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  • Here's what Monster Hunter World's Day One microtransaction prices look like

  • Scoops 27/01/2018

    @Mantis41 indeed you could potentially argue that Tesla already offers micro transactions (which arenít very micro) so you can upgrade the carís abilities! Pay to win if ever I saw it 😜 Reply +3
  • Paladins unveils loot box cards like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and no one seems happy

  • Scoops 03/12/2017

    I have played quite a few hours of paladins on a casual basis and I have spent a bit of money on their packs. This was because I knew what I was getting. If developers make good looking cosmetic items, I think more people will buy them BECAUSE they know what they are getting for the money. That is the reason I have never bought crystals - I donít want to pay for a chance to win it. Whether just cosmetic or not, loot boxes are not necessary, people will buy the things they want, just give them a chance. I will happily support the Paladins devs if they take that route and that will support the game and the gamer.

    Overwatch is as guilty as EA when it comes to normalising gambling like activity in games and I donít want my hobby to go down that route if I can at all help it.

    Loot boxes are normalising gambling
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  • Destiny 2 director defends its shaders as one-time use items

  • Scoops 08/09/2017

    I think Jim Sterling has pretty much hit this on the head a number of times now so I won't bore you with his points, watch them yourself if you can't see why microtransactions, pre-ordering, lootbox (effectively gambling which allows them to take advantage of people with addictive tendencies in order to make money) and all the other nonsense so utterly bad for gaming.

    My main concern is that media like Eurogamer is lapping it up, telling us about how great the game is going to be and the features the game has without actually looking at it and expressing an opinion. The recent 'Shadow of Mordor - Make Money from the Memory of our Late Friend DLC - Gold Edition' debacle says it all. A lazy cut and paste article without actually reading into and, you know, do the journalist bit of their job. It was likely only followed up after the site comments and efforts by others to let people know the truth about it. Just a correction - no comment, follow up, opinion. Indeed, I have know idea what their opinions are on microtransactions or anything else because they don't offer it. Eurogamer (and other web sites) should be making a stand on the state of the gaming industry in my view. I want them to ask questions, be critical, get some passion back about it for pity's sake! If you want a critical eye cast upon the video game industry, I am afraid that you aren't going to find it here. Quite sad really.
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  • Shadow of War developer who died of cancer immortalised as an in-game orc slayer

  • Scoops 02/09/2017

    So Eurogamer, you have dropped the ball on this - WB could easily cross any international barriers giving donations if it wanted to. Unfortunately it has resulted in perhaps the worst example of money grabbing I think I have seen... The creation of the DLC was a fitting and fair tribute but the reality is that WB will be making money from that memory, the family will get nothing and they decided to try and hide that fact in tiny small print despite saying all proceeds would go to the family. Sad. Reply +9
  • Bubsy's 21-year comeback is launching on Halloween

  • Scoops 23/08/2017

    I would rather have Cool Spot or definitely Plok! I remember sticking Bubsy into my Super Magicom and swiftly removing it after a few minutes! One of a worst gaming characters of the 90s? Reply +2
  • Let's talk about the controversial Ark: Survival Evolved price hike

  • Scoops 21/07/2017

    Developers can charge what they want of course but right now they want £50 for an early access game! That is expensive. They still have it as early access on Steam. It isn't finished. The argument that the game has more content so should be more expensive now seems wrong. People bought the game for what it was going to be, not what it was. That is the point of investing in early access. You expect the game to have less bugs (or no bugs at all) and no content don't you? The attitude of this developer has been pretty poor and in some respects represents what is wrong with attitudes to customers.

    You need look no further than their decision to sell DLC for an unfinished early access game? I would have been a bit hacked off they spent time making content for a game that needed additional content (as it was early access) and then selling it to me again!

    It is up to the individual to decide whether or not the game is value to them. To me the real issue is how the developer has treated the customer and continues to.
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  • Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot boxes spark pay-to-win fears

  • Scoops 02/07/2017

    Busy comments thread but I will add my 2p...

    I don't get why people think need to 'recover their costs somehow' - you are paying up front for a game at top end prices. I think they would call it maximising their revenue stream.

    I don't mind DLC or even picking up crates during play because you are.. you know, playing anyway - as long as it is for cosmetic items. I have even been known to pay actual money for the odd item because it looks bloody cool (The new Realm Pack in Paladins is a tiny step in the right direction) but here is the issue:

    Paying for randomised crates is gambling.
    It should be regulated - IMO
    I will be more likely to pay for what I want rather than a chance to have what I want. This approach means I will spend bugger all!

    I am glad games the TF2 have taken a different approach. I haven't picked that or the original up yet so I might just check them out.

    As for Battlefront, I am still looking forward to it but I guess I should have realised this would happen...
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  • How Call of Duty: WW2 handles swastikas and female soldiers

  • Scoops 19/06/2017

    The America's Army idea sounds like a good way of doing it. Personally, if they are going to the effort of saying 'historically accurate' and even have employed a historian then go the whole hog. Either make a game that accurately depicts what happened or leave the pretence at accuracy at the door.

    It seems a bit disrespectful to water down this utterly crap episode in human history in order to best realise your marketing potential. I would prefer a switchable accuracy mode for those of us who are adults! It wouldn't impact on gameplay. They are going to have to produce a swastika free version for Germany (as already mentioned) anyway so they are doing the work already to produce a two-tier version.
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  • Virgin Media wants you to buy its "boss-mode level" broadband for gamers

  • Scoops 31/08/2016

    Perhaps the disappointing aspect is the lack of consistency across the country. I have been on Virgin in different parts of the country and always had a speed at least of the stated top speed. I was upgraded from 50mb to 70mb last year and took advantage of a cheap monthly deal so I can't complain. In terms of this package though it is hard to see the real need. What kind of data rates do modern online games use these days in addition to a Twitch broadcast? Reply 0
  • The first Elite: Dangerous player to reach Triple Elite status gets £10K

  • Scoops 17/12/2014

    @Eldritch good call on that one! Next they will be offering golden sundials like the piiman games!

    At least everyone starts at a base level - I think the competition will be healthy. Is there any news on the date or specs for the Mac version? I am going to guess my mid 2007 iMac isn't going to handle this one!!
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  • Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini

  • Scoops 18/10/2014

    Can totally understand where @pmj85 is coming from there! We all spend significant amounts of money on hardware, regardless of which manufacturer we use. The fact you can remove the sticker isn't the point, hardly fills you with confidence if they can't even put a sticker on straight!

    The 5K looks very interesting and could be the best gaming Mac for a long time... I can't imagine the performance at that resolution is going to be stellar. I see they do the R9 M295 as a £200 option, any opinions out there on that? My iMac is now 7 years old and has just been upgraded to Yosemite - probably the last supported OS upgrade it will have - still can't complain after all that time, still runs well!
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  • Lords of Midnight creator Mike Singleton dies

  • Scoops 16/10/2012

    Sad news. The memories of playing LoM and then Doomdark's Revenge will always be great gaming moments for me.

    I hope Chris continues with the iOS development so it can be released as a monument to Mike and all he achieved.
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  • Steve Perlman calls on gamers to give reborn OnLive a chance

  • Scoops 29/08/2012

    It seems I am alone in actually liking Onlive? My daughter loves Lego Harry Potter which we can play on the computer or on the big TV depending on what we are up to. The micro console is so small I can cart it upstairs too if I need to which is nice and she always has her latest save there no matter where we log in. I use a power line adapter for a wired connection and find the experience excellent although I admit it was rather sucky over wifi.

    If it all comes to a crashing end I won't be bitter. I have had my fun for not much money - hell I bought some crap physical media games in the past that cost more. Graphically it isn't quite the console experience some expect although it isn't bad via the micro console but it is good enough most of the time.

    Onlive and it's contemporaries all face issues with infrastructure and the like but, like anything, it has to start somewhere and it seems likely the big players are watching with interest. Sony have paid a lot (too much) for a similar service and I think it is in Onlive's benefit to partner up at some point with one of the big players out there. Google, Facebook, who knows - seems like a natural extension to their businesses.
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  • Face-Off: ZX Spectrum vs. Commodore 64

  • Scoops 02/05/2012

    Stu Campbell hasn't popped up to say what he said in his blog. Sorry for the blatant copy and paste but copyright to WoS....

    Eurogamer, for example, takes a big dump on the Speccy's birthday cake by calling on Julian Rignall (editor of a C64 magazine), Steve Jarratt (editor of a C64 magazine), Gary Penn (writer on a C64 magazine), Gary Liddon (writer on a C64 magazine), Jason Page (a C64 coder) and Paul Glancey (writer on a C64 magazine) Ė with only some three-year-old quotes from the sadly-deceased Jonathan "Joffa" Smith holding up the Speccy's end of the debate Ė to come to the startling opinion that the C64 is deemed the superior machine.
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  • Rock Band iOS "no longer playable" after 31st May

  • Scoops 02/05/2012

    A couple of things spring to mind:

    1. It isn't as if you bought it as IAPs, the original app was self contained and paid for.
    2. I don't have it but I can't see why it needs an internet connection - why can't they just drop the online support?
    3. A few people have said this isn't unusual - remember it isn't just some multiplayer part of the game being dropped - the message is that the whole app will no longer work and I suspect few used it as a multiplayer game anyhow.
    4. They have the shame to be still selling it - anyone could go out now and easily drop £10 on the app and IAPs only to find it stops working in less than a month.
    5. Over at the Touch Arcade forums a few people have said they have contacted Apple and they will honour refunds (interesting as the refunds will come from EA so get your requests in quick!)
    6. If this really is the digital revolution, I don't want to be part of it. Having said that EA are in the minority so maybe it won't be so bad after all!!
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  • UK's first 4G network could launch this year

  • Scoops 13/03/2012

    As has been said already, the most important factor is hardware support. The fact is that the two devices mentioned here wouldn't support UK LTE regardless of whether our coverage was 100%. Besides, it feels like we have never quite 'got there' with the 3G rollout - what chance do we have with 4G? Reply 0
  • Apple unveils its new iPad

  • Scoops 08/03/2012

    A few posters have said they are disappointed. What would it have taken for you not to be disappointed? Reply +2
  • Killzone coming to PlayStation Network

  • Scoops 12/01/2012

    A lot of you have already hit the nail on the head. For me KZ1 was something really ambitious, after all the PS2 wasn't blessed with great FPS games and it was nice that we could have as 'our' Halo. I think the whole Halo killer hype came from the press rather than Sony or the studio. It looked pretty amazing in terms of the artwork and production and was one of the best looking 'still shot' games.

    Once things started moving however it was clear the engine just wasn't up to it. If only they had made KZ with the Black engine... I appreciated the slower pace but it seemed to lack the advanced AI that had been raved about.

    Multiplayer was hugely enjoyable although probably rubbish by today's standards. I wasted many hours battling with the network adapter playing this one.

    I think a straight port is disappointing though, at least sort the framerate out.
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  • OnLive app rolling out for iPad, Android tablets

  • Scoops 08/12/2011

    I don't kow if the iPad version is due out today, the only reference at Onlive is that other tablets and phones, read iOS, are coming soon. It is obviously nearly ready as most demos I have seen use the iPad. Should be interesting though, looking forward to it. Reply +1
  • Turning Your Android Phone into a Retro Gaming Powerhouse

  • Scoops 05/12/2011

    It is a pity iOS isn't as well catered for without having to jailbreak. It would be nice playing some of the classics on an iCade or similar. At least there is growing support from devs releasing retro stuff (Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger etc.) so you can play classics and feel self righteous too. Special mention to Elite Systems who have their Spectrum emulator in the app store along with a whole load of games you can buy for not very much - they appear to be branching out into other machines too. Not quite the same as open emulation as shown on Android but it is better than nothing... Reply 0
  • Game of the Week: Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

  • Scoops 30/09/2011

    Played SotC at the Expo and thought this was what was originally intended. It is still the same game but the solid framerate really lifts it. Can't wait to play them both all over again. Reply +5
  • Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection HD

  • Scoops 09/09/2011

    I hate you use the phrase but two magical games - they must be because I took the time to complete both. The first time Yorda takes your hand or the first time you see a Colossus - great gaming moments for me. It is great to see so many people here loving the games too.

    I never found the framerate to be a killer in either, though it is noticeably variable in SotC so a solid framerate should make these even more of a joy to play.

    I am not too bothered about the score really but as a collection of this calibre - hard to see how anything other than 10 was considered.
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  • OnLive UK release date announced

  • Scoops 13/08/2011


    Yep, the compressed video is my biggest issue with the service. I don't like how the colours get washed out either but I guess it will be up to the consumer to decide whether or not that is something they find acceptable. I will be interested to see how it works over a wired connection (I wonder if WiFi is throttled as they always issue a warning about it on log in) via their gaming box. I hope the better scaling of my TV has a positive effect on the picture.

    Will try and bag on for free at EG Expo I guess!!
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  • Scoops 11/08/2011

    Having played on the US service I would say this is pretty exciting. The fact you can try games for free, switch between them quickly and have the whole social system built-in makes the experience quite compelling. Lag has never been a factor though the graphics need to sharpen up a bit to meet the claim of HD gaming. Fingers crossed the UK servers will only improve the service. Amazed they didn't partner Virgin rather than BT but there you go. I believe it normally uses a 5-6mbit connection but can run down to 1.5 ish - decent connection required then.

    Good luck to them - it will be interesting to see the pricing...
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  • Why Disney closed Black Rock

  • Scoops 08/07/2011

    The console Market seems absolutely ruthless right now and I don't see how that is going to change, especially for the next gen whenever that arrives. On a slighter happier note if any ex-devs from Black Rock are reading - Split/Second is a cracking game, thanks. Reply 0
  • Introducing Nintendo Wii U

  • Scoops 07/06/2011

    The ability to move from TV to U is quite nice, especially if you really need a poo or someone else is using it. Other than that I didn't see anything that really amazed me though I admit this is the first story I clicked on and haven't read anything else about it. Indeed some of the features seemed like they were trying a bit too hard. The baseball game - sure it changes the mechanic slightly but could be done on screen now and are you really going to browse the web like that???Still, not to be negative, anything that is a bit different is always welcome. Reply +6
  • Problems with Nintendo 3DS eShop?

  • Scoops 07/06/2011

    @TonyHarrison - Too right. I paid £60 for Stunt Race FX on the SNES and probably more for Street Fighter Turbo Edition. Since when has anything Nintendo been about cheap gaming? I think the complaint about the comparative prices of iOS and DS games is fair enough. I doubt the implementation of a D-Pad control added much to the development costs, do you? If you own both devices you will vote with your wallet which is fine. If you only own a DS you have a right to be a bit miffed. Reply 0
  • Retrospective: The Good Old Days

  • Scoops 17/05/2011

    Great article which allows us old folk to come on and remember the world as it used to be. I am sure it is the modern day equivalent of your grandad talking about the war all the time.

    Three points however I feel the need to bring up:

    1 - Buying your weekly budget game was always a hit and miss affair as you just didn't know what you were getting - Kinder Surprise like really but sometimes the games were actually worth it. On the plus side I did get Booty and a wild west one whose title I can't remember which were great. On the downside I bought a game called Voyage into the Unknown by Mastertronic which was truly insipid. You could actually do anything in the game if I recall and it crashed with a BASIC error. I have nothing in my heart but hate for that one (there must be another person out there who made this error of judgement?)

    2 - Crash! ran a joystick review which led me to buy the famous WICO reball - still in the attic and truly bullet proof despite the leaf switches which at least means it doesn't drive you as mental as a microswitched one which does nothing but click, click, click, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK......

    3 - Airwolf. ...... Rock. Bloody. Hard. I maybe got to the third screen. I think this game would be banned today and put younger gamers off for life such was its difficulty curve (which was pretty much shaped like a wall going up a very long way). I did enjoy looking at the hologram on the cassette inlay though - very nice....
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  • Telltale planning Walking Dead game?

  • Scoops 23/01/2011

    @bodypopper : yeah, people often say that until they are running flat out down an alleyway hoping a shotgun will appear from somewhere!! Reply 0
  • European Nintendo 3DS Conference

  • Scoops 19/01/2011

    unless it comes in at £129.99 in which case BEST LAUNCH EVER.. Reply 0
  • Scoops 19/01/2011

    worst. launch. ever. Reply 0
  • Scoops 19/01/2011

    Feed down. Losing will to live... Reply 0
  • MS challenges Apple's App Store trademark

  • Scoops 12/01/2011

    Not to let the truth get in the way of a good story, Apple did indeed file for the trademark several years ago which was initially refused but then temporarily allowed on the basis of evidence submitted by Apple. It then goes out to others to respond to this ruling in case someone doesn't agree - like MS in this case. I don't think there is any question of the companies suing each other at this stage.

    As StooMonster rightly points out, where does the line get drawn when you have a word processor called Word etc...
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  • Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice trailer

  • Scoops 03/10/2010

    Mac. Version. At. Last. There is a God. Reply +1
  • Job's Game

  • Scoops 05/09/2010

    I forget what the thread was about now... Never mind. People are talking about Apple, Nintendo and Sony competing in the games marketplace. Thing is, dont think for a second that Apple are really competing at all. They still don't care that much about gaming as mentioned in my overly long post previously. They will support it as long as it is beneficial for them to do so but it is the developers and customers who are driving the platform onwards rather than the manufacturer. Reply +3
  • Scoops 04/09/2010

    I am not convinced Apple are suddenly 100% behind gaming now but they are moving towards being a much more gamer friendly company. In the past Apple have made noises about getting behind gaming only for it to fizzle out once the publicity had died down, much to the frustration of users. Wasn't it John Carmack who said Apple simply wasn't interested in games?It seems to me that two events have happened which have moved Apple towards the notion that supporting games is a good thing. First is the arrival of Steam which has really helped boost the mac gaming platform overnight. Perhaps it is best described as an app store for mac games. Indeed it prompted Apple to release a specific games related driver update which is a first as far as I know! The second thing is the success if games in the app store for idevices. Sure, out of the 250,000 apps only a percentage are games but look at the charts and see the impact they are having. What is interesting to me is that Apple have not been instrumental at all in introducing games to any of their platforms. They may have developed the tools and delivery system to make it easy for any dev to get their products out there but it has been the devs and, importantly, the reaction of the paying public which have made gaming what it is on Apple's devices etc. Now Apple are making life a bit easier again and making it more attractive to devs with game centre by offering that coherent user experience which Apple likes so much. I don't see that as a major push towards gaming though, just refining the user experience to make gaming more attractive. Whatever you think about the devices or Apple you can't really deny it's relevance as a proper gaming platform. There is some great stuff out there and it is only getting better. Thing is this is happening whether Apple like it or not so they might as well support it. I don't think Apple will ever really be a gaming company (iConsole? Don't think so) but the day they exhibit at E3, maybe that will mark the start of real change. Reply +5
  • Gold Rush 2.0

  • Scoops 24/04/2010

    Well Windypops, you made me laugh, cheers! Reply 0
  • Frontier still "working hard" on Outsider

  • Scoops 20/04/2010

    I would love a proper follow up to Elite or Frontier as much as the next one but where do you go with it? There are already loads of Elite-like titles from Oolite to Eve Online. It is hard to see where it would fit in though. Maybe A GTA in space is what we need?? Reply +1
  • Left 4 Dead 2

  • Scoops 17/11/2009

    @PlugMonkey: Can back that up - I have no friends :) so always play with randoms which can be a mixed bag. Some people out there are bloody excellent and you really pull together to get through on expert (or slaughtered on advanced). Of course that isn't always the case like the time when the other 3 were keen on me joining the Taliban, but that is a different story.....

    Oh yes, if anyone has played it yet, how does it perform compared to L4D on PC? My iMac runs it just fine and hope that is still the case with the sequel...
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  • iPhone Roundup

  • Scoops 21/10/2009

    @Rev. Stu.

    Ah yes, thanks for that, it was on the tip of my tongue but all I could get out was Xevious which is entirely different! Haven't played Super Stardust - still living with a PS2 and my PSP is gathering dust. To be honest, it is hard to bother with another machine other than the iPhone - it is just so convenient and there are so many decent games to play.....

    Oh and Drop7 is indeed a work of genius...
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  • Scoops 21/10/2009

    If it makes you feel better MrED (sorry if that abbreviation makes you sound like a talking horse) I understood your post. For the record I disagree, Flight Control is a very good game but oh boy, I am truly crap at it. Indeed, my high [sic] score is 44.

    geoDefense is an awesome game, both of them but there are so many great games out there. Draw Race is great when you are gaming on the go but need to keep your attention on the real world too as it doesn't demand your constant attention. Just picked up Meteor Blitz which is a great space based Berzerk* style shooter.

    *Actually it is more like another game of old where there was a big scary face and sampled speech but the name escapes me at the moment...
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  • EDGE returns triumphant to App Store

  • Scoops 07/10/2009

    Great to see Edge back on the store. If you haven't picked it up yet I would recommended it - it is only a few quid! Just about to get BASS as it is available now. Reply -1
  • Apple shows 16GB/32GB iPhone 3GS

  • Scoops 09/06/2009

    There is no upgrade path as such as there was for the 3G coming out. You will have to buy out the rest of your contract and then buy the phone and start a new one. It depends how long left you have on your contract, I have another 12 months so I would only need £420ish to end my current contract and then buy a new 32GB iPhone which would be another £274. So that would make a fairly hefty £694 to get a new phone now. Oh yes, and as good as the tethering implementation looks, the fact you have to treat it as mobile internet means you pay £15 for the privilege.

    It isn't cheap at all but then what did you expect? From a gaming point of view I hope the faster processor will lead to a more ambitious titles being produced. I think the upgrade is quite good from a hardware point of view - interesting to see how the battery performs in the real world.
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  • E3: God of War III

  • Scoops 03/06/2009

    Dragul: Lots of love here for CoO. Introduced me to GOW on PS2 and loved every second of it. It also confirmed to me that Kratos is the angriest character ever to grace a video game. Reply 0
  • Apple "so far ahead" with digital platform

  • Scoops 21/04/2009

    It is a combination of things that has made the iPhone/Touch the success it is in such a short space of time. The delivery system is one of them for the reasons already stated by many posters already. The developers and consumers have made equal use of that delivery system to push the market forward to what it is today. The (mildly) interesting thing about the whole phenomena is that Apple never pushed or sold it as a gaming platform - games have never been on their priority list apart from now and again when they make the odd noise but never commit to anything.

    The whole game market has been a result of developer, er.. developing what they fancy and consumers buying them. It just so happens games are doing rather well so more games come out which are bought and so on and so on... Meanwhile Apple have realised that games are rather important to the platform so promote them specifically now and again but even so, the majority of apps they advertise aren't games either.

    The biggest problem with the delivery system is the pure number of apps and iTunes acting like a bottleneck. Sure you can find it all but there are just so many of the buggers it is hard to keep up (regardless of the type of app you are looking for).
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  • God of War III - Epic cinematic

  • Scoops 15/02/2009

    Kratos is truly the angriest man in videogames.... Reply 0
  • The Smart Move

  • Scoops 09/02/2009

    The interesting thing is that Apple themselves have never been that interested in games. Of course they make the odd noise about it but it isn't what they are interested in (well, Steve Jobs anyway - ask John Carmack). It is unusual because if you look at Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo they are specifically gaming orientated with first party studios, marketing and so on. Apple have simply supplied a phone along with a dirt cheap way of developing and distributing your products. It was only a matter of time before games started to appear (though a surprise to me of the quantity and in some cases quality of titles). The games market on iPhone is being driven purely by developers and, in the end, the people buying them.

    I find this quite refreshing, especially with the capabilities of the hardware, as devs are finding new ways to entertain us. All of this is happening independently of Apple themselves - sure they will use games as a marketing tool, but if you look at their marketing, they are just as interested in helping people find a sushi restaurant or calculate their tip at the end of said sushi.

    @ Grayvern: Things move on, that is the way of technology (even more so with mobile technology). At some point a new iPhone will come out and the time will come when new games might not work. That's life isn't it? It will probably be time to get a new phone then anyway won't it?

    Apple products all style over substance and too expensive? Well it is all a bit subjective isn't it? Why don't we all just buy the cheapest of everything - cars, computers, corn flakes? I have never felt overcharged when I have bought an Apple product and if you look beyond the spec sheet I think they are pretty competitive. They said themselves they don't do cheap - maybe they just aren't the products for you? I can't see where they style over substance comes from. I have been able to do things on my mac which would have taken more time and money on a windows machine - examples would be nice because I don't see what you are referring to here?

    Oh yes... Rolando is very nice btw - might try Fieldrunners as a lot of you seem to recommend it....
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  • Microsoft closes Flight Sim studio

  • Scoops 26/01/2009

    Can't be bothered to check but didn't MS take this off softLogic which introduced the program before that? Reply 0
  • Killzone 2 - Cinematic Intro

  • Scoops 21/01/2009

    Cimematics look great but then, so it should. I wonder if they are rendered with the in-game engine? Still, I liked Killzone (no really!), great scenario and artwork. It is a pity the PS2 just wasn't quite up to the job then. Lets hope it works out and I might have a reason to get a PS3.

    Oh Beano - see what you are saying there. It looks like a tall order but then who would have thought they could fit GTA:SA on one DVD for PS2?? It is amazing what they can do these days :)
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  • Live Killzone 2 interview

  • Scoops 25/11/2008

    +1 for the lack of auto refresh in Safari

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