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ShakeyUK1982 has most recently played Feeding Frenzy 2, Lost Odyssey, Fable III, and DARK SOULS on Xbox Live.

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  • Adventure Games (Point and Click, Puzzle)

    Anything from text adventures up to today's 3D worlds. If it's
    got puzzles to solve, no sign of any stats and a great story to
    be told then discuss it here. 59 Members

  • Age of Conan

    I reckon he's about 53. Answers on a postcard... 4129 Members

  • gamertag meet up =]

    u add ur gamertag to this group and u make friends with each
    other and possibly play group games too =] like rock band
    comps and stuff like that all run by me… 17 Members

  • How many XBox 360's died?

    Please join this group *IF* you have had a failed 360 that
    needed to be sent off to repair or back to the shop for a
    replacement. I don't believe for one sec… 92 Members

  • Utter Scumm(VM)

    Play Monkey Island and more for free- see the "New Members"
    thread inside 874 Members

  • Xbox 360 Owners

    175 Members