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  • Xbox One update will let you turn on the console with your phone

  • SammIKid 22/04/2015

    @Malesoun I switch on my PS4 from work or a mates house and purchase/download stuff for when I get home. Quite useful actually and been using it for a while now. The remote play feature can be great for playing the odd game when away from home, just requires a good upload/download speed to have a stable connection. Reply 0
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided gets a debut trailer

  • SammIKid 08/04/2015

    For those that want the 1080p trailer:

    Sort it out Eurogamer
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  • How Slender gave gaming its Blair Witch moment

  • SammIKid 08/04/2015

    @saxxonde I'll be a dick to whom ever I please, that's if I was being one at all. If you got those panties of yours out of a bunch, you might not be so easily offended big guy. Reply -1
  • SammIKid 07/04/2015

    @saxxonde Calm down mate, I don't think anyone cares about our little spat... and yes, there are other people in the forum, i'm not necessarily speaking only to you. Try not being so sensitive in future Mr. Hard man who don't scare easy ;) Reply +1
  • SammIKid 07/04/2015

    @saxxonde Uh oh, I think I hit a nerve and now he's challenging my mental attitude :-/
    One day you'll understand people react to things differently. Some find clowns scary, some are afraid of spiders more so than others.
    No one cares that it bored you to sleep, others have enjoyed it and reacted to it the way the developers intended.
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  • SammIKid 06/04/2015

    Watch out people, we got a badass here! and he ain't afraid to tell you about it... OoOoooo you scary
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  • Looks like MotorStorm buggies are coming to DriveClub

  • SammIKid 30/03/2015

    Woop, great news. This game keeps giving me reasons to come back to it :) Reply +1
  • Bloodborne review

  • SammIKid 27/03/2015

    Ooooo excited... Amazon, where art thou parcel?

    Oh, and I like exclusivity. It brings us gems such as this. Makes choosing a console that much easier and why I've remained on Sonys platform.
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  • Performance Analysis: Bloodborne

  • SammIKid 24/03/2015

    @super_monty So much this :D
    Ignore the jelly naysayers who haven't and probably won't play it and treat yourself to a game thats getting an awesome reception, from the critics, across the board :)
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  • The best PS4 games

  • SammIKid 22/03/2015

    I'm going to agree with those who believe DriveClub should be on the list. Hugely underrated racer and one of the best i've played in years. Second Son was also a good game worth playing through if you own a ps4. Helldivers also deserves a mention and the list could have been held back until Bloodborne next week.
    I know this is eurogamers 'choice' picks, but seriously, theres more out there than Destiny. Lets do our homework instead of propping up the multi-plats. Still, nothing wrong with multi-plats, they're a valued edition to any consoles library.
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  • PlayStation just brought in 3bn for Sony

  • SammIKid 18/03/2015

    @spamdangled haha, "trying to deny"
    The extent some will go is simply embarrassing. MS/Nokia phones on the other hand :-/
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  • SammIKid 18/03/2015

    Sony have been making excellent phones of late. The staff down my local o2 store all have one and I recently picked up a z3 compact, brilliant phone. I wouldn't write-off their mobile division just yet, they've really turned it around. It's hard to compete in a market dominated by Apple, but word of mouth is a powerful tool. Reply 0
  • SammIKid 17/03/2015

    It seems a lot on this forum don't understand business and expect Sony to be immediately lifted out of the red. It's a process and 3bn is a considerable help. As long as they're moving in the right directio, everyones happy... except the haters of course.
    Loads of games to look forward to. This month alone I bought Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2, still yet to play The Order and the inevitable Bloodborne.
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  • The Order: 1886 review

  • SammIKid 19/02/2015

    Eurogamer.Italy gave it an 8.0 ... Just sayin! Reply -2
  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Battlefield Hardline PC beta

  • SammIKid 03/02/2015

    My bad! I thought we were talking about videogames :-/ about comin in halfway through a conversation :P
    I was going to say "who cares about these assholes and whether or not they can breathe, they're blowing shit up" !!!
    You can arrest perps from the gameplay i've seen, and to that in which I thought you were refering.

    Nothing to see here, move along. I am not a racist, please move along...
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  • SammIKid 03/02/2015

    @Old_Books - Well if he couldn't breathe, he wouldn't have been able to say " I can't breathe"
    The officer should have then proceeded to show him what its like, to not breathe ...
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  • Here's what DriveClub's upcoming Japanese track looks like

  • SammIKid 15/01/2015

    Same here, completed the entire tour without noticing the flags. Had to rely on remembering the tracks :P
    They do make things a lot easier, especially in Hyper car events
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  • Unreal Engine 4 Demo: PlayStation 4 vs. PC

  • SammIKid 04/04/2013

    "The DirectX 11 API is very mature while the PS4 tools and APIs are still in their initial stages of development - it's going to take time for devs to fully get to grips with the new hardware. Over and above that, assuming this is the same demo that was shown at the PlayStation 4 reveal, we know for a fact that most studios only received final dev kits in the weeks beforehand, the suggestion being that most of the UE4 work will have been produced on unfinished hardware."

    This is what I had understood from what I had heard. This is based off of an earlier build of the PS4 dev kit. The 8 GB GDDR5 was a late addition to the final build and i'm sure they haven't had the chance to fully optimize the engine for PS4 yet. Early days, even so, good results compared to a very expensive high end PC equivalent.
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