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  • Want dark, moody L.A. Noire screens?

  • SirPhobos 05/01/2011

    The thing that still bugs me about their face rendering (apart from the lighting...) is the eyes. They have that hollow lifeless look that so many games have.

    The thing that is weird is that Red Dead Redemption came really close to solving this, and in my mind John Marston had the best eyes of any game I've seen (I know they are different studios, but still...). What they did right was that sharp glint that implied intelligence, rather than dull texture maps. For example:
    [link=">LA Noire vs
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  • Retrospective: Uplink

  • SirPhobos 04/10/2010

    A proper classic. Though not without a number of problems (some of which have been mentioned). I managed to "finish" or at least "defeat the point" of the game by robbing multiple banks, ending with a bank balance of millions. Upgraded all the systems to the max, and it stopped being much of a challenge. Still ace though.

    I was playing Uplink while my missus was playing WoW, and it really struck how much like a classic RPG it is - the missions, the equipment, the leveling. I'd love to see a modern mmo version of uplink (I know there have been a number of browser based ones, but they all seem a bit shonky).

    Also, there's a way to save your progress, so you don't have to do all the early levels again. You just have to manually duplicate one of the files in the uplink folder - bit hacky, but saves doing all that initial laborious stuff OVER AND OVER again, and I guess it's in the spirit of the game :)
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  • Fable III to feature all-star cast

  • SirPhobos 28/09/2010

    Fry'd Gold! Reply +1
  • Gang fighting in Red Dead: Redemption

  • SirPhobos 18/05/2010

    Is it just me, or is there something so amazing about Rockstar games, which makes them so disappointing in the same breath. They aim so high, and seem to almost reach their target. But there are also so many situations, which these last bunch of gameplay videos show, where they turn out to be "just games".

    Maybe I'm just getting sucked into their hype, but I always hope for more. I hope for "Deadwood, the game", or "The Proposition, the game", or any number of other classic cinematic wonders, the game. But then I play the games (or watch the videos), and the camera is stupid, or the player tries to climb up a 2 foot step and jumps like a spaz, or the gunplay looks dull and repetitive, or the voice acting is stilted and repetitive, and I think: Shit - it's just a game.

    ...I'm still going to buy it though...
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  • The EGTV Show: Blur

  • SirPhobos 12/03/2010

    @symmetry: Seriously? Have Activision offended you so much that you would avoid playing a good game? If they'd been using child laborers, or polluting rivers, or anything, you know, actually worth getting upset about, then sure, be all indignant. But they're just a games publisher - why so serious. Oh well, your choice, you'll just miss out on a (possibly) good game. Reply +1
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands dev diary

  • SirPhobos 09/03/2010

    So basically "Sorry about the direction the games have gone recently... please come back" (in a french accent). And quite rightly - Sands of Time is such a classic. Reply +3
  • Games of 2009: Canabalt

  • SirPhobos 28/12/2009

    @skuzzbag - yeah, headphones help for the bomb-drop bit (you get a "whrrrrr" noise on the roof before the roof that the bomb hits). The latest version for the iPhone adds vibrations, but strangely not for the pre-bombdrop alert.

    The thing that I find really helps (especially for getting through windows) on the iPhone (I dont know if it works in the flash game) is that the longer you hold your tap down for, the higher he jumps. So a quick light tap does a little hop, while holding the tap down sends you flying. Also very handy for avoiding jumping too far onto the bombdrop roof. The long/short taps are pretty instinctual when playing - it took some analysis to figure out if it worked or not - but just goes to show how well and thoughtfully designed this game is.

    God bless 'ya, indie dev scene ... such beauties you give us, on a remarkably regular basis :)
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  • Exclusive: Uncharted 2 gameplay

  • SirPhobos 24/09/2009

    If pulled off well the puzzle/exploration could be very good, but from the looks of it I had flashbacks to those game moments where you end up running around in circles missing something that should be/is horribly obvious. Maybe i'm just a spaz at navigation, but to me the point of good level design is to allow the player to feel smart/test them, without ever forcing them to run back and forth brainlessly. In my mind that is especially true for a game like this one that is clearly about creating a cinematic experience in a very linear level (i've not played uncharted, though heard good things - and don't get me wrong, no judgements can be made from 4mins of footage).
    ...and indeed, some very nice lighting effects.
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  • SirPhobos 24/09/2009

    I'm interested to know if this clip comes from the Uncharted devs - anyone at EG able to enlighten me? I ask because just watching it frustrated the hell out of me, and reminded me of so many other similar games with poorly signposted levels.... Reply +1
  • Controversial Antichrist film gets game

  • SirPhobos 22/06/2009

    Antichrist is a fantastic movie (if you like LVT's movies) - it has been hugely hyped over here in Denmark (the cinema was filled with young girls strangely), but is out and out arthouse, with a budget. It isn't like the Dogme95 films, it's a beautiful polished film (a lot of the film could be freeze framed and viewed as a photographic work of art).

    How they make this into a game I don't know. Focussing on the "controversial" aspects is to miss the point completely. It may have graphic clitoris snipping and bloody ejaculations, but in my mind the interesting part is as a psychological horror, with an impending sense of overwhelming dread. And as seems to be the case with a lot of Trier's work, I wouldn't want to take the narrative as anything other than symbolic.

    Very interested to see how this pans out (Iversen has been involved in some interesting, well made, but rather populist stuff. I also know someone that worked for him on a games project that was panned - I heard it wasnt the most focussed of projects). At least Zentropa is behind this, so there might be some artistic thoughtfulness involved.
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  • Red Dead Redemption

  • SirPhobos 04/02/2009

    "COCKSUCKER" - Swearengen, 1876 Reply +1
  • Dead Space - Zero gravity

  • SirPhobos 18/09/2008

    both jake busey AND michael madsen making a game - awesome! Reply 0
  • Fallout 3

  • SirPhobos 12/08/2008

    @gooseman42: You have to kinda hope that it is just time that is the issue. It's not as if developers _want_ to make a shit game, or are so incompetent that they think it's good (well, some are, but others get a lot of things right while still making very broken games). I imagine that the turning circle of these monster-sized games is fairly huge - once they've invested a lot of time/effort/money into features that are intrinsically broken or aged (as seems to be the case with the dialogue-tree here) then it takes balls of steel by the project leader to change it in the face of corporate pressure. That doesnt excuse badly balanced/controlled games, however. Those are things that release dates (expecially ones a far off as Fallout3's) shouldn't force into games. Reply 0
  • SirPhobos 12/08/2008

    I'm interested to know if you guys at EG let the developers know what you're opinions are whilst you are previewing the game. I imagine the developers have been through many rounds of playtesting (you'd hope), so probably are aware of the game-breaking problems such as dodgy controls. But these issues still appear again and again in final products, so do you give them a hard time for the serious problems that you come across, or do you treat them gently, so as not to hurt their feelings/so you get invited back? Not that berating some poor chap for the state of a game will make any difference, but you as game journalists are the people that represent gamers' interests, and those that can get closest to the game makers.

    Maybe not the place for such a question - im just interested by the inner workings of game industry/journalism politics. And want devs that let silly control-issues slide to have their arses kicked.
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  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Dev diary

  • SirPhobos 07/04/2008

    The Fuckest Uppest! Reply 0
  • Viking: Battle for Asgard - Trailer

  • SirPhobos 07/02/2008

    I live in Copenhagen and you wouldn't believe the number of bloody dragons you have to deal with while cycling to work. Worse than pikeys and those fucking free-newspaper guys. Reply 0
  • Halo 3 - Combat Pt 2

  • SirPhobos 13/10/2007
    thar you go
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  • New Halo 3 disc errors?

  • SirPhobos 28/09/2007

    My xbox decided to make a horrible grinding noise and refuse to close the disc drive when its standing upright. And that was before I even put the Halo3 disc in ;) But it did leave a massive scratch in my Jam DVD - BASTARDS.

    I know it's unrelated to halo, apart from the fact that I was just about to start playing H3 for the first time - but now i've gotta wait 25 bloody days for MS to fix my machine.. grngrahhhhhhhh

    ...Venting Complete...
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