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  • Rocksmith band blocking Ubisoft speaks

  • Ryder35 14/10/2011


    You might want to look at what Rocksmith actually is before dismissing it as a GH clone. And as for some tiny band no one has ever heard of holding up the release of a game; yeh that's a great precedent to set. The band is just trying to get some free cash out of the big coororation. Whether people agree with the morals of that is another issue. I have to say it is a cr@p name anyway, for a band or a game.
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  • Rock Band 3

  • Ryder35 28/10/2010

    Real guitar is out early next year, no price anounced yet. @RexRunti, HMX have said on numerous occasions that midi guitars will not work as they do not have the technology in the neck to tell which fret is being played. Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero World Tour

  • Ryder35 20/06/2008

    I think rock band 2 will up the ante again. After importing GH3 when it came out and being stuck with a faulty guitar and crappy note charts and boss battles I think I will stick with RB. HMX have released at least 3 DLC tracks every week for the last 6 months, that alone is worth my loyalty. Reply 0
  • Rock Band

  • Ryder35 31/05/2008

    The drum challenge is just right IMHO. I have been playing since December, started on easy and am now on the 2nd to last tier on hard. You are not meant to be able to jump straight into hard/expert on drums unless you are a real drummer.

    On a slightly different tack: anyone see the gadget show? They had a sabbath tribute band on and the drummer only got 94% on easy! LOL. I suspect he wouls have got a higher score on expert because easy misses so many notes it is not really like drumming.
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  • Ryder35 30/05/2008


    What he is saying is that you are getting similarly ripped off with GH3 whan you compare UK vs US price.


    That is hillarious, first time I have ever seen someone actually complain that there is too much DLC! No on forces you to buy it.

    For me I have had the game since November and have played it pretty much non stop. It is 3 games in one as a solo experience and completely unmatched as a multiplayer experience.
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  • Rock Band

  • Ryder35 14/12/2007

    I am sorry but to give GH3 a 9 and this an 8 is crazy!.GH3: no innovation, poorly ramped up difficulty, note charts that are hard just for the sake of it, even to the extent of adding ghost notes. RB true attempt to innovate the genre, stacks of DLC already, 3 solo tours, each as good as GH3 especially since there are no stupid boss battles, multiplayer with 4 people, accurate feeling note charts. The drums are simply the most awesome fun and if you do not have any friends (like me) do what I did and play band world tour by singing and playing guitar at the same time. This review simply comes across as the sort of thing written by someone who is in Activisions pockets to be honest. I have had the game since launch and have to say it is the best game I have ever played (and I started out on aZX Spectrum!) Reply 0
  • Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

  • Ryder35 16/11/2007


    No problems with the guitar double strumming or missing upstrums on fast sections? I had the PS3 version and it was terrible for this reason, esp on hard or expert. Swapped to the 360 disk only and use my explorer and all is good.

    I think the note charts for hard are very different than GH2, many more chords: slipknot is giving me huge problems with its 3 note chord changes. Probably more "accurate" but less fun to play in some ways. Overall tho I prefer it to GH2 and would say it is nice to play some well known songs. Anarchy in the UK tho is a simply awful version!
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  • Rock Band gets US price, date

  • Ryder35 01/10/2007

    Shipping to UK is $35. Ordered Reply 0