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  • Behind the scenes of Frozen Synapse

  • Shivoa 28/04/2010

    I predict great things for this dev. Video looks ace, standing round with a banner trying to engage the public looks less ace. Reply 0
  • EA cans online support for more titles

  • Shivoa 17/02/2010

    Slightly surprised to see a PC game on that list (you've got to run the cd key server auth forever unless you want a lot of anger/gamers returning old product for refund in this modern world of online auth installations, so why not also keep the matchmaking up and running), especially as there are still boxed copies available online (ok, for £3 or thereabouts but still, new stock). Reply +1
  • Ubisoft defends risky PC DRM plan

  • Shivoa 27/01/2010

    We may have blown both your legs off, but as a value add we are now able to sow one back on. That one re-attached leg is a lot of added value compared to no legs.

    No, there is no option for leave the legs alone and just sell us something based on quality of product. Only evil-doers are able to avoid the leg detachment systems; those evil piratical types, stealing our joorbs!

    How often am I offline and wanting to play a game? Not that common, but do I get a full refund for the game if my internet connection goes down or I try to do some gaming on a train journey? Because I'm effectively being sold a big fat box of nothing in those situations and told it is a value add over other DRM schemes that have already accounted for these situation (Steam offline mode etc).
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  • Metroid Prime Pinball

  • Shivoa 12/04/2006

    With Pokemon Pinball for the GBA offering so much more I can't see this selling very well. Reply 0
  • Child safety 'top priority' - MS

  • Shivoa 16/01/2006

    >limit access to games and DVDs based on particular ratings.

    Well, except in Europe where DVD age ratings are disabled. At least my 360 is telling me that I can lock down games and live but not DVD as 'this feature is not supported in this region'
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  • MS laughs in Solid Snake's face

  • Shivoa 20/09/2005

    "I can't comment about our partners' pricing. We've already announced one price, for Perfect Dark Zero, which is $49.95 in the USA and $59.95 for a collector's edition."

    At this point the interviewer jumps up and starts to beat the guy, screaming and shouting about the UK announced prices for PDZ and how Europe is getting shafted again with a £50 SRP even if the hardware isn't £100 more expensive this time!
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  • £44.99 SRP for Xbox 360 titles

  • Shivoa 07/09/2005

    Yep, Xbox1 launch games started at that price.

    The really retarded thing is in the US the SRP is the same for the next gen for all official MS releases so we're definitely still being screwed in Europe, even if not on the hardware this time. And as this is an official price announcement then it looks unlikely this is just a clerical error or retailer greed. Time to write some angry letters to MS, claiming to be from other countries in Europe (they know the Xbox1 did very well in the UK so probably don't care that much), asking why exactly their new attempt at balanced international pricing isn't reflected in their software releases. If we saw street prices of £30-35 for official MS releases I can guarantee you the other publishers would quickly drop their £50 SRP idea damn quickly.
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  • Eidos halts Carmageddon

  • Shivoa 21/08/2005

    "Successful only because of its extreme content for the time. They'd have to go a bit further to get folk to notice these days."

    So I assume you never actually played 1 or 2 then and are just going on your preconceptions of the series. For the time they were some of the most exciting arcade driving games around and with hooks like the ability to take enemies out of the race through damage, an open map with no obstructed paths, and extra time for driving off the beaten path (ok, it could have been done with starts or coins rather than peds but they had justifiable reeasons by tying it into to a cult hit built on the same premise) felt unique for the time with good risk/reward mechanics and open ended gameplay*

    *and you don't hear that often in the driving genre anymore unless you're talking about spending 5 minutes driving to the start of the next race in a NFSU type thing.
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  • Shivoa 19/08/2005

    "I still call for a Pile-Driver bonus whenever I squish something against a wall, whether it be in Burnout or GTA or whatever :D"

    Cunning Stunt!
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  • Shivoa 19/08/2005

    Hopefully they'll move it over to a bigger dev on the group to get us the Carmageddon we deserve Reply 0
  • Okamoto invites you to Party

  • Shivoa 26/07/2005

    > powerstone online... now THAT would be memorable !

    Mmmmmmm! If only.
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  • Jim Merrick on Ninty's European assault

  • Shivoa 27/05/2005

    Got to say that was a really good interview. Well done for getting the time to do it and asking some less than generic questions.

    I also have to wonder about the mini price point. Doesn't make me feel like an impulse buy. With a flash cart to keep the game selection without the bulk I might love one at 'cheap enough to break' £40 price point.
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  • EB prices 360 games

  • Shivoa 18/05/2005

    As long as Play are stocking them I'm hopeful of a £29.99 release price and deals going down to £20-25 for what didn't shift so well of the initial lineup. Reply 0
  • Dead Rising

  • Shivoa 18/05/2005

    ' And you will know it by the trailer of the Dead Rising.'

    Best. Subtitle. Eva!
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  • Forza Motorsport

  • Shivoa 09/05/2005

    Ah, clicky button away. Got it Reply 0
  • Shivoa 09/05/2005

    Damn it! I was looking forward to this being crap so I didn't have to do a PGR and give up a couple of months to serious playtime and then online nonsense.


    Oh, and where are the specs sheet at the bottom now? widescreen/16:9/dolby/60Hz support options list?
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  • THQ and EA talk next-gen

  • Shivoa 19/04/2005

    >And they made The Punisher? Hard to believe they also made FreeSpace. :(

    I think the team has morphed quite a bit in the last 5 years with plenty of new blood and the old ones walking to fresher pastures. Might be wrong but I seem to remember that most of the Freespace crew are now divided (and so there is no hope for a classic sucessor)
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  • Dixons PSP info 'speculative'

  • Shivoa 19/04/2005

    /looks at his PSP

    /Feels better

    Is anyone seriously going to wait? Will the UK be a nation of US/Jap PSP users?
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  • MTV X360 show 'a sneak peek'

  • Shivoa 19/04/2005

    >Just what does 'thought leader' mean? What does it fecking MEAN??!!

    'We did Live, and the HD thingy. Don't forget our DirectX based development tools and simple architecture. You did feck all beyond letting developers get on with making games and made some yourself'

    I think that is kind of his point about this gen. It is all about the games but MS are probably the ones who have, through mandate and availability, added more to their platform than the others
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  • Xbox 360 seen in UK

  • Shivoa 13/04/2005

    So it is concave to sit perfectly on the convex top of the xbox then. Maybe a sign of no backwards compatability

    /stirs :)
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  • Beyond Good & Evil price drop

  • Shivoa 05/04/2005

    > Doesn't proper widescreen mean that the overall quality of the graphics has to be lowered?

    Well the FoV does increase so there are a few more polys onscreen but the way TV input works there are still the same number of pixels (non square) so things like pixel shaders should work just as fast.

    /still has for the xbox

    /and a widescreen TV :(

    /and a widescreen PC monitor

    double :(
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  • NBA rejects EA exclusivity proposal - report

  • Shivoa 23/12/2004

    Just wait for Ferrari or even a low down player (when it comes to sports cars) like Ford to do an exclusive deal with EA. No more cars from them in any other racing titles and the end of the realistic racing title genre.

    /feels depressed.
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  • Anarchy Online now subscription-free

  • Shivoa 16/12/2004

    I managed to get the torrent very quickly (ok, not massive speeds but I'd only got a ratio of 0.48 when it comepleted which means to avoid being a leecher I had to seed for a while before I was clean). Took about 10 minuted of uploading beofre the net rreajusted to fit me in and I started to download at any speed but then all large torrents can be like that. Reply 0
  • Forza Motorsport

  • Shivoa 15/12/2004

    >"Can't say I'm bothered about the whole 30/60 fps argument, in the end it didn't affect my enjoyment of PGR2 one bit. "

    Agreed. At least this way we get what UK TVs are designed for 30 full frames of video a second. 600 and whatever lines (625?) of quality visuals. Can't really see much advantage is showing me 60 half frames where I get an update every other line twice as often. When you put it down in technical terms it doesn't really sound like it should work as well as it does.
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  • Shivoa 15/12/2004

    This has just gone from a 'dont give a flying..' to an eagerly awaiting reviews. Reply 0
  • Massive queues in Japan as PSP sells out

  • Shivoa 13/12/2004

    Considering you can get hold of a DS for £110 import (if not less) the PSP is looking like a very bad option for people who don't want to respect national boundaries. Sad news really considering the comparable price the makers are asking for. Guess I'll have to make do with a DS for Chrsitmas and wait for the US or even Euro PSP release before getting hold of one. Reply 0
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

  • Shivoa 09/12/2004

    So with the complete failure to sell what are the chances of a cheap deal in the Jan sales? Reply 0
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • Shivoa 08/12/2004

    Agreed with Shinji and Tengu. TSW was quite an enjoyable film for me, even went to the cinema for it and really got into it. Then again, everyone I was with didn't like it that much although I was expecting more of the anime crowd to enjoy it than apparently did. Reply 0
  • Nintendo DS sales figures in line with GBA launch

  • Shivoa 08/12/2004

    With all the GBA games you could want and at least a few good launch titles coupled with the low chance of a price drop for quite some time it seems like a lot of people are buying early and leaving the SPs at home. Reply 0
  • The WOW against terrorism

  • Shivoa 08/12/2004

    Like an aim bot in CS it is claiming to do something while you aren't. It also unevens the playing field. Reply 0
  • EA working on new C&C Red Alert game

  • Shivoa 07/12/2004

    Generals, Zero Hour, tBfME and now a new Red Alert. Quite a fast turnaround on all these titles. You'd almost think EA are working people to death over there. Reply 0
  • NVIDIA partners with Sony on PlayStation 3

  • Shivoa 07/12/2004

    lol Reply 0
  • WarDevil: Unleash the Beast Within

  • Shivoa 03/12/2004
    click more on the 6800 demos
    lots of stuff and you can even view the mpegs.

    The future is today. What we're seeing now is games that started off being developed years ago. Especially on the PC. The capabilities of the next gen consoles are the generation of graphics beyond what PCs can currently do and so in that lifetime we will see things of the quality of the tech demos that will be released for the next gen cards.
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  • Shivoa 03/12/2004

    >Perhaps the Unreal 3 engine at a push could do it justice but thats years away and runs like a dog of the best tech available.

    Which is why Epic did a real time presentation of it running on a 6800 series card at the begining of the year and plan of having UE3 getting ready for release Q4 '05/Q1 '06 (ie, in a year when this game is also scheduled). Motion blur is actually a lot easier to do than depth blur and even that is being seen in current gen engines.

    >its nigh-on impossible to get that "rosy" feel you seem to always get with pre-rendered CG videos

    I think you should pick up DE:IW and turn on bloom. Now think of the next gen of that with AA on. Basically it is just a pass over the image and the use of HDR that makes the 'feel' of pre rendered really. Look at the ATi and nVidia HDR real time demos for another example. They really aren't like anythign you've seen before.
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  • Next-gen consoles to act as wireless hubs - Jenson

  • Shivoa 03/12/2004

    >I want a games machine that plays games. Not a great box full of technological jiggery pokery.

    In that case I hope you're happy with your hoop and stick but those of us who like computer games are going to keep on with the technology stuff. Why is it your word that decides what is essential? I want a console with 4 ports for controllers, you might only want the 1. Yes, the extra 3 controllers add to the cost but that isn't to say adding them is a bad idea.

    The wireless hub means that wavebirds might not need anythign to plug into the machine. We might even get them as standard. IT is alll up for debate but as the cost of adding wireless is getting damn close to negligable how can you possibly justify fighting against it, even if you don't really want to use it. Next you'll be saying the analogue stick is evil as it killed the dpad based games and that 3D hardware is something we should have lived without because it killed all the 2D genres. Just because something make new posibilities doesn't make it evil.
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  • Shivoa 03/12/2004

    Well with every Intel laptop and soon desktop chip having WiFi and, as mentioned, both new handheld consoles it would seem rather odd if the new consoles didn't get a WiFi chip too. Question is will either go for a longer range next gen chip. Reply 0
  • UK Charts: Apparently we've a Need for Speed

  • Shivoa 30/11/2004

    Did Halo2 even chart? It must have done, but where (this is where putting a list up would be helpful)? Reply 0
  • Sony keeps PSP production low, focuses on PS2

  • Shivoa 29/11/2004

    >"At that price, software houses should be encouraged to create game titles,"

    Then again, if they know you're not going to make many to creat a user base they know that sales of the games will probably be quite low. Design a game for the 500,000 PSP users or the 5,000,000 DS users (yes, time frame means those are accurate but you get the idea). I'm guessing EA's be throwing more weight behind the larger user base title to reap the sales reward.
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  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  • Shivoa 24/11/2004

    May? MAY!? Has is the word you're looking for there :) Reply 0
  • Shivoa 24/11/2004

    Got to say I agree with the first 50% of the review and would end on a 9/10. Personally I haven't had any crash bugs and, with a machine that can beat HL2 into submission, the framerates are far from great but can handle it fine considering the genre is more RPG than twitch FPS. Things like the floating characters the the begining are obviously scrpting shorcuts but as you can't even see their lower bodies you can see why the guys thought they could get away with it.

    I'm obviously one of the determined player and I also haven't got to the ending few hours yet (although have had a taste of a few of the long dungeons which show why you need to have stat building from combat in any RPG that has long stints of enforced fighting as otherwise it is just a pointless time sink in the game) but I'd say 8 would be a better representation.
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  • Valve on what comes next

  • Shivoa 16/11/2004

    High End levels? Exactly how much higer can they get without just adding rather pointless extra poly which don;t really effect the levels. The texture detail already seems high enough.

    That said I'm running max settings, 4xFSAA 8xAF with no problems at all so the very high end obviously has some spare capacity left.
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  • Half-Life 2 survives early distribution?

  • Shivoa 12/11/2004

    >I don't know how they can not activate it early, unless it specifically says on the box that you won't be able to play it before Tuesday

    Same way a MMORPG released only in the USA or Korea can be unplayable to me even if I did buy a copy (imported) in a shop down the road. The fact is it shouldn't be out yet and you only have the retail chain to blame if they slod you something which isn't playable until Tuesday because they weren't meant to sell it to you until Tuesday.
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  • Halo 2 US sales top $125m, UK launch a success

  • Shivoa 12/11/2004

    >Could the reason for Halo 2's success be down to the fact that XBOX ownsers have been starved of quality software?

    Only if you also say the same of GTA:SA. They've both had quite good titles out recently, Burnout 3 being a cross platform example for a start but I'm guessing you're intom platformers and not driving games and so can't see the Xboxes for all the golden coins power rings.
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  • Microsoft planning three versions of Xbox 2?

  • Shivoa 11/11/2004

    >It never works. The 'lowest spec' version drags down the games so the higher spec versions aren't worth having, or the higher-spec versions get all the best games so the lower spec machine isn't worth buying.

    My understanding is that that isn't how it is at all. All the versions will play Xbox2 games which look the same and play the same. They will be identical and tha hardware behind them will be locked to run the same even if they technically might have small variations.

    The difference is the additions to the device in terms of extra functions. I can get a sky box or a sky+ box. They both show the same TV but with + you get the record function. If there is a premium Xbox2 with TiVo, no memory cards needed, and compatability with old Xbox games that require the HDD then I'd go for that one. It seems like I'd otherwise have to buy the seperates for that and so multifunction devices allow you to cut the costs and when the Xbox2 is at the end of its game life you still get a TiVo device to give to the nephew or use with the TV in the kitchen or something.

    That said I have no intention of buying any of the new gen devices until they drop to reasonable prices and I'll try and clear the backlog of all the current gen games before I even consider which next gen console to get first.
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  • PSP Ridge Racers videos slide into view

  • Shivoa 11/11/2004


    For a site with the tag 'Don't pay more to play more' you've got to question the US$420 tag on the basic PSP. That's more than double the RRP and almost twice as much as other importers.
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  • Shivoa 11/11/2004

    NCSX have sold out of preorders ($255 basic, $295 with addons, both excluing any taxes or import duties) and lik-sang can't even give you a price yet.

    I hope that I'll be in London sometime between the 12th and Chrimbo and manage to track down one from an importer for a slightly less extortionate price (although I fully expect this to not come true)
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  • Vampire goes head to head with Half-Life 2

  • Shivoa 10/11/2004

    >I could be wrong, but how big an audience is there of people who have PC's specced up for Half life...can't be that big can it?

    Most mid to high end computers in the last few years will be capable of playing Source engined games. It is very scalable and so even things like pixel shaders aren't required (GeForce3 level cards and above) so I'd expect anyone who has played any modern PC games to be capable of running HL2. Of course, the more you've spent the better the game will look but as for playable framerate, there is a wide range of settings to allow it to run smoothly on all remotely modern PCs.
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  • Shivoa 10/11/2004

    >/spots new advertising

    /isn't suprised
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  • Shivoa 10/11/2004

    Stupid release plans. Ok, you've got to get in before Chrimbo but why go so directly against HL2 when you could just wait a couple of weeks? Reply 0
  • UK Charts: Um, take a wild guess?

  • Shivoa 09/11/2004

    their as it the property of them.
    they're as in they are
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