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  • Descent is being rebooted as a MOBA on Kickstarter

  • Seoh 10/03/2015

    Quite disappointed by this, Descent was the first PC game i ever played. I enjoyed the excellent mix of suspense and frantic action it offered.

    Why is every other game announced at the moment a MOBA? Are they simple/cheap to make or something?
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  • Elite: Dangerous review

  • Seoh 22/12/2014

    Funny thing happened to me last night, I was at a Nav point hunting for wanted targets to test out my newly equipped adder on when who should turn up but Chris Roberts. It was an Asp piloted by an AI called Chris Roberts with a wanted status.

    He has to have been deliberately put in there as a little joke (Braeben and Roberts seem to get along as there was a congratulations for the Elite launch on the star citizen site the other day.)

    In the end i wussed out and went back to hunting haulers and sidewinders.

    So if you're out there and see the AI chris roberts tell him Seoh is coming.
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition review

  • Seoh 11/11/2014

    Bioware has had gay characters before! you even mention one, Anders. That romance was a notorious point in DA2 because it was too easy to accidentally sleep with him

    I'm also pretty sure there have been openly gay characters in at least ME2 + 3
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  • Video: Has Dragon Age Inquisition's combat found the right balance?

  • Seoh 07/11/2014

    You're getting the review out a full week before the US launch? Reply 0
  • BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make

  • Seoh 07/11/2014

    If you're going to do it, do it right.

    Yes I know it would be a lot of effort to redo the combat but it would be worth it. Lets have the combat from ME2, the detailed inventory from ME1, Mako exploration in all games , get rid of mining, include the DLC/novel content that bridges the gap between the games so that they actually make sense, retcon the story to flow a bit better between games and totally redo the ending to actually make sense. (everything leading up to the kid was fine)

    ME trilogy ultimate (listening to the fans edition)
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  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • Seoh 17/10/2014

    That iMac is a beast. Really interested to see what that screen is like and finally they've put in a decent graphics card, AMD R290 (mobile version, but still).

    I doubt it will play games at 5K but there should be enough grunt for 2.5K. Very interested to see what this can do with a bootcamp Win 7 install.
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  • Torchlight and Diablo devs reveal space combat sim Rebel Galaxy

  • Seoh 15/10/2014

    Looks like it might be good. Love space games but I always preferred the ones where you are in a capital ship rather than a fighter. Let the grunts do the dying in their little fighters, I want to give orders from the bridge with a mug of cocoa. Reply 0
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel review

  • Seoh 14/10/2014

    Borderlands when played alone is very dull and repetitive, but when you have friends along its a great playground for malarky.

    I think thats why its so polarising, it needs to be played with friends, not randoms. I found it a lot like portal Co-Op, half the fun was in screwing over your mates.
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  • Alien: Isolation review

  • Seoh 03/10/2014

    So the Alien is the best bit.

    I wonder then if this game would have been better as a coop, left for dead style game. A group of 4 players have to accomplish some random objective on the excellently designed ship whilst being hunted and picked off one at a time by the AI alien.

    Something where the missions only last 30 or so minutes but the unpredictability of the Alien and the setting provide replay value.
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  • Paradox's single-player RTS Ancient Space out today

  • Seoh 24/09/2014

    First impressions, its a bit like "sins of a solar empire" crossed with homeworld. No planets to conquer but the maps are divided into bubble sectors that are traversed like in SoaSE. Game looks lovely and is very objective or mission based at least early on. Reply 0
  • iPhone 6 and Apple Watch revealed

  • Seoh 10/09/2014

    Iphone 6 is pretty much as expected, if you like apple products and are invested in their app ecosystem you'll upgrade from a 4S or 5.

    I was very interested by the apple watch, it certainly has a lot of features and seems more capable than a pebble or its ilk. The design is great and i love the mag changing straps. The presentation did a great job of showcasing things i didn't think would be good in a watch but actually are, e.g. the haptic feedback for GPS directions. Seriously if that works as they claim then apple watches should be handed out on the NHS to the partially sighted.

    However i'm more interested in the stuff they haven't told us yet, will it be waterproof? How long will the charge last? What features need an iPhone? What features need exclusively the iPhone 6? Dimensions of the small and large? A full cost table showing options? How do you get apps onto the watch?

    I'm guessing they still have a lot of stuff to figure out, hence the 2015 release date.
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  • BioWare's Shadow Realms is a pleasant surprise

  • Seoh 29/08/2014

    It's clearly been inspired by the board game "hero quest" or maybe "warhammer quest" and thats a good thing. Those games are fun and if you get the right group can be something special.

    A video game based on this principle lives and dies on player interactivity though, can the shadowlord taunt the heroes? can the heroes communicate tactics quickly? My concern is that this game is gonna feel like doing a WoW raid with a pick up group, difficult and stressful.
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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Season Pass detailed

  • Seoh 18/08/2014

    I've got the borderlands 2 season pass and found it to be excellent value. This however, i've no idea.

    I'm not opposed to season passes as a concept but their current implementation is just too vague. If you offer a season pass with your game tell me what i'm getting for it exactly, number of expansions, type of content, duration or size of each etc..

    Currently I think a lot of companies offer season passes then deliver some lame arena mode or MP map and then give up, because there was no up front definition of what you get the consumer is screwed over.
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  • inFamous gets standalone DLC this August

  • Seoh 10/06/2014

    @Bobrek I wonder if thats deliberate, in the story cole is basically the conduit messiah. I think Delsin had just as much versatility but it required preparation or mid fight power swapping, if smoke was just as powerful as lightening then people wouldn't use digital. Reply +1
  • The mystery of Final Fantasy 14's "HD Quality" mode

  • Seoh 24/04/2014

    I actually found this setting rather useful as it had the effect of making the UI elements larger.

    I really struggled with the font size and colour in the map, it made it quite hard to read and the limited zoom or font size settings didn't help. Using the HD Quality setting really helped and made the map fonts much larger and clearer but made some other UI elements way too large (targeting data above enemies). I suspected this caused a drop in overall quality too but its actually rather subtle and isn't immediately obvious

    Its a shame as all they needed was an extra large font option for the map or a couple more levels of map zoom to resolve the problem.
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  • Final Fantasy 14 PS4 beta test open to all

  • Seoh 04/04/2014

    @reelbigkris no need for another purchase you can migrate your PS3 version to PS4, details are on lodestone.

    However if you want to play it on PC, PS3 and PS4 then you need all 3
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  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' launch "will be fine"

  • Seoh 25/03/2014

    Worked effortlessly. I was playing last night and receive a message in game saying RoS content was now live, didn't even need to restart the game.

    Crusader is excellent fun but with my unlocked blacksmith in significantly better gear than a standard lvl 4 character has the right to be.
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  • Diablo 3's controversial Auction House finally goes offline

  • Seoh 18/03/2014

    Never really used the feature so won't be missed. Recently got back into Diablo 3 and it seems miles better than it used to.

    The new loot system actually gives me cool stuff and it feels rewarding, also the ability to change the difficulty on the fly means no more dull "Normal" playthroughs.

    All they need to do now is introduce an offline mode, something similar to starcraft 2 would be fine, and we're golden.
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  • Why Divinity: Original Sin might be the RPG you've been waiting for

  • Seoh 10/01/2014

    @SwissEvans The specs required to run this are very modest even in the unoptimised ALPHA its smooth as butter.

    @Everyone else. Check out Larians youtube channel its full of stuff on original sin and they do a great job of showcasing this stuff. In-fact there is a video where he's deliberately trying to break things to determine if the Alpha is fit for release.

    IMO Larian are what Bioware used to be, making games in these wonderful creative settings and just full of ideas. Dragon Commander is worth a look just for the political stuff between missions.
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  • "The God of War comparisons really pissed us off"

  • Seoh 10/01/2014

    This sounds so much better than the original. I really wanted to like it, loved the setting, the tone, voice acting, character and monster design too but it just felt like dull frustrating combat area after combat arena. Think i might just switch over to easy to finally get it complete.

    Interestingly though i'm currently playing MGR:Revengence and loving it despite the combat areas, I never felt like a badass in Castlevania where as in MGR i do.
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  • Star Wars goes F2P with space combat game Attack Squadrons

  • Seoh 18/12/2013

    Might be OK but without any actual gameplay its impossible to tell. Reply 0
  • Cards Against Humanity dev makes a game about shagging your friends

  • Seoh 16/12/2013

    If I were to play this game with other adult couples i imagine it could get pretty weird. However If I were to play it with my resistance group (all guys, straight, lots of facial hair and tattoos) then I imagine it'd be pretty damn funny. Reply +1
  • iPad Air review

  • Seoh 26/11/2013

    @chacha Thats a really shocking story and i suggest you contact apple directly.

    I've actually had the polar opposite experience with the instore staff, polite, friendly and helpful, though the items that caused me issue were all still within warranty and fixed or replaced sharply.

    Seriously do contact Apple via their website, a friend of mine had an issue with his macbook. Similarly to you he was less than a month outside warranty and told instore that the issue would cost £400 to fix. He contacted Apple via the website, said he wasn't happy etc.. A week later he was contacted and offered the fix for free.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes due spring 2014

  • Seoh 04/11/2013

    No PC version? I thought TPP was coming out on PC so why not GZ? Reply +5
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta key giveaway

  • Seoh 28/10/2013

    It'd be interesting to see how many of the keys went to accounts that were created on the day or shortly after the competition. Were people spam creating accounts to get keys, probably. Reply 0
  • Seoh 21/10/2013

    Very cool, been watching "lets Play" of hearthstone for a while now and looks like it might be the first digital CCG i get properly into. Reply 0
  • Batman: Arkham Origins launches with half the sales of Arkham City

  • Seoh 28/10/2013

    I actually think the review embargo didn't hurt the sales or the 7-8 average score. A lot of people still don't look at these things and thus don't care or even know that the review was late.

    I think the biggest thing to hurt the sales is the lack of any meaningful ad campaign, i've seen nothing on the TV and very little online. IGN have a banner page but thats it. It's my personal opinion but a strong ad campaign and message will sell you more than a good review. Look at "Sniper: Ghost Warrior", crap game, terrible reviews but targeted and advertised well so sold millions.

    I picked up Arkham Origins on PC and have been playing it this weekend, I can certainly see a lot of the points in the reviews. Wonderful atmosphere, great combat but some really annoying bugs (one of the towers is impossible to complete currently due to a bug on the PC where Batman refuses to enter a vent) but my big issue is the grappling and traversal. It seems like certain areas can't be grappled to, for no apparent reason, just refuses to target what i'm looking at.
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  • Infinity Ward confirms Call of Duty: Ghosts PC minimum specs

  • Seoh 24/10/2013

    I think i find it more interesting that this is 64bit only, was that decision driven by the need to have more RAM or is it actually a full blown 64bit application and finally using my CPU to its potential? Reply 0
  • Double Fine's building sim Spacebase DF-9 is now on Steam Early Access

  • Seoh 16/10/2013

    @melnificent Thats exactly what i thought. Reply 0
  • Watch Dogs delayed until spring 2014

  • Seoh 16/10/2013

    Wow thats really close, don't they have to print the disks and submit to MS/Sony about 60-40 days before release?

    They must have waited till the last possible moment when they could have announced the delay.
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  • PS4 exclusive Deep Down is a free-to-play game

  • Seoh 23/09/2013

    I really don't understand the negativity here.

    It's a cool looking dark souls style game with CO-OP thats free. There has been zero mention of micro-transactions and how they'll impact the game so it's stupid to write off the gam based on this announcement alone.

    I wonder if the free games on PS4 will be how they incentivise PS+ membership? ie you can only play the free games with a membership. If thats the case then I quite like the idea, anything that gets developers to explore alternate monetisation schemes is good by me.
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  • Square Enix extends Final Fantasy 14 free play time amid server woes

  • Seoh 03/09/2013

    @Kami Aion actually suffered exactly like FF14. No queue system, too few servers and no auto logout. I remember cos I was there from headstart and at launch you couldn't play it.

    Totally agree on the quality of FF14, lovely game but my marauder has been stuck on moogle without me since friday.
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  • X Rebirth release date announced

  • Seoh 09/08/2013

    @Mellissa Controller Video is interesting, I would have liked to see the monitors used more.

    I wouldn't worry about the doors however as it looks like most of them are automatic on stations.

    If you're after a space combat game at the moment that is just 100% about shooting I wholly recommend strike suit zero.
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  • Seoh 09/08/2013

    Yeah this looks amazing, Also I really love the UI, those big monitors rather than some numbers on the screen, it just helps with immersion for me. Reply +2
  • 20 cancelled Star Wars games revealed

  • Seoh 30/07/2013

    -STAR WARS: Smuggler
    Depending on what they had in mind it could've been good. I'd love to see a space game set in the star wars universe that required you to run a series of risky smuggling operations under the nose of the empire. think X-Wing alliance at the beginning of the game. Hang out in cantinas taking contracts, using profits to upgrade your ship allowing for more difficult runs. It all culminates in the legendary Kessel run.
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  • Shadowrun Returns review

  • Seoh 25/07/2013

    Glad to see its getting reviewed well, will be spending some time on it later tonight.

    I think it already has a sizeable user created campaign that you can download and play, the editor was released to the backers early i believe.
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  • Dragon Age saves "absolutely come across" to Inquisition

  • Seoh 24/07/2013

    @darkmorgado I don't want to get pedantic but most games now are RPG's in some respect. SR does have a levelling system, multiple endings and you're "playing the role" of a ridiculous gang boss. :-) Reply -1
  • Seoh 24/07/2013

    @darkmorgado Saints Row 2 onwards has a slider for gender instead of a binary M/F. Reply +2
  • Seoh 24/07/2013

    Yeah some tweaking of the conversation options is defo required. It was far to easy in DA2 to accidentally sleep with someone.

    DA:O is still one of my favorite modern games, I really enjoyed the scale and depth the world had. If they can take the DA:O depth and DA2 voicework and "combat flair" (it made using a mage staff really cool) then i'll be back on the BioWare bandwagon.
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  • New Assassin's Creed comic will hint at series future

  • Seoh 22/07/2013

    @EMarkM I was the same, though I recently picked up AC3 in a steam sale and i'm loving it. Theres a huge amount of variety in the game now. Although there can be some really frustrating bits that they can't of tested very well and the tutorial stage lasts like 6 hours, i'd still recommend it if you liked the 1st. Reply 0
  • The strange origins of Flashback

  • Seoh 18/07/2013

    I think maybe a hand drawn style might have looked better than their new take. Reply +4
  • Reanimated: The story of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

  • Seoh 11/07/2013

    I adored this game back in the day and the VtM game that came before it, Redemption.

    Think i played through as a gangrel, meant i never used a gun and just transformed into furry death a lot. I remember all the glitches and issues but fought through to complete it, the last level was especially broken.

    I would love for more VtM games as i felt they made vampires interesting and build on classical types, not like the current twillight vampires that seem popular.
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  • Sega sues bankrupt THQ for £630k over Company of Heroes 2 Steam pre-orders

  • Seoh 10/07/2013

    @SpartanGR Yeah i admit 30% is a lot but i think retail stores like GAME take closer to 50% Reply 0
  • The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start

  • Seoh 08/07/2013

    Interesting read, think i might have to pick up this game at some point. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 3-exclusive Tales of Xillia 2 gets 2014 Europe launch

  • Seoh 08/07/2013

    @enfilade eternal sonata is very heavily inspired by the tales series in terms of battle system. Alternately think Ni no kuni but without the pets. Reply 0
  • The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing release date revealed

  • Seoh 07/05/2013

    @bemaniac Same and loving it.

    @ All, You pay less than £10 on their site and you get the steam keys, its great value.

    Its really rather entertaining, much more story than theses games usually have and the ability mechanic is pretty cool too.

    @Pastici It doesn't feel like diablo though, the torchlight example is pretty apt, if you like these kind of games its totally worth a look.
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  • "The next generation is going to be, possibly for the very first time, the next generation of game design"

  • Seoh 30/04/2013

    Really glad to see people starting to think like this. Those first kills in BS infinite were very powerful and profound, especially after that big reveal of columbia's darker side, but each futher kill lost power and meaning.

    I'd love to play games were each life taken had meaning. Where story was king. I'd happily play a shorter more meaningful game then another CoD.

    Imagine assassins creed where the only kills were your targets (4-5 people) and the game makes you feel it, like the brutal first person finishers in god of war. If you killed hundreds of guards that would permanently make the game more difficult, people trust you lest , more wanted, harder to move un-noticed etc.. The feeling of safety would need to be removed too, injured in combat then you risk scars, injured limbs or death. Do you finish the game as the young strong hero or as a broken and crippled mess, destroyed by a lust for vengeance (think sand dan glockter from the first law)?

    Games have the ability to be more than superhero fantasies where nothing can go wrong, they can be art.
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  • XCOM shooter has "evolved", 2K confirms

  • Seoh 24/04/2013

    @CORIANA_SIX oh god YES! I would love that. Reply +3
  • Team Fortress 2 played on omnidirectional treadmill and Oculus Rift

  • Seoh 22/04/2013

    @Kami As a device to use at home i totally agree, but it could herald the return of arcades.

    In the quest to get people fit i could also see banks of these setup in gyms, think of it as the new spinning.
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  • Capcom: "excessive outsourcing" has resulted in a "decline in quality"

  • Seoh 18/04/2013

    DMC reviewed well and i really enjoyed it, you can't claim it wasn't a quality product. It's been mentioned that ninja theory originally had a design closer to classic dante but Capcom pushed them to be more unique.

    Resident Evil was very poor and reviewed badly but sold significantly better, where is the justice in the world!
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