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  • NX is different, and different is Nintendo's best option

  • SegaBlueSky 28/07/2016

    I think part of the problem is that people really fall into a few camps with Nintendo. It's die-hard fans want the new Nintendo console to be their primary console. Secondary fans want them to be their alternative console, and tertiary fans are just interested in the odd Mario Kart / Smash Bros session.

    I fall into the second camp myself - always been a fan but the only time they've been my 'Primary' console was with the Wii, which didn't last too long. For me the NX looks very intriguing - not without concerns and risks - but I also see the potential. Speculation is inevitable but with something so different it's also hard to be anything but either negative or insanely overhyped, and with this it's definitely the former. Personally I'm quite happy to just wait it out and see what they come up with.

    It's all about the games at the end of the day, and my gut says that the Wii U's struggles have resulted in Nintendo holding something back for their next attempt. We all know what they're capable of at their creative best, so we'll see.
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  • Nintendo NX - games, specs, release date and everything we know about the new portable system

  • SegaBlueSky 27/07/2016

    @mazzaman89 Interesting, didn't know that. Surely that would make it a bit tricky to release games though, if for example the bigger 'AAA' games required support for different specs? Maybe they can make it smoother than that, but it sounds a bit like a can of worms development-wise. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 27/07/2016

    Pretty intrigued by all this. If they can get Wii U or better performance into a portable that can easily be hooked up to a TV at 1080p, that would be pretty cool and would be something I'd be interested in for sure. Reply +1
  • PS4 system update beta sign-ups now live

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    Cool, not tried any of the betas before - do they generally test out pretty major features when they do something like this, or is it likely to be pretty minor stuff? Signed up either way though. Reply +3
  • Your free August Xbox Live Games with Gold are...

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @Bauul Wow, that's pretty amazing, especially for an 'indie' title. Sounds like how I was with the first Dark Souls. Looks like I'll be putting aside some time to try it this weekend then! Reply +2
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @DjFlex52 I don't especially care, I was agreeing with someone else that technically, they're not free. Calling it free doesn't make it free. I'm quite happy not to talk about it any more but if you keep tagging me in messages I'll probably respond to explain my point of view. Reply -7
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @pablodiabloescobar I didn't turn it into a spat, for the record. It's getting drawn out because people disagree and tag me in a comment. It opens up a discussion. I didn't even start it, just agreed with someone else! If the conversation is mundane to you then fine, go about your business and talk about whatever, doesn't affect me. But if someone starts talking to me I'm gonna answer, more often than not.

    The bottom line is that GWG are not 'free'. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. You pay for a service and get stuff, same as Netflix or whatever. If that distinction doesn't matter to you then great, fine, whatever, enjoy your games! But I'm not wrong.
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  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @DjFlex52 No, they're not. Just because the included extras have changed doesn't mean you're not paying for them, you're just getting more value for your money. If it was a one-off extra then yeah, there'd be an argument for that, but it's a regular monthly feature of Xbox Live, has its own branded label 'Games With Gold', etc. It's an advertised part of the service now. Reply -11
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @darkmoles That's true and it's a very cool move from MS. Reply +6
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @pablodiabloescobar Except I don't feel the need to put you down, do I? I literally just said 'if you don't care then fair enough'. I do care. Nothing wrong with that either. Reply -6
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @DjFlex52 Except they're not...because you pay for Xbox Live. If you don't care then fair enough, but it doesn't change the fact. Reply -17
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @IronSoldier Seems to be more of an American thing, as Sony USA seem to still like saying 'free' as well, or at least they did last time I checked a couple months ago. Reply +2
  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    Really do need to give Spelunky another go. Played it once and it just didn't grab me in the first couple hours, never went back to it. Reply +11
  • Nintendo NX is a portable console with detachable controllers

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    In theory, I'm on board with this. The question mark that surrounds things for me though is whether this replaces the 'DS' series of handhelds and presents a single unified platform for Nintendo games?

    Also keen to know if games purchased on the Nintendo eSHop (ie. Virtual Console) will transfer across seamlessly, or if we'll have to buy them for a third time? Hopefully not...

    Either way, roll on September - it's going to be fascinating to see what they've been up to at long last!
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  • Is Sonic Mania the sequel we've waited decades for?

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    "It's a game that answers the question "What would a 2D Sonic game have looked like on Sega Saturn?"

    That alone means day one purchase for me. Ridiculously excited about this - always wanted it but never thought it would happen. The trailer already shows that they've got the core principles of what made Sonic games so great. Coupled with the quality of their mobile ports, and I'm inclined to believe this will be a quality game. Whereas the other trailer for the 3D game filled me with an instant paralyzing (yet familiar) sense of dread.

    Despite the constant disappointments in Sega over recent years, I'll always be a bit of a fanboy for them. Hopefully if this gets a good response it can be a bit of an indicator that they can revisit their past glories and make a good go of things rather than butchering them completely.
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  • Editor's blog: say hello to our new Guides Writer

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    Always thought writing guides must be pretty damn tough, so best of luck in the new role Chris. Looking forward to you helping me be less crap at games! Reply +2
  • Hyper Light Drifter review

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    Very excited to play this tonight. A little scared I won't be good enough to finish it, but we'll see. Reply 0
  • No Man's Sky has been delayed three days on PC

  • SegaBlueSky 26/07/2016

    @Seafort FYI, developers/publishers DO make money from PS Plus promotions. Not as much as if every copy was sold individually of course, but I guarantee you the buzz generated was more than worth it. Reply +3
  • Why No Man's Sky fans are worried about a patented Superformula

  • SegaBlueSky 25/07/2016

    @Manny2000 Ha, I swear everyone who doesn't like the look of NMS starts off with the words 'Am I the only one' - no, you're not the only one by any means, and that's perfectly OK. It won't be a game for everyone. If it doesn't appeal to you already then chances are it won't be this big revolutionary experience for you.

    Expecting very mixed responses from fans and press alike, but I couldn't care less. This is exactly the kind of game world that I've been wanting for years and I can't wait to spend hours exploring it.
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  • Pokémon Go's San Diego Comic-Con panel saw Team Leaders revealed

  • SegaBlueSky 25/07/2016

    @adwodon Yeah I think you're right, that's the problem with seeing comments and stuff I guess, read so much about 'don't use your lucky eggs unless you have ALL the Pokemons or you fail!'. Will probably just pop the egg and use it all at lunchtime today. Getting sick of scrolling through legions of Pidgeys in my list as well, haha. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 25/07/2016

    @Binba442 Ah, fair enough. Won't worry about it too much then, haha. Reply +1
  • SegaBlueSky 25/07/2016

    Always spin!? Dangit, I still can't get the hang of that. Anywho, I've been enjoying Pokemon GO even though I haven't got very far in it yet. Saving up Pokemon to take advantage of a lucky egg but it's taking me an absolute age to get enough to get the full 60000 exp bonus. Reply +2
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance getting re-release treatment on PC and consoles this week

  • SegaBlueSky 25/07/2016

    Always wanted to play these but no way am I ever gonna pay that much. Ł10 and under and I'll think about it. Plenty of other games to play in the meantime. Reply 0
  • Hyper Light Drifter is coming to PS4 and Xbox One this month

  • SegaBlueSky 15/07/2016

    Brilliant pre-order offer on PS4 so snapped that up straight away - was always going to get it anyway though!

    Interesting, it's labelled as a 'bundle' on the PS store page but I didn't see in the description why that is - is there a bonus theme or something, or is it including the Vita version?
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  • Pokémon Go is a phenomenon that's pushing people together

  • SegaBlueSky 11/07/2016

    Really loving the sound of this all, so far. Really hope we get a UK release this week! Reply 0
  • How to get Pokémon GO now, even in the UK

  • SegaBlueSky 06/07/2016

    @McPoo Cool, thanks! Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 06/07/2016

    Damn, jealous. Might have to boot up my old Android at home tonight and see if I can get it working!

    Question for anyone that's trying it out - is there an account system that you can transfer between devices, so I could pick it up on my iPhone when the iOS version launches?
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  • Yakuza 5 currently free if you have PlayStation Plus

  • SegaBlueSky 05/07/2016

    @StaffyDog *Sigh*, it would be so damn good, wouldn't it? Couple that with support for any PSTV-enabled Vita/PSP game and we'd be on to a real winner. Reply 0
  • CS:GO gambling sites can be "rigged" for YouTuber promotion, streamer reveals

  • SegaBlueSky 05/07/2016

    Urgh. Never liked YouTubers and this shows exactly why. The crazy thing they have more sway over game companies now than any other form of video game media. These people should face criminal prosecution for this kind of stuff. Very dangerous. Reply +14
  • What's your #BestBrexitGame?

  • SegaBlueSky 29/06/2016

    In terms of titles:

    The Banner Saga
    Shadow Complex (Shadow cabinet, geddit?? Yeah, that was bad...)

    However, if you're going to compare it to a game, there's only one true parallel: Project Godus.
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  • Fatherhood isn't the shortcut to emotional complexity games wish it was

  • SegaBlueSky 28/06/2016

    Really interesting article, makes me wish there was more of it though! A lot of great depictions of fatherhood in games - the Last of Us is the most obvious one that springs to mind and wow, that game sure hit you right in the feels. Especially if you are a father yourself.

    While I'm glad to see a layer of depth added to Kratos (and fatherhood seems a good way of doing it), but I'm much more excited to see how the relationship between the boy and the catweagle works out in The Last Guardian. I know it's had some mixed previews but I don't think any amount of 'last-gen' textures or wonky controls could stop me from wanting to experience this adventure. Can't wait.
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  • Sonic Team prepping new Sonic for next year

  • SegaBlueSky 27/06/2016

    Weirdly, I actually quite liked Sonic Lost World. The way they made the game less about speed and more about momentum and platforming was pretty cool, and the visual style was nice. While Generations I actually found a bit overrated - the 2D sections just didn't feel like classic Sonic so I actually ended up liking the 3D bits a bit better. It wasn't terrible - there were many things to enjoy about it, but it wasn't the glorious return that so many claimed, IMO.

    Honestly, at this point I'd probably most enjoy a Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing sequel. Transformed was fantastic.

    As for the rest, I think I'd probably enjoy complete remasters of the original games more than full-blown new titles. But if they do go with a new one I'd much prefer a modernized version of the 'classic' aesthetic - classic Green Hill Zone looks but brought into 3D, much like Nintendo does with Mario. And please, PLEASE, no 'friends'. I know they'll be there but a guy can try.
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  • The UK's two biggest video game magazine companies are now one

  • SegaBlueSky 23/06/2016

    Future will not close Edge - it's one of their flagship products. However GamesTM in my books has always had better editorial, by far. Unfortunately though, I think it's GamesTM that will end up disappearing. Hope they keep Retro Gamer the same at least - fantastic mag and the only one I'll actually go and buy these days. Reply +12
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE review

  • SegaBlueSky 22/06/2016

    Ah, can't believe I forgot to pre-order this!! Might have to order it tonight. Great review, EG! Reply +2
  • Mighty No. 9 review

  • SegaBlueSky 20/06/2016

    Well this game certainly seems to be splitting a lot of opinions at the moment. The IGN review really makes me think I'd be extremely disappointed with the game so I'm a bit conflicted about which way to go. At the end of the day I don't like the look of the gameplay videos though, so I think I'm going to avoid. The art style and fast-paced combo gameplay don't look great to me, and it sounds like the powerups and boss abilities just aren't really worth getting. Mega Man to me was always at it's best when you were using your new abilities to beat bosses that were previously too difficult and discovering secret areas by taking your time and exploring. None of that appears to be present here, sadly. Reply 0
  • The Last Guardian: the first 40 minutes

  • SegaBlueSky 16/06/2016

    Not too worried - I found ICO and Shadow of the Colossus to be a real pain at times as well but still loved both of them. My sense of wonder was never in the visuals but in the themes and interactions between the main character and the world/creatures around it. All the time while playing SotC I imagined what it would be like if Wander allied with one of these creatures instead of slaying it, and TLG looks to answer that question emphatically. Can't wait. Reply +3
  • Forza Horizon 3 uses the Xbox One S high dynamic range tech

  • SegaBlueSky 15/06/2016

    As a PS4 owner, Forza is probably the one title I most wish we could have! Looks fantastic. Reply +1
  • Microsoft E3 2016 conference live report

  • SegaBlueSky 13/06/2016

    OH and hololens, definitely wanna see more of that! Maybe some more concrete info about availability etc and a few more game demos... Reply 0
  • SegaBlueSky 13/06/2016

    Hoping for Sea of Thieves to make an appearance, but other than that not sure there's anything specific I'm excited about for Microsoft's presser...hope to see some good surprises and some clarity about the slim/upgraded model stuff. Reply +1
  • Xbox One S console leak: 40% smaller, 2TB, 4K

  • SegaBlueSky 13/06/2016

    Looks really nice! But it is a little concerning how there are rumours of this AND a new, more powerful model alongside. All a bit confusing, hoping we'll get some clarity during the conference. Reply 0
  • Sony confirms PlayStation 4K

  • SegaBlueSky 10/06/2016

    OK, so PlayStation Experience reveal, I guess? Or maybe TGS or Gamescom. Either way I don't have a problem with a new console, and when I have a 4k TV I daresay I'll probably be glad of the option. As long as they don't start making PS4k-exclusive games or letting the vanilla PS4 versions go to shit performance-wise then I don't mind. Reply 0
  • Watch 12 minutes of Tokyo 42's stylish stealth action

  • SegaBlueSky 09/06/2016

    The art style and concept look wonderful, really looking forward to trying it out. Hope my meager laptop will run it though... Reply 0
  • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator review

  • SegaBlueSky 08/06/2016

    @kaya08 Enjoying Bloodborne and Uncharted, then?

    Look, there's nothing wrong with PCs but the idea that you get everything while console players squabble over the scraps is a bit juvenile. As long as rival consoles exist there will always be exclusives and personally I think it's part of the fun.
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  • Skyrim remaster, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2 rumoured for E3

  • SegaBlueSky 07/06/2016

    Will look forward to checking out Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and possibly Prey 2, but couldn't be less interested in Skyrim. Tried to many times to like it but honestly one of the most overrated games of all time IMO. I'm sure 99% of the world would disagree though haha, and mod support is very cool regardless! Reply +5
  • World of Final Fantasy comes out in October

  • SegaBlueSky 07/06/2016

    Actually surprisingly excited about this! Much like Nintendo, Square Enix generally knows how to use its franchises well in these kinds of spin-off games. Reply +4
  • The UK's only video game TV show canned

  • SegaBlueSky 06/06/2016

    Can't believe I've never heard of this show...really like Dan Maher too. Hope it manages to find a new home or the team manage to start a new venture soon. And I hope that this time I actually hear about it. But seriously, can't believe I haven't seen even one ad or promo for this before, anywhere. Seems like none of the mainstream press were interested in promoting it then but are happy to report on its demise, a bit cruel really. Reply 0
  • The best Final Fantasy game is finally getting a remaster

  • SegaBlueSky 06/06/2016

    Was always a bit conflicted with FFXII. Loved the gameplay, but the characters did absolutely nothing for me, just as X did before that and XIII did afterwards. Glad it's getting remaster and I'll probably pick it up at some point, but it was a never a classic in my eyes as the story just wasn't up there with the classics. Reply +2
  • Street Fighter 5 pro player takes Guile to the next level

  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2016

    As someone who never watches eSports, this does absolutely nothing to convince me otherwise. Awful commentator and, well...the 'action' was pretty dull as well. Nothing like that infamous SF3 comeback video, which was immense and is still much more impressive to my untrained eye. Reply +28
  • I came to Dark Souls so late that it's basically like going to Disneyland

  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2016

    @regret Yeah exactly. Nothing wrong with that at all, but hopefully I put across a different way of seeing it at least, to help explain where the appeal lies for those that do click with it. Dark Souls is easily in my top 5 games of all time and I don't think even From Software can replicate the magic of the first one again. DS3 and Bloodborne both came close (and are fantastic), and of course Demon Souls started it all, but Dark Souls was near enough perfection in my eyes. Reply +6
  • SegaBlueSky 03/06/2016

    @Eraser I'm a massive Dark Souls dan - probably the kind that you'd expect to throw out the 'git gud' remark and move on - but actually, I totally get it. It's not for everyone.

    But I do disagree on a few points. The graphics being disappointing? Well, it's getting on a bit now, but at the time it was pretty impressive and IMO the overall art direction is still sublime. But you probably need to see more of the game to appreciate this (not to mention the superb expansion).

    Intentional pits, etc - yep. These are intentional. The world is supposed to be a crumbling relic of its former self. You're not making your way through the 'normal' path that the once-human occupants of this world would take - you're squeezing through nooks and crannies wherever you can, hoping that it holds. And it often doesn't.

    Narrow hallways - yep, again. Intentional. Not all weapons are suited for all situations. This is where you need to figure out the nuances of the movesets. In narrow hallways, spears become your best friend, whereas some straight swords and even greatswords also have thrusting attacks. It's all part of the fail, adapt, survive, mastery formula that us fans find so addicting.

    The grind, and lack of purpose - the grand, overarching purpose is sheer challenge. However, Dark Souls fans also crave the mystery. Every item you find, and every location you explore has its own little bit of lore attached to it. I love nothing more than piecing together little bits of information and cool little stories. It's part of what makes me excited for No Man's Sky - which again is a game that's not for everyone.

    'Git gud' - this expression is childish, abrupt and overly broad in scope. But it's also a perfect microcosm about Dark Souls. It laughs in your face, hurts you - unfairly, and challenges you to do better. How you meet this challenge is up to you. Yes, there is a grind if you want it (or can't see past it). But it's perfectly possible to get good enough to get through the entire game at a low level too.

    Finally, I'd finish off by saying there is nothing 'sad' in the fact that your opinion is in the minority. There are a million other games out there just like there are movies, books and art. Go find what you love and enjoy. Me, I adore Dark Souls and can't agree with any of those points.
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