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  • Early Access games done right

  • Rivuzu 27/02/2015

    Surprised to not see War for the Overworld in this. Reply 0
  • Dead or Alive 5: Last Round review

  • Rivuzu 25/02/2015

    @MrTomFTW You tempted by the PS4 or XB1 version? If it's PS4, I'll happily show you a thing or two about DOA.

    I feel like the review doesn't do it enough justice on the fighting system. It mentions the Rock/Paper/Scissors element, but not the three levels of Critical Stun, nor Offensive Holds, nor Counter Holds, the ability to delay your combos significantly to bait holds out, juggle potential, interactivity of the levels, etc.

    Nor the ability to make the breasts independently move by using the motion on the PS4 pad. Which is, um. Important.
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  • Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

  • Rivuzu 24/02/2015

    @CosmicCortex ... Fuzzy? Reply 0
  • Crowfall MMO Kickstarter campaign begins

  • Rivuzu 24/02/2015


    I googled it. Is that some sort of Skype thing?
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  • Gameplay of cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun leaks

  • Rivuzu 23/02/2015

    @spamdangled If Link could turn into a blood thirsty vampire with a chip on his shoulder and penned as the Scion of Balance that is.

    Though they did both have a fancy swinging stick...
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  • Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches with plenty of issues

  • Rivuzu 20/02/2015

    People need to calm their tits on the DLC though. The game on PS4 gives a very generous amount of DLC costumes from previous DOA5 iterations, and it'll be there eventually. Just because you can't dress as a slutty bunnygirl on day one doesn't mean you won't eventually be able to fap off to it.

    Or something.
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  • Rivuzu 20/02/2015

    @wyp100 It should be worth mentioning that there has never been the promise of working third party peripherals, such as fightsticks, with the PS4. The developers themselves have to bundle drivers for the sticks into their games in order to enable said sticks to work.

    I'm guessing the driver was added incorrectly/borked/or was forgotten. That'll be a quick fix patch. Though the TE2 you mention isn't even out yet, so unless people are trying the XB1 version on the PS4...

    Edit: Just noticed you specify the XB1 version. Lel. Friday, pub lunch, forgot how to read.
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  • Dungeons 2 release date unearthed

  • Rivuzu 20/02/2015

    @illage2 agreed Reply 0
  • Guilty Gear Xrd review

  • Rivuzu 20/02/2015

    @frunk I would argue that the fighting game community is actually one of the mature and reasonable ones. I've never seen a this vs this argument, as each fighter is very unique and not a clone. If you get rekt on a fighting game, you also lose the will to get angry because often you're learning more and more about the characters, combos and what to look out for. Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 19/02/2015

    @frunk You could try to learn? The concept of them isn't exactly hard.

    As you do/take damage, your "Tension" bar fills up. At 50%, you can perform an "Overdrive" special attack - like a super. Or, you can use a Roman Cancel to immediately reset the frames on your character after an attack, slow down time for the opponent for a moment, and follow it up with another immediate action.

    A quick and dirty example would be after you've hit someone with a special attack, such as an uppercut, you can Roman Cancel into it and they'll fly slower through the air. You can then use this time to get a bigger air combo on them. Another example would be to trick your opponent. Divekicks (on characters who have them) are always unsafe on block, leaving you open to being punished. Do the initial motions of a divekick and go into a Roman Cancel, and it'll keep your movement trajectory and speed the same but without the attack, allowing you to go from topscreen to bottom much faster, a lot less predictably and catch the other person off guard.

    The reviewer had a bit of difficulty with this one, as GGXrd is made on it's systems. Without that, it's just another generic fighter, but between Tension meter management, Danger Time, the three different types of cancels and each characters own gimmick, it's pretty hard to convey that across.
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  • Rivuzu 19/02/2015

    @AgentDaleCooper I don't understand your complaint. That is what fighters are. They're not just a series of pushing a single button for a single hit without any combo potential.

    I would argue that, of all of the 2D fighters, GGXrd is one of the more complex with the Roman Cancels allowing you to extend, reset and destroy your opponents. And yes, getting the optimum damage does require knowing the correct combo and yes, frame data knowledge is pretty much essential to know what moves are safe on block, and which you can get punished for.

    But that's no different from ANY fighter. If you want Street Fighter I/II, I'd suggest this isn't for you. There is a lot of depth to this game.
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  • Introducing MetaBomb - our experimental new games portal

  • Rivuzu 18/02/2015

    @UsernamePending OnGamers were putting articles up on the Dota 2 sub to direct traffic to them. Reddit frown upon this, and "shadow banned" the accounts - the same as being Global Ignore'd on the EG forums. Lifelong term. A few things went back and forth, and after, the rep of OnGamers was pretty much ruined as all they were doing anyway was regurgitating community driven news (what who said on twitch, team structures, shuffles, etc). No real content. Reply +2
  • Rivuzu 18/02/2015

    @UsernamePending You realise that's partially due to the issues they had regarding the reddit shadow bans, considering a majority of the dota 2 community is on there. It's frequently one of the most read sub-reds. Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 18/02/2015

    How to be a better Hearthstone player: Buy decks. Break them apart. Make gud cards. Weep over credit card statement. Spend more entering the arena. Get 0-3'd. Weep more. Reply +3
  • Fallout owner Zenimax forces Fortress Fallout name change

  • Rivuzu 17/02/2015

    Cunts. Reply +6
  • Live from 4pm: Q&A with Eurogamer's editor

  • Rivuzu 10/02/2015

    Will EG be getting involved with more "community" events? The LetsPlay's with community input are alright, but I'd really like to see EG do more outside of the large commercial expos you're running currently. Maybe branching off into online tournaments with LAN events to help support and nurture UK and EU eSports? Lord knows we could do with it. Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 10/02/2015

    @BinaryBob101 Stop it, go back to hating me you goon, or I'll jab you in your dickhole down the intertubes. Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 10/02/2015

    ETA for Portable View? T_T Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 10/02/2015

    Bah, comments are closed from the mobile version of the website.

    When are you bringing back Portable View?!
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  • Nintendo wanted to make Harry Potter games

  • Rivuzu 09/02/2015

    This reminds me: Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup.

    Best sports game ever. Fucking ever. Shut up you bastards, ever.
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  • First-person co-op Warhammer game Vermintide sounds like Left 4 Dead

  • Rivuzu 05/02/2015

    @Thebigwahoonie I still remember his death clearly. He was my kicker (of course, with a name like that!). He tried to make a run past a Treant. He made it, but on his "Go for it" rolls, he tripped and injured himself.

    On his injury roll, he broke his neck and died.

    He'd just got to level 4 too. Oh, woe, woe.
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  • Rivuzu 05/02/2015

    After several seasons of running a Skaven team in BloodBowl, I have mixed feelings on this.

    :c I can't help but see the faces of the players who rose to infamy under my managerial stint, before they were pummelled into the ground to appease Nuffle, the dark god of Blood Bowl.

    Rest in peaces, Arsebandit, Ratnipples, Crotchrot and Cuntpunter.
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  • Mortal Kombat X's PC system requirements revealed

  • Rivuzu 05/02/2015

    @SonicUk The traditional 4 pointed cross, on pads, is better for fighters. The Dualshock was better than the 360 because the pad itself wasn't too raised, so you could push two buttons at the same time with ease. I have never, ever heard of someone say the 360 pad was better for fighters, except for the fightpad - and even then, that was specialised. Reply -1
  • Rivuzu 05/02/2015

    @Dalamar42 Sacrilige! I'd rather lose an arm. Or at least a toe.

    I get what you mean though, the X360/X1 pad is awful. It's the D-pad. Just absolutely naff.
    That said, after hammering GGXrd recently, I can attest that the PS4 isn't much better.
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  • Rivuzu 05/02/2015

    @Dalamar42 or you could not be a fighting game peasant and invest in a decent stick. Grabbing the Madcatz TE2 in the spring when it's released - which I've just realised is going to be a costly month with this + new BlazBlue as well. Feck. Reply 0
  • 100 Mortal Kombat X Kollector's Edition includes Scorpion figurine by Coarse

  • Rivuzu 03/02/2015

    @eightbitboy You really do come out with some of the most inane bollocks at times eightbit. I'd ask that you think about what you're saying before you speak, but wouldn't want you to cause yourself an injury.

    As for the above, standard edition followed by a discounted season pass further down the line to unlock the remaining content. Goro is the only paywall'd character, and skins don't bother me.

    I hope they use a more refined version of the Injustice fighting system though. Such a lack of fluidity to MK :c
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  • Watch two of the world's best fighting game pros play Street Fighter 5

  • Rivuzu 02/02/2015

    @VANGUARD-CAT Average Joe doesn't give a shit about links. To be fair, neither do some of the people who still play SF4. The amount of 50/50 Ryu/Ken/Shoto's I see just going Hadouken/Shoryuken/Sweep is quite funny.

    As an eternal Gen player who relies on gimmicky set-ups and playing a guessing game with the opponent, they're easy as shit to beat. I just hit the wall around the 2kpp player mark :c

    Also, am I the ONLY person in favour of FADC? I liked the mechanic. It allowed for a lot more fluidity to the fights and made things more reactionary. Also helped non-fireball characters.
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  • Rivuzu 02/02/2015

    @Saoshyant Dimps's development history re: Fighting Games

    - Dragonball Z: Budokai / 2 / 3 / Burst Limit / etc.
    - Shaman King: Funbari Spirits
    - SFIV (Co-developer)
    - SFxT (Co-developer)
    - Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers

    Plus the company president is a previous Street Fighter co-creator. I'm very much so failing to see your point.
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  • Rivuzu 02/02/2015

    @carrotcake Yes, there are multiple ways to negate fireballs as they demonstrated. Block them. Projectile into them. Jump over them. It's not the be-all and end-all. And countering them has been the same since SF1 for crying out loud.

    As for their reliance on them however, you need to consider that these are valuable spacing tools. They force the other person to stay away. They also build up meter. You can also end up doing considerable damage to the other person even through chip if repeated fireballs hit.

    If you're playing against someone who, in close proximity, can demolish your face - such as Zangief - you WANT to rely on a spacing game and forcing them out. Chun-li is a bit like that, with being able to keep you pressured with mix-ups and good normal and specials, so you're going to want to keep her away from you as a Ryu player. Equally, Ryu is fantastic at defence with Fireball/Shoryuken, so you're not going to want to rush in stupidly against him as anyone - even Chun-li.

    This is just part and parcel of the game. This is what Street Fighter is. People expecting something different really need to adjust their expectations.
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  • Rivuzu 02/02/2015

    The amount of retarded comments on this page is just too fucking high. People whining about fireball spam. That's like moaning at people who use rifles in call of duty, rather than knives. Reply +8
  • Free-to-play APB Reloaded announced for PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • Rivuzu 22/01/2015

    I played APB at launch and loved it - I even spent time in the customisation, creating decals, and made the cake from Portal (1) sign.

    Nothing is better than spraying a giant version of that on a huge billboard overlooking the city.

    Unfortunately, the game is now entirely Pay2Win. No thanks.
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  • You can now buy access to Heroes of the Storm via 29.99 Founder's Pack

  • Rivuzu 21/01/2015

    @saxxonde You're not alone, I'm coming to it from Dota 2. I've been playing Dota and its many iterations, as well as the clones of it, for about 7-8 years now, back before Garena was even a thing. It's been funny watching them evolve and turn into F2P monsters really.

    I actually think at first impression that this games model is more generous than say, League of Legends. In game currency is extremely slow on there, whereas you have multiple ways of earning it on HotS - through Dailies, Account and Character levels and matches themselves. Playing it last night, I was able to earn 1k gold in the space of four hours - which is a tenth of the way to the newer heroes, sure, but half the way to the 2k heroes.

    Key thing about HotS that impressed me though is that I didn't feel any particular hero is stronger than others. League monetised themselves by making newer heroes overpowered and earlier heroes irrelevant.

    Look at it this way - if you play it for a week, and get all of the weekly rotation heroes to Level 5, thats 500g earned from each one. 8 Heroes in a weekly rotation? Thats 4k gold. I got two heroes to level 5 last night alone. So yeah, I dont have any qualms with the rate at which you earn at all.

    It's the Hearthstone model, but better. Whereas Hearthstone could be seen as Pay to Win Faster, this is Pay to Win differently.
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  • Rivuzu 21/01/2015

    Bought last night, as playing a few games with some mates.

    Definitely a different breed to normal Dota-likes. Very, very objective based. Map objectives can mean the difference between winning and losing.

    Very fun though.
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  • Heroes of the Storm European beta key giveaway

  • Rivuzu 21/01/2015

    Already bought Founders pack... /enters anyway Reply -10
  • Untangling Evolve's convoluted DLC plan

  • Rivuzu 15/01/2015

    2k are making Capcom DLC look good here. Reply +3
  • Nosgoth enters open beta next week

  • Rivuzu 14/01/2015

    @Koozer Are you mad? I have more fun as the Human! Pick scout, go stealth, sneak up behind a vamp and melee it to death. It's hilarious and watching them panic is great fun. Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 14/01/2015

    Good fun this. Played it at EG expo and chatted with the devs too. Been playing it since the alpha, and still play it Reply +4
  • Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm enters closed beta with big improvements

  • Rivuzu 13/01/2015

    But the headline addition for players familiar with HotS is ranked play, which arrives as part of the hero league (you need a level 30 account to take part).
    Blizzard's art team has also worked to improve the many skins available for each character, so expect Pajama Abathur to stand out even more so on the battlefield.

    Expect every female character to have an impossible bust and the same picks/counterpicks every - single - match.
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  • Tekken 7 reveals Saudi Arabian character Shaheen

  • Rivuzu 02/01/2015

    there'd long been a cry for a middle-eastern character in the fighting game franchise.
    Er... Zafina? She's Egyptian. Pretty sure that counts as middle east, does it not? Or maybe my geography is all off :D
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  • First Street Fighter 5 match reveals new mechanics

  • Rivuzu 15/12/2014

    @BigDannyH That makes sense then, and yeah I agree the technical ability of SF is higher than some.

    But the difference comes in the organisation of the events. An online tournament for SF is unthinkable as people will whine at the smallest bit of input delay/lag and demand a rematch. Other games, like Dota 2 however, it's acceptable and there are global servers to accommodate. This allows for many more opportunities.

    Match length is a thing as well. Consider that most professional Star Craft/Dota/League teams have sponsors, sponsors want the most value for their money with screen time. Even if the team loses, per match that's about half an hour at least of airtime for something they're sponsoring. In a best of 3, that can be 90 minutes of easy PR, and in turn they'll then fund tournaments to keep the cash cow flowing. SF however... well, you do shit and in three minutes you could be out of the tournament, lol. It's a very different culture as a spectator sport.

    Nothing beats the hype of a SF match though, especially when you see killer comebacks (Losers Final, Capcom Cup 2014, Momochi vs Luffy :D)
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  • Rivuzu 15/12/2014

    @BigDannyH Then you're blind. Very blind. There are tournaments basically every week going on, not to mention Capcom Cup (which next year will have a USD500k prize attached) and EVO. Reply 0
  • Rivuzu 15/12/2014

    Notice that normal attacks are now also doing recoverable chip damage, similar to how Focus is used in SF4. That's very different. It's not quite guard break, but it's going to be a big factor when it comes to those single-pixel matches where a single touch can kill. Reply +1
  • Eurogamer readers' top 50 games of 2014 voting

  • Rivuzu 12/12/2014

    List is incomplete. Where is Dota 2?

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  • Destiny alert: this week's Nightfall and Heroic strikes are locked behind The Dark Below DLC

  • Rivuzu 09/12/2014

    ALERT! Reply +4
  • Editor's blog: Aoife Wilson joins Eurogamer

  • Rivuzu 01/12/2014

    With the number of typos in that article, I think we need to find a different editor \o/ Reply +30
  • Far Cry 4 PC users accidentally reveal they pirated the game

  • Rivuzu 19/11/2014

    Wasn't there a music rhythm game for the DS where, if it was run from an R4 cart, replaced all of the music with Vuvuzela horns? Reply +4
  • PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta planned for 2014

  • Rivuzu 14/11/2014

    They realise it's half way through November already, right? :D Reply +24
  • Freedom Wars review

  • Rivuzu 05/11/2014

    I was not expecting such a low score! But... yeah, it's kind of warrented.

    That said, I'm enjoying the tits out of this.
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  • Eyes-on with PC Shadow of Mordor's 6GB ultra-HD textures

  • Rivuzu 01/10/2014

    Fucking love nerdfights in comments. The way people get so angry because one number is higher than another.

    Would love to see a census of these people and how many are still sweaty thirty year old virgins wanking in their mums knickers when she's not around.
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  • Sony quadruples forecast loss for financial year

  • Rivuzu 17/09/2014

    As an Xperia owner, and fanatic, this makes me sad. Honestly, I've had iPhones, Samsung, HTC and yet the Xperia just stood head and shoulders above them all.

    So much so, I'm getting the Z3 when it's out (provided I don't bankrupt myself at EGX with merch).
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