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  • DayZ standalone release this year, says Dean Hall

  • Segnit 08/10/2012

    Oh for crying out loud, what the hell is going on with this stupid video? I keep checking everyday and nothing. Stop being so cruel and just tell your readers the video doesn't exist. It's been been over 10 days now. Reply 0
  • Toki Tori 2 flutters onto Wii U in native 1080p

  • Segnit 10/08/2012

    @Collo thanks for the response. 1920x1080p is just about perfect. My WiiU hype is still deeply in the negative since E3 but this is a huge step up. Good PR of you to repond to comments. I appreciate it. Reply 0
  • Segnit 10/08/2012

    After Kazunori Yamauchi bastardized the term 1080P to mean 1280x1080, I need to ask...

    1280x1080 or 1920x1080?
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  • Ubisoft: "we have been penalised by the lack of new consoles"

  • Segnit 23/07/2012

    Mr Guillemot
    Our customers are very open to new things. Our customers are reopening their minds, and they are really going after what's best. ... At the end of a console generation, they want new stuff, but they don't buy new stuff as much. They know their friends will play Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed so they go for that. So the end of a cycle is very difficult.
    That's so wrong at so many levels. My mind was ALWAYS open for Bastion, DayZ and Minecraft irrespective of what my friends do or don't play.

    Big publishers, in particular Ubisoft, are guilty of prepetuating this false myth that innovation comes only through new hardware.

    Not everything needs to sell 15 million :@
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  • $99 Android console Ouya Kickstarter soars over $300K in a few hours

  • Segnit 12/07/2012

    @Ilovechips Clearly you're content with the type of gaming you receive on your existing consoles.

    You're right in that the majority of the people are - with you - on the traditional console camp.

    But the fact that I struck a cord with you with the "linear, condescending, biennial/annual experiences" tells me that you understand the kind of grievience some people have with the industry today but that you probably don't share the same sentiment yourself. Again, you're probably in the majority and that's fair enough.
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  • Segnit 12/07/2012

    @brseg Although you're not wrong, at the end of the day there is a significant portion of people out there willing to fund revolutionary but high risk concepts just because, and irrispective of the outcome.

    If some crazy entrepreneurs decide to pull off a dirty scam on us all and steal my 200 plus €uros without giving it back, well that sucks for sure. But the willingness of many to so easily part with their cash would've already instigated change in attitude.

    Look at it this way: My funding for this project is focused on helping accelerate the change away from the existing industry where linear, condescending, biennial/annual experiences are at the forefront of the cutting edge of gaming.

    Instead I want relatively fresh ideas and concepts like DayZ, Minecraft and Trackmania to have a chance of reaching their full potential. I feel that publisher and mega publisher oriented services networks such as PSN and XboxLive stifle that.

    I mean, good luck to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo too but as this E3 demonstrated the industry needs something radically fresh and exciting. I don't if Ouya is it but I am willing to afford it the chance to become all it can be.
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  • Psychonauts developer Double Fine making fan-funded adventure game

  • Segnit 09/02/2012

    I hope they keep their promise and put in me in the credits ;) I support investigating viability of this model. Soon enough I'll delve into Project C.A.R.S. by Slightly Mad Studios.

    Oh and good luck guys!
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  • Minecraft jungle biome, creatures coming soon

  • Segnit 20/01/2012

    This is the news that i've been waiting for since the game came out of Beta in November last year; that they are still working on major features for the game.

    It was a no brainer (because the IP is so big) but you never know. Confirmation makes me a happy camper.
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  • Dark Souls PC petition gets Namco Bandai's attention

  • Segnit 14/01/2012

    @Segnit Consoles are on a decline? Ima PC fan, but the past 12 months have been something of a console golden age.
    Console sales on decline.

    Segnit, your post has to be one of the msot retarded posts I've read - even on this site - for a looong time.
    I agree, I shouldn't have mentioned the American soldiers. We all make mistakes, move along.
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  • Segnit 13/01/2012

    @geeza2020 "obligatory "Dark Souls is shit" comment "

    You know I haven't heard anyone say that, like ever.
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  • Segnit 13/01/2012

    @JayKwon I hope they won't get burned for staying console exclusive. Games on PC's sell for years making it unlikely for the port to be a bad moved, especially in light of the fact that the console version is old news now and it's unlikely that any (or at least not many) pirates told themselves "No thanks, I'll wait for the PC version so I can pirate it". Reply +4
  • Segnit 13/01/2012

    I didn't know about the petition but this is funny...

    I've never played either Souls games and yet I found myself wishing that this would come to PC only just the other day so I can pirate it :evil:

    No but serioulsy, Steam release for €20 and I'd buy it instantly. Anything over that and I'll wait for a steam discount for €15 or less 3 years from now. I'm very patient.

    As for Publishers vs. Pirates; well, choosing to ignore a platform because there are pirates to me sounds a lot like holding all Americans to the same stndards because some shitty American soldiers desecrated dead bodies on video (Ok so maybe not exactly like that..). But fuck those soldiers and i'm not too pleased about about silly publishers either shying away from the massive PC market either.

    Consoles are on a decline phase at the moment so it makes sense to use PC to offset the decline until at least Next-Gen settles to the market. People shouldn't beg for this.
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  • World of Tanks Review

  • Segnit 29/11/2011

    Ctrl + F "Grinding"

    What? "No match" found?

    Ok fine, before I complain let me go read the text, maybe it was mentioned somewhere that this is a grindfiesta.

    What am I saying, ofcourse it was mentioned that it's a grindfest.
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  • Assassin's Creed: Revelations doesn't have always-on DRM

  • Segnit 10/11/2011

    Well done Yves. Good decision. Reply +7
  • Always Online with Blizzard

  • Segnit 02/09/2011

    I absolutely love Blizzard games and respect them as a compnay, I think they do an outstanding job with their games. I put them in the collective trio of holy devs with Nintendo and Valve.

    Fact is though, I have have no interest in online only single player games. And if I've learned one thing in this industry it's that there is so much opportunity cost for time that I can easily go without playing any Blizzard game ad infinitum.

    With my time, I have to balance work, family, friends, working out, reading books, watching films, following real life news and events, AAA games, Indie Games, and presistent hobbies such as watching sports and participating in racing simulations and minecraft.

    No game is too holy. I genuinely wish Blizzard - the path they've chosen - and their community all the best :)
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  • Wii Zelda: Skyward Sword release date

  • Segnit 17/08/2011

    This is bloody awesome! Thank you for the news EG. Reply +9
  • Single-player games "gone in 3 years"

  • Segnit 17/08/2011

    This guy is a nutcase for sure.

    But assuming he's right and I am the nutcase for not seeing the 'obvious' then the industry is hell bent on shrinking its market.

    Facebook-o-holics are a bane in society today. Facebook is for a bunch of egotistical twats who don't value personal privacy and promote corporate greed.
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  • Uncharted 3 airfield action gameplay

  • Segnit 16/08/2011

    I have to say that's unbelievably ace.I'm a skeptic but wow, well done Naughty Dog. Reply +6
  • Epic Games working on five new titles

  • Segnit 16/08/2011

    5 - 4 kinect games = 1 awesome high end PC game?

    Yes please.
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  • id Software on always-on internet debate

  • Segnit 10/08/2011

    I will never accept for single player offline-only games to require persistant internet connection.

    It's very simple.
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  • TrackMania 2: Canyon

  • Segnit 27/07/2011


    Always on DRM is not justifiable. If I want to create a track I shouldn't need to be online. I've I'm testing out tracks I've created, I shouldn't need to be online.

    It's a problem when you're trying to play offline but an invasive DRM is trying to keep you on surely!?
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  • Segnit 27/07/2011

    I am soooooooo looking forward to this.
    Oh wait it's Ubisoft with their always on DRM.
    For shame.
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  • Driver PC: always-on internet required

  • Segnit 27/07/2011

    Not a surprise but a terrible decision by the Ubisoft management all the same. I'm paranoid about Ubisoft games nowadays and thus avoid all their games.

    Oh and it needs to be said that the +/- comments system is botched. Please find a better solution Eurogamer! It works wonderfully in this thread but it's got it's down sides.
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  • PES 2012 teammate controls footage

  • Segnit 21/07/2011

    Although the jury is still out on how effective and useful this feature will be but when it comes to football I want it to be as simple, easy, & intuitive as possible while looking like a real game of the sport.If this new feature to control two players turns out a gimmick, then my future self will come on here and complain that they are focusing too much on gimmicks rather then working on a radical overhaul. Seems like the same shit year after year.Oh and EG I hate your +/- comments system. It's broken and needs a change. Reply 0
  • Sony extends PSN Welcome Back offer

  • Segnit 04/07/2011

    I'm in Cyprus. People in Cyprus are not welcomed for this offer unfortunately. I'm not a fan of Sony as a result. Reply +5
  • Live Nintendo E3 press conference

  • Segnit 07/06/2011

    I'm not a gambler, but if I were, my bet would be that Zelda will defy all odds and will compete on equal footing with 'High Fidelity' games on cafe.Mark my words! Reply 0
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Segnit 20/05/2011

    I will give this game to a bunch of people who've never played it and see if it stands the test of time.

    For me though, there have been ground braking advancements in gaming in the past 13 years, with some truely amazing experiences on all platforms and all genres, but in my opinion Ocarina of Time still belongs to a seperate league all its own.
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  • Arma 3 a PC exclusive for summer 2012

  • Segnit 19/05/2011

    HELLZ YEAH!!!! Reply +1
  • Rage pre-orders become Anarchy Edition

  • Segnit 19/05/2011

    Marketing for marketing's sake. Reply 0
  • Howard Stringer's letter to PSN users

  • Segnit 06/05/2011

    I am bitterly disappointed that for someone like me from Cyprus, there is no upside to this shitty ordeal. When the PSN comes back up, I have no access to Son y services because Sony wont let me change my country of residence.

    My details got robbed and as a result I have to sit and watch how selected people in selected countries get bonues features as a compensation.

    Well done Sony! Well done!
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  • Geohot: "PSN hack nothing to do with me"

  • Segnit 28/04/2011

    I thought that Sony's pursuit of action against Geohot taking a legal route was a mistake by Sony. I went to some of the homebrew pages out of curiosity and also to see if there was a way to turn my PS3 into a multi-region blu-ray player. And I strongly condemn Sony for pursuing for the list of IP addresses that visited those website.

    The hackers who brought down PSN cannot be condoned. At the same time I dislike and am disappointed at Sony's handling of this situation.
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  • Fate of the World

  • Segnit 26/04/2011

    I like this new Eurogamer policy... review games only when they're heavily discounted! :) Reply +5
  • Nintendo's Satoru Iwata GDC 2011 keynote

  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    Kudos to EG for being one of the first to upload he Zelda trailer (even if it's a low quality one). Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    Yeap Skyward Sword looked ace. But it remains to be seen if Wii's lack of hardware grunt can be compensated by innovative game design.I believe Nintendo can do it! Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    Tinkle Popo for Kirby lol Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    I like his tone so far. He's being really frank rather then preachy.Finding out about his past and into Nintendo is cool. Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    There we go! Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    @McBradders "Sarcasm?"We shall see. Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    Well explaining how Skyward Sword revolutionizes game design is pretty relevant to game developers. Just like matrix introduced new norms in movies so to will SS Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    Anyone has a Link? Reply 0
  • Segnit 02/03/2011

    Zelda! Reply 0
  • For and Against: Fanboyism

  • Segnit 25/02/2011

    Fanboyism can be good. For example I am a Eurogamer fanboy.

    There are fans then there are fanboys, after that there are reasonable fanboys.

    For instance if GAF were to butcher Eurogamer about a bad article, then a reasonable fanboy such as myself would argue that indeed "that article was bad. But hey, you know what? They are still fantastic and I still love em".

    Like, as much as I respect the work of Johnny I have to admit that his "Pro" side was very weak.
    And as much as I admire everything that Rob does, I have to admit that some of the connections he mad in the "against" argument, were gross generalizations bordering on negligence.
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  • AC: Brotherhood ditches always-on DRM

  • Segnit 23/02/2011


    How is this good news when the people who mustered up the always-on DRM are still in power?

    Hasn't anyone been following the events of the Jasmine Revolution?
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  • Conceive now to have a Skyrim baby

  • Segnit 21/02/2011

    This is the most bullshit, invasive marketing trick I've ever seen. Reply +1
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  • Segnit 14/02/2011

    Am I the only one seeing Hitler's mustache on Hulk's face on the frontpage? Reply +5
  • PS3 hacker Geohot raps against Sony

  • Segnit 14/02/2011

    Well played sir. Reply -6
  • The EGTV Show: 3DS hits Europe

  • Segnit 26/01/2011

    Chelsea? Man U? Those are teams for schmucks.Bristol City? Now that's a real team!As for 3DS, for me the launch highlight will be Street Fighter and Pilot Wings. Reply +2
  • European 3DS release date

  • Segnit 19/01/2011

    What the hell is this with the no price shenanigans? C'mon ya bunch of tingels. Reply +5
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • Segnit 19/01/2011

    What the hell is the price. This will literally be the decider for me between a single 3DS or two of them. Reply 0
  • Segnit 19/01/2011

    @tachikoma haha. Regginator or the Sheepinator? There is no escape either way. Reply 0