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  • Face-Off: Tomb Raider

  • Savatage 11/03/2013

    "While the end-result doesn't quite match the polish of the latter entrants in the celebrated Naughty Dog trilogy"

    Really makes you realise what an accomplishment the Uncharted series is, particularly UC2 which is a few years old by now but still so damn good even ND themselves have struggled to better it.

    Having said that, Tomb Raider looks absolutely wonderful.
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  • Thoughts from New York: PlayStation 4 feels less visionary than its predecessor

  • Savatage 22/02/2013

    They merely need to produce a system tracking moore's law (from the 360 eg ~3-5teraflops) with non-x86 components and provide hardware backwards compatibility for me to buy their console.
    That's it? Wow. I totally take back everything I said about you being anti-MS.

    I was just highlighting, that Microsoft might not see the value in next-gen, if Sony are doing to them, what Microsoft did to Nintendo with the 360. Is that really such a stretch?
    Yes. But keep a-prayin anyway.
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  • Savatage 22/02/2013

    So far, the only advantage I can see in the design of PS4 for Sony, is that it might make Microsoft think twice and have them pull out of the console market altogether.
    Apparently "traditional gamer opinion" is vizzini-speak for "desperately wishing for the end of all Microsoft consoles cause I don't like em."

    Well done, viz. You wear it like a true badge of honour.
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  • Savatage 21/02/2013

    Another one who's scratching his head over this article.

    Sony have a massive amount of talented devs inhouse, not to mention a wealth of third party support, who now have the added benefit of no longer having to work around unnecessarily complex architecture. This is what will make the PS4 a success, not some fancy hard-to-program-for processor with a silly name that Sony implemented just so they could be "unique" compared to everyone else.

    I'm finding plenty to be concerned about in the next gen of consoles; the online social media crap that MS/Nintendo/Sony insist on shoving down our throats probably being at the forefront. Hence my lack of excitement about them. I'm just mystified that Tom would single out this particular "issue", when, to me, it's the exact opposite of that.
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  • This week on Outside Xbox

  • Savatage 17/02/2013

    @erp Why would you need to? Because of your "genuine concern" about "a cross-platform site hosting a platform-specific feature". You seemed to feel very strongly about this earlier, when faced with the merest hint of fanboy insinuations.

    But whatever. Thanks for the genuine answer, I guess.

    "But I bet others who didn't own that platform would. And they'd be right to."

    Jesus. So you'd be fine with people bitterly complaining about the existance of a video games show on EG that you enjoy, simply because they don't own that particular hardware? We'll have to agree to disagree there.
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  • Savatage 16/02/2013

    Say the show was based around your preferred console. Would you still be voicing these "genuine concerns" about a platform-specific show on EG?

    Genuine question.
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  • Face-Off: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

  • Savatage 09/02/2013


    Ok DF, I'm going to save you all of your so-called hard informative work and tell the commenters here and now.

    That your DS 3 face off you're going to give the 360 the edge for having the kinect feature and for being shiner or for some other reason that you're going to try to make us believe.

    You guys are so predictable, but prove me wrong, I'm all for it. :D
    And my guess is that if DF do exactly the opposite, such as in the Dead Space 2 Face-Off where they gave the PS3 the win based solely on superior audio and extra content, a bunch of dribbling Sony fantards will still manage to find some reason to sling "DF are teh xbots" accusations around.

    You guys are so predictable, but prove me wrong, I'm all for it. :D
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  • Face-Off: Darksiders 2 on Wii U

  • Savatage 11/12/2012

    But viz, won't Nintendo be too busy making PS3 games? Reply 0
  • Savatage 10/12/2012

    viz, is it your expectation that MS will also shift all their game development to ancient Sony machines if they also stop making consoles? Just trying to get a read on how deep this bizarre fanciful scenario of yours actually goes. Reply 0
  • Savatage 10/12/2012

    @viz Why are there only Sony machines in this little fantasy of yours? Reply +1
  • Savatage 10/12/2012

    @vizzini If Nintendo still had money in the bank and a desire to keep the value in their IP, there is no way in holy hell they would exit the hardware business to concentrate game devolopment solely on a (by then) nearly decade old machine. Sorry, but your whole argument is ridiculous. Reply 0
  • Savatage 10/12/2012

    @vizzini Brilliant argument there. I was thinking that maybe they'll be more like Atari and Sega, and not stupidly limit themselves to one machine, but your examples of Car, TV, VCR and Stereo companies are far more relevant. Reply 0
  • Savatage 10/12/2012

    "I certainly have no interest in a single platform future either"

    Come now vizzini, it's pretty obvious you do little else but dream of a future where Sony monopolizes the entire games industry.

    Your bizarre "prediction" that Nintendo are going to give up the hardware biz and start making games exclusively for the PS3 makes this perfectly clear.
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  • Savatage 10/12/2012

    @vizzini "No one said, Sony buying Nintendo. I said if WiiU fails in the next 2years, and Nintendo decide to avoid the risk of a second bite of the cherry, they will turn publisher, and go seek to publish on the console made in Japan that has one to one accessories for wiimotes and WiiU tablets."

    Yep. If no-one buys the Wii U, if it's a total disaster, if it does so badly that Nintendo actually decide to back out of the hardware race, their first priority will be to publish exclusively on a console that can most successfully emulate... a Wii U.

    Oh, and that the Playstation is "made in Japan" makes your point inarguable. I mean, look at Sega.
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  • A postcard from Yokosuka: Retracing the steps of the original Shenmue

  • Savatage 25/11/2012

    God I love this game.

    For me, it was always the mundane elements of the game that I found most compelling; whether it was working as a forklift driver at the docks (oh! and then walking up the hill towards home in the evening as the light slowly faded from the sky), impatiently checking my watch as I waited for a bus, or buying endless bars of chocolate at the Tomato convenience store to win the Sega Saturn version of Hang On (or, failing that, the Sha Hua audio cassette). Even something as pointless as grabbing a toy from the machines outside the Abe Store was a joy(the small "pop" sound as Ryo pulled the two halves of the capsule apart are forever etched in my memory), as was grabbing a drink from the vending machine with the hope that this time, it might be a winning can.

    I've played plenty of games before and since, but I've never lived a game quite like I did with Shenmue - to the point where I'd be thinking more about Ryo's life and problems more than I'd think of my own, even when I wasn't playing the game. If I were to ever make an argument that videogames can offer experiences no other form of media can, Shenmue would be my first piece of evidence.
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  • Night and the City

  • Savatage 18/10/2012

    Great article, and truly refreshing to read something really positive about LA Noire after it has been the subject of so much negativity (though of course, a lot of that was nothing to do with the actual game).

    Also served as a great reminder as to how much the open world genre has advanced over recent years. A game of this scope and detail just simply wouldn't have been possible last gen.
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  • Face-Off: Sleeping Dogs

  • Savatage 20/08/2012

    @vizzini No, but I can confirm that the 360 version is in fact 1080p, as it certainly looks that way on my TV. What has truly amazed me is how everyone have responded like sheep and have just agreed with the poor analysis from DF and Lens of truth, and even try to compound old lies even further.

    No-one in 127 comments bother to comment on the erroneous labelling of PC footage & screenshots as 360 and vice versa. However, I will avoid saying anything specifically about the two other versions I don't own - although some other forum thread has had people mention the thugs popping in out of air on the PS3 version, which will be a direct result of lower polygon throughput. But other people said that, so it doesn't count.

    And if you disagree with my assertion that everyone is lying about the 360's 1080p resolution, you're effectively telling me to give up education and computer science. Why don't you learn a bit to form your own conclusion, instead of joining the karma trolls that just proxy argue everything.
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  • Savatage 19/08/2012

    vizzini: "I avoid saying anything specifically about the two other versions I don't own."

    vizzini: "In this game the forum thread has had people mention the thugs popping in out of air on the 360 version, which will be a direct result of lower polygon throughput"

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  • Tech Analysis: The Witcher 2

  • Savatage 20/04/2012


    And here I thought the main point of your post was to make unfounded bias accusations at DF, but that link to the random guy on the internet who backs your claim has certainly convinced me otherwise. Gosh, I see now that I've completely misjudged you - it's obvious you're a true crusader against mob mentality. I look forward to seeing you rush to DF's defence the next time the Sony mob rip them apart for "TEH 360 BIAS CONSPIRACEEEE!!!"
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  • Savatage 20/04/2012

    Wow, judging the resolution of Witcher 2 on 360 is apparently a lot easier if you don't actually own a 360.

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  • Much-loved indie video game shop Game Focus shuts down

  • Savatage 11/04/2012

    Sorry to hear, I used to go there all the time when I lived in London a few years back. They had a fairly decent Dreamcast selection.

    On the subject of London game stores, does anyone know if N1 Games in Angel is still around?
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  • Face-Off: Skyrim

  • Savatage 20/11/2011

    Wow. Well, I'd love to continue this charming discussion, but it would seem that you are an absolute fanboy lunatic and I fear I would be wasting my time.

    But thanks for that last post, it was most amusing.

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  • Savatage 20/11/2011

    It's irrelevant because it doesn't change the fact that you made a false accusation. I really... just don't know what more I can say on the matter.

    But lets put that aside as we revisit your original post again: "RL did, in one instance - Enslaved. Guess which platform had the better audio in THAT particular instance?"

    From the Enslaved face-off: "You also get Dolby Digital 5.1 as standard with the 360 version - oddly, the PS3 game only supports uncompressed LPCM 5.1 over the HDMI port, so no surround sound if you have your console attached to the amp with Toslink. Bizarre, frankly."

    So reporting an unusual PS3 issue that some people may actually want to know about (and one that had NO bearing on the final recommendation summary) is, according to you, just another one of RL's slights against the Sony machine? In that case, being the totally fair and consistent person that you are, you must be equally peeved about him mentioning the Skyrim texture-streaming installation problem for the 360 - in a separate blog entry, no less.

    This is also puzzling me. Before, you claimed that audio "isn't" a concern when it comes to face-off articles. And yet, you now highlight it as an example of RL's "inconsistent reporting".

    So which is it? Are you not worried, or do you really want one face-off after another with Leadbetter saying, "The audio in the PS3 version is far superior to the 360!" Unless of course, there's some sort of issue with the PS3 game, in which case he should stay quiet?
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  • Savatage 19/11/2011

    "And when pointed out that these were exceptions, this fact is apparently "completely irrelevant"."

    Yes, because you never originally presented your argument as such, as I pointed out in my last post. If you had, I never would have felt the need to bring "the wrath of God" down on anybody.
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  • Savatage 19/11/2011

    "It would be patently false if Leadbetter had discussed audio in ALL the other 100+ games as well."

    Your words: "RL did, in one instance - Enslaved. Guess which platform had the better audio in THAT particular instance?"

    You even bolded the one.

    The problem is, there is ANOTHER game that also mentions audio, so that makes two. (See, I can do that as well!) It also makes your "fact" utter bullshit, and severely undermines the DF-bashing point you were trying to make. You may well have "over a 100 games to give as an example", and good for you, but it's COMPLETELY IRRELEVENT. Good effort trying to move the goalposts though, and also resorting to personal attacks.

    BTW, it's very odd that the subject of audio is such a pressing concern for you in face-offs, and yet you somehow completely "forget" about it's inclusion in Dead Space 2.
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  • Savatage 19/11/2011


    "Nope, just didn't remember Dead Space 2."

    So you attack Leadbetter with a patently false accusation without even checking your facts first, and then seem completely unconcerned when called out on it.

    And now, you're STILL trying to make out that you're the good guy, and DF are the ones with credibility problems?

    I mean, are you... even aware of what you're saying? I'm practically at a loss for words.
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  • Savatage 18/11/2011

    Yeah, that was a ridiculous theory. I see now that DF obviously need to keep up the anti-Sony propaganda week after week, if M$$$ are going to keep signing the cheques.

    Oh, and top marks for shifting the focus away from the fact that you were willing to fabricate complete and utter bullshit about RL in an attempt to discredit him.
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  • Savatage 17/11/2011


    Utter bullshit. Have a look at the Dead Space 2 face-off where RL mentions the superior audio of the PS3 version several times.

    But then, since DF were STILL ripped apart by the mob, and DF-bashers like yourself seem to have conveniently forgotten anyway, it's no wonder they don't bother talking about audio more often.
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  • Naughty Dog lead designer discusses Uncharted 3 review

  • Savatage 29/10/2011

    "In the world of Metacritic (which EG are willingfully and proudly part of), 8/10 means 80%."

    Wow, thanks for letting us know.
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  • Savatage 28/10/2011

    @goodfella - "The problem (for most) isn't with the score, but then you'd know that if you'd read most of the comments under the review. Going round calling people fuckwits makes you an even bigger one if you can't even understand what (most) people were debating in a reasoned and mature fashion."

    That would be the thread in which you called the reviewer a "tit", yes?

    A shining example of reasoning and maturity right there.
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  • Tech Analysis: Forza Motorsport 4

  • Savatage 18/10/2011

    "As per usual digital foundry always downplays Polyphony's digital talents."

    Yeah, that's for sure. I mean, they've barely even acknowledged GT5's existence - they only did four articles, a huge five-page tech analysis, and a special GT4/GT5 comparison video.

    No wonder you're so upset.
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  • Savatage 18/10/2011

    I caved and got this yesterday. Amazing game, astounding that they managed to get visuals of this quality running at a flawless 60fps. I honestly haven't been this impressed with a driving sim since GT4 on the PS2.

    @Bigglesworth, Yeah, what Darren said. There's an option to switch the HUD off in-game.
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  • Retrospective: Quake

  • Savatage 09/10/2011

    Great article. Quake did look amazing at the time in OpenGL mode (and was one of the few games my crappy Riva 128 could run properly) but to me it was the "true 3D" nature of the graphics that really blew me away. Watching a friend play it on his Pentium 90 for the first time and seeing the perspective tilt downwards as he looked towards the ground, and then upward as he glanced at the sky - well, it was incredible. Even playing in software mode at 320 x 200 (or thereabouts) with a framerate that struggled to reach the late teens, there was no doubt you were seeing the future of graphics. Reply +10
  • Face-Off: Dark Souls

  • Savatage 06/10/2011

    Really interested in this. The first game kind of passed me by, but I've been craving a bit of dark fantasy lately and this sounds like it may fit the bill rather nicely. The fact that both versions are pretty much equal is also good news imo, a sentiment shared by most it seems (apart from one or two of the usual platform zealots, peddling the same old tired bullshit).

    Anyway, roll on Friday. This may well be the first full-priced game I've bought in a while.
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  • Digital Foundry vs. Gears of War 3

  • Savatage 21/09/2011

    Apologies. Please, enlighten me as to what you meant, exactly, by "possible alter-ego." Reply -1
  • Savatage 20/09/2011


    Dizzy - "Best looking game on any console atm. Case closed."

    man.the.king - "The "impartial", "unbiased", great and honorable Dizzy has stated thus - I guess that settles it. No more room for debate."

    If you wish to add me to your list in your ongoing (and creepy) 360 fanboy/troll witchhunt then by all means go for it, however, I would ask that you refrain from calling me anyone's "alter-ego" again. This lunatic obsession of yours to seek and call out all those who would dare to question the might of the sacred PS3 - even in a thread related to a 360 exclusive, see above - does lead you to some thoroughly odd conclusions. Perhaps it's time to find a new hobby?

    "I fully expect Savatage to show up here shortly"

    Before you happened upon kirankara's spat and "came rushing to his aid", insulting me in the process, I had no plans to contribute to this thread - I have zero interest in Gears of War 3. Which is pretty bizarre for a "360 fanboy".

    Jesus Christ, I can't believe wasted my morning tea break answering your drivel - thats right, it's MORNING here in New Zealand, where I live, it would be a pretty neat trick to somehow be Buck's "alter-ego" wouldn't it? I've got to get back to work, so I'll leave you to conjure up some more equally daft accusations. Perhaps you can find a link between me and the PS3 hackers. Or possibly global warming?
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  • Face-Off: Dead Island

  • Savatage 15/09/2011

    "There doesn't seem to be anything to dodge here..."

    Other than providing any evidence to back up your allegations that DF was formerly biased. You seem to have dodged that quite successfully.

    "...only persons making false accusations."

    Well, you should know.
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  • Savatage 14/09/2011

    "Read post 54. There you have one example at once..."

    Reread my first post again. You've pretty much given me the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I asked for.

    Well done.
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  • Savatage 14/09/2011

    I've read enough threads to gain a pretty clear understanding, thanks. And I'm still waiting for those examples. Reply 0
  • Savatage 14/09/2011

    "DF seem to be the same but they have become much better lately and no wonder as there has been alot of people accusing them for biasis and not being objective in their analysis."

    So you're saying that DF were anti-Sony and now, thanks to the righteous indignation and tireless efforts of fair-minded people like you, they have well and truly learnt their lesson? Perhaps then you could explain how an article like the Dead Space 2 Face-Off - something that had the mob out baying for blood as I recall - is so "biased" and "unobjective" compared with DF's current output. I'm sure you won't have any trouble giving some specific examples of where they went wrong in that piece and how they are so "much better" now, if there is any validity whatsoever to what you just wrote.
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  • Ico/Shadow of the Colossus: PS2 vs. PS3

  • Savatage 09/09/2011

    Actually quite surprised to say this but having played both PS2 games again recently I'd say that Ico is the one that would benefit most from the new makeover as it's low resolution, quite successfully masked on my smaller CRT TV back in 2003, alas now shows up somewhat painfully on the 32" LCD screen. SOTC still looks quite superb with wide screen and progressive scan modes enabled (although it suffers from a weird audio delay in the cutscenes, anyone else get this?) while the slowdown has never bothered me that much, to me it's just a reminder of how much Team Ico were pushing the PS2 hardware in it's twilight years and sort of adds to it's "epicness" in a weird way - it really is astonishing what they managed to get away with. Plus, it's no worse than a lot of current generation games I've played.

    At any rate, both are superb games and there's nothing else quite like them, at least until The Last Guardian sees release. Hopefully this collection will attract a wider audience since the original releases (especially Ico) didn't get anywhere near the sales they deserved.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Gaming's Greatest Story

  • Savatage 05/09/2011


    +1 to you sir.

    /looks for replacement Dreamcast
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  • Face-Off: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Savatage 02/09/2011

    "I was working back from the hardware specifications in all 360s."

    Fair enough, but I asked for actual evidence from an outside source. If you're going to make a statement like that, which essentially boiled down to "The 360 went from SD to HD because MS copied Sony!" and give NO indication it is anything but a cold hard fact, you really should have something credible to back it up. Because this "physical evidence" of yours is really just speculation (and wishful thinking?) on your part, nothing more - this whole business with the 360's "incorrect gamma correction" is just another example of you trying to pass an unsupported claim off as fact (and one that is completely at odds with DF's findings).

    There's nothing wrong with speculation of course, as long as you make it clear that that's what you're doing. The problem is, you don't.
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  • Savatage 02/09/2011

    "Microsoft did a swift u-turn on targeting high quality SD visuals(as was their initial strategy on 360) on seeing the PS3 specification with hdmi & targeting HD visuals."

    Do you have a link to a source that corroborates that? Just curious.
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  • Pre-Owned Mercenary

  • Savatage 03/07/2011

    Mixed feelings about the article. On one hand, I agree that it's unlikely that this is some kind of anti second-hand sales move, given that Capcom themselves refute the claims of any kind of DRM associated with this game. Deliberate DRM on PC games, such as Crysis, is generally NOT denied and given some other explanation by their publisher like Capcom did with Mercenaries. This is the crux of the argument to me; why would Capcom try and deny it, if it really was something they had deliberately implemented for that purpose? Second-hand sales and piracy are a very real problem for game publishers, and Capcom would have KNOWN they would actually come out of this looking a lot better if they had just said it was simply a measure to combat this. BUT THEY DIDN'T.

    On the other hand, as others have said, the real problem with bundling it under the "conspiracy theory" banner is the implication that only the gullible and foolish are ever going to buy into it - not helped by this article, which goes on to explicitly reinforce this notion. And it is clearly NOT the case on this occasion. Not only was Capcom's actual reasoning behind the move flimsy and unconvincing in the extreme, but the negative reactions of HMV and EB Australia regarding this issue - both of which have been reported on this very site - lent the whole idea an authority that put it far above absurd "September 11" type theories. So to ridicule it as such is to ridicule those who put any stock into the idea in the first place - and I was certainly amongst them.

    Interesting read, but a little unbalanced IMO.

    EDIT: for errors
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  • Limbo confirmed for PSN, Steam

  • Savatage 30/06/2011

    Best adventure-platformer since Another World on the Amiga IMO.

    Great news.
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  • Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Savatage 29/06/2011

    Cool read. One of my favourite "Choose" books (Hyperspace) had a completely bonkers plot which involved you travelling to alternate universes, messing with anti-matter machines that turned the entire earth into dust (now THAT was a grim ending) and, in one particularly memorable piece of self-indulgence, actually MEETING Packard himself. I can still remember some of the priceless dialogue from that scene; a mysterious woman greets you with "Peace be with you, my child," and follows that up with "This is Edward Packard, author of the Choose Your Own Adventure (TM) books!"

    Sheer brilliance. Stephen King, take note.
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  • Microsoft blocked PS3 Tales of Vesperia

  • Savatage 21/06/2011


    Constantly attacking an EG writer for percieved anti-Sony bias (or, as you so proudly put it, having a "running joke") does NOT give you a free pass to take a quote made by SOMEONE ELSE and - very deliberately - give the impression that Purchese was the one to say it. In fact, that's just the sort of "misleading" thing that you're always moaning about, isn't it?

    "His name has become pretty much synonymous with misinformation and anti-Sony spin."

    Actually it hasn't, despite your increasingly desperate attempts.
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  • Face-Off: Duke Nukem Forever

  • Savatage 14/06/2011

    @dfunked, You're absolutely right - it's mentioned right at the start to. Dunno how I missed it.

    So the mystery remains: WTF is up with 2K supplying the 360 version?
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  • Savatage 14/06/2011

    I could be wrong here, but I was actually under the impression that EG were not supplied with a review copy, and had to grab the game when it went got released on June 10. My guess is that they went with the 360 code because at the time, they had no idea it was so abysmal compared to the other versions (and they wanted to get the review out ASAP).

    It seems that Gearbox may have used the time-honoured "get it on the shelves before the bad reviews start rolling in" approach, which may have slightly backfired on them on this occasion. Not much though, if the sales are anything to go by...
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