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  • Vive launching a new VR headset that doesn't need a PC or phone

  • Scrumhalf 18/05/2017

    I love my Vive! - still use it most days and had it since (almost!) day of release, lots of cool new things all the time Reply +7
  • Sumo Digital's Snake Pass is coming to Switch

  • Scrumhalf 02/02/2017

    Played this a lot at EGX it is superb, the kids loved it - and will definitely now get it on Switch instead of PS4 as it is perfectly suited to a more portable experience. Reply 0
  • Eurogamer reader's top 50 games of 2016 voting

  • Scrumhalf 09/12/2016

    Overcooked is not on the list - has to be game of the year :)

    Or Raw Data I do like to be scared silly in VR
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  • Ditto finally released into Pokémon Go

  • Scrumhalf 23/11/2016

    Read the article, instantly caught one from a Pidgey - freaky, weird but cool :) Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift customers face shipping delays, HTC Vive makes optimistic promises

  • Scrumhalf 12/04/2016

    Not impressed with HTC, had my original order cancelled due to credit card being rejected (despite talking to company and authorising the payment on the phone).

    Have managed to get a new order for April via the, frankly disturbing, route of being called from Chad and them taking over my phone via HTC Rescue and ordering again.

    Since then no idea what is happening or whether the credit card will simply be rejected again and no obvious way of finding out either.
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  • Sony's E3 victory was a PR stunt, but PlayStation 4 is still the one to watch

  • Scrumhalf 13/06/2013

    I for one, am much more likely to buy an XBox One than a PS4 - and strangely some of that is because of all the issues around DRM.

    I have 3 kids and therefore not much time to play games (well my games, there seems to be plenty for the kids to play on the Wii U!) when I do I end up playing whatever is in the disc drive or downloaded ones (we have 360 and PS3). Therefore having a few games already on the hard drive ready to go and not needing to hunt for the disc is a huge benefit. I hardly ever (in fact never) take my consoles out the house and as I am over 35 will never go to a friends house to play games - we do occasionally play online on a Sunday morning. Therefore the XBox One suits this perfectly, and the always online nature and ability to not have to find the discs to play the games I own is a massive advantage from where I sit (normally the sofa!).

    The PS4 is looking more and more like a PC and the games are more adult in nature (or what has been shown so far) - I use my PC to play those types of games as the kids are in the lounge more often than not. My PC is far more powerful than the PS4 so it's value is vastly diminished to me as it is not offering me enough that is different to that.

    My personal opinion is that primarily games consoles in their current guise are naturally coming to an end - they need to offer more and something different as has been evolving during this generation. Microsoft appear to be in the market to be disruptive and make people think differently - this is no bad thing. What eventually comes out and is for sale and the way it is used may not be markedly different to now - but it can be and in a lot of ways should be. Disruption to a comfortable market is good just ask Apple and Nintendo with their Wii.
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  • Frozen Synapse on iPad in May, Android version "shortly after"

  • Scrumhalf 04/04/2013

    I do hope it works on iPad 1 - as I still refuse to buy another one but more and more stuff is not compatible with it :( Reply +1
  • Nintendo Wii U GamePad - more responsive than your TV?

  • Scrumhalf 30/11/2012

    It does depend on the TV, but LCD and LED TV's seem to be more laggy. It is not all modern TVs at fault though, my Panasonic Plasma is very good at games.

    The difference between it and the Wii U GamePad is very slight (strange modulation in sound as the TV is a fraction behind).
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  • Wii U price round-up: where's cheapest?

  • Scrumhalf 29/11/2012

    ShopTo are fantastic - mine arrived this morning. Reply +1
  • LittleBigPlanet Karting review

  • Scrumhalf 07/11/2012

    Played this and F1 Race Stars at the Expo - kept going back to F1 Race Stars, it was so much more fun. Reply +3
  • Nintendo admits Wii U to be sold at loss

  • Scrumhalf 25/10/2012

    I seem to be in the minority - but really looking forward to getting mine and playing with the family. It was great fun at the Eurogamer Expo. Reply +14
  • BBC iPlayer heads to Xbox Live next week

  • Scrumhalf 14/03/2012

    @LHH this is most likely nothing to do with iPlayer, but the networking on the PS3.

    Mine was like that, found out the trick of running it through a proxy and it is now fine - streams HD with no problem
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  • Happy Action Theater Review

  • Scrumhalf 13/02/2012

    Getting my kids to stop playing it is the hardest part - it is utterly superb if you have small children (mine are 7, 5 and 3). It is easy to join in as well :) Reply +30
  • Metro Politics: What Xbox's New Dash Means

  • Scrumhalf 09/12/2011

    Can anyone explain why my dashboard (beta) has a black background and all the pictures have a white one - I much prefer the white, but can't seem to change it?

    I have tried 'Themes' but that does not really do it.
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  • Out This Week - 18/11/11

  • Scrumhalf 15/11/2011

    Is there going to be a review of 'Disneyland Adventures'?

    I realise that most readers want the details on the latest and greatest core releases, but I have 3 kids under 8 who are compiling Christmas lists. Knowing which of the kids games will work (especially Kinect ones) and which will annoy them is of great interest to me.
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  • Kinect Sports Season 2 Review

  • Scrumhalf 28/10/2011

    Got this yesterday and it is a really fun family game as was the first one, my 7 year old daughter is a fan of them both - that stood the test of time in our house and I have no reason to believe this one wont as well. Reply +2
  • Batman: Arkham City

  • Scrumhalf 14/10/2011

    So question - I want to play this on my 3DTV (I am not interested in the worthiness of this question!) which is the version to get? PS3 (normally better at 3D) or XBOX360 (normally better with graphics in general). Reply +2
  • Burnout Crash! coming to iPhone, iPad

  • Scrumhalf 13/10/2011

    I bought this on XBLA and have really liked it, played it loads - but I must admit it is perfectly suited for the iPad Reply 0
  • Fresh SSX footage defies reality

  • Scrumhalf 30/09/2011

    Played this at the Expo - it was really good fun, although the demo was a bit flaky with crashes.The demo was a selection of a couple of runs on a couple of mountains and you were on your own, the runs were long and felt nice and open (except when you had cliffs to fall off!). The controls were a bit over-sensitive (nothing that can't be tweaked in 4 months!) but quite soon the flow was there and you found yourself hunting out jumps and concentrating on making best use of the terrain.It was one of my favourite games of the Expo, went back and played it through a few times :) Reply 0
  • Eurogamer Expo set up pics: Day 1

  • Scrumhalf 21/09/2011

    We went to McDonalds about 2 streets away last time Reply 0
  • The Gunstringer

  • Scrumhalf 16/09/2011

    Strange - this is the first time I have completely disagreed with a review on Eurogamer. This is just plain wrong, we got it yesterday and enjoying it a lot.

    The Kinect in our house gets more play time than anything else, admittedly I have 3 small children but it is far, far from an expensive pointless folly.
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  • Forza Motorsport 4

  • Scrumhalf 17/06/2011

    Having got a Logitech G27 all my driving games are on the PS3 now as it makes such a huge difference - unless Microsoft sort this out then this might be the first Forza I miss out on. Reply +10
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

  • Scrumhalf 19/05/2011

    I am 36 and never played it and my 7 year old daughter is excited about it - so we can't wait. Reply +22
  • Valve outs PS3 Portal 2 Steam features

  • Scrumhalf 14/04/2011

    Swapped mine from 360 to PS3, I wonder if you can play 2 player on the same account i.e. using my iMac in one room and my PS3 in another to do co-op. Better than split-screen :) Reply 0
  • Out This Week – 01/04/2011

  • Scrumhalf 28/03/2011

    Got Motorstorm last week - really, really enjoying it. Plays fantastically in 3D and is just plain fun :) Reply +1
  • Amazon accused of 3DS delivery failure

  • Scrumhalf 25/03/2011

    ShopTo are brilliant at delivery and have never failed me - games nearly always turn up 1 or 2 days early and consoles/hardware is sent out on TNT 24hr delivery for free. This time they even accidentally sent my Motorstorm Apocalypse - so I got that a whole week early :)

    There is just no reason to go elsewhere...
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  • Scrumhalf 25/03/2011

    Should have gone to - most seemed to arrive a day early :) Reply +6
  • Forza 4 has 500 cars, 10x better looks

  • Scrumhalf 24/03/2011

    But still my Logitech G27 is not supported - so it is unlikely to get a sale here. Reply +8
  • GAME, HMV pin 3DS price at Ł229.99

  • Scrumhalf 21/01/2011

    ShopTo have just changed theirs to Ł199.98 for a limited time - received the email about 50 mins ago. Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo 5

  • Scrumhalf 24/11/2010

    @Tiger_Walts - so is this likely to cause the slight crosstalk problem I am seeing, as it appears on objects close to the screen the most. i.e. in normal weather it is the side window of the in-car or the nearest corner of the car when a rotating camera is used on a replay? Reply +1
  • Scrumhalf 24/11/2010

    There have been a couple of people asking about 3D, I played last night in 3D with a Logitech G27 and Playseat and it is very, very good and immersive - I have not tried the photos yet. In general the 3D effect is very good, but....

    There are some limitations with the 3D, and for that reason I may use the 2D just as much if not more. The 3D is in lower resolution (and as I sit close to the TV for racing games, noticeable), the game produces a strange crosstalk artifact on some particular areas, most noticeable in the night driving sections (this is definately game and not TV related as I never get crosstalk, thanks Panasonic, and it only occurs in certain areas).

    It is also tricky to switch it on and off, and there are 2 completely esoteric options that make little sense that may help make it better (please help DF, what is convergence?) - this makes it difficult to play with the options as only the gameplay & photos are in 3D the menus are not (just lower resolution) and it takes ages to get from the options menu to the game and back.
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  • UK Kinect launch stock is "tight"

  • Scrumhalf 05/11/2010

    I have the 250Gb 360S + Kinect on order with shopto I am assuming there are "plenty" of them as well - I hope. My 6 year old daughter is so excited I can't comprehend it not coming :( Reply +5
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn was Fluff's Yarn first

  • Scrumhalf 07/10/2010

    Was close to being my game of the EG Expo - utterly brilliant. I thought it was out before next year, that is depressing :( Reply 0
  • Ubisoft Kinect trio are launch titles

  • Scrumhalf 05/10/2010

    I think the idea of my kids flailing around wildly in front of the expensive plasma television WITHOUT something in their hands may make it worth the cost :) Reply +4
  • Scrumhalf 05/10/2010

    I liked Kinect at the show - I only played Joyride but it worked ok for me. My mileage might vary as I have 3 kids, including 6 & 4 yr old girls who will love Dance Central and the Kinect Adventures. Reply +5
  • Crysis 2 will be more fun in 3D

  • Scrumhalf 24/09/2010

    Is this going to be 3D on all platforms? Reply 0
  • Molyneux to keynote Eurogamer Expo, Gears of War 3 playable!

  • Scrumhalf 17/09/2010

    Cool - I am there on Friday so will attend that :)

    Now all I want is Kinect and it will be complete.
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  • Gran Turismo 5 weather and effects

  • Scrumhalf 17/09/2010

    Just ordered a Logitech G27 for this - hope it arrives and has full support in the game :) Reply +3
  • Blu-ray 3D support hits PS3 next week

  • Scrumhalf 16/09/2010


    You are not entirely correct as the data sent to the TV is not all the pixels for both 1080p images, although you are correct with the concept that 24hz makes it easier. The Full HD 3D uses a technology called frame-packing and is similar to JPEG compression in that it sends the keyframe and then differences between the 2 frames rather than the full image of both frames - as they are naturally quite similar this reduces the required bandwidth significantly and as such easily works with HDMI1.3 technology (in fact I am not sure HDMI 1.4 has any more, but I could be wrong!)
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  • R.U.S.E.

  • Scrumhalf 07/09/2010

    On the PS3 demo there was some pop in of the terrain when zooming in and out - not totally distracting, but not ideal. Is this the same on the X360 as I am trying to weigh up this versus the extra Move controls as the right way to go. Reply +2
  • EA big hitters at Eurogamer Expo

  • Scrumhalf 06/09/2010

    I may have missed it - but is Kinect at the Expo? Reply 0
  • Doom 4 dev: 3D needs more time

  • Scrumhalf 25/08/2010

    As an owner of a 3DTV some of the stuff written here is not entirely accurate - some is :)

    In general the 3DTVs on the market today are adaptations of the highest-end kit that each manufacturer offers, including Panasonic the one I own (theri top end 2D is V20 and the 3D is VT20) - and as such the quality of the result is directly related to the cost. Interestingly IMO and others (read AVForuims) the quality of TVs has gone down over the last few years as well as the cost - so it is not necessarily true to say the cost will reduce then I will buy in.

    The blur/flicker you see on 3D demo TVs (as with a lot of shop TV demos) is often caused by bad set up (or overused active shutter glasses), but the cheaper end televisions will suffer more from this. It is caused by the refresh rate not being quite fast enough to keep up with the left/right eye switch, this can leave part of the image left over from the other eye and appears as a blur - called crosstalk.You will get practically zero on the Panasonic as it is Plasma and it has specially formulated phosphors that react quicker to reduce this effect - I can categorically state that all the games I have played on 3D on the PS3 I have not noticed any blur, often it is no more different than 1080p/720p difference which is imperceptible in a lot of cases. Using Sky 3D it is somewhat different as this uses side-by-side rendering so it is sub-HD and relies on the TV more to do the processing and therefore the TV quality is more pronounced, PS3 uses Framepacked.

    The glasses are really no issue to me, but I do wear glasses all the time and have done for 20 years, they quite neatly sit on top of mine and feel slightly heavier for the first couple of minutes. One strange side-effect with active-shutter glasses is that if your TV is near a window (or any strong light-source) that does flicker which can be annoying - but curtains are a great invention so not a massive problem.

    If anyone has sensible questions about what it is like to own a 3DTV, what are the games/Sky 3D like (I don't currently have 3D-Bluray,waiting for the PS3 upgrade), or whether it is worth it - I am happy to answer them
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  • MotorStorm 3D Rift on PSN this week

  • Scrumhalf 24/08/2010

    @BradlayLaw - I have a Panasonic VT20 and it is amazing, the standard 2D picture is the best I have ever seen and the 3D works very well - you will be pleased you went with it. I actually think it is good value, the standard HD 1080p panel is the best out there and you get 2 sets of glasses and the WiFi dongle (useful for DLNA streaming) in the box.

    The PS3 games are all quite good fun especially Wipeout 3D and I am very pleased there is more MotorStorm as I don't own the full version.

    Sky 3D preview is not bad, quite looking forward to the launch of that on 1st October as well.
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  • PlayStation 3D: Performance Analysis

  • Scrumhalf 03/07/2010

    Having played all the current 3D titles available to download on PS3 I am actually very impressed with what is there - I would admit that it will always be quite niche (at least for a while) and will not replace all gaming it certainly has its place. I wear glasses normally and have the Panasonic VT20 (admittedly more for the THX 1080p panel than 3D but never harms to future proof) which uses Active Shutter glasses.

    Super Stardust is the cream of the crop and looks fantastic - I now prefer to play in 720p 3D than 1080p HD it just has a better feeling. Wipeout HD is very impressive - I think the comment of it having a tint is more to do with the TV setup than the game. Motorstorm in 3D is really quite fun and does add something different.

    I was not completely convinced before playing them for myself and in my own living room but I am now a convert - although I see it as another option rather than the default for playing all games.
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  • Japanese turned off by 3D glasses

  • Scrumhalf 02/07/2010

    I really like my Panasonic VT20 :) Reply -5
  • Sony defends 3D glasses

  • Scrumhalf 01/07/2010

    I wear glasses all the time and have a 3DTV which requires active shutter glasses - it really is no big deal.

    I for one am impressed with the technology as it is today and is a great addition to what we already have - although full mainstream adoption maybe a stretch too far.
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  • New PAL Releases Roundup

  • Scrumhalf 21/05/2010

    I couldn't decide and had them all on pre-order - so went with Red Dead Redemption, Split/Second and Mod Nation Racers. Reply +1
  • Alan Wake

  • Scrumhalf 05/05/2010

    I actually like the review - it was entertaining. Which for an entertainment product is great. All these people saying Ellie shouldn't be allowed to do serious reviews or serious interviews - we are talking about games here. Which I have enjoyed playing and being part of the community of for over 20 years, but I would never get upset about it not being taken seriously. It is dissapointing to hear that something you were looking forward to is not all it could be according to one person - but please get some perspective.Please keep these reviews going Ellie that was a most enjoyable and fun read on the way to work :) Reply +31
  • Split/Second demo on Xbox Live

  • Scrumhalf 26/04/2010

    Fantastic - had it pre-ordered, but definitely leaving this one on :)

    It is slow to start with - but with a bit of drafting and no crashing, it gets up to speed and then it is a real "in the zone" racer just like the original Burnout, but better.
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  • Settlers DRM problems not yet resolved

  • Scrumhalf 07/04/2010

    It appears to be down again.

    Ubisoft are now making a HUGE mistake, the forum hardly works to actually post any anger and they never reply to any support tickets. The forum manager is desperately trying to defend the indefensible!
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