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  • Torbjorn's turrets being nerfed in Overwatch - but only on console

  • Rogueywon 27/06/2016

    I haven't noticed Torb being all that overpowered on PC since the first week or so, when people learned how to deal with him. I tend to default to playing D.Va, for whom Torb is a fairly easy kill.

    On PC right now, Reinhardt feels like the biggest balance problem. He feels overpowered whether I play with him or against him. While it's not a balance thing, I'm also not sure the current Junkrat is good for the game; he feels like a low skill-cap spammer.
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  • What's gone wrong with Mighty No. 9?

  • Rogueywon 24/06/2016

    @kafiota The domain should update later in the day to

    Be sure to update your bookmarks.
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  • Rogueywon 24/06/2016

    Feels like a Dev team split between too many platforms for a small studio. Might have been better to just go PS4/XB1/PC to begin with and think about other ports later. But the Kickstarter stretch-goals system makes that difficult. Reply +6
  • We played Zelda: Breath of the Wild four times and here's what we discovered

  • Rogueywon 21/06/2016

    That art style is awful. I'm not opposed to cel-shading in principle, but that execution of it is terrible. The character models just don't gel with the landscapes, so it ends up looking like a circa 1998 PC game upscaled to a resolution it was never intended for. Xenoblade X looked so much better. Reply -61
  • Trials of the Blood Dragon review

  • Rogueywon 21/06/2016

    @ChrisOTR Good god yes. My morning check of the gaming news, now with added cartoon nudity. Looks like something may be poorly in the EG backend. Reply 0
  • Watch: Mighty No. 9 doesn't look like we'd hoped

  • Rogueywon 20/06/2016

    It's really interesting to compare this to the Odin's Sphere remake which is out in the UK on Friday (though I've been playing for a couple of weeks thanks to the US PSN). That does a fantastic job of updating the visuals of a 2d PS2 game and looks jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Mighty No. 9, by contrast, just falls short on a lot of levels.

    If the Odin Sphere remake looks like a fantastically-updated PS2 game, then Mighty No. 9 just looks like a PS2 game.
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  • Skyrim remastered: PS4, Xbox, PC, mods and everything we know

  • Rogueywon 20/06/2016

    Any idea if the PC version will allow you to disable vsync? I find the input lag in Bethesda games painful. Reply -1
  • The Last Guardian: the first 40 minutes

  • Rogueywon 19/06/2016

    @Hellotherenow It's not a ploy. It's ridiculous to even think that people would show a deliberately bad build at E3. It would be commercial suicide.

    Fact is, this game just looks pretty bad. Not awful, but clunky and underwhelming. The sort of thing you might see launching on Steam with no publicity for 20.
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  • Are 4K visuals really the best use for Project Scorpio and PlayStation Neo?

  • Rogueywon 18/06/2016

    @DAN.E.B We don't know much about the Scorpio, but from what we've seen of Neo hardware, I doubt it will be capable of 1440p/60fps across all games. It's more likely that it will be able to replicate or slightly improve on current 1080p performance at 1440p. But that's not going to turn a sub-30fps game like Bloodborne or Witcher 3 into something running at 1440p/60fps.

    And I wouldn't expect the Neo to be capable of more than a slideshow with games like that at 4k. We don't know much about Scorpio hardware yet, but 4k is a massive jump up in terms of resource requirements from 1440p, so I doubt it will be getting particularly great results at 4k.
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  • Project Scorpio won't have any exclusives

  • Rogueywon 14/06/2016

    It's pretty obvious how this is going to work.

    From late 2017, Scorpio will be MS's top-line console. All games developed for it will be compatible with the XB1 and XB1-S. Somewhere in 2019-20, another moderate upgrade on the Scorpio will appear. Let's call it the Scorpio-S. Scorpio-S games will be compatible with the Scorpio and maybe, just maybe, with the XB1-S, but not with the base XB1. The Scorpio-S's successor will ditch an additional tier of back-compatibility. So you get a rolling programme of platforms. Think something a bit like the back-compatibility on Nintendo platforms (where you tend to get two generations of back-compatibility, but no more), except in this case, it's forward compatibility.

    And alongside this, the PC will sit there, compatible with games for any of these platforms, as an evolutionary model, like it always has been.

    In MS's world, consoles are PCs now. They've basically bought the Steam Machine model, where the console is a snapshot of PC hardware at a particular point in time. You buy an MS console and you are basically getting the latest update of the proverbial "Digital Foundry Budget Gaming PC". They're using production volumes to drive down costs a bit further than bespoke PCs and are counting on developers having a commercial incentive to fine-tune to the particular hardware in those mass-produced PC/consoles, but they are still basically PCs. And the option to get a better experience will always exist, for those who want to shell out on a premium, bespoke PC.

    It's fairly obvious that's MS's model. It's not guaranteed to work, but there is a logic to it.
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  • Forza Horizon 3 uses the Xbox One S high dynamic range tech

  • Rogueywon 14/06/2016

    @chrismclaughlin Although it may remain a 1-tier ecosystem, in one sense at least, if MS can actually sort out the UWP. In that scenario, a properly equipped PC gamer will be able to play XB1, XB1-S and Scorpio games. So it really is "platform as a service".

    Though "if MS can actually sort out the UWP" is a bloody big "if".
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  • Battlefield 1 multiplayer misses out two key countries

  • Rogueywon 14/06/2016

    Before people get too upset: this is for multiplayer, not campaign. Reply +3
  • Dawn of War 3's new art style explained

  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    For those complaining about the art style... there has always been a lot of the silly and cartoony about WH40k. A lot of the old artwork looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old, the whole thing takes grimdark to a ridiculous excess and, most importantly, the universe has never been beyond a bit of self-parody - see the Ciaphas Cain novels etc (Flashman in the Forty First Millennium).

    They've tried to take it a bit more "serious" in recent years, with the Horus Heresy material and whatnot. But there's always been a thick vein of sillier, cartoonier stuff under the surface.
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  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    Gorgutz 'Ead'Unter is back? I'm sold. Best character in the series by a long way. :)

    I hope he brought his pointy stick. And doesn't have any feet on it. Because that would look bloody silly.
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  • South Park The Fractured But Whole out this December - here's gameplay

  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    Good stuff. The Stick of Truth was unexpectedly great. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that particular boss fight you do while miniaturised. Reply +6
  • Microsoft announces new console Project Scorpio for holiday 2017

  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    If they're going to market this as a 4k gaming machine (as opposed to a games console which can play-back media and output video at 4k) then they will need much better specs than the PS4 Neo. What we know of the PS4 Neo suggests a machine that will manage 1080p/60fps in most current games (though possibly not in a few beasts like The Witcher 3 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate) and broadly reproduce current 1080p performance at 1440p. But 4k is a huge step up from 1440p in terms of hardware demands and based on what we know of the Neo, 4k on it would be a slideshow.

    So either MS are cooking up something much more powerful (and we're talking something like the equivalent to a decent i7 paired with a 1070), or else there is marketing bullshit at work here.
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  • Halo Wars 2 release date set for February

  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    @internisus Other sources reporting that the Ultimate Edition of Halo Wars 2 comes with a remake of the original that runs on both XB1 and PC. Reply +4
  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    @DacoitOne Not sure that being asked to do for free a task which, in happier days, was done by paid beta testers within a company is really something that makes me feel "special". Reply -1
  • Forza Horizon 3 confirmed in impressive cross-platform demo

  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    The cross-buy gives me some reassurance. I'd rather play on PC, but if the PC version turns into an absolute stinker, then at least I'll also have the XB1 version as a fall-back. Reply +1
  • Report: Forza Horizon 3 coming this year, set in Australia

  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    @SuperShinobi The Xbox may need all the customers it can get, but the Xbox is neither a person not a company. For the average gamer, having a game more widely available is a good thing.

    For MS, the Xbox line is one part of its business, and a much smaller part than the Windows part. MS's biggest corporate priority right now seems to be to drive Win10 adoption. It might actually be rational for MS to throw the Xbox baby under the Windows bus.
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  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    @SuperShinobi Does it matter to the consumer whether they feel they have to buy a particular console?

    I'd play everything on PC if I could. I just find monitor gaming more comfortable, as the reduced distance means I don't need my glasses or contacts. Like others, I buy the consoles for their exclusives, but how is it a loss if I no longer need to do so?
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  • Rogueywon 13/06/2016

    @jonathanharding-rath Forza 6 and Horizon 2 are excellent and are among the best reasons to own an XB1. Forza 5, however, was a turd.

    I generally rank the series above GT, though I do wish they'd drop the failed experiment that is the drivatar feature.
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  • FIFA 17 has a story mode with a Mass Effect-style dialogue wheel

  • Rogueywon 12/06/2016

    Well... Mass Effect had the alien-sex scene...

    I'm guessing this has the spit-roast...
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  • Xbox One S console leak: 40% smaller, 2TB, 4K

  • Rogueywon 12/06/2016

    @OnlyJoeKing I know... the current model only has a moderately noticeable gravitational field. I do like the way I can throw certain objects past it (peas, paperclips, very small cats) and they orbit it a couple of times before they hit the ground. Reply +22
  • Rogueywon 12/06/2016

    Looks nice, but also looks like a "normal" mid-cycle hardware refresh, like the 360 S or the PS3 Slim. I wonder if this was already in development when the PS4 Neo stories started to emerge? It feels odd that MS would develop both this and a genuinely more powerful console in such quick succession, but if this was already a long way along the line towards production... Reply +3
  • Overwatch PC performance graphics guide

  • Rogueywon 12/06/2016

    On an i7 6700K and 980ti, 4k/ultra/60fps is tantalisingly close to doable, but with just about enough dips that I've dropped to 1440p. To be honest, the game's kinda ugly as visuals go. It uses the trademark Blizzard art-style to try to disguise this, but that's only successful to some extent. But prioritising performance over visuals was probably the way to go for a competitive online shooter.

    Just a pity the content is currently so thin.
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  • We don't know why Sony's making PS4K, but there are plenty of reasons it shouldn't

  • Rogueywon 10/06/2016

    Long post incoming.

    I've been feeling for a while now (18 months or so) that there's something "not right" about this console generation and I've been suspecting that the manufacturers are feeling the same. It's hard to put my finger on what it is. On paper, the numbers look great; PS4 sales are spectacular, XB1 sales are good by the standards of previous cycles and the Wii-U has crashed and burned, but hey, the market can handle one failure per cycle.

    But there's something deeper amiss. A sense that this generation has missed its niche. My gaming preferences are PC-by-default, but I've always been happy to game on consoles when there's no PC version available. In truth, I've never owned consoles I've used as little as the current generation. Despite these machines being three-and-a-half years old, their libraries remain a bit thin, with huge proportions having the "better on PC" tag and a lot of the rest depending on remakes and HD-remasters. We didn't even get the traditional round of "PC gaming is dying" stories that normally herald the arrival of a new console generation (or at least, every generation since the original Playstation).

    I don't know quite what's amiss, but I do get the feeling that the manufacturers have lost their way and, as alluded to in Martin's (very good) article, have lost their focus on what defines console gaming. Hell, look at the marketing messages from each of the three manufacturers this cycle.


    Gaming is all about how many pees you have and how many eff-pee-esses they get. We have the biggest pees and the most eff-pee-esses!

    People don't want games consoles, they want integrated multimedia living-room dynamic content delivery devices which will... ohshitit'snotworking... erm... our console is almost as good as the PS4!

    Gamepad! Asynchonous gaming! Fuzzy feelings of indefinable joy! Family! Motherhood! Apple Pie! Wait, where did everybody go?
    My point being that none of them are talking about games this time. We're not arguing about whether Mario is better than Sonic. We're not arguing about whether Halo is better than Killzone. We're not arguing about whether Marcus Phoenix could kick Nathan Drake's arse. We're arguing about stats and specs. That's because Sony's marketing strapline proved the strongest and they've "won". But in doing so, they've picked a battleground which means they're now locked in a battle with PC (and Valve) that they can't win. The PS4Neo may be an attempt to adapt to this, but they're still shooting at a moving target they'll never hit. Nintendo failed so badly that they're going for another roll of the dice. Who knows, if they make it all about the games, they might succeed. But it's more likely that Mario, Donkey Kong and all the rest are just about to get hawked out to sell another hardware gimmick.

    Maybe all three of them just need to start focusing on the games again.
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  • Five years on, Nintendo 3DS passes 60m sales milestone

  • Rogueywon 10/06/2016

    3DS sales have closely mirrored the PSP trajectory, right down to the late-cycle trend towards a mostly-Japanese user-base.

    That's actually pretty good; the PSP was a successful console. But it's not a runaway success like the original DS.
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  • Uncharted 4 and Doom best Overwatch in US retail for May

  • Rogueywon 10/06/2016

    @snafu65 I'm somewhat afraid it's lost me already (I've not touched it in over a week). I don't like the characters, I don't care about what happens to them and I can't take another of those tedious, over-long climbing sequences.

    Seriously, the new Doom manages to get more personality into its faceless-silence protagonist via a few actions and gestures than Naughty Dog have managed with Nathan Drake across five whole games.
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  • Rogueywon 10/06/2016

    @grassyknoll More shocking is that there isn't a single game available on a Nintendo platform in the top-10. The 3DS (including third-party sales on it) carried them through the lean years of the Wii-U, but there have been a few recent signs that it is stumbling.

    There's a hell of a lot riding on Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon is, these days, Nintendo's biggest-hitting franchise (even if it's only second-party rather than first-party). If Sun and Moon sell bucketloads, it will take some pressure off Nintendo during what looks like an otherwise very thin year. If they stumble, we might start to see some signs of panic.

    Edit: actually, Minecraft is available on Wii-U, isn't it, though the article doesn't show that?
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  • Rogueywon 10/06/2016

    @Eraser Possibly, but a huge portion of the Doom purchases will also have been PC digital copies. Reply +4
  • Rogueywon 10/06/2016

    Doom certainly deserves its success and I do hope that this opens the path to a sequel. The success of the single-player relative to the multi-player is, for me, even more encouraging.

    But Uncharted 4? I'm going to have to take a neg-bomb on this one. I'm around 3 hours into it and I've encountered maybe 10 minutes of actual gameplay. Way too much heavy-handed exposition, plus a ridiculous pretense that the climbing bits actually require any kind of player-agency at all. Calling it a Walking Simulator might be slightly unfair, but it certainly reminds me of, say, Final Fantasy XIII.

    And Overwatch? It's ok. I've had a few fun moments with it, but the content in terms of maps and game-modes just feels too thin to justify the price-tag.
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  • Lego Dimensions' second year adds Harry Potter, Adventure Time, A-Team

  • Rogueywon 09/06/2016

    Surprised that The Human Centipede didn't make the cut. Reply +2
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue out in December

  • Rogueywon 08/06/2016

    So basically, this package contains:

    - A remaster (not remake) of a so-so 3DS game.
    - A side-story to a PSP game.
    - A short movie.

    The other two Kingdom Hearts remaster collections were not bad (even if it was a mistake to target the PS3, rather than holding back for the PS4), but this one definitely looks like the runt of the litter.
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  • Create your own Skylanders in Skylanders Imaginators

  • Rogueywon 01/06/2016

    Spore has shown us where this ends.

    Given near-unlimited options for creativity, humanity will instead design 500,000 varieties of ambulatory penises.
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  • Paradox, this is why we need to talk about your mods

  • Rogueywon 01/06/2016

    I agree. That's a particularly stupid statement you highlighted. Mods do not just equate to "Steam workshop" and are usually entirely out of the original developers' control.

    Doom and Quake are among the most modded games in history and their mod scene was, in the early years, a creature of BBSes and geocities pages. Even today, the mod scene for many games is not Steam-based. Indeed, I gather the mod in question here is also available for download from other sources.

    Offensive mods have always been around. They mostly vanish without trace if left to their own devices.
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  • Rogueywon 01/06/2016

    A small mod made by an idiot that would only ever have been noticed by a handful of people, most of whom would have ignored it. And the gaming media - EG in particular - manages to turn it into a sensation.

    I would say this is ridiculous, counter-productive and a prime example of the Striesand Effect, but I am fairly sure it is a deliberate and cynical strategy to get some drama going to drive up page-views.
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  • Blizzard balancers looking at Overwatch heroes McCree and D. Va

  • Rogueywon 01/06/2016

    @n0signal I gave into the hype and bought it, but your concerns are on the money. I've played 4 hours or so of it and am bored already. It really is just repeating the same few maps over and over.

    I wouldn't even rank it top in its genre. There is something about PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 that is just more fun in my book.
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  • PlayStation Plus' June freebies include Gone Home and NBA 2K16

  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    I liked Blood Curse. It did have some control issues (as others have noted) and the English dubbing was occasionally hilarious, but it was a pretty well put-together survival horror game of the old-school. Not too many games like that on the last console generation.

    Gone Home, on the other hand, you would need to pay me actual money to install again. Quite a lot of money.
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  • Overwatch fastest-selling Blizzard game on console in UK

  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    @DaveLev Hmm... you're right. But I couldn't find that basic edition when I was looking at the weekend. Maybe I'm just stupid, or maybe Blizzard were trying not to make it too prominent. Reply +1
  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    I suspect the strong PC physical sales might be price-driven, as online prices are high. 45 from the official Blizzard store, with the cheapest online alternative I've seen being at 39. I've seen physical copies going for 35, however.

    Succumbed to the hype and picked it up. It's alright, but to be honest, I kinda preferred PvZ: Garden Warfare 2.
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  • Face-Off: Dead Island: The Definitive Collection

  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    @dogmanstaruk I do, however, think it's legitimate to be annoyed that both games are not on the disc. Looking at the sizes of the PC versions via Steam, Dead Island is 9.1GB and Riptide is 9.5GB. So just under 19GB for the pair. I think a lot of people might have preferred to have a single install that size (it's fairly small my modern standards) than the need to download the second game.

    Particularly relevant for people who have no/slow/metered broadband, or for students whose hall of residence networks may block access to services like PSN.
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  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    @muro And to be honest, no number of "technical" explanations will answer the question of why, even if you can only have one "executable" on a disc (to use a somewhat-flawed PC analogy), that executable can't be a splash-screen from which you pick your game.

    Both the Uncharted Collection (noted in the article) and the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD remaster collection did it that way.
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  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    @muro I wonder if it's a file-structure thing. Sony-platform titles are very prescriptive on file-structure, which is the main reason why DLC etc remain region-specific on PS3 and PS4 (though there are workarounds). MS platforms don't seem to have this rigidity. Reply +2
  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    @frightlever Actually, I didn't see the individual discounts at all. Though the bundle I did get had each of the Definitive Editions for 1.60, plus Retro Revenge for 3.99, for a total of 6.75.

    I couldn't get into Dead Island first time around, due to technical issues and bugs. Riptide was a couple of quid in a Steam Sale, but I don't think I've ever started it up. I did, however, like Dying Light and wouldn't mind giving Dead Island another go if it's now on the same tech platform.
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  • Rogueywon 31/05/2016

    Worth noting that Steam users who already own Dead Island and/or Riptide can get large discounts on the Definitive Edition collection. You have to buy that as a bundle, but it's 80% off the price of each game you already own the basic edition of, plus 3.99 for Retro Revenge. Reply +5
  • The Warcraft movie is too faithful by half

  • Rogueywon 30/05/2016

    @LittleRiver I think the problem is that the Warcraft series has always had a lot of humour mixed in, from Monty Python quoted to Paris Hilton jokes. Make the film without it and you kinda miss the point of the franchise. Reply +5
  • Rogueywon 30/05/2016

    I've heard terrible things about this film. I was considering going to see it anyway, but decided there was probably more entertainment value in chewing off my own arm. Reply +13
  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on PC

  • Rogueywon 29/05/2016

    Played a couple of hours of this in 4k. Though as I beat the PS4 version on a semi-completionist playthrough last year, I probably won't return to it for a while. But FFX is one of those games I like to play every few years, so it will get another run through at some point, and I will be using the PC version.

    It's not a bad port, to be honest. The 30fps thing is irritating, but understandable given the age of the game being ported. Game mechanics that were locked to framerates were normal on consoles in that era. Unfortunately, monitors are a bit harsher in exposing the shortcomings of 30fps than TVs, so you can see the limitations at times, but still, mod support may fix it eventually.

    My only real complaint is that there is STILL no "skip cutscene" button.
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  • Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC performs poorly on PS4

  • Rogueywon 29/05/2016

    Not played this since a couple of weeks after launch (on PC).

    Did they patch the fun in yet?
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