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  • All proceeds from Hellblade's sales tomorrow will go to UK mental health charity Rethink

  • RichyRichh77 09/10/2017

    @Rivuzu Same here, almost bought it on the weekend, but totally got sidetracked, so will definitely be buying it tomorrow! Reply +1
  • Warframe's big open-world expansion is out next week on PC

  • RichyRichh77 05/10/2017

    @CrashOkami In total agreement with you!

    I usually stay well clear of many free to play games or tire of them after awhile as they tweak the economy or expansions (World of Tanks, Hearthstone for example), but Warframe has never left my PS4 since I first installed it.

    I've had plenty of lulls in activity over the years, but then a new piece of content will drop and I'm hooked again (starting up the PS4 now after finally crafting Hydroid Prime to level him up).

    It's the only F2P game I've ever spent cash on, which equates to approx. £30 - 50 through the PS4 renown packs (weapons plus platinum) and a single platinum sale for 679hrs of game play - I think I've had my monies worth from it! ;)
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  • Nintendo releases Zelda: Breath of the Wild documentary video

  • RichyRichh77 14/03/2017

    @dwalker109 I think it would have been a lot better if they'd implemented a durability system like Dying Lights. Having an actual indicator of how long it has left and the chance to repair weapons, even if only for a set number of times using duplicates for example. Having to constantly break/discard then pick up weapons gets tedious, especially with the poorly sorted inventory. Reply +4
  • Titanfall 2 fails to beat Titanfall sales in UK

  • RichyRichh77 31/10/2016

    @matthone I have to admit that the digital copies are pretty steep, but grabbed this for £35 from TheGameCollection (£38.95 on PS4, but had some points to reduce it further), which I didn't think was too bad considering there's no £40 - 50 season pass on top of that. Reply 0
  • RichyRichh77 31/10/2016

    Waiting for my copy to turn up this week!

    Funnily enough, the beta didn't really sell it for me. It was OK, but too small a slice to truly get a feel for it.

    However, with the announcement of no season pass and having watched a number of streamers playing both single and multiplayer, I couldn't hold off any longer, as it looks a lot of fun. :)

    Sadly, as many others have stated, I hope this doesn't sink too far under the weight of people buying BF1 and CoD, especially as I feel the move to free maps/modes should be supported.
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  • Overwatch updated to address Competitive Play skill rating issues when people leave games

  • RichyRichh77 12/07/2016

    @MadJack1812 Absolutely! What's annoying me is the lack of rank points if you win when someone leaves your team.

    On several occasions I've had games where we've battled on with a man down and won, yet the rank increase is pitiful. :(
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  • Fans create mod that restores censored content for Tokyo Mirage Sessions

  • RichyRichh77 28/06/2016

    @BabyBabyBabyOh Ah good ole Brass Eye and the incoming Paedogeddon! :) Reply +6
  • Ubisoft threatens to "punish" The Division players who use a popular exploit

  • RichyRichh77 18/04/2016

    Have they fixed the infinite health regen bug? I've watched countless Twitch streams where they're all exploiting it, then heading into the Dark Zone to massacre people.

    These are guys who can already destroy a lot of people, as they're fully kitted out with high end gear, but adding regenerating health just rubs salt in the wound.
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  • New Dying Light patch accidentally blocks mods

  • RichyRichh77 02/02/2015

    For those with the PC version, TotalBiscuit has done a port report detailing some of the issues with performance and the impact that altering view distance has - TB - Dying Light port report Essentially dropping the view distance has a massive impact on the FPS rate, but doesn't appear to lead to excessive pop in, just distant objects fading into view.

    Obviously this was before the recent patch, so this could have been resolved by that, but it still might be worth a look.
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  • This is what Need for Speed: No Limits looks like

  • RichyRichh77 06/01/2015

    @septimus Amen to that! After getting a handed down iPad 2 for Christmas, I installed Plants vs. Zombies 2, having bought the original for my old iPad.

    After 2 days of trying to ignore the IAP's I've removed it. The point at which you have to wait 4hrs+ for a plant to give you a bonus in the Zen garden, the fact the stages are unreasonably geared to make you use either boosts, plant food or the user initiated strikes and having to buy plants from the original game OR BUYz NOW FOR COINz and GEMz!?! was quite frankly sickening!

    I also love that they have an IAP listed as the 'Best Deal' for coins at £69.99... F**k right off Pop Cap/EA!
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  • Wii U-exclusive Captain Toad enters UK chart in 16th

  • RichyRichh77 05/01/2015

    @IronSoldier TheGameCollection are still doing it for £28.95, which some may say is a little steep for a selection of mini puzzles, but it is wonderfully polished and a joy to behold - I'm glad I own it! :)

    Also completing all the level challenges and time trials will take awhile.

    Edit: Just seen your other reply... nothing to see here! ;-)
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  • Games of 2014: Hearthstone

  • RichyRichh77 31/12/2014

    I have to agree that the level of polish, coupled with the lavish card design, battlecries and even entrances such as Ragnaros and King Krush, are wonderful

    The issue I have with the game is that it really does play into the cookie cutter builds that Blizzard themselves have tried to remove from their other games like WoW. I started playing again recently after the Goblin vs. Gnomes expansion was released and now just face a sea of Warlocks playing low cost Mechs instead of Murlocs, Warriors still playing Ragnaros and Alexstrasa with Shield slam... zZZ... Sorry where was I... Hunters/Warlocks running deathrattle decks, oh look even after the nerf here comes a Miracle Rogue with a gadgetzan auctioneer and preparation - hundreds of users, but all with almost identical decks thanks to a quick internet search or checking over Trumps deck lists.

    For me I've stuck pretty faithfully with a Shaman deck that I tinker with to counter this sea of inane copies (currently using all the minions that can't be targeted by spells and hero powers), but it gets pretty dull when RNGesus forsakes me and you're sat across from said miracle Rogue as they mill card after card after card after... :evil:
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  • Destiny patch datamined, The Dark Below weapons, missions, Raid details uncovered

  • RichyRichh77 18/11/2014

    @iainmarchant1 This is exactly the situation that I found myself in. My friend and I hit lvl 29, completed the weekly Nightfall and then... haven't loaded it up since! :(

    I could grind Strikes/public events for mats, but other than for the Raid and maybe the revised Iron Banner what's the point in maxing out the weapons, as they one shot almost everything anyway?

    If I want to enjoy some competitive PvP I'll launch Battlefield 4, which has far more players, maps and game variety...

    As you say, I enjoyed what I played, but without friends to try the Raid there is literally nothing for me personally left in the game.
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  • Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism

  • RichyRichh77 29/10/2014

    @Coughthulu There are two, Shattered Memory fragment (Fusion Rifle) and A Voice in the Wilderness (Machine Gun):

    Although I have completed the Thorn Quest line, the PvP element was an absolute grind, particularly as you lose points for each death. :cry:

    Regarding the article, although I'm still playing with friends on a regular basis none of us will be buying the DLC anytime soon. As and when it appears in a PSN sale, I might grab it then...
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  • Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback

  • RichyRichh77 09/10/2014

    @DevilsNeverCry Regarding the rewards I have to agree, it was the same with the Queens envoy items. I can't understand why they don't have a full armour set with some unique attributes or an exotic item or two. At the moment, they're really just aesthetic changes. /shrug

    Also, why limit the number of crucible marks to 200 when items can be 150 a pop? :( I only realised last night that I wasn't getting any additional marks after a number of games. This prompted me to buy some lower cost items to dismantle into shards, so I wasn't wasting this weeks crucible allocation.
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  • RichyRichh77 09/10/2014

    I must admit I didn't notice much of a difference last night when I played it for the first time, but pretty much all the players were lvl26+.

    On the reputation situation, I wondered what was going on with the amount of quitters! I've seen it a bit in normal Crucible matches, but that tends to be towards the end when there's a particularly massive points difference. Last night at some points, multiple people were dropping after only a few minutes if one side had the upper hand early on - very frustrating when you check the teams and see it's 6 vs. 3! :(
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  • Destiny bug reveals expansion DLC

  • RichyRichh77 29/09/2014

    @NathanDaviesUK Yep, the areas that guarantee better loot/mats and they're restricted to co-op only, no matchmaking - why!?! What makes those playlists any different to the other Strike rotations?

    I can only assume that due to the potential amount of wipes/time taken to complete, PuG members are more likely to drop out...
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  • RichyRichh77 29/09/2014

    @jinglejangle Absolutely bang on, the Strike playlists and daily/weekly events are where it's at. You'll get a higher drop rate of blue/purple engrams, which I've got a few legendaries from and the Vanguard marks and rep to purchase others. Even without upgrading them you'll jump a couple of levels and a few upgrades will see you to around level 25... that's when you hit the wall and struggle to get past lvl 26/27! :) Reply +2
  • RichyRichh77 29/09/2014

    Destiny is a really mixed bag for me, I've enjoyed a lot of it enormously, but now the cracks are starting to show. Playing through the Strike playlists with friends is a blast and is bringing back many of the feelings I had playing countless hours of Gears 2 horde mode. But the lackluster campaign that you can complete in an afternoon, which seems to have been carved up as DLC is hard to swallow.

    Now that I've hit the higher levels and have started to get a few legendaries, the MMO'esque designs start to show themselves up as utterly woeful. Having played WoW for a number of years I'm accustomed to grinding for mats to upgrade various items, but at least in WoW I knew where to farm to get those mats OR I could trade for them. In Destiny I have a load of legendary gear and almost no way to get the ascendant mats needed to upgrade them fully! I have an inventory full of 300+ armour mats that I can do nothing with, why can't I trade these in for ascendant shards/energy?

    I guess things could change a little for the better with patch 1.0.2, which should see increased engram drops in Strikes and more reliable decryptions (including materials), but after loving this game initially, the honeymoon period seems to be tailing off rapidly. :(
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  • Destiny patch makes a few missions easier

  • RichyRichh77 23/09/2014

    @jabberwocky Totally agree! If they're not going to give actual drops from the bosses, then at least have the data engram decryption be more reliable. My Cryptarch is level 8 and I've only managed to get a single legendary decrypted from well over 10 legendary engram drops, the rest all being blues and feckin' greens! :(

    The idea that this random chance adds suspense to the loot drops, gets dull and frustrating really quickly after the 3rd or 4th time...
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  • Activision notes industry-wide downturn in pre-orders

  • RichyRichh77 06/08/2014

    @scawp I had a similar experience with Borderlands 2. After pre-ordering I held off getting the season pass even though my friends grabbed it, sure enough just after the first DLC dropped they ran an XBox360 promotion where I got the season pass for 50% off - great for me, but what a way to screw over the people fronting up the money at release to support the publisher.

    As so many others have mentioned, for me it boils down to:
    * - Pre-order bonuses and mountains of DLC, wait for the GoTY edition or if your Borderlands 2 that doesn't even include all the DLC as they released a 2nd season pass!
    * - Price drops so soon after release.
    * - Bugs! AGAIN Borderlands 2, lost 2 characters during the initial launch week, didn't touch it again until I'd scoured the Gearbox forums months later to have users confirm it was fixed.
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  • Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth review

  • RichyRichh77 18/07/2014

    @UKPlay Amen to that! :) One of those game moments that has stuck with me is when that mapped loaded up for the first time. Having not played BF on PC and being into CoD: MW on the 360, jumping in a tank and rolling out towards the distant markers was incredible. Another defining moment was always flushing out pesky snipers, who'd be camping the high ridges, with the choppers. :D Reply +5
  • Mario Kart 8 off to a great start

  • RichyRichh77 03/06/2014

    @Sodding_Gamer The other thing that's nice is that, although it doesn't have a Twitch TV app, if you browse to the Twitch TV web site you can launch a stream, push it to the TV and continue to browse other sites on the GamePad. :) Reply 0
  • You can now buy Battlefield 4 Battlepacks

  • RichyRichh77 28/05/2014

    @adofessex That's a very good point actually, at least with the previous packs it was a specified set of weapons, camos, vehicle accessories etc. so you knew exactly what you were getting. Reply 0
  • RichyRichh77 28/05/2014

    Not that I'm condoning this at all as I too despise the infiltration of in-game micro-transactions, but EA & DICE have been doing this since Bad Company 2 where you could buy the SPECACT kits and they did the same again in BF3 with all the weapon/vehicle shortcuts, so it's not really anything to be surprised about. :confused: Reply +1
  • Evolve's multiplayer hunting entertains, if you play properly

  • RichyRichh77 22/05/2014

    I have to agree with the sentiment of others, that 'playing it properly' will potentially go straight down the pan when left to the 'randoms on the internet' factor.

    In a way I have to include myself in this category, as I adopt purely friends list comms when playing online because of a few too many hours playing CoD: MW and MW2 in the past and listening to the utter dirge, filth, homophobic bile etc. etc. that comes with being online a lot of the time.

    Don't get me wrong, having moved to Battlefield with BF: BC2 and BF3 I always attempt to PTFO, stick with my random squad mates and heal, resupply as best I can, but I cannot face opening up comms to complete strangers considering the cr*p that most of them spew. :(

    With a group of friends I'm sure this game could be an absolute blast if the balancing and game mechanics pan out right.
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  • Mario Kart 8 review

  • RichyRichh77 15/05/2014

    Grabbed this for £37 from GameCollections and will pick up The Wonderful 101 as part of the free game deal, as I already have most of the other games in offer. :-)

    I was considering a change from 360 to PS4, but until some additional system updates and exclusives come through, I'll stick with 'free games' (got gold subs cheap) on the 360 and great new games on the Wii U.
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  • Battlefield 4 gets long-awaited Squad Join feature on console

  • RichyRichh77 06/05/2014

    @shinesevens From what I can remember from BF3, pre-made squads could be set to public/private. I believe the person who initiated the squad could go into the in-game menu and toggle the setting.

    Of course for BF4 they could have forgotten to add that feature, it wouldn't really surprise me. ;-)
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  • RichyRichh77 06/05/2014

    Seriously, they're just releasing pre-made Squads!?! :confused:

    Does the Squad system work the same as BF3, where you all launch into the same map, but then have to check the player list to see if you're actually on the same side? Because that wasn't annoying at all... oh wait... :rolleyes:
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  • Battlefield 4 console rent-a-server costs revealed

  • RichyRichh77 30/04/2014

    @Bludsh0t Yep, as yourself and others have stated, the implementation of rent-a-server in BF3 was all shades of wrong.

    The worst thing about it was adding the player servers to the standard Quick Match rotation. I remember jumping into a game without realising it was a player server only to get kicked after 10mins for f**ks knows what reason!

    They 'eventually' eased the situation by adding back in a load of the official EA/DICE servers, but that still meant having to use the server browser to ensure you didn't get a 500% Metro server with no C4/shotguns etc. etc. I will always remember the server that stated as it's rule set: No killing!?! WTF...

    As others have mentioned, I particularly liked getting kicked after killing the admin a couple of times. Oh the fun I had getting into a game, PTFO, getting some well earned kills then getting insta-banned. Happy memories... not! :(
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  • The Elder Scrolls Online review

  • RichyRichh77 25/04/2014

    @OtisBDriftwood Yep, the AngryJoe review does a very good job of showing up some of the glaring issues with this game (as well as giving credit where it's due), particularly things like the party system where having a member of your group complete even a part of quest line locks them out from helping other group members if they haven't started it at the same time. I couldn't believe the section where he completes a quest, but it glitches for his partner. They rerun the quest still in the same party, but he can't even see her and the NPC boss just appears as a marker arrow! Baffling... Reply +2
  • The Last of Us' final DLC, the Grounded Bundle, detailed

  • RichyRichh77 25/04/2014

    For anyone interested, Zavvi have the PS4 remastered edition for £38 as they are currently running 10% off a number of pre-order titles:

    Zavvi Pre-order offers

    I don't even own a PS4 (my XBox360 is hanging in there for a little while longer) and have bought a copy! :)
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  • Last night I trumped Trump at Hearthstone

  • RichyRichh77 25/04/2014

    @Monkey_Puncher Yep, the Brewmasters are great for re-triggering minions effects, I've had Rogues combo'ing Defias Ringleader, Brewmastering him back into his hand to then playing him again for even more board control! :S It also works wonders for minions with silence or even charge as you get 2 hits from their battlecry. Reply +1
  • RichyRichh77 25/04/2014

    @wyp100 Excellent article Wes and gratz on beating Trump! :)

    I started watching the TotalBiscuit Lord of the Arena vids way before I managed to get into the closed beta, which gave me a good insight into the game (he explains why he chooses each card and their perceived benefits). During one of his arena runs he made his picks using Trumps neutral card list and since then I've watched Trumps channel on a fairly regular basis, including whilst playing Hearthstone myself... addicted much! :)

    I really enjoy his feed, he comes across as a really pleasant guy, has some great reactions to his/opponents plays and also gives insight into why he picks/plays certain cards.

    When I found that he plays a number of his games on EU servers, I've always hoped to get a game against him, even though I think I'd get slaughtered! :P
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  • The Last of Us headed to PS4 this summer, Sony employee says

  • RichyRichh77 27/03/2014

    As a current Xbox360 owner waiting to jump ship to the PS4 this would definitely seal it for me. I almost bought a 2nd hand PS3 just to try this out, so 'new' on the PS4 with the DLC would be an must have for me. Reply +10
  • Blockbuster back from the dead

  • RichyRichh77 28/02/2014

    @whatfruit This! I use Lovefilms DVD/Blu-ray rental for the latest film releases. Netflix, Lovefilm instant & other streaming services are fine if you're after TV series, but if you want recent movie releases without torrenting then physical media is the only avenue.

    I tried the free trial of Now TV & although that has a vastly superior movie selection than Netflix & Lovefilm Instant, I'd already seen the films I'd be interested in via DVD/Blu-ray rental.
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  • How World of Warcraft plans to welcome you back

  • RichyRichh77 26/02/2014

    @Sharzam This is it for me. I recently got 10days free as part of the Hearthstone beta. It was incredible to log in and find my hunter sat in the same inn I'd left him in since 2009!

    But, after only a couple of days I uninstalled it again, the woeful talent trees, not needing to craft ammo, pet battles FFS etc. just left me cold. I'd also somehow forgotten that every single quest is a go here collect or kill x of that or y of the other. :)
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  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beta review

  • RichyRichh77 23/01/2014

    @Machiavellian You can't trade cards at all. I can't find the article or FAQ, but there was a Blizzard post that basically explained that instead of users having lots of common cards that nobody wants and every one clammering specific rare cards, they have the crafting system. Essentially so long as you have enough dust (from Arena rewards and disenchanting duplicate cards) you can create any card in the game.

    Edit: It was a news post: Hearthstone Crafting: In Dust We Trust
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  • RichyRichh77 23/01/2014

    @speed182 This is bought up in a recent TotalBiscuit vid that even mentions Eurogamer for using this tactic, as the word 'review' carries more weight on internet searches.

    A discussion on Early Access

    I found the vid quite interesting and picked up on a number of concerns I'd had myself.

    Back on topic. I've had beta access for a number of weeks now and am more than happy sinking time into Hearthstone on and off. However, other than the £1.50 I spent to get the close beta rare card (that I never use!), I won't ever be spending another penny on it. Picking up enough gold from the daily quests and match wins to get into the Arena isn't too time consuming and if you get a good Arena run you tend to get gold back anyway.
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  • Hearthstone open beta delayed

  • RichyRichh77 20/12/2013

    Got my key yesterday and after watching WAY too many hours of the TotalBiscuit Lord of the Arena/Legendaries series I through myself in... until 4am this morning!

    I went with the basic Mage deck and had a lot of success initially with a taunt heavy deck, but got my ass handed to me by Shaman, Paladins and particularly Priests... guess I didn't bring enough removal and crowd control to the party! :)

    And that's the beauty of it, I now need to refine that deck whilst trying out the others. Think I'll try a hunter deck next to match my old pre-2009 WoW class. Oh the sweet tears of nostalgia.
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  • Refunds available for Xbox One Battlefield 4 Premium customers

  • RichyRichh77 11/12/2013

    @Haydar Amen to that, BF: BC2 was incredible! The destruction levels in BF3 were so disappointing compared to the utter devastation inflicted on maps such as Cold War. 9 times out of 10 the end game fly over of the map would have almost no buildings left standing! :) Reply +4
  • RichyRichh77 11/12/2013

    @bratmandu I did exactly that, picked up a Wii U with Zombi-U and Rayman Legends as part of the Amazon Black Friday deals. I'll admit the Wii U has a number of idiosyncrasies (manually inputting all wifi info to be able to connect to my router, the pro controller can't be used for main characters in many games, not being able to turn off the GamePad when watching Lovefilm etc. etc.), but the exclusive games are great! Also if you have a Wii already then the accessories and games all work with it.

    OT: I haven't played BF4, but with 600+ hrs on BF3 (XBox360) it really does surprise me that so many of the bugs that were in that are still present here and sooooo many more. As others have stated it was the one game that could have drawn me into the next-gen consoles, but my decision to wait until the next raft of games in spring seems well founded.
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  • Sony confirms PS4 and Vita bundles for under £500

  • RichyRichh77 28/11/2013

    Or you could go completely bat sh*t crazy and drop £849.99 at Zavvi and allegedly save yourself £50:

    PS4 Bundle

    PS4 Killzone edition, Vita, £25 PSN card, extra controller plus 5 games. :)
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  • DICE struggles against DDOS attacks and severe crashes in Battlefield 4

  • RichyRichh77 26/11/2013

    @White_Westie Amen to that! It's one of the reasons I'm glad I held off getting a new console at launch. Allow all the release games and the consoles themselves to be patched into some kind of working order, before I make my purchase. I'm hoping that decently priced PS4/Vita bundle turns up Spring next year, in time for my birthday. :) Reply +1
  • Amazon Black Friday deals week continues for UK shoppers

  • RichyRichh77 26/11/2013

    God of War Ascension (PS3) has just been added for tomorrow at 14:15hrs. Reply +1
  • RichyRichh77 26/11/2013

    @Vasenor Sorry, I can't remember the discounted price I'm afraid, although as posters on the Amazon forums suggested the prices might plummet anyway after the PS4 release on Friday. :) Reply +1
  • RichyRichh77 26/11/2013

    @kordan11 Unfortunately the 'Missed Deals' section only seems to show items that have been missed that day rather than an entire back catalogue. Reply +2
  • RichyRichh77 26/11/2013

    @Vasenor Like the 3DS there was a God of War edition that went yesterday I'm afraid. :( The only other thing listed, which I believe has 2 days left to run, is an 'Editors Pick' for a PS3 500GB with a free game either AC4, The Last of Us or Beyond 2 Souls for £196. Reply 0
  • RichyRichh77 26/11/2013

    @gabrielbell Unfortunately as others have mentioned the 3DS XL Mario bundle went yesterday for £130. I grabbed one straight away! Worth bearing in mind that Ninty are giving Super Mario 3D Land away for free, if you register a 3DS and one of 15 games (Games list) from 27th Nov. till 14th Jan. Reply 0
  • Sony congratulates Microsoft on Xbox One launch

  • RichyRichh77 22/11/2013

    @The_shlaaaag_returns I've no idea why you've been negged so much, that comment has single handedly made my day. :) Reply 0