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  • Star Citizen is selling virtual plots of land for up to Ł96 a pop

  • ShineDog 29/11/2017

    @Hypevosa Be real. Sure, the giant ship and the fighter have very different experiences.

    There are plenty of different ships within the fighter class though and they will happily sell you the good ones.

    They'll also happily sell you the fucking news reporting ship despite not having any news mechanics. They'll sell you mining ships with no real word on how mining is actually going to work or even a solid basis on how the economy will function.

    It's selling ships for hundreds, fucking thousands of pounds based to people desperate for an escapist fantasy the game will never match. It's predatory in a way that would make EA blush.
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  • EA's response to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 hero unlock fury isn't going down well

  • ShineDog 13/11/2017

    I wasn't toooo worried about it after beta, but basic crates are 4x the price. It is bananas Reply +6
  • Need for Speed Payback review

  • ShineDog 08/11/2017

    @FortysixterUK Hot pursuit 2010 was great, Most wanted 2012 was good and Rivals was great though, NFS quality varies, but it's usually a solid pick. The 2015 game was a turd, but thats kind of an exception

    This one seems... fine, from what I've played of it. Unremarkable but just the fact that they've repaired that dire handling model from 2015 goes a long way.

    The lack of cop chases outside of events is deeply, deeply weird though, and as someone who likes little character in a racer I'll straight up say this one is terribly acted and intrusive and bad. All we needed was a Sergeant Cross type character to boo and hiss at occasionally, this elaborate toss can get in the bin.

    Unless you're really hurting for a racer right now you're probably better off waiting for the Crew 2? It's not a trainwreck though, it's fun from a pure zoom perspective.
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  • New report paints Visceral's cancelled Star Wars project as troubled from the off

  • ShineDog 29/10/2017

    @zippie151 this is pretty simple. Frostbite wasn't designed to do sports, or do racing games, but now someone has been doing these things it is capable of them.

    From a development standpoint this is great because they would come out with an engine that DOES do these things for down the road.
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  • Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus review

  • ShineDog 27/10/2017

    By and large I agree with this review. The game is excellent. I take some issue with the absolute whopping spoilers throughout. Come on guys, it's not cool. Reply +59
  • Here's a decent look at Star Wars: Battlefront 2's single-player campaign

  • ShineDog 19/10/2017

    @FilthyAnimal yes, the so is canon Reply 0
  • South Park: The Fractured But Whole review

  • ShineDog 16/10/2017

    Coon jokes? Reply +3
  • EA has extended the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta until Wednesday

  • ShineDog 10/10/2017

    Crosspoating from the other thread.

    According to some people on reddit who caught a pulled video It looks like at least in the final game you can get class boxes to focus on a class and not just be completely random, and that challenges can unlock particular weapons outside of loot boxes.

    The grind is real, but maybe less random than we feared.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a loot crate problem

  • ShineDog 10/10/2017

    So It looks like at least in the final game you can get class boxes to focus on a class and not just be completely random, and that challenges will unlock particular weapons. The grind is real, but maybe less than we feared? Reply 0
  • ShineDog 09/10/2017

    @riceNpea I'm not trying to defend the loot boxes, but theres some wrong here.

    The calculations to get everything in the game were assuming you crafted everything, but weapons can just flat out drop in boxes, so you won't need to do that. If the loot boxes work as they do in beta, you'll get plenty of them. You'll be able to make a good hand. It just won't be the hand you necessarily want to make.

    Which is fucked up.
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  • ShineDog 09/10/2017

    You definitely get loads of cards just through playing the game, so I don't doubt you'll be able to make a strong hand, but it's fucked that you can't determine where you're going to get the next one, that there's no real way to get towards a card you want. You like assault and all your cards come up scout? tough shit

    If they made this a system of sidegrades it would pretty much fix it. Every benefit balanced by a negative. Not going to happen though.

    A shame, cause the games a fucking riot in terms of pure fights
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  • The biggest Star Wars Battlefront 2 killstreaks from the beta weekend

  • ShineDog 09/10/2017

    @shotbyascot It's trying to level your ship to the horizon when you turn, and you can turn it off! Reply 0
  • ShineDog 09/10/2017

    @mrcheesyelf it sucks, but the drop rate on items seems reasonable if it matches the beta. The issue isn't too g to be making a strong hand, but making the one you want, which blows.

    It's a shame because the actual gunplay and such is great.
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  • ShineDog 08/10/2017

    Enjoyed it very much. Concerned about the loot boxes, but the core gunplay is excellent. Just a little more complexity goes a long way. Objective mode is fun, and the space combat maps are brilliant. (Use a controller for them though)

    It's ok!
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks like a case of being careful what you wish for

  • ShineDog 08/10/2017

    @shotbyascot it died hard on pc because they never had their anti cheat working. It's fine on console.

    I don't get the hero complaints though, they're absolute beasts? Less health sure, but it regenerates now so they're still terrifying but less weirdly tanky.
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  • ShineDog 08/10/2017

    @George-Roper sure. I agree the objective mode wasn't the problem and think walker assault was a solid baseline. The game was just too simple and lacked maps. The new game is significantly deeper mechanically (id say its on the bad company level of casual which is fine) and actually seems to have a respectable amount of content.

    It's pretty solid from where I'm sat, though I'm very wary of the star card setup.
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  • ShineDog 07/10/2017

    @George-Roper I'm saying you can't have the mechanics of the og battlefronts, tbh. As it stands it's not particularly far from bf in terms of gunplay and classes.

    The problem with bfront1 was that it had a very low skill ceiling and comically little content, before fragmenting its playerbase over mostly crappy dlc. Focusing on objective play was not and is not the problem.
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  • ShineDog 07/10/2017

    @shotbyascot heroes regen health in this one which they didn't in the first. They're very survivable so long as you don't get too seperated.

    @pomi I kind of agree but the heroes don't earn points, the bother reinforcement units do. They could stand to drop the non hero point cost a little I think.
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  • ShineDog 06/10/2017

    @drd7of14 I can't say I agree. Names aside, Objective play is just a more interesting way to play. What I remember from classic battlefront conquest was a big, scattered, unstructured mess that wasn't actually massively fun. I'll personally take an actual scenario every time.

    Heres' the thing. It's really important that a game knows what it wants to do, and I don't think the old games did. They had, absolutely, a fucking ton of stuff, but almost none of it felt good. Horrible gunplay, weird vehicle physics, unfocused maps.

    Then you've got the fact that left to their own devices players will create for shitty unfocused fights. An ATAT stuck in a tree or turned around. a boarding action where 2 people wander round an empty starship. Everyone scattered everywhere doing nothing particular. The focus problems of a BField conquest map writ large. It's conceptually cool, but giant complex actions don't play out well in the hands of players. It's why you haven't had player carriers since BF1942, for instance. Something like a walker is too important to the flow of a fight to be left to some kid who wrecks the game for the other 50 people in the server.

    You've also got to consider what the audience is. The primary multiplayer audience for the old Bfront2 was on PC. The console games sold well, but most players, statistically, played solo stuff. This game will fucking categorically have a more casual audience than battlefield. It just will. Making the game you want would lead to a mess.

    As it stands, what we have is a really slick game that straddles the line between the very simple modern BFront1, and the much more hardcore BField1 - that's a damn fine place for a game to be, frankly, and the game seems to do everything it wants preeeetty well.

    It's good, basically.
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  • ShineDog 06/10/2017

    @karldesfosses it's not battlefield complex. Guns are still fairly easy to fire, and there's fairly strict restrictions on unfum things like grenade spam.

    Bullet speed is way up which means sticking your head out in front of a crowd is a smidge riskier, but at the same time there's a little more recoil and bloom and there's a class built around being tough to kill si its not enormously punishing. It's definitely still a run and gun kind of game though.

    That said, I think it plays better on console. People missing more makes for a better shootout, imo.
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  • ShineDog 06/10/2017

    @Cobalt_Jackal 20v20 is fine in a battle that throws everyone at a single objective. It's not battlefield conquest where everyone is spread between 6 control points, it's much closer to rush, which generally works better smaller.

    It's got around the same amount of maps as BF1 and overwatch launched with, and there's loads of vehicles just in the beta. This clearly isn't the content void of the original.
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  • ShineDog 06/10/2017

    It's definitely more complex than BF1 but I feel this overstated heavily. It's still a much lighter take than battlefield 1, sitting somewhere between the last field and front game.

    A little more meat doesn't hurt it, from where I'm sitting. While the theed map can be a bit of a meatgrinder, that was absolutely the case in the first game too. For a less instantly punishing mode, strikes are a riot.
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  • Forget Chewbacca, it's Bossk racking up the massive killstreaks in Star Wars Battlefront

  • ShineDog 23/09/2016

    Guys, that's skirmish mode. He's fighting bots. Really dumb bots.

    Bossk is good, but he's not 300 killstreak in a live game good.

    He's... 182 kills in a live game good.
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  • Is Boba Fett overpowered in Star Wars Battlefront?

  • ShineDog 26/11/2015

    @SwissTony1994 Boba can certainly camp and rack up massive scores in a way none of the other heroes can, but he doesn't have the battle swinging power darth does, who charges in, murders the defenders of a control point, and tips the entire battle. The thing is that Darth is getting a kicking while this happens. Reply +1
  • ShineDog 26/11/2015

    @Malek86 Yeah, it's true, it's a sure kill against someone terrible, but it's not part of my rotation any more. Impact grenades and barrage are far more of a threat.

    It's particularly funny running straight into one and murdering the shooter who hasn't realised that you can survive a homing shot handily with bodyguard.
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  • ShineDog 26/11/2015

    @Dynasty2021 One of the weird quirks of battlefront. Homing shot is one of those things that seems horrendously powerful when you first encounter it. Get better at the game and realise you're far better off with a grenade.

    Homing shot travels really slowly and gives the user ample warning that the user is both being targeted and the direction of the attack, from that it's a pretty simple matter to get a wall between you and the attack. it's only really a threat if you're standing in the open, and at that point the guy might as well have just shot you.

    Regarding Solo - I don't think he's overpowered. If he's hanging back and camping and racking up a massive score he hasn't actually contributed to winning the match. He can only really do that on the big objective maps and by doing so doesn't influence the objective very much. It's far more important for him to actually get forward and harass defenders, and he's really good at that but not 50 kills good.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront: no classes or squads

  • ShineDog 11/05/2015

    Not entirely sure why everyones talking about them killing BFs teamplay by going down to a buddy system instead of a 5 man squad. In realistic terms, BFs squad doesn't help teamplay, it helps BF be even more of a disorganized clusterfuck, with players scattered around the map and gangs of players able to materialize randomly in nonsensical places.

    This got worse, I suppose, at some point after 2142 where they switched to freely spawning on any squadmate as opposed to somewhat more restricted squad spawning in BC or the squad leader only spawning in 2 and 2142.

    BF is always a huge mess, thats part of its charm, but 3 and 4 have really pushed the chaos, and a big part of that is the squad system allowing for what is frequently unfettered spawning in a massive amount of locations around the map.
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  • World of Warplanes review

  • ShineDog 04/12/2013

    @1Dgaf You get matched up against people in similar planes, so it's not really a big deal Reply +1
  • ShineDog 04/12/2013

    Unless there have been enormous changes in the game in the week since I stopped playing and returned to WT, the reviewer missed something fundamental - Turn fighters are vastly inferior to energy fighters if the energy fighter knows what to do.

    Climb into, say, an ME110 or something along those lines. Climb at the start of the match with boost engaged and get a massive height advantage over the turn fighters who cannot climb or boost like you.

    Dive down, which gives you a massive accuracy bonus, if anyone tries to take you in a head on pass you will win as climbing imparts a massive accuracy penalty.

    Do not attempt to turn and dogfight, the reviewer states that you can chase people down here, but is wrong. Climb away, you'll have a massive speed advantage to begin with, and accuracy goes to hell the minute the nose goes up, hit boost, sail away into space. Repeat.

    - Just tried this, at one point had 3 fighters on my tail as I climbed away, all pouring fire into me, it looked intimidating but they weren't doing much to my health, I just dragged them up into the sky, and once I had some distance, wheeled around and slaughtered them. Got 6 kills in one round, not even a problem. It was boring for both them and me though, and thats the problem with the game, the balance is terrible and encourages boring tactics.
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  • The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start

  • ShineDog 06/07/2013

    @AngryGingerScot It's called Slutshaming, and its something that most feminists are pretty strongly against. Reply +1
  • ShineDog 06/07/2013

    @Ahskay If you think that people asking for female characters to be fleshed out and written as actual people is somehow mainstreaming games then you're pretty much an idiot.

    No one is saying games should be made by one specific group for any other group, and if you actually she describes TLOU as huge progress.

    This doesn't change the fact that too many damn games have really awful, damaging portrayals of women, pandering damsels with no character and no agency. The state of the industry is offensively bad, regardless of who is actually putting things together.
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  • ShineDog 06/07/2013

    @crispyduck oh dont be a git. we can have fun without treating an entire gender like crap, you know? if you actually read the article You'll see its pretty damn positive about the game.

    Who cares who it is that it's making the game? whether it's made by men or women, no matter who it's aimed at, if it's treating people like shit then those people have right to criticise.

    Sure, you like everything to pander to you. that's nice, but not everyone gets that luxury. don't be a tool about it.
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  • ShineDog 05/07/2013

    @gordonsullivan Ashley is an interesting one.

    In ME1 Ashley is a good character. I don't like her as a person (Can't get past the racism), but I appreciate that she's a character with flaws and oppinions that aren't just pandering to the player (unlike Liara). It's quite interesting to see how the character who specifically states she can't get along with glamour and makeup becomes gets all glammed up with model hair and shiney makeup for 3, along with that weird dress uniform with the miniskirt and the heels that just looked entirely daft. I've no issues with someone getting dressed up, but it's entirely out of character for Ashley, particularly in the circumstances she is in, and it's a pretty good example of how characters get churned up for the sake of marketing.
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  • ShineDog 05/07/2013

    @Inmediasress Well, yes. The industry right now is in a pretty depressing state. That's how it is. I don't see why that's a reason to not push to have things improve. Why we should stop criticising sexist crap and stop lauding things that actually, you know, try and do better. Because that's how it has been? Because that's how it is? Bollocks. That doesn't wash with me.

    It's bad, but I think as a slight trend, things are improving. It's a long way off, but it's getting better. There are people who like to look at tits all the time and people who are uncomfortable with their beliefs being challenged. So what? Things can be better, things are getting better, and everyone who wants to see games actually continue to progress should continue to be grumpy about whatever mysoginist or racist or transphobic or homophobic bollocks they see in whatever videogame they happen to be playing.
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  • ShineDog 05/07/2013

    @Inmediasress You can be flippant all you want, but theres a really simple solution. Write your characters as fucking people, games industry! Reply +4
  • ShineDog 05/07/2013

    @arcam I'd argue that those assumptions are rather self fulfilling.

    There has been similar things said about, say, action movies. The suggestion that aadventure movies starring women don't sell was around for a long time, with the problem being that the action and adventure movies starring women were largely terrible being ignored (Elektra, Catwoman, both used extensively to argue that female lead action can't be viable.) But when actually good female lead movies come out, and don't have the ball dropped on marketing, they do fantastically. Hunger Games, Brave, did damn well. On TV, Nikita, Covert Affairs, and a bunch of others have done well. In game terms, Tomb Raider sold huge numbers (it had financial problems, but only because the finances on the game went spiralling out of control and the forcasting expected Call of Duty)

    People are not averse to playing or watching or reading about girls whether it's on TV or in a video game or in a book, but you wouldn't know that if you bury the product with terrible marketing, or if it's a shitty product to begin with.
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  • ShineDog 05/07/2013

    @JamieR glargh. It's not that the problem is women with big boobs, the problem is unstoppable and relentless pandering to horny dudes.

    Look, I'm a dude. I like boobs, but it's pretty embarressing and frankly insulting that devs historically assume that I'm not going to engage with a female character unless she's always bending over while the camera drives up her ass. Miranda.
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  • ShineDog 05/07/2013

    @Tomahawk Tomb Raider doesn't have a rape plot. It has one guy who kind of caresses your cheek before he tries to kill you. It's definately uncomfortable, but the MARKETING used this to imply a rape plot that doesn't exist. That's pretty creepy and terrible in itself. Reply +2
  • 2K takes XCOM shooter website, videos offline as evidence points to rebrand to The Bureau

  • ShineDog 15/04/2013

    I seem to remember that the XCOM shooter had already been rebranded from a game called The Outsider.

    My googlefu is failing me for evidence of this, but Outsiders are the one thing that linked shooter and recent tactical XCom.
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  • Aliens: Colonial Marines' demo looked much prettier than the final game

  • ShineDog 13/02/2013

    How does the PC version compare to the demo? Reply -101
  • Trends of 2013: The last console generation

  • ShineDog 09/01/2013

    @DanSmith09 "But it's not. I cannot get the CoD experience I enjoy on my xbox 360 on my smartphone, and due to one pretty obvious limitation (controls) I never will."

    Imagine your phone has the power to do a decent high end 3d game. Not far off. Stick it into the docking station built into your TV. Grab controller. It's a console. Stick it into the docking station with the mouse and keyboard. it's a PC. The future for unified devices is enormous.
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  • Nintendo blocking 18+ rated Wii U eShop content at certain times

  • ShineDog 07/12/2012

    @Gamer107 Or, you know, a responsible adult who commutes and needs to get some sleep to do their job? Reply +7
  • Lost Humanity 15: Booth Babes

  • ShineDog 05/10/2012

    @syra Theres a difference between a burlesque club and a games event. One is about titillation, the other is about videogames.

    You're going to the burlesque with the express intent of seeing whatever the performers get up to on stage.

    With the games it's not even related, or it's shoehorned into something to get the sales up, and you end up turning away the people that aren't in that target segment because its like a huge sign that says THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

    As I've said before, sexual content isn't anything thats inherently wrong, but theres a time and a place for it. A classy burlesque act? Thats about time and place as you can get. Shilling videogames with CASH FOR GAMES on your hotpants? not so much.
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  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @zubnut You really think they are evenly represented in the gaming world? You're having a laugh. Reply +4
  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @beach Except its fundamentally not catering for everyones tastes. It's catering for hetero male tastes. Anything else gets pushed right to the back. Reply +2
  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @beach Oh come on, it's cynical advertising through pandering. You can absolutely celebrate the human form, but that's not what this is for a moment, you creep. Reply 0
  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @FiddleFingaz Except this isn't really about the women in the booths so much as it is the message this sends about the industry. And lets be honest here, gaming is overwhelmingly purile and could do with growing the fuck up. Reply +4
  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @Sildur There are sexy blokes in mass effect, sure, but the big difference is the camera doesn't linger on jacobs ass every time he talks. Mass Effects camera is male, and defaults to looking at what the target audience male looks at. Consider. Manshep sleeps with Ashley, the camera shows ashleys ass, not much of shephard. Femshep sleeps with Kaiden, the camera shows Femsheps ass, not much of Kaiden. This persists wherever women are seen in the game, it's CONSTANTLY doing long, lingering shots of Miranda, Samara, Liara, whoever.

    And, no, I'm not projecting. If anything I used to have views similar to yours, Over the last few years I've had my eyes opened to just how pervasive this sort of thing is. I do think it's so pervasive that a lot of people just tune it out, guys or girls included.
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  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @rydek Sex is everywhere in movies and TV,. Sex in movies and TV is often (not always) handled tastefully! Games handling adult subjects is NOT the issue here, and you are fundamentally misunderstanding the issue if you think it is.

    It's the fact that games get as far as lads mag sexuality. It's tits to leer at, or asses waved at the camera. It's everywhere in gaming, in franchises you might not expect it of, and it's extremely pervasive. See - Every game where the dude wears armour and the girl wears a g-string. Movies and TV definately do this, but it's so rare for a game to try for anything more, which other media does all the time.

    I'd love a game that actually had sexuality beyond TITS ARE BIG AND NICE, but it's pretty rare to get that.
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  • ShineDog 04/10/2012

    @Sildur Do you really think it's just men who have a problem with this? Really? Because the amount of girls put off gaming because of the fact it's such a boys club, that most women in most games are ridiculous cheesecake fantasies, is not insignificant.

    Most of the girls I know play games, and every single one has a "jesus christ what" reaction when miranda wobbles her ass across the screen. This is the same issue, coming from the same place.
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