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  • PlayStation Now launches in UK, priced £12.99 a month

  • ShiftyGeezer 09/10/2015

    @The-Jack-Burton : I don't think BC is anything like that important. As long as the modern library is good, there's little need to revisit old games for most people. And a ropey 'BC' at that because it's not as clean and tight as the real experience. Further, if people spend considerable time playing BC titles, they won't be buying new games and will be draining Sony's coffers as Sony streams the old games.

    PSNow is really about playing PS games on devices. PS4 just happens to be one of the them, but I think the real interest lies in streaming to mobile devices (+TV, and even PC potentially) as a replacement for the abortive PSMobile effort. For maximum profits from PS4, Sony want next-gen reasons to own one, meaning software library, possibly VR, etc.

    It's certainly not game streaming or BC that'd get me to replace my PS3 with a PS4. ;)
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  • ShiftyGeezer 09/10/2015

    @The-Jack-Burton : You still have the console and games you paid for. What you're wanting is Sony to house a load of online systems and pay for internet services for you to use for free. PS+ already nets you hundreds of dollars of 'free' games. PS4 doesn't make Sony much, if any money.

    And no, you shouldn't care whether streaming is profitable or not, but Sony as a business needs to. Especially after several years of loss-making. They need some good profits to plough back into development of PS5 and improvement in their services and development of new tech.

    If PSNow can't make a decent profit, it'll be closed as a service. People who want streaming games have to pay for it. You can't have it both ways, having streaming games but not paying - that's asking too much. The important thing is whether the price and costs can be kept low enough to be a viable service or if the idea is just doomed.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 09/10/2015

    @The-Jack-Burton : It costs Sony money to host the games and stream to your PS4. Even if you've bought the game, there should still be a fee to cover the cost of hosting and streaming.

    Given no-one to date has made money from online game streaming, although it is pricey and could probably be a bit cheaper, it doesn't look to me like Sony are outrageously greedy. It'll be business suicide to do as you suggest and spend out on giving people free game streaming. In titles that have running costs like Destiny, there's ongoing revenue through DLC and whatnot - there has to be income to pay for network services to make them worthwhile.
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  • Capcom pulls Ghost Trick from iOS App Store purchase history

  • ShiftyGeezer 06/10/2015

    @duerer : Absolutely. Fixing a game for existing owners makes you no more money. If the game wasn't making enough sales to warrant further investment, you pull the plug. A lack of compatibility is tragic, but that's as much Apple/Google's fault for not providing compatibility modes in their OSes. I don't know any Windows or Mac software that was rendered obsolete in a year or two thanks to an OS upgrade.

    I do feel some pressure should be brought to bare on Apple and Google to support their app ecosystem, but they're both so big they don't give a shit. So it's devs and consumers who suffer (but gain elsewhere, such as crazy cheap software prices for consumers and a massive audience for app devs).
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  • Pokémon lawyers pursue party-planning Pokéfan for $4k payout

  • ShiftyGeezer 05/10/2015

    @MattEvansC3 : A cease and desist, yes. Although even then they needn't go after every infringement ever - only major commercial ones or ones which violate their IP values or using the IP for exposure of something else.

    Disney certainly doesn't sue every little girl who has a Frozen themed birthday party and plays "Let it Go" publicly without a public license, and it's not like that's going to result in Disney losing the rights to the IP or song copyright.

    The only 'adverse' precedent I see here is people being allowed to throw themed events without a license, which results in franchise exposure and purchasing of official merchandise (cups, plates, toys) to decorate the event. Allowing a themed fan party is hardly going to open the doors for unofficial merchandise to become legal.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 05/10/2015

    Seriously, the Pokemon company generating $1.5 billion a year want to trash a guy's fan-service party for a measly 4k? Have their lawyers really got nothing better to do? Do they really think that 4k, a huge chunk of this poor guy's income, is worth more than the PR bashing they'll get? Reply +63
  • DieselStormers forced to change name after Diesel wins trademark dispute

  • ShiftyGeezer 30/09/2015

    "We are quite surprised that our trademark application has been formally denied. We are no multinational corporation, we cannot fight this decision, even though, frankly, it is a disaster with indie marketing as difficult as it is today.
    There's some publicity there, more than you'd get with the name Dieselstormers. ;)

    The name is nothing special, but it is worrying that a brand using a generic word (predating the brand) can be all encompassing. If the brand holder doesn't use it in the areas for which they apply for the trademark within a time limit of applying (a couple years maybe) they should lose the rights to it, as clearly they're just trying to secure the name from other people's use. TBH I thought that's how it worked...
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  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 has a day-one update larger than game itself

  • ShiftyGeezer 29/09/2015

    @riceNpea : The other issues as warnings are different from the 7 GB patch. 7 GB is massive, more than the content of the game. So is it replacing the broken game with a working one, or replacing an unfinished game with the finished one with all the material that missed the publishing deadline?

    Or putting it another way, I just want to know what exactly that 7 GBs is!
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  • ShiftyGeezer 29/09/2015

    Someone needs to compare the game before and after patch. The only way I know of to use up that much data is with content. If the patch is adding stuff into the game that just missed the publishing submission deadline, is there really a reason to complain? Reply -2
  • How to exploit PlayStation TV to run all Vita titles

  • ShiftyGeezer 25/09/2015

    @parrapa : How does it enable piracy? It's only changing a list of runnable titles. Those titles still need to be acquired through the store. Reply +12
  • ShiftyGeezer 25/09/2015

    How on earth could someone come up with this?! Very clever and remarkable. A deliberate back door? An insider job?

    I'll add that as a PSV owner, I'm far more interested in Android because it has precisely that open ended option. My Shield Tablet with controller works as a mini console. Windows 10 will hopefully take this further via the Widnows ecosystem. Sony aren't really competing by providing devices that share your library. It's more about streaming PS4 games AFAICS.
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  • League of Legends team owner embroiled in drug price hike controversy

  • ShiftyGeezer 24/09/2015

    @Nikanoru : Even murderers (which Shkreli isn't) can be redeemed and go on to live good lives and do good despite past transgressions. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 24/09/2015

    @Nikanoru : I hope he sees the error of his ways, comes to value the rest of humanity (which he probably doesn't due to the culture he was raised in and particulars of his life - there are very few fundamentally evil people in the world but lots of confused and messed up people) and uses his money to reach out and help people and find true inner happiness, going further to use his personal story to help other misguided folk share their resources.

    Back in the 90s, Bill Gate's was getting loads of grief for being a dick in business. Lots of people wished nasty things on him too. Now he's the head of the world's largest charitable organisation. There's billions of dollars been given over to helping people that wouldn't have happened if Gates had died a slow and painful death back then as some people wished.

    Some of you people probably need to look the word "Redemption" up in the dictionary.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 23/09/2015

    @lucky_jim :
    How many people would have to die for want of the drugs he's bought the rights to before you thought "that's enough"? Would ten do it? 10,000? 10 billion?
    No-one needs die. Not the victims of the price gouging. Not the guy doing the price gouging.

    Why do you think the only solution is to kill the guy? Why isn't there a better solution that removes him from doing this to people which doesn't involve his execution?

    Tbh I'm kinda surprised to see you siding with the exploiter rather than the exploited, unless I'm confusing you with someone else I thought you were better than that.
    Except I'm not siding with him. I've already criticised him. I think he's wrong and I think you're wrong, and both his views and your views are abhorrent and socially destructive.

    Rather than defending him as a person, I'm suggesting better, more mature solutions to the problem than violent lashing out. Taking violent action against people one judges as wrong is the stuff of comic books and video games and Neanderthals and chavs; not civilised, evolved society.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 23/09/2015

    @lucky_jim : No, it's a situation where there is no trolley and no people in danger, but you want to tie a man onto the tracks and run him over. That's not the only option here. It's not the moral option. It's not the evolved option. There are lots of ways to deal with major problems not requiring violence or death, where the choices are based on far more than unrestrained and misguided emotion. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 23/09/2015

    @lucky_jim :
    Anyone that doesn't wish him dead is, imo, on the morally indefensible side.
    That's basically the attitude of nut jobs like terrorists and extremists. Want him stopped? Sure. Want him away from being able to mess people lives? Yep. Want him locked away for crimes against humanity? Perhaps. But exterminating people because you disagree with them isn't ever the moral high ground. At best, death is a neutral ground when it's a necessary evil to protect deserving people. It's never, ever the right cause of action.

    There'll be people out there who think someone who's got AIDS is being naturally punished for wrongful behaviour. You've basically adopted the same position on the other side of the fence. It's attitudes like yours that lead to conflict and war.

    The guy should be stopped. He doesn't need to be victimised or attacked. That's an immature, primitive, unintelligent response to the problem.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 22/09/2015

    @Simatron3000 : Actually, how come this patent is even possible? Patents expire after 25 years or so. There are lots of medications where the patent has lapsed and we get cheap generic versions. There's no sane way a decades old drug can be patentable, and there must be cheating involved. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 22/09/2015

    @TheRealBadabing : That's not a realistic solution. Ultimately you can't control everyone to do the right thing through laws and rules and enforcing everything. Just trying to do that is wrong in another way to letting people be completely free and be asses to each other.

    The only real solution to the world's problems is for individuals to be good people. You can't control people to make the world right. Nor can you give complete freedom to everyone without them being good and hope the world will be right.

    And as such, every individual should be measured not against the way the world is, but against the ideal. Otherwise we'll just repeat the patterns of all of human history, moving from free states and people abusing that freedom and each other, to control states where everyone's freedom is restricted to the impossibly complex arbitrary rules, and back again.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 22/09/2015

    @TheRealBadabing : Everyone has a choice to do the right thing. Using the excuse that the rules say you don't have to is a cop out. Yes, the game is broken, but that's because individuals make it so, and it'll only be fixed when EVERYONE chooses to do the right thing, including making personal sacrifice (of epic amounts of loot, not a high quality of life and happiness) for the greater good. Reply +25
  • The Escapists The Walking Dead rises next week

  • ShiftyGeezer 24/09/2015

    Console price makes no sense. AFAIK both Valve and MS charge 30% for download titles. Well, I guess it makes sense as 'regional' pricing for the different stores, but it's certainly unfair that the console owner has to pay more when the costs to T17 are the same (unless I'm mistaken). Reply +1
  • Sony laments China's PS4 "censorship regime"

  • ShiftyGeezer 17/09/2015

    @Ep1cN3ss1e :
    The risk here is that Sony and third parties will start releasing games which kowtow to the censorship
    The existing Chinese market isn't big enough to warrant losing substantial sales from the existing world market. It's not going to happen - not until China has a massive share (which in itself isn't likely to happen).

    What China needs is home-grown content serving its market. But homebrew devs are better served on PC and mobile with far wider audience and lower barrier to entry.

    So, um, console gaming in China basically isn't a thing and isn't going to be any time soon.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 17/09/2015

    @DrDehli :
    @Theodor70941 :

    "Huo Lei has been in the video games business for over ten years. The 33-year-old has a shop in the Gulou area of Beijing, an area still snaked by the old alleyways that used to dominate the ancient capital.

    On this street you can find...a host of grey market video game shops. They sell modified Xboxes and PlayStations, and imported machines from Hong Kong, Japan, America and Europe. Some have been in business since the PS2 era; the golden era, the sellers say.

    Is Huo Lei worried that the official availability of Xbox One, and possibly the PS4, is going to dent his business?

    Not at all, he says. "I'm not concerned. The official Xboxes have a lock so they can only play Chinese [region] games. I'm cheaper than the main stores."


    Richard Tsao spent over eight years in mainland China with Ubisoft and now works in Hong Kong for Riot Games, makers of League of Legends. He believes that console manufacturers will need to find ways of subsidising console prices to compete with the "black market"

    Consoles have been in China for over 20 years now, official or not"
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  • ShiftyGeezer 17/09/2015

    Are the same censorship rules applied to mobile and PC games? Reply +2
  • Project Morpheus renamed PlayStation VR

  • ShiftyGeezer 15/09/2015

    @Cherub007 :
    To be honest, if more branding teams dedicated themselves to giving things names which clearly and concisely relate to what the thing ACTUALLY FUCKING DOES then the world would be a much better place. I for one welcome our new straight-talking overlords.
    Revealing Apple's new "Touch interface portable computer". I can see that making far bigger waves than the meaningless 'iPad'. Who the hell knows what an 'iPad' is supposed to be?!

    I'll note your view using my biro, though I have to hoover my room first and sellotape this bubble wrap around this frisbee before mailing it. My niece will get such an adrenalin rush over a Frozen frisbee!

    (the above contains six non-descriptive product names that everyone knows)
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  • ShiftyGeezer 15/09/2015

    @shadow651 : That's what branding and marketing is for. Kinect and Wii don't tell you anything about the products, but everyone knew what they were. It could be called anything as long as backed by a decent message. Heck, outside of tech/games, who knows what the 'VR' stands for in PlayStation VR? Reply +2
  • ShiftyGeezer 15/09/2015

    Technically it's been named. 'Project Morpheus' wasn't its name but a reference, like getting a new dog and calling it 'Dog' and 'Boy' until you decide on a name for it a few weeks later.

    It's a boring name, but it fits the naming conventions of the platform. The most important issue is price and content. Even if it were called "Euphoric Dreams in Another Dimension" or "the World Bucket" or something, with nothing to experience or a crazy pricetag, it won't sell.
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  • 10 minutes of Star Wars: Battlefront alpha footage leak

  • ShiftyGeezer 14/09/2015

    @riceNpea : Sadly it's not right up my street because the balance looks off. It's not SWBF with tiddly maps and a lack of vehicles and the other things which made SWBF special. It looks to me like a game that fails to hit any audience at large. It's not shooter-enough for shooter fans like yourself, and isn't Battlefrontsy enough for fans of the original titles like me. Reply +1
  • ShiftyGeezer 14/09/2015

    @riceNpea : Right, meaning superiority isn't about aim skills or one's years of shooter training and trouncing noobs, but choices you make on the battlefield. SWBF was a game I could enjoy without being an experienced shooter fan. From SWBF I tried numerous shooters on PS3 and never quite clicked with them in the same way, especially because the highly skilled players could make my life a misery and the learning curve to get good enough to compete wasn't worth the investment of my time. I think the best I enjoyed was Uncharted with small teams and more cerebral than hand-eye gameplay (where to move, how to approach objective).

    I consider SWBF a casual game and it should play like that. There are many, many shooters for the true shooter fan. I'm not convinced the maps in the latest version will make that casual gameplay fun though.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 14/09/2015

    @riceNpea : Low skill can be fun. The originals didn't need awesome aim skills either.

    I think people need educating as to what a SWBF should play like, which isn't a hardcore leet shooter

    The battle rifle actually fires a bit faster than I remember, although I still find the latest alpha footage a little excessive.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 14/09/2015

    @iceytoa1 : Uncharted actually bent the bullet trajectory to match the reticule, which caused some buggy situations where you couldn't shoot someone right in front of you. Got patched after some of us kept on about it. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 14/09/2015

    SW: Battlefronts had a working formula in 1 and 2. That's what we wanted. Why the hell didn't they create a proper sequel?! Why do devs mess with remake formulas? We want the same experience spruced up to the latest hardware, and not some different product with a much loved name slapped on it. What's with the frickin' fully automatic battle rifle? When did Star Wars or SWBF ever have those? Reply +6
  • Alexis Kennedy on: The Labyrinth

  • ShiftyGeezer 12/09/2015

    @jonbwfc : Remind me of the babe. Reply +6
  • Afro Samurai 2: Episode One arrives on PS4 and PC this month

  • ShiftyGeezer 11/09/2015

    The quality of that screenshot looks like a mobile title to me. Reply +1
  • AMD Radeon R9 Nano review

  • ShiftyGeezer 10/09/2015

    @lone_wolf_uk :
    So does it actually use nano tech?
    Yes! All processors do with constructs fabricated on the nanometre scale.
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  • Face-Off: Mad Max

  • ShiftyGeezer 09/09/2015

    @FMV-GAMER :
    Why does it matter to you, do you game on PC?
    1) Curiosity to understand how the different platforms stack up against each other.

    2) Potential PC gamer who doesn't own a next gen console and keeps umming and erring about what machine to buy or what I'd get for my money buying a GPU.

    3) Pedantic nerd who likes technical articles to address technical points. As an intellectual exercise, these PC articles don't achieve much.

    These articles aren't to compare consoles to PC, it's to show how each version runs and the settings or compromises the developer has made for different hardware.
    I disagree. There are way more informative PC comparisons in the specialist PC gaming press, comparing results on different builds. DF is unique in pitting PC against consoles.

    Also why does Digital Foundry need to test a PC that costs the exact same as a console, that's not what PC gamers want to see, PC gamers want to see how well the game runs on low end entry level, mid range and high end hardware which Digital Foundry usually covers.
    That was one option. For the articles to have intellectual relevance, they should either be addressing where price competitive PCs are versus consoles, or how much better PC is capable of overall. Or something. There ought to be a question and a conclusion. The conclusions here are just a hodgepodge of observations.

    All PC gamers want to know is whether the game runs well on PC
    What PC?! This article doesn't answer that question because PC comes in many flavours. Having read this article, can you tell me how well Mad Max runs on an i7 6700K integrated graphics? What about i7 4770 series? Or A10-7870K? Or an FX8320E with a 270X? Or dual GTX 980s and an eight core i7-5960X?

    If it addressed a specific question, like how does the DF £300 PC compare, or how does the DF Mid-range build compare, or what the state of the art PC can achieve (and how far behind the consoles are), then it'd at least answer something warranting a comparison between the open PC platform and the closed consoles.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 09/09/2015

    Instead, where the PC version really comes into its own is the ability to run the game at higher frame-rates and resolutions than on consoles. And this is something that completely transforms the overall gameplay experience. An i5 paired with a GTX 780 comfortably delivers a solid 60fps
    These sorts of articles strike me as redundant. Of course a GPU costing more than an entire console can play the same games at the higher framerate. Whereas other observations are meaningless...
    The same lighting model is in effect across all three versions of Mad Max, though there are more shadow-casting light sources in operation on PC.
    Which PC? Every PC? Does an i3 + 750 Ti have more shadow casting lights than consoles? Or only a £600 PC? Or a £1000 PC? That assertion ends up providing no info because the comparison is qualified.

    For these comparisons with consoles I'd like to see either a comparison with equivalent spec, or equivalent price PC to show how PC's compare overall in relative performance, or compare the game on a bleeding edge rig to other games to see if owners of high end gaming PCs are getting their 'money's worth' from a game with the focus of the article being PC gamers.

    As it stands now, I feel these PC comparisons lack objective and are just a collection of principally predictable observations (faster, more expensive PC can play game in better quality).
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  • Train Simulator 2015 fans rail against removal of US-based content

  • ShiftyGeezer 08/09/2015

    "In order to provide international use of our brand and logo, BNSF would have to register our trademark in every country," a spokesperson said.
    If it's not protected outside the US, surely Train Simulator and anyone else can freely use it outside the US?
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  • GAME apologises after Super Mario Maker mix-up

  • ShiftyGeezer 08/09/2015

    @ABC123XYZ : They can readily be sued to cover fees if they don't pay willingly. The small claims court should be enough. Although there could be damage to credit ratings now I think about it, which might need more significant compensation.

    Of course, the hassle is an unnecessary cost that doesn't get reimbursed.

    TBH I kinda feel Game should be left to die. It's died several times already. It's a rotten shell of a company with no upside or meaning to its existence IMO.
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  • Shovel Knight the first indie game to get an Amiibo

  • ShiftyGeezer 28/08/2015

    +1 Disgust at locking coop mode behind a dongle. Unless the game is discounted that much* and the coop represents an optional 'DLC', adding a surcharge for it makes Nintendo the Ryanair of gaming. Reply +1
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 review

  • ShiftyGeezer 22/08/2015

    @MattEvansC3 : Median doesn't show variation any more than mean. Better to have mean (or median) and deviations. Even better to have pretty pictures! Reply 0
  • Unauthorised Amiibo device tricks Wii U with data for any figurine

  • ShiftyGeezer 18/08/2015

    @FortysixterUK : The phone provides an interface to the Amiiqo. I imagine there's some extra hardware in Amiibo's to stop them being copied by an phone, otherwise I'm sure there'd be an app for that! Hence the need for an Amiibo spoofer. Reply +10
  • This is Pac-Man 256, a game based on a glitch

  • ShiftyGeezer 14/08/2015

    @mdeneuve : looks like the aim is to get the longest continuous dot count. Crossy Road was just how far could you get, and it went gangbusters. Made $1 million in 45 days through advertising alone. This looks an ideal game for the mobile audience, who's gaming preferences I can't get my head around. Will be interesting if the more involved game dynamics of this are more appealing than the mindless likes of Cookie Whatever. Maybe, just maybe, mobile gamers will learn to appreciate actual games eventually? Reply 0
  • You can actually run in Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

  • ShiftyGeezer 11/08/2015

    @Agarwel_Idiriz : Am I the only person who holds every button on the controller for 15 seconds when starting a new game to see if it has a long-press function? Reply +1
  • One and three month PlayStation Plus subscriptions set for price hike

  • ShiftyGeezer 11/08/2015

    To be fair, the amount of content you get for a year's subscription makes it well worth it. The only real issue is the paywall to access net services that don't sound of sufficient quality to justify their expense. If it remained like PS3, free online and PS+ as a content service, I doubt people would grumble (so much!). Reply +2
  • Pixels: the Eurogamer review

  • ShiftyGeezer 10/08/2015

    @Thunderbolt : I don't think Wreck it Ralph got it right at all. Apart from the bad guy scene, it was a generic family CG movie with generic content.

    There hasn't yet been a good movie based on computer games. Just as there hasn't yet been a good game based on a movie. :p
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  • ShiftyGeezer 10/08/2015

    @ronorra : Was this 'licensed'? Otherwise this guy has a right to sue. Reply 0
  • ShiftyGeezer 10/08/2015

    @patch : How can you DMCA a film made before your creation?! Reply +1
  • Nintendo dates Mewtwo Amiibo for October

  • ShiftyGeezer 06/08/2015

    "Nintendo dates MewTwo." Taking him anywhere nice? Will we get paparazzi photos of them snuggling on a bench somewhere? Reply +6
  • Angry Birds 2 review

  • ShiftyGeezer 04/08/2015

    @arcam : Supply the rewards (powers) on a different system (performance, replay previous levels to gain stocks for future levels), remove the time delays and accelerators.

    Also the suggestion was more generic, as is design these microtransactions around a pattern that allows on outright purchase.
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  • ShiftyGeezer 04/08/2015

    @JensWeissflog : It's the way to make crazy money. They could just charge a reasonable flat rate for unlocks etc. The opportunity to keep players spending, and the fact players do, means a great way to make cash but a lousy way to make a piece of entertainment.

    Society seems happy to pay cash for a sense of achievement, instead of actually achieving something. It's to be expected that businesses materialise to extract money from these peeps.
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