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  • Games with Gold is getting Dust: An Elysian Tail tomorrow

  • Siobheon 30/04/2014

    Quite enjoyed dust. And I have never got round to getting sr3 so I'm quite happy with that. I enjoyed sr2 but was put off by the wackiness for the third game. Reply +2
  • What happens when free-to-play games aren't free?

  • Siobheon 23/11/2013

    I think Microsoft have taken a commercial view that they don't want people like me : who will buy a game and then play it for hours and hours (skyrim) without spending more money. They want the people who pay to advance in candy crush, and that means I can get stuffed.
    This is a shame for me, but ms will probably do OK. Hopefully Nintendo won't start this.

    I've really enjoyed my xbox, but there are so many reasons not to get the xbox one.
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  • Games with Gold is coming to Xbox One

  • Siobheon 14/11/2013

    Granted the games don't compare well to ps+ but I'm quite enjoying it. I never owned halo 3 nor fable 3. I sold Assassin's Creed 2 on eBay then played through the download one again. And I've got a bunch of games that I probably wouldn't have bought or sometimes haven't heard of, such as the one next week.

    It would have been nice if they have you a choice of two or three games to pick from, in case you've got the free offering, but so far is been OK.
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  • Plants vs. Zombies 2 shuffles onto Android devices

  • Siobheon 24/10/2013

    We got this when it came out on Apple. My kids, who loved the first one, stopped playing it after a few days. This was due to the IAPS. I understand the model but it removes the fun out of grinding, and there's much more grinding in this game.

    I won't even bother getting this for my nexus.
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  • Games of 2012: Spelunky

  • Siobheon 23/12/2012

    @TelexStar I get that it should be a challenge, but I feel that this game goes too far. It's really difficult to get even beyond the third type of cave.
    I still play it from time to time, but only to kill 10 minutes or so, because I know I'm unlikely to get more than 5 or 6 levels before dying, and usually less!
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  • Siobheon 23/12/2012

    Thoroughly enjoyable, although I've given up on trying to get any further. I think it's too difficult at times, especially further down when you're out of rope. The chance to restart a level with the stuff you've bought would have been nice.
    It's fun stealing the shopkeeper's stuff, although that increases the likelihood of a short game!
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  • Games of 2012: Dishonored

  • Siobheon 22/12/2012

    Great article, just borderline pretentious. And that's fine with me. I just got the game from tesco two nights ago (Ł25). I also just got mark of the ninja in the sale as well and it seems to me they are very similar (and so far both really enjoyable). Reply +1
  • Free Kinect Party kicks off two-week Xbox Live Christmas sale

  • Siobheon 18/12/2012

    Picked up Joe danger 2 today for 400 points, which is a great price. However it's not obviously signposted and I only knew this from this site and clicking on the game. Reply +1
  • Mass Effect 3 action figures to come with exclusive DLC

  • Siobheon 24/01/2012

    Sigh. I absolutely loved ME2 and at a time would happily have bought MER3 day 1. However almost every single article about ME3 has set alarms ringing: e.g. The trailer, the bit about playing it as a shooter, the various bonuses you get for buying other crap, Dragon Age 2. I'm concerned that a) there's too much as DLC and b) It might not be very good.
    Now I'm going to wait and see, possibly until GOTY.
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  • A Tale of Two Mickeys

  • Siobheon 05/12/2011

    Great article. We have Epic Mickey and whilst I quite liked the concept, its failing is that it's not that much fun to play. Too much goes wrong because the camera is all over the place.
    A game based on Disneyworld seems like a sure fire winner - loads of theme ideas, big popular support from people who've been. Hopefully Disneyland Adventures is a big enough hit (we'll get it for Xmas) that there'll be another one that does the florida version (inc 4 parks and water parks!)
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  • No LEGO Potter in '09, says source

  • Siobheon 06/01/2009

    I thought a Lego LOTR would be great too - so much variety to play with. My son (6) got lego star wars and lego batman for xmas and loves them both. I fancy we'll be buying the next one regardless, although Live co-op would be a welcome addition. Reply 0
  • Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City

  • Siobheon 17/11/2008

    Sheesh, why is someone on here complaining about the wii and how it's killing gaming? Why aren't you playing with your serious console / commenting online on a serious game? Unless of course you are a troll... Reply 0
  • The Casuals Are Coming!

  • Siobheon 13/08/2008

    The definition of what's casual & hardcore seems to vary according to the users viewpoint. So you don't think much of the charts just now? Well I can remember when we were all complaining about sequelitis. To be fair, there's a good few original titles out there, and even if some of them are awful at least its not generic fps7.

    I find that games that need a bit of time investment (as good a definition of hardcore as I can think of) are much more prevalent on the DS. And yet the DS itself has mountains of stuff I wouldn't touch with a bargepole. Variety is the key to games development.

    I have been playing games since spectrum, perhaps I've changed, but I'd much rather play so called casual games that snobs would sneer at than the same old with shinier graphics where you have to collect things to unlock a new freaking hairstyle etc.

    And yes most games nowadays are easier than before, but then old games would only have lasted two minutes if they were easy!
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  • Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

  • Siobheon 27/06/2008

    Really looking forward to Disgaea now after reading that review! Its the only reason that I would be tempted to get the PS2 out (well that and High School Musical for the kids). FFT2 sounds like another disappointment. Reply 0
  • Disgaea DS - Trailer

  • Siobheon 20/06/2008

    This was one of my favourite games on the PS2 and looks fantastic on the DS: the same but better!
    Judging by the trailer the game will be as light hearted as before, but with such depth to the gameplay. When will it be released in UK?
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