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  • In search of the perfect bug

  • Rogueywon 10/04/2014

    I've been playing the early access version of Xenonauts (basically a "traditional" X-Com remake) since early summer last year and have seen some really fun ones in that.

    My favorite was a bug which, when a soldier had certain types of armour equipped, made his graphic grow to giant size temporarily while he was running. It was disconcerting, but somehow just about managed to look sort-of right. I mean, you could imagine that with a bit of polishing, somebody might have been able to make it work quite well as a kind of comic book style visual effect.

    Incidentially, the game is headed for its proper release at the end of the month and the latest builds are much more stable and polished. :)
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  • inFamous: Second Son breaks 1m sales in nine days

  • Rogueywon 10/04/2014

    Interesting article on Kotaku (will wonders never cease!) earlier about how few developers were willing to commit to jumping to the PS4 and Xbox One ahead of the consoles launching.

    With those consoles having broken sales records and with games sales for them looking very healthy, I bet some of those developers still nursing PS3/360 games to completion are starting to have some regrets right now.
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  • Forza 5 update adds Long Beach circuit for free

  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    @Darren Free tracks might seem surprising at first glance, but following the developer blogs on the Forza website and the statements that have come out of Turn10, it's clear that they were genuinely taken aback by the depth and passion of the hatred for what they'd done for the game at launch. Perhaps they figured that microtransactions were no big deal because people hadn't complained too much about Forza 4 and Horizon, not realising that the reason for the lack of complaints there was that the microtransactions were so inessential.

    There's been a lot of - seemingly genuine - apology and backtracking since launch. The game is now at the stage of "good for an early-cycle title" rather than "atrocity and insult to the brand" as it was when it launched. By any metric, it's a better and more rounded game than Forza 2 (Turn10's first forray onto the 360) and probably comparable to Forza 3. The problem of course is that Forza 4 was just so good, so well balanced and so comprehensive that neither Turn10 nor Polyphony Digital has been able to match it.

    Hopefully, Turn10 have learned their lesson and will reflect on this experience for Forza 6 (which I'd expect in 18 months or so, going off their usual release schedule).
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  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    I came back to this at the weekend after a long (Lightning Returns-induced) break. This is a much better game than the one that launched - possibly even to the point where it merits a re-review. Big changes since launch are:

    - One (and now two) extra free circuits. And unlike in older Forza games, the career mode events are updated to include those circuits.
    - A much more generous in-game economy, which vastly reduces the incentive to buy credits.
    - DLC cars no longer require an in-game currency purchase as well as a cash purchase for the DLC itself.

    Overall, it's still not quite as good as Forza 4. But it is much better than the fully-priced yet free-to-play-themed game that launched.
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  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel confirmed for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    @pauldouglas I'm certainly in that category. But as I'll be playing on PC anyway, it doesn't really matter in my case. Reply +1
  • Xbox Live Marketplace's Easter sale

  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    Some of those deals aren't bad. But the comparisons with the PSN sale aren't going to be flattering for MS. As with so many stories recently, it's a case of something good from MS being completely eclipsed by something great from Sony. Reply +19
  • PlayStation Store Easter Sale has Ni no Kuni for Ł5.49

  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    @NewbieZilla Depends whether you like the Atelier games. If you do, then it's generally one of the better ones, in my experience.

    If you don't - and they are very much a niche franchise (some sites don't even seem to bother with reviews of the Atelier series any more) - then this probably won't be the game to convince you.
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  • The Last of Us: Remastered for PS4 revealed

  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    Will be watching for news of control tweaks. Without substantial improvements to the controls (aim sensitivity in particular) I won't be picking this up. The Last of Us became pretty much the first instance of me dropping a game mid way through despite enjoying the plot - because I found the controls (especially aiming) actively painful. Reply -3
  • Super Smash Bros. 3DS due this summer, Wii U winter 2014

  • Rogueywon 09/04/2014

    @sarcasticjones But how many people will play this for a while on the 3DS and then not see enough of a reason to fork out for the Wii-U version? Especially if it means having to fork out for a Wii-U as well. Reply +5
  • Mercenary Kings review

  • Rogueywon 08/04/2014

    @Malek86 I liked Outlast - but yes, I've not been impressed by PS+ lately. It's been particularly bad on the Vita.

    My worry all along has been that as linking PS+ to online play means that it turns from a niche offering into something most PS4 owners feel they have to buy into, the quality of the PS+ offering will get eroded. For the moment, it's being masked by the PS3 range (where there are a huge number of games that can be given away), but the direction of travel for the PS4 and Vita suggests that my fears might be well-founded.
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  • Rogueywon 08/04/2014

    I got this on PS+ and spent some of the weekend with it. The review more or less mirrors my feelings.

    I've got to say, I'm getting a bit sick of the whole "retro 8-bit/16-bit art" thing now. I know it's a cheap and easy way to make games, but it's starting to turn into a slightly over-used trope.
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  • Pokémon X and Y sales hit 12m copies

  • Rogueywon 07/04/2014

    Not a surprise - Pokemon has been the most potent of Nintendo's franchises for a while now.

    A "full sized" Pokemon game for it is the only thing I can see turning around the Wii-U's fortunes at this point. New versions of the same old home console franchises aren't helping (Mario 3d World was barely a blip) but "the full Pokemon experience in HD on a home console for the first time" would be a powerful sales message.
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  • Face-Off: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

  • Rogueywon 05/04/2014

    I picked up the Vita version - I don't want to be adding multiplatform games to my PS3 library at this point, as the console probably gets traded in or retired to a cupboard once I've played through Persona 5 next year.

    Good to see that the Vita version is by no means the less experience. Of all the consoles that deserve to sell better...
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  • Final Fantasy 14 PS4 beta test open to all

  • Rogueywon 04/04/2014

    @FladgeMangle The dps queues really are quite excessive. I think having only 2 dps slots per party (as opposed to three in WoW and FFXI) was a bad move and would love to see it fixed at some point in the future.

    Unfortunately, it would require a hell of a lot of dungeon retuning, so I don't think it's ever likely to happen.
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  • Rogueywon 04/04/2014

    @Kendalf The pressure is worse in the end-game 4-man dungeons, where there are lots of shortcuts and speedrun techniques and, if you get an impatient group, god help the tank who doesn't know them.

    I normally switch to Paladin for my daily duty finders for the insta-queues, but force myself to take the slightly longer wait on White Mage sometimes just so I can see if there are any tanking shortcuts out there I wasn't aware of, before I start getting chewed out for not knowing them.

    The FF14 community is perhaps not yet as elitist as the WoW one, but it certainly has its share of prima donnas.
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  • Rogueywon 04/04/2014

    @Zozzilla Paladin is indeed a tricky and technical tank to play. Quite a change from FFXI, where it was a relatively simple tank (and Ninja was the nasty fiddly one). Warrior has a generally simpler rotation and is more user friendly, but my end-game experience suggests that Paladin is currently better suited to the tougher end-game fights. There's not a huge difference, but there are certainly roles a Paladin can do much better than a Warrior and relatively few (beyond off-tanking Coil T4) that tilt the other way. Reply 0
  • Rogueywon 04/04/2014

    @Kendalf I'm getting negged down massively above for basically making your points 1 and 4. But they deserve emphasis.

    The point about not starting off with a tank is really, really important, particularly if this is your first MMO (and possibly even if it isn't). Tanking in FF14 is quite tricky compared to WoW tanking (which hasn't been this tricky since at least the Burning Crusade days, if indeed it ever has) and doing it well requires a degree of dungeon-knowledge.

    Trying to tank when you don't know the game and don't know the dungeons will make people cross at you and will mean you have a generally unpleasant experience every time you play in a group.
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  • Rogueywon 04/04/2014

    A big welcome to anybody picking this up for the first time on PS4.

    But please, please please get a keyboard (your PS4 has USB sockets, knows what a keyboard is and it will enhance your play massively). And if this is your first time in an MMO, don't try to play as a tank for the first class you level up. Please.
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  • Looks like Persona 4 is coming to PS3

  • Rogueywon 04/04/2014

    So you can replace your copy of Persona 4 for a retired console (the PS2) with a copy of Persona 4 for... erm... a retired console (the PS3). As a means of keeping the game readily playable in the long term, this sucks.

    P4:Golden is, in itself, a good enough reason to buy a Vita.
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  • Chris Roberts: Star Citizen won't sell to a bigger company

  • Rogueywon 01/04/2014

    @CatWeazle No, no legal case whatsoever. That's not how Kickstarter works. The only thing you get from funding a project on Kickstarter is the reward tier your donation qualifies you for. You get absolutely no equity stake whatsoever. Reply +10
  • Threes dev reacts to clones with 42K word blog post

  • Rogueywon 28/03/2014

    My MA thesis was 50k words and took me 18 months. I'm slightly terrified at the thought of a 42k word blog post.

    But there's nothing wrong with taking the time to say something properly, where necessary. I'll take a look later. A bit at a time.
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  • Alien Isolation: "I didn't expect smiling and laughing"

  • Rogueywon 28/03/2014

    @Menigmand They also made Total War: Shogun 2. Which is one of my favorite games of the last few years.

    Rome 2 may not have been great, but I'm not going to write them off on the basis of that.
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  • Rogueywon 28/03/2014

    @mkreku That was the C64 version of Aliens. A bit ahead of its time in many ways (certainly didn't have the technology to do its concept justice), but scary as hell and insanely difficult.

    There's an even older Alien game that was released on a couple of platforms (including the Speccie, I think) which had almost board-game style gameplay. The graphics were down near the level of ASCII art, to be honest, but it was still creep and unnerving.
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  • Rogueywon 28/03/2014

    "More importantly, [we wanted] to recreate the Alien. It was something that had a big presence. Physically large. We were really keen to have a creature that looked down on the player and was really imposing."

    This is what's been missing from every Aliens fps to date. Even in 2002's AvP2 on the PC, which is by far the best of the bunch, the Aliens tend to scuttle around in a crouch, meaning that they have the profile and presence of a large dog, rather than the hulking beasts from the movies.

    Some of the early art for Colonial Marines showed larger and more physically imposing aliens, but by the final release, we were back to the traditional alien (as opposed to the weird vairant-straints) being a knee-chewer.
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  • Infinity Ward teases Predator DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts

  • Rogueywon 27/03/2014

    You know, if that were a singleplayer experience, I might actually be interested.

    As it will no doubt be some online crudbox full of CoD players, I'll probably end up giving it a miss.
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  • The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says

  • Rogueywon 27/03/2014

    I'm in a minority here - I found this game unplayable on the PS3. Don't get me wrong, there was lots of wonderful stuff in there in plot terms. But I found the stealth poor and the combat atrocious. The controls, in particular, were a nightmare. Enemy movement speed and hitboxes seemed to have been callibrated for a PC twitch shooter rather than a gamepad (and I've nothing against playing shooters on a gamepad, provided they're designed with one in mind).

    So I'd only be picking up a PS4 version if it had some gameplay fixes and tweaks.
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  • EA Star Wars games to take inspiration from Batman Arkham series

  • Rogueywon 26/03/2014

    The principle is clearly sound (hey, it's basically the same principle that seemed to be behind 1313). The question is whether the execution can come through, despite inevitable attempts by EA management to ram in pay-to-win always-online multiplayer-only crap. Reply +17
  • Seasons and ladders coming to Diablo 3

  • Rogueywon 25/03/2014

    @KanePaws The original D3 review was certainly not EG's finest moment. A game that couldn't be played stably for weeks after launch, with a fundamentally broken loot system gets an utterly glowing review.

    I generally like EG reviews, but they do throw up a few oddly over-rated ones (Mario, Zelda and Diablo possibly the worst offenders).

    Edit: But don't let that distract from the fact that some of the most serious issues with D3, such as server stability and the loot system have been fixed and that the player (as opposed to press) reaction to RoS so far is pretty positive.
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  • Rogueywon 25/03/2014

    Not massively relevant to me, as I own it already, but any idea when we might see a review of Reaper of Souls? I suspect a lot of people have deferred a purchase following the calamitous launch and broken loot system of the base game.

    The always-online requirement is still there and still annoying, but the reworking of the loot system has dramatically improved the game. It actually feels like a Diablo game now, rather than a crappy pay-to-win iPad game.
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  • Wii U Virtual Console gets first GBA game next week

  • Rogueywon 25/03/2014

    I know I should like Advance Wars, but every time I play it, I just get an urge to go back and play the (more complicated but ultimately much better) Battle Isle 2 instead.

    Dear god we need a proper new Battle Isle game. Hexes for the win!
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  • Sony layoffs hit three UK studios

  • Rogueywon 25/03/2014

    Yikes - have a friend at the Cambridge studio. Will have to check later whether he came through this.

    Though at least there are so many gaming and general tech firms around Cambridge these days that the re-employment prospects for those hit by this are probably pretty good.
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  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls' launch "will be fine"

  • Rogueywon 24/03/2014

    I've just been playing - right when the launch hit. Seemed to go off without a hitch. There's an in-game announcement that the expansion is live, I log back to the main menu, create a crusader character and get straight back into the game.

    However, I was quite shocked to see how few people on my friends list were both a) online and b) playing Diablo 3.

    Has the negative player-reception of Diablo 3 finally created an unsuccessful Blizzard expansion? Obviously too early to tell yet, but the whole thing did not send out the impression that it was a vibrant, exciting launch.
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  • Rogueywon 24/03/2014

    Of course there won't be a repeat of error 37. They specifically renamed the "server busy" message to "error 38" instead, just to make sure. :) Reply +17
  • UK chart: inFamous: Second Son dethrones Titanfall

  • Rogueywon 24/03/2014

    A top 5 without a Call of Duty or a FIFA? Will wonders never cease.

    Debating whether or not to pick up Infamous on pay-day. Not the biggest fan of the first two entries in the series, but hey, it's something new to play on the PS4.

    Good to see Stick of Truth continuing to do well; would be nice if Obsidian could recover the money they spent making it, as it's a really fun game.

    Also, the FFX/X-2 remaster is a thing of beauty. I've been playing the Vita version over the weekend and it's amazing how well FFX holds up. Compared to the bombastic but soulless FF13 games, it's ridiculously good.
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  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong spotted for Wii U at GDC

  • Rogueywon 21/03/2014

    So Mario, despite good reviews, has lackluster sales and fails to reinvigorate the Wii-U.

    Then Donkey Kong, despite good reviews, has lackluster sales and fails to reinvigorate the Wii-U.

    Nintendo's next step? Mario vs Donkey Kong. Of course.

    If I were a shareholder, I would be out for blood.
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  • Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z review

  • Rogueywon 21/03/2014

    Was watching a trailer for this last night and thought:

    "That looks really, really bad. Surely something with the Ninja Gaiden name attached can't actually be that bad?"

    Sounds like it really can be that bad.
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  • This is how Borderlands 2 looks on PlayStation Vita

  • Rogueywon 20/03/2014

    Load times shouldn't be a huge issue for Borderlands 2 as you tend to spend a fair bit of time in an area once you've travelled there.

    The only bit that makes me wince is the prospect of playing the Clan War sidequest chain with those load times. It's a slightly irritating zone-hopping fetch-quest-o-rama even on a decent PC. With 30 second load times, I could easily imagine myself putting off doing it.
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  • Rogueywon 20/03/2014

    Wonder if this will include any of the DLC by default. Would certainly be nice, given how good the Mr. Torgue and Tiny Tina packs are, but can imagine space being at a premium on a Vita memory card. Reply +10
  • From Software explains changes to Dark Souls 2 graphics

  • Rogueywon 19/03/2014

    @craigm For me, it was seeing Amiga screenshots when I had a C64.

    But at least I always had the speccy version to look down on :)
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  • Rogueywon 19/03/2014

    For a game like Dark Souls, which cites "harsh but fair" as its calling card, a steady framerate is a huge factor. The original failed on that in places and the area that suffered the most (Blight Town lower levels) was the one part of the game that, when I first played it on 360, I didn't like as a result.

    I'll be sticking with the PC version this time (which massively alleviated the framerate issues in Blight Town last time around) - but even there, would rather see a focus on a steady framerate over fancy lighting.

    For those wondering whether the trailer could possibly have been running on a PS3 - don't forget that framerate consistency on the consoles in the first game differed between areas last time around. Anor Londo was fine. Blight Town chugged. The Painted World was somewhere in between. It's quite possible that cuts to the lighting engine had to be made for the benefit of framerate in areas now shown in the trailer.
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  • SimCity can now be played offline

  • Rogueywon 18/03/2014

    All region maps are available, but you won't get leaderboards, Citylog, achievements, friends list, player profile, the region wall and region invites.
    You say that like it's a bad thing :)
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  • Diablo 3's controversial Auction House finally goes offline

  • Rogueywon 18/03/2014

    Along with SimCity's forthcoming offline-mode, this can be chalked up as a major victory for player power. The question is whether, as I suspect will be the case with SimCity, this will prove to be "too little too late". Reply +18
  • Titanfall boosts Xbox One sales by 96 per cent in the UK

  • Rogueywon 17/03/2014

    @Mr-Writer Yes, that was my point. Aside from a few late exclusives (Persona 5 will probably be the last when it hits early next year), my days of buying games for the last-gen consoles are over. Reply -1
  • Rogueywon 17/03/2014

    @Lunastra78 Stock here is a bit intermittent, but you can get one if you are willing to shop around.

    As an example, my local HMV was sold out at the weekend, but the Game a few yards away had stock in. Online retailers generally have stock, though you might have to wait a day or two on top of what's usual depending on your timing.

    Actually, that same branch of Game I mentioned above was out of stock of the Titanfall XB-One bundle on Sunday. First time I'd noticed any variation on the XB-One out of stock since New Year.
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  • Rogueywon 17/03/2014

    Picked up the PC version of Titanfall (couldn't imagine playing a game like that on anything but keyboard and mouse) - it's pretty good, but surprised at how primative the graphics are in places. When everything's moving around in a big battle, it looks reasonable, but some of the indoor sections, particularly in the tutorial, look like they're from 2005. Possibly not surprisingly, given it's powered by the Source engine.

    Waiting for the PC version of Dark Souls. Would happily have bought an Xbox One or PS4 version, but don't want to play it on obsolte hardware, particularly in light of reports of framerate issues. Going through the lower levels of Blight Town on the 360 in the original was just a bit too painful.
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  • GOG ditches regional pricing plan, apologises

  • Rogueywon 17/03/2014

    This is the first I've heard about GoG regional pricing policy...

    Does anybody more familiar than me with it know what was driving it? Price differences between territories in the West these days are due more to taxation differences than anything else (remember, any price you see in $ excludes sales tax).

    Was this something to placate Japanese publishers? Game (and movie) prices do remain significantly higher in Japan and a lot of their publishers live in mortal terror of reverse-importing.
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  • This is what Amazon's new gaming controller looks like

  • Rogueywon 14/03/2014

    Looks like quite a long reach with your thumb to that right analogue stick - potentially a problem if you have small hands. And those centre-buttons are going to be easy to clip accidentally while flipping between d-pad and left analogue stick.

    Other than that, it looks... ok, I guess. If you follow the link in the article you can get a better view of the shoulder buttons, which seem sensible.
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  • Xbox One closing monthly US sales gap on PS4

  • Rogueywon 14/03/2014

    As somebody who owns both consoles, two points to remember about the Xbox One:

    1) It is not actually a bad console. Yes, as a dedicated console it is not as good as the PS4, but it has some nice supplementary features, arguably a better line-up of games at present (though who knows how that will look in 12 months) and is generally a quieter and cooler (in the strict temperature sense) device to have in your living room.

    2) Customer loyalty to the brand in the US is huge. We don't have a "native" games console in Europe, so patriotic-buying is a bit alien to us. But while the US isn't as daft as Japan in this regard, there is an undeniable PR advantage there to being the "home grown" console.
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  • Out There review

  • Rogueywon 14/03/2014

    This sounds a bit like Star Control 2.

    Please, please, please tell me it's a bit like Star Control 2.
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  • PlayStation Store rental links spotted

  • Rogueywon 14/03/2014

    @grassyknoll Steam clearly has the technology in place, as it's been using it for a while for those "free access weekends" it does. Paid rentals must surely be nothing more than putting a small price-tag next to those? Reply 0