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  • How the devs behind Driveclub plan to bring the arcade racer back to life

  • Rogueywon 22/11/2017

    Does the arcade racer really need bringing back to life? Forza Horizon 3 is possibly the finest arcade racer I've ever played. Reply -12
  • "This game is a Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money"

  • Rogueywon 22/11/2017

    Itís a good thing that nothing could possibly go wrong with begging governments to have a good poke at video game regulation at a time when the forces of popular authoritarianism are on the rise on both the right and left. Reply -20
  • Mass Effect's dialogue was inspired by awkward TV comedy Extras

  • Rogueywon 21/11/2017

    Meanwhile, the Mass Effect: Andromeda conversations and facial animations where inspired by the John Carpenter classic "The Thing". Reply +18
  • Beamdog is enhancing BioWare's Neverwinter Nights next

  • Rogueywon 21/11/2017

    I'd much rather have had Icewind Dale 2, but I guess they've had no luck finding the source code for that. IWD2 was an under-rated classic; produced to a crazy timetable with next to no budget and released with almost no promotion, but still a fantastic game. It got overshadowed at the time by the more ambitious, but ultimately less enjoyable Neverwinter Nights.

    As the article says, Neverwinter Nights itself is a really dull game. As a singleplayer experience, it verges on being "bad". Get a few friends together for co-op and it's more passable, but still not great. The expansions were a lot more fun and the sequel (not developed by Bioware) was actually pretty good once the worst of the bugs had been patched.

    I do hope Beamdog don't try to sprinkle their own writing "special sauce" over this one. Their original stuff, whether added to the remasters of existing titles or through their original Siege of Dragonspear campaign, is pretty toe-curlingly written. That said, NWN's writing hardly sparkled to begin with. I'd probably regard it as Bioware's weakest game until their modern decline started with Dragon Age 2.
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  • Inside FIFA 18's Weekend League, the gruelling mode that's consuming players' lives

  • Rogueywon 21/11/2017

    In raw terms, that's basically in line with the time-commitment required to be in a high-end raid guild back when I was playing WoW hardcore (start of Burning Crusade through the end of Lich King).

    A typical raid guild schedule at the time (mine used to dip in and out of the bottom end of the world top-100) would be three four-hour raids on weeknights, then a five-hour raid on a Sunday. So 17 hours raiding per week. On top of that, you'd need a couple of hours of activity to make the gold needed for food and potions. In addition, most players would have at least one alt character, though you'd typically spend much less time playing it. But all told, it wasn't unusual to be looking at 25 hours per week. Of course, that was generally only before you had all raid content on farm. Once you'd done that, your raid time would typically be cut in half (or less). So in reality, you'd probably only have that very high time commitment in 50% of weeks. Plus my guild (and most others) had a 75% attendance requirement, so you could afford to miss a few raids. And, of course, this was split over the week.

    It sounds like FIFA 18 is asking for a very similar time commitment but is a) doing it in a game with a more traditionally non-hardcore playerbase and b) is requiring players to bunch their playtime at the weekends. That's seriously harsh. One of the reasons I went cold-turkey on WoW is that it was difficult to balance a raid schedule with work and other commitments. Weekend-bunching would have made things worse, not better.
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  • After Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA changes Need for Speed Payback loot crates, progression

  • Rogueywon 20/11/2017

    This really does feel like a turning point for the industry - or at least, I hope it is. We're maybe seeing the start of the realisation by publishers that monetisation and revenue-maximisation models developed for mobile and free-to-play titles won't wash in full sized games. Not only will the financial yields be falling short of expectations, but there's also quite considerable brand damage.

    Worth noting that this has happened largely as a result of direct consumer action. The gaming press has covered this - which is good - but it is mainly end-user forums that have driven the campaign against loot boxes. I'm not in love with every aspect of what's happened (I could really do without pleas for Government regulation), but there's no denying it has been effective and - overall - highly positive.

    There will no doubt be somebody below moaning about "entitled gamers". This is garbage. Other than age-content ratings, gaming is an unregulated market. That's fine and right, given it is about non-essential consumer goods. But in an unregulated market, you rely on customer pressure to keep producers honest. That's what happened here. It's "the system" working entirely as intended.
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  • How to fix Star Wars Battlefront 2

  • Rogueywon 17/11/2017


    Need to also fix the obscene bugs with the game as well
    Now I'm wondering what the obscene bugs might look like. I'm kind of picturing QA reports on the following lines:

    Modelling/Character: Obi-Wan's testicle-size slider has incorrectly been set to the maximum level. Not only does this look silly, but it makes it impossible for him to fit into many vehicles and players have been abusing his gigantic gonads as a kind of scrotal spacehopper to exceed normal movement speeds and reach inaccessible locations. Priority: Medium

    Art/Background: Two Gungans in the Episode 1 map are clearly performing the sexual act known as "taking tea with the parson". Priority: High - Addendum: This act is currently illegal in China, Australia and 16 US States, so could affect certification.

    Modelling/Character: The Leia hero is currently spawning without clothes or armour and running around buck-naked. Priority: Low - Addendum: The carpet doesn't match the curtains. Revised Priority: High

    Lore/Dialogue: I know the Emperor is supposed to be evil, but I'm not sure having him call Luke a "cunting fucknugget" is in-keeping with the setting. This line should be checked with Disney and may need to be re-recorded. Priority: Low
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  • FIFA players react to EA's dramatic Star Wars Battlefront 2 microtransactions U-turn

  • Rogueywon 17/11/2017

    Let's be honest. FIFA is marketed at football fans. These are people already paying stupendous sums for match tickets, official merchandise, sports channel subscriptions and the like.

    Compared to those, FIFA microtransactions are positively benign.
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  • EA has switched off Star Wars Battlefront 2's microtransactions

  • Rogueywon 17/11/2017

    Bloody hellfire!

    Anybody else remember when "petitions on the internet" were famous for their complete lack of ability to change anything? We live in different times now. The whole furore has clearly had - and is continuing to have - a massive impact on EA's revenue projections. I'm guessing Disney have stepped in to prevent brand-damage (which they're intensely sensitive to). Would not be at all surprised if EA lost the franchise to develop Star Wars games at some point in 2018.

    Depending on what the progression system actually looks like now, I might consider a purchase. I wouldn't have considered one before on grounds of principle. Now I'll consider the game on the basis of its merits.
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  • Jelly Deals: Wolfenstein 2 discounted to £29.99 today

  • Rogueywon 16/11/2017

    I see digital codes for this going as low as £20 from the likes of cdkeys. Struggling on the sales front? Reply 0
  • New Pillars of Eternity 2 trailer suggests activity afoot at Obsidian

  • Rogueywon 15/11/2017

    Surely it's not really all that surprising that they'd be starting to produce and air promotional materials? Reply +11
  • StarCraft 2 Twitter account has a pop at Star Wars: Battlefront 2

  • Rogueywon 15/11/2017

    @mazzaman89 Overwatch does loot boxes, but they aren't pay-to-win loot boxes. They're cosmetic-only.

    There is a distinction there. Personally, I think Overwatch falls on the right side of the line (albeit narrowly), while Battlefront 2 very much falls on the wrong side.
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  • Total War is getting a Viking-inspired spin-off next year

  • Rogueywon 14/11/2017

    Part of me is really looking forward to this.

    Another part of me, which may have been ruined by Warhammer, is slightly apprehensive about going back to Total War without flying pegasus-cavalry, fire-breathing hydras, steam-powered tanks and weird, vaguely sci-fi-ish Skaven guns.
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  • Project Hospital is a "fresh" indie take on Bullfrog's Theme Hospital, minus the Bloaty Head

  • Rogueywon 13/11/2017

    Oxymoron says the final game will feature hundreds of real-world diseases and injuries. So sadly no Bloaty Head, Hairyitis, Slack Tongue, Invisibility, or Squits here.
    Squits are very, very real. After a dodgy Byron Burger the weekend before last, I can definitely attest to this.
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  • Xbox One X UK launch sales match Nintendo Switch, beat PlayStation 4 Pro

  • Rogueywon 13/11/2017

    Don't forget that when considering launch-sales, you need to factor in supply constraints. Despite some local shortages, the XBX1 seems to have been largely unconstrained by supply. The PS4 Pro was also not supply constrained. The Switch, on the other hand, was almost impossible to get your hands on without a pre-order for some time after launch.

    People got quite excited about good Wii-U sales in the first three months, forgetting that it had no supply constraints. Latent demand was satisfied pretty quickly and sales cratered quickly after January 2013.
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  • How does Call of Duty: WW2 look on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro?

  • Rogueywon 12/11/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Games writing is basically consumer advice. The ultimate purpose of DF comparison articles is to inform people's hardware or software purchase choices.

    We know how PS4 vs XB1 plays out now. It's not like PS3 vs 360, where there was a touch of unpredictability about things (360 usually coming out ahead, but PS3 throwing up the odd surprise).

    Moreover, CoD:WW2 is running off what is, at heart, old technology. It's unlikely to throw up anything particularly new or interesting.

    XB1X vs PS4 Pro vs PC is pretty much the only interesting question worth exploring around the game from a tech perspective.

    Edit: In fairness, there is also value in "PS4 vs Pro" and "XB1 vs XB1X" for people interesting in upgrading. But PS4 vs XB1 remains a boring question.
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  • Rogueywon 12/11/2017

    @Fourfoldroot Why? With the XB1X newly on the market, the question of "do I want to buy one of these" is going to be at the forefront of a lot of minds right now.

    We all know how the base-XB1 vs PS4 tests will stack up. PS4 wins. That's old news. A bit of benchmarking of the PS4 Pro vs the XB1X is rather more relevant.
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  • Rogueywon 12/11/2017

    Wonder how many of these streaming issues stem from the continued reliance on relatively slow mechanical drives. On PC, where assets have been optimised for generally higher resolutions for years, the gap between running games from a mechanical drive vs as SSD has become pretty large. Asset streaming issues can be a real horror from a mechanical drive in open-world games in particular (I still shudder at the memory of trying to run Dragon Age: Inquisition from a mechanical drive).

    Anybody tested if those issues are still there on console when run from an SSD?
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  • Wolfenstein 2: the biggest jump yet from PS4 Pro to Xbox One X?

  • Rogueywon 11/11/2017

    @sp4ctro You keep posting big words like "TFLOPS" without understanding what they mean. Please stop. Reply +1
  • Jelly Deals: Razer discounting its gaming hardware this weekend

  • Rogueywon 10/11/2017

    Used to like Razer kit, but have found their build quality a bit wanting in recent years, given the price. Had a few of their mice become unusable (scroll-wheel failed) in around 18 months. Reply +8
  • The price and state of Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crates at launch

  • Rogueywon 09/11/2017

    @mrcheesyelf I think you might be underestimating the impact of good/bad launch publicity. The first Battlefront launched with a lot of public goodwill and partly got to coast on excitement about the Episode 7 movie.

    We saw the opposite last year with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. That game took a kicking (arguably an unjustified one) online to a pretty incredible degree. Its sales ended up being massively poorer than the norm for the series, while Battlefield 1 (which had a wave of goodwill behind it) outperformed expectations.

    This year, the internet hive mind appears to have decided "CoD:WW2 = good, Battlefront 2 = bad". That is going to affect sales.
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  • Rogueywon 09/11/2017

    It's been interesting to watch hype, expectation and goodwill levels all plummet as this gets closer to release. Wonder how much EA have already lowered their internal financial expectations? Reply +18
  • Sonic Forces review

  • Rogueywon 09/11/2017

    Let's face it - if clicked this review, you're here for one thing and one thing only. To witness a damned good kicking. The review mostly delivers, though I'm vaguely surprised this doesn't get an "Avoid" badge. Incidentally, EG's 4-point review scale is starting to look really ropey these days. Possibly time to ditch it.

    I've always had the sense that this game has been pitched to some extent at small children but - to a much larger extent - at furries. I'm not sure anybody else has ever had reason to take much of an interest.
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  • Call of Duty: WW2 launch sales double Infinite Warfare

  • Rogueywon 08/11/2017

    @darky77 Yeah, it's EA's turn to be the baddies this year. If you haven't noticed, EA and Activision share that role on a rotating basis. Reply +4
  • Telltale Games lays off 25% of its staff

  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Sad for those affected, particularly so close to the holiday season.

    Have had a distinct feeling for a while that Telltale have spread themselves a bit too thinly. Too many different series with too few distinguishing factors. A few unfortunate QA issues, as well, implying titles were being rushed to release.
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  • Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gets a season pass and dual audio DLC

  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    @FilthyAnimal Actually, there's an argument to be had for Ni No Kuni's English voices over the Japanese as well. It's not clear cut, but I can see how people could take either side in that one. Reply +1
  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    @FilthyAnimal Sort-of true, but subverted by Final Fantasy XII. A rare Japanese game where the English voices are far superior. Balthier doesn't work without that funny blend of English aristocracy and thuggery and I can't imagine a Fran without that Icelandic lilt. Reply 0
  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Dual-audio DLC is welcome. The Xenoblade series has always had notoriously bad English voice acting. Reply +1
  • Who wore it better - Activision or Thomas Pynchon?

  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Iím enjoying CoD:WW2. It has an engaging and enjoyable campaign. But it is bad history throughout. Itís not as bad as Battlefield Oneís comprehensive garbling of WW1, but it is still bad.

    The demands of cinematic shooters rarely mesh well with those of accurate history.
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  • Amazon UK customers furious as Xbox One X pre-orders fail to arrive

  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Cancelled the Amazon order. Walked into GAME and bought a Scorpio. Bricks and mortar ftw. Reply +2
  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Mine now confirmed as "damaged in transit." Well done, Hermes! Reply +2
  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Yeah, my delivery status just updated to "delayed due to external factors". That will mean "stolen" then. Reply +2
  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    @Sheikah Yes, they were fine for the Switch. Partly why I went with them for the XB1X. Have never heard of Amazon using a bottom-end third party "delivery" company like Hermes for a product which is both high-value and on Prime before. Reply +1
  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    @TheDarkFurie Royal Mail haven't been too bad for me in recent years. Helps that I live right over the road from a Royal Mail/Parcel Force collection point, so if they can't deliver, they just drop it there.

    Hermes take pride in not having any collection options. And also in stealing or breaking parcels.
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  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    Amazon shipped mine, but handed it over to Hermes - a well-known ring of thieves and vandals who claim to be a delivery company for their cover story. It's now lost in limbo and has apparently vanished from the tracking system (which probably means it's been stolen).

    I wouldn't have used Amazon if I'd suspected for a heartbeat they'd use Hermes. Amazon Logistics have their flaws and it sometimes takes a while for them to make a delivery, but their tracking system is at least reasonably robust.

    I'd been sent five deliveries via Hermes over the last two years. One was smashed in transit, three were lost and one sat in a depot for a week, never went out for delivery and was returned to sender with no explanation.
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  • Jelly Deals: 3 for 2 on amiibo while stock lasts today

  • Rogueywon 07/11/2017

    That redirect link is broken for me... Reply 0
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds review

  • Rogueywon 06/11/2017

    @froggydarren To be honest, I kinda agree with the original EG review. The original wasn't a bad game, but it was just another open world shooter with not much to set itself apart from the crowd.

    Back at the start of this console generation, it would probably have wowed me. Several years later, with the open-world shooter having become this generation's equivalent of last-gen's six-hour-corridor-shooter, I didn't think it did anything special.
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  • Jelly Deals: H1Z1 is this month's Humble Monthly early unlock

  • Rogueywon 06/11/2017

    Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun was a very pleasant surprise indeed and definitely the star of this month's bundle. Reply +4
  • Call of Duty WW2 launch sales up by half on Infinite Warfare

  • Rogueywon 06/11/2017

    As a strictly campaign-only player, I'm quite liking CoD:WW2. It's nothing we haven't seen before, but it's very well executed. Actually enjoying it more than the campaign in the new Wolfenstein, which ended up feeling like a bit of a misfire. Reply 0
  • Xbox One X comes hand in hand with massive downloads

  • Rogueywon 03/11/2017

    This shouldn't be a massive surprise. PC games with 4k texture support have been growing to massive sizes over the last few months. I've just stuck a new 2TB SSD in my PC (alongside the pair of 1TBs already in there, plus the big ol' mechanical drives. 100GB is starting to feel like the norm for a PC game, though I note some (like Shadow of War) make the huge 4k texture packs optional so as not to jam up the drives of those whose PCs aren't 4k-capable anyway. Reply +1
  • The Shadow of the Colossus remake retains the original's clumsiness while doubling its majesty

  • Rogueywon 01/11/2017

    @Simatron3000 It really was, wasn't it? An entire game built around "struggle with the camera as you run around trying to find the barely-visible door or passage to the next area" and "find the exact right pixel to stand on so that the AI companion will perform the painfully obvious action needed to progress". Reply -1
  • Rogueywon 01/11/2017

    I really loved SotC back when I first played it on PS2. Unfortunately, The Last Guardian left such a sour taste with its dull gameplay, shallow story and crippling performance/control issues that I'm now not so sure that I want a SotC remake.

    Will probably get it anyway, in the hopes it will banish the memory of TLG.
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  • EA announces Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot crate and progression changes

  • Rogueywon 01/11/2017

    The funny thing with progression systems in shooters, particularly ones as grindy as this, is that they mean that if I don't buy a game at launch, I'm much less likely to buy it at all.

    We've had an absolute tsunami of releases in the September to November window this year. Battlefront 2 was always going to be a marginal pick for me at best, plus it's coming out at the back of the pack, when I'm already spent up. The odds I'd skip a launch-window purchase were always pretty high.

    But thanks to the grindy progression system, I know that if I hang on to January or so for a purchase, the multiplayer will be comprehensively crap for me anyway. I'll be stuck spending hours with trash-tier equipment while most other players are teched-up, and faced with a choice between playing at a protracted disadvantage or spending a fortune on loot boxes (which I'm not going to do).
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  • In Call of Duty: WW2, loot boxes drop from the sky onto Normandy beach and open in front of other players

  • Rogueywon 01/11/2017

    @davetobin unlikely - that patent was very specific and these things are normally interpreted narrowly. Reply +3
  • Rogueywon 01/11/2017

    I still remember my granddad's stories about WW2. By far the most harrowing was that one about a buddy of his who called down a supply drop on the wrong side of the line just outside Arnhem and had to watch while some Jerry opened it and got a goddam gold skin for the Thompson SMG.

    Note: My granddad didn't actually fight in WW2. When I was little, he used to tell me he had and would insert himself into the plots of various WW2 movies. My parents thought it was hysterical. Eventually I worked out from his age that he was only 9 when the war broke out. This bit of my post is actually true.
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  • Rogueywon 01/11/2017

    Nothing says "WW2" to me like people running around on a beach trying to collect magical cards that teach them a new salute or make their gun turn purple. Reply +133
  • The Surge is off to the theme park in its big new expansion this December

  • Rogueywon 31/10/2017

    I liked The Surge. It's a small but well-formed Soulslike with enough ideas to keep it feeling fresh. I actually prefer it to Nioh, which I've always found a bit of a clunky, over-layered mess.

    Quite up for the idea of an expansion with a few new environments.
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  • Sony's Paris press conference suggests we need a new way to show difficult games

  • Rogueywon 31/10/2017

    Too many games which aim for "serious" misfire and end up as "pompous" or "patronising" instead. Not all of them, but certainly a fair majority.

    I quite like the idea of some anonymous trailer-cutter sat in a darkened room in the depths of Sony's offices thinking how best to cheekily subvert David Cage and Naughty Dog.
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  • New report paints Visceral's cancelled Star Wars project as troubled from the off

  • Rogueywon 28/10/2017

    I don't think this is a story anybody comes out of particularly well.

    EA clearly were not helpful. They seem to have been half-hearted about the project from the outset. Certainly, they weren't massively enthusiastic about a title without FUT-style monetisation opportunities. Making various demands about the game having a "hook" and "differentiating itself from Uncharted" is also a bit dumb.

    However, I doubt EA wrote off all of their sunk costs on the project lightly and Visceral seem to deserve a fair share of the blame. They seem to have been poor at planning the project and, in particular, at fitting the scope of the game to their resources.

    Amy Hennig comes across as a good writer and a bad manager. She made a classic mistake that I see bad managers who come in from outside my own organisation make; they try to recreate the culture from their own organisation without realising how it maps onto the new one (and I say this as somebody in moderately senior management myself). This shouldn't be a particular shock; creatives (e.g. artists, writers) are often bad managers. Where they're successful, it's usually because they have a strong second in command and a team that knows how to "work around them".

    Plus there's Disney/Lucasfilm. It's no secret that making Star Wars games is really, really unpleasant these days, because of the extreme restrictions around the use of the property and the need for every little detail to go through endless clearance processes. 1313 hit exactly the same problem. I'm not sure why any sane studio would want to work on Star Wars right now.
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  • Rogueywon 28/10/2017

    A lot of people criticising Schreier's report, but I've got to say, this sounds awfully similar to the problems that beset Naughty Dog during the first half of Uncharted 4's development. Schreier's book is well worth a read. Reply +13