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  • Inside Digital Foundry: How we analyse the PC gaming experience

  • Shakey_Jake33 14/02/2016

    @Rob_Nomad We are starting to see 4GB becoming the minimum, I think.

    Rise of the Tomb Raider really requires 4GB VRAM for 'Very High' textures, requiring me to drop down to 'High' on my 3GB VRAM card to avoid the textures caching. Arkham Knight also had the same VRAM requirements. If I were using a card with 2GB VRAM, I'd probably have to drop down to 'Normal' textures at the most.

    It's been said before, the the unified memory on the consoles is really driving up the VRAM requirements on the PC. Developers on the PS4 and Xbox One can allocate the 8GB pool however they want, whereas PC users are obviously physically limited by the RAM chips on the GPU itself.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 14/02/2016

    Difficult to know what my GPU upgrade path should be this year, or next.

    I have an R9 280X 3GB, which I got pre-owned for a very reasonable 20,000 yen (121 quid, though that's misleadingly cheap) and I probably wouldn't be able to afford to spend much more than that on an upgrade given that I have a wife and kid. Maybe around 150-175 quid tops.

    What cards will be hitting that kind of price within the next year or so that would actually a worthwhile upgrade? I'd say none, as none of the R9 3xx series would be worth upgrading to, and the successor cards will be much more expensive.

    And yet, 3GB VRAM really is going to become the minimum requirement for VRAM this year. Not too many current or upcoming mid-range cards that would actually be a worthwhile upgrade. Everything is happening in the high-end.
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  • Not everyone's thrilled with Microsoft's Quantum Break PC announcement

  • Shakey_Jake33 12/02/2016

    Nobody really benefits from games being exclusive. If more people get to play a game, this is a good thing. Reply +1
  • Watch: 35 minutes of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD in action

  • Shakey_Jake33 04/02/2016

    Is this the same Tantalus that ported all those games to the Sega Saturn? Notably, WipEout 2097, Manx TT and House of the Dead?

    Reading their name was a surreal blast from the past!
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  • Eurogamer readership survey 2016

  • Shakey_Jake33 04/02/2016

    I must admit, I gave up on this after the 3rd page of 'what store do you buy your games from?' questions followed by wall-of-text of different stores. Reply +2
  • The Division on Xbox One uses dynamic resolution scaling

  • Shakey_Jake33 03/02/2016

    @IronSoldier It's worth remembering that Sony didn't actually overclock the PSP's CPU - they intentionally downclocked it at launch. Maybe because of battery usage. Regardless, letting developers use 333MHz mode was simply a case of letting developers utilise existing available resources, not unlike what Microsoft have done with the Xbox One.

    It's unthinkable that either Sony or Microsoft would actually overclock their consoles post -launch. Recipe for disaster, broken consoles and lawsuits.
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  • Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens reveal leaked, due in June

  • Shakey_Jake33 02/02/2016

    @SnoppleMonster I don't think that was their fault. The Tolkien estate have taken a dim view towards video game adaptations of the series for some reason. Reply 0
  • Acer X34 Predator vs XR341CK: two ultra-wide gaming displays reviewed

  • Shakey_Jake33 24/01/2016

    Does G-Sync still bring a 5% performance hit compared with FreeSync? Reply +1
  • Cyber Gadget Retro Freak review

  • Shakey_Jake33 16/01/2016

    @HornsDino Yeah, Eurogamer really should mention in their reviews of hardware like this that they're basically stealing code from the open source LibRetro.

    LibRetro uses the GLP v3 licence which explicitely disallows 'Tivoization' i.e. usage of GPL v3 software on hardware where the user is arbitrarily restricted from modifying the software, as well as access to the source modifications.
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  • Witness the horror of Thomas the Tank Engine in Fallout 4

  • Shakey_Jake33 06/01/2016

    @spooderman Why? Reply +7
  • Final Fantasy 7 remake will feature full voice-acting

  • Shakey_Jake33 22/12/2015

    @roguepope the battle system used in this is essentially 'ATB Max'. It's still not real time, commands still take time to execute. Reply +1
  • Has PlayStation 4 been hacked?

  • Shakey_Jake33 18/12/2015

    This article shouldn't be dismissed as clickbait, by the way. They actually have code running on this exploit. It's the real deal.

    Who has such an old firmware version? Nobody, of course. But such access makes it easier to uncover unpatched exploits.
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  • Private DayZ servers can now be monetised

  • Shakey_Jake33 09/12/2015

    Yaaaaay! Monetised servers!

    Cried nobody ever.
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  • Report: PS4's PS2 emulation won't support discs or PS3 digital purchases

  • Shakey_Jake33 04/12/2015

    Some people will dismiss the comments here as simply gamer rage and 'entitlement' issues, but it genuinely is a puzzling move by Sony.

    They'd get an awful lot to credit and goodwill if they were to support backwards compatibility with PS2 discs and digital purchases. The amount they'd 'lose' by some people not repurchasing would be offset by the boost in sales due to the positive hype and PR over a positive approach for Sony.

    As it is, their approach seems cynical and has killed any potential hype to generate new PS2 game sales.
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  • Total War: Warhammer developer "disheartened" by pre-order DLC reaction

  • Shakey_Jake33 03/12/2015

    But we really wanted Chaos Warriors in the main game, even without DLC - to give a big, bad end of game 'boss' enemy Race for all players. But we couldn't do that within the resources for the main game. So we added it as the pre-order incentive that also gets sold on day one - making Chaos Warriors fully playable but also giving us the extra resources to add them as an AI race for everyone.
    I'm not sure I understand this. Preordering isn't like a Kickstarter - developers don't get the extra money and resources to develop this stuff simply by people preordering becausse money doesn't tend to change hands until release. Certainly the developers don't see the money.

    Where are these extra resources magically coming from?
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  • Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros Review

  • Shakey_Jake33 02/12/2015

    @robfielding That's the whole point. Reply +1
  • Reporting on the Xbox 360: stories from behind the scenes

  • Shakey_Jake33 30/11/2015

    @tomphillipsEG With all due respect though, the evidence of this was flimsy to say the least. It's not as if he was able to just walk into the store with his preorder ticket and they handed him the game. He had to manufacture a scenario where he had travelled a long way, and put significant pressure on the person in question until they eventually yielded, made a one-off exception for him personally based on sympathy after much time, discussion and deliberation. This is not a scenario that is representative of the average person's ability to purchase the game early from an Argos store.

    I'd hope that it would be self-evident that this one-exceptional case would not suffice as evidence for Argos seliing copies being 'widespread'. Widespread typically implies a number greater than 1, after all. Apparently not though, and has me wondering if these kinds of shady journalistic practices are widespread in the industry.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 28/11/2015

    I'd seen reports online that people were able to get a copy of Halo 3 a week before it was due out by ordering online at Argos, then popping down to the shop and simply picking it up. I thought I'd give it a go. The online ordering bit was fine. I saw a message saying the game was in-store and ready to be picked up. So far so good. I ran down to Pro-G's local Argos in Eltham, popped my card in the in-store machine, and paid for Halo 3. I had an order number and a collection point on a piece of paper. My order number was called. I handed in my slip of paper to a very friendly woman, who disappeared into the back of the shop.

    Some time passed.

    I noticed the woman having some kind of debate with her colleagues about my order. Next to her were boxes, marked with a message: DO NOT SELL UNTIL WEDNESDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER.

    Eventually, the woman returned, and said that, unfortunately, she could not sell me Halo 3 because it wasn't on sale yet. I said I'd travelled a long way (I hadn't), I'd ordered it as a present (I hadn't) and I'd already paid for it (that one was true). She sighed. "Okay, we'll make an exception this time. But we're not supposed to do this."

    Buoyed by my success, I sprinted back to the office. The street date BROKEN rumour was verified.
    And this is why some people hate journalists.

    You essentially manufactured this story. You KNEW it was before the release date, and the lady was trying to do her job and not sell the game. You guiilt-tripped her into sellling the game to you with some nonsense about travelling a long way. She took sympathy with you and made a one-off exception purely for yourself.

    You travel home and use this exceptional, one-off case to manufacture a whole non-story about Argos breaking street date, quite possibly costing the kind lady her job. Not only was it inaccurate (she was making an exception for you out of kindness and sympathy, rather than the street date being rampantly broken), it sounds like you set out to create that story right from the get-go. All that just for a headline.

    Hope you slept well that night. You should get a job at The Sun.
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  • Jon Hare cancels Sociable Soccer Kickstarter

  • Shakey_Jake33 26/11/2015

    @Bumhug360 Is he really a racist? That's a real shame. Reply -3
  • Shakey_Jake33 26/11/2015

    A shame, I intended to back it. Which might highlight one of the issues - how many people were planning to back it eventually but had yet to do so? Reply +2
  • Performance Analysis: PlayStation 2 emulation on PS4

  • Shakey_Jake33 21/11/2015

    Only on the Eurogamer comments section could a positive new feature be spun into negative fanboy cannon fodder.

    Nobody cares if you prefer the 360 over the PS3 or vice versa.
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  • Microsoft's cheeky video explains Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Shakey_Jake33 13/11/2015

    I'm actually considerirng buying an Xbone for this. I don't own a 360 and it seems like a way to kill 2 birds with one stone. Reply +9
  • Remember Sensible Soccer? Jon Hare returns with Sociable Soccer

  • Shakey_Jake33 12/11/2015

    @Mustberger I interpreted that as being able to play online with other people who are fans of the same team and play 'as', say, Chelsea. Reply 0
  • So, how much do Steam Machines cost in the UK?

  • Shakey_Jake33 11/11/2015

    @bad09 You could spin it the other way, in fairness.

    I agree with what you're saying about Gabe essentially feeling threatened by threats to his monopoly (his rhetoric about the importance of open platforms is worthless when Steam itself is a closed source application). On the other hand, I like to see SteamOS as an alternatve gaming OS so that, just in case Microsoft really do do something silly like they've been threatening to for a decade, we have an alternative gaming OS that might actually be mature by that point.

    It's pretty pointless right now, of course. A waste of the underlying hardware.
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  • Democracy 3: Africa announced as a standalone "re-imagining"

  • Shakey_Jake33 04/11/2015

    Are we just pretending that so-called 'sjw' are getting upset about this? Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC still broken, players say

  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    @kongzi You're making an awful lot of assumptions there. I agree with every piece of critisism that has gone the way of WB and Rocksteady.

    The suggestion that no port at all would have been preferable, though? That's what I don't get. We should quite rightly critisise the port, but ultimately the fact that people can at least play the game suggests that it shouldn't be simply 'canned'. That would be the height of cynicism.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    @bad09 Obviously the comparison is daft. I guess what I'm saying is that even for a gaming PC, it doesn't have to cost the earth.

    In July, I built myself a new PC primarily for gaming (my first for about 6 years). I couldn't afford a completely high end machine so I went with a modest spec. Core i5 4460 3.2GHz, 16GB DDR3-1600, Radeon R9 280X 3GB. Did it cost more than my PS4? Sure. But not considerably so. And having the base machine means I can gradually upgrade, again with mid range components at a decent price. I've since thrown in a SSD, a couple of extra fans etc. This machine runs Arkham Knight at 60fps.

    I guess my point is that PC gaming doesn't have to be expensive as long as you build the rig you want within your budget, and it becomes a lot cheaper once you have a base machine to upgrade.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    @bad09 That's the thing though isn't it - you can spend as much on a PC as you want. You can go nuts and buy the high end of everything, you can moderate yourself, and you can even go low end and still play games at decent graphics settings.

    It's a nonsense to compare a gaming console with a 1000 pound PC because the hardware is worlds apart. You could probably build a PC with a similar spec to the PS4 for less than the price of the console.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    @kongzi Should they have scrapped the PC version? What about those of us who are enjoying it? Reply 0
  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    @The_Dude_Abides_ If you need a grand for a decent gaming PC, I got a mighty good deal on my components. Reply +3
  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    @bobiroka Right you are. I just maxed the settings except for the texture quality ('High' requires 4GB VRAM) and disabled Motion Blur out of personal preference. I get full 60fps. Some hitching which seems to be caused by Vsync - disabling it fixes it, at the expense of some tearing.

    My specs - Core i5 4460 @ 3.2GHz, 16GB DDR3-1600, Radeon R9 280X 3GB. Pretty moderate really for a gaming PC.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 29/10/2015

    At default settings, the game uses 2.66GB of my 3GB of VRAM. This is with regular textures, only modest AA and trilinear AF etc. I dread to think what the game requires when maxed!

    It does run perfectly fine on my modest machine to be fair (Core i5 4460 @ 3.2GHz, 16GB DDR3-1600, Radeon R9 280X 3GB), rarely dropping below 60fps, but to suggest the game is badly optimised would be an understatement. Only GTA4 is possibly worse.
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  • Zelda fans have a bone to pick with Nintendo over doge meme

  • Shakey_Jake33 28/10/2015

    These people need to get a grip. I'm all for people voicing their opinions about something no matter how minor, but it's evidently a joke. Go outside. Reply 0
  • Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water review

  • Shakey_Jake33 27/10/2015

    @carmagain Don't forget the 'Womb' clothing store chain in Japan! My wife still doesn't understand why I giggle every time we walk past! Reply +4
  • Shakey_Jake33 27/10/2015

    @kirinnokoshin You can actually turn off the motion control and control the camera with the analogue sticks. I found this the best way to play because while physically controlling the camera with the gamepad is cool at first, you do get sick of having to do a 180 every time the darn witch appears behind you! Reply +4
  • Shakey_Jake33 27/10/2015

    @kirinnokoshin It's difficult to disagree with the points made in the review - as I said, the reviewer does appear to be familar with the series and the genre. It would be easier if the review was written by somebody who isn't familiar with it, but I certainly can't (and am not intending to) critisise the integrity of the reviewer! So all I can do is disagree!

    I'd say that the game is good in spite of its flaws. I'd not recommend it to people who aren't already fans of the genre - it contains all the usual faults that lower budget survival horror games suffer from such as clunky gameplay. But fans of the genre are used to that and love the games for their atmosphere, tension, scenarios and terrains etc. If you know what to expect from a survival horror game, you'll probably like it.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 27/10/2015

    Reviews are of course merely opinions so I'm not going to criticise this review (and the reviewer does appear to be very familiar with the series), but I genuinely think this game is brilliant. I've been playing it since the Japanese release last year and love it.

    I suggest people looking for a survival horror game and were tempted by this game to try the demo, rather than taking this review at its word. I politely disagree with this review.
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  • Burnout Paradise confirmed for Xbox One backwards compatibility

  • Shakey_Jake33 27/10/2015

    @Zhnigo Reply -1
  • Digital Foundry vs console texture filtering

  • Shakey_Jake33 24/10/2015

    @Rogueywon Moral of the story - ignorance is bliss?

    It's the gamer in me that WANTS to know more abut the technical side of things, frank;y.
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  • Fallout gets its own officially licensed beer

  • Shakey_Jake33 24/10/2015

    All you people moaning about Carlsberg, you don't have to drink the pig swill that is Japanese beer. Give me a Carlsberg please. Reply +1
  • Square Enix explains why Final Fantasy 15's main characters all wear black

  • Shakey_Jake33 24/10/2015

    @internisus I know what you mean - why give Sonic THOSE shoes?! Reply 0
  • Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water removes skimpy costumes

  • Shakey_Jake33 21/10/2015

    @grassyknoll All non-mainstream survival horror games get poor reviews in fairness, mainly due to clunky controls. This is a good game. Reply +2
  • Shakey_Jake33 21/10/2015

    @Plankton1975 It's all down to opinion and all that, but I've been playing this game since the Japanese launch over a year ago and think it's bloddy brilliant.

    The last proper survival horror series, and this entry doesn't disappoint.
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  • Watch: Hands-on with the Steam controller

  • Shakey_Jake33 19/10/2015

    @mahmoudkhatab I think that might be the longest sentence ever. Reply +1
  • Shakey_Jake33 17/10/2015

    @parkboyer Thing is, it's not intended to replace traditional controllers. People will still use the normal controller that they already own. This is intended purely for games that would otherwise be non-controller.

    People seem to be saying that the right 'trackpad' already isn't big enough. Moving the face buttons further towards the top of the controller would exasperate this issue.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 17/10/2015

    @flippet I don't think even Valve expect SteamOS to become a major gaming operating system anytime soon. I get the impression that they're maintaining it as a failsafe, to avoid over-reliance on Microsoft by providing a fall-back operating system just in case Microsoft do something crazy with Windows.

    It's relatively little investment for Valve because it's a Debian-based distro and thus updates are pretty much taken care of through Debian.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 17/10/2015

    If you have your PC set up so that you can use a keyboard and mouse, then this controller probably isn't for you - you wouldn't need it anyway.

    The controller is mainly for people like me who have their main gaming PC in the living room connected to the big TV. I can use a keyboard and mouse if I really have to, but I have to place it on a tray or the coffee table and it's ultimately frustrating. General PC navigation for me is done utilising a Logotech K400r keyboard with a laptop-style mousepad built in - it's brilliant, but useless for gaming. This is where the Steam Controller should come into its own - people who want to play games primarily designed for a keyboard and mouse but their setup doesn't easily allow for this.

    It's worth mentioning that the PS4 controller works wirelessly on the PC now, and you can even use the touchpad as a mouse. Very handy for switching games without having to grab the keyboard.
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  • Duke Nukem 3D finally gets a Sega Mega Drive release

  • Shakey_Jake33 18/10/2015

    @simpleexplodingmaybe It's stunning how badly Sega read the market with the 32X. Nintendo ditched the Snes CD because they realised that fragmenting the market with addons isn't the way to go because developers and publishers want to target as large an install base as possible. This is where the expansion chips like the SuperFX was a brilliant idea - it expanded upon the original hardware without sacrificing the install base size. This should have been clear to Sega with the MegaCD - developers might have fancied the extra capabilities of the MegaCD and felt it wasn't worth the loss in sales so targeted the regular MegaDrive instead. Sega themselves were doing that. With that in mind, further fragmenting the MegaDrive market with the 32X rather than using the SVP enhancement chip in more games was laughable. Sega put so much R&D into the SVP to only use it in one game.

    The MegaCD was a little more forgivable because it's older than people realise - released in 1991 to compete with the PC Engine CD in Japan. Sega should have learnt lessons from it's failure.
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  • Shakey_Jake33 17/10/2015

    @Wyrm There wax the SVP chip used in Virtua Racing. Sega then had a moment of madness and released the 32X instead of making more games using the SVP custom chip. Reply +2
  • Shakey_Jake33 17/10/2015

    @Pulsar_t You're not far wrong, I think it uses the same engine. Reply 0