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  • PSN EU resets many user passwords as a "precautionary measure"

  • Rigu7 22/11/2013

    Was affected by this also. I'm thankful for not associating any debit or credit cards with PSN after the major hack. Reply 0
  • PlayStation 4 out November, has Xbox Live-style subscription - report

  • Rigu7 20/02/2013

    The souped-up Playstation Eye is included as Sony's DRM will require that the user's retina is scanned to register and then play a boxed title.

    A game? Locked to a human eyeball? What MADNESS is this Sony !1!! I refuse to be held to visual ransom.
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  • PS Vita firmware 2.0 speeds up web browser, makes it a "small app"

  • Rigu7 19/11/2012

    @kiltedup Glad you're enjoying it. I certainly hope it's PS+, didn't pick it up. Can't see NFS being a Plus "free" title soon, so Wipeout would be a likelier candidate given the quality on show so far. ( Saying that, we may end up with Asphalt Injection as the racing title now fate has been tempted. ) Reply +2
  • Rigu7 19/11/2012

    @kiltedup A high proportion of the negatives are perpetuated by those who do not own or even desire to own a Vita. You will not regret your purchase! Reply +8
  • Face-Off: ZX Spectrum vs. Commodore 64

  • Rigu7 30/04/2012

    @edje Possibly "The Wild Bunch"? There was certainly a duel segment. Reply 0
  • Rigu7 30/04/2012

    @Lawlost Many a youngster who owned a Spectrum spent that first joyous Christmas playing on a black and white portable telly and a fair proportion shared screenspace with their parents choice of programmes in the sitting room. Only the well-heeled were two "colour sets" households. Reply +1
  • EU PlayStation Store adds Modern Warfare 3 DLC, UEFA Euro 2012

  • Rigu7 18/04/2012

    NHL 12? I wonder if it will regularly freeze up, no pun intended, like the disc-based version of the game? Penalties, custom music, stability were all broken between 11 and 12, the former being the best iteration of the series. Reply +1
  • Next Xbox requires an always-on internet connection - report

  • Rigu7 02/04/2012

    @StooMonster Because history and user expectation dictates that providing you have a console and a copy of a game you can at least play the offline portion of it. All those other services you describe have no such history behind them. Everybody understands you need to be online to access them - the service cannot be delivered otherwise. Locking out the contents of a singleplayer disc or hard drive stored game because you are not connected to the Internet is not the same thing at all. Reply +1
  • Rigu7 02/04/2012

    No one, not even multinational companies, can claim to have an "always-on" Internet. They can call on immediate support for when their Internet connection goes down, but they cannot guarantee it will always be "on". It's impossible. As such, and referencing the fact that the game validation servers of any Microsoft or Sony platform would have the mother of all "hack me" signs slapped on them from day one, makes this rumour completely daft.

    That's not to say they aren't stupid enough to try it. I very much doubt ISPs would be looking forward to the deluge of calls they would receive on a hourly basis.
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  • PlayStation 4 codenamed Orbis, has anti-pre-owned system - report

  • Rigu7 30/03/2012

    @Dukewolfendoom Indeed. "What we learned from the gnashing of teeth over PSN being down for a few weeks, restricting play of our core products to offline only and having to offer a subsequent "sorry for fucking up" progam upon resumption of service was that in actual fact consumers would have preferred to not have been able to play our core products at all." Utter madness. This is the equivalent of painting a bullseye on something already targeted by the nefarious. Reply -1
  • Eve Online Council chairman may resign over harassment of suicidal player

  • Rigu7 27/03/2012

    @vert1go In a pub, yes. Coming home from the pub, yes. During a presentation that might impact a loose position of responsibility or standing amongst my peers? No. If I was Supreme Chief Petty Officer of the Space Pirate Continuum and knew I was about to field a "Q and A" session with my minions, I'd be sober as a judge that day, I can tell you that for zero ISK. Reply +10
  • Rigu7 27/03/2012

    Everything I've ever heard, read, or seen that concerns EVE, the players that populate EVE or, as in this case, those who would consider themselves part of EVE's upper hierarchy always re-affirms my suspicion that it is indeed a game for complete twats. Reply +11
  • UK Top 40: FIFA Street boots Mass Effect 3 off top spot

  • Rigu7 19/03/2012

    @PotatoHeadBobby It's not that the premise is unbelievable, it's that the core of the series, for a lot of fans has been the visceral hand to hand combat. If that's mostly replaced by gun-toting and gun-levelling, then I suspect that's why the game has performed poorly here. Reply +2
  • Rigu7 19/03/2012

    @ReapingAngel I feel slighlty guilty about not buying, because for all their flaws, Yakuza 3 and 4 are two of my most played PS3 titles. Whilst I'd like to support the series, the whole gunplay and zombies of Dead Souls doesn't appeal sadly. Other games do this, albeit without the idiosyncrasies and charm of the Yakuza universe, but I just can't be bothered with mowing down the undead at the best of times. Reply +3
  • PlayStation Vita Japan launch sales revealed

  • Rigu7 20/12/2011

    @robbiejc85 But the PS Vita is unashamedly a game console rather than a smartphone. It has buttons. And dual joysticks. And what amounts to game carts. Until another more powerful portable game console with buttons and joysticks appears on the market, Sony's machine will do just fine with its target audience. I look forward to importing my first JRPG in the new year. Reply +9
  • EA boots in new FIFA 12 screenshots

  • Rigu7 27/05/2011

    Making sure the game doesn't have incredibly annoying microfreezes on the PS3 slim would be something of an improvement.

    NHL 12 meanwhile has a huge list of rather nice additions already outlined and at least those devs will strive to address post-release issues.
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  • PSN: The Security Scandal

  • Rigu7 27/04/2011

    Again, I find this bordering on scaremongering: "but just your name and address can be enough for a skilled fraudster".

    Let's just hope postmen, delivery drivers, newsagents, anybody you've ever bought an ebay item from and many more aren't skilled fraudsters because they have access to those two pieces of data all the time. There's only so much an individual can do to stop his name and address from being in the public domain whilst still leading a normal adult life.
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  • Why I Love... Train Simulators

  • Rigu7 30/03/2011

    Was playing Densha De Go interspersed with Ace Combat on the PSP last year. Trundling around the Yamanote Line in an E231, yeah, you get to know the models, required more intensive concentration than flying a arcadey modern warplane. You get the stress of a landing sequence every time you pull into a station in Densha.

    If the game mechanics, simple or convoluted are enjoyable and offer scope for the build up of expertise then any setting can be enjoyed.
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