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    At some point in life we all must grow up, I intend to reach that poin…

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    Stopping threads dead with inane polite talk since 2006.

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    so you wanna know my personal information do ya. i live in space ea…

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  • JRPG Otaku

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  • Northern Ireland EGers

    First of the UKs nations to have a group - Discuss anything NI
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  • Okami Fans

    For fans of Capcom's Okami and its wolf God, Amaterasu 11 Members

  • Style

    Everyone has style. Casual dressers and fashionistas alike
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  • The Wii JRPG group

    Are there any? 46 Members

  • The Wrestling Group

    WWE, TNA, RoH, WCW, or the indie promotions (and maybe a little
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