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  • Frozen Synapse 2 is on the way

  • Roarster 10/02/2016

    @St_George Then they're sitting ducks that get taken out I guess. You'd probably need a mechanism to funnel the surviving players together but if it works then I reckon it could be great. Reply 0
  • Roarster 10/02/2016

    I'd say a massively multi-player version of Frozen Synapse has amazing fun potential. Imagine 100 player deathmatch across a city sized map with each player having a day to take their turn. Reply 0
  • App of the Day: Super Hexagon

  • Roarster 11/09/2012

    32 seconds on the easiest difficulty. I thought that was rubbish but seems like I'm doing pretty well!

    Frame rate is a bit flaky on my phone though - at least that's the excuse I'm sticking with...
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  • Steam on GNU/Linux: Do non-free DRM games defeat the point?

  • Roarster 01/08/2012

    @DreadedWalrus Yup, there's rarely a right side - if in doubt go for the middle! Reply +1
  • Roarster 01/08/2012

    @DreadedWalrus The free software movement is just a group of people with an ideology but that doesn't make it the right ideology. It's not the ideology of Linux either, GNU is different from Linux - there's a lot of overlap but it's not the aim of Linux to prevent anything, even DRM.

    In other words, what's the point in having an operating system whose entire point is free software, if you're not going to speak out against non-free software being released for it?
    But that's not the entire point of Linux. Stallman might like to think it is (and if he had developed it, it would have been) but it's not. Having closed software on Linux doesn't impact Linux in the slightest - just like having open software on Windows hasn't suddenly made it open.

    Don't confuse me for some sort of DRM appologist - I don't want it either but I certainly don't think it's right to tell other people what they can and can't develop. This is software, people have every capability to not use it they don't want to.
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  • Roarster 01/08/2012

    @DreadedWalrus Yes DRM restricts the user but preventing DRM (or closed source or anything else Stallman decides he doesn't fancy) restricts the developers as well.

    Freedom should run both ways, otherwise you end up with a closed shop, just of a different sort from Apple and Microsoft.

    And I really don't get where you get the "no point to developing for Linux" from. Having software with DRM isn't going to make Apache, nginx or Open Office suddenly redundant. They'll still be free, open and available for both open and closed operating systems as they always have been.
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  • Roarster 01/08/2012

    @DreadedWalrus That's the worst strawman argument I've ever read!

    The developer of the software is free to do what they want, just as we, the consumer, are free to ignore the software if we don't agree with how it's written. That's proper freedom - Stallman's version if closer to those demanding equality for a group and then chastising them for using that freedom in a way they don't agree with.
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  • Roarster 01/08/2012

    To be honest, Stallman is something of a zealot - he's only really interested in his narrow vision of software freedom and, on this subject at least, is rarely worth paying attention to.

    Surely true freedom would include the freedom to implement DRM?
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  • Dustforce Review

  • Roarster 25/01/2012

    Bought this on release and I'm absolutely loving it. When everything goes right it's incredibly satisfying to send your little janitor impeccably flying through the air into the next patch of dust and then wallrunning to the next enemy just in time to continue your combo.

    It is fairly difficult but I found it best to simply complete a level and then move on rather than trying to perfect every level. I was then able to come back and start picking up SS rankings fairly easily since my skill level had increased. I doubt I'll ever be able to finish all of the gold levels but I've put 10 hours in so far and haven't felt any of the frustration I did from the likes of Super Meat Boy.

    And I actually found the keyboard controls to be better than my 360 pad. Wallrunning requires a lot of diagonals and this is far easier to pull off on the keys than the 360's pathetic dpad. Though maybe I'd change my mind if I had a decent controller?
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  • Infinity Blade 2 Review

  • Roarster 30/11/2011

    But does the frame rate and rubbish gesture recognition still make it unplayable? Can't believe the positive reviews the first game got, even on an iPhone 4 it chugged along and constantly slowed down resulting in tons of cheap hits where it was impossible to judge the timing. Reply -14
  • Xbox Live Arcade hasn't peaked - analysts

  • Roarster 05/10/2011

    @djclownshoes And every week there's another XBIG developer complaining about the lack of support they get from MS and how they are considering leaving the program.

    Anyway, XBIG is different from XBLA which the original comments from Ron Carmel refer to. The fact that small developers are finding it harder to get on XBLA shows a pretty clear change of approach to me. I'm not putting XBLA down, I just think it's obvious that as it's became more successful MS have made it harder for the two man self-funded outfits to get approved and they've prioritised the larger, publisher funded games.
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  • Roarster 05/10/2011

    You don't have to be an analyst to tell that Microsoft have less interest in the bedroom coder style of indie games and now see the service as more of a home for cut down games from the big publishers. I doubt the XBLA will fail but you'll see less unusual games and more middle of the road big sellers as time goes on. Whether that makes the service better or worse really depends on what sort of gamer you are but I doubt the money men at Microsoft will care about losing the next Jon Blow game when they can replace it with huge sellers like Battlefield 1943 and the Dead Rising spin offs. Reply -2
  • PC Rage AMD drivers released

  • Roarster 05/10/2011

    Seems to be a problem with AMD cards with the release of almost every big game at the moment. Whatever the reason for this is, they need to do something quick before they completely lose their place in the market.

    They could really use improving CCC as well, 5 minutes with that convinced me to go Nvidia despite the poorer performance : money ratio.
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  • Download Games Roundup

  • Roarster 16/09/2011

    SPICE WORLD! Reply +3
  • Roarster 16/09/2011

    JURASSIC PARK!! Reply +2
  • Mobile Games Roundup

  • Roarster 22/08/2011

    @DreadedWalrus - I'll echo the mention of Drop 7; IMO the best iPhone game out there. Piczle Lines is also excellent and assuming they haven't changed it comes with a lot of free content to get you started. Reply 0
  • EA explains Battlefield 3 Steam no-show

  • Roarster 08/08/2011

    @bobfish09 - Valve never comment on anything, even upcoming games, so I don't think it's really fair to assume anything based on their silence.

    I really don't see what EA have to gain here, they'll still sell BF3 to those that were always intending to buy it, but they'll lose plenty of sales from those that aren't massive BF fans that have become used to buying everything from Steam and wont consider the game worth downloading another client for. It seems the only real winner here is Tripwire, who are probably cackling away in glee with the thought of the floating buyers giving Red Orchestra a go instead.
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  • Steam not in Battlefield 3's sights

  • Roarster 11/07/2011

    I'd have probably picked up Battlefield 3 if it had been on Steam but seeing as I'm not a diehard Battlefield fan and I've already got a huge backlog I'm not really prepared to go out of my way to buy it. Those who love the Battlefield games will just buy it someone else but I suspect many will just not put in the effort.

    I can see what EA are trying to achieve here, but I think it will have a bigger effect on sales than they expect. I'm not sure what the EA shareholders will think of this either, what kind of company cuts off one of their biggest sales channels?
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  • Why you can't buy Crysis 2 from Steam

  • Roarster 07/07/2011

    "providing patches, updates, additional content and other services"

    Isn't this what GFWL does and Valve have no problems including GFWL games on Steam. I suspect someone is still not quite telling the truth here.
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  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution QR Missions

  • Roarster 22/06/2011

    So to get these "in-game rewards" you need an iPhone and Facebook account? Rather than hyping me up this sort of shit actually puts me off games. Why should I miss out because I don't want to be on Facebook? Reply +17
  • Nintendo and Epic Games hacked

  • Roarster 13/06/2011

    The amount of these hacks are scary but it's even scarier thinking about the amount that go completely undetected. We only knew about the Sony attack because they noticed it which seems to have made everyone pay attention but you can be sure our data has been exposed plenty of times without the site even being aware. Reply +4
  • Frozen Synapse

  • Roarster 27/05/2011

    Great game and the multiplayer completely suits those that don't have a lot of time to play. The videos really don't do it justice either, it looks basic but it can be as complicated as you want.

    It's also incredibly tense, especially dark games where you've no real idea where the opposition are unless they're in your line of sight.
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  • Sony's PSN password page exploit

  • Roarster 18/05/2011

    @GreyBeard - It may be possible to steal someone's account doing this, I've no idea what you can change without confirmation once you've changed someone's password. It's probably not worth it though, it would be a lot of work for one account and if you ever logged in using it Sony would have your IP address.

    Anyway, all of this reminds that I still need to turn my PS3 on and change the password on my account.
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  • Roarster 18/05/2011

    @GreyBeard - don't think they had to intercept the email, it just involved a bit of URL manipulation that took you to a new page that let you update a password with only an email address and a date of birth bypassing the email confirmation process. It's probably an old page that was left on the web server by mistake.

    Pretty shoddy work to be honest though at least it should be clear that this has happened to you (since it still seems to send out two emails).
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  • PSN: The Security Scandal

  • Roarster 27/04/2011

    @fatchris - For me the difference would be:

    plain text: hacker has immediate access to 77 million passwords.
    hashed: hacker can brute force the weak passwords that are susceptible to a dictionary attack. It'll take a while but I'd guess they'll still get a lot of passwords.
    salted: assuming they also have the salts the hacker may be able to slowly brute force a small number of weak passwords but it's going to be slow and it'll be a lot less than 77 million passwords.

    Either way, I expect Sony have to announce that your password may have been obtained because encrypted or not there's still the possibility a hacker can get your password. However, I'd say there's a massive difference between the consequences of encrypted passwords and plain text which is why I don't think it's wise to just assume they're in plain text.
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  • Roarster 27/04/2011

    @speedjack There's a difference between defending Sony and pointing out the pretty much groundless speculation in this article. No one here knows how this has happened and whether it was avoidable but making assumptions about plain text passwords doesn't really help either.

    I'd certainly rather I didn't have a PSN account just now (especially since I haven't even turned my PS3 on for about a month) but I'm not kidding myself that the same couldn't to any of the dozens of other websites/councils/government bodies/etc. that hold my details.
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  • Roarster 27/04/2011

    I don't get some people's argument about this.

    Just because 'no system is ever 100% safe', how does that excuse a complete lack of adequate security? Suddenly it's OK that they treat your personal details like crap because hell, chances are it could havce happened anyway?

    Except we've no idea that that's the case. All we have is articles like this guessing at the worst case. If Sony really are storing passwords in plain text (though I'd be truly amazed if they are) and have been running outdated and unpatched software then they are idiots and deserve the huge fines and massive amounts of bad feeling that will come their way. However, just because they've been hacked doesn't mean they have been lax with their security or are completely clueless. Security holes exist in any system and a determined and skilled hacker will eventually find their way in.
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  • Roarster 27/04/2011

    If you're going to be using pre-paid cards on your PSN and XBL accounts you're as well using them for every purchase online you make - no system is ever going to be 100% secure and every time you enter your credit card details you're risking them being stolen.

    We'll likely never know if Sony's security was lacking, but even following industry best practices wouldn't have made a hack impossible - there's always going to be security holes in any complex system.
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  • Sony Data Protection breach "probable"

  • Roarster 27/04/2011

    The fact that user passwords have been "obtained", as Sony puts it, suggests Sony stored user passwords as plain text – and did not encrypt them.

    This isn't necessarily the case. Even encrypted passwords can be brute-forced if you know the method used for encrypting them.

    Either way, this is a massive problem for Sony but they aren't the first, and certainly wont be the last that this happens to.
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  • Champions' F2P switch does the business

  • Roarster 16/02/2011

    Didn't Champions Online only go F2P about 2 weeks ago? Seems a bit unlikely to me that those 2 weeks have made a massive difference in the revenue for an entire financial year.

    Are you sure you are reading this financial statement properly or is this entire article just a bunch of incorrect assumptions?
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  • IW targets Modern Warfare 2 PS3 hacks

  • Roarster 25/01/2011

    Hacked console or no hacked console, there's something massively wrong with their server code if a client request can completely reset someone's experience level.

    Clearly they don't validate the requests coming from the client and completely trust everything they send, even if that is removing experience from a user, something their game doesn't even support.

    They can blame Sony all they want, but it's clear IW have totally messed up their coding as well.
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  • LittleBigPlanet 2 trounces LBP records

  • Roarster 21/01/2011

    Loved the first game but I've got an enormous backlog so I'm trying to resist picking this up right now. Lets see if I have the willpower to walk past HMV at lunchtime or if I'll be drawn right in as usual... Reply +3
  • Digital Foundry vs. HDMI video

  • Roarster 08/01/2011

    Actually thinking about this a bit more, is this even a good test? If HDMI is all or nothing then the difference is going to come when the signal fails. It would be more interesting to see if the cheaper cable fails more often and, presumably, loses more frames. Reply +1
  • Roarster 08/01/2011

    Just an extra point on the shielding on cheap HDMI cables, I actually had problems with the HDMI signal going from my HTPC interfering with my freeview signal and making it unwatchable. Looking around the internet I"m not the only person with this problem, apparently HDMI cables use similar frequencies to tv cables and cause interference.

    MInd you, I'm not sure if a more expensive cable would prevent this, I just wrapped my £3 cable in tinfoil and all was good.
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  • Jaffe: Kratos shouldn't rape MK victims

  • Roarster 09/12/2010

    Of course people pull their opinions out of thin air. There are plenty of people that think all rock music is satan worshipping baby-eaters and that all films are 100% sex and violence. And I really, really doubt there's a single thing that Jaffe or anyone else can do to change those opinions.

    By the way, I really don't think the majority of non-gamers opinions on games and gamers is as bad as you seem to. There are definitely some who look down on it as a hobby but that's definitely an ever shrinking percentage and I think understanding that it's not all mindless violence and childish stereotypes is growing (even though there's definitely plenty of that but, lets me honest, that just mirrors the majority of big budget Hollywood output).
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  • Roarster 09/12/2010

    @Shinetop Do you really think Jaffe acting like a grown up is going to make any difference to whatever stigma gaming still has? People with a problem with gaming are ignorant about gaming and no amount of devlopers being angels or dicks is going to change their opinion.

    The only thing that will making gaming more acceptable is for it to become more widespread and that's already happening. I can hardly see the 17-year old homophobe geek stereotype persisting now that even grandparents are playing Wii Sports. Gaming is still a relatively young medium and it'll take a while for it to gain acceptance just like cinema, popular music and every other new "art form" has.

    Not that any of it matters to me, I can live with some ill-informed Daily Mail reader looking down on me because they think that fact that I play games makes me a loser.
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  • Roarster 09/12/2010

    @Shinetop - I'm sure the article you've posted is completely true but I really don't see how these posts by Jaffe on Twitter are any different than the nonsense posted by countless musicians, actors, directors, poets, footballers, etc.

    Many in the gaming industry are definitely in a state of arrested development but they're far from alone in that regard.
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  • Roarster 09/12/2010

    News at 11: Sweary guy in swearing shocker! Reply +3
  • Fight Night Champion's "wow" mode

  • Roarster 02/12/2010

    Well this has the potential to be the most cliché-ridden game story ever. Should be a laugh, anyway. Reply +2
  • Kinect off to "rough start" in Japan

  • Roarster 23/11/2010

    @GamesConnoisseur I took that to mean that in it's launch week it was selling around a quarter of what Move was selling in the same week (I assume it's 5th week, based on the article), which I would imagine is less than Move sold in it's launch week (which I doubt was very much anyway). So, basically it's selling less than something that probably isn't selling very much.

    And, by the way, the rest of the article reads like a press release for Kinect. I know this is a news site but there's far too much just regurgitating the platform holders speil without any critical analysis of it.
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  • Sony's new Move game draws to music

  • Roarster 23/11/2010

    Funny, I actually really enjoyed the demo. The music was fun and being able to draw inappropriate doodles on other people in the room will never get old.

    Can't wait to pick this up so I can finish drawing a boat for me to sit in. It's my masterpiece!
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  • Tony Hawk Shred sold how many?

  • Roarster 17/11/2010

    Am I the only one that's tempted to pick this up when it's in the bargain bucket in a few weeks time? Reply +2
  • Kinect parts cost MS around £34

  • Roarster 12/11/2010

    Looking at the markup on an Xbox wireless dongle I'd say people are getting this for pretty cheap... Reply +8
  • L.A. Noire out spring 2011

  • Roarster 11/11/2010

    @jackdoe Not sure how true it is but I seem to remember reading that Sony were due to publish this but eventually passed on it due to it's extended (and allegedly difficult) development, hence the change to multi-platform with Sony then picking up The Agent instead. Reply 0
  • Roarster 11/11/2010

    I love the setting but I really can't feel any enthusiasm for another game that I assume will follow the now standard Rockstar template. I'm not sure I can stomach another game with the awful GTA/RDR character control, driving and combat either.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and it's something totally different because it's certainly refreshing to see big budget games step away from the standard gangster/war/space marine tropes.
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  • K2 Networks buys APB

  • Roarster 11/11/2010

    Excellent, if this is free I'll definitely give it a go, even if it's just to play with the supposedly excellent character creation system. Reply +7
  • Kinect "incredibly liberating for women"

  • Roarster 10/11/2010

    Incredibly liberating?

    Isn't it incredibly patronising to think that woman can't work buttons?
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  • GAME plans big welcome for Kinect

  • Roarster 04/11/2010

    Game seem to be totally mad for Kinect. They've had signs in the window of my local shop for months about pre-orders and how stock is limited.

    Methinks their profit margin on Kinect must be huge...
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  • Kinect trailer for Sonic Free Riders

  • Roarster 22/10/2010

    I may be the controller, but I'm also going have a light fitting embedded in my head if I attempt those sort of jumps in my living room... Reply +3
  • Lucas explains Force Unleashed II tech

  • Roarster 21/10/2010

    "Considering how different the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are from an architectural standpoint, the fact that both versions of an advanced title like The Force Unleashed II are so close is an impressive achievement."

    Why is this an impressive achievement? I'd be far more impressed if they could get the very best from both platforms rather than playing to the weaknesses of both. I'd be happy to accept worse shadows than "the other mob" if I could get better lighting or AA in return.
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