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  • SimCity review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 15/03/2013

    It's mind-boggling to watch Stockholm-Syndrome idiots demanding review scores based on what a game might one day become, not the mess it actually is now. Reply +41
  • Food Run review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 05/03/2013

    "I wish the whole mobile gaming 'scene' would fuck off and die."

    Why? How is it hurting you, penis-face?
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  • Real Racing 3 review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 28/02/2013

    An alternative view:
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  • Neo Geo X review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 25/02/2013

    "You can also buy a brand new PSP (E1000) for £89 and install CFW 6.60."

    I thought Sony had made the newer models CFW-proof, but admittedly I last paid any attention to the situation quite a long time ago.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 24/02/2013

    "For 200 bucks you can buy an xperia play, download neodroid and play most neogeo games at full emulation speed. The screen is fantastic and so is the battery life."

    Or for much less, a PSP2000 with custom firmware, which is still THE best portable emulation device around.

    Disappointed Xperia Play owner.
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  • Creator of original Xbox slams Microsoft's current Xbox strategy

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 13/02/2013

    "I cant see even Apple TV having THAT much of an impact on the industry....."kill" the competition? It's that simple is it?"

    Who's making money on the 3DS and Vita? Why is that, do you think?
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  • Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 24/01/2013

    I didn't like this review. It didn't spend nearly enough time apologising for the game's (perfectly decent) production values and qualifying its praise for one of the most awesome videogames of the last decade with "you know... for something CHEAP".

    Wait, no, the opposite thing.
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  • Kevin Butler actor settles with Sony over Bridgestone tyre ad

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 17/01/2013

    I had to read the first two paragraphs of this story 18 times and ask someone else for help before I had the remotest idea what the fuck it was talking about. Quality work. Reply -16
  • Sony patents tech to block second-hand games

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 10/01/2013

    "I can imagine this will piss a lot of people off, but tbh I don't mind something like this. I don't think I've ever sold on a game (except the occasional refund if broken)."

    So it's fine to fuck over everyone else, so long as it doesn't affect YOU? Smashing.
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  • App of the Day: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 10/12/2012

    Jesus, sober up you muppets. Even if it only cost them £500 to port it to the Vita and they sold it at £250 a copy they wouldn't get their money back. Reply -4
  • Cave Story creator's vertical-scrolling shmup Guxt coming to 3DS

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 15/11/2012

    Well, clearly it'd be best on iOS, which is naturally portrait-format and fantastic at shmups... Reply 0
  • Editor's Blog: New Editorial Policies

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 09/11/2012

    "I don't really think it is necessary to be honest."

    And that there is why punctuation matters, folks.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 09/11/2012

    Most of these policies are commendable. But I've never seen the crime in selling on review copies - every publisher has to send review copies in order for the reviewer to do their job, so it provides no benefit to any particular publishers.

    More to the point, are EG going to increase their staff and freelancers' wages to compensate for this loss of income? Half the reason reviewers can be corrupted in the first place is because they're so poor, and all that making them even poorer will achieve is to make them more susceptible to more underhand, direct and covert bribery.
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  • Fifth Gen iPod Touch review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 03/11/2012

    Is there some fucking LAW against people reporting actual useful information in iPod Touch reviews, specifically the in-use battery life? I haven't seen anyone test it since the 3rd-gen devices. Reply +13
  • Editor's Blog: Lost Humanity 18 Aftermath

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 30/10/2012

    "Isn't the issue still legally Lauren Wainwright wouldn't have a chance of winning."

    Not so much that as that she wouldn't have had a chance of getting within a million miles of a court in the first place. She's simply not a credible threat, because unless her daddy's a millionaire keen to throw away a lot of cash she has no hope - not an earthly - of prosecuting a libel case in the UK.

    Now, Intent Media, on the other hand...
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  • Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 28/10/2012

    "Kinda off-topic, it's more about the Kieron Gillen part.

    Have been reading his articles ever since he came on board PC Gamer back in late 90s (where everyone made fun of him for his long hair, although it looked ok if you asked me /shrug ) and I gotta say that his articles were some of the best and most enjoyable to read in the games journalism industry.

    Well deserved.

    And a loss now that he doesn't write anymore."

    Kieron pretty much single-handedly gave the GMAs credibility - without him they probably wouldn't have made it past their first year. He's been almost entirely silent over this affair, despite having set himself and some chums up as another games-writing "awards" body and pontificating regularly on the state of games journalism. Be careful where you put your faith.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 25/10/2012

    "I genuine cannot believe the ridiculous over reaction to a few (in internet terms) people tweeting a particular hashtag to win a ps3"

    It's okay - that spectacular misunderstanding of what's happening today is actually the result of a slight physical defect affecting the left lobe of your brain, which can be fixed if you grab a brick and smash it as hard as you can off the side of your head a couple of hundred times. Try it now.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 25/10/2012

    As Ms Wainwright appears to be the stupidest human on Earth, she's now edited her Journalisted entry to remove all mention of Square Enix. Because there are still four or five websites on the planet that haven't yet published pictures of the first version, and still a couple of people somewhere in Bhutan who don't think she was acting suspiciously enough. Reply +31
  • Rev.StuartCampbell 25/10/2012

    "This is pretty disgraceful, for someone to resort to threats of legal action because they don't like being called out. She could have demanded the right of reply, put her own version and thoughts across."

    Or EG could just have told her to fuck off. The chances of a libel case being brought were 0.00000000% (margin of error 0%). The chances of one succeeding were substantially lower. An honest and valuable writer has just been sold down the river to appease a useless, worthless shill.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 25/10/2012

    "What are we now to make of The Guardian, or anything Steve Boxer ever writes?"

    The same as anyone's ever made of anything Steve Boxer writes: budgie-cage liner.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 25/10/2012

    Just a quick one to both the journos and readers making excuses for hashtag posting: if it's so innocent, why do the PR people want you to do it? Reply +45
  • Rev.StuartCampbell 24/10/2012

    "Yet John Walker and Alec Meer aren't photographed sitting around with a copy of Diablo 3 in one hand and a bag of delicious Kettle Chips in the other."

    You've clearly never been to their house. That's pretty much ALL they do.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 24/10/2012

    "To be fair, anyone could click the hashtag and see that it's a promoted thing. So i don't see any problem with it. It's obvious it's a promoted thing so it's not as if it's affecting anyone's buying decision."

    You should write to every company in the world and tell them you can save them billions of pounds by cancelling all their advertising. After all, everyone can see adverts are adverts, so it's not like they can affect anything.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 24/10/2012

    "Didn't Mountain Dew used to be a yellow/green coloured drink?"

    That's a new limited-edition "raspberry citrus" flavour. It's TOTALLY DELICIOUS AND YOU SHOULD BUY SOME NOW. #freestuffforstuey
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  • This week on Outside Xbox

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 06/10/2012

    OMFG. Frank O'Connor is from Edinburgh. Reply -11
  • A slightly different Kickstarter for coffee table Sensible Software book

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 06/09/2012

    Mindboggled at some of the entitlement on here. So writers should devote months to working unpaid in the blind hope that the book sells? OR, they could put out a Kickstarter and find out in advance if people are interested. That's the whole fucking point of Kickstarter. If they don't get the interest, nobody pays anything and nobody wastes half a year of their life. If you want the book, put your money where your mouth is and make it happen. If you don't, that's fine, piss off and stop moaning about it. Reply +7
  • Angry Birds Trilogy will be getting DLC

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 29/08/2012

    "Everyone agree here that Justin Bieber/Pitbull/Flo Rida/ is crap? So how do they sell so much and are so popular?"

    They don't charge $40 each for their albums, is how.
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  • Final Fantasy 7 Review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 28/08/2012

    "the infamous and capricious random battles that interrupt play as you run about the world don't grate nearly as much as you might expect"

    Yes they do.
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  • Fluid Football "is bloody brilliant" says New Star Soccer dev

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 24/08/2012

    "The lobs happen automatically if there is a defender between you and your desired spot - we did this just for simplicity's sake but can see how it might get a bit frustrating."

    That was the obvious conclusion, but I experienced LOTS of instances of the lob being used when there were no defenders in the line of the pass - usually, but not always, when it was a long ball.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 17/08/2012

    "I found the whole thing very slow and tiresome. Also the swipe to shoot mechanic seems totally broken."

    It's definitely not as good as it should be. There seems no way of controlling whether you make a fast low pass or a slow lob, it's very hard to dribble without kicking the ball instead, and as you say the shooting mechanism is all over the shop, with about a micron's difference in swipe turning a daisy-cutting trundler into a wild blast 300 feet over the bar.

    Lots of the mission goals are arbitrary and annoying (make five passes before scoring? Why?), and after the first few "matches" it's close to unplayable on the small screen of an iPhone rather than iPad, because you end up with players far too close together to reliably select the right one.

    It's got potential to improve, but the comparisons to NSS are wildly inaccurate. It's much more akin to Score! Classic Goals, but more expensive, less fun and less pretty.
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  • Lost Humanity 8: Days of Nothing

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "no-ones expecting gaming to have a fucking renaissance, but at the same time it isn't too much to ask that we stop some of the baser stuff"

    Yes it is. Anything that isn't breaking the law is freedom of expression, which includes the freedom to express ugly things. If it sells, people want it and it's nobody's business to interfere. I wish the world didn't have the Daily Mail in it, but millions of people disagree and that's just tough luck on me.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "Sitting around accepting the same old big man with a big gun bullshit bores me arseless"

    Me too. So I went and found a gaming space where it wasn't the case. (In my particular case, that was iOS.) Sitting around complaining about sexism in "core" gaming is like sitting in McDonalds complaining about fried food. They're not going to stop making it, and if you lecture all the customers about it all day all you'll achieve is getting pickles thrown at you. If you don't want what they're selling, go someplace else.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "Many of those games you mentioned were aimed at what was perceived to be the interests of young boys - space ship and racing games were extensions of perceived 'boy' toys."

    Rubbish. I chose a wide selection of subjects - tennis, painting, ballooning, exploration, drawing and funfair games as well as racing and space shooting. Nobody was intimidating girls out of arcades in 1980, not even indirectly on account of subject matter. They weren't there because they didn't want to be.

    "You're absolutely right in saying it's successful - sexism sells, this is true across all media. I don't see that as a justification to advocate it"

    So far as I've seen, not a single person on this thread has "advocated" sexist games. Another straw man.

    The fundamental problem with your argument is that it refuses to acknowledge what is a plain fact by any measurable data available: girls are, and always have been, less interested in videogames than boys. That doesn't mean they CAN'T be, it doesn't mean that NONE of them are, but nevertheless it IS the case, and it's been the case since long, long before there were sexist stereotypes in them.

    Is it genetic? There's a hefty amount of research that suggests so. (Ever been to a model railway convention? See a lot of women there? Is that because of the sexist, misogynist stereotyping of the little enamelled trackside action figures, or are women just not that interested?)

    But ultimately even that's a red herring. Mainstream gaming is an INCREDIBLY conservative industry, for reasons more related to price and cost than DNA, and as such all you achieve by demanding it target a largely-disinterested minority instead of its tried-and-tested market is to waste your breath and bore everyone else arseless.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "So that's actually your explanation?"

    I didn't offer an explanation, I asked you for one. Your replies are a debating masterclass in evasion, deflection and straw-man attacking. It'd be funny if it wasn't so depressing and stupid.

    "As I've explained, it's because games are aimed at men, are largely based on cultural paradigms typically associated with males (e.g. guns and fighting) and are often accompanied by overtly sexist content."

    Not in 1980 they weren't. Pong isn't misogynist, nor is Asteroids, or Galaxian, or Space Panic, or Centipede, or Galaxy Rescue, or Lunar Lander, or Carnival, or Crazy Balloon, or Rally-X, or Targ, or Crush Roller, or Crazy Climber, or Jump Bug, or Mouse Trap, or Qix, or Monaco GP.

    All of those games were pretty successful, and don't have a sexist byte in them. Yet women were even less interested in them then than they are now.

    "Games have come a long way since the 1980s"

    Yes, they've become considerably MORE sexist and male-focused. Why do you think that is? Is it because sexist, male-focused games proved to be (a) successful, or (b) unsuccessful?

    "Why should we all have to live by 1980's game conventions?"

    We don't. But ironically, the industry would be a lot less sexist if we did.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "I don't know, why were they? What are you suggesting? That women are biologically pre-disposed to not like videogames? Because that's absolutely ridiculous."

    Standing by for your explanation of why, Professor.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "Because he had already stated that white males are the overriding demographic in the games industry."

    Stating it doesn't make it either true or relevant. Or are you saying that Japanese people are all "white" deep down?
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "Do you not see that the reason that most girls aren't into games is because mysogyny is so rampant across the medium that many girls have become unequivicolly disinterested?"

    And why were they disinterested in the 1980s? The rampant misogyny prevalent in Space Invaders, Galaxian and Amidar?
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "It's COMPLETELY acceptable, because the sad fact is that most white males in the world are sexist."

    Please explain the justification for the inclusion of the word "white" in that sentence. On what grounds are you excusing black, Caribbean, Asian, Arab and other males from the accusation? If I was looking for a particular race to single out for accusations of sexism, I think I might start in places like Saudi Arabia or China first.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/08/2012

    "You say that you think that journalists should break out of this click bait culture of only reporting the big stuff and should do actual journalism and report on the industry's wrong doings every single day, so why not do that?"

    Because it's a lot easier to write tedious, hackneyed cobblers about "misogyny" that'll get you critical kudos from your peers, while combining it with crass racist provocation that'll bring in the clicks. Zounds, the irony, etc.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 15/08/2012

    "But this is what the audience demands. This is what pays the bills. If people genuinely thought that a game starring a trans-gender person exposing the patriarchy would sell (and I accept this could be fucking brilliant, honestly) it would be made. But people know it wouldn't. The audience ensures such games don't get made."

    This should be branded onto the forehead of anyone who writes one of these piss-poor angst-ridden features.

    The entire idiocy is premised on the fact that people in the games industry desperately wish that their main audience wasn't 15-year-old boys, because it's not cool to work for 15-year-old boys. Unfortunately that IS the audience - certainly for "core" gaming - and that's all she wrote.

    Gamers are immature, in the most literal and non-pejorative sense of the word. There's nothing wrong with that, because we all have to be 15 at some point, and then we move on. Tearing your hair out about it is like raging against toyshops for selling dolls to little girls, or turning up at a Justin Bieber gig and heckling him all night for not doing more political songs. And using it as an excuse to casually denigrate about a billion people with a crass, racist, sexist generalisation is beyond stupid.

    Being in the games industry isn't cool or sexy and it never will be. Get the fuck over it, and stop wasting our time with this whiny old pish.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 15/08/2012

    "It amazes me that the same guy who writes this piece, with it's insight and depth, wrote that drivel about piracy last week. "

    It amazes me that anyone could get that so comprehensively backwards.
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  • Saturday Soapbox: Yearning Japanese

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 05/08/2012

    "And because Quendan was so popular with importers we westerners actually got our own version - Elite Beat Agents - which is one of my favourite games. "

    Elite Beat Agents is a grotesque atrocity that's like taking a great big shit on Ouendan's doorstep, ringing the bell and running away.
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  • Spelunky Review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 07/07/2012

    "Ahhh now theres a hard game!"

    You've misspelled "shit".
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  • Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Review

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 28/05/2012

    "But we're Doctor Who fans, and disappointment is our badge of pride. We survived Love & Monsters"

    You are plainly scum who don't even DESERVE Doctor Who.
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  • App of the Day: Score! Classic Goals

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 28/05/2012

    "shots with the right strength and direction, with power an additional consideration when you reach Professional mode"

    What is the difference between "strength" and "power", please?
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  • App of the Day: New Star Soccer

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/05/2012

    "longest goal 53.6 yards"

    Son of a BITCH. 53.5.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 16/05/2012

    Remember all that stuff people said about Game Dev Story, that turned out to be bollocks? Utterly true about this. Can NOT put the damn thing down. Even paid the extra for weather and different pitches, which is the first and probably only time I'll ever fork out for a purely cosmetic IAP. Awesome. Reply +2
  • Rock Band iOS case highlights EA's digital EULA policy

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 03/05/2012

    "that would be iTunes that's online, allowing you to read the EULA on the website? Thought so. Unless you know of a totally offline way of downloading stuff?"

    The phrase in question was "PHONES kept offline", you doofus. A PC is not a phone. Not everyone's phone has internet access.
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  • Rock Band iOS "no longer playable" after 31st May

  • Rev.StuartCampbell 02/05/2012

    "EDIT: Balls, someone else pointed it out earlier. Oh well, worth repeating "

    No, it isn't worth repeating, because it's pish. Try to listen this time: EULAs count for nothing in this country if they conflict with your statutory consumer rights, which this plainly does.

    You could sign a EULA that said "EA can come round and shoot you dead any time they feel like it" deep in the small print, but it'd still be murder if they did. You CANNOT sign away statutory rights, by law. That's why they're statutory.
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  • Rev.StuartCampbell 02/05/2012

    This is not a new phenomenon:
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