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  • What do you actually do in Patrice Desilets' ape evolution survival game Ancestors?

  • ShiftyGeezer 24/04/2017

    @riceNpea : He started working at Ubisoft when he was 23. 13 years later, when he was 36, his GF told him he wasn't happy any more at Ubisoft, prompting him to leave. Reply +6
  • Why are games so fascinated with cannibalism?

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/04/2017

    Some games have cannibalism mechanics. If that's of interest because it's contrary to polite society, far more games are interested in killing things, sneaking around, jumping everywhere, and collecting junk. So there isn't really a long tradition of cannibalism in games so much as a tradition of crossing boundaries, cannibalism being one of them that a very few games in actuality cross. Reply +1
  • Snooker star says he's a recovering video game addict

  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Icikle :
    Who's deciding what's more important?
    Neil Robertson.
    I bashed RE7 on release for 14 hours straight and that wasn't a waste. I do this frequently, am I an addict?
    If that's what you want to do and you don't feel it's getting in the way of other stuff you want to do, and it's not getting in the way of stuff you have to do to your detriment, then probably not. There's the possibility that you are addicted but don't recognise it, or you just really like computer games. It depends on if you can choose to stop and do something else you want to do instead without getting 'withdrawal'.

    An addiction is a dependency.
    It doesn't have to be that extreme. An addiction can interfere with other things without being a hard-core, life-destroying dependency. What makes an addiction an addiction is that you can't easily stop.

    Perhaps the word 'addiction' is confusing the subject, because people associate it with major chemical addictions? The issue is that patterns of behaviour are created that affect a person's day-to-day activities. It's the same sort of psychology that can cause someone to become 'addicted' to worrying or 'addicted' to their appearance or 'addicted' to washing their hands constantly or checking the latest Facebook/Twitter posts every two minutes. Video games are extremely well structured to create these intrusive behaviour patterns.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Icikle :
    I don't get it. If he had gone to the clubs to train all those times he "spent hours" playing games would he not have been a snooker addict?
    Some people seem confused as to what an addiction is. Training for Snooker isn't an addiction. If you couldn't think about anything other than Snooker, or craved playing Snooker when away from it, then you'd have an addiction.

    In this example, his brain constantly wanted the computer game experience, such that instead of thinking about other, more important, things, it led him to waste a day playing computer games. He has had to consciously break his behaviour patterns.

    A healthy hobby would be picking up a video game every once in a while with a free moment, maybe taking a weekend out on a binge, etc. Whatever, it'd be a balanced part of your life given as much focus as you want it to have (3 hours a day or more if it's your hobby, fine). But when you spend time doing something you don't want to be doing and regret doing it, then it's a problem. I have definitely been addicted to some games, played them out of a craving, and then regretted the time wasted. I know many other people, ordinary folk, who have had similar experiences.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Mhoey : I didn't say being immersed is an addiction. I'm saying that's what causes the addiction, to the degree that the mind focusses on the computer games when it should be thinking about other things, and craves the computer games when away. It's also what results in the 'just one more...' time killing.

    It takes willpower to break an addiction, to walk away against that craving. The creation of the craving in the first place is the addiction though, and computer games are incredible at that for pretty much everyone, from LoL and Diablo to Crandy Crush and Cookie Clickers. It is very easy for brains to become tuned to a dependency on a game.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Mhoey : I don't think that's true. Video games are inherently psychologically addictive such that anyone who enjoys them can end up being incredibly immersed, regardless of personality. There's nothing else with so much sensory input connected with active engagement. That's part of the problem that needs to be noted. It doesn't help that the gaming industry actively pursues these addictive qualities to monetise the hobby. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @NullDev : Was anyone suggesting banning video games? He's saying he spent too much time on them, and I think most of us can agree to spending too much time on video games at some point. And perhaps a fair number aren't even aware of the impact?

    The moral of the story is recognising the potential negative impacts and balancing the presence of video games. This is especially important for the current youth who have access to games 24/7 through their mobile devices, along with social networking and YouTubing, which can and do impact their achievements in other parts of life if left unmanaged.
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  • Roguelike TumbleSeed is rolling onto Switch, PS4 and Steam in May

  • ShiftyGeezer 15/04/2017

    @ghostgate2001 : Perhaps no single game reference sums it up, so don't bother trying. Evolutionary tree seems most closely related to marble rolling games. It certainly has more in common with LocoRoco than Rogue.

    Dark Souls would be a bonkers comparison. One is a third-person, very dark mythological fighting game, and the other is a colourful 2D side-scrolling marble roller.

    I'd say this game has far more in common with 1942 than Rogue or DS. 1942 without bullets would be a vertical scrolling dodge-'em-up.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 15/04/2017

    Some people still seem confused.

    Please stop using 'Roguelike' to the point it's meaningless. Procedural levels and permadeath aren't enough.
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  • British terror hoaxer charged after US gamer shot by cops

  • ShiftyGeezer 12/04/2017

    @Skirlasvoud :
    What if a terrorist has a family trying to convince the SWAT that the culprit is just laying in bed and innocent, while the fucker is climbing out the window
    Surround the house before going in.
    fetching a knife to hold to his actual hostage's throat
    Get eyes on him before going in.
    What if there's a dangerous hostage situation without a second to lose
    What if it's not a dangerous hostage situation, like 99% of the time?

    You've been Hollywoodised in your thinking, I'm afraid. The sort of thinking that says, "What if that country is actually making WMD? Are we supposed to just sit here and wait for them to attack first?" Better go around attacking everyone and scaring them to keep away, just in case.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 11/04/2017

    Seriously though, these situations must be hard to keep calm in.
    Why when there's zero apparent danger? Their training should make them able to assess a situation and quickly gauge whether there's a real threat or they're bursting into a family home. A most basic amount of reconnaissance would have revealed the suspect was asleep adn the rest of the family were watching TV or whatever.

    As others say, Swatting is only a thing because the US are stupid in how they handle emergencies. In the UK, you get done for making a hoax call - no-one gets shot or violated as a result of that hoax.

    Basing their law enforcement on Hollywood's portrayal is dumb.
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  • April PlayStation Plus games detailed

  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    Drawn to Death is just so gonna bomb. Reply -9
  • Fans have noticed something odd about Lego City Undercover on Switch

  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice : Gimp as in reduce asset quality? The reason would be to make it smaller and cheaper to manufacture, I guess. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice :
    And the loading times especially lead me to believe that the Wii U version was bloated and/or not compressed.

    But yeah, as you said, I'm assuming ... because right now, we basically know nothing.
    We know something, those of us with a little knowledge of how games are made. ;) If the Wii U version could have been 7 GBs instead of 20 (and also the other versions), Nintendo and/or Warner Brothers threw away lots of money on triple the download hosting costs. Bandwidth costs and keeping that to a minimum is normal business practice.

    Loading times will be faster on Switch than Wii U because of faster medium. Furthermore your link only viewed the PS4 version so there's no indication of if Switch quality has been reduced or not.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice : I understand the confusion and don't have the answers. All I can offer is some technical knowhow about compression and can tell you that it is not 20 GBs compressed down to 7.1 GBs. Ergo us looking for answers should be looking elsewhere.

    'Full game' can include lots of asset cuts and quality reductions and 'optional' extras, so that's where I'm placing my money for the moment.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice :
    yeah but it's only around 7 GB on the switch e-Shop.
    It's 20 GBs download on Wii U, with compressed data and no redundant data on disc. It's 20 GBs download on XB1 with compressed data and no redundant data on disc. Ergo the game size is 20 GBs. The fact it's 7 GBs on Switch means it's had content removed or downgraded. It hasn't be uber-compressed from the compressed originals because uber-compression doesn't exist. Neither has it been compressed from uncompressed or bloated originals because these were compressed for download on their respective platforms.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice : From your link
    "It detects duplicate sectors and only stores them once. Essentially this leads to all the empty ranges being shaved off, storing only ranges which contain file or filesystem data."

    This tool removes redundant data from discs, this data often being present to improve seek times for streamed data. This redundant data isn't present in downloads and on carts where space is a premium.

    What you're talking about is getting a load of compressed assets and compressing them more. The savings there are negligeable with most lossy datatypes. There may be some savings from packing ASTC -

    A quick test compressing a 36 MB Unity-produced .apk (Android app) compressed it 0%.

    If you won't believe me then so be it. ;)
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  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice : they didn't compress it down to 8 GBs. ;) If the file is smaller, the assets will be reduced in quality. eg. PS3 games that needed a BRD were available on a single DVD on XB360, by removing a lot of languages and using lower quality video files and whatnot.

    I'll reiterate for your edification, there is no magic extra compression that Nintendo can use. All assets are already compressed, such as MP3 audio and compressed textures and encoded video, and you can't further compress these much more even using the most intense packing methods.

    One area that might be improved is use of HEVC for video, perhaps halving their sizes at the same quality as h.264 encodes on other consoles. There's an hour of cutscenes going by YouTube! Although that should only be a few GBs saved max.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    @PickleJuice : All games and assets are compressed and have been for generations - they load faster, take up less RAM, and less bandwidth. The biggest compressed bloat can be different language dialogue and videos. Strip these out and you can reduce a game. But you can't compress 20 GBs of game down to 7 GBs and the Wii U absolutely would have compressed assets. Reply 0
  • Outlast 2 won't be banned in Australia after all

  • ShiftyGeezer 24/03/2017

    @riceNpea : Wilko's is way better! Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 24/03/2017

    I...found it pretty ...odd that it would be the face of Australian beer overseas.
    Marketing. No other beers are sold as Australian beers by and large, while Fosters is frequently advertised. XXXX used to be around on our adverts as competition but I haven't seen much of it for ages.
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  • Fan project to get Zelda: Breath of the Wild running on PC shows remarkable progress

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/03/2017

    @Simatron3000 : The only reason to own the hardware it was made for is because of a tradition of console vendors locking software to hardware. It was necessary as part of the business model back then. However, you don't legally (or morally) need to own hardware to run software if that software can run on something else. Just like you don't have to own a Sony DVD player to watch Sony Pictures DVDs. The software and hardware are two separate things, only connected by license agreements and security systems.

    Traditionally console hardware has been lossy, certainly in the early years, so you'd actually being doing the console company a favour by not buying their hardware and just buying the software! Obviously not in the case of Switch, but the legal and moral arguments need to be considered in the wider context.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 22/03/2017

    @Altrix : That's another option - legitimise this and sell content through a Nintendo portal. They could reach tens of millions of new players. Enable cross-device saves and they may even get a few Switch buyers. Nintendo used to sell their IPs on home computers so it's not as unthinkable as some Nintendo fans feel, and far less unthinkable than Sega releasing games on Nintendo devices! Reply -1
  • ShiftyGeezer 22/03/2017

    @The_Ty : That's a good point. Was playing Champions of Norrath on an emulator round a friend's the other day. Neither of us have a PS2 any more and Sony don't provide a means to play. I've the option (when I've got time!) to grab a PS2 emulator on PC and revisit some favourite PS2 games.

    In no way am I pirate, playing games I bought!
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  • ShiftyGeezer 22/03/2017

    @jasonchurch : YouTube hosts illegal copies of various programmes and movies. Does that mean YouTube is 'just piracy' that we should take a dim view of?

    The tool is what it is. It actually has the power to do great good, increasing the market for Switch/Wii U titles to tens of millions of PC gamers. And hacks of the consoles (thanks to Nintendo's lame security) mean they can be just as open to piracy.

    In short, it's far more complicated than 'it's just piracy' and needs a lot more consideration to come to a decent solution rather than outrage and pitchforks.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 22/03/2017

    @macmurphy :
    Take a really dim view of this. It's just piracy.
    Not if I buy the game to play on PC instead of Switch/Wii U.
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  • Capcom remasters six classic Disney titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC

  • ShiftyGeezer 15/03/2017

    You thought Killzone Resgate was bad - just think of the class-action lawsuits against their '1080p' promise for this after DF pixel count it! Reply 0
  • I am Setsuna on Switch is a visual match for PS4

  • ShiftyGeezer 13/03/2017

    @chucklepie : It's something I only realised with the weekend Crash article, that EG really doesn't cover much in games. And now I'm thinking I may want to start checking out other sites instead that actually keep me more informed about gaming options. Reply -1
  • ShiftyGeezer 13/03/2017

    However, less technologically ambitious titles still have much to offer
    "...although you won't hear about them on EG because we only review a handful of games a month and only big-name titles."
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  • Why Nintendo Switch games are ending up more expensive

  • ShiftyGeezer 13/03/2017

    @apoc_reg : You didn't read the article... Reply -1
  • ShiftyGeezer 13/03/2017

    @Wayne : Are they SD cards are ROM carts? Either way, the cost to press/write the data is also far higher then just pressing an optical disc. Although probably not the 10 difference being asked.

    the fixed download store price is just comical though. Switch owners should just refuse to buy download games until they are priced properly.
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  • The story of Crash magazine

  • ShiftyGeezer 12/03/2017

    @redcrayon : Still, there are many small indies and the like that get zero coverage. EG can't find someone to spend an hour playing an indie title and give it a review? Reply +3
  • ShiftyGeezer 12/03/2017

    "Crash was conceived and written by people committed to reviewing as many games as were published each month,"
    While EG, without any typesetting or printing overhead and all the aids of digital image capture and whatnot built into the games they play, managed five games over the whole of January, and a whopping seven in February.
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  • This is the new PS VR Aim controller, out in May

  • ShiftyGeezer 09/03/2017

    I've heard that the Move controllers aren't much cop for VR as there's drift and such. That's going to be important to get right for this to work. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 09/03/2017

    @Poseidon_ : That's the default Move colour as I understand it. Perhaps because it's the least prevalent colour in the typical living room?? Reply -1
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild already up and running on PC

  • ShiftyGeezer 07/03/2017

    @SpaceMonkey77 : People probably forget that Nintendo IPs used to release on 8 bit computers, so it wouldn't be such a turn of events as some feel. If Sega can make games for Nintendo consoles, anything's possible in gaming! Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 07/03/2017

    Switch should be far easier to emulate. nVidia GPU architecture is already the same, while the system is should be openly documented to good effect through nVidia Codeworks and whatever for Tegra development given that nVidia are supposedly providing the libraries. I actually see a PC emu with great upscaling potential as likely.

    Which would be interesting. The IBM platform exists as it does because it was easily cloned hardware. If many nVidia PC portable devices end up able to play Switch software, maybe we'll get Switch clone compatibles? :o
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  • Is Zelda on Switch worth the upgrade from Wii U?

  • ShiftyGeezer 04/03/2017

    @mega-gazz : To be fair, it's moving slower now then it has in previous generations. The difference now is the hardware is generic and abstracted from the software, so now it's possible to create half-way updates. Reply +3
  • ShiftyGeezer 04/03/2017

    @mushi_mush :
    Wow whats the point of a new console if there is no difference with the old one?
    Nobody buys the old console. :p

    edit: 3 downvotes? The whole reason Switch exists after only four years since their last machine is Wii U bombed. If Wii U was selling well, Switch wouldn't be out now, would be a better spec machine coming next year maybe, and ZBotW would be a Wii U game.
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  • GAME is having trouble with launch day Nintendo Switch deliveries

  • ShiftyGeezer 03/03/2017

    Did you pre-order a Nintendo Switch from GAME? WHY?!?!?!?!?! Reply +9
  • Oculus Rift price cut

  • ShiftyGeezer 02/03/2017

    So, it's clear this price cut is an attempt to bolster sales.
    Unlike other price cuts which are done out of charity? ;)
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  • PlayStation Plus March games announced

  • ShiftyGeezer 01/03/2017

    Tearaway is a great title I'll be happy to add to my library and sadly never have time to play. :( Reply +4
  • Halo Wars 2 in at two in UK chart

  • ShiftyGeezer 27/02/2017

    @grassyknoll : It is strange the number who are defensive about HW2's sales here, judging by downvotes of discussion pointing to low sales. As I said before you presented your argument (although you should link the reference data), even if we attribute a very healthy 100k to For Honor, the fact it's dropped 72% means HW2 sales are quite low. For HW2's sales to be high, For Honor would have to have been a record breaker.

    I guess that's the problem with relative charts, that some people struggle to understand the correlation (or lack thereof) between relative position and total sales. We get the same with people looking at Amazon Best Sellers, seeing 10 places difference between a couple of products, and failing to understand that means the difference in sales could be anything from a million to ~50.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 27/02/2017

    I tried a couple of similar RTSes on PS3 (Ruse and Under Siege) and I just couldn't get on with the controls. Given IMO these top-down games really don't work so well without a mouse, 2nd place is pretty impressive.

    Edit: Actually, total sales might be very low. The other entries in the list are old games with probably low sales figures. If For Honor managed a very healthy 100k sales in week 1, it'd be 30k now. More likely it's well below that, and HW2 is below that. Sales will probably be very weak overall, which is what I'd expect for a console RTS played with a controller.
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  • Nintendo sues company that let you race Mario Karts in real life

  • ShiftyGeezer 25/02/2017

    You can race carts on the streets in Japan?!! Reply +3
  • In Theory: How AMD's Ryzen will disrupt the gaming CPU market

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/02/2017

    @samharper : I'm not talking gaming but general use. My PC I'm currently using has just an i7. I can play some games on it like Awesomenauts but otherwise have a PS4. To build an AMD PC, what's the minimum added cost to get something not totally crap for the graphics? Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 22/02/2017

    One thing to consider is a GPU is going to be necessary. That's going to add a bit to price. Any know what the cheapest discrete graphics card is equivalent to the iGPU in the i7's? Reply 0
  • Terraria has sold over 20m copies

  • ShiftyGeezer 20/02/2017

    @nevernow : Don't think anyone has percentages on download titles though. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 19/02/2017

    @Murton : Except without the console tax, the consoles wouldn't exist because they'd be nothing financing them. That said, I'm not sure the license fees are any worse than the usual Apple/Google/Steam percentages. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 18/02/2017

    @ghostgate2001 :
    Many devs just shit out fire-and-forget console ports, leaving people who paid the same (or often more) for their version of the game blowing in the wind while only the Steam version enjoys timely bug-fixes and substantial free content-updates.
    Downloaded War Thunder yesterday. It's such a lame PC port it has mouse controls, followed by an uber-complex and unexplained control mapping system. After ages trying to get proper console controls working (Y stick for direct flight, not moving a friggin' mouse cursor) I gave up.

    It's annoying/frustrating that Sony's QA doesn't require a decent enough port to actually work on console as a console game. But in real terms I've only lost a bit of time trying the game, a bit of bandwidth downloading the game, and a lot of respect for the devs for dumping it on console without making it into a console experience. Before porting they should have tried a few console games to see what the controls should have been, but it was a cheap cheap cheap attempt to expand the market without catering to the potential new audience.
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