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  • Farewell to DriveClub, the PS4 launch disaster that became a racing great

  • SegaBlueSky 03/11/2016

    At it's completion, Driveclub is one of the best driving games I've ever played. The only niggle I had was that I really would have loved local multiplayer, but still. Really hope the guys at Evolution move on to even bigger and better things at Codemasters. Reply +4
  • Sega just teased a new Daytona USA for the arcade

  • SegaBlueSky 02/11/2016

    Yeaaaaah! I'm going to be so upset if this doesn't release on consoles eventually. Hope this is a sign of things to come from Sega...too many classic franchises that have been gone for way too long. Reply +3
  • Owlboy review

  • SegaBlueSky 01/11/2016

    Never even heard of this before but looks right up my street. Console release please! Reply 0
  • 'It was a good spot we ended up in. But it was messy getting there'

  • SegaBlueSky 01/11/2016

    Really wanted to love this game but just felt dated and repetitive to me, sadly. Still good, just not great. Reply -3
  • Cuphead delayed until mid next year

  • SegaBlueSky 12/10/2016

    Glad they're taking the time to make sure they make the best game possible. If they improve the platforming sections sufficiently then this could be a real gem of a game! Reply +3
  • Batman: Arkham VR review

  • SegaBlueSky 06/10/2016

    @Aj64 Maybe so, but that's how much they cost in 3D.

    And heck, go for an average night out in a major town/city and you'll easily pay £4-5 per drink or more. One round for me, my wife and even one other couple would usually cost £20+.

    I'm happy to pay for relatively short-term bursts of entertainment if they're good enough. Many films aren't, many games aren't. But some definitely are and Batman VR looks like a lot of fun, albeit a brief experience. At least I can replay it for free afterwards, whereas another movie or round of drinks just keeps adding up...
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  • SegaBlueSky 06/10/2016

    @Aj64 Personally, I'd pay £15 for this over the £15 I paid for my Suicide Squad cinema ticket any day. Reply +74
  • No Man's Sky subreddit shut down, community erupts

  • SegaBlueSky 05/10/2016

    @jonbwfc That's true, but regardless of how the gaming public at large is reacting, you can't deny they haven't been forthcoming enough with their communications. There's no easy fix but personally I think their silence is hurting them further.

    Like I say, I'm a fan of the game and I'd love to see NMS expanded and Hello Games continue to make games. I also think there are numerous problems with the mentality of the gaming public, not just with NMS but as a whole. Regardless, their radio silence has contributed to this rabid response.
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  • SegaBlueSky 05/10/2016

    @Blastiel Wow, interesting. Is this a common issue? Hadn't heard it before and thankfully not happened to me or anyone else I know with the game yet. Hopefully it'll get patched and at least become playable for you again, though I understand that's probably not much consolation. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 05/10/2016

    @Blastiel Not functional? You may well despise the game but it does "work". Mis-selling is a different argument, but nonfunctional? Game booted up last time I checked. Reply +26
  • SegaBlueSky 05/10/2016

    Good grief, it just keeps getting worse. I still enjoy NMS, but Hello Games really, really need to come out of hiding. Reply +78
  • An overview of the places and faces in Torment: Tides of Numenera

  • SegaBlueSky 05/10/2016

    Ooh, didn't know console versions had been confirmed for this, that's awesome. Really love the art direction on show here, very tempted to pick this up when it's out! Reply +4
  • PlayStation Plus October freebies include Resident Evil and Transformers: Devastation

  • SegaBlueSky 29/09/2016

    Brilliant month - this is more like it! Very excited to try Transformers especially, but happy to go back and play Resident Evil again too :) Reply +2
  • inXile announces Wasteland 3 - and it's got multiplayer

  • SegaBlueSky 28/09/2016

    Never heard of the series before, but it sure sounds interesting and those screens are just gorgeous, really liking the look of that art direction. Reply +5
  • Rez Infinite: VR's first and best?

  • SegaBlueSky 28/09/2016

    Aw man, this really makes me want to buy a PSVR. Love Rez. Some other good looking games on the way too like RIGS and Battlezone. Promising start for VR on PlayStation for sure. Reply +2
  • Hacking cars and 3D-printing weapons in 30 minutes of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

  • SegaBlueSky 23/09/2016

    Not sure what it is about Watch Dogs but I'm just not quite getting the appeal of it. I should like it, but everything I see of it just leaves me cold. It looks incredibly well-constructed though. Reply +3
  • Death Stranding is an action game with an open world

  • SegaBlueSky 13/09/2016

    Cool, interesting that it might be using the Dreams engine. Have to admit I'd much rather a survival horror, and 'open world' doesn't get me particularly excited, but Del Toro's involvement has me interested either way. Reply +1
  • The Last Guardian delayed again

  • SegaBlueSky 12/09/2016

    @Nintendo64 But I've already got it on...ah hell, who am I kidding, I'd happily buy it again... Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 12/09/2016

    Balls. That does make PSVR a little more tempting now, though. Originally didn't pre-order as I figured I'd be too busy with The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV...

    At least we're still getting it this year. Christmas sorted!
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  • Apple accidentally announces iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus via own website

  • SegaBlueSky 07/09/2016

    Urgh, not really happy with them dropping the headphone port. My 6S will still last me another couple of years I reckon, so if I end up switching to wireless headphones in that time then I guess I'll consider it. Once upon a time this would have had me fuming, but I find myself caring less and less about what smartphone I'm using as time goes on. They all do broadly the same thing so I'll just judge the state of things when I feel like I need a new phone. Reply +7
  • Life after console generations has one big upside

  • SegaBlueSky 07/09/2016

    I'm still a console gamer at heart. I do feel a bit conflicted about the more frequent hardware updates that seem to be taking hold, but for me there's one important distinction between console and PC, and that's still accessibility. When my last gaming PC went out of date, I hated constantly having to check the minimum specs, playing around with settings for ages, and the headache of getting advice on what components to buy from my more tech-savvy friends, and then waiting for one of them to be able to help me install it all, then troubleshooting when something went wrong or performance wasn't up to my hopes/expectations. I love being able to just plug n' play, but on a level with more scope and ambition than a more casual device like a tablet or smartphone. Consoles will always be my preferred solution, even if I have to deal with inferior graphical performance.

    I do agree with the article though in that I'll be very glad of a solution that lets me keep my old games for longer and make visiting my back catalogue easier. It may bring consoles closer to PCs and kickstart a debate, but it's a line I'm quite happy to see blurred, I think. I've still got an embarrassingly big stack of games on PS3 that I haven't even touched yet so I'm very jealous of the Xbox One's backwards compatibility, too.
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  • PS4 Neo: reveal, games, specs, rumoured release date and everything we know

  • SegaBlueSky 06/09/2016

    Well, should be interesting on Wednesday then, looking forward to finally seeing what's going to happen. Still undecided on the Neo at the upgrade in performance would be nice but I'd also like to get PSVR and then I might have to consider a 4K TV as well, which all adds up to what will likely be at least a grand, which is then straying into gaming PC territory. The TV is optional I guess but seems daft to buy a new console that boasts 4K (though I'm a little skeptical about this) only to not enjoy the full range of benefits. Reply 0
  • This Steam Greenlight game Islands is going to be amazing

  • SegaBlueSky 06/09/2016

    @BumpkinRich That's the problem with a lot of games journalism (and, well, probably public perception) these days, there's a lot of hyperbole and as an audience we hang on every word and pick it to bits.

    Personally I'd rather hear about interesting, unknown, smaller games. I'd like to be hyped up to get excited about things. But you need to be able to cut through the fluff and figure some things out on your own.
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  • Cool-looking Tokyo 42 coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well as PC in 2017

  • SegaBlueSky 06/09/2016

    Have been following this for a while, really glad to see it's getting a console release as well now! Looks very cool. Reply +1
  • Nintendo has a stellar new Galaxy 3DS design

  • SegaBlueSky 30/08/2016

    Wow, that really looks horrible. And did it really need a video with Reggie in it? Hope so much that Ninty are just saving all their newsworthy stuff for one gigantic blowout when the NX is announced...maybe? Reply +1
  • Watch: The toughest decisions that made no difference whatsoever

  • SegaBlueSky 30/08/2016

    How come the video is tagged with Mass Effect and features a pic of Shepard, only to then not actually feature Mass Effect in the actual list? I mean, it gets a brief mention in one of the opening lines, but not as an actual entry in the list. Oh well. Reply 0
  • It looks like you can glitch Pokémon Go gyms using eggs

  • SegaBlueSky 15/08/2016

    @nagi Well, not everyone reads Reddit though... Reply +5
  • SegaBlueSky 15/08/2016

    Whoops. Egg on their faces, eh? Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky review

  • SegaBlueSky 12/08/2016

    Kinda surprised to see a 'recommended' since it's such a polarizing game, but a fair review regardless. It isn't perfect by any stretch but I'm really enjoying NMS so far, think it's one of those games where you could probably come back and review it again 12 months later to evaluate the post-release support, a bit like Driveclub. Reply +12
  • No Man's Sky has a game-breaking exploit which is letting users farm rarest items

  • SegaBlueSky 12/08/2016

    @spekkeh Because of the reasons I said. Disagree all you like, but you say 'why' like I didn't explain myself.

    Consumer rights!? I don't see how a consumer has a 'right' to circumvent the basic mechanics of a game through a glitch. Consumer unfriendly to not have cheats? If you've not got the patience to play NMS the way it's meant to be played, then sorry fella, you should play another game. There's lots to choose from. And wastes your time? It's entertainment - every form of entertainment is designed to take up your time. If you think it 'wastes' it then again, choose one of the other hundreds of games out there.

    I would have no problem with this whatsoever if it was indeed a cheat, included intentionally by the developer. Because then it's their choice. But this is an exploit and, sorry, contrary to most opinions here I think that it's a bad thing to actively encourage it. Disagree all you like, that's fine. We're obviously fundamentally different kinds of gamers. But to label it as a 'consumer right' is bizarre.
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  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    @George-Roper This is absolutely nothing to do with the quality of NMS...if you don't like it then fine! If I thought it was a terrible game my point would still stand.

    It is interesting how those that really, intensely dislike NMS really feel the need to call it out. There are plenty of other massively popular games I can't stand, but I don't think I've ever felt the need to berate them or the people that play them.
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  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    @rep- I agree, but please see my explanation above - I didn't see it as a 'spoiler' exactly. Just thought it was a shame to -arguably- 'promote' an exploit - not by reporting on it, but by detailing the method for those that would like to do so. There is an argument for both sides and I respect it, just offered my two cents is all. As you can see I was downvoted into the abyss haha, so clearly not a popular opinion. Them's the breaks, I'll get over it ;) Reply +2
  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    @tomphillipsEG Thanks for the reply Tom and I appreciate the answer. TBH I was less bothered by the reporting of the exploit itself (like you say, that's your job!) as the actual method. I don't feel like anything has been spoiled for me or anything as naturally I won't be using it. Think it's just the combination of controversies around the game at the moment, it's just a shame, is all. Anyways thanks again for replying! Reply +4
  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    @Puppaz Very true. TBH I'm kinda glad that there's no multiplayer of any sort (at the moment at least), I'm enjoying the isolation of it all! Reply +2
  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    @Crosshash That's not what I meant - do you see me complaining at articles about the multiplayer debacle? No. Criticize the game all you want for all I care, but this is almost...I dunno, 'unsportsmanlike' I guess? Just my opinion, but your cynicism is misplaced. Reply +14
  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    Really wish you guys didn't explain how to actually do it in the article - I know anyone that wants to do it could just Google it, but it's a shame to see a respected website like EG go against the spirit of a game like this and effectively advertising the fact. At the end of the day you can do what you want of course, but personally it's a bit disappointing to see. Reply -16
  • No Man's Sky limited edition has online play icon hidden under sticker

  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    @bigmalky Hope you don't get voted down as those are very valid points of feedback. The trouble is that people, as they are prone to do, approach criticism in different ways. Then you get reactionary defenses, and it all snowballs into this horrible hype monster that just makes everyone look like a horde of whiny fanatics. You made your criticisms fairly and objectively, nothing wrong with that, even if someone happens to disagree with it. Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky inventory space: how to increase ship inventory slots, upgrade suit inventory space

  • SegaBlueSky 11/08/2016

    Some great tips here! IIRC I think Sean mentioned that they were going to look at inventory space again at some point which would be mighty handy. Always been a bit of an item hoarder in games so the limits are really testing me haha, never sure which things to get rid of and which to keep. Having some kind of mass storage option at space stations could be another option I guess? Reply +2
  • PlayStation 4K reveal date set for 7th September

  • SegaBlueSky 10/08/2016

    Just hope we get a solid reveal with plenty of transparent info, rather than a hype reel that doesn't give much away. I'm perfectly prepared to consider a new version of the PS4 but the more info Sony give the more likely I am to get on board with the idea. Reply +31
  • No Man's Sky players meet in same spot, but can't see each other

  • SegaBlueSky 10/08/2016

    Couldn't care less, I don't particularly want to meet any other players in NMS, in all honesty. It would help them massively if they were just honest about it though. Reply +4
  • Performance Analysis: No Man's Sky

  • SegaBlueSky 09/08/2016

    Will be interesting to see if the PS4K offers any notable upgrades to No Man's Sky - an FOV slider, a solid 60fps and, dare I say it, VR support would absolutely get me to invest in the new version. Reply 0
  • Our No Man's Sky review will be late, and here's why

  • SegaBlueSky 08/08/2016

    @MonkeyMagik Heck, I've downloaded updates for FFXIV and the Witcher 3 on a 2MB connection. It ain't fun I can tell you, but I dealt with it just fine! If was that big a problem for me I could have quite easily found some other hobby to spend my time with, but I knew the score when I bought my PS4.

    I do get that it's frustrating and worrying that the 'whole' game doesn't arrive on the disc on day one, but as suggested with the article I suspect this is more to do with submission requirements, publisher/platform/marketing/competitor pressure to hit certain dates, etc. Delays have a huge effect on game development, promotion and sales performance. All in a time where the fine margins and profits are more essential than ever to make sure the next project can be funded at all thanks to increased development costs. To that end, I can deal with a day one patch. Better than launching the game while ignoring all the problems and then finally making the game playable after months of struggle.

    As a side note, well done EG on addressing this in a mature, neutral and fair way, without crucifying a small developer.
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  • No Man's Sky has an enormous day one patch that adds multiple endings

  • SegaBlueSky 08/08/2016

    Holy moly, that is immense. Astounding that such a small team has done that much in such a short amount of time. I assume additional patches down the line won't be anywhere near this comprehensive but still, it's a good show of effort from Hello Games. Everything sounds really interesting and exciting. Bring on Wednesday, can't wait! Reply +4
  • Sudden Strike 4 announced

  • SegaBlueSky 04/08/2016

    @321- I understand the concerns but it's a little early to dismiss this entirely, isn't it? I'd be worried if the previews said that they'd had to use an XBox controller for the PC version but seems like it's getting a pretty positive response so far. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 04/08/2016

    Cool, like the look of this. Always had a soft spot for these types of games ever since the original Commandos. Not a lot like this on PS4 either, but might go for the PC version if my laptop can handle it. Reply 0
  • Outlast 2 delayed until early next year

  • SegaBlueSky 02/08/2016

    No problem with that at all, gives me time to finish Outlast 1 and Soma! Really wish I didn't love horror games so much, as I find it so bloody hard to finish them. Reply +1
  • Watch this Dark Souls 3 all boss run completed without getting hit

  • SegaBlueSky 02/08/2016

    Not normally a fan of this kind of stuff but I'll admit that is an incredible run. Heck if I could even beat Nameless King solo I'd be pretty damn happy with myself! Reply +1
  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • SegaBlueSky 28/07/2016

    @redcrayon Yeah, just goes to show the variety of tastes out there. I can imagine myself being in the exact same boat when I have kids to think about, for sure. Time is already limited as it is and I never have time for games like the Witcher anymore. If the average game time I hear from people is accurate I reckon I could easily spend 6 months trying to finish that game. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 28/07/2016

    @redcrayon Yeah, can totally understand all of that. I can see how the NX would present a lot of potential then but you're quite right, there's a lot of room for it to go wrong as well. Thanks for sharing, I always find it interesting to hear about this kind of stuff. Reply +1
  • Celebs named for Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit TV video game show

  • SegaBlueSky 28/07/2016

    Oh wow, had no idea this was happening! Sounds like a good laugh, will have to set a reminder for September... Reply +1