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  • Intel moves to shut down locked Skylake CPU overclocking

  • Rogueywon 10/02/2016

    @Bagpuss Entirely agree. It was bad enough in the days when BIOS updates were done from a floppy boot disk. The modern trend towards doing them within the OS feels like sawing a branch off a tree while you are sat on it. Reply 0
  • Unravel review

  • Rogueywon 08/02/2016

    Looks like the ideal way to pass an hour while sat in your favourite Shoreditch "1980s supermarket brand" themed organic yoghurt pop-up cafe, as you wait for your beard-wax to set properly so you can wander down to the nearest microbrew-bar for a half-pint of locally sourced Old Dogbonker in a stupid bloody pewter mug. Reply +29
  • The new Doom comes out in May

  • Rogueywon 04/02/2016

    The best thing about this is that it's a modern-day shooter which does not impose a Halo-style limit on the number of weapons you can carry at one time and force weapon-swapping. The more shooters like that, the better. Reply +1
  • Xenonauts 2 confirmed and “hopefully” out in 2017

  • Rogueywon 04/02/2016

    I liked Xenonauts, while acknowledging some of its shortcomings. The sequel sounds more like a more polished rebuild of the first game than a "proper" sequel. The Cold War influences were more prominent in some of the Early Access builds of the first game than in the final release.

    Part of me is a bit gutted that neither XCom 2 nor Xenonauts 2 is the new Terror from the Deep. The deep sea setting was fantastically atmospheric and I would love to see a modernised version.
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  • Batman: Arkham Knight Mac and Linux canned

  • Rogueywon 04/02/2016

    "That's a surprise" said nobody.

    Don't sweat it too much, Mac/Linux guys. It's the weakest game in the series.
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  • Splatoon sells 4m copies, bought by a third of all Wii U owners

  • Rogueywon 02/02/2016

    To be honest, I'm not that impressed by this. One side effect of having so few releases for a system is that the people who own it will be more likely to buy those games that do come out as a way of justifying their original purchase.

    Bloodborne and The Order had a lot more competition for PS4 gamers' cash from third party titles.

    The Wii-U's overall installed base figures remain shocking.
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  • Remembering Dragon Age: Origins

  • Rogueywon 31/01/2016

    I found it a prickly and occasionally difficult-to-like game when I first played it. That said, it's a game that rewards perseverance. The second half of the game is much stronger than the first, with a lot of the plot-arcs acting as slow-boilers whose true intent doesn't become clear until late in the game.

    The combat system is also slightly confusing at first. It's a bit of a half-way house between Baldur's Gate and World of Warcraft. In particular, it puts much more emphasis on the tank/healer/dps balance of World of Warcraft and was one of the first major singleplayer Western RPGs where tanks became drastically distinct from dpses. I did like the crafting system, which I think remains the best from the series.

    I'm not sure that Dragon Age is a series that ever really "found its feet". The first game had moments of brilliance, but was often rough and unpolished. The second game was rushed out the door and felt undercooked. The third game massively over-compensated and in growing too large, diluted the gameplay too far.

    The series ends up, on reflection, a bit stuck between the highly polished 2d spiritual-successors to Baldur's Gate - Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin (ok, the latter is as much Ultima VII, I guess) and the "true" open-world games, of which The Witcher 3 is the supreme example.
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  • Keith Stuart on: horror, madness and control

  • Rogueywon 30/01/2016

    The old Dark Seed games (a pair of early PC/Amiga graphical adventures with art by H. R. Giger) were among the first to play with the ideas of horror and insanity. They actually did so pretty effectively, not least because the first game (can't remember the second) had an extremely harsh real-time system, which meant that the player was constantly under pressure.

    The problem was that when you stopped being scared and just wanted to finish the game, the difficulty imparted by the timing system was so extreme that I suspect a lot of people just gave up.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 5 has shipped 6m units

  • Rogueywon 29/01/2016

    @Phoenisis Actually... yes. By most standards, 6 million is a really good number. But I got the impression that Konami were wanting this to break into the elite tier of sales occupied by the likes of Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and whatnot - the 10 million plus mark.

    It's a very good game, at any rate.
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  • We now have a clearer picture of how Xbox One is doing

  • Rogueywon 29/01/2016

    19 million is actually pretty decent. At the very least, with the Wii-U still down on around 11 million, it's clear that MS has at least avoided a repeat of the Xbox/Gamecube stalemate (though this was never really on the cards).

    Just anecdotally, I noticed a hell of a lot of people buying XB1s in the run-up to Christmas. I suspect that with prices now falling (and the XB1 having a generally stronger Christmas line-up than the PS4), a lot of people who went for the PS4 as their first current-gen console have now double-dipped.

    That said, it's also clear that MS have very little hope of giving Sony a run for their money in this cycle, so it's still a step back for them from where they were last time around.

    If MS's Xbox division's current management team had been in place 3-4 years ago, things may have turned out very differently.
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  • The wonderful surprise in Torment: Tides of Numenera's first two minutes

  • Rogueywon 28/01/2016

    Looks interesting. With any luck, I'll be finishing off Divinity: Original Sin (yeah, I know, January and February are my "attack the Steam backlog months") just in time for this coming out of Early Access. Reply +1
  • Face-Off: Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC

  • Rogueywon 27/01/2016

    Sort of regretting playing the XB1 version now: I didn't expect the PC version so soon.

    I loved the exploration, puzzles and platforming on XB1, but the input lag made combat painful.
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  • EGX Rezzed 2016 announces Divinity: Original Sin 2 developer session

  • Rogueywon 26/01/2016

    Finally got around to playing this, after it say in my Steam backlog for far too long. I love the setting and the writing, but am worried that the combat and stat systems aren't quite up to scratch.

    By contrast, I loved the combat and stat systems in Pillars of Eternity, but found the writing ponderous and overly grimdark.
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  • It's time for Destiny to show its hand

  • Rogueywon 25/01/2016

    MMOs are hard to run. Almost every company that has tried to run one has either ended up having to sink so much resource into maintaining and updating it that the pace of their other output has slowed to a crawl, or else has buckled and gone out of business. With a traditional MMO model, no matter how big your game is at launch, within a few weeks, you will have players who have exhausted all of the content. Then you have to keep churning out new content every few months to keep the players happy. And again, a minority (but a significant majority) will have finished that new content within a few days or weeks.

    Bungie has it even worse because they don't have either of the traditional MMO income-streams to fund stuff. They don't have subscription model (though arguably the first year's DLC/subscription pass verged on being one). Nor do they have a pay-to-win model. So any work they do to enhance the game has to be funded either by sales of the game itself or via platform/publisher deals. That's a bad place to be in (and yes, people say "Guild Wars", but Guild Wars 2 has a terrible content cycle compared to a traditional subscription MMO).

    Arguably the only MMO to have broken out of this particular cycle is EVE Online, which escapes the content cycle by essentially allowing players to run the universe and produce "content" on an emergent basis. But as much as I admire EVE Online, I don't like it (and nor do most other people, if they are honest with themselves).

    I do wonder whether some of the saner minds at Bungie might not now be pondering whether it would make more sense for Destiny 2 to be a "middlingly multiplayer" game in the mold of Borderlands, rather than a full MMO. I don't think they've made the MMO model work.
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  • FNaF World has been removed from sale, refunds offered

  • Rogueywon 25/01/2016

    Ok, hands up here... I bought and played this out of morbid curiousity.

    It's not good. Not good at all. But there is much, much worse on Steam, most of which goes unremarked upon.
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  • Acer X34 Predator vs XR341CK: two ultra-wide gaming displays reviewed

  • Rogueywon 24/01/2016

    HDMI 2.0 is also supported, enabling resolutions beyond 1080p at 60fps without needing to use DisplayPort, although we found Windows 10 often limiting the monitor to 30Hz despite the connection having enough bandwidth to deliver higher refresh rates.
    For the uninitiated, Nvidia and AMD control panels both allow you to over-ride this fairly easily. I've no idea why Windows 10's default display manager behaves as it does, though, because a 30Hz refresh rate for desktop operations is eyeball-bleedingly ugly.
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  • A different creed: the legacy of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

  • Rogueywon 24/01/2016

    Played this through at launch, always meant to go back for a more completionist playthrough, but never got around to it. Guess I still have the Steam version (although my backlog is so huge right now that going back to do a replay of a game I've already beaten is a remote prospect).

    It was certainly impressive at the time. That said, part of me wonders how well it would stand up on replay. So many of its mechanics have been copied by other games since that PoP:SoT itself might feel a bit cliched on rewatch.

    Reminds me of watching Aliens a couple of years ago, with a friend who (unbelievably) had never seen it before. He complained its dialogue was full of cliches and I realised that it does seem that way now, but only because Aliens originated so many of those cliches.
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  • Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

  • Rogueywon 23/01/2016

    Over on PC, running the OS and games from SSD is more important than ever and can affect not just load times, but also in-game performance. Many developers have started assuming lightning fast access to storage drives and stopped doing any kind of optimisation for mechanicals.

    It's not yet 100% - a few titles, such as MGS5, still run beautifully from mechanical drives. But I've seen really serious data-streaming issues elsewhere. A few particular offenders:

    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Homeworld Remastered
    Pillars of Eternity
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  • Watch: Our best (and worst) game bugs

  • Rogueywon 23/01/2016


    In its original release, the game was, to put it mildly, a bit buggy and crash-prone. It crashed on me just as I was attempting to move from one map-area to another and as (of course) that infamous sound-clip was playing...

    "I can't leave without my buddy Superfly".

    Now, this being the Windows 98 era, games that crashed had a habit of leaving a sound-loop running in the background until you rebooted. In this case, that meant a continuous loop of "my buddy Superfly". Thing was, I had a download running in the background that I couldn't pause and didn't want to restart later (downloads could take a looooong time back then, even on a speedy JANET connection), so I ended up with my PC screaming "my buddy Superfly" through the headphones for the better part of two hours.
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  • Attack on Titan trailer reveals loads of new gameplay

  • Rogueywon 22/01/2016

    @Fourfoldroot Yeah, the Japanese gaming industry looked like it was about to suffer "death from Galapagos-syndrome". A retreat into the PSP, 3DS and Vita as the only means of making money from the domestic market, while the West abandoned those platforms. The success of the PS4 (and cheap late-cycle PS3 development) seems to have spared us from that.

    But anime tie-in games have a pretty horrible history. Most of them are the worst kind of cheap cash-in. I remember importing the My-HiME PSP games many years ago and being shocked at just how bad they were. There have been plenty of other awful ones since then, including the Attack on Titan 3DS games. Too many are either bare-bones 2d fighters (with none of the effort put in that is required to make a properly balanced fighting game), low-ambition visual novels which just re-tread the plot of the show or crappy Dynasty Warriors clones. This applies to multi-franchise games too - if anything, even more so. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax never got a Eurogamer review, but I'm pretty sure that if it did, it would have been an "Avoid". I'm no expert on the fighting game genre, but even I could see it was shoddy. A friend who is more into that scene told me it was a bad joke, in terms of input sensitivity, balance and depth.

    There are one or two honorable exceptions. The Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games are fairly good (better than some of the main-series Dynasty Warriors game). The Cross Ange game (an odd visual-novel/3d flight shooter hybrid) was one of the best games released on the Vita last year, but sadly never made it out of Japan. I've not played them personally, but I'm told a couple of the Dragonball Z games have been competent. Fingers crossed this latest Attack on Titan game falls into that category.

    But the odds are against it...
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  • Tom Clancy's The Division PC specs detailed

  • Rogueywon 22/01/2016

    That's a stonkingly huge gap between minimum and recommended specs. Very curious as to how they are defining those.

    Does "minimum" mean "10 fps in 480p" or does "recommended" mean "4K/ultra/60fps". Ok, I exaggerate slightly, but it's still a big range.
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  • What is Yandere Simulator, and why has Twitch banned it?

  • Rogueywon 22/01/2016

    Yandere Simulator is a clever and witty take on a well-known anime trope. It's drawing on a whole host of well known and generally well regarded anime, particularly School Days and Future Diary. On that basis, this feels like another case of games being held to a different standard to other media "just because". Reply +3
  • Oxenfree review

  • Rogueywon 22/01/2016

    So in other words, it's Until Dawn without the budget or the good bits. Had been mulling a purchase, but this tipped me into the "no" camp. Reply -15
  • Why the internet is in a flap about Nintendo's NX console

  • Rogueywon 20/01/2016

    @ClemFandango Yes, and I'd take a solid 900p/30 over 1080p/sub-30.

    Looking at you, Bloodborne. The framerate issues on Vicar Amelia were not funny.
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  • Rogueywon 20/01/2016

    I suspect the biggest factor as to whether or not this will succeed has nothing to do with the resolution. Rather it is whether the console comes with - in the box - a controller which has all of the button-functionality of the now-accepted controller design (with a rough approximation of its layout). They were close with the Wii-U, but going digital vs analogue for ZL/ZR was a huge mistake.

    Controller-parity makes life much easier for multiplatform developer. A friend of mine worked at a UK-based multiplatform developer during the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube days and talked me through how while the PS2 could be an arse to port to because of its architecture, the Gamecube could be even worse, as you would have to redesign actual game features and mechanics to accommodate its strange, stunted controller.
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  • PC's Resident Evil Zero HD remaster shows us how the original game was made

  • Rogueywon 20/01/2016

    Can I check this means that resolutions above 1080p aren't supported on PC?

    Not a deal breaker, just curious.
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  • I have to break Fallout 4 to finish it

  • Rogueywon 20/01/2016

    Is there a fix yet for the bug where Preston Garvey doesn't get eaten by a Deathclaw?

    That's a bad one.
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  • Rogueywon 20/01/2016

    I've had to use console commands (at least I have the option on PC) twice now to unblock my game; once for a main quest, once for a major side quest. I'm only 18 hours in - and unlikely now to play further. It's a bad and badly dated game, despite occasional moments of brilliance. Reply +2
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is coming to Steam next month

  • Rogueywon 19/01/2016

    Steam's been getting a lot of Japanese ports lately, of Vita games in particular. Possibly a sign that smaller-scale Japanese developers are starting to realise that if they want to reach an audience outside of Japan, then the PC is a better bet than the Vita? Coupled with easier certification than trying to get the game onto a home-console...

    It's a promising sign. The PSP, Vita and, to a lesser extent, 3DS have all encouraged a bit of "Galapagos Syndrome" in Japanese games development. You can develop for those platforms and make money in Japan, but their lower profile in the rest of the world makes it very hard to extend that success.
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  • Does Diablo 3 patch 2.4 impact console performance?

  • Rogueywon 17/01/2016

    How bizarre. My first guess would have been "HDD access", but it looks like this was also DF's first guess and they've eliminated it.

    Looking at the reports of frequency and severity of the framerate drops in this patch, I suspect this is a classic bug, rather than a performance hit caused by the game legitimately trying to "do more" than it was before. Probably some bit of recursive code or something. If so, it should be easily fixed by a patch.
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  • Call of Duty maker sued by family of Angolan rebel leader

  • Rogueywon 15/01/2016

    @jrb And what is a factual depiction? History is surprisingly malleable. Reply +1
  • Rogueywon 15/01/2016

    Has no chance legally speaking. The dead cannot be defamed in law. It's why nasty but hard to substantiate stories about famous people often come out almost immediately after they die (Saville being by far the biggest example in recent years). Reply 0
  • Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has a new dungeon

  • Rogueywon 14/01/2016

    A good reminder that Nintendo's attitude to consumers is actually worse than Sony's or MS's. They sometimes get seen as virtuous because of their underdog status, but their attitude to region locking, streaming revenues, trademark enforcement and now day 1 "physical dlc" proves that they are the worst of the bunch.

    It is a boon for gamers that Nintendo's incompetence has denied them real power in the industry for almost 2 decades now.
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  • Cool BioShock Infinite-themed Fallout 4 settlement puts Columbia in the Commonwealth

  • Rogueywon 12/01/2016

    That particular version of "Will the Circle be Unbroken" remains one of the finest pieces of gaming music of the last console generation. Reply +9
  • Last minute delay for console versions of Gone Home in Europe

  • Rogueywon 12/01/2016

    @Hellotherenow PEGI is not actually in force across Europe. Take a look at

    Germany, in particular, insists upon its own rating system, which is far more draconian than PEGI. Germany tried to use its last Presidency of the EU Council as a soapbox to impose its rating system on the whole of the EU, but failed (partly due to resistance from some states, including the UK, and partly just because it ran out of time). I believe the next German presidency is in 2021; UK gamers should be extremely nervous about that date.
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  • Intel Skylake: Core i5 6500 review

  • Rogueywon 10/01/2016

    @mega-gazz I went from a Celeron 300Mhz to an AMD Tbird 900Mhz and it was jaw-dropping.

    Then the Tbird burned out not much more than 18 months later (and no, it wasn't overclocked). Never bought an AMD CPU again.
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  • Rogueywon 10/01/2016

    @IronSoldier Suspect the problem is that DF were, quite sensibly, trying to eliminate the GPU as a factor in their testing. Even the Titan starts to struggle above 1080p in Witcher 3 and Unity/Syndicate. Reply +5
  • Rogueywon 10/01/2016

    One thing to watch for is that Intel's binning process means that you won't necessarily get the same overclocking performance from every 6500. After all, this is a product which has been put on the market without overclocking in mind, unlike the K series. That's not saying "don't go this route", but it is saying "don't be surprised if you can't get a stable system at some of the speeds discussed above (or, indeed, if you can achieve better results)". So if you're building a budget PC, don't bet the farm on the basis of this article.

    In fact, all of the caveats in that "how to overclock" sidebar are highly relevant, the first one in particular (as it may impact on chip longevity in the longer term).
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  • Ellie Gibson on: Manual Stimulation

  • Rogueywon 09/01/2016

    PC simulators used to get the best manuals. The old Lucasarts sim "Their Finest Hour" more or less came with a textbook on the Battle of Britain. The Microprose manuals were also great - sometimes better than the game.

    Honourable mention for Origin's Ultima and Wing Commander manuals.
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  • Half-Life writer Marc Laidlaw leaves Valve

  • Rogueywon 08/01/2016

    @I_Am_CatButler It exists in Steam early-access as Black Mesa.

    Still buggy as hell and lacking the Xen section, but it's very clearly more of a full-scale reboot than a simple remaster.
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  • Finally, tide turns in war with PC game crackers

  • Rogueywon 08/01/2016

    @Bertie Indeed. I think the problem with Dragon Age: Inquisition was that it had some real issues with data-streaming when running from mechanical hard-drives, which could cause odd stuttering even on PCs which far exceeded the minimum spec.

    A lot of people blamed the copy-protection for that issue, even though it was nothing to do with it.
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  • Rogueywon 08/01/2016

    To be honest, my impression of what's happened to most games piracy over the last decade or so is that it's shifted - in the developed world at least - from "a way for people without much money to play free games" to "a niche proposition for a community of nerds to compete with each other". Even if you can get a pirated game to run, on a console or PC, so many features these days are locked behind online-requirements and account profiles that a gamer running a pirated copy is going to have to make do with a distinctly third-rate experience.

    Plus with the pricing and convenience of Steam for PC gaming and Amazon for console gaming (I don't regards PSN/XBL online prices as competitive in most cases yet), compared to the fuss, hassle and near-inevitable malware infestations that go with piracy, the scales tip further in the direction of buying a legitimate copy.

    Android is a bit different. That platform seems to have some fairly major problems still.

    And of course, the developing world is another issue again. It's no coincidence, I think, that the most prominent piracy groups these days are Chinese.
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  • Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir details new game modes

  • Rogueywon 08/01/2016

    @FuzzyDuck I've enjoyed all of the VanillaWare games I've played (going back to the original version of Odin Sphere). Dragon Crown, in particular, was great fun once you got past the first few levels. Reply +3
  • Pimped game controllers with bullets and diamonds - who makes these things?

  • Rogueywon 08/01/2016

    Well, it keeps the money supply in circulation.

    Or something.

    No, I'm sorry, I can't keep up the pretense.

    What a bunch of wankers...
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  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 is as shameless as App Store games get

  • Rogueywon 07/01/2016

    @atothewest Correct. While the game you describe would at least be a mild improvement on Halo 5, it wouldn't be anything like enough.

    I'll get my coat.
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  • Final Fantasy 9 is "coming soon" to PC, iOS and Android

  • Rogueywon 06/01/2016

    @petrmatafonov It was always my least-favourite of the 3D Final Fantasy games (until FF13). It kind of felt like Squaresoft got a bit burned by being slightly too experimental with FF8, so they decided to retreat into their comfort zone with a safe, but ultimately unambitious model for FF9.

    That said, it's still much better than some of the less-good early games (like FF2 and FF5), as well as late stinkers like FF13.
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  • Rogueywon 06/01/2016

    @spamdangled It's a toggle. You should keep encounters enabled for normal play. But in the late-game, if you're revisiting old areas for sidequests and stuff, you can turn encounters off to save time (as they will give you nothing of use by that point). Reply 0
  • Rogueywon 06/01/2016

    "No encounter" mode is welcome. FF9 had a very high encounter rate; one of the highest of any game in the FF series, I believe. Reply 0
  • Oculus Rift costs 500

  • Rogueywon 06/01/2016

    A further point. The USB port requirement means that even top-end gaming laptops might not be able to support this. This is looking like a strictly desktop-only product - and desktops with high-end motherboards at that.

    I'm assuming that those ports are being used for data-throughput and not just power, so an external USB hub won't help.
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  • Rogueywon 06/01/2016

    Pardon my French, but... FUCKING HELL. I'd been mulling whether I wanted to be an early-adopter. At 300 I'd have jumped. I'd probably have been sold at 350. But 500 is a huge amount to spend, particularly when it's not known whether the thing is here to stay, or simply a Kinect-style flash-in-the-pan.

    Also... 4 USB ports required? What... the... buggery... fuck?!? If the cabling is sufficiently flexible that it can practically be fitted to both front and rear USB ports, then I can just about cover that. Otherwise, I'm in the territory of having to unplug other peripherals to use the damned thing, and I have a massive desktop with no shortage of ports.

    Edit: No, actually, I do have enough free rear USB ports. Just checked my mobo manual and there are two more than I realised.
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