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  • Skyrim remaster, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2 rumoured for E3

  • SegaBlueSky 07/06/2016

    Will look forward to checking out Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and possibly Prey 2, but couldn't be less interested in Skyrim. Tried to many times to like it but honestly one of the most overrated games of all time IMO. I'm sure 99% of the world would disagree though haha, and mod support is very cool regardless! Reply +5
  • World of Final Fantasy comes out in October

  • SegaBlueSky 07/06/2016

    Actually surprisingly excited about this! Much like Nintendo, Square Enix generally knows how to use its franchises well in these kinds of spin-off games. Reply +4
  • The UK's only video game TV show canned

  • SegaBlueSky 06/06/2016

    Can't believe I've never heard of this show...really like Dan Maher too. Hope it manages to find a new home or the team manage to start a new venture soon. And I hope that this time I actually hear about it. But seriously, can't believe I haven't seen even one ad or promo for this before, anywhere. Seems like none of the mainstream press were interested in promoting it then but are happy to report on its demise, a bit cruel really. Reply 0
  • The best Final Fantasy game is finally getting a remaster

  • SegaBlueSky 06/06/2016

    Was always a bit conflicted with FFXII. Loved the gameplay, but the characters did absolutely nothing for me, just as X did before that and XIII did afterwards. Glad it's getting remaster and I'll probably pick it up at some point, but it was a never a classic in my eyes as the story just wasn't up there with the classics. Reply +2
  • Street Fighter 5 pro player takes Guile to the next level

  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2016

    As someone who never watches eSports, this does absolutely nothing to convince me otherwise. Awful commentator and, well...the 'action' was pretty dull as well. Nothing like that infamous SF3 comeback video, which was immense and is still much more impressive to my untrained eye. Reply +28
  • I came to Dark Souls so late that it's basically like going to Disneyland

  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2016

    @regret Yeah exactly. Nothing wrong with that at all, but hopefully I put across a different way of seeing it at least, to help explain where the appeal lies for those that do click with it. Dark Souls is easily in my top 5 games of all time and I don't think even From Software can replicate the magic of the first one again. DS3 and Bloodborne both came close (and are fantastic), and of course Demon Souls started it all, but Dark Souls was near enough perfection in my eyes. Reply +6
  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2016

    @Eraser I'm a massive Dark Souls dan - probably the kind that you'd expect to throw out the 'git gud' remark and move on - but actually, I totally get it. It's not for everyone.

    But I do disagree on a few points. The graphics being disappointing? Well, it's getting on a bit now, but at the time it was pretty impressive and IMO the overall art direction is still sublime. But you probably need to see more of the game to appreciate this (not to mention the superb expansion).

    Intentional pits, etc - yep. These are intentional. The world is supposed to be a crumbling relic of its former self. You're not making your way through the 'normal' path that the once-human occupants of this world would take - you're squeezing through nooks and crannies wherever you can, hoping that it holds. And it often doesn't.

    Narrow hallways - yep, again. Intentional. Not all weapons are suited for all situations. This is where you need to figure out the nuances of the movesets. In narrow hallways, spears become your best friend, whereas some straight swords and even greatswords also have thrusting attacks. It's all part of the fail, adapt, survive, mastery formula that us fans find so addicting.

    The grind, and lack of purpose - the grand, overarching purpose is sheer challenge. However, Dark Souls fans also crave the mystery. Every item you find, and every location you explore has its own little bit of lore attached to it. I love nothing more than piecing together little bits of information and cool little stories. It's part of what makes me excited for No Man's Sky - which again is a game that's not for everyone.

    'Git gud' - this expression is childish, abrupt and overly broad in scope. But it's also a perfect microcosm about Dark Souls. It laughs in your face, hurts you - unfairly, and challenges you to do better. How you meet this challenge is up to you. Yes, there is a grind if you want it (or can't see past it). But it's perfectly possible to get good enough to get through the entire game at a low level too.

    Finally, I'd finish off by saying there is nothing 'sad' in the fact that your opinion is in the minority. There are a million other games out there just like there are movies, books and art. Go find what you love and enjoy. Me, I adore Dark Souls and can't agree with any of those points.
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  • Finally, we know the identity of the two guys on Street Fighter 2's opening screen

  • SegaBlueSky 27/05/2016

    Nice little bit of nostalgia there, would be a fun cameo in SF5! Reply 0
  • Mighty No. 9's new trailer isn't going down well

  • SegaBlueSky 26/05/2016

    Wow. Seen some shocking trailers in 25 years of gaming but this really does take some beating. After all the constant drama and disappointment, to go with a trailer like this seems like absolute lunacy.

    Capcom, if you're ever going to be bring back Mega Man in a big way - E3 would be a bloody good time to do it after this mess.
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  • No Man's Sky delayed, no longer releasing in June - reports

  • SegaBlueSky 26/05/2016

    @Calverz Honestly, I don't know for sure. As far as I understand it, planets are generated procedurally, rather than randomly. This means that one element causes another element to exist, rather than just being a patchwork of different things. For example, a particular climate will result in certain possibilities, and the finished product is then the result of innumerable different factors. But of course we don't know how good this will actually be until it's in our hands.

    Civilizations WILL exist, apparently. You'll be able to discover lore and learn the languages of species you encounter (it's been shown that you can learn words from artifacts, which enable you to understand the odd word the aliens say, for example). I don't think it will be on the level of Mass Effect (which I love), and yes - in many ways I do think this will be a lonely game at times. But weirdly, that's why it appeals to me. I like the relative minimalism, giving you plenty to discover but not getting bogged down. I already have Mass Effect for that and countless other games, so I'm personally happy for this experience to be very different. But you can bet it on't be for everyone and I think the people that don't get on so well with it will really struggle to see the appeal.
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  • SegaBlueSky 26/05/2016

    @Calverz Loosely, to reach the centre of the universe. But it's been made clear that the game doesn't 'end' when you get there. Just speculating, but it seems very open-ended and I think the general idea is just to play until you don't feel like it anymore. Which is fine with me, love the idea of just being able to log in for a couple hours and think 'what am I gonna find today?' as I explore my own little corner of existence to an amazing soundtrack. Bliss. Reply +12
  • SegaBlueSky 26/05/2016

    @neems That's exactly why I hadn't so far. But...really want the deluxe edition and it seems that it's a Game exclusive. Urgh. Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 26/05/2016

    I'm more concerned that it appears GAME are no longer offering pre-orders for the deluxe edition...curses. Reply +1
  • PS4 passes 40m sales milestone

  • SegaBlueSky 26/05/2016

    @Psiloc It really is a great pic though. Reply +11
  • June's free Xbox Games with Gold titles include XCOM, The Crew

  • SegaBlueSky 24/05/2016

    Not the best lineup IMO but still very solid. Interesting to see if PS Plus builds on last month or reverts back to the format of previous updates... Reply 0
  • Lionhead: The inside story

  • SegaBlueSky 12/05/2016

    Wow, what an article. Already amazing and I'm nowhere near finishing it. I always dreamed of working at Lionhead when I was a teenager and this reminds me exactly why. Really would love for Molyneaux to come out with a fantastic new game again. Thanks for this, Eurogamer. Reply 0
  • Battleborn review

  • SegaBlueSky 06/05/2016

    Not normally my kind of game but curious about this and Overwatch. But to be honest I don't think shooters are made for me, these days. Reply +3
  • Dangerous Golf trailer is Burnout's Crash mode in a kitchen

  • SegaBlueSky 04/05/2016

    @Bloobat Surprised at this too, and none of the food splatters either! Everything looks so beautiful but that kills some of the fun IMO - proper destruction isn't just toppling things over! Reply 0
  • Jet Set Radio is now available on Xbox One

  • SegaBlueSky 04/05/2016

    @Sacoglossa Whaaa, I love Sonic the Fighters! Damn, wishing I had an Xbox One now...had this on my old 360. Reply +3
  • SegaBlueSky 04/05/2016

    Very cool, thankfully already got the game on PS3, Vita, Android, iOS and Steam. Oh, and Dreamcast of course! Sega, I'm not sure how many times I have to buy this game before you get the message... Reply +4
  • Alicia Vikander will play Lara Croft in next Tomb Raider film

  • SegaBlueSky 29/04/2016

    Would love this film to be great, and this is a good start. Great actor. Can debate who would be better than who all day long but ultimately just hope the script and overall direction is up to scratch. Reply 0
  • Fable developer Lionhead closes down today

  • SegaBlueSky 29/04/2016

    There's a beautiful/heartbreaking image by Damian Buzugbe as well:

    Really sad day :(
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  • PlayStation Plus May games include Tropico 5 and Table Top Racing

  • SegaBlueSky 27/04/2016

    Wow surprised to see a retail game in the lineup this month - hopefully a sign of things to come. Tropico is a good game too! Good humour and not many games like it on PS4 so pretty happy with that. Interested in Table Top Racers, GoW and Switch Galaxy Ultra too. Good month! Hope Sony keep (and build on) the momentum from here. Reply +6
  • Nintendo's NX console launches March 2017 globally

  • SegaBlueSky 27/04/2016

    Not a massive surprise but I can understand how disappointing it'll be for Ninty diehards. Very casual fan of them myself, only just bought a Wii U this year and enjoying going through the back catalogue. So I'll be looking forward to the reveal immensely but unlikely to get one on launch day. Reply +2
  • Microsoft discontinues Xbox 360

  • SegaBlueSky 20/04/2016

    Great console once it got going - the RROD was a disaster that thankfully I managed to avoid...a friend of mine went through like 5+ units though!

    Lots of fond memories, just disappointed that the Xbox One hasn't appealed to me in the same way so far.
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  • Dark Souls board game raises $71k Kickstarter goal in three minutes

  • SegaBlueSky 20/04/2016

    @robthehermit Doesn't change the fact that's too much money for me. If I had a bunch of friends that all wanted in on it then I'd be more willing to consider it. Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 20/04/2016

    I'd love to give this a go but you could probably get the entire trilogy for £80 these days. Way, way too expensive for me, especially as literally no one I know would consider playing it with me. Wish I could just buy the miniatures though, would love Ornstein and Artorias figures! Reply 0
  • Codemasters picks up Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

  • SegaBlueSky 11/04/2016

    Awesome!! So, so happy for these guys - hopefully onwards and upwards from here! I wonder if they'll continue to work on Driveclub or if they'll just be leaving the whole project behind? Reply +2
  • No Man's Sky's cool soundtrack comes out alongside the game

  • SegaBlueSky 08/04/2016

    It sounds incredible, but then I'd expect that from 65daysofstatic. Will be getting this in addition to the game for sure. Really can't wait to play this game! Heck I'd pay £20 just to fly around in a spaceship listening to this for a few hours... Reply 0
  • Massive God of War 4 leak points to Norse mythology setting

  • SegaBlueSky 05/04/2016

    God of War: Worst Gap Year EVER Reply +1
  • In Play: The new new thing

  • SegaBlueSky 01/04/2016

    Nice little roundup! My only request would be that you guys also include the platforms the games are available on - I know it's obvious for the most part and only a Google search away, but with some of the small titles I hadn't heard of them before so would have been cool to have all the info in one place. Still good though! Reply +5
  • Destiny April update includes new loot packs and infusion changes

  • SegaBlueSky 01/04/2016

    Cool, all seems like updates I will enjoy. Got a Queenbreaker's Bow sat in my vault and loved that gun when I first got it, so will be upgrading for sure. The Prison of Elders updates sound good too and the Sterling treasure packs sound good. Reply +1
  • The soul-destroying grind to unlock Street Fighter 5 character colours

  • SegaBlueSky 01/04/2016

    Not particularly bothered - I never tend to use the alt colours anyway - I'd rather have a completely different costume. Reply +1
  • Eli Roth made an animated Dark Souls short

  • SegaBlueSky 01/04/2016

    Interesting, but didn't feel very 'Dark Souls' to me - the horrendous monsters and gigantic bosses tend to have more interesting backstories. Drama and tragedy rather than all-out gore. Came across very much as the output of a generic horror director, which I guess it was. It was fine, but with Dark Souls I kinda expect a bit more. Great to see the game and world influencing people though. Reply +1
  • Final Fantasy 11 shuts down its console servers

  • SegaBlueSky 01/04/2016

    Amazing that the PC version is still going! I remember importing it from the US with a few friends because a European launch hadn't been confirmed. It was my first 'proper' MMO experience and I loved it. Brutally difficult but so rewarding. Loved playing as a Dragoon especially - largely derided by the community for years, but when soloing with a healing wyvern was new I had so many people come up to me, utterly mystified by how I was doing it. A brutal, uncompromising game but never felt a stronger sense of community. The combat is a bit dated but I liked how you had to operate as a team even as a damage dealer - in FFXIV it's more of a case of 'do your stuff right on your own over there' - which is fine in some ways but I do miss XI's systems every now and then. Reply +2
  • Final Fantasy 15 really has a flying car

  • SegaBlueSky 31/03/2016

    I haven't enjoyed any of the offline FF games since...well, probably FFIX. Loved XI and XIV as online games but never clicked with X, XII or XIII or their associated spinoffs. As such I was really not hugely interested in XV but I have to admit that after this event, I'm actually excited for FF again. Reply 0
  • Sean Bean, Aaron Paul to star in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy 15 CG movie

  • SegaBlueSky 31/03/2016

    Not expecting anything Oscar-worthy of course, but that's a heck of a cast and I'm sure it'll be a visual treat. Looking forward to this. Reply +1
  • Shadow of the Beast remake gets a release date

  • SegaBlueSky 31/03/2016

    The originals were a little before my time but this looks really cool. It seems I need to look up the original soundtrack too by the sounds of it! Reply 0
  • PlayStation Plus' April Instant Game Collection includes Zombi

  • SegaBlueSky 30/03/2016

    Well, it's an improvement this week, but nowhere near the Xbox lineup this month. Hopefully this is a sign of things slowly improving on PS Plus. Reply +19
  • Nintendo's first mobile app Miitomo launches in UK on Thursday

  • SegaBlueSky 29/03/2016

    Cool, looking forward to trying this! As usual with Ninty stuff it looks charming and deceptively addictive. Reply +1
  • Blizzard to remove Overwatch pose accused of reducing Tracer to “another bland female sex symbol”

  • SegaBlueSky 29/03/2016

    @SpaceMonkey77 That's an interesting counterargument in a few ways - lots to talk about there for sure!

    The one thing I'd say though is that while it's true that game characters aren't real, their impact is. In a sense, you could argue that no representation in culture/art/entertainment is real. Whether it's actors, illustrations, pixels, paint or sculpture - everything is 'fake' to a degree.

    The most 'real' part of every representational artform is character, personality and the meaning that we place upon it. And the direction of that depiction influences the meaning we place upon it. Obviously, the importance of these characters/personalities varies depending on a multitude of factors, but a fictional character can have as big an impact on someone as a real one, IMO.

    Not trying to just say a blanket 'you're wrong on all counts' kinda post, just found your point interesting and felt like discussing it.
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  • We know PlayStation 4.5 is real - but why is Sony making it?

  • SegaBlueSky 24/03/2016

    I guess it's possible they would want to build a version that has all the extra ports/power etc needed for PSVR as well? I'm fast running out of room for plugs behind my TV and sure wouldn't mind a clever solution all in one box. Reply +9
  • Destiny April update release date, Prison of Elders refreshed

  • SegaBlueSky 24/03/2016

    Nice to have an update - I'm a VERY casual Destiny fan so this kind of stuff appeals to me, gives me a few more weekends of entertainment out of it. More PvE and matchmaking is all good in my books.

    Might feel differently if I was playing the Division but don't really have an interest in that game, personally.
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  • Sony closes Driveclub developer Evolution

  • SegaBlueSky 22/03/2016

    Damn, really sad to hear this :( Driveclub had a woeful launch but I've never seen such good post-launch support in a non-subscription game before, let alone the value and quality of the season pass. Here's hoping everyone at the studio finds their feet real quick. Reply +83
  • Fallout 4 Season Pass currently free on UK PlayStation Store

  • SegaBlueSky 18/03/2016

    Hmm says I wasn't eligible to buy, thought I'd grab it just in case I get the game at some point, but oh well. Reply +1
  • Destiny's April update will let players look like Taken

  • SegaBlueSky 18/03/2016

    @tomphillipsEG I KNEW IT! :O

    Kinda intrigued by this but honestly not sure I'll be tempted back to Destiny any time soon. Dark Souls is only a few weeks away after all...
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  • Shuhei Yoshida talks PlayStation VR

  • SegaBlueSky 17/03/2016

    Shuhei Yoshida's interviews are always worth a read. Comes across as a good guy that loves his industry regardless of who he's working for.

    Have put in my pre-order for PSVR but really wish I could try this stuff out in person. Hopefully there'll be a good chance nearby before the October release date!
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  • Five Sony-made games for PlayStation VR

  • SegaBlueSky 16/03/2016

    Love the look of Rigs already, reminds me a bit of Virtual On. Oh, that reminds me...

    SEGA! Make a new Virtual On for this, please! Thanks!


    VR Worlds also looks like it'll be worth a shot to get a taste of some different experiences. Would have made a good pack-in, though.

    Not sure about Until Dawn - loved the original game but dunno if this will be as fun. If it was cheap I'd probably give it a go, potentially a good party game with horror-loving friends!

    The Playroom and Tumbler don't look so great though. Get the feeling something like the Playroom would have been done so much better by Nintendo - looks a bit twitchy and annoying from the trailer, but we'll see I guess.
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  • GAME shops want £100 deposit for PlayStation VR pre-order

  • SegaBlueSky 16/03/2016

    Well I put down a pre-order at Amazon since I already had some credit on there to use up. Might cancel it closer to the time if I don't like the look of the launch lineup or if money gets tight, etc. Excited enough to put the order down though - over to you, Sony! Reply +1
  • Witness the PlayStation VR in all its heavenly glory - gallery

  • SegaBlueSky 16/03/2016

    @frightlever Ah wow, hadn't heard about that! Fingers crossed this kind of stuff takes off. Reply 0