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  • Destiny: The Taken King promotional Red Bull quest and bonus XP detailed

  • SegaBlueSky 24/06/2015

    @stephenbriggs Damn, that's better than mine XD Reply +11
  • SegaBlueSky 24/06/2015

    Red Bull gives you win. Reply +47
  • DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition launches with "caution" tomorrow

  • SegaBlueSky 24/06/2015

    Good that this is finally gonna be out there. Personally bought a copy for 20 back when the upgrade version was reduced and very happy with the game overall. Hoping for a reduction on the season pass price at some point though! Hope this isn't the end of the franchise either - the balance between arcade and sim sits just about right for me so definitely prefer it over Project Cars. Reply +12
  • Bungie: extra Destiny content for all platforms when Sony timed-exclusives launch on Xbox

  • SegaBlueSky 24/06/2015

    @tiddex Good to know the length is pretty decent but I do worry about it all being recycled content. Think I'll probably hold off until the price comes down then maybe jump in if I can get a few friends to do the same. Thanks for the info! Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 24/06/2015

    Traded in Destiny a while back, without ever trying out the expansions (think the second was about to launch at the time). Tempted by the new all-in-one retail edition but not sure. Can anyone tell me realistically how much this adds for a fairly casual player? Loved the 'feel' of Destiny, the soundtrack and the art style, but I was a bit disappointed by the length of the singleplayer campaign and rely on matchmaking for any multiplayer stuff.

    Also intrigued about Warframe, might have to check that out...
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  • ReCore is a new game from Keiji Inafune and Metroid Prime devs

  • SegaBlueSky 24/06/2015

    Cautiously intrigued by this game - not an XB1 owner currently but interesting nonetheless! Reply +1
  • Yu Suzuki wants $10 million to make a truly open world Shenmue 3

  • SegaBlueSky 22/06/2015

    Thank you EG for actually doing some accurate reporting. After surfing around at sheer disbelief at some of your competitor websites over the weekend it's a refreshing change! Definitely helps in cementing EG as my preferred gaming site.

    Back on topic, really hope the Shenmue kickstarter continues to do well. $10m is going to be a BIG ask, and I get the feeling they'd reach it quicker if they'd promised an additional 16 hours of sailor-related quests. But fingers crossed regardless - would love to see a fully open-world Shenmue!
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  • Shenmue 3 returns, but has it already been left behind?

  • SegaBlueSky 19/06/2015

    There was a similar (less well-written) article on Gizmodo the other day and I'm gonna say the same kinda thing I posted there. I can see why people would be skeptical of the game as a whole and even irritated by the Sony/Kickstarter blend of funding. To address that first - I'm thrilled that the game is getting made at all so I'm more than happy to shell out $29 for a digital pre-order. Wouldn't be surprised at all if it goes on sale for more than that on the PS Store when it finally lands, so what the hell.

    Shenmue 3 doesn't need to be a AAA blockbusting, Skyrim-slaying monumental return for Yu Suzuki. It's got more of an indie title mentality - bringing satisfaction and closure to a group of gamers quite willing to collectively shell out just shy of $3.3 million (at the time of writing) just to see the conclusion of a story.

    I'll freely admit that I don't care if this is a 10/10 game or not. I don't particularly care about it changing drastically to 'get with the times' either. I still love the originals so why would I want the final chapter to suddenly turn into something it's not? Shenmue was (and is) its own game, sitting in a space that is pretty unique in gaming history. Last time I checked, individualism was something to be celebrated. We are living in a golden age of games at the moment that blends the retro with the modern. Just look at the insane diversity we now have across downloadable and retail titles, independent and big name publishers. It's amazing that we can have the simplest of games with ZX Spectrum-level graphics on the same stage as games like Uncharted. Shenmue 3 may well be rubbish. Who knows? But damning it at this stage is in my opinion a bit foolish and a bit dismissive of how wide-ranging the games industry is these days. I know my username suggests a level of Sega fanboyism bordering on the mentally unstable but I do try and be neutral in all things and genuinely believe there's a place for almost any type of game.

    Also, I don't think we should be going by the 'demo' video as an indicator of the final game...
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  • Final Fantasy 7 remake was underway before the PS4 PC port was announced

  • SegaBlueSky 17/06/2015

    @patch New version to be 30 minutes long - at least.

    This has made me think about piloting the Highwind across a huge, newly developed overworld and using the submarine to explore the seas...I can hope!
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  • SegaBlueSky 17/06/2015

    Really hope that if they're going to give voice to these characters then they don't skimp out on the actors. Troy Baker, get over here, we need you! Bring Nolan. Oh and if Simon Templeman could play the CEO of Shinra or something that'd be friggin' amazing. Trying to think of others now... Reply -1
  • Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter concludes with 2.1m raised

  • SegaBlueSky 17/06/2015

    Best of luck to these guys - great looking project and clearly a good team behind it. Can't wait to try it! Reply 0
  • Nintendo Direct E3 2015 live report

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    If we get an amazing conference here then we'll be 3 for 3 on the major platforms...when was the last time that happened!? Reply 0
  • Sony's E3 conference: an artful blend of nostalgia and big business

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    @icematt12 Would be nice, but with the streaming subscription service on the way I wouldn't bet on it, sadly. Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    To be honest I'm not worried about what I'll be playing in 2015. I'm more worried I'm not gonna get all the stuff I've already got cleared out of the way in time for 2016! Totally get why some people would be irritated of course, but for me it's a non-issue as I already have so much to get through. At the moment the list stands at...

    Bloodborne (on 2nd and 3rd playthroughs)
    FFXIV (huge expansion coming out imminently)
    Last of Us (played before but started a new game so wanna do that)
    Yakuza (forget which one, got it on PS Plus)
    Far Cry 3
    Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2
    Demon's Souls
    Ico/SotC HD (played the originals but snapped up a bargain not long ago)
    Witcher III
    MGS Ground Zeroes

    And that's just off the top of my head...I know there's also countless indies I haven't touched as well, along with Steam games I've bought recklessly in the sales and probably some other retail games I've forgotten. And that's before I buy anything extra - these are all sitting on my PS3 & 4 already. I adore my games but I don't get as much time as I'd like to play, and then there's the countless TV box-sets and movies I haven't caught up on - Mad Men, Penny Dreadful, True Detective...I've easily got enough entertainment to see me through the rest of the year so I'm just trying to clear the decks as much as I can before a pretty kickass 2016 rolls around!
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  • Keep your eyes peeled for planet Sugas-Uomi when No Man's Sky comes out

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    @Centrale1 Ah, now that you mention it I do remember him saying during the demo that you were aiming for the galactic core. Interesting! Even if it doesn't re-invent the wheel I'm definitely still looking forward to this. Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    I can see why people would be losing enthusiasm for this, but I still can't wait to be utterly absorbed by the art style, music etc. What I haven't seen yet is where you'll find your sense of progression and achievement - what are we working towards? Reply +3
  • Microsoft introduces new modular Xbox Elite wireless controller

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    Oof, that is a blood expensive controller. But it also looks pretty damn impressive and to be fair, I've seen plenty of PC gamers shell out substantial cash for the highest quality peripherals. As an optional extra, why the heck not? I doubt I'd buy one but definitely seems cool. Reply +4
  • Microsoft woos the 360 crowd at E3 2015

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    Best E3 showing I've seen for a while from MS. I'm a PS4 owner and don't think I'll be switching or adding to that at least for this year, but a really good conference nonetheless. Hololens is incredible! Would love to have a go of that. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is real

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    HD dolphin-riding, cross-dressing and post-death-grief-snowboarding coming to your PS4!

    In seriousness I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more comedic sections of the game are re-imagined/cut, but still - SO damn excited! Hooboy.
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  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End gets new gameplay trailer

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    Massively excited to be a PS4 owner after this E3. Uncharted looks fantastic - will keep myself content with the collection while I wait (never payed the first game so that's good enough reason to go through the trilogy again IMO).

    In all fairness, MS had one of their best conferences in recent years but damn, Sony just hit me right in my inner fanboy. Breathless stuff for a good while there.
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  • Media Molecule reveals surreal sandbox Dreams

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2015

    Love the style and the concept but it does seem like it needs a good hands-on preview to really sell it. Very much intrigued though, always loved Mm's approach so every confidence this will be worth a go. Reply +3
  • Microsoft E3 2015 conference live report

  • SegaBlueSky 15/06/2015

    @Sammoore Tempting but like watching it as it happens ;) Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 15/06/2015

    @Kiliko Perfect, cheers! Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 15/06/2015

    Bracing myself for the void between leaving work at 6 and getting home as quick as possible. Anyone got a favourite way of viewing the conference on a smartphone? Twitch, YouTube etc? Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 15/06/2015

    Even though I'm holding out for the PS4 version, I'm hoping to see a bit more from the new Tomb Raider...though I guess that could turn up in the Squeenix conference instead maybe? Reply 0
  • Nintendo heads into E3 with its hands tied

  • SegaBlueSky 12/06/2015

    @MccyMcFlinn Makes sense really and yeah, I'm not complaining about the lifetime of the Wii U exactly as it has been around a good few years, just that it finally seems to be hitting the kind of stride I would have hoped for a few years ago. Regardless I'd like to pick one up eventually, just the wrong time for me right now and took a while for it to get going back when I would have made the jump.

    Still wonder whether Nintendo will be a bit crafty and mention NX even when they said they wouldn't...who knows! Either way will be watching with interest.

    Argh...really want a 3DS as well. I seriously don't have enough time for games these days.
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  • SegaBlueSky 12/06/2015

    Can't help but feel like they're cutting the Wii U off just as it's finally starting to click. Finally started to see some games I really want to play but no chance I could buy one until next year so think sadly I'm just gonna have to accept I've missed out a bit this time around. Hoping for a strong E3 for Ninty though - I tend to dip in and out of love with them but always want to see them do well. Reply +3
  • Could this be the last year 'For the Players' is enough for PlayStation?

  • SegaBlueSky 12/06/2015

    I do think Sony needs to do more than just have a bit of a 'me too' E3 with multi-platform titles dominating, but for me personally I certainly don't need many more games turning up by Christmas. I'm still playing Bloodborne, FFXIV and Driveclub at least one or two days a week each, trying desperately to get started on the Witcher III, and sitting on a pile of indie gems and PS Plus titles across PS4 and PS3 that stretches at least into the double digits. At this rate, with No Man's Sky, Batman and Heavensward on the way I'm probably good until at least February! So if I can start 2016 with a relatively clean slate looking forward to a new Uncharted, Tomb Raider making its way over, Dark Souls 3 and a couple others, I'll be a very happy chap indeed. Reply +4
  • Team17 remastering Worms World Party for summer

  • SegaBlueSky 11/06/2015

    Is there much difference between this and Armageddon? That was the last one I played I think... Reply +2
  • PSN sales offer major discounts for the next two weeks

  • SegaBlueSky 11/06/2015

    Dammit, so many good games - not nearly enough time to play them all. Gonna have to pick up a couple of these though I think. Tempted by White Night but just know it's gonna end up as a PS Plus title the minute I buy the damn thing. Tropico 5 also very tempting - enjoying the demo at the moment. Reply 0
  • Wii U-exclusive Devil's Third shown off in bizarre trailer

  • SegaBlueSky 10/06/2015

    Hoping for Itagaki sunglasses a pre-order bonus. Reply +4
  • Dark Souls 3 is real, aiming for an "early 2016" release

  • SegaBlueSky 10/06/2015

    Beginning to think I need to boycott games sites from May until the actual day of E3...feeling like there's not gonna be any decent surprises now!

    But still, massively excited for this...DS2 was good rather than incredible but even if it's the same team I'm sure I'll buy it and enjoy. Fingers crossed for Miyazaki involvement though and looking forward to a trailer reveal at E3.
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  • Splatoon review

  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2015

    Damn, so tempted to pick up a Wii U now...really love the sound of this game! Reply +4
  • Mega Man is getting a new animated TV series

  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2015

    @Travis56 My first Mega Man experience was X4 on the Saturn - which was a brilliant game and of course had those awesome anime cinematics in between missions. Like you say a much darker tone, absolutely loved it at the time!

    It's nice to see that there's SOME interest in Mega Man over at Capcom, but I'll just look forward to Mighty No. 9 instead for now.
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  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U will not launch in 2015

  • SegaBlueSky 28/03/2015

    Wow, that's a big disappointment and a big promise to make too. If it was any other developer (like, oh, I dunno, Peter Molyneux) I'd be very sceptical, but in this instance I actually expect results. Shame it won't be at e3 though, could mean a bit of a dull showing from Nintendo. Reply +2
  • Bloodborne review

  • SegaBlueSky 27/03/2015

    Picked up my copy earlier today but promised my other half I'd wait until she was back until I played it...agony. So damn excited - gonna be a good night tonight! Reply +4
  • Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best?

  • SegaBlueSky 24/03/2015

    Superb article. Just enough to confirm that I really, really want this game without spoiling anything. Literally cannot wait and I've got Friday off work in preparation...something I haven't done for a game release in a long time! Reply 0
  • Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition due this summer, new additions detailed

  • SegaBlueSky 23/03/2015

    @cbaxter006 I would pay nearly anything for a Power Stone 2 remake...God I loved that game! Reply +3
  • Konami announces plan for brand new Metal Gear series

  • SegaBlueSky 21/03/2015

    Really, really hope this doesn't affect Silent Hills development... Reply 0
  • With the announcement of the NX, Nintendo admits defeat with the Wii U

  • SegaBlueSky 19/03/2015

    Admittedly I don't own a Wii U, but this news makes me very sad. Yes it's an opinion/speculation piece but it still highlights the struggles that a good console has unfortunately had to endure. Had been very tempted to pick one up in recent months - and still might. really hope that whatever Nintendo comes up with next is backwards compatible at the very least... Reply +1
  • Ori and the Blind Forest review

  • SegaBlueSky 13/03/2015

    Wow, this looks stunning - would be all over this if I had an Xbox. Funnily enough I was an Xbox owner some years ago lamenting that I couldn't play Okami, and now it's the complete reverse! If I ever make the jump though this will be a day one purchase. Reply +3
  • Project Cars delayed again

  • SegaBlueSky 12/03/2015

    Glad they're going to try and get the launch right - I'm still only really scratching the surface with DriveClub anyway so I wasn't expecting to get anywhere near this game until at least the summer. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer has dropped review scores

  • SegaBlueSky 10/02/2015

    nothing especially insightful to add here, just that this is awesome and EG deserves to be told as much. Seriously, well done! Reply 0
  • PS4-exclusive minimalist platformer N++ debuts gameplay footage

  • SegaBlueSky 04/03/2014

    @Luz1978 bear in mind that E3 isn't too far away. Big budget games will undoubtedly be coming, but little things like this get revealed as and when because of the nature of what they are. I could be wrong of course, but that's how I see it! Reply +1
  • Sonic game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One spotted - report

  • SegaBlueSky 04/02/2014

    Would much sooner have another racing game please, Sega. Sonic all stars transformed was bloody fantastic! Reply +1
  • Sony sending out PlayStation Now beta invites

  • SegaBlueSky 29/01/2014

    Waiting on the inevitable YouTube leaks to check this out. Potentially a fantastic feature, fingers crossed it works as intended! Reply +9
  • In Dark Souls 2 undead players can still be invaded

  • SegaBlueSky 29/01/2014

    I have to admit that the first I played through Dark Souls I probably spent the majority of my time offline, just because I didn't really understand the mechanics and how to build a character that could compete with other players. When I got to NG+ with my first character though and started getting invaded I got pretty fed up of getting my arse kicked every five minutes and thought to myself 'there's gotta be something I'm missing'.

    So I started my second playthrough. This time I figured 'well y'know what, I really liked the katana movesets', and so put all my focus into raising my dex so that the Uchigatana would hopefully do more damage. The game completely clicked from there, and I eventually found myself with six or seven characters going, each with different builds and strengths, just to see what they were like. I made sure to stay human at all times to keep practising, and eventually fell in love with playing in the Darkmoon Covenant, hunting down players who had 'sinned' by commiting evil acts in game or grieving other players. It was the most fun I've ever had in a game, and I just can't imagine playing DS2 offline as a result.

    So I can totally understand first timers wanting to have a bit of peace, but once you get into it, playing online is so much more satisfying (IMO), pushing you to explore every possibility the game has to offer.

    Absolutely can't wait. Bring it on!
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  • Smash Bros. Wii U includes gorgeous Mario Galaxy HD level

  • SegaBlueSky 16/11/2013

    Stunning! But as for the first comment by Simsini, well, yeah? I would certainly hope that after this much time the Wii U's games are a step ahead of new console launches. It should be expected! But the thing is, despite the odd glorious exception, for the most part the PS4 and XB1 will be on an even (and pretty soon, greater) playing field, and Ninty might have a tough time keeping up.

    I'm trying to picture in my mind when the next Nintendo home console will come around...hoping it's not too soon and the Wii U can do some catching up. Maybe halfway through the next cycle, say 3-5 years?'s a tough one.
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  • Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag review

  • SegaBlueSky 05/11/2013

    Really hoping this will be the series' return to form. Absolutely loved AC2, but for me AC3 fell into the same trap as the first, never quite living up to the potential with a fairly dull story that didn't really make you feel like an assassin at all, more like a freedom fighter. WHich makes sense in that context I suppose, but I just wasn't feeling it. Reply 0
  • Valve shows off a Steam Machine prototype

  • SegaBlueSky 05/11/2013

    I'm still a bit undecided about the whole concept, really. I like Steam and I like the controller purely on a conceptual level, but I'm just not sure whether I'd get this over a regular PC as even when I have had a gaming PC in the past, I've always used it more for other stuff than gaming - always. And when it comes to the other stuff, Windows is generally the platform I prefer using. So at the moment I think I'm sitting on the 'it's great, but it's not for me' fence. Reply 0