach this with an open mind.
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  • CD Projekt announces generous Witcher 3 DLC plan

  • Skirlasvoud 06/11/2014


    As much fun as that video is, the point is that if they had included the DLC in the main game, they would have needed to set the release date back to work it in.

    The "11" analogy is a bit flawed.

    Think of it like fireworks that hadn't been planned for the main show. Three music bands are performing and halfway through setting up their stages, all three bands decide they want to include fireworks.

    The first band called "EA/Acti-ubisoft" decides to not only postpone the show that their fireworks can arrive, but they decide to raise the prices of their tickets at the last minute and charge everyone who already had a ticket a little bit more at the entrance. After all, the show has suddenly become that much more spectacular. Everyone not willing to pay extra can listen to the music outside and are not allowed to see the true show.

    The second band called them "Old Blizzard", postpone the show so that the Fireworks can show up. This raises the value of the tickets, but Blizzard were good enough to announce months in advance that their tickets would be more costly and everyone knows what they're getting.

    Now the third band, called "CD-Project", they're slightly strange and they go: "Hang on. What good rockconcert doesn't have fireworks? Our fans expect fireworks, but they also expect the show to start on time!"
    So these guys don't postpone their show and go ahead as planned. Then, 2 hours later, right before the last song, the fireworks arrive and with them, CDProject give the kind of finale that knocks everyone completely off their socks.
    And CDProject apologizes for the fireworks being late, but instead of upsetting their fans everyone seems to only love them more.

    Truly the laws of reality seemed to warp wherever the third band went. It as if they were using some kind of outlandish magic.

    Then the winter came, and people started going to rock concerts less. For a while the first and second band kept raising their prices, or left things like amplifiers, instruments or actual music out of the performance unless people were willing to pay more for those sort of outlandish extras, let alone fireworks. But it didn't work and the poor, poor first and second bands came to the conclusions that all these people were miserable cunts not worthy of their music and they went on to become equally miserly game publishers instead.

    However the third band kept rocking. After a while the winter became very harsh and the Third Band was sad to announce their would be not be anymore fireworks. In fact, one of the band members got a cold and they might even have to cancel. But the people remembered, forgave the third band for the lack of fireworks and they all threw wads of free cash on the stage for them to buy chickensoup. And so the bandmember recovered and instead of pocketing the extra money, there was enough left to still have fireworks! And so the Third Band gave the Awesomest rock concert in history on the coldest winter day and soon spring and summer returned. Not being very succesfull game publishers either the First and Second Band wanted a piece of that again, but they never quite managed the success of the Third Band.

    And so everything was right in Rockland and the Third Band lived happily every after. The end.
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  • Skirlasvoud 06/11/2014

    If CDProjects ever wants me to do stuff like march on an institution, rise up against a perceived injustice or join in a revolution, I would be so ready to follow my new overlords. Reply +1
  • Skirlasvoud 06/11/2014

    CD Projekt ... generous
    I expected nothing less really. Ever since I opened up my standard retail version of the Witcher 2 and so much stuff came rolling out that I believed they accidentally gave me the Collector's edition, it's hard not to take them for granted.

    Therefore, I shall buy a copy both on and in the local stores. If those aren't compatible with my Witcher2 Steam saves (Which I don't think will happen), I'll buy a Steam copy as well. With so many copies, the only thing for me to do now is decide what other big-name release I will have to skip to justify spending so much.

    The announcement also comes the month Dragon Age: Inquisition - a blockbuster RPG rival, albeit a different kind of RPG - arrives. And Inquisition will feature pre-order game content as well as special edition extras.
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  • Hearthstone bot maker forced out of business

  • Skirlasvoud 03/11/2014

    What shocks me is that they actually manage to think of themselves as aggrieved businessmen.

    What is more shocking is that they actually are... or at least the businessmen part. There was a market demand and Blizzard took its sweet time outlawing it. It's their supporting customer base and Blizzard's tolerance that was at the root of evil.
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  • Death to the mini-map

  • Skirlasvoud 01/11/2014

    Contrast and compare with something like Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, where the briny atmosphere is obliterated by a wash of markers and objectives, a to-do list constantly hovering in front of you when you should be left to enjoy the wonders of the open sea.
    So why can't it be killed? There's the matter of convenience, and how the blight of the mini-map has slowly bled out into real life.

    I'm sure that's what Christopher Columbus said too.

    "Screw the compas, the charts and our paper based mini-map. That just bleeds into real-life and appreciation of the towering atlantic waves, enjoying our scurvy and the thrill of near mutiny. We'll get to India eventually!"

    And he did!

    Oh wait...

    Could it be that when I just want to get to places and finish my objectives... maps are actually useful?

    Allow me to propose something else: You begin in your open worlds without a map, allowing you to enjoy it, then as you go through the area you begin to create one, allowing you to actually be able to find your objectives.
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  • Sega role-player Valkyria Chronicles announced for PC

  • Skirlasvoud 31/10/2014

    Awesome! I'll spread the news as much I can. Games like this should find a warm bed on our platform. Reply +1