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  • Video: Five old WoW hands try to remember how to dungeon

  • Serraphin 24/07/2015

    Classic, trying to remember all the guild names we went through

    Wasn't there a Bone Monkeys in there somewhere? Nemesis? Spandex Sheep Hustlers?
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  • PS3 super slim?

  • Serraphin 15/07/2012

    Have the same problem. Reply 0
  • Sony to axe thousands of jobs

  • Serraphin 22/01/2009

    Don't think anyone will come back to this but microsoft's turn... Reply 0
  • Serraphin 09/12/2008

    This is mainly going to be bad news for the Japanese workforce. A strong Yen is really bad news as they become disproportionately expensive compared to overseas staff. Conversely the way that the pound has become horribly devalued over the last few months is good for UK workers.

    The bottom line though is that certain parts of the Sony group are going to be hit harder than others due to global market conditions. High-end consumer electronics for example are in far more precarious positions than entertainment focussed units like games and movies - areas that are generally far more recession resistant (not proof) than others.

    I concur, with the Fed currently printing off dollars willy nilly the dollar/yen should flip round later down the line. Then we'll have MS cutting a few thousand jobs too. Looks like there's a lot of companies being burnt on the crests of these currency destabilisations during this current recession (depression?)

    Sony will have to focus on their core products and hope it's within the customer's purchasing power during these interesting times. Otherwise I fear the worst.
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  • Serraphin 09/12/2008

    According to bloomberg it's 16,000 -> 8k permanent staff and 8k temporary.

    weird, when work and gaming collide...

    edit: oh, hi Rob, doing anything christmas party wise?
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  • SoulCalibur IV

  • Serraphin 30/07/2008

    have to have this, ps3 or x360 version though... hmmm

    picked the 360 for achievements and not having to mess with install shenanigans. Starwars char weren't a priority.

    (Here's hoping trophies gets off the ground and my mates buy a ps3!)

    edit: can see why it's not an 8 as some people (purists) see weapons in a fighting game as a no go.
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  • Beyond Good and Evil sequel coming

  • Serraphin 28/05/2008

    jeepers, a sequel to one of the few games I've actually completed. SWEET!! Reply 0
  • LEGO Indiana Jones

  • Serraphin 09/05/2008

    Fluffster, that's a little extreme. Or is somebody a little envious that their daddy wasn't as cool?

    And with regards to your 'point', the target audience (as explained in the blurb) are kids.

    Still playing a lot of WoW fluffy?
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  • Serraphin 09/05/2008

    Great read, it's amazing what 25 years can do to your gaming attitude, hehe nuggets...

    Just had the star wars saga delivered, looking forward to playing it over the weekend!

    /turns off warped and twisted world perspective.
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  • Naruto: Rise of a Ninja

  • Serraphin 25/11/2007

    yup had this for a couple of weeks, but started playing again now the dlc is up.

    jap audio is indeedy a +1

    PS the audio also covers the anime bits \o/
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  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

  • Serraphin 20/11/2007

    finally picked up a ps3 (60gb + bc ofc) on the back of this indiana jones shenanigans, glad to see some competition to my 360 and wii :)

    finally can put the ps2 to rest and unwrap okami and sotc too, ahhh lovely.
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  • Xbox 360: 12 Games of Christmas

  • Serraphin 01/11/2007


    Here's a little gem that you look into.

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  • Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures

  • Serraphin 10/07/2007

    on the 360 too?!?

    wires usb keyboard into the hummer
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  • Minter talks Space Giraffe

  • Serraphin 10/01/2007

    Minter... I never got the whole llama thing.

    What is 400 MSoft points in real money? can I exchange nectar points for those??
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  • WoW TBC midnight launch plans

  • Serraphin 10/01/2007

    "I think *hope* is the key word there, Serra ;) "

    Stop replying in the comments section of your news piece and write some more reviews you gimp.

    edt: forgot smiley face with tongue sticking out :P
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  • Serraphin 10/01/2007

    Started downloading Vanguard, then stopped, I think one time sink MMOrpg is more than enough ta :)

    Getting out to Oxford Street for those hardcore wow'ers will be the first time they've been outside in months... Hope blizzard put on some bloodelf/nightelf dressed up enhanced sexy lady-ness action for them.
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  • Sam & Max Episode 2: Situation Comedy

  • Serraphin 10/01/2007

    Yum, will have to pick up episode 1 on the way home from work this evening. I wonder what these guys who do with Day of the Tentacle... those damn cherry trees! Reply 0
  • Hearts and minds

  • Serraphin 08/09/2006

    well written article crits tards for 1k damage!

    "to lose one Christmas may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two seems like carelessness."

    I did grin when I read that

    WRT to the sony delay, it is very easy to get caught up swinging the mallet of doom and gloom. Schadenfreude FTL.

    (still playing WOW since last year, please excuse the acronyms)
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  • PS3 priced and dated

  • Serraphin 09/05/2006

    ZeRoB wrote "I'm not buying the 60GB model at the release price of £410, unless it becomes apparent that you don't need the larger HDD. If that is the case then I'd be very tempted to purchase the 20GB model at £340. Why the hell does it cost £70 for 40GB more HDD space? Is it a fancy HDD?"

    wtf? I hope you're not using current fx rates... because in the wonderful world of consoles 499 Euro = £499 and 599 Euro = £599, I have never, ever, never seen it otherwise in any launch.

    I hope you're right I really do. I'm just speaking from experience.
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  • Soul Calibur III PS2 exclusive?

  • Serraphin 23/03/2005

    Ellie Gibson.... not Petes' Ellie Gibson...member of the Kit Kitchen Massive? Reply 0
  • C&VG faces suspension as Future buys Dennis' mags

  • Serraphin 23/08/2004

    Haven't bought a mag really other than for a demo CD (once or twice).

    With the increase in speed of broadband it's easier/faster to download demos. Also sites like eurogamer are slighlty richer in content than CV&G for articles/reviews/previews, industry news and so forth.

    Then there's the interaction between reviewer and reader.
    And the forum stuff too..

    ... how do the guys at Eurogamer feel about this news??
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  • Serraphin 23/08/2004

    what is EDGE's figures then? Reply 0
  • Dust to dust

  • Serraphin 19/08/2004

    nerdhater: one man's drink is another man's poison

    I'm sure you're utilising your time in other 'crazy' ways :-)
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  • Serraphin 19/08/2004

    just out of interest, where does one meet birds that are into games?

    Is there an internet dating site out there?

    oh how it hurts, I thought it was a myth.

    edit: it's definitely not that's for sure.
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  • Serraphin 18/08/2004

    it's all true dammit!

    I buy about 3-4 games a year... and still can't finish them, although I did complete beyond good and evil, prior to that was Halo.

    Wasn't there a similar article to this a few months back? or was that last year and has time gone by so quickly *sigh*
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  • Simply sets up summer sizzler

  • Serraphin 18/08/2004

    weirdness, it's £2 less? what?? I don't get it. Reply 0
  • Serraphin 17/08/2004

    just ordered Riddick, not a bad price considering GAME was doing it for 39.99 down the road... Reply 0
  • Sony slashes PS2 price, Xbox makes pre-emptive strike

  • Serraphin 18/08/2004

    Have the other 2. Was considering the PS2 for disgaea, transformers et al.

    Even more enticing now, hopefully Riddick, HL2, Halo2 will ward of a PS2 purchase... especially with PES now peeping on the X-BOX horizon.
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  • Less Is More

  • Serraphin 23/10/2003

    don't just try to shoehorn today's games into this new genre.

    I concur.
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  • Serraphin 22/10/2003

    oh yeah, good article Kristan.

    I have morrowind gathering dust after I purchased it on an impulse buy. I think I played it for a week before the vastness of the game ate up my motivation/stamina, however, I've ploughed in over 30 hours on KOTOR and still hooked (ZZZMMMMM it's the lightsabers!hee he hee)

    Point is aside from rpg's nothing else really HAS to be 15-20 hours long...
    ... as in 7-10 hours to finish a game but replayabilty = infinite hours.
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  • Serraphin 22/10/2003


    IF there was such a thing as episodic gaming, then I'm assuming that the first game would have to be pretty special anyway. With the advent of wider broadband access. Episodic gaming would advance the single player session as well as add maps and so forth for multiplayer gaming... who knows maybe one of the later episodes/missions would require cooperative online play.

    It's just an idea and I don't see why it shouldn't work because as mentioned earlier publishers/developers wouldn't be sinking as much into costs upfront.
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  • Serraphin 22/10/2003

    it's strange, I've been reading through the comments and I've noticed how we just buy games and then play them doggedly for a while and then just kick em to the kerb to gather dust.

    It reminds me a lot of women's relationships with shoes.

    edit: except it's ok for women to buy lots of shoes BECAUSE it doesn't encroach on 'relationship' time *snarf* *snarf*
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  • Serraphin 22/10/2003

    episodic games... hmmm?

    Fifa2000,2001,2002,2203 etc etc sticka few world cup and european championship editions in there...

    my point is, if people are willing to continually to go out and buy fifa year on year then there's definitely a market out there for monthly updates on games.

    for instance Halo Quake Life 2:

    a level each month/episode,
    new gun next 'episode',
    improving graphics each 'episode',
    online scoring/rank system.

    each level is a new multiplayer map! AND new weapons can be taken back and used in previous episodes to induce replayability.

    I for one would pay £10 upfront (for a decent quality engine and so forth) and a fiver per episode [kinda like EVE]

    that way it works out £55 for a thoroughly played out game. Otherwise it's cheaper... natch.
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  • Serraphin 22/10/2003

    You get a job, a partner, maybe a kid, and a whole world of other responsibilities. For the majority of gamers, squeezing in the time to play games means - pretty much - not spending much time doing anything else in our leisure time. And surely that's a bit sad when there are so many other things to do in life? Like socialise for starters.

    If it's that really special game it'll be 3AM sessions, red eye, rushing home to play, whinging girlfriend , concerned employees, caffeine addiction, spots, terrible food, weight loss and a general lack of personal hygiene. Call the cops!

    *sigh* true...true
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  • Driver 3

  • Serraphin 09/10/2003

    I liked Driver, I liked Driver 2, if they can keep the same car physics and spruce up the graphics. great. I prefer it over GTA too, the whole driving experience was better. I hope they don't try to GTA it up too much.

    will it have diggers and tractOrs?
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  • Serraphin 09/10/2003

    ooh that's pretty. Reply 0
  • GBA SP ships two million in Europe

  • Serraphin 09/10/2003

    heard there was a flashable rom for the GBA... Reply 0