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  • No Man's Sky's Waking Titan ARG is back, and fans are trying to figure it all out again

  • ShiftyGeezer 19/01/2018

    @TheFunPolice :
    From word 'mete' - to dish out, almost always used with 'punishment'.
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  • Nintendo Labo costs at least £60 in the UK

  • ShiftyGeezer 18/01/2018

    @JoelStinty : This one toy occupies the space of multiple other toys that possibly have more longevity. So you either take up three drawers of storage to entertain guests when they come around once in a while, or you file the cardboard in the bin on week two after the fun of constructing and playing has been had.

    We've all got Moves/Kinects/EyeToys/Multitaps etc. that have sat in drawers for ages, barely used after the initial novelty, but they were small. Now imagine these novelty peripherals were ten times the size...
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  • ShiftyGeezer 18/01/2018

    Another important consideration everyone's probably overlooked so far - where do you put all these things after you've made them? That's quite a lot of cupboard space required for very niche peripherals with very niche uses, at least until other games are announced that use your existing Piano and fishing Rod controllers.

    I'm seeing considerable risk of short lived joy quickly ending up in the recycling bin. Worth the money for some, but still something to keep in mind.
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  • They Are Billions is an unputdownable RTS revelation

  • ShiftyGeezer 18/01/2018

    @Devox :
    ...amongst the hordes of early access games.
    They are billions!
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  • Nintendo suddenly turns the screws on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players mid-event

  • ShiftyGeezer 18/01/2018

    @sloth09 : How many hours battery life do you get on an iPhone playing demanding games?

    Apple also reduce the processing power of your phone to increase battery life and got stick for that.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 18/01/2018

    @IHaveNipplesGreg : Because it was offered as a free experience. Perhaps that's naive of users, but they were enjoying the game as it was provided, and then they have it tweaked to try and get them to spend. If it had been that way up front, I doubt there'd be any complaints.

    What you're seeing here isn't a lack of logic, but human psychology. The brain had been allowed to see the game in a certain light, and then had that experience broken.

    The lesson here is don't trick people if you don't want to offend them. Don't change the rules halfway through. Don't offer someone a lift and then after driving a couple of miles, slow to 5 mph and say they need to pay to go any faster.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 18/01/2018

    @IHaveNipplesGreg : People are entitled to complain. Nintendo are entitled to listen or ignore them. Users are then entitled to carry on playing or stop. But it's definitely better to voice why you're stopping than just stop, as otherwise the company responsible may not know what's caused it and where they may want to balance differently in future. Reply +16
  • Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo, a bizarre new interactive cardboard toy line

  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @TheFirstDoor : They explicitly said they wanted to grow the audience.

    Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima recently emphasised how important growing the Switch's audience was for the console's second year - and, crucially, that the console now needed to attract an audience who were not already core gamers.

    "In order to be playable in the long term, the second year is crucial," Kimishima told newspaper Mainichi (thanks, Nintendo Everything).

    "Our task is to add more users, including people who barely touch game consoles.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @Adamski707 : They show the camera on the Joycon watching the back where the keys move. Reply +7
  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @TheFirstDoor : I think it's kinda cool and cute. At the same time, if Nintendo's idea is to grow the Switch user this really going to do it? Are people en masse going to buy an expensive Switch and a pricey bunch of cardboard peripherals? Great buy for existing Switch owners with kids, but I can't see it becoming the must have item of the next year. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    Now that's built in obsolescence! Reply +5
  • Unity's latest interactive demo is an impressive technical showcase

  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @Uberheertje : My best guess is CPU limits. Unity is not a fully multithreaded engine yet, meaning 8 cores isn't terribly useful, and they're clocked low on consoles. Unity also doesn't do things in console-optimal ways because it uses the same engine for every single platform on the planet! In that respect it's pretty mindboggling. I push a button to compile and run on PC. I push the same button and it compiles and runs on an Android phone, with very little effort from me. Although with post effects enabled, it can crawl on mobile.

    Also, because of its ease and the average Indie developer's limited time, budget, and experience, there's not a lot of optimisation that'll be performed for a lot of games. It's very much a case of running with the default results because that's all the time that can be afforded.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @spamdangled : It does say "Interactive" - this is just the teaser. We'll have to see when the demo is actually released how Gamey it is. Reply +3
  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    isn't developing for the pc much more complicated wirh all these different video-cards?
    The underlying drivers take care of the different hardware so the devs don't have to. In Unity, you build for PC and it runs.

    As for the demo, lighting was realistic at times and asset quality high, though as others say, just a predefined corridor. The stand out aspect was the wind effect, which for me was 'off' to the point of Uncanny Valley. Didn't look at all natural or convincing.

    I'm not really sure what the take home is. As a dev, I want to see to see performance changes under the hood like automatic object pooling and greatly improved garbage collection. And some super-optimal mobile post effects wouldn't go amiss either.

    BTW, Unity isn't just aimed at games. It's being presented to digital media creators and visualisers and all sorts. Something like this is maybe of more appeal to a low-budget Indie film creator for special effects than most game devs.
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  • The galactic tussle at the heart of Star Control: Origins

  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @Malek86 : If you had SC2 before SC1, I doubt SC1 would have seen much play. But before SC2 existed, SC1 offered a crazy amount of gameplay depth and replayability from a fairly simple idea. Spent many, many hours creating challenges for myself, and playing two-player versus on the same Amiga. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @Zapatero : ionAXXIA.

    I tried to find a Star-Space-Galaxy War-Conflict-Conquest type name that wasn't already taken, tried novaWARS which wasn't in use, and still ended up with a conflict on that from a company with an unreleased game. ionAXXIA is a name that doesn't exist anywhere else - zero Google results for it before I created my game. :D
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  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @FortysixterUK : In the 90s there was a game series called Star Control that was awesome and had keen fans. It was a simple top-down space shooter with crazy, diverse alien races and interesting ships. There were two games in the series, 1 and 2, and a rumoured third that was never really made and never really played, much like the third XMen film with Jean Grey as the Phoenix was never made.

    Stardock's CEO Wardell was a massive Star Control fan so was very happy when the rights to Star Control came up for sale. This sale seems to have been rubbish - Stardock weren't allowed to create a sequel or use the content from the original. So, eh, what exactly were they buying?

    Star Control Origins has been a WIP for a while and coming along nicely it seems. Then late last year, Star Control's creators announced they were also creating a new Star Control game, having sold the rights to Stardock, those rights not including any rights to any of the content, and their game is going to be the actual sequel to Star Control 2.

    This leave Stardock's Star Control Origins in a weird place because it's basically been disowned from the Star Control universe before even existing.

    Now it's Stardock vs Ford & Reiche in trying to secure the attention and support of the existing Star Control fanbase as to the One True Star Control. Which, judging by the lack of comments here, probably isn't anything like as many as there should be, nor what either company is hoping for.

    Just to add to the complications (not really), I, like many other Starcon fans, got fed up of waiting. I started developing my own Star Control inspired game before either Star Control game was announced that is on Steam Early Access and free Google Play Beta now. It's a top-down shooter with design-your-own vessels that uniquely plays the same on touch-screen as controller thanks to Awesome Controls. It'll have the tactical game of Star Control 1 which few remember but which was fabulous.

    That last paragraph was a shameless plug, and nothing to do with the article, although at least I didn't name-drop my game. ;) Which probably makes me lousy at game marketing.
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  • Nintendo Switch announcement tonight to reveal "new interactive experience"

  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2018

    @kesouk : Why would a Home, Miiverse replacement get non-gamers on board, especially kids? Who's going a buy a few hundred dollars of hardware for something that can't replace Snapchat that they already have on their phone? Reply +1
  • "We could be the biggest game in the western world"

  • ShiftyGeezer 15/01/2018

    @MarkMarkYepMark :It's basically a demo of a concept attached to an existing WIP game. Fortnite existed before this map as an open paid alpha with optional pay-to-get-very-little mechanics (saw a vitriolic review online cursing the living hell out of Fortnite's money-grabbing grind mechanics). Following PUBG, Fortnite added that mode as a freebie and it's gained attention. Now Epic need to decide what to do with this, Fortnite proper, and making money. But for now they make plenty enough money outisde this game and have an important testbed for their technology plus visibility for their WIP IP which, at some point, will have 40+ million potential customers to reach, or piss off. Reply +7
  • Join us for the first Eurogamer Community Pub Quiz

  • ShiftyGeezer 12/01/2018

    @JonFE :
    many of your fans are not able to show up
    Almost all fans won't be able to show up. The readership of EG is international and significant. A tiny fraction (less than 0.1% ?) of the readerbase will be able to attend.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 12/01/2018

    How many people can fit in this bar? Because unless it's large and a sell-out, with tickets at £5 and prizes including a PS4Pro and a PSVR worth about £650, you'd probably raise (lots) more cash for your charity eBaying the things. Reply +1
  • Microsoft planning Xbox career system with avatar loot crate rewards - report

  • ShiftyGeezer 11/01/2018

    @frazzl : It's a tool. It can be negative or positive. Idon't see that I was spinning them as a negative if you think I was. I even link to an article showing how achievements improved a player's skills! Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 10/01/2018

    @Brev2034 :
    Does it AFFECT me playing
    Does it AFFECT me watching
    Do I NEED to use
    Is it OPTIONAL...Yes
    But the hope is it does affect you playing games.
    My conclusions are that the Xbox Live achievement system only partially functions as a reward system. More importantly, in terms of impact on player practices, it is an invisible MMO that all Xbox Live members participate in, whether they like it or not.
    To cut straight to the chase, Hamari did indeed find that adding badges to the website had the intended effects. It increased the likelihood that any given user would use the website to “post trade proposals, carry out transactions, comment on proposals and generally use the service in a more active way.”

    The use of video game achievements to enhance player performance, self-efficacy, and motivation
    Achievements are unneeded and optional, yet greatly affect many gamers in how they play. This will almost certainly do the same by extending the achievement concept to what games you play and when you play them and how you play them, depending on what the goals are.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 10/01/2018

    People seem to be missing what this really is. When Achievements were introduced, developers found player retention was increased with gamers seeking out additional goals beyond just completing the game. These proved so successful in engaging users that they now feature everywhere - XBLive, PSN, Steam, iOS and Android. Even if you don't care for Gamerscore, having these challenges and collecting a virtual trinket remains compelling.

    What MS is doing with this career concept is using the notion of rewards to try and engage users more (read 'compel to play more' if you are feeling cynical), exerting a degree of influence. Right now, you can switch off a game and be done with it until you pick it up again next month for a bit. However, if there's a reward for playing three online matches this week that you are told about on your phone or when you switch on to watch Netflix, you may well give it another look.

    The idea is to constantly prod people to play more, or play certain things specifically, just as Achievements are about getting people to play more and in ways they otherwise wouldn't in order to earn a reward - which can be psychologically quiet compelling and I've known people, myself included, frustrating their way towards some 'achievement' only to question why the hell we're wasting our time and not doing something more fun instead. It's not really about rewarding what you do anyway as try to change your behaviour, the same way Gamerscore et al are.

    When it comes to monetisation, I can see the publishers footing the bill. They can pay to present everyone with a challenge to play their game this week.
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  • Pandemic's old Star Wars Battlefront 2 just got another multiplayer update

  • ShiftyGeezer 04/01/2018

    @JamesSwiftDay : I bought the SWBF games maybe a year ago and played them on controller just fine. Had no idea it might not work - not a PC gamer and was just looking for the PS2 experience. Very entertaining! Absolutely epic maps with 256(?) bots. Although they're very dumb bots. Reply +1
  • Sandcastles: Vectorpark's beautiful hymn to impermanence

  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @AkumaG : It's not even a toy. You drag up a few pre-made sandcastles, and then they disappear. Do that a couple of times. You don't design the castles, so it doesn't really do anything. Certainly didn't capture any sense of the seaside for me.

    TBH I've seen live wallpapers with more interactive, and it's far from the best available at Vectorpark. I'm wondering if Christian lost a bet and had to write about any game someone found, and was given this. Hence many poetic words over a totally missable non-event.
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  • Microsoft pulls PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ad which ripped off fan

  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @The_Goon : That seems to be an advance in copyright then. In this case, the idea is certainly original and the copy is clearly a reproduction of the ideas of the original author. The problem though becomes how similar and how generic the materials are. Is the first guy to photograph a few ballerinas dancing in black and white able to prevent other people photographing ballerinas in black and white as a copyright on his idea? Unless they take the photos from obscure angles?

    We have examples of books (and movies, etc) being copies of ideas getting no protection whatsoever. And games. Clones on mobile have not been legally preventable, and Apple have had to step up to limit them based on their T&Cs. So the whole situation seems fuzzy.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @Bambot : The idea is definitely lifted. That's just not illegal, or even very different from how design works, searching for inspiration and piecing together ideas others have had. The designer here was in the wrong, definitely, and should be reprimanded by the design firm. Unless of course it can be shown that the idea was developed before the reddit image. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @Markusdragon : Yep. Whereas if they give a reward to him, and indeed open source their PR from the community, it'd be cheaper and better PR all round! Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @The_Goon : Lyrics are copyright. Ideas aren't, including musical phrases which pisses of musicians no end because some can lift their unique guitar riff and they get nothing. The design company copied the guy's idea, but not the artwork. It's no different to someone copying a game idea (which they all do).

    Trademarks are the most similar thing, where a design can be protected like the Coca Cola splash or the Nike swoosh, but only in relation to the business. If a game uses something similar, like NukaCola, there's no copyright or trademark infringement. If a shoe company uses a similar logo to the Nike Swoosh, there will be.

    It's worth noting that a large part of creating art and game art is to research and lift designs and ideas from the rest of the world. Our whole human progress is spent building on the ideas of others. There so much art out there as well that many designs just end up being similar. If every one who put a creature design on Deviant Art could claim ownership of al similar creatures, games wouldn't be able to source any monsters ever again!

    The design company is a bit scummy and obvious, but there's nothing illegal here. MS should compensate the guy as a positive gesture who otherwise wouldn't get anything if this didn't happen, so he'd be quids in. His livelihood isn't affected and he hasn't suffered any material loss. He created the idea for fun and got exactly what he wanted from that. No legal issues whatsoever.
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  • Xbox One Kinect adaptor officially dead now, too

  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @m0thr4 : PrimeSense was the old method of projecting an IR pattern. Kinect 2 uses a Time of Flight camera (amazing tech!). The reason Kinect has been dropped is no-one used it and no-one wrote games for it, and it seemingly still wasn't reliable enough. Reply +5
  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @STANNY : Yeah, but as I say, that's something you gamers should be able to pressure MS into changing. They sold you the Xbox One including the idea that you could use voice commands. They just need to support USB webcams etc. So get campaigning! Reply -1
  • ShiftyGeezer 03/01/2018

    @Eraysor : You don't need Kinect for that, just a microphone. eg:

    You can also use your existing Kinect and adaptor if you have a One S. Kinect functionality isn't being removed (yet!).

    Edit: Not sure if a mic currently allows power on, but it's something easily implemented and users could pressure MS into enabling if they don't already.
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  • World Health Organisation now lists "hazardous gaming" as health disorder

  • ShiftyGeezer 02/01/2018

    @Zidargh : That suggests fun isn't addictive! Reply -1
  • ShiftyGeezer 02/01/2018

    @th3orist : By 'singled out', I mean why does it need special recognition when anything can become addictive? It seems to me it should be wrapped into a generalised health concern about mental attitudes that can be applied to gambling, sports, gaming, social media addiction, etc. It's unlike alcohol or drug addictions which are substance based - all these psychological addictions have the same roots and the same remedies, so needn't be separated into specific concerns. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 02/01/2018

    What about sports? Some people get addicted to sports or training and neglect the rest of Real Life. Or Social Media? Plenty of people can't be five minutes away from the Twitter feeds.

    I don't see that gaming should be singled out.

    Edit: Clarification - By 'singled out', I mean why does it need special recognition when anything can become addictive? It seems to me it should be wrapped into a generalised health concern about mental attitudes that can be applied to gambling, sports, gaming, social media addiction, etc. It's unlike alcohol or drug addictions which are substance based - all these psychological addictions have the same roots and the same remedies, so needn't be separated into specific concerns.
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  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2017

  • ShiftyGeezer 01/01/2018

    For reference:

    Readers (EG placement)

    1. ZBotW (1)
    2. Super Mario Odyssey (3)
    3. Horizon Zero Dawn (31)
    4. Persona 5 (47)
    5. Nier: Automata (36)
    6. Resident Evil 7 (14)
    7. Assassin's Creed Origins (23)
    8. Divinity : Original Sin 2 (11)
    9. Wolfenstein 2 (20)
    10. Prey (12)

    EG (readers' placement)

    1. ZBotW (1)
    2. Edith Finch (23)
    3. Super Mario Odyssey (2)
    4. PUBG (15)
    5. Mario Rabbids (18)
    6. Arms (28)
    7. Destiny 2 (19)
    8. Nex Machina (33)
    9. Hellblade (12)
    10. Total War: Warhammer 2(35)
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  • Eurogamer's games of 2017: The big debate

  • ShiftyGeezer 31/12/2017

    @verynaughtyboy :
    2016 results

    EG's top 50 2016

    Top 10 compared

    1. Overwatch
    2. Titanfall 2
    3. Doom
    3= The Last Guardian
    5. Pokémon Go
    6. Uncharted 4
    7. Rez Infinite VR
    8. Inside
    9. Civ 6
    10. Dark Souls 3

    1. Uncharted 4
    2. Overwatch
    3. Doom
    4. Dark Souls 3
    5. Titanfall 2
    6. Witcher 3
    7. Battlefield 1
    8. Forza Horizon 3
    9. Dishonored 2
    10. FF XV

    These are just computer games, and no livelihoods are at stake, so why would they rig the results?? That's a shockingly low opinion of the EG staff. We don't need to go lower than the general consensus of lazy and unprofessional into the realms of corrupt! ;)
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  • ShiftyGeezer 31/12/2017

    @verynaughtyboy : They've always given the readers votes in a separate result, I think typically New Year's Day. So that's unfairly cynical of you. ;) Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 31/12/2017

    @BOB643 : the problem there is they weren't playing other games that may have been better. A professional food critic doesn't just keep going to their favourite restaurant and writing glowing reviews about it, and a professional movie critic doesn't just write about their favourite movies. The movie critic will watch lots of movies, including those they aren't immediately interested in, and write (hopefully informed) personal opinions which may find some hidden gems, or point out some obvious, populist turkeys. Reply +9
  • ShiftyGeezer 31/12/2017

    @ChrisTapsellEG : I wonder if it'd do good to post click-throughs for different games, to show how much people are/aren't reading about games and show statistically why some games get more coverage? Maybe next month/February, do a test case with more articles and reviews on less well known games and see how much interest there is? Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 31/12/2017

    @gabloammar : If they filmed it, it may have changed how the conversation went. Knowing your vote and ideas will be publicly scrutinised could make one less honest.

    That said, the EG crew must be used to negativity and not give a rat's arse by this point. Kudos for the transparency!
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  • App Store now forces games with loot boxes to disclose item odds

  • ShiftyGeezer 21/12/2017

    @Plinko : it's become more prevalent, growing and growing. Same reason a small outbreak of some disease goes unnoticed until it spreads to become an epidemic. Reply +11
  • Magic Leap finally unveils its long-awaited augmented reality goggles

  • ShiftyGeezer 21/12/2017

    @Naetharu :
    I’m not sure why this is electing such cynicism on here.
    They took 1.8 billion dollars and promised the Earth with hyperbolic crap, to offer some weird swimming goggles which inherently limit your FOV through the small, round lenses. How mainstream does exotic designer fashion get?

    If they didn't spend so much, didn't promise so much, and didn't release something so silly looking, they wouldn't be encountering the cynicism. I guess the marketing nonsense that deludes investors doesn't work the same on consumers.
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  • The brilliant Inside is now on iPhones and iPads

  • ShiftyGeezer 19/12/2017

    @nevernow : It's kinda hard to live in a capitalistic society without going along with the capitalistic economy. Because of the unavoidable risk/reward aspect to that, you need to maximise your successes to offset your failures. You need as much money as you can from games that sell to fund future games that might not.

    Capitalism doesn't mean greed, per se. It means economic constructs we've inherited, cannot be rid of, and have to operate with for our survival. Instead of wrestling with natural forces like the weather and wild animals, we have to wrestle with economic forces like mortgages and lack of employment stability. And if you'd stockpile wood and food to provide yourself with stability in your cave, you'd want to stockpile cash for the same ends, no?

    Now if the people at Playdead are all living in mansions and driving Teslas's paid for by the overcharged Steam gamers while complaining about being struggling indies, then there might be some legitimate arguments about their integrity. Otherwise, Return-of-jafar's drive-by comment is an ill-considered insult that doesn't appreciate the complexities of producing and pricing an indie game.

    In real terms, asking a flat £7 fee on iOS is actually a good move, challenging the oversaturated, underpriced mobile mobile gamers have come to expect. If it can sell well, it'll help push up prices on mobile to more in line with other platforms where the developer's work is better valued, and pave the way for higher budget creations on mobile.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 18/12/2017

    @Return-of-Jafar : Regional pricing. iOS is a far bigger market and more resistant to high prices on average (only whales spend big bucks and this isn't that type of game). If priced at £16, very few would bite (0.0001%). Priced at £7, some will (0.001%) without undervaluing the game, and with the huge install base, that makes the project worth doing.

    It's the same reason the same game costs more in some countries than others on Steam. Or the same product can be priced differently at different retailers. It's about finding what a market will spend and finding the ideal price.

    That's just the capitalist world we live in and says nothing of the integrity of the developer.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 18/12/2017

    @betonos : this isn't a mobile game from a mbile dev. It's a 'proper' game, a gamers' game, just on mobile. Pausing and resuming should be present, I'll grant, but there's no way this game should be turned into something suitable for 'mobile play'. When you only have 3 minutes, play one of the many short-term time wasters. Only play Inside when you have longer to kill. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 18/12/2017

    It's exquisitely focused with no waste, bloat, clumsy exposition or dialogue
    That'll be why "why he's running and what's been going on are questions you'll still be trying to answer long after you've finished the game" then. ;)
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  • Microsoft testing Xbox party chat through your mobile

  • ShiftyGeezer 14/12/2017

    @ubergine : It's a supplementary service. As well as chatting on console, you can chat on other devices. Also enables chat with your XBox gaming mates even if you're away.

    It's a positive move. Don't understand how some are seeing it otherwise.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 14/12/2017

    @SteampunkZomb1e : as the article says, to allow cross-game chat between players on different devices. If it has text chat and can replace Skype, that's becoming increasingly crap, I might be very interested as a general chat client! Reply +2