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  • We need to talk about emulation

  • SGMilne 01/06/2015

    For me, I think the main problem - or at least the main reason I find the supposed 'piracy' of emulation and giving away old games for free - is the lack of backwards compatibility in consoles and how we've most likely paid for these games before.

    And that outlay is not to be sniffed at. Look at SNES games; they cost between 50 and 60 back in the mid-90s. Street Fighter 2 cost 172 in today's money.

    So in an ideal world, you'd have access to that forever, but because the gaming market has been driven for so long towards this idea of 'The Next Generation Is Here; Dump Your Old Console Immediately' the chances are people don't have access to it.

    Hell, I couldn't use almost all my old consoles now even if I wanted to, mainly because there's no way to hook them up. I can't even use my Gamecube now because - as an import machine - it doesn't play on anything other that the AV/S channel, and my TV doesn't have that.

    Even on the PC, you'd find that old games you wanted to play, you couldn't, because - at least for a while - Windows made it impossible to run DOS stuff. There was a spell when I wanted to play Day of the Tentacle again, but I literally couldn't, unless I bought it again.
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