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  • PlayStation 4's stunning sales success continues

  • Rogueywon 30/07/2015

    @cowell The most credible numbers for the XB-One are in the 12-14 million range. It's not a Wii-U scale disaster (and it went on sale 12 months later), but it has struggled for momentum, despite an arguably stronger exclusives lineup in 2014. Reply +3
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hits Steam in August

  • Rogueywon 28/07/2015

    @shehzaanshazabdulla They might have done some cosmetic upgrades, but the controls feel terrible on the home consoles - the right analogue stick in particular feels just plain off and is clearly still acting as a digital input. It makes basic movement irritating outside of combat and downright painful in combat.

    And there's no forgiving that motion blur.
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  • Rogueywon 28/07/2015

    @landlock I'm sort of with you, and sort of with CliffPromise.

    There seems to be a very good game in there. Unfortunately, the PS4/Xbox-One port is an absolute bare-minimum effort job. They did nothing to smooth the controls to reflect the transition from single-analaogue-stick input to dual-stick. They also had an absolutely absurd level of motion blur.

    Sounds like they're fixing those for the PC version. Good. Although console gamers should be pissed if they don't get those upgrades via patch. But it might actually be possible to appreciate the game without technical issues getting in the way if they've done the PC version right.

    The real scandal in this game is that it was targeted at PSP rather than at a proper console to begin with. It kind of came out at the nadir of Square-Enix's handheld obsession.
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  • Rogueywon 28/07/2015

    I was sold at "improved controls" and "customisable motion blur". Just hope I can get a good price for my barely-played PS4 copy on trade-in. Reply -4
  • Black & White combined the sublime with the stupid

  • Rogueywon 26/07/2015

    The main thing I remember about this game was the frustration. The ease with which you could fail some of the quests, often necessitating lengthy chunks of replay.

    In fact, one of my housemates back when this was newly out broke his PC's DVD drive thanks to this game. He was already - to put it mildly - not having much fun with it. Then he hit that quest where you had to prevent the camera from being detected while you followed a villager. After about 30 goes, he let out an ear-splitting howl of rage and hammered the eject button on his DVD drive. He yanked the DVD from the tray and proceeded to smash it against the edge of his desk. As he did so, he tugged the drive a bit too hard while it was opening, knackering the mechanism.

    Some great ideas in this game, but in terms of functional game design, it stands better as a lesson in "what not to do".
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  • An hour with Randy Pitchford

  • Rogueywon 24/07/2015

    What an odd interview. The guy clearly either likes the game, has convinced himself that he likes it, or is determined to convince everybody else that he liked it.

    My own feelings on A:CM are pretty mixed. I pre-ordered it (big mistake) and played through most of it on launch day, finishing it the day after. So yeah - first strike against it - it was short. At a point in the console cycle where games were starting to go back to 12+ hour campaigns (after Gears of War established a 6-hour norm early in the cycle), A:CM felt really short. It was also, on launch day, horribly broken. There were all kinds of scripting, AI and animation bugs in there, to the extent that I had to load checkpoints and redo some fairly long sections of the game because I'd hit a progression-breaking scripting-bug.

    Now, just after I'd finished the game, it got a pretty significant patch. And a few months later, I went back and replayed it co-op with a friend who had picked it up for under a fiver in a Steam sale. And it worked much better; I wouldn't call it a good game, but it did at least feel finished. That patch - less than a week after launch - made a big difference.

    The biggest problem was that the campaign just wasn't well written. It took the scariest film-baddie of all time bar none (and I will brook no dissent on that view) and made it into a trash mob. The aliens were on the screen early and often and, with the exception of a few large-wave fights, they never posed a challenge. Even the older corridor shooters (AvP2 and the more recent AvP reboot) had known they needed to infuse the early alien encounters with just a touch of tension and sense of occasion. That was totally missing from Colonial Marines.

    See... Aliens is a much mis-represented movie. Aliens is not - absolutely not - a gung-ho action movie. Its marines talk tough, but they get ripped apart pretty early. Aliens is a tense, slow-paced film with a few veiled parallels to Vietnam (a gung-ho high-tech military being taken apart by a low-tech enemy in asymetrical warfare). Colonial Marines missed the point and comes over as a brain-dead celebration of military firepower. And that's a flaw that no patch could fix.

    The competitive multiplayer was pretty fun while the servers remained populated. Weirdly, team deathmatch could actually be scarier than the campaign.

    We still have the odd situation where despite the fact that Aliens is one of the defining influences behind modern shooters, nobody has made an outright-good Aliens game. Rebellion's AvP2 (specifically the Marine campaign) is the closest anybody has come. Even that, though, descends into a braindead shooter after a while and suffers from having the same worn "mad scientist experimenting on aliens, aliens get loose" plot as 99% of the Aliens expanded universe fiction.

    Personally, I'd love to see Creative Assembly do an Aliens game in the spirit of Alien: Isolation. Yes, give the player a pulse rifle and render the aliens mortal, but balance it so that fighting more than one at a time is near-suicide (entirely consistent with the movie) and give players some real dilemmas over when to fight, when to sneak and when to just run away. That could be awesome.
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  • Rise of the Tomb Raider hits PS4 "holiday 2016"

  • Rogueywon 23/07/2015

    Couple of months wait for PC? I can live with that.

    I've got an Xbox One and don't mind using it for exclusives like Forza Horizon 2, but if there's a PC version on offer, I'll go for that every time.

    Bloodborne was the game that turned me off the hardware on offer on current-gen consoles. The Vicar Amelia fight was possibly the first instance of me getting frustrated on a boss because I knew I was dying not due to my own incompetence, but due to the technical limitations of the hardware platform (happened a couple of times in Dark Souls's Blight Town, but never on a boss).

    My strategy for beating it ended up revolving around keeping the boss out of the lightbeams from the windows. Because when the boss hit those, the framerate died. Talk about an immersion-breaker - boss-tactics determined not by its stats or moveset, but by the need to keep framerate and controller-response at acceptable levels.

    A good game (in some respects a great one), but one that soured me on current gen consoles.
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  • It sounds like Xbox One will get mouse support

  • Rogueywon 23/07/2015

    @XbDf It's true that there's a good body of evidence now that where a game allows players using mouse and keyboard and players using controllers to play 1st/3rd person shooters on the same server, the former group will completely dominate even when the latter is comprised of more experienced players.

    For that reason, I think it's very, very unlikely that there will be Xbox One games that don't offer the option of "controller-only" servers/ladders.

    In other genres it matters less. While Final Fantasy XIV really shouldn't be played without a keyboard, it doesn't make much of a difference whether you use a controller or a mouse alongside that keyboard. In some genres, particularly fighting games, the controller is always going to be the better option anyway.

    Besides, mouse and keyboard play doesn't have to require a desk; perhaps the only good thing that ever came out of the whole Phantom clusterfuck was the idea of the lapboard. A few other companies have made them since then and they're getting increasingly popular now with the rise of Steam's Big Picture mode (ie. PC gaming on a TV). I've used one and while I still personally prefer gaming at a desk, the lapboard was a pretty good substitute.
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  • The Amiga is 30 years old today

  • Rogueywon 23/07/2015

    Spent quite a few years of my childhood intensely jealous of the neighbours' Amiga, as we only had a C64 (and, from 1989, a 286 12MHz PC). Wasn't really until the early 1990s that you started to get PC games that went above and beyond what was possible on the Amiga. Reply +9
  • New GTA 5 PC patch fixes frame-rate issue

  • Rogueywon 21/07/2015

    @UKPlay 40 MB for my first HDD.

    My current PC has a 0.5TB SSD as a primary, 3TB and 4TB storage drives and a newly added 1TB SSD for the growing number of games that get unhappy if not run off an SSD (Dragon Age Inquisition, Witcher 3, Far Cry 4 and even Pillars of Eternity, to name but a few).

    And even now I'm starting to feel constrained on space.
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  • Star Citizen, feature creep and money

  • Rogueywon 21/07/2015

    I'd so love this to be good.. but instead, I'm getting a real Molyneux vibe.

    To be honest, I'd really quite like a new Wing Commander. As in, a single-player focused, story-driven space combat game without the open world or the trading or anything. A new X-Wing would, in theory, be even better, but given that ever Star Wars game since KOTOR has sucked...
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  • Nintendo-published Devil's Third is coming to PC

  • Rogueywon 21/07/2015

    @melnificent "Free to start" is the approved Nintendo terminology for freemium games. Go to the eShop and you'll notice it's how games like Pokemon Shuffle are marked.

    It is, at least, slightly more honest than "free to play", though it falls some way short of my preferred "pay to win".
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  • Rogueywon 21/07/2015

    Spot the desperate attempt to earn back some revenue on what looks like a legendary-class turkey. Reply +11
  • Odin Sphere is getting remastered on PS4, PS3 and Vita

  • Rogueywon 20/07/2015

    The PS2 had many good RPGs like these in its twilight years. Good to see this one (definitely one of the best) getting ported to modern platforms. Would also be nice to see some of the others, such as GrimGrimoire and the first two Ar Tonelico games rescued as well. Reply +1
  • Peter Moore recounts $1.15bn Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death saga

  • Rogueywon 02/07/2015

    My original launch-day 360 RRODed within a couple of days of the extended 3-year warranty expiring. The replacement Elite was still working when I traded it in shortly after the Xbox One launched.

    In fairness, while my personal RROD was frustrating, I've had other consoles fail as well. I had a PS3 YLOD on me (costing me 5+ years of saves as HD images are locked to consoles on Sony hardware) as well as a Wii (circa 3 years old, started refuse to read discs). In the previous generation, I had two Gamecubes die on me (albeit one to a small child getting over-enthusiastic with that silly little flippy-lid for the discs).

    Console build quality tends to be cheap and nasty. The need to keep costs down is the primary consideration. I like my (launch-day) PS4, but it burns with the heat of a billion fiery suns when in use, so I wonder how long it will last. Later hardware revisions may be a little less alarming.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director apologises, Collector's Edition content will now be sold separately

  • Rogueywon 25/06/2015

    That asshat came from the moon. Reply +7
  • Warner suspends Batman: Arkham Knight PC sales

  • Rogueywon 25/06/2015

    @clemenules I wish I could believe that Valve forced this move, but given the broken crap allowed elsewhere on Steam, it is clear that they have no interest in acting as a certification authority a la Sony/MS/Nintendo.

    Refunds do at least empower consumers a bit, though.
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  • Rogueywon 25/06/2015

    If you haven't sought a Steam refund yet and are not happy with the game's current state, then seek one ASAP. You can take this news as an indication that there is no major patch fix imminent.

    Got my refund last night.
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  • It gets worse - Batman: Arkham Knight on PC lacks console visual features

  • Rogueywon 25/06/2015

    @dogmanstaruk And a multi-format site which deliberately witheld its review until after launch. Which is kinda... you know... supposed to allow issues like this to be picked up.

    Don't worry, I'm sure some EG staffer will be along shortly to chide us all for being "entitled".
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  • Rogueywon 24/06/2015

    @Timmy_Toldrum PC monitors can offer higher quality visuals than an average HDTV, but the flipside of that is that they can be particularly unflattering when it comes to poor image quality and framerates. The fact that you are so much closer to the screen also exposes sins that would otherwise be hidden.

    Seriously, try playing a console game while sat close to the screen some time (though not for long, of course, usual health warnings apply!) and you might find it doesn't look as pretty as it does from your sofa.
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  • Rogueywon 24/06/2015

    Just became my first Steam refund. I won't be purchasing for another platform - companies who allow a game to go out the door in this kind of state don't deserve my money. Reply +10
  • Rocksteady and "external PC development partner" investigating Batman: Arkham Knight performance issues

  • Rogueywon 23/06/2015

    A few points based on some testing on an i7 3820 @3.66ghz, Nvidia 980 and 16gb RAM:

    - This game is massively sensitive to hard drive speed. The stuttering issues near loading-boundaries go away if I move the install from an HDD to my SSD.

    - There seems to be no setting at the moment for "high" textures, only "low" and "normal". An .ini tweak will enable a "high" option, but it doesn't seem to do anything (and vanishes after a restart). Possibly points to a forthcoming high-res textures pack as dlc?

    - The earlier .ini tweak to remove the 30fps limit seems to have been disabled via an update. Possibly aligns with reports that the game's internal logic is tied to a 30 fps cap (like the original Dark Souls).

    It's a messy port. I can manage a steady enough 30fps running off my SSD, but there's no denying that this is exceptionally poor, particularly by comparison with the superb PC versions of GTA5 and The Witcher 3.

    Edit: The 60 fps .ini tweak is still there - it's just been moved to a different .ini

    Edit2: Also, it's a pretty ugly game. It would have looked good for a late-era PS3/360 game, but from Shadows of Mordor onwards, we've been used to seeing much better than this, be it on PC or console, this generation.
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  • Face-Off: Payday 2: Crimewave Edition

  • Rogueywon 23/06/2015

    In the last generation, one of the 360's major selling points was that online multiplayer just "worked better". That was, for many, enough to justify the fact that XBL was a paid service while PSN was free.

    I know this is a third party title, but combined with the Halo collection, you have to wonder what is happening at MS.
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  • Destiny: The Taken King director defends 40 expansion price tag

  • Rogueywon 22/06/2015

    Translation: "Unit sales of our addon content haven't been as good as we were expecting, so we're going to gouge the loyal hardcore player-base".

    Also, dear god that guy comes over as an arse...
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  • Project Cars boosts visuals - and runs faster

  • Rogueywon 21/06/2015

    Been playing this on PC. Loved it at first, but it gets old quite fast. The career-mode moves at a glacial pace.

    Very impressive in technical terms, however.
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  • These are the most requested Xbox 360 games for backwards compatibility

  • Rogueywon 19/06/2015

    Oh for fuck's sake, really? So many of those games available (and usually better played on) on other platforms anyway. Much more important that we get those games which were only ever available on the 360. Now that, I'll grant you, does include the Gears games (apart from the first) and Halo Reach. But the third-party better-on-PC-anyway shooters? Ugh...

    Lost Odyssey - that should be a priority. Ace Combat 6 as well... it's by far the best title in the series. And Fable 2? That was 360-exclusive, wasn't it?
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  • Evolve is getting a second Season Pass next week

  • Rogueywon 18/06/2015

    @darth_paul Sadly, the concept that "the season pass includes everything" died some time ago. Sadder still, it was two games I generally like quite a lot - Forza Motorsport 4 and Borderlands 2 - that were the first to break with the idea.

    But I think having a second season pass is a new invention in the field of fucknuttery.
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  • Rogueywon 18/06/2015

    Meanwhile, the developer of the new Hitman has confirmed that game won't have a season pass.

    Because all add-on content will be free.
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  • Defense Grid dev halts its Early Access sandbox game Windborne

  • Rogueywon 18/06/2015

    @CaptainKid To add to the (generally correct) responses you've already received:

    Staff costs are an entirely legitimate part of any business. That goes for the owners of the business as much as the staff they employ, assuming the owners actually work for said business (in the PLC model, they often don't). However, normal governance procedures will require a company to set clear boundaries between what is "the company's" money and what is the money that staff and the owners themselves have taken as pay or to cover reasonable expenses.

    A normal investor in a small business would want to see those boundaries (in writing) and to know that they were supported by appropriate contractual and legal arrangements. However, that's not how the crowdfunding model works, so there have indeed been a few instances of developers taking the money and more or less just living the high-life off it for a few years. "The Doom that Came to Atlantic City" - that crowdfunded board-game which collapsed with no product - appears to have contained elements of that, which is why the FTC got involved.

    Hidden Path have a proper track record, so I doubt they were pulling a similar trick. And indeed, there's no law against a business backed by other people's money simply failing, provided that it followed adequate governance procedures. The flip-side is that this failure will harm their reputation and have an impact on their ability to raise future investment, whether by traditional routes or crowdfunding.
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  • Next proper Metroid Prime "would likely now be on NX"

  • Rogueywon 17/06/2015

    @IronSoldier But everything he says implies that it would not make sense to develop a game for the Wii-U given development timescales, with the NX on the way.

    That's a pretty clear statement that the NX is a direct successor to the Wii-U. After all, nobody was cancelling development of PS3 games when the Vita was announced, or, indeed, of Wii games when the 3DS was announced.
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  • Rogueywon 17/06/2015

    That seems like the strongest confirmation we've had that the NX is a home console and the direct successor to the Wii-U.

    So basically: "Sorry if you bought a Wii-U for a couple of hundred quid, particularly if you did so on the basis of early promises of third party support, but we're ditching the platform now - and don't expect much support for it in the interim."

    Actually, the last paragraph is perhaps the most interesting bit of this article (emphasis added):

    "It is a great idea, I agree. Truth be told, making HD games takes a lot of time and resources," Tanabe concluded when asked why Nintendo had not made a Metroid Prime for Wii U. "I haven't been able to collect a team or the resources to do it."
    And there you have why Nintendo's business model of basing its home console strategy around first-party games is doomed. As games take longer and cost more money to make as technology improves, the number of games any single company can make at any one time (particularly a company without strong revenue growth) is going to shrink.
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  • Nintendo's painful metamorphosis leaves fans reeling

  • Rogueywon 17/06/2015

    Once again EG lambasts customer "entitlement", reinforcing the view that it now sees its role as being to hold the public to account.

    The real entitlement on show here was from Nintendo. The company pumps out a self-congratulatory presentation over a poor lineup. It wheels out Miyamoto to announce that he's just invented some bold new ideas - ideas which have been done to death already by the AAA industry. And when it all goes wrong, Iwata comes out with some corporate bollocks on a par with the worst that we saw from MS at the height of the XB1 reveal fiasco.

    And assuming the NX is a new home console, this is the company that will expecting people to shell out hundreds of quid for it, having allowed its previous effort to die an early and badly supported death.
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  • Nostalgia and experiment meet in Star Fox Zero

  • Rogueywon 16/06/2015

    Doesn't look great; but I don't think the Starfox franchise has had a decent outing since the N64 version (and even that has aged badly). What was there on the Cube? That terrible 3d platformer (apparently not developed as a Starfox game - the branding was a last minute thing) and Assault. Assault had a few brilliant rail-shooter levels, but most of the game was either mediocre free-roaming flight or downright terrible on-foot sequences.

    It's certainly an odd showing from Nintendo this year. At what's possibly the lowest point in the company's fortunes in history, this is the best they can put out there. There's the promise of "jam tomorrow" with the NX and new main-franchise games, but there's ample reason to believe that those will turn out to be disappointments anyway.

    Also, Miyamoto increasingly sounds like a conceited old fart who hasn't been paying the slightest bit of attention to the rest of the industry for decades and doesn't realise how much it's left him behind.

    "We're definitely going for a different feel where it's very cinematic, but you're able to control everything at the same time, so it's between a movie and a game"
    Describes 90% of the AAA releases from the last console generation.
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  • PS4 port of PC Final Fantasy 7 delayed to winter 2015

  • Rogueywon 16/06/2015

    @gabrielbell You're correct - the PS1 version of FF7 is by far the best way to play the game. I can only assume that it is easier in coding terms to port the "remastered" PC version, given the PS4's PC-like architecture.

    Though the non-remastered version is a back-compatibility nightmare on modern PCs, having been developed in the days when 3dfx's Glide was the go-to graphical standard.
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  • The Last Guardian lives! Still directed by Fumito Ueda

  • Rogueywon 16/06/2015

    It's time to pet gryphons and chew bubblegum.

    I'm all outta gum.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake is real

  • Rogueywon 16/06/2015

    Square-Enix decides that it does actually quite like money after all... Reply +3
  • Telltale's Jurassic Park would have been a great film, but it was a poor game.

  • Rogueywon 14/06/2015

    Played the first two episodes on iPad then gave up. In fact, don't think I finished the second episode. The QTE inputs were horrendously erratic, despite the game having been ostensibly optimised for touchscreen devices. The issues highlighted above with the writing are also spot on.

    I think this is best seen as an awkward evolutionary step for Telltale. I love the Tales from the Borderlands series, but at heart, its core mechanics are no different from Jurassic Park's. It's just that TftB is better written and better executed.
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  • Tales of Zestiria to get Western release this October

  • Rogueywon 12/06/2015

    Another JRPG series moves to the PC?

    Such a pity that there's so little data on PC digital sales. Because if even Japan is realising that even mid-tier games like this can't afford to skip the platform, I suspect those sales must be astronomical.

    Anybody taking bets on the size and depth of GabeN's money-lake?

    Edit: Worth reflecting that last-generation, with the 360 and PS3 on rough parity in terms of installed base, a number of Tales games came to the 360. If mid-tier multiplatform games start skipping the Xbox One because sales don't justify the porting cost, that's an ominous sign. The original Xbox and Gamecube both suffered from similar problems.
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  • Nintendo heads into E3 with its hands tied

  • Rogueywon 12/06/2015

    Nintendo won E3 hands-down last year
    Only in the bizarre land of games-journalism, which is full of people desperately trying to say something that goes against the prevailing industry trends. In reality, they unveiled a relatively small number of games, of interest only to the narrow market who were already deeply invested in their brand.

    Sony and MS may have pretty much dialled in their performances, but they still had more to say that was of interest to the general games-buying public.
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  • Uwe Boll quits crowdfunding with expletive-laden tirade after third project fails

  • Rogueywon 08/06/2015

    In fairness, his rant is more amusing than some of the movies he criticises. Just not in the way he intended. Reply +147
  • Will Porter on: Getting old

  • Rogueywon 06/06/2015

    It's going the opposite direction for me as I get older. I play fewer games (and spend less time gaming), but focus on the more substantial experiences. I find it increasingly hard to care about "quick blast" games - Mario Kart leaves me completely cold. By contrast, I'd rather spend what gaming time I do have on something meaty; so Final Fantasy XIV, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Dragon Age: Inquisition, a smattering of Diablo 3 and now Witcher 3. Reply +3
  • XCOM 2 likely won't launch with gamepad support

  • Rogueywon 06/06/2015

    @convercide That's how it goes sometimes, unfortunately. PC gamers have been on the receiving end of this for years... I still remember the pain of finding out that Final Fantasy 9 wasn't coming to PC.

    In this case, it seems likely that the console versions didn't cover their porting costs. If they'd been profitable enough to fund the sequel, then the sequel would be headed to consoles.

    And a mouse and keyboard control system will allow for a more complex interface. We might see some of the inventory and base-management features from the original return. Possibly even the old Geoscape?
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  • Hatred review

  • Rogueywon 04/06/2015

    @PlugMonkey I still have a DOAXBV DVD here with a BBFC 18 certificate logo displayed on it prominently.

    Possibly a case of different ratings bodies in the UK giving it wildly different ratings? That happened a few times before everything went over to PEGI. BBFC ratings had legal force at the time, which I think other ratings pre-PEGI didn't.
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  • Rogueywon 04/06/2015

    @KORNdoggy You want double-standards, look at Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Released with an 18 certificate in the UK, but containing no violence, no bad language, no drug or alcohol use and no actual nudity.

    A few skimpy swimsuits, but all considerably less revealing than what you can see every day in the average tabloid newspaper, or in a movie with a PG or 12 certificate.
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  • Rogueywon 04/06/2015

    @PlugMonkey Yes, I know.

    The game that initiated my principle was Rule of Rose - a mediocre and otherwise forgettable Japanese survival horror game from the PS2 era. The game was never deliberately engineered to create controversy (indeed, there are plenty of Japanese games with far stronger "offensive" themes), but after some fuckwit European Commissioner (is that a tautology) latched onto it as part of a "ban this sick filth" campaign, based on complete fabrications about its concept, it ended up in the middle of a swarm of controversy that saw its UK release cancelled.

    I had a US PS2, so I imported. The game wasn't very good, but I felt that the principle of free expression (particularly in respect of a game that was no more shocking or offensive than Silent Hill) was important.

    But yes, with Hatred, it kind of feels like the controversy and the campaigns have been in the strategy from the start. And the gaming media, which loves controversies like this because of the clicks and ad revenue they generate, has played ball.
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  • Rogueywon 04/06/2015

    I bought this. I have a general principle of buying anything which is the subject of a "ban this sick filth" campaign (which has led to me buying some real stinkers over the years - though I generally prefer it if the campaign appears to be something genuinely left-field rather than something the developers have drummed up deliberately.

    This is going to be a long post, by the way.

    It's not a dreadful game, in many ways. I found that its shooting mechanics worked reasonably well (better than the review indicates, though the review does stop short of an "avoid" badge). The grenades can be downright satisfying, when they don't get stuck on something odd and the environment-destruction can be fun. The game has a distinct visual style - one that complements the game reasonably well - and it sticks to it. The idea of the only significant colour coming from explosions produces the odd moment where the game actually looks pretty stylish.

    In addition, the game is not a pseudo-8-bit retro-sprite-art zombie survival roguelike.

    Taking all of the above into account, it is better game than 90% of the indie titles that show up on Steam. Unfortunately, that is pretty much the faintest praise I can possibly give a game and there are lots of things about the game that are not so hot.

    I played the game for about 90 minutes. By the end of that time, I was fairly bored. To be honest, I was bored by the 60 minute point but kept on going. There is a certain sick satisfaction to the shooting at first (and see above comments on grenades and environment destruction). But it wears thin fast. There's a serious lack of variety and some weird pacing issues. You can go several minutes with nothing to shoot at and then suddenly get mobbed by a huge wall of police.

    It's buggy - or at least it was when I played it (it has had 2 patches since). Clipping bugs abound - on one occasion I spawned inside a wall and had to quit and reload the game (losing 5 minutes of progress) to get moving again.

    And oh my word it takes itself seriously. That's a major problem with a game as downright nasty as this. See, you can do "nasty" pretty well, provided you carry if off with a touch of self-awareness and a bit of the right kind of humour. It doesn't have to be GTA or Postal style heavy-handed social satire. The Battle Royale movie works despite being horrible because of a pitch-black sense of gallows humour. Something like that in Hatred could have absolutely transformed the game.

    Instead, it has a tone and atmosphere that can only be compared to the notebook doodlings of a self-absorbed 14 year old misfit.

    Which brings me onto my last point - is this game going to make somebody go out and kill lots of people?

    If you are a well-balanced individual playing the game out of curiosity, then no, it isn't.

    If you are an angry teenaged fuckwit with a bundle of hatred for the world, then no, it's still massively unlikely that it will.

    But... I dunno... there is just something about it that I could see providing a touch of mental validation to one of those weird and horrible fringe cases - somebody already working himself up to do something unspeakable.

    I'm glad the game didn't get banned. But I wish they hadn't made it (or had at least made it a slightly different game).
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  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD headed to PC via Steam

  • Rogueywon 02/06/2015

    For those asking about other titles in the series - I believe it has been long confirmed that FFs 9, 10, 10-2 and 12 are subject to indefinite-duration exclusivity agreements with Sony. So you'll likely never see them on a non-Sony platform.

    Square-Enix is free, however, to bring the remaining main-series titles to whatever platforms it chooses. Not sure about spin-offs and handheld titles.
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  • Infinite Crisis to close in August

  • Rogueywon 02/06/2015

    @I_Am_CatButler at least they are cheaper to make than MMORPGs. The rush to create WoW clones killed a lot of studios. Reply +4
  • XCOM 2 announced for PC this November

  • Rogueywon 01/06/2015

    @L_A_G map size limitations on the PS3 and 360 were generally due to RAM constraints. Not an issue for PS4 and Xbox One - whatever their other limitations they have plenty of RAM.

    But yes, I'm kind of excited to see what PC only development will deliver.
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  • Rogueywon 01/06/2015

    The IGN article is pretty unambiguous that this is PC exclusive. This isn't "PC first, consoles an aspiration."

    Hardware requirements likely to be modest. Turn based tactics games don't tend to push the boat out on visuals.

    So exclusivity either down to controls (mouse and keyboard doing something a controller can't), integral community features (built in mod tools as a core feature), or another party (Valve? Nvidia? Dell/Alienware?) paying for exclusivity in the way Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft do.

    Edit: or else the console sales of the last one didn't justify the porting costs.
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