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  • Gears of War 3 for April 2011

  • Rodney 10/04/2010

    Mickey2010; deluded fanboyism or very subtle satire. I'm not quite sure. Reply 0
  • Perfect Dark

  • Rodney 11/03/2010

    wasn't level design part of the challenge in older games? finding keycards in a big maze was a gameplay feature. This certainly seemed to be the case with games such as Descent and Doom. The last game I remember getting stuck on and not knowing where to go was Fable 2, but then that was due to a bug. Reply +1
  • Rodney 11/03/2010

    I am not sure about weapons, but it only has some of the Goldeneye multiplayer levels, not all of them. I remember it definitely has Facility and the Egyption one. Looking forward to paying this. On the N64 You could have up to 4 players plus a load of Bots, how many people can play multiplayer on XBL with this? Is it just 4 still? Reply 0
  • Ubi: We could do 35 Assassin's Creeds

  • Rodney 15/10/2009


    that sounds great. I'd be happy with a series of AC games connected by theme only.
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  • Jedi Knight series on Steam this week

  • Rodney 15/09/2009


    another vote for X-Wing/Tie fighter compilation. updated models/textures/lighting would be nice.

    Whenever Lucasarts is mentioned, calls for X-wing/Tie fighter usually follow in the comments/forums. Surely Lucasarts must be aware of this?
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  • Xbox 360 Elite sales up by 43 per cent

  • Rodney 03/09/2009

    "If the fact of the matter is that one system is better than the other then this reality will be reflected in Eurogamers articles/news items."

    Bazfrag " Its not fact. Its subjective"

    Of course one system can objectively be better than another. The 360 is objectively less reliable. The PS3 has objectively been more expensive while offering only roughly similar performance. Sony has made a quite a few fuck ups this gen. Microsoft hasnt made so many, just one big one (RROD). I would expect the news/articles to reflect this.

    "Xbox still pisses all over the PS3 gamewise."

    Bazfrog "Ditto. Personal taste etc"

    I agree more with this. The most you could say is that the 360, up until recently, had a more popular and critically aclaimed library, now with Wipe HD, Uncharted 1&2, Little Big, MGS, its pretty close and down to personal preference. I generally prefer the 360 library but only because of Forza and Halo so I wouldnt claim it has a better library as a matter of fact.

    Personally, if I was to enter the HD console market today I'd probably go with the PS3. I think the PS3 now with blueray, reliability, media functionality, free online, good library of games represents far better value than the 360 elite. It also has Wipeout HD which I want really badly.
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  • Rodney 02/09/2009


    there might be a bias in favour of xbox in the comments but I dont think there is a Eurogamer editorial bias at all. If the fact of the matter is that one system is better than the other then this reality will be reflected in Eurogamers articles/news items.

    I think the PS3 represents far better value compared to the new Elite price and I am a bit of a 360 fanboy
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  • Kojima admits MGS confuses him too

  • Rodney 25/08/2009


    Counte of Monte Cristo just needed a good editor for the middle bits. still an awesome book and despite its 1000 page length, probably shorter than MGS4.

    Alexander Dumas > Kojima
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  • SCEE PS3 sales more than 10 million

  • Rodney 19/08/2009

    That would be you I think.

    I cant believe anyone could be so biased and not be a troll
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  • Command & Conquer 4

  • Rodney 11/08/2009

    I donít know how typical I am but I donít have a home internet conection (just mobile connection for the laptop).

    We just canít justify the expense for something we donít need. I would like one but; phone line+broadbad+ xbox live subscription is a lot of money just so I can be called a fag on Halo3. The girlfriend would never allow it, I spend enough on gaming as it is.

    I will not be buying this which is a shame because I have been a fan since the original and my laptop could probably handle it.
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  • IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey

  • Rodney 24/07/2009

    Day one purchase for me and Im normally too tight to buy anything until its under £20. Are there any good and reasonabley priced joysticks for the 360? Reply +2
  • Third Mortal Kombat film on the way

  • Rodney 09/07/2009

    Wasnt Tony Jah involved in the first one as a stunt man or something?

    would rather have Ong Bak 2
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  • Activision: DJ Hero is "tremendous value"

  • Rodney 07/07/2009


    I am reluctant to be brought down to your level but has it occured to you that judging all hip hop music based on commercial hip hop in the charts is the same as judging all dance music based on commercial dance music in the charts.

    Because by your logic all dance music must be shit because the Venga Boys are dance music and they are shit.

    I actually happen to like a lot of electronic music (leftfield, Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada, Prodigy, Aphex Twin) but I find instrumental hip hop more satisfying to mix. Am I also brainwashed by mainstream radio and marketing?
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  • Take-Two's Ben Feder

  • Rodney 25/06/2009


    I know you are takling the piss but I just cant work out what you are talking about 'u pl41dlol?'

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  • Modern Warfare co-op is for two players

  • Rodney 24/06/2009

    The magic number is Seven!!!.

    Infinity Ward just don't care for co-op. Anyone who describes co-op of six or more players as 'clusterf***' doesn't have the skills or credentials to be working on anything co-op related. I'd suggest if Infinity Ward are struggling with the concept they should speak to some other developers......

    blah blah blah
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  • Retrospective: Shadow Warrior

  • Rodney 21/06/2009


    Yeah I was glad Future Shock got a mention as well and I thought the same thing. At the time I remember being really impressed by the lazer scope in that game, definitely ahead of its time in many ways.
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  • Sgt. Johnson for ODST pre-orders

  • Rodney 19/06/2009

    I would prefer it featured Johnson from Peep Show Reply +2
  • EyePet

  • Rodney 19/06/2009

    so presumabley, according to the Milo=pedo logic, by playing nintendogs I want to rape puppies?

    it all makes sense now!

    (agrees with what Kangarootoo said about it)
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  • SEGA Vintage Collection

  • Rodney 18/06/2009

    I once recorded the 'wisde from your gwave' bit and used it is my alarm clock sound on my mobile.

    Best alarm clock ever!
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  • COD: WAW map pack 2 tomorrow

  • Rodney 11/06/2009

    COD4 = COD5 Reply -1
  • E3: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Rodney 03/06/2009


    MW2 - just the same old Doom clone still stuck in the mid/late 90s?

    Good 2D platformers were good then and they are even better now because of their rarity.
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  • E3: Forza Motorsport 3

  • Rodney 01/06/2009


    definately, dynamic weather, more tracks and generally more variability in the gameplay. The second was good but got boring pretty quickly

    I think I heard a while ago point to point races are back?
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  • E3: Forza 3 officially unveiled

  • Rodney 01/06/2009

    I dont know much about this, are there any screenshots up?

    cars rolling sounds great. I'd be happy with better graphics and more tracks, the car selection and handling was perfect in the original it was just let down by too few and boring tracks and dull graphics.

    excited about this, its one of the rare games I'll buy on day one and not wait a few months for the price to come down. if only my friends werent all sony/GT fanboys with PS3's I'd have someone to race against as well.
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  • E3: Bungie working on Halo: Reach?

  • Rodney 01/06/2009

    wow, this is going to be a great thread! Reply 0
  • Scratch: The Ultimate DJ

  • Rodney 28/05/2009


    Not strictly true, with stuff like Serato/final Scratch you could use a one turntable, laptop, mixer combo and still mix/scratch the old fashioned way, just with digital/virtual vinyl. If you think about it, you only normaly adjust the speed/pitch of the song not playing out aloud, so you only need one turntable. The only thing you couldnt really do with one turntable is juggling.

    I doubt you'll this in the DMC's because they are so resistent to new technology any way (they still use an outdated, 15 year old mixer with a shit crossfader.) I have seen quite a few turntablists using Serato style software though and pull off some impressive scratch/juggle routines, its not as responisve as viynle yet but it will be soon I think

    I agree using just a laptop and mixing software is cheating, but then I'm a traditionalist and I think CDJ's with beat counters are cheating.
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  • Bizarre Creations' Gareth Wilson

  • Rodney 26/05/2009

    Iím a little confused, do people consider PGR a sim? I always thought of it as more arcadey.

    I loved the handling model in the PGRís they made drifting brilliant fun (Iím rubbish at drifting in Forza and GT) and I liked the Kudos system. I think the handling model would be perfectly suited for a pure drifting game, point to point mountain roads, loads of Japanese custom cars

    I have mixed feelings on this new one though, weapons sounds a bit shit. But like someone else has said, it was starting to become a bit stale after PGR4, so I guess they need to do something new (please no bikes)

    I like the sound of the community features.
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  • The Shareware Age

  • Rodney 25/05/2009

    well my main income at the time was my weekly pocket money so piracy or not I couldnt have bought many more games than I actually did. but I admit I played a hellova lot more games than I paid for.

    bugger, you have made me feel guilty now.
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  • Rodney 25/05/2009

    Thinking back, it does seem odd by todayís standards that games installed entirely to disk without the need of having the CD in the drive and could be installed on as many PCís as you like. Amongst my friends we had pretty much all the big releases but each of us only ever actually bought a couple of games. Reply 0
  • Rodney 25/05/2009

    I was a little late to the PC gaming party by the sounds of things. I first got my hands on a PC in 94 (P75hz, 16 MB-RAM!!) and my favourite games back then were Descent, MechWarrior 2, Tie-fighter, Doom I&II, Command & Conquer, Terminal Velocity and the Lucasarts adventure games. I remember the excitement of getting new cover disks crammed with shareware, demoís and Modís, but I wonder if those saying it was a golden era are just saying this for reasons of nostalgia. Perhaps in 10-15 years time those in their 20ís and 30ís will be reminiscing about the first time they played crysis and what an exciting era Directx.10 was. Reply 0
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood

  • Rodney 20/05/2009

    I loved the first one and reading this preview I now regret trading it in because I would love to play the original again before the sequel comes out.

    I will definately be picking this up!
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  • DJ Shadow: DJ Hero will "raise eyebrows"

  • Rodney 20/05/2009


    It does seem you are arbitrarily defining instrumentalists/musician to purposefully exclude turntablists, because you donít happen to like it very much. Fine if you think it sounds shit,
    but the problem with your definition is it is so narrow it actually excludes other legitimate musicians. Iím thinking of drummers mainly since they wouldnít be able to play Ďflight of the bumblebeeí from sheet music either, but it would also exclude people who create music on computer software, perhaps using pre-recorded samples.

    Surely the simplest and most accurate definition of a musician is anyone who creates and/or plays music?

    In that Q-bert drumming video, he was using a pre-recorded drum loop, but he was rearranging it sufficiently so that he was creating an entirely new drum pattern, so I consider that a demonstration of a turntable being used as an instrument.
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  • Rodney 19/05/2009

    To be fair, most DJís are a bit crap and nothing more than overhyped wedding DJís, overly reliant on mixing aids (insert aids jokes here) and void of any creative or technical ability. I think very few actually fit the definition of a Ďmusicianí but I think a few do (in my opinion). Reply 0
  • Rodney 18/05/2009


    When I first heard about this, I assumed it would be all house and trance and stuff, but now it sounds like there will be some trip hop/hip hop type stuff I am definately more interested. having both electro and beat orientated music would be best to keep all crowds happy.

    I'm just hoping you can have propper analogue control over the vinyl to make scratching possible, could be a really good piece of kit.
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  • Rodney 18/05/2009

    just thought I'd post a couple of links for the 'DJ arent musicians' crowd.

    I'm not entirely sure if I would call them musicians, but anyone who thinks they have no technical skills is just wrong

    I have been scratching for 10 years and I am no where near this level

    also, this one is pretty close to a musical composition from scrath, since none of the source material is even recongnisable
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  • Retrospective: Black

  • Rodney 04/05/2009

    odd, I dont remember this game being particularly hard.

    funny timing, I was home last week and dug a few things out of the loft and found some old xbox games. started playing PGR2 and Black over the weekend. they both still play well, but I do remember the poor AI in Black giving it limted replay value.

    Finding stuff you forgot you had feels like getting new things for free!
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  • PSP piracy levels are "sickening" - Sony

  • Rodney 22/04/2009

    okay, I have a confession to make. I am in the UK for a month visiting and because games are considerabley cheaper here I have given myself a £200 budget to stock up on games for the next year (until I return for my next annual visit)

    the things is, while here I have had access to a pretty good internet connection and I have download some old PC games for the laptop, loads megadrive/SNES ROM's (for my DS), and about 10x DS games. To be honest I feel pretty guilty about it because I do like to support the developers and I wont try and rationalise it any way. what I have done is wrong and its because of my own greed, nothing else.

    having said that, I am still spending my £200 budget and so far I have bought 5x360, 3x DS games and 2x PC games . Im shopping around still at the moment to spend the last of my budget. (thanks all new bargain thread!)

    so exactly how evil am I on a scale of 1-10?
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  • GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

  • Rodney 17/03/2009

    yeah, side or top scrolling, cant see grandad getting the hang of twin analogue sticks just to play some GI Joe Reply 0
  • The Big, Fat Question

  • Rodney 15/03/2009

    some good points have been raised in these comments.

    The article has a point but unfortunately the government loses all credibility on this issue.

    it is responsible for selling school playing fields
    school meals are provided by private contracters who put profit before quality healthy food
    vending machines in schools
    promoting a national diet which is as much based on commercial interests as it is on health. (pyramid model, high carbs, all fats are bad etc)....
    children leaving school now have spent the whole education under a labour government, why do they not know how to feed themselves?

    Also, the whole culture surrounding children has changed in recent years. You cant let them play outside anymore because paedophiles are lurking around every corner, and they cant possibley walk to school because they will definately be run over by a car. If they do actually manage to get out and play, then they will probably just take drugs and binge drink any way. what else are kids supposed to do?

    of course, in my day we played outside every day all day, read Dickens in the evening and it was alway sunny

    /has to stop reading the daily mail
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  • Tecmo to unveil game at GDC

  • Rodney 13/03/2009

    for your own sake, please never watch any George Carlin Reply 0
  • Ross accidentally announces Fable III

  • Rodney 12/03/2009

    dam his publicity creating lisp, I say. Reply 0
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned

  • Rodney 17/02/2009


    I dont think its not aged that well, it just wasnt that good when it came out. GTA, with its lock on shooting system, just isnt well suited to deathmatch multiplayer. still an awesome game
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  • Rodney 17/02/2009


    Whats wrong with Gangs of New York? I really liked that film.
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  • Punched Out?

  • Rodney 16/02/2009

    I dont really see this as asking for special treatment or government subsidies

    Tax breaks are not subsidies, a tax break us just denies the treasury revenue it might otherwise have recieved. the Railways are an example of an industry kept profitable byactual government subsidies and that is not what this article is asking for

    If the UK's tax laws are making it less attractive to outside investors who can make more profit elsewhere, then maybe those tax laws are ill advised. but as Shinji says, this is a much bigger question than just about games developers.

    I think this is a good example of overtaxtion creating an unrealistic market and inhibiting private enterprise.
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  • 100 Classic Book Collection

  • Rodney 13/02/2009

    I agree, I tried to give Jane Austin a go with an open mind, but it was too shit. 19th version of chicklit.

    Dickens and Dumas are where its at in 19th cent literature for me.

    Counte of Monte Cristo and the Three Musketerrs, better than Halo!
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  • PlayStation Home gets Ninja costumes

  • Rodney 12/02/2009


    isnt virtual stuff immaterial though?
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  • Retrospective: Beyond Good & Evil

  • Rodney 09/02/2009

    I really loved this game.

    I am still dissapointed this and Rallisport 2 are not B/C on the 360. two of my favourite games ever Microsoft you fools! (donít tell the filthy money grabbers, but I'd pay money to play these again, even though I still own them).

    Making the sequal more accessible is fine in my book because I think some people not familiar with computer game conventions might be stumped by some of the mentioned difficulty spikes, and itís everybody should be able to enjoy. As long as the sequal retains the beautiful art design and charming characters then I'll be happy.
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  • Blaming the Crunch

  • Rodney 01/02/2009

    how long has the PS3 been out in the UK, 18 months? I dont think the lifespan of the PS3 will be 3 years as this article seems to imply.

    reduced consumer spending over the next 5 years and the losses already sustained by both Sony and Microsoft on current hardware mean this generation will last much longer than the typical cycle. I dont think 'next-gen' will be viable for a long time yet, developers can hardly afford to make current gen games, what with development costs being as high as they are, and the small chance of seeing a significant return. Not to mention the fact that so few consumers will be in a position to upgrade. I think both MS and Sony will want to wait at least until they have recouped their costs on this gen before moving on.

    I think this may be the longest running generation so far, and thats not such a bad thing because I think we have reached a point of deminishing returns on 'next-gen' technology improvements.
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  • Sony hardware sales on the decline

  • Rodney 30/01/2009


    you realise Sony got its wrist slapped over the whole root kit thing?

    grow up
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  • UK charts: Wii Fit still on top

  • Rodney 28/01/2009


    only in the sense that Jadie Goodie's annual aerobics DVD is ruining the DVD charts.

    its not really meant for you, so just ignore it. maybe laugh at the lameness of it a bit :)
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  • Sony and MS are both right, says analyst

  • Rodney 23/01/2009


    I prefer the 360 too, but you really should accept that other people prefer the PS3. it simply meets their needs better and it is not matter of being quantifiabley better or worse.

    I cant justify the cost of owning two consoles, but shit, I wish I could play Wipeout HD, LBP, Killzone 2. The PS3 is building quite a nice little library of exclusives.

    /jealous 360 fanboy
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