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  • Disgaea 5 is a video game drunk on itself

  • Rogueywon 26/05/2017

    @doyl The trick with Disgaea games is to know when enough is enough. I've only ever gone completionist on one of them - the PSP release of the original - and that was only because I was doing a lot of travel for business reasons at the time which meant a time-sink like Disgaea was a godsend. Reply +3
  • Rogueywon 26/05/2017

    @Kremlik I've got the PS4 version and the season pass.

    You basically get a bunch of characters from other Disgaea/NIS titles, with a few missions, linked by a short story sequence, available for each game's characters. The missions are pretty decent, but nothing groundbreaking.

    You do then get the characters available for use in the rest of Disgaea 5. Be aware, however, that they aren't integrated into the storyline at all and get no dialogue outside of their own missions and a couple of lines they repeat when you talk to them on the base-screen between missions. That said, they're pretty powerful and having them from the start gives you a much stronger party available than you would otherwise have.
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  • Monster Hunter is heading to Switch

  • Rogueywon 26/05/2017

    The question I'm interested in is whether is has been properly designed around twin-stick controls. I've always had an interest in this series, but have never been able to get through the "my word, these controls are shit" barrier. Reply +13
  • You can now hire out a GAME arena for a stag do

  • Rogueywon 25/05/2017

    I'd rather gargle with my own diarrhoea.

    They can have that as a marketing wuote if they want.
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  • What I like and what I don't like about Bungie's surprise decision to go with 4v4 for Destiny 2 PvP

  • Rogueywon 23/05/2017

    Team sizes are a funny thing. By and large, the loudest voices from the community will usually cry for larger and larger teams. Woe betide the new Battlefield game that doesn't offer 32 vs 32.

    The reality, however, is that smaller team games often prove to have greater longevity and a more durable community scene. Very large team games can look and sound impressive to a player taking a quick dip, but they dilute the contribution of individual players to the extent that there's not much of an incentive to stick around in the long-term.

    6 v 6 doesn't instinctively feel "too big", but I do understand why a developer like Bungie, with a franchise like this which relies on holding a scene together over the longer term, would consider smaller options.
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  • Shadow Warrior 2 is fine on consoles but lacks key features

  • Rogueywon 23/05/2017

    Is this really a particularly pretty game on PC? I tried it when it came out last year and actually found it pretty ugly. Though that might be down to the art design as much as the technology, I guess. Reply -1
  • Hands-on with the impressive PC version of Destiny 2

  • Rogueywon 22/05/2017

    Not that surprised by the lack of cross-save. This is a game that expects you to invest a considerable amount of time into stat and gear builds. Mouse and keyboard controls are going to drive very different choices and preferences to those you'd see in a controller-driven game.

    Seen this already in Borderlands 2. The greater ease of getting headshots/criticals in the PC version makes certain skills and weapons attractive there which just don't wash on the consoles.
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  • The Surge is Souls-inspired sci-fi - with better technology

  • Rogueywon 17/05/2017

    Played around with this last night on a high-end PC: i7 6700K and 1080 Ti. 4k/ultra/60fps is not quite possible. But drop to 90% resolution scaling (1944p) and you can hit the magic number in all but a tiny number of circumstances (mainly when moving in or out of safe-rooms). Reply +3
  • Persona 5's translation is a black mark on a brilliant game

  • Rogueywon 17/05/2017

    Disagree with the author on this one. Typos are one thing and should be picked up. But Persona 5 is an intrinsically Japanese game. It is about Japan and Japanese society. The localisation makes deliberate choices to smooth none of the edges and leave the sheer Japanese-ness of the thing undiluted. The proposed approach set out by the author would run contrary to this. He's going too far in applying Western speech registers to Japanese, in which despite local dialects and slang, there is still more linguistic conformity.

    While typos are unfortunate (but forgivable), the localisation team made the right call on the big issues.
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  • HTC Vive now offers two-year £35 monthly financing option

  • Rogueywon 15/05/2017

    If you're going into debt (and this is debt) for a video games toy, you probably need to rethink your spending priorities. Reply +4
  • Paradox picks up Battletech

  • Rogueywon 12/05/2017

    I never played the original Battletech PC game, but did play Battletech 2: The Crescent Hawk's Revenge. My word, that was a strange game. Massively ahead of its time in some respects, with features that other computer strategy games wouldn't start picking up for years. But also crippled by a UI that was bad even by the standards of the early 1990s.

    Also seemed punishingly difficult to me at the time. I beat it in the end, but there were a few of particular missions - one sequence involving an urban raid to rescue a prisoner where you only got tracked/wheeled vehicles to control and a mission late in the game where you had to hide from a large-scale Clan hunt for your squad - which took me dozens of attempts to get past.
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  • Mass Effect series "on ice" following Andromeda disappointment

  • Rogueywon 11/05/2017

    The first Bioware RPG I've started but abandoned unfinished. Reply +4
  • Vanquish confirmed for PC

  • Rogueywon 10/05/2017

    Great news. Fingers crossed the PC version is as well done as Bayonetta's. The style of the gameplay, which involved rapid movement and targeting, should benefit nicely from a solid 60fps and mouse/keyboard controls. Reply +6
  • Prey PC: even a budget rig can hit 1080p60

  • Rogueywon 09/05/2017

    @vulcanproject I think it's more that they've gone for a fairly minimalist visual style. Space stations are a pretty good environment for this kind of thing; angular, low-poly visuals can actually look more authentic.

    Alien: Isolation had a somewhat similar style and setting and was also notable for excellent performance on even low-end PC hardware.

    I've no problem with this. Not every game needs wide, open vistas and detailed foliage effects.
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  • Rogueywon 09/05/2017

    This is a superb game with a superb PC version. It deserved a much harder marketing push than Bethesda has given it, coupled with a lot more work to get across to people what the game is actually about. Pre-release reviews often do that, but Bethesda's not a fan of those these days.

    Sounds like the console ports (and it's clear PC was the primary development platform in this case) have some shortcomings. Fingers crossed PS4 Pro gets, at the very least, some input lag fixes and an uncapped/60fps mode.
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe holds off Prey in UK game chart

  • Rogueywon 08/05/2017

    Bethesda's behaviour as publisher has been fairly scummy, but I still hope Prey does well, not least for the sake of the development team (who will have had no input into Bethesda's corporate behaviour).

    Bethesda have done next to nothing to help Prey. Their marketing has been slipshod and gives little idea of what the game is actually about. Until 72 hours before launch, I was still under the impression it was a corridor shooter. Early reviews for a game like this could have done a huge amount of work in building momentum towards launch, but the review-embargo prevented that from happening. It's an awesome game, but it's now dependent largely on post-launch word-of-mouth for its sales.
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  • Julian Gollop launches $500,000 crowdfunder for X-COM spiritual successor

  • Rogueywon 02/05/2017

    @PlugMonkey I finished an XCom 2: Long War 2 playthrough early last month, which really does bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the XC2 tactical-game.

    XC2's turn-limits aren't generally too bad in my view unless you ramp up to the higher difficulty levels (which I would not recommend for Long War 2). However, what really does need a revamp for any future instalments in the rebooted XCom franchise (and I would love a TftD reboot) is the contact/ambush system.

    I can see why they decided to go with it, but after 100+ tactical missions, it's very clear that the imperative not to make contact with new alien groups on your own turn is too strong.

    I'd like to see that mechanic removed or watered down for any future "rebooted" XCom games. I'd also like to see cover bonuses generally reduced.
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  • Prey was a flawed FPS with ideas worth remembering

  • Rogueywon 30/04/2017

    @Britesparc I remember the original hype. I also remember the "blink and you miss it" actual launch, which turned into a complete non-event.

    2006 wasn't really a fantastic time for PC-gaming. Steam was still a mostly niche thing and most of the attention was going on the new or about-to-be-launched consoles.

    The irony is that while Prey was undoubtedly better than the other two development-hell games I mention above - Daikatana and Duke Nukem Forever - the launch of those two did actually feel like a bit of an event just because they were so spectacularly awful.
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  • Rogueywon 30/04/2017

    @Foolish_Monkey Yeah, Prey was a bit like going into a theme park and then not being allowed on any of the rides. There were all these cool mechanics happening around you, but you couldn't actually do anything meaningful with them. What you actually did was follow a straightforward path and go along with some fairly standard fps gunplay.

    It was a typical 7/10 kind of game, really.
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  • Rogueywon 30/04/2017

    I still remember an article in (I think) PC Format shortly after the release of Quake in 1996 (back when hard-copy gaming magazines were still relevant). It talked about how the success of Quake had prompted a number of other developers to rush their own fully 3d shooters towards release. The three games listed were Daikatana, Prey and a new Duke Nukem . The expectation was that all of them would be out by the end of 1997.

    The cursed-trio of fps video game development...
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  • Dawn of War 3 review

  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    Spent a good few hours with this now. It's ok. Pretty good. A typical low-end-of-recommended title.

    But it could and should have been so much more. The eSports influences run through the entire game to its detriment. The irony is that it's never going to become a major eSports game. Other than Call of Duty, whose pro scene is only sustained by a load of Activision money anyway, not many eSports games these days are £40 pay-to-own titles.

    At its best, this can feel like the original Dawn of War. At its worst, I get occasional flashes of Command & Conquer 4.

    Edit: I see Starcraft 2 mentioned above. As a singleplayer title, this is not even close to the quality of any of the three SC2 installments.
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  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    @George-Roper The question isn't whether this game is a MOBA or not. It clearly isn't. It's an RTS. The question is whether it's a good RTS. I'm still undecided on that one.

    The rock-paper-scissors micro-game seems pretty strong in principle, but the controls aren't quite right for supporting it. Classic tactics like protecting your ranged units with a line of melee are key, but the camera and interface make it trickier than it needs to be. Production is irritating. The camera zoom just won't go out far enough. It does run a bit faster than I would like, as well.

    But there's still quite a lot here that I do like.
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  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    This isn't a MOBA. Not in campaign mode at least. Just played a couple of hours of it. It's an RTS with hero units. Warcraft 3 would be the closest singleplayer comparison.

    The heroes aren't actually all that strong. "Normal" units are emphatically not cannon fodder.
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  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    In performance terms, this is broadly ok-ish. I can mostly hold 4k/ultra/60fps on a 6700K and 1080 Ti, though the benchmarking stress-test does give a couple of dips into the 50s. That's obviously ok-ish, but part of me thinks that such a simple-looking game should run a little better.

    Relatively few graphics configuration options, but at least there is built-in (if limited) resolution scaling.

    Short version: technically, it seems ok. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    Off work today and playing a bit of this now. I'm sure there's a lot to like here, but two observations:

    - The tutorial voice-over sounds completely wrong for the setting. It would be fine for Command & Conquer, but not for Dawn of War.

    - The visuals are far too "clean" for Warhammer 40K. I know that this has likely been a decision taken specifically for the sake of multiplayer, but it just doesn't look or feel right without that constant overlay of murkiness. Dawn of War 2 actually did a far better job of getting over the look and feel of the setting.
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  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    @Chayshirin There's a forum thread here where you can and should report any unpleasant/NSFW/malware-laden ads. Some nasty ones have been squashed by the EG team after being reported there in the past. Reply +8
  • Anita Sarkeesian brings Tropes vs. Women in Video Games to a close

  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    Good riddance, frankly. Turning a hobby that people go to for entertainment and relaxation into the newest front in the culture wars did nobody a service. Some of the behaviour directed at her was, of course, completely unacceptable, but sadly it also seems to be par for the course these days. Even fairly mainstream conservative voices have had to cancel university talks recently, or even been physically attacked in the course of them.

    Time for both sides to dial it down.
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  • Gundam Versus will finally bring the Japanese fighting series to western consoles

  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    @5parrowhawk Oh god yes, I remember that.

    It was terrible.
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  • Rogueywon 28/04/2017

    @MrDurandPierre Also, it's being brought to PS4 and PS4 Pro, so the headline is technically correct. :) Reply +3
  • The original X-COM was cancelled, but development continued in secret

  • Rogueywon 27/04/2017

    @Fenbops Closest thing to that you will see is Xenonauts. But while good, it lacks some of the atmosphere of the original. Not quite sure why. Maybe the menus and tactical-graphics look a little too clinical? Reply +3
  • Resident Evil 7 sales top 3.5m worldwide

  • Rogueywon 27/04/2017

    @JeroenZM Sorry, I meant Umbrella Corp.

    Agree the two Umbrella Chronicles games were quite good, though not a patch on Dead Space: Extraction.
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  • Rogueywon 27/04/2017

    @grassyknoll I wasn't talking about FF15. FF13-2 was much better received than FF13, but managed just a few hundred thousand sales.

    Not sure how impressive 1 million sales for the RE6 remaster is.
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  • Rogueywon 27/04/2017

    That's not actually bad, given RE7 launched against the backdrop of a damaged brand. RE6 and Umbrella Chronicles did a lot of reputational damage and it was always going to take a really good main-series instalment to repair that. RE7 fit the bill nicely.

    It's a pretty consistent rule of the industry that bad instalments in long-running franchises don't get punished in sales terms themselves. Instead, the next instalment is the one that takes the pain. Final Fantasy XIII and Call of Duty: Ghosts are other examples of games whose low quality probably undermined the sales of their superior sequels.
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  • Outlast 2 review

  • Rogueywon 27/04/2017

    Sounds almost as offensive as that game about the fat plumber who goes around jumping up and down on turtles after his girlfriend gets abducted. I was really offended by the way it appeals to the player's basest instincts as he is continually tantalised by the thought that his target must be in another castle.

    Horrifying stuff.
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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's multiplayer mode isn't in the game at launch

  • Rogueywon 25/04/2017

    I'm at work at the moment and can't check Steam. Does this list multiplayer in the features?

    I can see this triggering a lot of refund requests.
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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review

  • Rogueywon 25/04/2017

    Oh good... Ghost: Elite Warrior Modern Sniper 3. Or whatever. There do seem to be an awful lot of these, don't there?

    So is this another case of a pointlessly open-world game. The review is a bit rambling, but from what I can glean, it might fall into the Watch_Dogs category of a game which could have been fun for mission-based play, but crippled by a pointless and dull open-world.
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  • Looks like Double Fine's Broken Age will finally launch for Xbox One

  • Rogueywon 25/04/2017

    @muro It's feeling a bit like "back to the early '00s", when a lot of developers felt they could just target the PS2 and ignore the other platforms, because basically everybody owned a PS2 anyway.

    PS4 + PC seems to be enough for a lot of developers these days, even without exclusivity deals.

    On a different note, Broken Age has been virtually given away under so many guises now (PS+, Humble Bundles, deep discounts on Steam sales) that I'd be surprised if there were many people who wanted to play it but still haven't.
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  • May's Xbox Live Games with Gold detailed

  • Rogueywon 21/04/2017

    @bioreit Don't you know? Disney changed the name for all of the old stuff to differentiate it from their own offerings.

    Everything made before they acquired the licence is now Star Was.
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  • Snooker star says he's a recovering video game addict

  • Rogueywon 21/04/2017

    Video games can be addictive. That shouldn't be a controversial statement. Thing is, a whole host of other perfectly normal hobbies and activities can also be addictive (and some, such as gambling, can be much more destructive), so pointing out that "video games can be addictive" should not be read as "OMG video games can be banned".

    I kinda get where he's coming from, to be honest. World of Warcraft's mechanics can be particularly bad for inducing addiction. It's not just the reward-mechanics, well documented though those are. It's also the social side of the game, which can put a lot of pressure and expectations on you if you play at a higher level. To ensure they have a viable team, most raid guilds back when I was playing at a moderately high level would enforce a minimum attendance requirement which put a lot of pressure on you to keep up your playtime. If you didn't do that, not only did you risk your raid slot, but you also risked letting down your friends when they were counting on you.

    I had to go cold-turkey from WoW back towards the end of the Lich King era. It was getting to the point both where it was making me fairly miserable and where it was threating to cut into my work-life. I did actually dip a toe back into the game as a casual around the time Pandaria launched, but without getting involved in the raiding scene, the hooks to keep me playing were pretty weak and I drifted off again after a month or two of very low-intensity play. Final Fantasy XIV was fun for a while, but I was very careful to stay away from the raid scene.

    Back when I was at university, two friends of mine (well, one friend and one acquaintance-I-didn't-like-much) managed to fail their exams and flunk out because they couldn't balance Quake 3 with their studies. More recently, another friend got so enmeshed in Diablo 3 that he started skipping work to play it, to the extent we basically had to do a mini-intervention (and he did go cold-turkey).
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  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe review

  • Rogueywon 21/04/2017

    @macmurphy I have played it on the Wii-U. I hated it. Reply -18
  • Rogueywon 21/04/2017

    @PinktotheLast Umm... this is the comments section. Discussion and dissenting views are kind of the whole point of it. I profoundly disagree with the review, not on the basis of "it's a remake", but rather because I thought MK8 was always a bit crap anyway.

    For me, the Mario Kart series has been an object lesson in making things worse with every instalment. The original was an absolute classic and one of the finest games of its generation. Every successor to it has been an attempt to add "more" - more weapons, more karts on the track, more catch-up mechanisms. Every single one of these additions has made things worse, not better.

    Modern Mario Kart games, from the Wii version onwards, have been mindless weapon-spam, with too many competitors on the track spamming too many weapons, most of which are too powerful. The mechanics that made the original great have been lost under a sea of visually flashy but gameplay-wrecking superweapons and an approach to game balance that tips too far in the direction of luck over skill.

    If Nintendo put out a version of Mario Kart that stripped the series back to its essence - or even added a "classic mode" toggle, I would be delighted. By that, I mean no more than 8-10 racers on the track and items limited to... let's say... green shell (including x3 version), banana skin, red shell, mushroom and star, I would be very happy to buy it. Without that, the series is strictly in the "no sale" camp for me these days.
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  • Rogueywon 21/04/2017

    Is it still basically nothing more than a fruit-machine game based around over-powered weapons with little emphasis on, you know, actual racing?

    Double Dash was the last instalment in this series which I actually got any enjoyment out of, before the over-powered super-weapons took over. A simple option to play all content with weapons capped at red-shell level might bring me back, but until and unless that happens, I'll be very happy to skip this one.
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  • Dawn of War 3 is brutal, beautiful, and inconsistently brilliant

  • Rogueywon 20/04/2017

    At last, some coverage of the campaign. I rather suspect more people are interested in this for the singleplayer aspects than the multi, and I struggle to see this displacing the established giants of the competitive scene.

    It does sometimes feel like hardcore multiplayer is why the rest of us can't have nice things any more. But good to see that there does still appear to be substantial value in the campaign offering.
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  • Code Vein is a new "gruelling" action RPG from Bandai Namco

  • Rogueywon 20/04/2017

    I quite like the aesthetic, but this will live or die by the strength of its combat mechanics. I wasn't bowled off my feet by those in God Eater. Reply +8
  • Why the pros think Black Ops 2 is still the best Call of Duty

  • Rogueywon 20/04/2017

    @HE1NZ Really? I disagree. I only play CoD games for the campaign and would probably rate Blops2 fairly highly on that score. It was probably the most daring campaign in the series (though Infinite Warfare is also decent), mixing up the traditional gameplay styles a bit with the tactical drone missions and the branching story options.

    Don't get me wrong, it was still a Michael Bey style cliché-fest and the gaming equivalent of junk food, but it was fairly good junk food - more Byron Burger than Big Mac.
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  • AMD Radeon RX 580/ RX 570 review

  • Rogueywon 18/04/2017

    @samharper I'd second adding Wildlands to the benchmarking list, possibly taking over The Division's slot. It's one of the few games that really stresses my 1080 Ti (4k/60fps is right out, without massive image quality cuts), without obviously terrible optimisation (a la Mass Effect: Andromeda). It also has lots of lovely tools that allow you to play around with various settings and quickly determine where bottlenecks are arising.

    It's not a very good game, but that doesn't really matter for benchmarking purposes.
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  • Persona 5 guide: Walkthrough and tips for making the most of your school year

  • Rogueywon 17/04/2017

    @Raejinn The guide has you do them very, very late. That's fine, provided:

    a) you also hit the triggers for the missable ones, to get the best ending.

    b) You don't fall too far behind on levels in plot dungeons.
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  • Rogueywon 16/04/2017

    The guide is generally pretty good (and I've been rude about Eurogamer guides in the past, so that does mean something coming from me). However, it should be noted that it sets out an incredibly narrow path to walk and it is very, very easy to fall off it (I've already fallen off in my game, though not to the extent I can be bothered stepping back several hours).

    In particular, points to note:

    - You absolutely must have a persona of the relevant arcana equipped for confidants. This is how I fell off (missing a Chariot persona for an early "spend time with Ryuji" entry).

    - There's sometimes a degree of RNG to how many points you increase social stats by when studying, making coffee etc. You may need to do a couple of save/reloads to get the bonus described in the guide, although there is a little more slack on this side than there is on the confidants.

    - Following the guide puts a lot of reliance on your ability to get a hell of a lot done in a single visit to a dungeon. This is particularly true because of the way it back-loads Mementos. If you want to follow this for a first-playthrough, then Easy or even Safe difficulty is the way to go.
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  • There was a weird thing in last night's Japanese Nintendo Direct

  • Rogueywon 13/04/2017

    @MrBeast Hell, the origin for the whole series was Kenichiro Takaki deciding that he wanted to use the 3DS to make 3d-animated boobs.

    That said, worth remembering that despite some of the comments above, the sexual content in the series is roughly on a par with the old Carry On movies (and even in those, Barbara Windsor never had mysterious light beams to preserve her modesty when her bra popped off). They're more "bawdy" than "erotica".
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  • Rogueywon 13/04/2017

    @Fourfoldroot EG and its readership do seem to be a bit prudish on these things of late. Most other gaming sites tend to see Senran Kagura for the silly bit of fun that it is. Reply +13