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  • Mass Effect 4 concept art teases new planets, species

  • Rodriguez 07/11/2014

    As someone who's favourite Mass Effect was ME1, I'm really pleased to see the return of the Mako and large space landscapes to explore!

    I hope they use the extra power of the new consoles to make the landscapes much more detailed, with lots of things to discover.
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  • Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition

  • Rodriguez 09/10/2014


    Couldn't agree with you more. We're paying for this service now, so we should expect more from it. It's not about being entitled or any of that nonsense, it's about being a paying customer and expecting the thing you're paying for to work. If it doesn't, then start investing some of that new money stream you've opened up with PS+ subs into your online infrastructure e.g. more servers.

    I really like my PS4, but I'm a bit disappointed in the slooooow rate at which Sony are handling their online systems, both in terms of problems like lack of servers and also the rate at which they're (not) providing updates to things like the UI.

    I'd still like to be able to put my console into a sleep mode, whilst playing a game, and instantly resume when I'm ready to start playing again, like they said it could when they initially presented some of the PS4 capabilities.

    Hell, I can't even change something as simple as the launch day 'blue waves' live theme yet, or put things into folders like my PS3 can!

    Microsoft have pulled their finger out with the XBO in terms of regular updates to their online and UI, it's time for Sony to stop being starstruck by the success of the PS4 and start doing the same.
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  • Bloodborne release date confirmed

  • Rodriguez 18/09/2014

    That looks brilliant! It's exciting to think we'll be able to play the full game in just a few months too! Reply +4
  • A couple of goldfish are playing Street Fighter 2 on Twitch

  • Rodriguez 20/08/2014

    Sound like these two players are hooked on Street Fighter. Reply +5
  • P.T. is more than a teaser - it's a great game in its own right

  • Rodriguez 15/08/2014

    "Look behind you." "I said look behind you." Reply +25
  • Rayman creator Michel Ancel reveals new IP Wild

  • Rodriguez 12/08/2014

    Watching the trailer for this made me think of that cancelled Lionhead Xbox '1' game, 'B.C.' (minus the dinosaurs of course!)

    Anyway, I really liked the look of what little they showed and will be keeping my eye on this for some more details/footage, hopefully in the near future!
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  • Editor's blog: Festive greetings from the Eurogamer team

  • Rodriguez 20/12/2013

    Happy Christmas to the Eurogamer team! Thanks for another year of fun, thoughtful and at times polarising articles and content. Not forgetting some stupidly late nights where you were 'Live Texting' some god awfully boring 'new console' game events (not your fault) - so special kudos to the Eurogamer team members who had to sit through those, after no doubt enduring a long bit of tiring travelling ;)

    Have fun, play games and get drunk! Oh, and don't forget to watch at least one of the versions of A Christmas Carol [I like the Patrick Stewart version or Muppet Christmas Carol myself :D].
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  • Saints Row 4 announces How the Saints Save Christmas DLC

  • Rodriguez 25/11/2013

    This news makes me think of this scene from the 80's Christmas classic, Scrooged:

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  • 10 million posts and counting in the Eurogamer forum!

  • Rodriguez 25/11/2013

    Wow, 10 million mark smashed! Well done to neilka and, of course, EG on this milestone! Reply +3
  • Killzone Shadow Fall's Season Pass detailed

  • Rodriguez 24/09/2013


    Bubo :D
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  • Grand Theft Auto 5 review

  • Rodriguez 16/09/2013



    neilka wrote:
    Just passed the 50% completion mark, if it's not a 10/10 then I'll eat my hat, gloves and trousers.

    Would Sir like a knife & fork with that order? ;)
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  • Letter from America

  • Rodriguez 08/09/2013

    Anyone with an Android phone/device might like to check out SID Player, it comes preloaded with over 42000(!) SID tunes apparently and best of all it's a completely free app! Just listening to some awesome Last Ninja 2 tunes myself right now! /memorieeeeeees :D Reply +3
  • Crytek continues TimeSplitters Rewind support as PS4 version announced

  • Rodriguez 06/09/2013

    \0/ Excellent news!! I loved the Timesplitters games, so I'm glad it's finally getting some attention again and it's great that it will still retain some split-screen action too! Hopefully we'll also get the map editor with this, that could have the potential to be awesome if people could make maps to share online for others to use.

    Best of luck to the team making this happen, I can't wait to play on my PS4!
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  • Why Resogun could be the star of the PS4 launch

  • Rodriguez 30/08/2013

    The entire world is built up out of individual voxels! You hear that vizzini!?? :D Reply +8
  • Xbox One sandbox Project Spark to launch beta in January

  • Rodriguez 23/08/2013

    I can just imagine an individual or small group of talented people out there remaking something like Final Fantasy 7 with this. Reply +1
  • InFamous: Second Son set for February

  • Rodriguez 22/08/2013

    Really looking forward to this as I thoroughly enjoyed the first two Infamous games on PS3! I'm liking the look of Seattle taking centre stage as the playground of destruction this time, I wonder how great the view will be from the Space Needle tower ;)!

    Anyway, for those who may be interested, here's another new vid (below) I posted in the Forum yesterday. It shows off some snippets of lovely looking game play, but perhaps more importantly goes into a good bit of detail about how Sucker Punch are utilising the new Dual Shock 4 controller with the game:

    I like how they're making use of the touchpad and speaker on the DS4, plus the triggers look so much better; far more clicky than spongy like the DS3 and obviously with more grip too, it looks to be really responsive with the game. The DS4 certainly looks like it's going to be a nice solid controller to use!
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  • Condemned: Criminal Origins retrospective

  • Rodriguez 18/08/2013

    Uh oh, that department store with those mannequins, not to mention the school and the Mr. Tibbits scene... I damn near shit myself :D

    Condemned was/is a brilliant game. It's unique compared to most other games I can think of throughout the whole this gen and before. The emphasis on brutal, up-close melee combat was awesome and deserved the much over used moniker in gaming of 'visceral'. The whole atmosphere was constantly oppressive, grimy, dark and claustrophobic. The main story of a 'Serial Killer X' too, killing off other serial killers by their own sick modus operandi was brilliant.

    I'll tell you what's really criminal though, that this series didn't get continued to a third game (or just continued in general). Whilst I didn't feel the second game was as good as the first, it wasn't too bad either and as someone in the comments thread has alluded to already, it has a pant shitting chase scene with something you really don't want to mess with... seriously frightening stuff!
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  • Lavishly gruesome new Witcher 3 cinematic

  • Rodriguez 14/08/2013


    "I can't remember when I last looked forward to a game so much."

    Dynasty Warriors 8 a few weeks ago Shika? Heh ;)!

    Anyway, this looks like it's going to be a bit good doesn't it!
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  • Dragon Age: Inquisition to add multiple playable races, mounts

  • Rodriguez 07/08/2013


    "Pretty sure Jade Empire started the dialogue wheel thing in games that Casey Hudson was project lead on. He wasn't project lead on DAO (different team) which is why that game had a different dialogue system."

    I think the BioWare game dialogue 'wheel' actually started with Mass Effect Ghettomurph.

    Check out the Jade Empire screenshot below - it looks more like the old KoTOR/DAO 'list' style choices ;).

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  • Star Citizen raises an astronomical $15 million

  • Rodriguez 03/08/2013


    I'm not sure which of my posts you're referring to, but if you read my last one in this comment section where I replied to Whizzo you'll see I'm well aware of Chris Roberts, having played the likes of the Wing Commander games back in the day and you'll also see that I respect his position as creator of Star Citizen to decide the platform he wants to make it for.

    I don't see what's so wrong about gaming enthusiasts on a gaming website expressing a wish, however futile, that they'd like to see this game on a platform they'll own? Given how much more PC-like the next-gen of consoles architecture will be, it's not hard to understand why people might be a little enthusiastic to see new game play experiences or unappreciated genres make an appearance again for the wider gaming market? I'm not trying to step on any PC gamers toes here or belittling your platform, it was merely wishful thinking and a genuine discussion of why can't it be possible on new consoles irrespective of Roberts making it a purely PC game?

    I tend to get the feeling some people in the gaming 'community' (not specifically aimed at you BTW) get defensive as they see it as 'console' gamers wanting to steal 'our'(PC gamers) exclusives, rather than seeing the bigger picture of us all being gaming enthusiasts wishing to play great games on our chosen platforms. It's petulant and pathetic in the extreme at times (look at ix's stereotyping post above) and reflects a bitter and poisonous attitude that has seeped into some segments of this industry from within and without the 'community'. I was really happy when PC got a Dark Souls port because it's an awesome game, from a great developer, that I had personally enjoyed playing on a PS3. It's great to think the widest possible gaming community got to experience Dark Souls and the devs got to gain new fans and open new revenue streams, even if there were a few morons who bemoaned it.

    With respect, I don't accept your view of consoles being that deficient technically to the point they couldn't play a game like this and I specifically stated 'next-gen' consoles in my previous posts when referring to Star Citizen, not the underpowered current-gen ones. Sure, I fully appreciate and understand that a 'decent' PC will play a game at a higher frame-rate and have better visuals etc, but that didn't exactly stop the ageing 7-year old console tech of the 360/PS3 from getting the likes of Crysis 2/3, Witcher 2 or Metro Last Light this gen. They might not have performed as well as a decent PC could have, but they were still perfectly playable and enjoyed by a much wider audience of gamers which can only be a good thing for the industry surely?

    I'm sure Star Citizen, like most other PC games, will be scalable anyway as there's so many different set-ups to cater for in the PC gaming market. So given the PC-like, x86 tech of next-gen consoles, why couldn't it be scalable for PS4/XB1 too? I'm not saying the game should be developed in any way with consoles in mind, in order to not 'compromise' its creation as Spuzzell put it earlier, but would an eventual port be so bad if the hardware could handle it and KB/Mouse was an option?

    Also, on the issue of 'closed' eco-systems on consoles, that might hold more truth in the current-gen of PS3/360, but both Sony and MS have said they'll offer self-publishing to independent devs with next-gen, they no longer make devs pay to patch games and patches can be applied more easily and quickly due to vastly improved online infrastructures and dedicated hardware to help background/sleep mode downloads in the machines too.

    For what its worth, if I knew this was going to be playable on a platform I'd be getting then I'd be happy to back a project like this too, as I'm sure many other predominantly console owners would who think Star Citizen looks interesting. As things currently stand this is all conjecture anyway, as I'm well aware Roberts is focussing on making it purely for PC. All I can re-iterate again is well done to you and the other backers for supporting a great looking game and helping a too often ignored genre of gaming get a shot at greatness again.
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  • Rodriguez 03/08/2013


    Yep, I'd already seen his pitch a while back and noted his desire to make it a PC exclusive which is obviously his prerogative as creator and I respect that. I just think a few people in the thread, myself included, who are predominantly console gamers are merely expressing how we'd be interested to buy/play a game like this especially with the onset of more powerful next-gen console platforms this year.

    Given the new console hardware and their more streamlined specifications, online infrastructures and openness to self-publishing/patching etc., it's nice to think(dream!?) of what could be and I simply didn't accept, like some had suggested, that it couldn't appear on the new consoles for purely technical reasons, even if Roberts had no intentions of developing for anything other than PC anyway.

    As someone who's thoroughly enjoyed space sim/combat games in the past (like the old X-wing/Tie Fighter games, and yes, Wing Commander etc) I sincerely wish Chris Roberts and his backers all the best of luck with this project. I hope it turns out to be as good as it looks and helps to re-invigorate this brilliant, though sadly unappreciated game genre.

    It's just a shame, as things stand, that a wider gaming audience won't be able to play and appreciate it in some form.
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  • Rodriguez 02/08/2013


    So "downgrade" it then??? Or to put it in a more eloquent way, scale it to the respective next-gen console specs seeing as they'll have unified components under the hood. Seeing as both will utilise x86 architecture, it also shouldn't be as hard to port over a PC game as it has been previously.

    As for games made/designed predominantly to make use of the PC, I point you to 'benchmark' game Crysis 3 as just one example which is also available for 360/PS3 for goodness sake; 7-year old hardware!!! I doesn't matter if it's not the 'best' version, just that it's made available to the widest possible audience in a playable state. I refuse to believe that next-gen consoles will be that underpowered that they couldn't play Star Citizen, with some tweaking and optimisation I'm sure it could still look rather nice.

    Also, what about PC owners that don't have the latest, greatest graphics cards, CPU's and RAM? Are they not going to be able to play Star Citizen too? Or is Chris Roberts making a game only a fraction of the upper end of the gaming PC market can play?
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  • Rodriguez 02/08/2013


    As far as I'm aware, there's nothing to say the PS4 or XB1 won't be able to utilise a KB/Mouse set-up. I doubt we'll know one way or the other until they're released in a few months and we have most of the details. I'm pretty sure that the PS3 can utilise KB/Mouse in a limited way already!

    I agree that, however unlikely it is to happen, porting this game over to next-gen would open this game up to a larger audience of gamers, some of whom might be interested in a game like Star Citizen (like you, I know I would be if all it meant was acquiring a cheap KB/Mouse) but don't have the dedicated PC hardware to play it on. There's also the fact that, from what we know of PS4 & XB1 now, it could be self-published on the platforms by Roberts too.
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  • New Bully trademark filed by Take-Two

  • Rodriguez 31/07/2013

    Bully is still my favourite Take-Two/Rockstar game. It had a certain charm about it that made it so fun to play; Jimmy as lead protagonist, Gary as the sociopath antagonist, the multitude of distinct characters, cliques, teachers, missions, music and of course the excellent seasonal game world it all took place in, just brilliant! It was/is the closest thing we've got to the brilliant classic Skool Daze (and then some) for the modern era.

    I'd absolutely love to see a sequel, presumably (hopefully) multi-platform including next-gen! I just hope they bring back Shawn Lee to compose the soundtrack because he did an absolutely stellar job for the first game.
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  • Here's what the new Chaos Engine looks like

  • Rodriguez 05/07/2013

    I used to love playing Chaos Engine back in the mid-90s, fantastic co-op gaming with brilliant music! I'd usually go Mercenary and my mate would go Navvie. Good times!! Reply +3
  • Xbox exec Don Mattrick leaves Microsoft for Zynga

  • Rodriguez 01/07/2013

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  • PS4 architect Mark Cerny hopes PlayStation's legacy can match Nintendo's

  • Rodriguez 28/06/2013

    crunchers, vizzini & dogmanstaruk

    No problem guys, glad you enjoyed the vid ;)
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  • Rodriguez 27/06/2013

    Here you go dude: Mark Cerny “Road to the PS4″. Enjoy!
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  • CD Projekt Red opening new studio to make one of two smaller, roughly 20-hour games

  • Rodriguez 17/06/2013

    Witcher 3 is really looking gorgeous in that video, it'll be interesting to see how CDPR handle a large Elder Scrolls style open world. They've already ticked one box for me though; the ability to go sailing round the game world Wind Waker style is very welcome!

    I can't wait to see some proper footage from Cyberpunk too, these guys really seem to put some much bigger dev studios to shame with the quality of their output.
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  • Live: Nintendo Direct E3 Conference

  • Rodriguez 11/06/2013


    It starts in 2014.
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  • Live: Ubisoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Rodriguez 10/06/2013

    Oh no, Devil Children... Reply 0
  • Rodriguez 10/06/2013

    More TV Reply 0
  • Live: Microsoft E3 2013 Conference

  • Rodriguez 10/06/2013

    Stream is dead directly on 360 too :( Reply 0
  • Dragon's Dogma Quest is a F2P online 2D RPG for PS Vita

  • Rodriguez 05/06/2013

    Hopefully this proves aught of use! Reply 0
  • Xbox One second-hand games will charge a fee to play

  • Rodriguez 21/05/2013

    So I couldn't even lend a friend a game without them having to pay a fee!? That's bullshit. Reply +14
  • John Carpenter wants to make a Dead Space movie

  • Rodriguez 10/05/2013

    I've been a fan of his work for years so I'd quite like to see this, especially as he seems to be personally fired up about it.

    Granted, Ghosts of Mars was a big dud, but unlike others here who suggest he hasn't made a good movie in decades I disagree, as I thought JC's Vampires was a pretty good horror movie and that was '98 if my memory serves me well.

    I also disagree with those saying he should be given a low budget. Sure, he can make decent films on low budgets, but 'The Thing' was an amazing film and in some regards the effects still stand up today despite it coming out all the way back in '82, thanks in part to a big budget at that time. It flopped at the box office because Spielberg had released soppy E.T. a few weeks earlier and suddenly everyone wanted cute aliens in their movies /sigh.

    I'd love to see him work with Kurt Russell again too :D
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  • Dragon's Dogma title update may corrupt your save, Capcom warns

  • Rodriguez 01/05/2013

    Christ, backing up my save ASAP this evening then! Reply +2
  • Darksiders and Red Faction sold to Nordic Games

  • Rodriguez 23/04/2013


    Glad to see I'm not the only fan of the Summoner games round here, I really enjoyed both of them on the PS2! I'd love to see the series return as it had some interesting ideas, fun gameplay and a pretty decent story/lore too.
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  • PlayStation 4: everything we know so far

  • Rodriguez 20/02/2013

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  • THQ is no more. This is where its assets went

  • Rodriguez 23/01/2013

    Sad to see a publisher go under like this, especially on the cusp of a new console generation. I rather liked quite a lot of the output from THQ's studios over the years, especially from Volition (Red Faction/Saints Row/Summoner etc...)

    Whilst I'm glad most of their game franchises, and therefore devs jobs, have been saved by other publishers they'll now no doubt come under a different 'culture' in the homes they've found. I hope those studios can continue to take risks and be a bit more quirky in the games they develop in the way THQ as publisher did. Also feel sorry for Vigil as they've obviously got some decent talent in that studio, so hopefully now the dust has settled a bit with the other sales someone will swoop in to grab them.

    Bye THQ... :(
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  • Is PSN's Urban Trials more than a Trials rip-off?

  • Rodriguez 23/01/2013


    Oh wow, I'd completely forgotten about Kickstart 2! A truly brilliant game that I spent hours and hours on when I was a kid both playing it and designing tracks, which must surely have been ahead of it's time!

    I loved the sound effect when you fell off the bike too, "wEEEEeeeeooo"! Still cracks me up to this day :D!
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  • Face-Off: Mass Effect on PS3

  • Rodriguez 13/12/2012


    I rather liked the grainy film effect too, so you're not alone in thinking that! It looked especially stunning when looking at distant suns on the horizon from a planet surface!
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  • Rodriguez 13/12/2012


    Michael Ironside? Don't you mean Lance Henriksen ;) heh!

    Have to say that I strongly disagree with you about some of your points regarding ME1. The conversations were IMO much better than ME2/3. I went back and played ME1 at the beginning of this year and was surprised how much more 'mature' the story seemed. I had conversations with Ashley about her family, poetry, religion and her views on 'aliens'. I spoke to Kaiden about his childhood and the experiments that had been conducted on him due to his biotic abilities. I spoke to Wrex about his past, his family, the plight of the Krogan and their/his hoplessness because of the genophage etc...

    All too often, especially in ME2, I felt Bioware had gone down the 'sex sells and is kewel' root and too many of the conversations (at that time with only the female characters) were leading towards the mundane and immature "Can I shag you {insert name}?"; a problem that I felt also plagued Dragon Age 2. I know ME1 had that well documented 'sexy time' moment too, but it was far less prominent in the overall conversations and interactions with the relevant squad members. Don't get me wrong, I mostly love the whole ME series and both 2&3 had some amazing stand out moments and missions but for me ME1, regardless of its technical limitations, seemed so much more ambitious, visionary, interesting and 'deep' compared to the later stuff. I think I appreciated it even more when I'd gone back and played it again having experienced the sequel (3 hadn't been released at the time).

    I also think Saren, Matriarch Benezia and Sovereign were the best antagonists seen in the series too and therefore made the game far more interesting and engaging than the sequels. As for cinematic style and setpieces, nothing in the series has beaten the sheer awe I had near the end of ME1 as I worked my way around the outside of the Citadel tower towards a truly giant Sovereign crawling his way around as he desperately tries to unlock the gateway to let through the Reapers The scale was amazing and felt truly 'next-gen' at the time.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I also liked the 'immersion' of the ME1 world/game. Being able to physically get on/off your ship with the ship computer 'logging' those moments was a great little touch (a nice nod to Star Trek I thought) as was moving up/down through areas in the lifts. Finding a planet, scanning it and then blasting down in the Mako to explore it was also awesome - I felt like a spacefaring human pioneer. Changing over to 'Now Loading' screens and the dire planet scanner in the sequels was just too 'videogamey' and ruined some of the immersion for me, however much the ADHD generation had welcomed faster loading by protesting about issues like 'slow lifts' in the first game.

    I fully accept that ME1 suffers to some degree by the fact it was an early 'next-gen' game and this article highlights some of the technical flaws of that time. Some gameplay and environmental features are lacking, especially with regards to the identikit buildings/bases you find dotted around the galaxy planets and the over cluttered inventory. But I don't think that should be held against it given the overall scope and ambition on display, including the interesting and varied conversations and the complex relationships between crew members and the protagonists/antagonists. I can't help but feel that the series lost some of that in the sequels, despite them having refined gameplay elements.
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  • BioWare calls for your feedback as it embarks on “entirely new” Mass Effect game

  • Rodriguez 09/11/2012

    Commander Shepard was such a stilted dancer, so in future Mass Effect games, whoever the lead character may be, I'd quite like to be able to get down and boogie like Buck Rogers can. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer's favourite Halloween games

  • Rodriguez 31/10/2012

    Bully: Scholarship Edition. Halloween mission from Chapter One.

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  • Resident Evil 2 retrospective

  • Rodriguez 30/09/2012

    Really enjoyed that article. Resi 2 is still my absolute favorite from the series, I have fond memories of when I got it back in my high school days. A couple of my mates used to come round and just sit there watching me play, it was entrancing!

    One of the best moments was when I found myself in a police interview room with a one way glass pane, everything seemed normal and was quiet when suddenly *SMASH*, as a Licker jumped into the room! I think I dropped the control pad as we all jumped into the air and screamed like little girls, bloody brilliant! I'd most certainly love a remake, Capcom make it happen!!
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  • Mass Effect Trilogy Edition announced for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

  • Rodriguez 26/09/2012

    I love ME1, I've played it through about four times now and it's my personal favourite from the series, though I appreciate it's not going to appeal to everybody. There's definitely plenty of stuff about it that's nowhere near as polished as the sequels, namely graphics and controls and a messy inventory, but if you look past those things then on the whole it really was/is a wonderful experience, one of the best this gen as far as I'm concerned.

    For me the story and music in the first game was the most epic, the antagonists were the best and being able to explore the galaxy by landing on, admittedly mostly barren, planets made it feel far larger than the smaller, more polished areas in the sequels. Some of the sequences are also still breathtaking, especially near the end. It's a shame some of the original elements weren't expanded and improved for the sequels, because I really loved the exploration side rather than the more linear approach in the sequels. I'm one of the rare people that even liked the non-immersion breaking, no loading screens in sight ability to get on/off your ship and of course the elevators... there, I said it!!!
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  • The Independent Charles Show 2.1

  • Rodriguez 11/07/2012

    I bought the fun little indie game Apple Jack thanks to the Independent ("Independint") Charles show when it was still shown on XBL. He did a great Apple Jack song too :). Reply +9
  • X-Wing Retrospective

  • Rodriguez 01/07/2012


    There is a spaceship dog fighter on the 360! It's called Project Sylpheed and it's not at all bad, with some fairly nice customisation options for your ship weapons etc. Check it out if you can find a copy, maybe ebay?
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  • Capcom promises more Dragon's Dogma as shipments top 1m

  • Rodriguez 25/06/2012

    How did I miss this news!? I'm absolutely loving Dragon's Dogma, so so glad that it's done well enough to give Capcom incentive to make future games in this franchise!

    My game of the year so far, congrats to director Hideaki Itsuno and the rest of the development team at Capcom for making an amazing, and now officially successful, game!
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