Since it's too easy to list all my favorite games, here is a list of games that I think are absolutely awesome while everybody else hates them:

- Mafia 2
- Duke Nukem Forever
- Jurassic Park: The Game
- Too Human
- Dragon Ball Z Kinect
- Fable 3
- Endless Ocean

And here are some games that everybody loves but I cosider them bad and overrated:

- everything Assassin's Creed
- Final Fantasy 7
- The Uncharted series
- Killzone series
- World of Warcraft
- Heavy Rain
- Counter Strike

And here are some games that are AWESOME but nobody knows them... they are sooooo underrated ... go out and buy them NOW!!!

- Body Harvest
- Zack & Wiki
- LEGO City Undercover
- F-Zero GX
- Baten Kaitos
- Lost Odyssey
- Crusader Kings 2
- Awesomenauts
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