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  • Book Club

    Looks like we got ourselves a reader 213 Members

  • Booze

    Anything alcohol related 152 Members

  • Emulation

    Discuss emulation of any kind, on any machine. 78 Members

  • Folding@Home

    A group for members of the Eurogamer Forum Folding@Home Team,
    number 59094. 78 Members

  • God of War Appreciation Society

    You'll get a blade in the face if you don't join 22 Members

  • Grand Theft Auto IV

    434 Members

  • Judgment Wizards

    A meeting point for all EG Eye of Judgment Players! 35 Members

  • LittleBigPlanet Level Makers

    The aim of this group is to collect gamers from EG who share the
    goal of creating levels in LittleBigPlanet (by Media Molecule)
    and providing a single area for… 5789 Members

  • LusoPlay

    Comunidade LusoPlay Portuguesa. 51 Members

  • Metal Gear Solid

    A group celebrating the genius of Hideo Kojima and his premier
    creation: Metal Gear Solid 95 Members

  • MotorStorm Madness

    Where we can schedule our massive Eurogamer races! 22 Members

  • OutRun Racers Club

    For all things OutRun related! 144 Members

  • Philosophy and Religion

    1) Disagree respectfully 2) Do not attempt to convert 3) Do
    not attempt to destroy people's faith 71 Members

  • Poll Me

    Poll the EG populace! 10 Members

  • PS3 Lodge

    Keep the console war crap out and we'll all get along just fine
    ^_______^ 98 Members

  • PS3, I Choose You!

    The Only PS3 Group You'll Ever Need! 440 Members

  • PSN Matchmaking

    A group to end the countless "Post your PSN ID" and scattered
    "Game X PS3 Multiplayer" threads! For each game you intend to
    find other people to play with, sim… 11 Members


    Don't hate the PSP? Get on in here! 154 Members

  • Sega Fans Never Say Die!

    For the company that does what Nintendon't. 185 Members

  • Team ICO Gamers

    Team ICO Fan Forum 1226 Members

  • The Playstation Vita Group

    The NGP/PSP2/Vita group, tracking the console and it's upcoming
    games to launch and then maybe using it as a fan group
    afterwards :) 38 Members

  • The PSPgo Group!

    A place for Go users! 14 Members

  • Trophy Whores

    Discussion of PS3 Trophies 78 Members