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  • Nintendo's Switch media kit includes heartfelt messages from Reggie and Zelda's director

  • RobTheBuilder 23/02/2017

    @HisDivineOrder To those who own a WiiU...

    To those many many many millions who never bought a WiiU, and who have barely looked at Nintendo in a large part of a decade - this probably looks like a bit of a resurgence.
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  • Nintendo Switch won't have Virtual Console at launch

  • RobTheBuilder 23/02/2017

    I expected this, pretty sure the publishers of new games didn't want VC intruding at launch. Plus if VC does include GC it will make for nice future publicity.

    This is a launch. This isn't the whole timeline of the console. We already know there is plenty coming, and VC will be part of that.

    Cancelling a pre-order because you can't buy a 20 year old game is retarded, although admittedly the prospect of playing two player Mario Kart at the pub is one that I think would have sold the system well.
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  • The best action game no one's ever heard of just got a sequel - and it's phenomenal

  • RobTheBuilder 14/02/2017

    @erp As long as the game gets reviewed somehow it's ok. But very worrying if it doesn't. Reply +1
  • Let's take a look inside Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of the Wild wrap party

  • RobTheBuilder 07/02/2017

    EG: Come for the puns, stay for the reviews. Reply 0
  • Nintendo Classic Mini NES review

  • RobTheBuilder 06/02/2017

    @PraiseTheSun NES games were often 50 quid if I recall though. I thought SMB3 looked awesome but the price was extortionate. Reply -1
  • RobTheBuilder 06/02/2017

    @AceGrace I did that too... until the Megadrive came out and Sonic made the Amiga look a bit shit. Reply +1
  • The safest pair of hands in video games

  • RobTheBuilder 03/02/2017

    Didn't Sumo do the PSP port of Sega Rally? Reply 0
  • Sumo Digital's Snake Pass is coming to Switch

  • RobTheBuilder 02/02/2017

    @Fox89 Indeed. I was hoping that given their racing history it would be a racing game based on that awesome winding road. (I used to live there, would be so fun for racing FH3 style!) Reply 0
  • Super Mario Run hits 78m downloads

  • RobTheBuilder 31/01/2017

    @Manny2000 If you think Super Mario Run is mobile dross you clearly haven't played it properly. Reply 0
  • Punching Nazis

  • RobTheBuilder 30/01/2017

    @mattshark My bad. I looked at the wrong name when I typed the reply. I was referring to Heimkineast and his 'alternative fact' views. Reply +4
  • RobTheBuilder 29/01/2017

    I do feel rather like the US anti-muslim law is designed specifically around the paragraph here:

    And, of course, the most striking example of anti-fascist violence gone horribly wrong occurred in 1933 in Berlin. Hitler had been elected Chancellor, but, crucially, the Nazis hadn't won a majority, and their power was limited. Just before an election, a left-wing activist set the Reichstag - the German parliament building - ablaze. He did this specifically as a rallying cry against fascist rule.
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  • Nintendo's latest Switch ad shows guy playing Mario Kart on the toilet

  • RobTheBuilder 27/01/2017

    I think it's one of the 1,2,Switch mini games, I believe it's called 'hide the joycon' Reply 0
  • World of Goo, Little Inferno, and Human Resource Machine will be Switch launch titles

  • RobTheBuilder 25/01/2017

    @TimmishMcgraw You can't make that prediction based on what you know - because there has never been a dual home/portable console before - and for all their home console failures, Nintendo have always succeeded in the handheld space. (Including having stronger third party support)

    Again, older games and ports aren't great - but handhelds have often succeeded with older games made portable.

    I'm not delusional enough to sit here and claim Nintendo have done everything right, some of their business decisions are barmy at best. But they know how to make fun systems, and they know more than anyone how to make great great games. >> To that point, the Wii was in no way a fluke success - the system was designed specifically to do what it did. To be friendly and fun for a wider audience that didn't usually buy consoles. The fact that it didn't make every hardcore gamer happy does not make it a failure.

    I also think it's important to mention that the Nintendo bubble does exist - but it exists on both sides. I've been involved in gaming for long enough to see very clearly that the group who enjoy criticising everything Nintendo do is just as big as the group that praises everything Nintendo do.

    Yes it's too expensive, yes it needs more games quickly after the launch period, yes 1,2,Switch should be pack in, and yes I'd prefer not to have as many WiiU ports... but do I want to cancel my pre-order? No. Do I still want portable Legend of Zelda? Yes.

    If Nintendo are smart, they'll also realise that the concept of multiplayer portable FIFA, multiplyer portable Mario Kart, and 16 player linked Splatoon are massive massive opportunities to win big sales.
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  • RobTheBuilder 25/01/2017

    @Brainflowers I'm willing to pay the price (Esp as someone who has visited here for over a decade!), but then I never click on them... nor (I hope) do others - so not sure what value they actually give to EG? Reply +1
  • RobTheBuilder 25/01/2017

    @Nibbles But (for launch at least) that doesn't really matter.

    Firstly, it's portable - and therefore the ability to take it with you makes up for age.

    Secondly, pretty much no-one played the WiiU games anyway, so it makes sense to reutilise great games that the majority of the public haven't used, and those WiiU owners who enjoyed may still like playing them again for reason 1.
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  • RobTheBuilder 25/01/2017

    @Brainflowers Seeing these revcontent ads actually makes me feel more negative towards Eurogamer. Reply +4
  • RobTheBuilder 25/01/2017

    Some people won't ever be happy...

    "There's no games!!!"
    "These games have been on other machines!"
    "These games are too old!"
    "This porridge is too cold!"


    More games is more games. If you've already played them, don't buy them.
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  • 1-2 Switch is Nintendo's attempt to recapture Wii's golden era

  • RobTheBuilder 24/01/2017

    @CaptainKid It's easy to say that now. But as a long standing gamer it was still impressive at the time - and for those not into gaming it wowed them into buying a Wii.

    I must have sold at least 5 Wii's by showing Wii Sports to other people who then bought one.

    Not packing 12S in the box is a crazy decision.
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  • The story behind the worst game ever made

  • RobTheBuilder 23/01/2017

    @ontoff Don't forget the ultra modern 'publisher gives you game for free then charges you for progress'. Reply +3
  • RobTheBuilder 23/01/2017

    @MrTomFTW I miss those days. Sad that a criticism of the Switch is that it doesn't have capcity for the gigantic patches needed (typically) to make games work the way they should on release... Reply +2
  • Did Nintendo download a Mario ROM and sell it back to us?

  • RobTheBuilder 20/01/2017

    Nintendo 'stole' from someone who stole from them... hardly big news. Reply +1
  • Splatoon 2 doesn't feel like a proper sequel just yet

  • RobTheBuilder 19/01/2017

    @FuzzyDucky Or Streets of Rage 2.
    Or Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
    Or pretty much any sequel ever made.
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  • RobTheBuilder 19/01/2017

    @Zerobob Sorry but that's just a completely false statement.

    You cannot look at the progression of the main Mario games, Mario Kart or Zelda and even remotely think they are rehashes without also believing that every sequel ever made is a rehash.

    Since the first Mario Kart launched there have been 8 games. In that time there has been FIFA International Soccer/FIFA 95/96/97/WorldCup98/99/00/01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17... how much have they progressed?

    Don't forget yearly Need for Speed games, and yearly Call of Duty games.

    Games have genres, they have sequels, and bar perhaps Mario Party - there is no logical way to justify a statement like yours.
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  • There's a new Fire Emblem coming to the 3DS this year

  • RobTheBuilder 19/01/2017

    @ubergine FZero... FZero... FZero... Reply 0
  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Switch and Wii U differences outlined

  • RobTheBuilder 18/01/2017

    @Fourfoldroot @gizmopop It's a poor strategy - it should be the ultimate handheld you can use at home.

    Home focus makes it poorly judged on visual quality. But yet it's also the most powerful handheld console ever made! I mean seriously, Mario Kart 8 with portable two player... that's a way way better concept than a home rehash of MK8.
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  • Ł60 Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch now Ł50 on Amazon UK

  • RobTheBuilder 18/01/2017

    Exactly as we said the other day - retailer pricing that will change before or after launch... Reply +4
  • Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

  • RobTheBuilder 18/01/2017

    @lostmuppet Well they haven't been too bad on occasions, the GC was very well priced, and new WiiU games were always lower priced here (Aus) than PS3/4 games... as you say though, always lots of factors.

    For me though, I know it's expensive... I know there aren't a huge number of launch games... but I am still very excited about getting it on day one with Zelda. (Even though I own a WiiU)
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  • RobTheBuilder 18/01/2017

    @lostmuppet Well obviously that's different if it's on their own store page. The key will be seeing how much game there actually is within it.

    Regarding competitor prices - it's still the case even when other systems are cheaper. New consoles always have periods of price scalping, though in this case it looks like Nintendo aren't helping if that's their own price.

    Bearing inflation though, 40 quid at Playstation launch would be the equivalent of 73 quid now.

    I guess we'll have to see whether things get more reasonable after launch.
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  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @lostmuppet Again, 40 pounds is not a price set by Nintendo. That's a price set by the retailer. Prior to EVERY console launch games go up, and then gradually come down after launch.

    Give 40 quid was the retail price of most PS one games at launch (I paid 50 for Gran Turismo if I recall), and that was 23 years ago... it's not that bad.

    Hell. Remember paying 70 quid for SNES games back in 1992??
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  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @lostmuppet Well looking at the list, it's a mix - but for launch that's not too much of an issue.

    After all, most people haven't played any WiiU games, and there are always ports inbetween console generations.

    Regarding tech demos - I think it's a little insulting to Nintendo as developers to call anything other than 1,2,Switch a tech demo... and even that looks like it has a nice Wario Ware mix of fun. (Does depend on price too)
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  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @Cheeky-Girl-Gamer Is it THAt slender though?

    26 games in 10 months for a launch period, excluding games that are yet to be announced.

    As a WiiU owner, I have to say that's not too bad ;)
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  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @Yogafire I've so far spent $890 on PC components to play Forza Horizon 3 - and that doesn't include the game - which takes it to over 1000! Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @erasr Not quite that simple, but if they get the mid-long term games and price reductions right - it definitely has the potential to be a game changer Reply +1
  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    Given I just spent the cost of a Switch on a new graphics card, I suppose I can't complain that much... Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer While I agree with the gist of what you are saying regarding Nintendo making weird business decisions (for me logic says console price is ok, but lose money on controllers to encourage multiplayer which will sell it to others), it's important to remember that usually prices of games and peripherals go down a lot after launch. Reply +2
  • Watch: 5 things you may have missed in Super Mario Odyssey's trailer

  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @OurDogFudge To be fair, 1,2,Switch is probably a game that will be much more fun in reality than on paper.

    I also hope that the 60 pound price points are retailers rather than Nintendo. Usually in the UK it's they who set the retail prices - and they usually go down just before or shortly ater launch. Likewise with the Joy cons too...
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  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @OurDogFudge Indeed. A Mario Kart 8 pack-in would be a majorly good business decision for Nintendo, especially as you can do two player in one system.

    Imagine 8 player MK8 using 4 linked Switch systems... or even 16!!
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @mrhumble1 For me this is the most justified criticism of the system. A lot of cash required for all of those things.

    That said, the following may make a difference if they happen:

    - Ability to use multiple microsd cards / swap over for different games (a pain but better than nothing)

    - Ability to write updates to cartridges directly

    Indeed the lack of update space may be one reason for not releasing games earlier. In a way though, it's nice to remind developers that product testing isn't meant to be a post-release task!
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  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    Can all the people claiming Zelda is a port remember that there are a huge number of games that move development onto new consoles. None of those get called ports.

    As much there are plenty of legitimate criticisms, it also seems clear that the usual Nintendo bashing is around.

    Nintendo is (hopefully) being sensible. Knowing that early adopters are likely to be big Nintendo fans who will buy Zelda and not need much in the way of new games for a few months. Those more casual gamers will have 1,2,Switch, Skylanders and Just Dance.

    The real need for lots of software comes later. It makes more sense for Nintendo to get the ports out of the way and focus on quantity starting Q4 2017 for Xmas.
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  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler I hear your point on first party, but I think there's a long way to go.

    In the first 9 months we are talking new games Zelda and Mario (both highly anticipated), and updated port of the amazing Mario Kart 8 which most people won't have played, and a sequel (or at the very least heavily updated port) of Splatoon - another amazing game that few will have played.

    Then add on new IP/tech style games 1,2,Switch and Arms - and that's a decent line-up given they are likely to announce more games at E3.

    The other issue is also probbly due to teams still working on 3DS games, they will likely move over gradually.
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  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    @canIdoyabombsforya No analogue stick has ever matched the Gamecube in my experience. Playing Super Monkey Ball showed just how good it was. Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    @rep- Good idea. I preordered Zelda too, just in case.

    I remember at the original Wii launch Zelda sold out and people were asking if they could buy it off me!
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  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    I have one preordered and I am still very excited.

    That said, I totally agree that the strategy needed to be 'the ultimate handheld you can also use on your TV' NOT 'a home console that's portable'.

    The price is high, and as good as the joy con's appear to be, they are pricey. (Although you get two included which is good)

    In terms of third party support, it was inevitable that after WiiU they would wait and see. I presume most developers waited until they saw the full hardware before getting anywhere near starting development. So hopefully this will mean a bigger selection long term - after all, it wasn't launch sparseness that killed WiiU - it was long term sparseness
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  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • RobTheBuilder 13/01/2017

    So touchscreen and rumble... woo Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 13/01/2017

    No region locking. SOLD Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 13/01/2017

    Well at least they are putting some effort in for once! Reply 0
  • Nintendo's 2017: two seismic shifts, and the conundrum that will decide its future

  • RobTheBuilder 10/01/2017

    @NullDev Partly that yes, but nothing stops devs from putting in a lower/higher graphics mode.
    Which comes back to my original point, iPhone games look better as there are only a limited number of sizing/power specs - the same scenario as occurs on Switch versus an android tablet. So using android tablet performance as a benchmark can't be totally accurate. Especially if Switch has better development tools - some devs have stated that it is easy to develop for.

    I don't diagree with much of what you say around chip development and around issues in power/spec for the future. I think there will always be advances in efficiency, as well as battery technology that allow for better performance.
    I agree that we are hitting limits on Moore's law speed progression, but that doesn't mean progress will stop completely - after all Tegra 2 is already available, so a next level Tegra setup could be a decent advance.

    Also I agree WiiU isn't at all good on the CPU front, but the need for CPU grunt is reduced now anyway - hence why WiiU could still produce great looking 1080p/60 games.
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  • RobTheBuilder 09/01/2017

    @NullDev It's got nothing to do with the logo, but to do with what the device is actually doing. An android powered device has games that are designed for multiple android devices, and very rarely fully utilise the power available. (Hence why iPhone games tend to look better on same spec hardware vs android).
    Plus the fact that a custom console can have much more freedom over how it operates interally.

    We also don't have confirmed specs, nor do we have any idea of further modifications to the Tegra hardware. E.g.: Scaling chips are rumoured.

    So while it's not going to be PS4 level. It should certainly be more capable per clock cycle than the Shield. But even if not, the fact it can provide greater than WiiU performance on a handheld device still makes it highly attractive.

    Oh and I'm not particularly overestimating. We know that chips get more efficient and increase performance all the time. So while PS4 performance with good battery life may not be 18 months away... we know that Nintendo could easily produce major jumps in performance with 12-18 month iterations. Frankly if Switch / mark 2 / mark 3 etc can keep maintaining a performance benchmark of 'most powerful handheld system' that would be more than enough.
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  • RobTheBuilder 06/01/2017

    @wxid Well it doesn't make much sense to convert lots of old games to a home console, but there's been a long tradition of games coming to portable or mobile versions some years later with success.

    It makes sense to convert WiiU games partly because of the portability, and partly because so very few people played what were strong games in the first place. So it gives Nintendo a stronger line up of unplayed games that are cheap to make in comparison with new Switch titles.

    You are right though in that they absolutely HAVE to combine those old ports with new games that show off something different too.

    But think about it. If you could get a WiiU quality version of Fifa 17/PES that allowed 2 player mode (or even 4 player on two Switch machines) whilst out and about... people would love it.
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  • New year's resolution: Let's stop screaming

  • RobTheBuilder 09/01/2017

    To reference Charlie Brooker: I miss 'meh'. Reply +6