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  • PS4 has improved its clunky TV and video experience

  • ShiftyGeezer 28/06/2017

    As per others, quoting (low ranked) tweets is poor reporting. These people are nobody's and aren't necessarily representative. To use Twitter to gauge feedback, you need metrics on number of positive and negatives responses.

    PS : Welcome to the EG team and all our comments! I hope you take it constructively.
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  • Nintendo Switch has sold over 1m units in Japan

  • ShiftyGeezer 28/06/2017

    I think that list of weeks-to-1-million shows the impact mobile has had. Reply +1
  • Former Limbo and Inside dev reveals side-scrolling sci-fi adventure Somerville

  • ShiftyGeezer 27/06/2017

    Looks like Another World Reply +1
  • In memory of Call of Duty's cyborgs

  • ShiftyGeezer 24/06/2017

    @frazzl :
    Because the tech is not more prevalent in the west. It is the erroneous nature of your assumption that is prejudicial.
    The original comment didn't suggest it as less prevalent in the East. You've read that into the comment yourself. The opinion expressed about the West being cybernised is completely independent of whatever is happening elsewhere.

    Your interpretation of the article and subsequent replies is definitely up the swanny here.
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  • Paradox performs price rise U-turn following fan backlash

  • ShiftyGeezer 23/06/2017

    @MrTummyGiggles : actually, no. It's about setting the prices in places like Brazil and China and Croatia with far lower average incomes from their locally affordable regional prices to the same price as US such that no-one in these countries can afford to play any more. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 23/06/2017

    This story isn't very accurate or informative as to the situation or why the backlash. Price adjustments for currency variations etc. shouldn't have the response, "value of GBP has gone down; goods' prices gone up; internet outrage!" Check the forum and you learn the price doubled in some of the poorest countries, in essence making their prices in line with US, say, where the average income is far lower. The response then makes sense. Reply +13
  • Meet the dev making a Switch game in a Hounslow Costa Coffee

  • ShiftyGeezer 23/06/2017

    @mookmac : good response and fair argument, although the initial premise lived by is "Miyamoto said the GameCube controller had one big button because all good games could only use one button." That says every game that can't be mapped to one button isn't good, ignoring the benefits. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 23/06/2017

    I'm gonna be unpopular... :)

    Firstly, one button design. All that means is introducing lag. You need to wait until the play has stopped pressing to know if it was a tap, press, or long press. Use 3 buttons for the three completely different actions and you have zero confusion and no extra lag.

    Secondly, as a struggling Indie, I have to wonder where they got the funding to operate in a coffee shop for years and afford coffee? True indies spend every penny from their day job on living and development, and have to work from home where any coffee is of the Tesco Everyday Value variety. Swanning about in a coffee shop? How the other half lives!
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  • Sega releases classic games on mobile, for free, but at what cost?

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/06/2017

    @BlackFlower : Yeah, there's optimisation I can do. But the problem I think is the way Unity encourages you to do stuff is grossly inefficient. It needs object pooling as standard instead of everyone having to write their own take. For the moment it's a simple game and I felt object instantiation wouldn't be too much of an overhead. Seeing a Nexus 7 can't even cope (rendering, physics and AI are no problem!), clearly I was wrong! But Nexus 7 is slow and weak now though, so not too concerned. Ultimately though, in being easy to develop for, Unity has had to make certain compromises, and working around them adds cost to development.

    They're working on much improved GC which'll hopefully appear before too long.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 22/06/2017

    @Number1Laing : Unity can be awesome, considering it covers every platform and builds at the press of a button. The problem is garbage collection. My game ( spends half its time on a Nexus 7 in memory management, pushing beyond the 1/30th of a second mark. If you really optimise Unity it can do fine on a lot of content, but budgets and business limit that for most content picking Unity as a starting point. Reply +3
  • Behold Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 reimagined as an AR game for Hololens

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/06/2017

    @gnosis : Yes, translucent. The display works by projecting light onto the lenses. This is added to the light from the environment already passing through. If the environment is dark enough, the contrast makes the hololens objects appear more solid. However in bright light (outside) the projections are clearly transparent. Imagine a normal projector projecting onto some glass - you're going to see what's behind it as well as the projection. Reply +7
  • ShiftyGeezer 22/06/2017

    That video is not what he's seeing. The objects aren't opaque and only exist in a small window within the FOV. A glimpse of the future when we have different display tech that can adjust opacity of the objects, but not a fair representation of what Hololens is providing now. Reply +21
  • TopWare responds to Two Worlds 2's sudden microtransactions update seven years after launch

  • ShiftyGeezer 19/06/2017

    @morikaweb : Again, they've been bankrupted twice. If the other ways of making money were working out, would that have happened? Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 19/06/2017

    @bad09 : The game went bankrupt twice as I understand it. Clearly people wanting to play the game need more money to come in. Microtransactions is one way to do that which are optionally as long as fairly balanced.

    I'll probably get negged to death, but players will have to ask themselves whether they'd rather the game get microtransactions or be ended completely. That's the real economic choice here.
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  • Free, Star Wars Battlefront 2's downloadable content will be

  • ShiftyGeezer 11/06/2017

    From this video, we see unlocks come with battlepoints. Could be you can buy these as a consumable and pay for powerful unlocks?
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  • ShiftyGeezer 11/06/2017

    @sagat : Whatever the boost, if normal players can't attain that through (reasonable) play, it's pay-to-win. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 10/06/2017

    Is it me, or is the SWBF2ETDE pay to win?
    The Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition turns your troopers into the ultimate opponents. Every trooper class (Officer, Assault, Heavy, and Specialist) is upgraded, delivering superior firepower, deadly weapon modifications, and epic combat abilities.

    Dominate the battlefront as the ultimate Star Wars elite trooper./
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  • Lost in Shibuya

  • ShiftyGeezer 10/06/2017

    @Bionic_Pixel : There are 15,000 games on Steam. There are 1795 games listed for PS4 on PSN. There are thousands of games that could be reviewed.

    Not that I agree with poster 2. Articles like this for the weekend are fine. Would be nice to have more content through the week though.
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  • Everything has the first video game trailer eligible for an Academy Award

  • ShiftyGeezer 07/06/2017

    I created an animation in LBP2 that was shown at the Cannes Film Festival if that's any good. Very looking forwards to Dreams as have had another animation in mind for a few years now and need tools that I can use to realise it. Reply +5
  • Sony downplays dream of PlayStation Vita successor

  • ShiftyGeezer 06/06/2017

    Your link to the original article is broken. Should be

    Also it's a throwaway line without the actual question, so it's hard to make conclusions on the future of handhelds. It could just be his assessment of Vita. The line, "But for now, a Vita successor isn't in the cards," is the editorial, not a quote from anyone at Sony.
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  • PS4 is three times more popular than Xbox One in Europe, Sony claims

  • ShiftyGeezer 06/06/2017

    "In support, we'll give the EU players the crap end of all deals, sales, PS+ giveaways, etc. Thanks!" Reply +4
  • Steam Direct fee will be $100 per title

  • ShiftyGeezer 03/06/2017

    @tvsadam : Will it be any worse than present though? AFAICS every game sent to Valve gets Greenlit somehow. And now once you've been accepted once, you can spam the store with no end of trash and no consequences. At least this one it costs you $100 every time. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 03/06/2017

    @Krychek : sure research is better. But in the case of the two hour mark slipping by, surely Valve would appreciate a refund on a game you couldn't get to work on 4 hours of trying? The refund policy says to contact them even if you don't exactly match the no-quibble requirements.

    There are more details below, but even if you fall outside of the refund rules we’ve described, you can ask for a refund anyway and we’ll take a look.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 02/06/2017

    @Krychek :
    Of course buyers will still need to do their research, find the previews, gauge quality, as this opens the floodgates to many potential shady fuckers - but let's hope for voting, even banning, for the grossly illegitimate.
    As I say above, there's a 2 hour no-quibble refund policy. There's no need for research etc. really. Take your chance and change your mind if you want.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 02/06/2017

    @tvsadam :
    the "risk" the article refers to of Steam being flooded with subpar content seems a lot more like a guarantee to me under these circumstances.
    Why is that a risk? There's an open refund policy with 2 hour window. You can buy any 'game' and if it turns out to be trash, you can get a refund and rate it as crap to warn other Steam users. Valve could also show what proportion of users ask for a refund as a warning - high refund proportion likely means steer clear.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 02/06/2017

    @MrTomFTW : How? Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 02/06/2017

    @smelly :
    Needs to be $1k imho
    Definitely not! As an Indie on the very most independent end of Indie, with a non-existent budget and nothing but time between earning a living and hard work, $100 to me is a reasonable price to be accessible but keep out the time wasters (who has $100 to spare who wouldn't prefer to spend it something better than trolling Steam?). There's already crazy financial limits to marketing and getting noticed even in things like Crowdfunding - you still need lots of money up front to create a real product worth people's money and be able to turn it into a financial success to pay for all that effort. $1000 on top of that is very much the difference between possibility and impossibility for some of us.

    The barrier to entry shouldn't be money, but quality and ability to create a product worth people's money. Otherwise you risk rich brats having a laugh on Steam while struggling indies with real talent and potential but a less fortuitous start in life go unseen and unsupported.

    I'm not going to say this is the perfect solution (there isn't one) but it's the one that's most accessible to artistic vision no matter where it comes from. With a good community behind filtering the dross somehow, it could work as well as any system.
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  • PS2 classic Resident Evil Code: Veronica X out today on PS4

  • ShiftyGeezer 10/05/2017

    What decides what games get these releases? There's been almost nothing, to the point I thought it was abandoned, but now a few new titles are added? Reply +1
  • Meet the man with 1200 Platinum trophies

  • ShiftyGeezer 05/05/2017

    @captain-T-dawg : People are losing weight all the time with computer games. There's been a whole industry develop around it - see XBox One Kinect fitness programme whatever-it-was. Wii Fit. EyeToy fitness games.

    As for the article, would it make a difference to the man if EG didn't run it? Would the lack of media coverage cause him to give up? Would not reporting on anorexics help solve eating disorders?

    As a piece, it's not being judgemental, which it shouldn't be. It's not EG's or any casual press's job to tell us how to live. Instead it's just saying "here's an aspect about computer games." Same as the 'snooker star video addiction' recently covered - the article didn't say the addiction was right or wrong, only that Neil Robertson had an experience. We were then left to discuss the story and come to our own opinions.

    Same here. It's brought to light one aspect of Trophies/Achievements that some might have missed. Maybe it'll encourage the guy to waste more time (it can't, because he's fully addicted anyway). Maybe it'll make him question his choices. Maybe comments will make his family pressure him to change. Maybe most people will decide there's no reason for him to - he's not hurting anyone. Maybe the console companies will decide to limit Trophy Hording somehow in response. Maybe Parliament will discuss gaming health and include this example with many others to draw up legislation limiting play time? Maybe nothing. But we can't make informed choices without knowledge, and there's nothing wrong with sharing that knowledge. What EG has not done is celebrate the guy and actively encourage him, which is where they should be applauded for correct press behaviour.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 05/05/2017

    @captain-T-dawg : Yes, that story is more uplifting. It's also pretty predictable and not particularly news-worthy. How many pounds of weight were lost over Wii and Kinect? "Man has fun with family playing coop games" could be a news story too, but...

    If news reports on the out-of-the-ordinary, this story is definitely that. And in reporting, it hasn't included any editorial judgement. It's just an article about the extraordinary impact of games on this one chap (and his family).
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  • ShiftyGeezer 04/05/2017

    @captain-T-dawg : If the people involved in the stories see the comments, perhaps they'll reconsider their life choices? The story itself isn't validating the guy or celebrating. It's plain reporting, with his POV, and generating discussion. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 04/05/2017

    @BumpkinRich : You have to do that for unlocks too. Recently playing SWBF, a friend was needing ot get 30 kills as Dengar. We played Heroes vs Villains and he hadn't got enough kills when there was just me (Palapatine) and a heavily injured Princess Leia and I could win it for the side. Instead, I jumped off the cliff, losing the round for our team so we could play again. Doing this got enough plays that my mate got his Dengar unlock.

    Multiplayer is just a bit dumb really. You have to accept it I guess.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 04/05/2017

    "Not even a 'thank you' for playing all of those games on PSN.
    That really is lame. It's not a job. You aren't doing Sony any favours! Trophies are there to give gamers other gameplay targets for fun. When you get a trophy, you should thank the devs for setting that challenge.

    It's a shame there are no quotes from the missus to get her honest opinion. Ideally we'd want feedback from the kids in 20 years too, to see if their dad's idea of being a great father worked or not. Game, game, game, spend some time with the family, game, game, game isn't a balance most folk would go with. I imagine most dads would prefer to spend more time with their kids than playing computer games > family, family, family, spend some time gaming, family, family, family.
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  • Bethesda lawyers force name change on indie game Prey for the Gods

  • ShiftyGeezer 04/05/2017

    "We could've fought this and we did think about it for quite a while. Something like a trademark opposition can be long and depending on how far someone wants to fight it can be very expensive."
    This here shows exactly why the legal system is broken and needs a complete overhaul. The law should consist of a set of rules, and two parties in disagreement should go to the law for independent resolution. Money shouldn't factor - it should be a case of finding the truth. The fact it costs to have a debate over interpretation of the law is complete bollocks that shifts power to the money-wielders.

    In this case, a single adjudicator could look at prior art presented that shows the Prey name was in use before 'Prey' or not, and come to a decision following the current law. No reason to cost more than £250 to both parties for administration - even that would be expensive.

    edit: 'Like' count suggests two highly-paid lawyers read my post. :p
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  • Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti OC review: top-tier SLI tested

  • ShiftyGeezer 01/05/2017

    A pointless philosophical observation: any mention of being powerful really is redundant.
    And by extension, if Nvidia can continue to deliver these remarkable generational increases in performance, GTX 1080 Ti's next-gen successor should be staggeringly good.
    Some years back we were talking about G80s being staggeringly powerful. And before that, the Ti 4800. All of which are laughably weak compared to modern GPUs, and even mobile GPUs.

    Relative to 2025's GPUs, GTX1080 Ti's successor is lame, weak-sauce poop bought for £20 down a (self-driving) car-boot sale. Given that, I see no point in being staggered, or even impressed, by any amount of absolute performance. It's suffice to say, "it'll be better."

    Perhaps brought on by an advert for a range of laptops I keep seeing that says, "The most powerful portable workstation. Ever." Emphasising the 'ever' when of course it is because it's using later technology. Unless someone does something bonkers that supersedes what future tech can do, like stick 8 GPUs in a machine, next year's machine will be the fastest 'Ever'. And the next, and the next, such that we don't really need to be told.
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  • PlayStation Plus free games for May detailed

  • ShiftyGeezer 26/04/2017

    Last month I said the PS+ giveaway "Drawn to Death" was going to bomb hard and attracted quite a few negs. Curious what those who neg'd me think of that prediction now!

    Like the two coop games. Enjoyed Dead Nation but not enough to buy Alienation, but the PS+ game will provide some coop play.
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  • Zelda fan is making Breath of the Wild-inspired 2D game

  • ShiftyGeezer 25/04/2017

    @Der_tolle_Emil ;
    The thing is: There are great ways to get people to see your game these days without having to resort to using someone else's assets to get noticed
    There are ways, but they're not great. Growing a following over Twitter and crossing-your-fingers a press release which actually get noticed are well shy of the many thousands of views a brand infringing game like this can get from EG and Kotaku etc., not to mention search results throwing up copycat games as well.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 25/04/2017

    @masteratt : Then it wouldn't get media attention like this article. Ride an IP to get attention and followers, and then swap out the graphics and names. You get 'free advertising' for the same game. Reply 0
  • What do you actually do in Patrice Desilets' ape evolution survival game Ancestors?

  • ShiftyGeezer 24/04/2017

    @riceNpea : He started working at Ubisoft when he was 23. 13 years later, when he was 36, his GF told him he wasn't happy any more at Ubisoft, prompting him to leave. Reply +10
  • Why are games so fascinated with cannibalism?

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/04/2017

    Some games have cannibalism mechanics. If that's of interest because it's contrary to polite society, far more games are interested in killing things, sneaking around, jumping everywhere, and collecting junk. So there isn't really a long tradition of cannibalism in games so much as a tradition of crossing boundaries, cannibalism being one of them that a very few games in actuality cross. Reply +3
  • Snooker star says he's a recovering video game addict

  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Icikle :
    Who's deciding what's more important?
    Neil Robertson.
    I bashed RE7 on release for 14 hours straight and that wasn't a waste. I do this frequently, am I an addict?
    If that's what you want to do and you don't feel it's getting in the way of other stuff you want to do, and it's not getting in the way of stuff you have to do to your detriment, then probably not. There's the possibility that you are addicted but don't recognise it, or you just really like computer games. It depends on if you can choose to stop and do something else you want to do instead without getting 'withdrawal'.

    An addiction is a dependency.
    It doesn't have to be that extreme. An addiction can interfere with other things without being a hard-core, life-destroying dependency. What makes an addiction an addiction is that you can't easily stop.

    Perhaps the word 'addiction' is confusing the subject, because people associate it with major chemical addictions? The issue is that patterns of behaviour are created that affect a person's day-to-day activities. It's the same sort of psychology that can cause someone to become 'addicted' to worrying or 'addicted' to their appearance or 'addicted' to washing their hands constantly or checking the latest Facebook/Twitter posts every two minutes. Video games are extremely well structured to create these intrusive behaviour patterns.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Icikle :
    I don't get it. If he had gone to the clubs to train all those times he "spent hours" playing games would he not have been a snooker addict?
    Some people seem confused as to what an addiction is. Training for Snooker isn't an addiction. If you couldn't think about anything other than Snooker, or craved playing Snooker when away from it, then you'd have an addiction.

    In this example, his brain constantly wanted the computer game experience, such that instead of thinking about other, more important, things, it led him to waste a day playing computer games. He has had to consciously break his behaviour patterns.

    A healthy hobby would be picking up a video game every once in a while with a free moment, maybe taking a weekend out on a binge, etc. Whatever, it'd be a balanced part of your life given as much focus as you want it to have (3 hours a day or more if it's your hobby, fine). But when you spend time doing something you don't want to be doing and regret doing it, then it's a problem. I have definitely been addicted to some games, played them out of a craving, and then regretted the time wasted. I know many other people, ordinary folk, who have had similar experiences.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Mhoey : I didn't say being immersed is an addiction. I'm saying that's what causes the addiction, to the degree that the mind focusses on the computer games when it should be thinking about other things, and craves the computer games when away. It's also what results in the 'just one more...' time killing.

    It takes willpower to break an addiction, to walk away against that craving. The creation of the craving in the first place is the addiction though, and computer games are incredible at that for pretty much everyone, from LoL and Diablo to Crandy Crush and Cookie Clickers. It is very easy for brains to become tuned to a dependency on a game.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @Mhoey : I don't think that's true. Video games are inherently psychologically addictive such that anyone who enjoys them can end up being incredibly immersed, regardless of personality. There's nothing else with so much sensory input connected with active engagement. That's part of the problem that needs to be noted. It doesn't help that the gaming industry actively pursues these addictive qualities to monetise the hobby. Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 21/04/2017

    @NullDev : Was anyone suggesting banning video games? He's saying he spent too much time on them, and I think most of us can agree to spending too much time on video games at some point. And perhaps a fair number aren't even aware of the impact?

    The moral of the story is recognising the potential negative impacts and balancing the presence of video games. This is especially important for the current youth who have access to games 24/7 through their mobile devices, along with social networking and YouTubing, which can and do impact their achievements in other parts of life if left unmanaged.
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  • Roguelike TumbleSeed is rolling onto Switch, PS4 and Steam in May

  • ShiftyGeezer 15/04/2017

    @ghostgate2001 : Perhaps no single game reference sums it up, so don't bother trying. Evolutionary tree seems most closely related to marble rolling games. It certainly has more in common with LocoRoco than Rogue.

    Dark Souls would be a bonkers comparison. One is a third-person, very dark mythological fighting game, and the other is a colourful 2D side-scrolling marble roller.

    I'd say this game has far more in common with 1942 than Rogue or DS. 1942 without bullets would be a vertical scrolling dodge-'em-up.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 15/04/2017

    Some people still seem confused.

    Please stop using 'Roguelike' to the point it's meaningless. Procedural levels and permadeath aren't enough.
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  • British terror hoaxer charged after US gamer shot by cops

  • ShiftyGeezer 12/04/2017

    @Skirlasvoud :
    What if a terrorist has a family trying to convince the SWAT that the culprit is just laying in bed and innocent, while the fucker is climbing out the window
    Surround the house before going in.
    fetching a knife to hold to his actual hostage's throat
    Get eyes on him before going in.
    What if there's a dangerous hostage situation without a second to lose
    What if it's not a dangerous hostage situation, like 99% of the time?

    You've been Hollywoodised in your thinking, I'm afraid. The sort of thinking that says, "What if that country is actually making WMD? Are we supposed to just sit here and wait for them to attack first?" Better go around attacking everyone and scaring them to keep away, just in case.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 11/04/2017

    Seriously though, these situations must be hard to keep calm in.
    Why when there's zero apparent danger? Their training should make them able to assess a situation and quickly gauge whether there's a real threat or they're bursting into a family home. A most basic amount of reconnaissance would have revealed the suspect was asleep adn the rest of the family were watching TV or whatever.

    As others say, Swatting is only a thing because the US are stupid in how they handle emergencies. In the UK, you get done for making a hoax call - no-one gets shot or violated as a result of that hoax.

    Basing their law enforcement on Hollywood's portrayal is dumb.
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  • April PlayStation Plus games detailed

  • ShiftyGeezer 29/03/2017

    Drawn to Death is just so gonna bomb. Reply -9