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  • Jet Set Radio Review

  • RexRunti 12/09/2012

    How does Yappie Feet/Many Styles go? JSR easily had one of the best sound tracks of all time (no sound at work).

    The Guitar Vader tracks are may favourite though.

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's a mag-i-cal gir-rl
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  • A conversation with EA's Peter Moore on the thorny issues of DLC, Online Passes and all the rest of it

  • RexRunti 23/08/2012

    The problem with DLC is that hats, maps and horse armour are trivial and a waste of money. The best DLC integrates fully into the game and story and feels like it is part of the game and story. In this case people start complaining that it was "cut" from the original game to make some extra money.

    The problem with proper single player games is that we live in an age where every major high street retailer, including super markets would prefer to sell you a game second hand over an original. From a publisher's point of view (who make no money what so ever from a second hand game sale) they want you to keep your game for as long as possible, and when you finish a single player game there is no reason to go back. Alternativly they may try and make some money out of you after you bought it second hand, hence online passes which again aren't usually required with single player games.

    Don't get me wrong there are things that publisher's really don't have an excuse for such as turning off servers. This should never prevent you from fully enjoying the game. I understand that paying for upkeep of a game that no one is playing looks like a waste of money but at the very least issue a patch which allows the multiplayer to be done directly through XBox Live/PSN first and if it prevents you from playing the single player then give everyone a full refund.

    Also DLC that's already on the disc? That really does make you look like a thief.

    TLDNR: Publisher's reaction to second hand sales is ruining gaming.
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  • Valve opens Euro office, updates Steam terms

  • RexRunti 01/08/2012

    Is it me or are Valve beginning to lose their "can do no wrong" image. Sure they're miles away from the likes of Bobby Kotick and Activision but they are certainly no longer being held up as the paragons of gaming any more. Reply +16
  • Gabe Newell calls Windows 8 "a catastrophe"

  • RexRunti 26/07/2012

    Just on the IE is the only browser on windows 8 crap people keep spouting.

    Windows 8 will fully support any browser.

    Windows RT will allow any browser - however due to security reasons non MS software won't have access to the core of the OS which means non OS browsers may be slower. This is exactly the same situation as IOS devices.

    Windows 8 will only be compatible with existing and new PCs and anything running x86/x64 chipset (i.e anything with an Intel or AMD processor). Windows RT is for ARM processor devices like most tablets and some hybrids (Microsoft Surface will run Windows RT, Microsoft Surface Pro will run Windows 8).
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  • Mirror's Edge writer Rhianna Pratchett announced as Tomb Raider lead writer

  • RexRunti 12/07/2012

    Rhianna Pratchet always seems to be brought in to add weight to the "we're taking the story really seriously" PR of game devs, despite the fact that she's never really written a great one, or to be perfectly honest anything better than distinctly average.

    With any luck she's been crippled by comittees or time schedules in the past but this actually has me slightly less interested in game I've been getting very excited about.
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  • Metal Gear Solid 4 getting full install support

  • RexRunti 12/07/2012

    Remembering a telephone conversation whilst playing this game,

    "Hey man how's it going?"
    "Cool, can I give you a call back I'm in the middle of a cutscene and I'm not sure how to pause it"

    Over an hour later

    "Hey, you didn't ring back"
    "Sorry still in a cutscene"
    "Why didn't you call me after the last one?"
    "No it's still the same one"
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  • What video game developers think of Surface

  • RexRunti 22/06/2012


    I also design websites and the sites and forums I visit tend to have the opinion Opera > Chrome (which I hate, but mainly because of the way it secretly installs itself) > Firefox > IE (9) > Safari > everything else. But it's all subjective really.
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  • RexRunti 22/06/2012


    Another great problem is the announcement that for web browsing it will use IE exclusively. I see a lot of people having a problem with that. For me it'd be the killer reason not to buy one if I was looking for a new portable computer
    Actually it's not IE10 only, obviously the "Pro" version is just running Windows so any browser will run on it. As for the metro versions (ie the only ones available with WindowsRT and on the non-pro Surface) Microsoft have prevented third parties form having low level access to the operating system preventing some tricks browsers use to speed things up. This is actually not very different from the way IOS works (and Safari is generally considered to be worse than IE). Google, Mozilla et al have complained about it but have confirmed they will still be releasing their own metro browsers.
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  • RexRunti 22/06/2012

    Apple have over 300 million devices all embracing the App Store environment
    What a lot of these developers seem to be forgetting is that because the Metro interface and Microsoft store is used on tablets, desktops, phones (with minor tweeks), laptops and hybrids that even if Surface does as badly as Zune, Windows Phone 8 dies on it's arse, OEMs don't bring out any even remotely successful tablets and Windows 8 is another Vista, Microsoft will have still probably overtaken this number by this time next year.
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  • Nintendo "human resources" must approve your Miiverse posts

  • RexRunti 07/06/2012


    Or at least I was when I posted.

    In all seriousness though Nintendo just don't get online.
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  • Mature Star Wars game 1313 announced

  • RexRunti 01/06/2012

    I'm actually looking foward to this... for now but this classic CAD silly does descibe me.
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  • Activision attempted to hack Zampella/West email - report

  • RexRunti 17/05/2012

    You know on Tuesday I actually thought, "Hmm, shall I buy Diablo 3, it does involve giving money to Activision... Well I suppose they haven't actually been accused of being evil for a while so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt."

    I even bought a second copy for my flatmate's birthday, damn it.
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  • Diablo 3: hardcore difficulty, replayability and post-launch plans

  • RexRunti 15/05/2012

    ...somebody was asking, well, would we turn off the servers for Diablo 2? His answer was, as long as there are people playing, why would we ever do that?
    If only more companies had this attitude.
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  • Microsoft cancels Inside Xbox in Europe

  • RexRunti 09/05/2012

    A gaming petition I actuall caare enough about to sign.
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  • Government snubs Crysis 2 at German Computergames Awards

  • RexRunti 04/05/2012

    So Kieth Vaz in the UK, Roland Naf in Switzland, Rod Blagojevich in the USA and Michael Atkinson in Australia are all right wing? No they represent left wing parties. There are anti-game idiots on both sides of the political divide, as well as pro game politicians. Don't pretend otherwise to push your own politcal agenda.
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  • RexRunti 30/04/2012

    Funny how wherever you go in the world, right-wingers are like this.
    Funny this sounds like a big/nanny state to me... a lefty ideal.
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  • Raspberry Pi Review

  • RexRunti 03/05/2012

    Hmmm, reminds me a bit of this comic
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  • Ninja Gaiden 3 Review

  • RexRunti 26/03/2012

    One of the things I loved about the original (well 3d original) was the fact that everything you did, you did in game without any silly cutscences or QTEs. You have to use an alley way to climb to an otherwise unreachable location by running along and jumping from one of it's walls to the other, you do it. You have to face several sentry guns in pillar boxes until they run out of ammo, you do it. You want to kill an enemy by jumping off his head throwing half a dozen shiruken at his torso before slicing him in half, you do it. You're placed in a fight with a two tanks or an apache helicopter with nothing but a bow and arrow to defet them, you do it. Reply +8
  • Blizzard tempts WOW players back with Scroll of Resurrection

  • RexRunti 07/03/2012

    So levels 1-79 are a big waste of time then? Reply +30
  • Batman, Battlefield, Skyrim make BAFTA GAME Award shortlist

  • RexRunti 09/02/2012

    I expect MW3 will get it's only award from here (though it may well pick up several nominations in areas like multiplayer and sound) after all it is a public vote and the public are twats.

    Arkham City will pick up best game (it's good and more importantly British). Skyrim, Minecraft and Portal 2 will probably pick up a lot of gongs though.

    LA Noire will win something if Rockstar actually bothered to get it nominated for something this year (though it will probably be best new technology or best open world game or something).
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  • Quarrel XBLA exposes baffling Microsoft word filter

  • RexRunti 30/01/2012

    I'm guessing they're using the filter from gamertags. You don't want someone using words like "help" or "train" in that.

    /wishes he had the gamertag "God"
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  • Trends of 2012: The Rise of the Smart TV

  • RexRunti 20/01/2012

    Just build an XBox into the TV and the TV is as smart as it ever needs to be especially with Kinect providing a user friendly control system for the masses. Of course if this was MS's plan we would have rumours of Kinect being integrated with TVs, rumours of having a hardcore and casual versions of the neXt-box, Microsoft would be converging their OS across mobile, XBox and PCs and we'd be seeing demos of live interaction between say a Sesame Street viewer and Grover using Kinect at CES. Reply 0
  • Xbox Live fraud: security secretly tightened - report

  • RexRunti 16/01/2012

    The problem with automatic lock outs is it creates an even easier way to screw with a service.

    Step 1) Get gamertag very easily
    Step 2) try to log in several times
    Step 3) Account is locked out
    Step 4) Repeat with new gamertag

    And before you know it no one can access XBox Live.
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  • Govt to axe boring school ICT courses from September

  • RexRunti 11/01/2012

    Great news for the industry and country... not quite as good news for me personally as they'll be a bunch of new up and comers who can do my job in 5-7 years time. Reply +7
  • SWTOR: BioWare warns against creating characters on high population servers

  • RexRunti 21/12/2011

    How about artificially tripling the queue time if you don't have a character on the server already? Or not letting people pick their server by default i.e. just ask where, what type and what language and the stick them on the lowest populated, only giving them a choice if they request it? Reply +2
  • Microsoft plans two versions of its next Xbox - rumour

  • RexRunti 24/11/2011

    This makes the rumored Kinect intergration into TVs much more likely. Microsoft are clearly trying to extend the basic Windows 8 away from just telephones and tablets (of which they are currently fighting a very tough uphill battle) and into the living room (where they would be the only competitor). I'm thinking a TIVO box that has XBLA and Windows 8 apps with a Kinect interface for basic model and an XBox with TIVO for the "hardcore" model. Reply +3
  • Will Kinect come with next-generation TVs?

  • RexRunti 24/11/2011

    I wouldn't be suprised if they're trying to get Windows 8, (or at least the cut down version) built into TVs as well, with Kinect being the control mechinism. Microsoft are well positioned to be the company that does this as Android really isn't ready for this sort of situation.

    PS Just because a company competes in one area doesn't mean they can't work together. Apple's iCloud actually uses Microsoft's and Amazon's cloud services for example.
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  • Evidence points to BioWare's new game being Command & Conquer

  • RexRunti 23/11/2011

    Weren't Pandemic, the company behind Full Spectrum Warrior a part of BioWare for a while? At any rate it will only be the third non RPG (assuming it isn't an RTS/RPG or action/RPG hybrid) with BioWare stuck on it ever. Reply 0
  • Making an XBLA Game: The Inside Story

  • RexRunti 22/11/2011

    The menus have to have the right items and when they unplug the controller it's gotta do this, and blah blah blah. The leaderboards, the Achievements, the Avatar items were a real pain in the ass.

    Avatar items, I can live without. Everything else on this list seems like a pretty good idea to have as requirements (same with demos).
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  • FIFA Ultimate Team XBL account hijacks were "not a hack"

  • RexRunti 11/11/2011

    Still, I have to agree with some of the above. By claiming to have no known security flaw and blaming this solely on phishing, social engineering and malware they're effectively saying "it's not our fault, its consumers' fault for falling for scams" and after all of the high profile data thefts in recent months that's not what people want to hear, people want to hear companies being frank and honest about any security flaws and what steps are being taken to prevent further instances, the blame game helps no one and the number of people using the term "cover up" shows that quite well.

    That's all well and good but what if this is caused solely by phising, social engineering and malware?

    PS Not saying it is or isn't, just what you would expect them to say if it was.
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  • Mass Effect 3 beta leak reveals campaign game modes

  • RexRunti 07/11/2011

    So people are upset that the game has become too action orientated because of an option that includes the ability to remove the action element. Most of the complaints on here boil down to "this won't affect me at all, but it might mean that twat from down the road will enjoy the game too". Reply +4
  • BBC debate: Games aren't art yet, but that's okay

  • RexRunti 02/11/2011

    I think people are still looking at the wrong games for art, most games (ICO, Limbo, Shadow of the Collosus and Braid included) are games first and anything else second. There are games which are "art" first and something else second but we don't hear of them as often because they quite frankly aren't as entertaining as the games we normally play. "The Path" and that free indie game where you go to a couple's (friends) house when they are having marital differences and what you say (free text) influences whether they stay together or not, can't think of the name, are better examples. Reply 0
  • EA announces major third party Origin support

  • RexRunti 28/10/2011

    Publisher's decide the price on Steam?

    Maybe but Steam decide how much to charge the publisher, when to have sales, where to download expansions, the services on offer and presumably sales prices so there is definetly room for other providers to find areas to compete on.
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  • Former Fable dev sets out to make true Elite, Tie Fighter successor

  • RexRunti 26/10/2011

    Former Fable dev sets out to make true Elite, Tie Fighter successor
    If it was a true successor it wouldn't be on iOS. Flightstick support is a must for a true successor though I would accept a console version using a joypad.
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  • Dance Central 2

  • RexRunti 24/10/2011

    So still no Steps, then? Reply +3
  • MechWarrior reboot still alive

  • RexRunti 20/10/2011

    @arcam PC and 360.

    I think Microsoft published the last one so it might never appear on the PS3. That said the franchise has jumped between Activision, Microprose and Microsoft over the years so who knows who will actually publish it.
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  • Buy dinner with Eric Chahi for £25

  • RexRunti 13/10/2011

    Were sales of From Dust so bad (I liked it) that you can't afford to eat? Reply 0
  • Sony: stolen user/pass info not from us

  • RexRunti 13/10/2011

    I know Sony can't really be blamed for people not changing their password and being subjected to brute force attacks but you'd think they'd have systems in place to flag unusual activity somewhere before hitting the 93,000 mark. Reply -2
  • Gabe Newell: Apple will oust consoles

  • RexRunti 12/10/2011


    We need some sort of system that allows your XBox (or whatever) to change channel (and even view the TV guide) on your Sky box if we ever have a chance at the fully integrated system everyone wants.

    PCs can already do this, along with series recording, scheduling etc., which means any other machine could do it too with the right software.

    Sort of but it involves (as I understand it) IR transmitters and means you get wierd splash screens on your channels and requires quite a lot of work to set up, which the average consumer isn't happy doing.
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  • RexRunti 12/10/2011

    Apple already have a living room product called "Apple TV", it costs £100 and is a dedicated video streamer which isn't quite as good as the xbox for video streaming, doesn't play games, doesn't play DVDs and the comparisons will be even less favourable come the next Xbox update. (Feel free to substitute Xbox for PS3 if the mood takes you.)

    The problem all platforms have trying to unify the living room experience have is in the actual unifying. Sure MS can link the xbox with Kinect, Skype, IM, PCs, Windows Phones, and Windows tablets and Sony can link the PS3 internal Blu-Ray, PSPs, Vitas, Sony Android phones and Sony Android tablets (and Apple could theoretically link iPhones, iPads and Macs) and all can provide streaming services. What they can't do is link it to your satilite or cable box, your TIVO box, your external BluRay player, your FreeView Box and your TV. We need some sort of system that allows your XBox (or whatever) to change channel (and even view the TV guide) on your Sky box if we ever have a chance at the fully integrated system everyone wants.

    When Apple entered the mp3 player market the mp3 players that existed were popular with (and aimed at) a small subset of ultra geek consumers.
    When Apple entered the smartphone market the smartphones that existed were popular with (and aimed at) business users and not consumers
    When Apple entered the tablet market the tablets that existed were popular with (and aimed at) business users and not consumers
    If apple were to enter the console/set-top box market the consoles that exist already have a very large consumer userbase
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  • Mass Effect 3 multiplayer confirmed

  • RexRunti 10/10/2011

    How to ruin another game by bioware....

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  • RexRunti 10/10/2011

    Did anyone ask for this: No
    Does anyone want this: No
    Will it effect the single player campaign: No
    Will we actually use it: Probably
    Will we enjoy it: Probably
    Will the internet complain about bioware adding a feature: Definetly
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  • Origin wants "fair and open marketplace"

  • RexRunti 28/09/2011

    People's blind loyalty to Steam always suprises me (but then i remember when Steam was an annoying piece of DRM software that required a decent internet connection when not even having an internet connection wasn't uncommon, (in fact it was the first online DRM software) and then the DRM tried to sell you stuff). People don't show the same loyalty to HMV, or GAME. I use Steam, Origin, GOG and any other service that will get me the games I want. Reply +3
  • Charge for importing Dance Central tunes

  • RexRunti 22/09/2011

    How can it be reasonable? You guys already bought those songs. You OWN them. Now you're buying a slightly updated version of the same game (as all sequels are) and you either pay to use the songs you OWN or you buy them again?

    If you don't want to pay simply take out Dance Central 2 put in Dance Central 1 and you can still play all the songs that come on the disc. And no you don't own the songs, you own the game that plays the songs. (I assume the DLC will work across games, even though it doesn't have to.)
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  • OnLive UK launch details announced

  • RexRunti 22/09/2011

    The thing that get's me about all this is the severe lack of hype surrounding the launch. The only people who are aware of it's launch are the sort of people who read Eurogamer and therefore have either a gaming PC or a games console so won't be interested, everyone else won't even know it exists. So for that reason I'm out. Reply +1
  • Prof clarifies Game Transfer Phenomena

  • RexRunti 21/09/2011

    I was reading a book the other day and suddenly thought wow that's a lot of text without some stupid american site trying to sell counterfit goods. I guess that's EGTP. Reply +5
  • Eyeborg: Future Deus Ex tech possible

  • RexRunti 30/08/2011

    Cyborgs have existed since the invention of the pace-maker and we are already at a point where olympians are concerned about para-olympians getting a percieved advantage from their artificial limbs, it won't be long until only un-modified individuals are allowed to compete in the olympics and the para-olympics becomes more technology focused than F1.

    The question really is when will advancements get to a point when healthy individuals begin wanting replacements for their limbs and organs.
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  • Mass Effect 3: Red head FemShep wins

  • RexRunti 30/08/2011

    @hiddenranbir As far as I'm aware there is no 'canon' Shepherd (unlike say KOTOR 1 and 2). Bioware have gone out of their way that any mention of Shpeherd in novels etc. is gender neutral and have stated on several occasions that there is no canon Shepherd (and that default != canon). It will be interesting how the get round this in the new games outsied the trilogy but as of right now there is still no canon Shepherd. Reply +2
  • Molyneux: Fable Journey no melee, guns

  • RexRunti 11/08/2011

    Why are they pissing about with Fable when everyone knows Black & White could be an amazing Kinect game? Reply +4
  • New Xbox & PlayStation 4: What to Expect

  • RexRunti 20/07/2011

    The only thing I am confident of for the next generation of consoles is that the new Xbox will be 100% backwards compatible with the 360 (because of the Direct X layer in 360 architecture). Reply +1