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  • In Theory: How AMD's Ryzen will disrupt the gaming CPU market

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/02/2017

    @samharper : I'm not talking gaming but general use. My PC I'm currently using has just an i7. I can play some games on it like Awesomenauts but otherwise have a PS4. To build an AMD PC, what's the minimum added cost to get something not totally crap for the graphics? Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 22/02/2017

    One thing to consider is a GPU is going to be necessary. That's going to add a bit to price. Any know what the cheapest discrete graphics card is equivalent to the iGPU in the i7's? Reply 0
  • Terraria has sold over 20m copies

  • ShiftyGeezer 20/02/2017

    @nevernow : Don't think anyone has percentages on download titles though. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 19/02/2017

    @Murton : Except without the console tax, the consoles wouldn't exist because they'd be nothing financing them. That said, I'm not sure the license fees are any worse than the usual Apple/Google/Steam percentages. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 18/02/2017

    @ghostgate2001 :
    Many devs just shit out fire-and-forget console ports, leaving people who paid the same (or often more) for their version of the game blowing in the wind while only the Steam version enjoys timely bug-fixes and substantial free content-updates.
    Downloaded War Thunder yesterday. It's such a lame PC port it has mouse controls, followed by an uber-complex and unexplained control mapping system. After ages trying to get proper console controls working (Y stick for direct flight, not moving a friggin' mouse cursor) I gave up.

    It's annoying/frustrating that Sony's QA doesn't require a decent enough port to actually work on console as a console game. But in real terms I've only lost a bit of time trying the game, a bit of bandwidth downloading the game, and a lot of respect for the devs for dumping it on console without making it into a console experience. Before porting they should have tried a few console games to see what the controls should have been, but it was a cheap cheap cheap attempt to expand the market without catering to the potential new audience.
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  • Art allegedly from Sony Santa Monica's cancelled sci-fi PS4 IP emerges

  • ShiftyGeezer 17/02/2017

    Clearly at least 3 factions rather than just two described. There's a low-tech human faction in conflict with the high-tech space marine type, along with at least one alien faction, possibly two. Potentially more factions given wide variety of humanoids.

    Of course, we have absolutely no idea what the game was like or how it played, so no-one should be speculating on why it was cancelled based on some fine concept art (which may not even represent what the game contained!).
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  • Snake Pass release date set for March on all platforms, including Switch

  • ShiftyGeezer 16/02/2017

    Why's this a 'retro' game? Reply +3
  • Humble Freedom Bundle offers its most generous collection yet

  • ShiftyGeezer 13/02/2017

    @HE1NZ : Tongue out of cheek (the Romans were of course invaders ;)), the point is pretty valid. The rest were just leaving their homelands to find new lands (migrating), and settled wherever, dislodging the local populace if necessary. Same as the original US settlers. These immigrants were then by and large integrated and their cultures assimilated. Much of the world thinks the US gave us Pizza, but that US staple is the result of Italian immigrants and their cultural influence, for example. Reply +8
  • ShiftyGeezer 13/02/2017

    @yukushi The USA is founded on immigrants and emigration. Instead of fighting a guerilla/terrorist war in the UK (and other governments for other nationalities) to make it how they wanted it to be, the emigrants instead chose to agree to disagree, left the UK to the new Americas (very brave!), and founded a country where they could live their life their way. The open-border policy meant a rich culture formed from all the other cultures of the world.

    By your reasoning, every Brit, Irishman, Dutchman, Italian, German, Chinese, Norseman, etc. that ever left to form the US shouldn't have, should have stayed at home warring with the rest of the population, and the US shouldn't exist.

    It's also worth noting that the UK has always been full of immigrants - Saxons, Celts, Romans ;) (and all the cultures they brought), Norse, etc.
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  • Steam Greenlight had to go, but its replacement might just work

  • ShiftyGeezer 11/02/2017

    @Binba442 : I'm making a cooperative family friendly, positive life-message game targeting PC and mobile. I've a budget of nothing. It's hard to capture people's eye when you can't afford an artist to make everything pretty, but Greenlight offered a chance to get some notice and hopefully build enough of a following for a decent
    Kickstarter or somesuch. I've followed other devs who've said Greenlight with its notification to Steam users of new games gets you tens of thousands of views for a hundred bucks and that's necessary to start things rolling.

    This change may kill all my work over the past two years. I have no way to generate publicity or visibility and the prices to get started are out of my budget. It'll be the people who have money up front who'll afford the coverage who'll make more money.

    I can't help but feel the time of the bedroom coder resurgence has come to an end. Now it's all about visibility and that needs marketing (dollars), often enough.
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  • The Secret of Monkey Island's swordfighting

  • ShiftyGeezer 09/02/2017

    @Jarlath : That line was so funny when I didn't know the second half. Gloriously random! Reply +1
  • This Portal-themed HoloLens mod is a triumph

  • ShiftyGeezer 07/02/2017

    @seasidebaz : Hololens is a pair of glasses, a full visor covering both eyes and providing a stereo view. You don't need two, one for each eye. Reply +2
  • Drawn to Death pencils in April release date

  • ShiftyGeezer 06/02/2017

    @TheStoneRoses : It had. We've just been reminded. ;) Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 06/02/2017

    In a world with Overwatch that looks gorgeous and plays awesome and attracts all the complex shooter interest, has this thing got a market? The art style really doesn't work in a game IMO. Reply +3
  • Intel Pentium G4560 review: the ultimate budget CPU?

  • ShiftyGeezer 04/02/2017

    @Malek86 : I'm not a PC gamer so don't know the state of DX12 progress. In theory poor performance is an issue of implementation as the concept is sound and proven - DX12 should eliminate much of the CPU overhead. I'd still go with two budget builds, and then revisit them two years from now (before looking at a new budget build!). Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 04/02/2017

    Can we have a new budget PC build please?! Maybe go AMD RX route and assume a DX 12 future where CPU overhead isn't an issue. Or two builds, one for the future and one for running the current Steam library. Reply +12
  • European Commission to investigate Valve and five publishers over suspected geo-blocking

  • ShiftyGeezer 02/02/2017

    @CalamityJames : Unlikely because the regional restrictions are due to copyright on content, and you're paying for a service, not a product. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 02/02/2017

    @bemani :
    They continuously overcharge for their digital games compared to the US versions.
    This investigation is only applicable to the EU and between EU member states. If the UK PSN store prevents you buying a cheaper version of the same game from the FR or IT stores, this investigation would apply. However, it has no baring on prices of other markets which are outside the EU's jurisdiction.

    The regional pricing is just the way the world works. US citizens have to pay $200+ for an asthma inhaler which costs £8.50 on prescription here - I'm much happier having more expensive download games than their crazy drug prices! Petrol in Panjim is currently 71p per litre (exchange rate) versus 120p per litre from my local petrol station. And a cinema ticket for me is twice the price of a friend living in Somerset.

    Although we live in a globalised world regards information, it's not a global, single economy where everyone gets paid the same and charged the same. The difference between now and 20+ years ago is we know exactly what everyone else is charged and can see the inequalities, but removing those inequalities isn't so simple.
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  • DICE leaves Star Wars Battlefront behind for multi-era Battlefront 2

  • ShiftyGeezer 01/02/2017

    It needs to be the game Battlefronts was supposed to be, with travel from ground into space and more freedom and variety. Think of Rogue One style encounters where you can choose to fight the enemy space fleet to enable troops safe passage to land and fight the ground battle, or grab a shuttle objective and fly it back to the fleet. Reply +2
  • Flappy Bird dev's latest freebie, Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, is an excellent waste of time

  • ShiftyGeezer 30/01/2017

    @ImpericalLegion : I didn't say it was...
    because a 21st Century Celebrity of the calibre of Big Brother contestant
    His fame is the same sort as a Big Brother contestant who goes on to become a celebrity having done nothing worthwhile (Jade et al). Flappy Birds wasn't a great creation and Mr. Nguyen isn't a great creator. It was just bizarrely popular for a spell. He made crazy amounts of money from Flappy Birds so has already had his reward. He doesn't need any more help bringing his creations to the attention of the mobile audience (he can afford advertising for that). Only if he actually creates a masterpiece should he get coverage or attention beyond that afford the thousands of other mobile developers (ie. none).

    If this game was only by the other developer and not a collaboration with 'The Flappy Bird Creator!', would it have got any mention?
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  • ShiftyGeezer 28/01/2017

    @Some_Goats : the originator isn't any great game designer and not worth following. His first game was a runaway hit only because society did one of its Crazy Moments and turned the insane challenge and clunky controls (that people had disliked for a year previously) into a social challenge. The same society is currently rating Life of Black Tiger as 10/10 on Metacritic, ramping it way above other lesser known indie titles that deserve attention. And rejecting many other difficult games because they haven't attained that random cult following Flappy Birds et al manage.

    If this game is a shining beacon of awesomeness on mobile, it deserves coverage. Seems it's just covered because a 21st Century Celebrity of the calibre of Big Brother contestant (ie. someone completely undeserving of the fame and coverage because they've done nothing to celebrate) was involved in it though, which is unfair on the true hard-graft indies out there struggling for attention.
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  • Nintendo's latest Switch ad shows guy playing Mario Kart on the toilet

  • ShiftyGeezer 26/01/2017

    @Binba442 :
    8 people playing Mario Kart 8 = (280+~50) = £2640
    64 people playing Battlefield 1 = (230 +~45) = £17600
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  • Final Fantasy 15's new update is dumb, shallow and kind of brilliant

  • ShiftyGeezer 26/01/2017

    @Naetharu : I address that in a later comment. If you want the exploration, you can change the story so key events aren't specifically timed and instead just trigger when you complete a certain act (current Elder Scrolls model), and you can introduce timed events when the story requires.
    As long as the story doesn't talk about a particular urgency, it won't break when the protagonist goes wandering off to pick flowers and make potions and deliver people's parcels for them. ;)
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  • ShiftyGeezer 25/01/2017

    @ziggy_played_guitar : (The alternative reply)

    I don't like time limits in real life, why importing them to video games ?
    I don't like dying in real life, so why have that in computer games? I don't like having limited money and having to choose between what I want, so why have simulated money in games and not just given everything away immediately for free?
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  • ShiftyGeezer 25/01/2017

    @ziggy_played_guitar : Only in story driven games where a time limit is part of the story. If there's a time limit in the story, it's because the protagonist is supposed to be under pressure. But if you tell them there's a time limit and there isn't, the story breaks.

    Like having a mechanic where if you get shot you die except the bullets don't do any damage. Or a mechanic where you die/fail if you run out of fuel or air except these are never depleted.

    A time constraint can and should be used where it adds to the game experience. Imagine OutRun with a time limit for each check point which never counts down!
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  • ShiftyGeezer 25/01/2017

    @Enaksan : then write that into the story. If the story has a time limit, it should be adhered to. If you want players to be free to roam at their leisure, don't have a time limit in your story. You could also introduce meaningful time limits towards the end, after free time completing tasks and heading towards the end game. So in Skyrim, have a problem brewing but don't introduce a time limit until the final act when the player is ready to draw the game to an end. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 25/01/2017

    @Naetharu :
    The difficulty I guess is how you allow a player freedom in this manner while also pressing for them to carry our actions within a narrative that appears to be time-sensitive.
    Make them time sensitive. Have a real game time, events at a set time which failure to attend affects the game, and a 'watch' and reminders, presenting the player with the need to stop farting around and actually get on with saving the world. Second play through, lose the real-time aspect and only have game time advance when you choose to complete the current act.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 25/01/2017

    @Yautja_Warrior : It applies to any game with a meta. "Quick, Drake, escape the burning building and the gun-totting bad guys!"

    "Hang on. Just got to explore these burning ruins for any shiny knick-knacks."

    IMO it'd be better for games wanting a strong storyline to have no distractions until after the first play through.
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  • The Neko Atsume live-action movie trailer is purfect

  • ShiftyGeezer 23/01/2017

    At the end of that clip I have three very questionable video suggestions. God knows what playing that (didn't even have sound on) will do to my YouTube recommendations. :(

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  • Digital Foundry: Every PS4 Pro native 4K game tested

  • ShiftyGeezer 21/01/2017

    @Hairy-Gorilla : Except the vast majority of pixels on the screen will feature an element of upscaling of many buffers. Transparency is rendered lower than native. Reflections. Lighting passes. Shadow maps. Some post effects. Texels. The only thing that really constitutes 'native' are the UI graphics potentially because they can be pixel perfect (although they are no doubt upscaled in many cases), and directly viewed opaque geometry which is what the pixel counters measure.

    If the likes of DF weren't counting pixels, you wouldn't necessarily know whether anything was native or not. The only thing that matters is whether the graphics are sharp (although soft can be an art choice) and artefact free including aliasing. Considering everyone is comfortable non-native video streams, intelligent reconstruction techniques make far more sense than brute-forcing pixels for the sake of of an objective measurement that fails to factor in the subjective application of it.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/01/2017

    @Hairy-Gorilla : Define 'native'. How many of the many buffers need to match the screen resolution? Reply +1
  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • ShiftyGeezer 20/01/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing : I think you've missed the point. Nintendo already pack in a controller pad converter to which both JoyCons attach. It would of cost all of the order of $1 to add USB charging to this converter. Instead of doing that for consumers, they leave the USB option to a separate £25 additional controller.

    Even if substantially more than a buck, like maybe two (!!), it's still far better PR and far more valuable for Nintendo's Good Will to bare those costs.

    Something really doesn't smell right with Nintendo at the moment, like there's a subtle internal self-destruct in play. Too many things about Switch are plain bonkers. The latest news, that there are no apps...what have Nintendo actually been doing then? Certainly not making Switch games.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 17/01/2017

    @OnlyJoeKing :
    If you forget to charge a dualshock 4, you have to plug in a charger, and you're playing with a device tethered to a power supply.
    A controller, not a handheld. Experience is quite a bit different as the handheld requires a certain positioning of the hands and proximity to the screen. I can game with a wired controller on my lap, but need to hold a handheld much nearer my face if I want a decent sized viewport.

    Given the Switch screen is apparently quite nice, and the controllers have long battery life and charge quickly so this will be a rare and fleeting occurrence on the odd occasion you forget to charge it, this doesn't sound half as bad as it seems you think it will be.
    It's not a big problem in usage. The question is one of Nintendo not including a buck's worth of USB port and wiring in the normal JoyCon adaptor so you can plug it in and charge while playing. That's incredibly cheap and IMO difficult to justify.

    Instead of arguing that this isn't such a big deal, instead answer why it is better for Nintendo and consumers to not provide Joycon charging in the default JoyGrip out of the box.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 16/01/2017

    @spekkeh :
    But this is not true, you can continue playing on the Switch.
    Not on the TV, and presumably there was a reason you were playing it on the TV in the first place. So from lounging on the Sofa playing on the TV, you have to play handheld with a device tethered to a power supply.

    Would I have liked the charge grip to be standard? Yes! Is it a big deal? No. Come on now, be honest.
    In itself, no, it's definitely not a big deal. But as part of the ongoing narrative of Switch, yes, it's yet more nonsense from Nintendo as they repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot and give consumers less and less reason to invest in their incredibly important new machine which they need to be a success if they want to be a hardware player.

    And it's this that's resulting in all the current noise, as the Internet and gaming community looks on with utter incredulity at a Nintendo that flatly refuses to adapt or learn and actually compete. Every little bit of madness is going to be highlighted and double unlined as the Web gestalt gasps, "not again!" with ever increasing fervour. That's how the modern world works, and Nintendo have only themselves to blame if they're on the receiving end of such negativity and derision.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 16/01/2017

    @Blackmarsh63 :
    NO. You play in handheld mode and connect a cheapo charger to the tablet.
    Then it's not functioning as a console, is it?
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  • ShiftyGeezer 16/01/2017

    @spekkeh :
    Anyway, my DS4 lasts me five hours maximum (with headphone 3) so I still prefer charging four times less playing wireless than having the ability to play wired. You obviously enjoy charging, I can see why the price of the charging dock would put you off then.
    Official Charging dock for DS4 is £15, cheaper than Nintendo offerings by far! (3rd party cheaper still - they're just USB charging ports)
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  • ShiftyGeezer 16/01/2017

    @spekkeh :
    Yes, if your DS4 runs out during a game session you can pause the game, rummage around for a battery pak
    You really have no idea, do you. ;)

    and USB cable, or grab an extra phone charger (sold separately!), plug it in and continue playing.
    If your controller is getting low on battery, you are told and can pause the game and stick a USB cable (provided, although a little short) into the front of the console. The cost to play is £0 and little inconvenience.

    Every console ever that has provided wireless controllers has either provided an immediate power replacement option (batteries) or allowed playing via cable. Switch is the first console where the situation that your controller is flat results in not being able to play any games unless you buy a pricey peripheral.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 16/01/2017

    @spekkeh : You can still play with your discharged DS4 connected via USB cable, during which it charges. If your Joycons need charging while playing on TV, you can't play. You need to either buy a separate Pro controller or a JoyCon Charging controller to play with a USB cable. Reply +11
  • Nintendo Switch won't have any video apps at launch

  • ShiftyGeezer 20/01/2017

    Since Wii U, what exactly have Nintendo been doing? They haven't created a fabulous, multifunction OS. They haven't created a universal network system instead requiring an app. They haven't created any games - barely any are coming for Switch. They haven't created any apps.

    It's as if they only decided on what to do for 'NX' 8 months ago and have thrown something together.
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  • Super Mario Run coming out on Android in March

  • ShiftyGeezer 19/01/2017

    Coming up next is Fire Emblem Heroes, which launches first on Android, on 2nd February. The iOS release is at an unspecified later date.
    It's 2nd February as well. Three people (myself included) mentioned this in the comments on the original article.
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  • Nintendo's next big mobile game is coming to Android first

  • ShiftyGeezer 19/01/2017

    It's a little early to say given that we know very little about the pricing model at this point, but it'll also make them significantly less money than to have a potentially endless game;
    It depends how much people play it though, and mobile gamers can be fickle. If players get bored after only spending a couple of quid, selling it up front for £9 may be better. It's very hard to say. I can see why Nintendo are trying this though, and it seems a reasonable fit for mobile. Especially the Eastern mobile markets why they apparently want PAYG gaming. This model may make less money from the West, especially less from Nintendo's fans, but it will probably make way more money from China and Korea.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 19/01/2017

    It's simultaneously releasing on iOS
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  • ShiftyGeezer 19/01/2017

    @JoelStinty : I'm guessing it won't. The way to maximise money from mobile is these ongoing transactions. Something like 3% of people bought Mario Run, as I hear it, which is money now done. If it were 'MTTD' (Micro-transactioned-to-death), they'd possibly be able to milk payments for a few quid a year from more people over a longer period.

    It's all very uncertain. The only thing that seems certain is Nintendo are going to want to make as much money as possible from mobile, same as everyone else. After trying single payment approach in Mario Run, they'll see how MTTD works in other titles and pick what works best for them.
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  • Nintendo confirms Switch launch lineup of games

  • ShiftyGeezer 13/01/2017

    Isn't this the most pathetic launch line-up in the history of console gaming? Reply +19
  • UK online shop says it will honour £198.50 Nintendo Switch pre-orders

  • ShiftyGeezer 13/01/2017

    @max75 :
    I wonder why ninteno did not mention the hardware ?
    They never do, not since the days when their hardware was good. They have nothing to gain from giving specs and it won't help sell their system to their potential market.
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  • Xbox One controllers now have two more colourful options

  • ShiftyGeezer 12/01/2017

    If you can find the designer lab webpage (link automatically takes me to UK XB site with no controller designer), it's a slick presentation with excellent quality 3D controller preview. High antialiasing and impressive material shaders for a shop!

    I also wonder if choice of controller design is influenced by metrics from this store? Maybe enough people have built pure red controllers and MS see a market for it?
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  • Glacier White PlayStation 4 slim model announced, released this month

  • ShiftyGeezer 10/01/2017

    @octavedoctor : Why are you touching it? At least, why without wearing cotton gloves? Reply 0
  • NES Mini hacked, extra games added via USB

  • ShiftyGeezer 09/01/2017

    @djayjp :
    As to the other point, if it is truly illegal to share a game that can no longer be purchased, then that is absurd and wrong.
    You've no legal right to 'abandonware'. Copyright has a minimum duration of 50 years-ish (depends on work and country). It'll be 50 years after release before you are freely entitled to an old game. You never know when a copyright holder will look to monetise a work, such as maybe releasing a NES/SNES emulator on mobile with the full back catalogue and charging people to play.

    I'm curious, what are your thoughts on ?
    Looks like a lot of that content is illegal. eg. Star Control - you can buy it on GOG; it shouldn't be available for free.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 09/01/2017

    @carmagainagain :
    Do you therefore advocate a fully maintained section on this site showing how to play pirated Xbox 360 and PS3 discs?
    If not, why not?
    Because running pirate games is illegal. However, I wouldn't be averse to articles on console security showing how they are breached and how homebrew is run, even if that's how software piracy is enabled. Note that this article you protest isn't 'how to run pirate games on your NES'. There are no instructions and no links to game torrents and nothing beyond news it's happened and links to sites explaining how. It's not an advocacy of piracy at all.

    You may not like that, but I'm afraid it doesn't make a blind of difference either legally or morally to that face.
    What do you mean I may not like it?! I'm in favour of software copyright - the developers worked to create the software and should be reimbursed for it. My stance has nothing whatsoever to do with availability of software or piracy. I'm saying EG should be free to report on developments in the gaming industry, including telling us when hardware has been hacked (like they have PS4 and Vita hacks last year).

    Back in 2010 articles came up telling people how to jailbreak their iPhone when Apple believed it was illegal to do so. This lead to the law being updated to explicitly qualifying that copyright law allowed jailbreaking of devices. Is that likely to have happened if everyone refused to report on the issue because they weren't sure about the legality of jailbreaking?
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  • ShiftyGeezer 09/01/2017

    @carmagainagain : It doesn't make it EG's responsibility to publish it, but it doesn't mean EG have any obligation not to either. It's relevant info on the console industry (turning a closed toy into an open console effectively). It's also a point of learning as we can discuss what else N. could have done, such as providing a download function and selling games perhaps mitigating the piracy.

    The only thing to be hampered by EG declining to publish this is slowing the rate of communication of this option to NES Classic owners (never stopping it) and preventing discussion about how it's achieved, what alternatives there are, what security questions can be learnt, etc.
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