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  • Bethesda shipped 12m copies of Fallout 4 for launch

  • SYS64738 13/11/2015


    Yeah as I said because of the Steam refund policy limiting gameplay time to less than 2 hours I couldn't really explore much (it really ran horribly for me which didn't help so I spent more time tinkering with the settings and .ini files than playing the game).

    Just read through quite a few reviews where people vented their anger about it being dumbed down, giving plenty of examples where, if true, it would annoy me also as I really liked the lone wanderer/focus on certain skills and deal with the consequences type approach of the previous games (I know you ended up overpowered towards the end but isn't that the case with most RPG's, at least if you grind enough) - although I'd probably still enjoy the game because I like the setting a lot.

    It's the first time since the C64/Amiga days that I can't play a game because I don't own hardware powerful enough:(
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  • SYS64738 13/11/2015


    I only played for 1.5 hours so my experience is not representative of course, but a lot of reviews mention lack of SPECIAL impact, some pointless perks, reduced conversation options, survival mode nothing like in FO:NV, less choice in terms of solving missions peacefully (usually fetch quests and kill xyz tasks).

    Really sounds like a step back to me in terms of gameplay, but I have to take people's word for it as I don't own hardware that can run this properly, which makes me sad as Skyrim looks and runs better than this on my machine.
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  • SYS64738 13/11/2015

    Had to get a refund in Steam as my 4yo laptop couldn't cope (it runs Skyrim at medium/high settings at a stable 30fps, more indoors).

    Reading some of the reviews on Metacritic (I know) it seems the gameplay has been dumbed down a lot, and it's more a Minecraft/FPS hybrid now set in the Fallout universe.

    Might actually revisit New Vegas again, gameplay wise at least the pinnacle of the series for me personally.
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  • Fallout gets its own officially licensed beer

  • SYS64738 23/10/2015

    Carlsberg isn't really beer though let's be honest. Reply +68
  • YouTube confirms paid subscription service

  • SYS64738 22/10/2015

    Youtube started off as a free platform that provided a stage for hobbyists to upload some videos.

    Now that Google got their dirty hands on it, they want to make it like Netflix, but to me the difference in quality in terms of their content is massive.

    I will use Adblock as long as I like, just because some self proclaimed "entertainers" on the platform think they should get paid doesn't mean I have to agree with that, I also don't think their expenses (if there are any) can be compared with TV or movie producers. It's mostly some kid in their bedrooms filming themselves with a phone camera.

    If me refusing to play ball getting ads shoved into my face means Youtube will close down (despite cash rich blue chip Google at the helm) because they don't make enough money then so be it, the world won't end and I'm sure another service will pop up elsewhere.
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  • Xbox One gets its own limited edition Fallout 4 controller

  • SYS64738 20/10/2015

    Michael O'Leary would approve of the colour scheme. Reply 0
  • PayDay 2 community erupts in anger at addition of stat-changing microtransactions

  • SYS64738 16/10/2015

    Pay Day indeed. Reply +62
  • MineCon dated for July in London

  • SYS64738 02/02/2015

    My calendar is blocked. Reply +4
  • Remember Sierra? Looks like it's coming back

  • SYS64738 08/08/2014

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  • Gran Turismo 7 in the works, standard cars set to stay

  • SYS64738 27/06/2014

    I prefer calling GT a driving rather than a racing game. The racing is pants, the driving is sublime, and this has been greatly improved thanks to a revised driving model in GT6. If you don't get a kick out of time trialling your favourite cars across various tracks then probably best to steer (no pun intended) clear. Reply +6
  • SYS64738 27/06/2014


    They only updated a few of the standards - many still show terrible jaggies and none of them have a proper cockpit view with the exception of open wheel/caterham type vehicles.

    Edit: Toyota Supra Mk3 was one car I would even use as a standard but there was no work whatsoever put into it, jarring given it's quite a popular vehicle. Very disappointing.
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  • SYS64738 27/06/2014

    I for one can't handle looking at the standards in GT5/6. I play exclusively in cockpit mode and switching to a standard car destroys the immersion first and foremost, and just makes the game feel very inconsistent.

    While you could sort of avoid the standards in GT5, they went in the (IMO) wrong direction by grouping premiums & standards into the same selection screens, so you have to look out for a 'simple cockpit' in GT6 now. I wish it would be possible to completely hide the standards as an option, surely that can't be difficult to even patch in.

    But I won't hold my breath that this will be implemented any time soon.
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  • Super Mario 64 120 star speed run sets new world record

  • SYS64738 23/04/2014


    @DreadedWalrus There's also the element of 'if they play less games than me they're not a gamer. If they play more, they need to get a life.'
    Can only speak for myself but I think you're missing the point a little - It's not the amount of hours he spent gaming as such; I'm pretty sure I spent a multiple of 5000 hours throughout my time as a 'gamer' since the mid 1980s (with no regrets btw).

    But the thought of spending that amount of time on essentially the same repetitive activity would put me off anything for good, let alone my favourite hobby.
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  • SYS64738 23/04/2014


    5000 hours spent on the same game though? As I said his dedication is impressive but it seems a tad overly OCD.
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  • SYS64738 23/04/2014

    While I'm sure the achievement is impressive, I can only wonder what other, more productive tasks could've been performed in those 5,000 hours... Reply -15
  • Games of 2013: Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • SYS64738 22/12/2013

    There's a mod that removes the speed limiter but also think the game added this in a recent update.Been putting well over 50 hours into this now, just finishing that last 10hour haul is just so addictive.The realism and feel of the game is something else, and the modding scene excellent - there's a complete Scandinavian road network mod available. Well deserved game of the year and definitely beats a lot of so-called AAA titles in terms of fun and gameplay. Reply +22
  • Angry Birds Go! micro-transaction prices reduced for UK launch

  • SYS64738 12/12/2013

    Guys. Relax. It's clearly a social experiment. Reply 0
  • Letter from America: I love Gran Turismo 6

  • SYS64738 07/12/2013


    Heh. Any specimen of every single type live on these pages.
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  • Gran Turismo 6 review

  • SYS64738 07/12/2013


    Found out the issue last night. It was the flicker reduction setting, it has a huge impact on performance. I always had it on in GT5 but isn't really needed in 6. By no means perfect but it'll do.
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  • SYS64738 06/12/2013


    Do you have the disc or PSN version, just out of interest?
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  • SYS64738 06/12/2013

    Martin, why no mention of the obvious framerate issues? I have the game since last night and they struck me as soon as viewing cars in the selection screen (which while not great can be ignored) but are much worse while driving, particularly in interior view. Reply +36
  • GAME launches its own hourly Black Friday deals

  • SYS64738 29/11/2013

    Skyrim Legendary Edition (includes all DLC) is about 13 Euros on Steam at the moment. Now THAT is what I call a deal. Reply +5
  • Sony explains PS4 digital game pricing

  • SYS64738 28/11/2013


    Last week actually. At a great discount I may add.

    Edit: To be fair, Steam is my first port of call for PC games as their pricing is mostly decent and great if a sale is on.
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  • Sony finalises PS4 launch titles and prices

  • SYS64738 27/11/2013


    Sad thing is - if I walk into a high street shop (of which there are hardly any left here in Dublin), I pay between 59 and 69 Euros (think I've seen copies of GTA 5 for a whopping 75 Euros). Shame if that leaves online shopping as the only reasonable alternative as I quite liked walking into a shop, buy a copy, and play it 30 mins later.
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  • SYS64738 27/11/2013

    69 Euros for a videogame. Reminds me of the days of the Mega Drive/SNES... And you have to be grateful if that gives you the full experience i.e. no horse armour style day one DLC or microtransaction shenanigans. Reply +10
  • Face-Off Preview: Need for Speed: Rivals on PS4 and Xbox One

  • SYS64738 15/11/2013

    I wonder if they went down the path of going for the lowest common denominator, to make both versions look good but not great. Hopefully not but it wouldn't surprise me either. Reply +50
  • SYS64738 15/11/2013

    FIFTH!!!!111!!5 Reply +5
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • SYS64738 16/09/2013

    GTA's are those rare games that I buy before reading a single review.

    Looks like it'll stay that way\o/

    Edit: Just finished reading the review, would've liked to hear more about how it runs (not DF style detail which I'm sure will follow soon, a single line saying 'it runs smooth' would've been fine!) and more about game mechanics changes vs GTA4 (I hear the police chases have changed a fair bit), but I guess I'll find out for myself tonight!
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  • Gamers rage at Sony over GTA 5 PS3 pre-release download delay

  • SYS64738 14/09/2013

    I remember ordering Super Shinobi for the Mega Drive through an importer. Waited daily for the postman for over SIX WEEKS, calling the importer every other week only to be told 'soon'. That's where a bit of whinging and being upset was in order, this is nothing:-)Am a bit envious of those though who received it today. Looks like R*s shipping restrictions were not obeyed by some... Reply +2
  • SYS64738 14/09/2013

    Judging by gutilis's posts he won't be playing the game until a few more years when he reaches the minimum required age of it.I can literally see him hyperventilating behind his keyboard. Reply +4
  • SYS64738 13/09/2013

    There's more people here whining, "lol-ing" and name calling to those who pre-ordered on PSN than those who did and are annoyed about the delay. Reply -1
  • SYS64738 13/09/2013


    If I was on a 1 Meg connection there'd be no way I would buy this via PSN.
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  • SYS64738 13/09/2013

    Where I live retail prices are pretty much equal to PSN now, and are notoriously out of stock. The only alternative then is online shops but the postal service particularly from shippings from abroad is prone to delays. Plus I know I will never ever sell GTA5 so PSN got my cash in the end. Reply +2
  • SYS64738 13/09/2013

    Went for the PSN offer and am not too fussed about this delay. Realistically wont play until tuesday after work so will have two days to download. TLOU took me 3 hours on release day and that was 26GB as opposed to GTAs 18GB so I'm hopeful that Sony servers will hold up. Reply +2
  • After Burner Climax retrospective

  • SYS64738 01/09/2013

    Played the original cabinet with full hydraulics (as seen in Terminator 2) during a school field trip in Copenhagen when I was a teenager.The game was technically so above everything I seen back until then, I became obsessed with it; the Megadrive version was alright but only with getting this off PSN 2 years ago my quest for having the arcade version at home was complete. Great back to the basics game.Also loved the way it lets you select the original music rather than just the remixed versions. Reply +3
  • Live: Sony Gamescom Conference

  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    Microsoft launch approach: live fast die young Sony: steady wins the race Reply 0
  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    I assume the launch line up is the 15 PS4 exclusives plus cross gen?

    Regardless, am not fussed about XB1 or PS4 either, but might actually get myself a Vita now and keep my PS3 for GT6 & GTA5:)
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  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    @jimboton you could count the animation on half a hand as well Reply 0
  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    Shadow of the Beast looked good on screenshots back then. Once it started moving though... o_O Reply 0
  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    May need to buy a Vita now after all... Reply 0
  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    Donna Brunetti. Hair colour: brown Reply 0
  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    DEC SIXTH next gen cancelled for me Reply 0
  • SYS64738 20/08/2013

    Quite a few cars seem to have gotten the premium treatment. Reply 0
  • 40 minutes of Fast & Furious: Showdown you'll never get back

  • SYS64738 20/05/2013

    Graphics and physics engine to be made available as day 1 DLC. Reply +6
  • Facebook's 10-game plan to win core gamers in 2013

  • SYS64738 04/02/2013

    @Spong Yes, because those of us who rely on Facebook to remain in contact with friends and family abroad are all fucking idiots, aren't we?

    If people truly *rely* on Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family (regardless of being abroad or not), they're doing it wrong.
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  • The Miiverse is a cross between Twitter, Facebook and Gamefaqs

  • SYS64738 20/11/2012

    The Miiverse is a cross between Twitter, Facebook and Gamefaqs
    In other words, a dark and depressing place.
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  • Making friends

  • SYS64738 26/10/2012

    Reply +26
  • Cook's Apple has wildly successful year, $121 billion in bank

  • SYS64738 26/10/2012

    Apple should buy Starbucks with those cash reserves. Win-win for everyone. Reply +4
  • Killzone HD on EU PlayStation Store today

  • SYS64738 24/10/2012

    While it is funny to see those kind of ridiculous prices on PSN, why people here get so worked up about it is beyond me. It's not like PSN is the only way to source those games, and clearly some publishers keep taking the p*** because they probably get away with it, i.e. somebody seems to buy them at that price. Supply/demand etc. Reply +6
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night rises on EU PSN

  • SYS64738 05/10/2012

    @erp Really? Don't have a Vita so didn't know that - would've thought Sony just copied and pasted the same emulator incl. functionality over from the PSP. Reply 0