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  • Nintendo: Switch launch day "not be-all and end-all"

  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @lostmuppet Well looking at the list, it's a mix - but for launch that's not too much of an issue.

    After all, most people haven't played any WiiU games, and there are always ports inbetween console generations.

    Regarding tech demos - I think it's a little insulting to Nintendo as developers to call anything other than 1,2,Switch a tech demo... and even that looks like it has a nice Wario Ware mix of fun. (Does depend on price too)
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  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @Cheeky-Girl-Gamer Is it THAt slender though?

    26 games in 10 months for a launch period, excluding games that are yet to be announced.

    As a WiiU owner, I have to say that's not too bad ;)
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  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @Yogafire I've so far spent $890 on PC components to play Forza Horizon 3 - and that doesn't include the game - which takes it to over 1000! Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 17/01/2017

    @erasr Not quite that simple, but if they get the mid-long term games and price reductions right - it definitely has the potential to be a game changer Reply +1
  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    Given I just spent the cost of a Switch on a new graphics card, I suppose I can't complain that much... Reply +2
  • Nintendo Switch's bundled Joy-Con grip doesn't charge controllers

  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @ShiftyGeezer While I agree with the gist of what you are saying regarding Nintendo making weird business decisions (for me logic says console price is ok, but lose money on controllers to encourage multiplayer which will sell it to others), it's important to remember that usually prices of games and peripherals go down a lot after launch. Reply +2
  • Watch: 5 things you may have missed in Super Mario Odyssey's trailer

  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @OurDogFudge To be fair, 1,2,Switch is probably a game that will be much more fun in reality than on paper.

    I also hope that the 60 pound price points are retailers rather than Nintendo. Usually in the UK it's they who set the retail prices - and they usually go down just before or shortly ater launch. Likewise with the Joy cons too...
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  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @OurDogFudge Indeed. A Mario Kart 8 pack-in would be a majorly good business decision for Nintendo, especially as you can do two player in one system.

    Imagine 8 player MK8 using 4 linked Switch systems... or even 16!!
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  • Switch clicks in the hands, but on paper, it's in trouble

  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    @mrhumble1 For me this is the most justified criticism of the system. A lot of cash required for all of those things.

    That said, the following may make a difference if they happen:

    - Ability to use multiple microsd cards / swap over for different games (a pain but better than nothing)

    - Ability to write updates to cartridges directly

    Indeed the lack of update space may be one reason for not releasing games earlier. In a way though, it's nice to remind developers that product testing isn't meant to be a post-release task!
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  • RobTheBuilder 16/01/2017

    Can all the people claiming Zelda is a port remember that there are a huge number of games that move development onto new consoles. None of those get called ports.

    As much there are plenty of legitimate criticisms, it also seems clear that the usual Nintendo bashing is around.

    Nintendo is (hopefully) being sensible. Knowing that early adopters are likely to be big Nintendo fans who will buy Zelda and not need much in the way of new games for a few months. Those more casual gamers will have 1,2,Switch, Skylanders and Just Dance.

    The real need for lots of software comes later. It makes more sense for Nintendo to get the ports out of the way and focus on quantity starting Q4 2017 for Xmas.
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  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    @I_Am_CatButler I hear your point on first party, but I think there's a long way to go.

    In the first 9 months we are talking new games Zelda and Mario (both highly anticipated), and updated port of the amazing Mario Kart 8 which most people won't have played, and a sequel (or at the very least heavily updated port) of Splatoon - another amazing game that few will have played.

    Then add on new IP/tech style games 1,2,Switch and Arms - and that's a decent line-up given they are likely to announce more games at E3.

    The other issue is also probbly due to teams still working on 3DS games, they will likely move over gradually.
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  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    @canIdoyabombsforya No analogue stick has ever matched the Gamecube in my experience. Playing Super Monkey Ball showed just how good it was. Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    @rep- Good idea. I preordered Zelda too, just in case.

    I remember at the original Wii launch Zelda sold out and people were asking if they could buy it off me!
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  • RobTheBuilder 15/01/2017

    I have one preordered and I am still very excited.

    That said, I totally agree that the strategy needed to be 'the ultimate handheld you can also use on your TV' NOT 'a home console that's portable'.

    The price is high, and as good as the joy con's appear to be, they are pricey. (Although you get two included which is good)

    In terms of third party support, it was inevitable that after WiiU they would wait and see. I presume most developers waited until they saw the full hardware before getting anywhere near starting development. So hopefully this will mean a bigger selection long term - after all, it wasn't launch sparseness that killed WiiU - it was long term sparseness
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  • Nintendo Switch reveal live report

  • RobTheBuilder 13/01/2017

    So touchscreen and rumble... woo Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 13/01/2017

    No region locking. SOLD Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 13/01/2017

    Well at least they are putting some effort in for once! Reply 0
  • Nintendo's 2017: two seismic shifts, and the conundrum that will decide its future

  • RobTheBuilder 10/01/2017

    @NullDev Partly that yes, but nothing stops devs from putting in a lower/higher graphics mode.
    Which comes back to my original point, iPhone games look better as there are only a limited number of sizing/power specs - the same scenario as occurs on Switch versus an android tablet. So using android tablet performance as a benchmark can't be totally accurate. Especially if Switch has better development tools - some devs have stated that it is easy to develop for.

    I don't diagree with much of what you say around chip development and around issues in power/spec for the future. I think there will always be advances in efficiency, as well as battery technology that allow for better performance.
    I agree that we are hitting limits on Moore's law speed progression, but that doesn't mean progress will stop completely - after all Tegra 2 is already available, so a next level Tegra setup could be a decent advance.

    Also I agree WiiU isn't at all good on the CPU front, but the need for CPU grunt is reduced now anyway - hence why WiiU could still produce great looking 1080p/60 games.
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  • RobTheBuilder 09/01/2017

    @NullDev It's got nothing to do with the logo, but to do with what the device is actually doing. An android powered device has games that are designed for multiple android devices, and very rarely fully utilise the power available. (Hence why iPhone games tend to look better on same spec hardware vs android).
    Plus the fact that a custom console can have much more freedom over how it operates interally.

    We also don't have confirmed specs, nor do we have any idea of further modifications to the Tegra hardware. E.g.: Scaling chips are rumoured.

    So while it's not going to be PS4 level. It should certainly be more capable per clock cycle than the Shield. But even if not, the fact it can provide greater than WiiU performance on a handheld device still makes it highly attractive.

    Oh and I'm not particularly overestimating. We know that chips get more efficient and increase performance all the time. So while PS4 performance with good battery life may not be 18 months away... we know that Nintendo could easily produce major jumps in performance with 12-18 month iterations. Frankly if Switch / mark 2 / mark 3 etc can keep maintaining a performance benchmark of 'most powerful handheld system' that would be more than enough.
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  • RobTheBuilder 06/01/2017

    @wxid Well it doesn't make much sense to convert lots of old games to a home console, but there's been a long tradition of games coming to portable or mobile versions some years later with success.

    It makes sense to convert WiiU games partly because of the portability, and partly because so very few people played what were strong games in the first place. So it gives Nintendo a stronger line up of unplayed games that are cheap to make in comparison with new Switch titles.

    You are right though in that they absolutely HAVE to combine those old ports with new games that show off something different too.

    But think about it. If you could get a WiiU quality version of Fifa 17/PES that allowed 2 player mode (or even 4 player on two Switch machines) whilst out and about... people would love it.
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  • RobTheBuilder 06/01/2017

    @NullDev Except is isn't just an android tablet - which has lots of background and development weaknesses compared to a dedicated console with Nvidia support and dedicated development libraries.

    Again, remember that Nintendo has always had much much better support on handhelds - so combining the two will be a strong way of pushing more third party support.

    Plus they have potential with the Tegra chipset to release iterations whereby in 18-24 months Switch mark 2 could compete with PS4 and still be backwards compatible with Switch mark 1.
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  • RobTheBuilder 06/01/2017

    @wxid Except, the ability to play ports of a few year old games on a portable system that isn't a $1500-2000 laptop is pretty damn attractive.
    They didn't make sense on WiiU, a home system - but on a portable... sure as hell.
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  • RobTheBuilder 04/01/2017

    This is the clever thing of mixing home and portable - Nintendo have always had better third party support on portables.

    Besides - if they release updated hardware every 12-24 months and games simply adjust spec automatically as on mobile games - the initial hardware defecit will quickly fall by the wayside.
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  • New year's resolution: Let's stop screaming

  • RobTheBuilder 09/01/2017

    To reference Charlie Brooker: I miss 'meh'. Reply +6
  • Super Mario Run has earned $30m in two weeks

  • RobTheBuilder 06/01/2017

    @Kyizen But all of those are SHIT mechanics that make games less fun, why the hell would anyone want these?

    I have huge respect for Nintendo for not using these even though it wil mean probably less income.

    Also I bet almost no games ever have a 50% purchase rate, even $1.
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  • RobTheBuilder 04/01/2017

    @robbiejc85 It's 30m so far. Plus what they get on Android. But agree it's not a huge amount...

    I think the key thing here though is the timing. This has been designed I expect, along with the NES mini, to bring nintendo and Mario back into public attention ready for the launch of Switch.
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  • RobTheBuilder 04/01/2017

    @Rack It's much more than it appears, but I agree the initial trial doesn't get that across very well. Which is a shame. Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 04/01/2017

    @Hairy-Gorilla I bet the conversion of those who pay for content in 'free' games is probably about the same if not lower.

    I was referring to Sonic Run, the horrendous mobile game full of shitty transactions.

    The genius of Super Mario Run (and yes you really should download it) is that it actually works - the simple mechanics are built on with multiple moves so that it provides a strong sense of progression as you improve.. I was very sceptical, but as EG said, it's like they've tweaked it in a way where Mario was designed for mobile all along.

    The main levels are over fairly quickly, but they have lots of replay value with three sets of coin challenges. While the rally mode has generated variants of levels to build up your own kingdom. I downloaded and bought on day one, and I still play it every day and have loads of fun.

    Yes it could be cheaper, but I paid more than this for a Cave bullet hell shooter that I've played far less. Value is what you make of it - and I feel that the value here is justified :)
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  • RobTheBuilder 04/01/2017

    @NewDayRocks So what you are saying is that Nintendo should have ruined the game so they can make more money?

    That's exactly why the game is so good, they didn't nerf it for cash, they made a good product that people will want to buy without wrecking the reputation of themselves or the Mario brand (looking at you Sega and Sonic).

    The amount of content when you include the rally levels is worth the cash, not to mention we don't know if there will be further added levels yet.
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  • Platinum's Turtles game delisted from Steam, PSN and Xbox

  • RobTheBuilder 04/01/2017

    Rather like Outrun 2 vanishing due to expired Ferrari licences.
    It's a shame really. Why can't they just have lifetime licences that stop these stupid issues.
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  • Burnout Paradise is gaming perfection

  • RobTheBuilder 30/11/2016

    @tidy-spidey my uni mates and I would spend HOURS playing B2 to try and beat each other's lap times. Was the most competitive one player experience I've ever had. Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 28/11/2016

    Disclaimer: I still believe Burnout 2 on the GameCube to be the best Criterion game ever, and that Split/Second was a criminally under appreciated masterpiece of the same vein.

    That said... Burnout paradise was excellent. Uniquely it had a PC version which was wonderfully optimised (Hot pursuit was god-awful). I had the joy of playing it in 1080p 3D on a standard Gtx 8800.
    Fun exploration and a great open world... But for all that, i missed the tightly designed tracks of the predecessors. Even if I welcomed the removal of the pinball effect that made revenge the weakest game in the series.

    I suppose looking at it now, that's why it fails to be the ultimate burnout for me... Other games have taken open world chaos and done it just as well, if not better. But nothing has yet beaten Burnout 2 and 3 for sheer and utter joyous track racing.
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  • Worms WMD review

  • RobTheBuilder 31/08/2016

    @xantiriad Excellent, thanks Reply 0
  • RobTheBuilder 30/08/2016

    I've been playing Armageddon recently and was hoping a return to form might happen. Hopefully it's not too expensive though. Reply +8
  • "We have to do better when we launch NX"

  • RobTheBuilder 30/08/2016

    @gizmo2501 Bar the use of the word fanboy - I agree with this. The console is great fun, and despite it's limitations has produced a very high number of quality games given it's very low sales.

    The controller is easy to use, and although I miss gradiated L/R triggers, I've never found it a problem with any game of any genre.
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  • RobTheBuilder 30/08/2016

    @gizmo2501 Same as what happened back with GC. Lack of third party games/ poor third party conversions = less interest = less coverage = less sales = less third party games/worse conversions etc etc

    Just like we said at the WiiU launch - the answer to boost game libraries is very simple.
    HD versions of first party/exclusive GC/Wii games for $20 kind of pricing. Dolphin emulator can ALREADY scale them up, so converting them would be quick and easy, and provide solid filler while more games come.

    Lots of choice... F-Zero GX HD / Billy Hatcher HD / Mario Sunshine / Mario Galaxy 1/2 / Paper Mario / Super Monkey Ball / Metroid Prime 1/2 / PN03 / Chibi Robo / etc
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  • Rare and the rise and fall of Kinect

  • RobTheBuilder 22/12/2015

    A great tech idea that failed to account for how it might actually be used to enhance gameplay. Reply +1
  • Gran Turismo 6 on PlayStation 4 may evolve into GT7

  • RobTheBuilder 23/08/2013

    Polyphony would take three weeks to eat a mars bar... Reply 0
  • Saints Row 4 review

  • RobTheBuilder 23/08/2013

    SR3 was huge fun, this sounds equally so. Looking forward to playing it Reply 0
  • 6 SimCity Airships Set adds hot air balloons and blimps

  • RobTheBuilder 01/07/2013

    Why promote something as embarrassingly poor as this? A rip off overpriced money grab for a broken game.

    Here's a radical thought EA, how about trying to make good games and good add on content that people will actually want to buy?
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  • Super Mario Sunshine retrospective

  • RobTheBuilder 23/06/2013

    @Sharzam I recall a review of Sunshine at the time which called it the second best platformer ever made after SM64. The game gets a lot of hate purely because it isn't better than SM64, but how many platform games since really have been? Reply +3
  • RobTheBuilder 23/06/2013

    @StingingVelvet Have you not played Galaxy?? Reply +2
  • Miyamoto unsure on F-Zero future

  • RobTheBuilder 21/06/2013

    What a ridiculous statement. Give it to Sumo, they'll make it work.

    Even just give us FZero GX at 1080p.

    New levels, a level creator, HD. How can there be any less new direction than any other game sequel?!
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  • R-Type Final retrospective

  • RobTheBuilder 16/06/2013

    @erekose200 To be honest both are spot on as they are. Reply +2
  • Used game sales can be limited by making better games, Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime says

  • RobTheBuilder 14/06/2013

    See, whilst Nintendo make many mistakes. This is spot on. The best games get kept. Reply +8
  • Live: Sony E3 2013 Conference

  • RobTheBuilder 11/06/2013

    @iter ok.

    1. Steam doesn't have a random killswitch that can turn off your game, it also has offline play

    2. The only reason stores like Game have so much focus on used games is because the publisher takes so much of new game sales. Stores can't survive on the small amount they get paid from new game sales.
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  • World of Tanks dev drops "pay-to-win" purchases and hopes the rest of the industry will follow suit

  • RobTheBuilder 04/06/2013

    Excellent. I might try the next game now. Reply +2
  • PopCap reveals a release date for the now free-to-play Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

  • RobTheBuilder 03/06/2013

    Free to play. Ah well, I was looking forward to it before that.

    Funny really, I'd have paid for the game, but almost certainly won't pay anything towards it now.
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  • Microsoft patents awarding achievements for watching TV

  • RobTheBuilder 24/05/2013

    Surely this is a spoof article right.... right?! Reply +9
  • Saint's Row 4 dev walkthrough shows off six minutes of gameplay

  • RobTheBuilder 10/05/2013

    Wow. This article has some nutcase GTA fans negging every single reasonable comment that dares to praise the SR series.

    We can like both you know. Jeez.
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